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The affordability of property prices improved in two-thirds of the UK compared to the previous year.


Nearly two-thirds of the UK has become more affordable to homebuyers over the past year, according to the analysis.

The Yorkshire Building Society, which looked at official household pay and house prices, found that 64% of homes in the country have become more affordable in the last year.

Despite improvements in affordability, average real estate prices in some areas are 20 times higher than the local average wage.

In other places, a house usually costs three times the income.

And the purchase of a home in almost half (49%) of the municipal areas is in the view of the company still less affordable than before the financial crisis.

Yorkshire Building Society strategic economist Nitesh Patel said: "Housing prices have increased by an average of 43% since 2009 – twice as fast as revenue (21%) over the same period.

"The difficulty of buying a home is one of the reasons house sales did not pick up in the last year, although some of the main drivers for the housing market remain positive.

"The longer-term prospects for people who want to buy a house remain to be seen.

"Housing demand remains strong and supply is limited, so real estate prices could rise faster than profits in the short to medium term.

"This can continue to cause problems for home buyers, especially those who buy their first home."

Research has shown that the affordability of housing in parts of London and south-east England has improved significantly over the past year, with areas such as South Buckinghamshire, Sevenoaks, Tower Hamlets, Watford and Canterbury becoming more affordable compared to local wages.

Copeland in northwest England, Blaenau Gwent in Wales and the Shetland Islands in Scotland are among the areas where housing affordability has worsened relative to wages – although many of these areas are relatively affordable compared to some other parts of the UK.

In the UK, house prices are typically 7.72 times the wage.

The least affordable part of the country is Westminster in London, where real estate costs nearly 20 times the average wage.

The most affordable is Burnley in Lancashire, where the average home costs three times the typical local income.

According to the Yorkshire Building Society, these are the top 10 areas with the biggest improvements in housing affordability in the last year, with the average ratio of housing price to profit in the third quarter of 2019 and the percentage change in the ratio over the previous year are -year. (A minus percentage means that affordability has improved, a positive value means affordability has deteriorated):

1. South Buckinghamshire, southeast, 13.68, down 24%
2. Runnymede, southeast, 10.49, down 20%
3rd Eden, Northwest, 7.06, minus 18%
4. Sevenoaks, southeast, 11.32, down 17%
= 5. Lewes, southeast, 9.81, down 14%
= 5. Bracknell Forest, Southeast, 9.43, down 14%
7. Daventry, East Midlands, 8.39, down 13%
8. Tower Hamlets, London, 10.23, down 12%
= 9. Canterbury, Southeast, 8.65, down 11%
= 9. Watford, East Anglia, 10.15, down 11%

According to the Yorkshire Building Society, in the third quarter of 2019, the top 10 areas where housing affordability has deteriorated the most in the third quarter of 2019 have been compared with an average ratio of housing price to revenue and a percentage change in the ratio deteriorated to last year

1. Copeland, Northwest, 3.68, 32%
2. Blaenau Gwent, Wales, 3.97, 14%
3. Shetland, Scotland, 5.48, 12%
4. Harborough, East Midlands, 8.73, 11%
5. Pembrokeshire, Wales, 7.40, 10%
= 6. North Devon, Southwest, 10.44, 9%
= 6. Bridgend, Wales, 5.61, 9%
= 8. North Kesteven, East Midlands, 7.35, 8%
= 8. South Derbyshire, East Midlands, 6.30, 8%
= 8. Waldheide, east of England, 8.47, 8%

According to the Yorkshire Building Society, these are the 10 least affordable communities with the average house price to income ratio and percentage change over the previous year:

1. City of Westminster, London, 20.44, down 8%
2nd Camden, London, 19.76, down 1%
3. Hammersmith and Fulham, London, 17.37, down 7%
4. Three rivers, east of England, 15.88, 5%
5. Hackney, London, 15.72, down 3%
6. Haringey, London, 15.36, down 8%
7. Brent, London, 15.27, down 9%
8. Richmond upon Thames, London, 15.26, down 2%
9. Ealing, London, 15.11, 4%
10. Islington, London, 14.86, 0%

