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The important revelation about Baby Yoda that has driven fans crazy

Just because it’s run by Dave Filoni, we could already imagine that in the fifth episode of the second season of The Mandalorian something important was going to happen. Filoni, producer of the series with Jon Favreau, is responsible for animated series of Star Wars as Clone Wars Y Star Wars Rebels: the same ones that in this new journey of the Disney + series are proving vital to understand what story the new characters carry behind them. Adding this to the fact that, as previously leaked, the title of the episode was going to be ‘The Jedi’, the hype it was more than reasonable.

And it has already been released. ‘The Jedi’ was translated into Spanish as ‘Jedi’ and of course he was referring to Ahsoka Tano, an essential character in the animated universe of Star Wars who finally made the leap into real action with the features of Rosario Dawson. There is much to discuss about this return and its possible consequences, but for now let’s stay with the most striking information that we were able to learn thanks to Ahsoka.

I send (Pedro Pascal) had come to meet the ancient Jedi in search of answers about the origin of her protégé, whose days of being known on the Internet as Baby Yoda could soon be over. Because that’s just what he got: answers. By communicating telepathically with the creature, Ahsoka was able to learn that it had been raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, and hidden from the Empire once it dominated the galaxy and exterminated the Jedi. He also revealed that the creature had a name, and that this was Yellow.

That’s right, Grogu is the name of Baby Yoda, El Niño, El Genocida de Batracios. Something that will require a change of mentality when it comes to referring to him, but it should also be noted that there were already a few fans who were able to prepare for this christening. And it is that two months ago, in Reddit, it was revealed that we were going to know Baby Yoda’s name in the second season of The Mandalorian, and that this was Grogu. The person responsible for the murmur had found out thanks to a friend of his working as a specialist in the Disney + series, whose identity he refused to reveal.

Grogu needs training

It may, however, that the really key information you have given us The Jedi goes further than a simple clarification in the way of addressing Baby Yoda (which will have to be seen if it fandom, on the other hand). Tano, during his encounter with Mando and El Niño, refuses to train the latter as a Jedi Knight, and justifies it in a very simple way: Grogu feels too attached to our Mandalorian.

As you may remember from the prequels (films that are also being conveniently revalued through The Mandalorian) Feeling great love for someone can be fatal during Jedi training, since emotional ties are capable of leading to other types of feelings such as hatred, suffering and anger. It is precisely what happened to Anakin Skywalker and what led him to become Darth Vader. Something that Ahsoka knows very well, as Skywalker himself was her teacher during the Clone Wars.

Ahsoka doesn’t want something like this to happen to Grogu, so she decides not to take responsibility for his training. In the next episodes Mando will have to find someone who can take care of the baby (he already has a couple of clues on where to start), and in the meantime we can discuss what we think of Grogu as our pet’s name. Carl Weathers, interpreter of Greef Karga in the series and occasional director, has already given his verdict: “The name is cool”.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry focus on decorating their home for Christmas after their most difficult year

Meghan and Harry focus on decorating their home for Christmas after their most difficult year

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ready to experience their first Christmas in their California home

The couple bought a house in Montecino last July, a month in which they also had to deal with a very tough episode, the Duchess of Sussex confessed just before Thanksgiving in a letter to The New York Times

Colombian student is the first Latino from the DACA program to win the Rhodes scholarship. He says he owes everything to his primary school teacher | CNN “Social distancing is tough on kids. They need hugs. And this, in the long run, could affect their mental health ” Incidents and collision with the Police in a massive march against Piñera

Last July she suffered a spontaneous abortion that they had decided to keep in the most absolute privacy. Specifically, Meghan was with her son Archie when it took place: “After changing his nappy, I felt a sharp prick in my belly. I fell to the ground with him in my arms while singing a lullaby that would calm us both, something that cheer up even though I knew something was wrong.

I knew, while holding my first child, that I was losing the second Read more: Readings »

He fights Pedro Sánchez on his first visit to a hospital in Madrid

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, and the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, were received this Friday upon their arrival at the Hospital de La Paz in Madrid with shouts of ‘strong

lego pixel art star wars

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‘The Mandalorian’ season 2 reveals surprising details about the show’s titular hero

Lady Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) revealed to her Mandalorian comrade that he is a Son of the Guard, descended from religious fanatics.

Fans of Star Wars’ The Mandalorian took the show’s titular hero for a noble warrior of equally honorable heritage. His “This Is The Way” credo emphasized doing the right thing and acting with compassion. It became so popular that online communities turned the quote into a meme that people use to show their approval of another post or comment online. Note that not everything about Command code is what it sounds like.

While Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) made the Mandalore Trail sound like a cause followed by a proud career, they are not the persecuted group that the Mando story made them out to be. Lady Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) revealed to her Mandalorian comrade that he is a Son of the Guard, descended from religious fanatics. They are apparently a subsection that broke away from mainstream society, adhering to a code that dictates that they protect everyone else of Mandalore’s faith. And the easiest method of showing loyalty is to wear your helmet at all times.

Din Djarin has practiced the ways of his people to perfection, never once disobeying the code. He could do it with people who are not familiar with Children of the Watch but who are never tempted. Command even held back while in the presence of IG-11, and that was just a robot. The point is, Djarin might change his mind upon learning that his people lied to him about the rest of Mandalore.

To our knowledge, the people of Mando taught him that they were the only noble members left on their planet while another faction exterminated the rest. We know it’s not true based on Bo-Katan’s testimony, so perhaps the truth will set our titular hero free.

Are the ‘Sons of the Guard’ brainwashed servants?

vía Vanity Fair

Whatever happens, Mando won’t accept the truth willingly. It is very possible that you will be distressed when reality sinks because the Path of Mandalore is all you know. Breaking from that lifelong tradition will be the most unpleasant thing you will ever do, and it can lead to lashing out in anger. It helps to have Mando close by when his rage is directed at an enemy, but in a moment of panic, he could start shooting uncontrollably at friend and foe alike.

On the other hand, Din Djarin seems to be changing with each passing episode. He’s relying on more people, allowing a few to help him with The Child, and he’s even helped a couple of amphibian aliens reunite. Command aided them in exchange for information on how to locate warriors like him when he could easily have tortured Frog Lady for the same information and avoided a time-consuming mission. That says he’s taking more liberties with the Mandalorian Code.

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If Din is discarding the inflexible rules of his people, he could abandon them entirely. Mando witnessed the Nightwalkers with his own eyes, removing their helmets and still practicing the core beliefs of Mandalore. It shows that there is no one way to be a Mandalorian, raising more questions for our favorite hero. Din Djarin needs to understand this fact for himself, in order to forge his own path, one that is not influenced by the Sons of the Guard.

vía Star Wars

Regardless, further exploration of Mando’s heritage will likely reveal more secrets about the group’s past. They remain shrouded in mystery, but that shouldn’t last long. Jon Favreau and directors like Bryce Dallas Howard are building something big on The Mandalorian, and it’s only a matter of time before their entire plan comes to light.

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justin bieber's best friends

What happened to Justin Bieber’s friends Lil Za and Lil Twist?

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Paul Zuniga (165 articles published)

Paul Zuniga is a journalist who has been covering entertainment-related topics for the past three years, primarily for the FanSided network of websites. His experience, however, does not stop there. Paul has also interviewed both newcomers and veterans of the entertainment industry, delving into the complexities of film and television. And he intends to keep the momentum going.

More by paul zuniga

All a host: Meghan Markle shone after celebrating the most anticipated moment in her new home

Meghan Markle becomes hostess from her mother at the Thanksgiving celebration, according to ET Weekly.

The american together with Harry and welcomed little Archie’s grandmother to her new home away from the royal family.

Although it is not the first time Markle and her husband walk away from the British crown on this particular day, this time it had even more impact.


This hyped character won’t appear in “The Mandalorian” Season 2 – that’s it again – Series News

Who does wrestler Sasha Banks play in Star Wars: The Mandalorian? Many fans on the Internet asked that after the trailer. It is now clear: the Internet has overreacted again. Bank’s character Koska Reeves will no longer appear in Season 2.

The Walt Disney Company

We remember: In the trailer for the second season “The Mandalorian”, Sasha Banks was shown for a short time, wearing a habit and looking towards the camera. It was the first series role for the successful, celebrated professional wrestler.

This fact, and the mysterious appearance of her “Star Wars” character, led the Internet in general, and movie magazines (including us) in particular, to speculate about the role Banks would play.

The assumptions ranged from “simple Jedi” to “savior who brings us all eternal peace”. We had little idea, the speculation was great – but the resolution in the third episode “The Heir to the Throne” was quite banal …

The Walt Disney Company

Who is Sasha Banks playing? WHO PLAYS SASHA BANKS?

Sasha Banks plays a Mandalorian named Koska Reeves from the entourage of fan favorite Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff), who is allowed to fight a little, but says next to nothing. It may be remembered that she takes Baby Yoda out of the water and sips noodles, but when you look at it soberly, the figure just isn’t that important to the episode. In any case, Sasha Banks would not have been needed for the part.

