ZMI puts on sale the powerbank with the highest charging power

ZMI continues to innovate, apart from its first models of TWS earphones, the Asian firm in which Xiaomi has a great weight, launched the first powerbank to have a power up to 120W.

This external battery that the company has called ZMI N 20 It is the highest powered portable battery ever made. And these 120W are not mere coincidence, they are designed specifically for the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra get the most out of your charging power.

ZMI Powerbank Nº20, designed for the Mi 10 Ultra

This ZMI model is the successor to No. 10, launched in recent months with 45W of power. In addition to having an output power of 120W, it has a theoretical capacity of 25000 mAh. In addition, fast charging also affects the powerbank itself which can be recharged to 65 W in about 2 hours.

Includes two ports USB Type-C, one of which “only” offers 45W. It is worth mentioning that it will only offer 120W with a single compatible device connected.

Price and availability

For now, ZMI’s powerbank will only be sold in China at the launch price of 399 yuan, approximately 50 €. Like other batteries of the brand we will be able to acquire it soon in our reseller trustworthy.

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