And here are the ten most favorable municipalities with the average house price to income ratio, followed by the percentage change from the previous year:

1. Burnley, Northwest, 3.05, down 8%
2. East Ayrshire, Scotland, 3.38, 5%
3. North Ayrshire, Scotland, 3.61, 3%
4. Copeland, Northwest, 3.68, 32%
5. North Lanarkshire, Scotland, 3.70, down 3%
6. County Durham, Northeast, 3.75, down 5%
7. Renfrewshire, Scotland, 3.82, down 4%
8. Barrow-in-Furness, Northwest, 3.83, 5%
9. Inverclyde, Scotland, 3.92, 5%
10. Hyndburn, Northwest, 3.94, down 9%

Mike Bushell on his trip to Strictly Come Dancing


The Strictly Come Dancing Grand Final will take place this weekend, but fans will not have to say goodbye to their favorite pros and celebrities as they will be strolling into the arenas – including Belfast – starting in January for Strictly Come Dancing Live.

While Kelvin Fletcher, Emma Barton and Karim Zeroual are fighting for the Glitterball Trophy this weekend, sports presenter Mike Bushell is looking forward to adding to the spectacle of the big final in the group dances.

He and Russian dance partner Katya Jones were the seventh pair to drop out of Series 17 of the show – but the two are pleased to reunite for the live version.

"I loved every second of my Strictly journey and I can not wait to dance all over the country," says Bushell, who lost a ton and a half during the series.

"I can now jump up the stairs at the station, but experience has also made me mentally sharper and better at dealing with pressure situations," says the 53-year-old.

Bushell is no stranger to a challenge – he holds the world record for participating in a variety of different sports, including skidding and even an Irish plowing competition, at his slot on Saturday morning at BBC Breakfast. But he says dancing has been his hardest activity so far.

"Dancing trains every muscle in the body. It takes a lot of flexibility and then the mental side, the pressure to perform, the punctuality with the music and the right attitude. It's physically and mentally the most extreme sport I've ever tried, "he says.

Bushell thanks his dance coach Katya, whom he recommends to Northern Irish manager Michael O & Neill, for his success.

"Katya has a reputation for being one of the show's most creative choreographers. Like any great sports coach, like recently Martin O'Neill, she has the ability to make average athletes believe in themselves and push them beyond their boundaries. "

The Russian star hugged Bushell hard and trained from 8:00 to 22:00 throughout the week.

"She told me from the beginning that there is no reason to take it easy – because you're the dad dancer of the show, I have to push you & # 39 ;. She was on her hands and knees, pushing my legs into positions that I never knew could be possible.

"The second week, she told me to stand there and suddenly she turned back to my shoulders. She had her legs wrapped around my ears and told me to drop her as if she were a lasso, "he recalled as they learned their American smooth dance.

Bushell's other highlights include the performance of a rabbit-dressed tango rated nine points by Dexys Midnight Runners for his quickstep routine "Come On Eileen," and Katya's skirt hanging over his head as he tried to blow it up to lift.

After surviving three dance-offs, Mike decided he would take the opportunity to celebrate after the ballot-turn her last dance into a giant conga-described as the best of all time. Strictly exit dance to celebrate how far we have come. The fact that the judges Motsi and Bruno as well as the moderators Tess and Claudia came to join the Conga meant a lot to me. "

And who does he believe will win this year's series? "I do not know, the standard has been so high this season, I've seen Kelvin since he was a kid in Emmerdale, he came as a reserve after Jamie Lang's retreat, so less training, but on paper, but he is amazing and is now the favorite.

"Karim is also an absolute genius. I remember seeing him on the West End stage in The Lion King years ago. But Emma and Anton du Beke could be a popular choice. Anton has been in the show since the show started in 2004 and has yet to win. "

The next year's live tour will feature music from the Strictly singers and live band and will be moderated by reigning Strictly champion Stacey Dooley. And their opinions are expressed by judges Shirley Ballas, Bruno Tonioli and Craig Revel Horwood, who also lead the tour.