›› “The Mandalorian” & more at Disney +*

Banks: “I’m only in this episode”

The page has now spoken to Sasha Banks, who is actually called Mercedes Varnado and who played on “The Mandalorian” under this name. She was also asked what fans can expect from her “Mandalorian” figure in the future.

Banks’ answer sounds like Koska Reeves might not appear in the series at all – but not guaranteed in the current second season:

“Well, I can only hope the fans will find out more, I’m only on this episode. It’s great, but we can only hope for more to come. So, I just hope that me and Katee (Sackhoff), Bo-Katan, get the dark sword at some point. But we’ll see, I don’t know. “

Maybe return sometime

In the future, Sasha Banks’ return as a Mandalorian is of course not ruled out, especially since Bo-Katan will certainly appear again to grab the Mandalorian rulership Darksaber from Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), but that was it again in the current season with banks.

Maybe we should finally stop overinterpreting trailers. Whereby “The Mandalorian” -maker Jon Favreau and Co. have of course also planned on this in this case. Because why is Banks as Koska Reeves in the trailer at all when she has such a small role in the season? And why does she wear a habit in the trailer and not her Mandalorian armor, if not to direct the thoughts of the “Star Wars” fans in the direction of the Jedi? I guess we’re just very easy to manipulate.

The fifth episode of the second season has now been released. The sixth episode “The Mandalorian” will be released on Friday, December 4th, 2020 at 9:00 am on Disney +. The season has a total of eight episodes.

* This Disney + link is an affiliate link. By taking out a subscription via this link, you support FILMSTARTS. This has no effect on the price.

Amazon Black Friday 2020: The Best Deals

November 28, 2020 at 11:10 am
from Andreas Szedlak
Even on the day after the official Black Friday 2020, Amazon is unpacking cool offers again. In addition to yesterday’s deals on Lego, Playmobil, Samsung SSDs and Star Wars fan articles, Medion notebooks, 4K projectors, smart home products and much more are added today. Here you will find the best offers at a glance.

Even after the official one Black Friday 2020 goes the Amazon Black Friday week continue – until Cyber Monday on November 30th. Amazon has added new deals to yesterday’s offers such as Samsung SSDs, toys from Lego and Playmobil or Star Wars fan articles. Those who missed yesterday’s deals can still find the current ones below deals. Today come among other things Medion Notebooks and 4K Beamer added. They are also exciting Smart Home-Products and toys by Ravensburger available at budget prices. Maybe there are suitable Christmas presents.

Black Friday week on Amazon (All Offers)

Amazon Black Friday 2020 – the best deals of the day

Reduced until Monday: Amazon Echo, Kindle, Fire & Co.

The absolute long-running hits at Amazon, namely the in-house smart products for everything to do with Echo, Show and Fire TV, as well as the Fire tablets and Kindle e-book readers, are of course also reduced this time during the entire campaign period. The TV Fire Cube, for example, is available at its previous best price of 68 euros. You can find all of the reduced Amazon devices at a glance in our separate Amazon article, including clear price comparison tables.

The best longer term deals for Amazon Black Friday 2020

Gaming & Hardware

Home theater & audio

Black Friday week on Amazon (All Offers)

Amazon Prime and extended return periods

Not a Prime customer yet? Under you can log in. Anyone who has never used the service can test it for 30 days free of charge. For Black Friday there are also extended return periods for every customer. All items that are eligible for return and shipped by December 31st can be returned until January 31st, 2021.

You can find more offers for Black Friday 2020 in our bargain guide.

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Also popular with PCGH readers: Our bargain guide is updated several times a day.

Schnäppchen • Amazon Black Friday • MediaMarkt: Black Friday Weekend • Alternate (u. a. Toshiba X300 10TB 234,90€ & MSI 24″ 144Hz 166,90€) • Nitro Concepts D12 ab 89,90€ • Samsung-SSDs zu Bestpreisen (u. a. 970 Evo Plus 500GB 69,30€) • Intel i5-10600K 222,22€ • PlayStation Black Friday [Werbung]

Here you will find the best bargains, whether PC deals, PC game deals, gaming PCs, PC deals, Amazon PC games, smartphones or gamer PC hardware.

Image gallery for “Amazon Black Friday 2020: The best offers – Medion notebooks, 4K projectors, Smart Home and much more”

10 real historical things that inspired the movies

By now, it’s no secret that the fantastic world of Star Wars owes a lot to real-world history. Many observations have been made that the original trilogy is basically “World War II in space,” with more contemporary conflicts defining the images and themes of the next two trilogies.

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While general strokes are common knowledge today, some more specific and thematic influences either went unnoticed or received little attention. From dogfighting to Nazis, Star Wars really is World Space War II, but there’s so much more to it than that.

10 The Trade Federation is the East India Company

Star Wars Trade Federation East India Company

Much has been said about the prequels’ focus on bureaucracy, taxes, and politics, which doesn’t exactly inspire enthusiasm among fans. But when you take note of the historical inspiration from the Trade Federation, namely Dutch and British East India companies, things may make a little more sense.

Led by the Neimoidian fops, the Trade Federation was a galactic transportation conglomerate that controlled a large economic, political, and military influence (i.e., battle droid). Although they were dating at the time of the prequels, they still had enough dominance over the Republic. The East India Companies (also antagonists of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies) also had a similar reach, essentially controlling trade and politics through monopolies, blockades, and private fleets.

9 The Republic is Ancient Rome

Star Wars Senates

Star Wars owes a lot to ancient Rome, seen in things like classic Naboo-style architecture and space versions of Roman entertainment, like the capsule races in The Phantom Menace (that is, chariot races) and the arena in Attack of the Clones (that is, gladiators). The main Roman conclusion would be the political order of the galaxy and how it changed over the years.

Noteworthy parallels include reliance on the Senate and titles like “chancellor.” That said, the most significant echo is the transformation of the Republic and the fall of a democracy to a dictatorial empire motivated by conquest, which is what also happened to Rome. Coincidentally, Roman culture greatly influenced the Nazis, the main base of the Empire.

8 The Galactic Empire is Nazi Germany

Nazis primed the Star Wars

There is nothing subtle here; the Galactic Empire is just Nazi Germany in space. From uniforms to holding a rally straight out of the Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will, there is nothing nuanced about the Empire’s Nazi roots. His return to the First Order can be read as an allusion to neo-Nazis, although he is still primarily based on the Third Reich.

Other parallels include: Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine’s relationship is similar to that of Heinrich Himmler and Adolf Hitler (respectively), the name and purpose of the Stormtroopers make direct reference to the Sturmabteilung, the Empire’s goal of establishing a totalitarian government. , and its birth through a convincing dictator a republic to surrender its freedom to fight a fabricated enemy. Furthermore, both self-proclaimed empires fell in an explosively embarrassing manner.

7 The Jedi are the Knights Templar

Star Wars Jedi Knights Templar

In truth, the Jedi Council and its knights are a fusion of historical warriors ranging from the samurai of Japan to the Shaolin monks of China. Its clearest influence would be the Knights Templar, the Catholic military order best known for its participation in the Crusades.

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The similarities between the two orders include: their elite status even within the military, a strict and puritanical moral code, self-imposed vows of poverty and chastity, a superior council of twelve, and being systematically annihilated for political reasons. Also, both wield swords and prefer robes.

6 Darth Vader is a samurai

Star Wars Darth Vader Samurai

Many comments are made about how Darth Vader is a remnant of an ancient order, and this is not just a reference to the Jedi. Darth Vader’s appearance and story were based on Japanese samurai, specifically on Date Masamune. A feared warlord, Masamune lived in the Azuchi-Momoyama period and even saw the early modernization of Japan. His black kabuto (that is, a helmet) inspired concept artist Ralph McQuarrie’s now iconic designs.

Also, Darth Vader clinging to an ancient moral code doesn’t just echo the samurai at the end of the shogunate. Another parallel is World War II Japanese General Hideki Tojo, an equally brutal imperial commander who held fast to his beliefs of Pure Land Buddhism, even though they were considered archaic at the time.

5 The force is a mixture of different beliefs and religions

Star Wars Force Taoism

Defining a specific belief system that inspired the Force is impossible, as it is actually more of a collage than anything else. A fundamental principle of the Force is that there is no higher being (i.e. god), but rather an all-encompassing life force that can be used for good and ill. This is very similar to Shintoism, Taoism (particularly Yin and Yang), the use of qi, and New Age ideas that were popular with the anti-war and free love movements in the 1970s.

RELATED: Life Of Pi: 10 Behind The Scenes Facts About Ang Lee’s Movie

Given its religious base, the Force’s lack of detail, unsurprisingly, caused too many heated online debates. In doing so, the spirituality and core values ​​of the Force were ignored, prioritizing pedantic rules and details that only encouraged the kind of flawed elitism The Last Jedi called for.