"I'm really looking forward to the tour. Every show is different and who knows what will happen? "Says Mike, who wants to surprise judge Craig by wearing a T-shirt with comments on Mike's dances throughout the series.

"Although Craig tries to call a persona the best on the jury, he is funny. His remarks were like a panto script. He told us our American Smooth was "very strange," my samba was "watching a three-year-old" and my "jockstrap was too tight," he laughs.

The other couples who will gather in the UK and Ireland next year are EastEnders actress Emma Barton and Graziano Di Prima, Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher and Janette Manrara, social media star Saffron Barker and AJ Pritchard, the Sky Sports presenters Alex Scott and Neil Jones. Actress Catherine Tyldesley and Johannes Radebe and CBBC presenters Karim Zeroual and Amy Dowden.

:: Strictly Come Dancing Live will take place on January 28th at the Dublin 3Arena and on January 29th and 30th at the Belfast SSE Arena. Tickets at strictlycomedancinglive.com.


Zinedine Zidane: Real Madrid's reputation in the match against Club Brugge


Zinedine Zidane insists that the reputation of FC Brugge is threatened, although Real Madrid have already secured a place in the knockout phase of the Champions League.

The leaders of Pool A, Paris St Germain, can not be overtaken in the last round of the group matches, while Bruges and Galatasaray are fighting to qualify for the Europa League.

Zidane fears that Real will pay the price if they do not take Bruges seriously.

"The message is always the same and that's what we want to do for a good performance, that's all it takes," the Frenchman told reporters.

"I do not like friendly matches, it's a Champions League game and our reputation is at stake, we always want to play good football and continue our good run.

"Not because of the result of our good performances, but because we want to play well and do things right. If we do not approach that, things will go bad.

"It's going to be a tough game as Brugge plays to qualify for the Europa League as the third-placed team, but for us it's a Champions League game and not a friendly.

"That's why we want to win, but we know what a good side the opponents are." We are ready. Some of them will play, now is their time. "

Real meets Barcelona at El Clasico a week later, but Zidane does not indulge in the game's most exciting building.

"I do not know anything about El Clasico and the only thing I and everyone else are interested in is tomorrow's game (Wednesday)," he said.

"The only thing we have in mind is tomorrow's game, everything else will come in time and it will be time to talk about it.

"There are some things you can not control, the only thing we can control is football, there are many opinions and I will not get involved.

"After this game we still have three games to play before the end of the year, but for now the most important game is tomorrow night."

Zidane announced that striker Karim Benzema will be available for selection, but playmaker Eden Hazard is missing for about six weeks due to an ankle injury.

"I do not think they need to operate on Eden Hazard, their injury is under control and I hope it is less severe than expected," Zidane said.

The UIB tests a new drug for kidney patients in England and the United States


The University of the Balearic Islands (UIB) has participated in an investigation to evaluate the effectiveness of experimental drug SNF472 in the progression of cardiovascular calcification in dialysis patients.

The drug – based on InsP6 and patented by researchers from the UIB Renal Lithiasis Research Laboratory – has passed a phase 2b international clinical trial, randomized and controlled by placebo, by the company Sanifit

The study on SNF472 it has been done in 274 patients for a year in 65 hospitals and dialysis centers in the United States, the United Kingdom and Spain and has demonstrated a "significant" reduction in the progression of cardiovascular calcification in patients undergoing hemodialysis.

The results of this study were presented in the framework of the Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association, which took place in Philadelphia (United States) from November 16 to 18 and were published in the international scientific journal Circulatio.

Likewise, from the UIB they have highlighted that their Research Unit in Renal Lithiasis has shelled the beneficial effects of InsP6 and has brought to light the presence of different species of this compound in the Calcification prevention.

This compound is naturally present in many foods, mainly legumes, whole grains and nuts, and acts as a calcification inhibitor.