4 The Battle of Endor is the Vietnam War

Star Wars Ewoks Vietcong

Aside from World War II, another conflict that shaped Star Wars was the Vietnam War. Lucas believed that US involvement was wrong and that the Viet Cong weren’t the monsters that the propaganda claimed they were. This was seen in the way the Rebellion is framed as correct, while the Empire (a superpower not unlike America) is depicted as the villain, but is most evident in Return of the Jedi.

In the ending of the original trilogy, the primitive Ewoks successfully defend Endor from the technologically superior Imperials they invaded. The Vietnam War ended the same way, with the Viet Cong guerrillas winning against the more powerful American forces through the war in the jungle.

3 Yoda’s Albert Einstein

Star Wars Yoda Einstein

Star Wars is full of wartime influences, but one of its more pacifistic underpinnings comes in the form of Jedi Master Yoda, who was based on physicist Albert Einstein. Originally, makeup artist Stuart Freeborn used Einstein as a visual cue, seen in Yoda’s facial lines and tousled white hair. In time, the inspiration would deepen.

Both were aging leaders in their respective fields who, while wise, concealed a jovial personality. During the war, they fled their homes to escape persecution. Despite this, they reluctantly taught potentially dangerous forms of warfare (i.e. the Force and nuclear energy) to a younger generation for the greater good. That, and people love to quote Yoda and Einstein even today.

2 Emperor Palpatine is Richard Nixon

Star Wars Palpatine Nixon

Since the Empire is an analog of Nazi Germany, it makes sense to assume that Emperor Palpatine is based on Adolf Hitler. This is partially correct, as Lucas’s contemporary inspiration was Richard Nixon. Lucas always intended for Palpatine to be a politician rather than a dark lord, as this is how Nixon committed his atrocities with impunity until it was too late.

In the original trilogy, Palpatine rules through fear and militarism, but he did not take control by force; it was given. The prequels show how this happened, where Palpatine accumulated power by manipulating the Senate, exacerbating an ongoing conflict, flirting with the military, and granting himself authoritarian powers. These parallel what the other historical inspirations of Nixon and Palpatine did: Augustus, Napoleon Bonaparte, Julius Cesare, and Hitler. Fortunately, no one forgave Palpatine.

1 The rebellion sides with protests against war and non-violence

Star Wars anti war feelings

Despite being a war of generations, Star Wars is vehemently anti-war. Originally, this was a reflection of Lucas’s fears and anxieties regarding the Vietnam War and the Cold War. Later, the prequels reflected the War on Terror and the paranoia of a post-9/11 world. Furthermore, Lucas believed in fighting evil with nonviolence, a rallying cry of anti-war protests. However, fighting to preserve freedom remains a necessity even though peace and non-violence are the ultimate goals.

This is why in the original trilogy, the Death Star (a superweapon that kills planets not unlike nuclear bombs) is heroically destroyed and the Sith are defeated not by force, but by Luke avoiding violence. and convincing Darth Vader to be good again. However, the Star Wars message has been misinterpreted, becoming the name of Ronald Reagan’s space weapons program and with The Rise of Skywalker ending evil by having Rey brutally murder a resurrected Palpatine.

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Next The Lord of the Rings: 10 actors who could have easily played Gandalf besides Ian McKellan

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Part-time artist and writer, full-time thinker. He thinks Samuel L. Jackson is the world’s greatest actor and misses video stores.

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LEGO Star Wars Mandalorian Chapter 13 Spoiler Talk today from 6pm!

From 6 p.m. we will talk about the latest episode of Star Wars The Mandalorian in the live stream.

Like every Saturday, we’re talking about the latest episode again today The Mandalorian! From 6 p.m. the stream starts Chapter 13 on our Assembled TV YouTube Channel. Guest is again this time Michael Reimann alias Steinfluencer! Together we watch the episode again and of course we go into all Easter Eggs! Of course we’re also taking another look at possible LEGO sets for the episode! You are welcome to join the discussion in the chat and ask questions to us! I am very happy if you take a look!

Anyone who would like to be entertained with further conversations about the colored stones later in the evening can also visit our Construction evening with news and cake from 9 p.m. drop by! We celebrate there Andres’ birthday, talk about Newsand to build also a little! Have a look here too!

Will you be part of our streaming marathon tonight? Do you have any suggestions? Feel free to write it in the comments!

Max Mohr

My favorite subjects are LEGO Star Wars, Harry Potter and Super Heroes. For some time now I have also been dealing more and more with MOCs.