JJ Abrams produces new Superman reboot for Warner

Henry Cavill in Man of Steel (2013) © Warner Bros. Pictures

Those: Deadline

The chaos in the DC cinema universe, which has now become somewhat confusing, is never ending. After the news of Henry Cavill’s potential return as Superman in a future Warner DC movie last year raised hopes that the Brit, who is popular with Superman fans, would continue to play the man of steel, reports Industry Portal Deadline now that Warner is on a new one Superman-Reboot is working. It is written by the journalist and writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, most of all for his sensational articles for the monthly magazine The Atlantic is known. He’s no stranger to the comic book world either, and has written Marvel stories for Black Panther and Captain America. Of the Superman-Film becomes his first screenplay.

But while Coates is probably not known to most of you, it looks very different with another name behind the production. J.J. Abrams becomes the new one with his company Bad Robot Superman– produce film. The words “Abrams” and “Reboot” in one sentence immediately give many people a strong reaction, as he already has Star Trek and Star Wars left his mark – to the delight of some fans and to the great annoyance of others. There is one thing that Abrams cannot deny – commercially he is usually a hit guarantee and has a good sense of what the mass audience wants to see. Either Star Wars as well as Star Trek achieved new heights at the box office under him, and The Force Awakens is the top-grossing film of all time in North America even after five years (if inflation is not taken into account).

That Abrams now has a new one of all people Superman-Film produces is not without a certain irony and feels like a natural stroke of fate. Even before he was with “Lost” celebrated his big break, Abrams wrote the screenplay for Warner in the early 2000s Superman: Flyby, an origin story of the radiant superhero, directed by McG (Three angels for Charlie), later Wolfgang Petersen (The storm) and Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) should take over. As we know, nothing came of it and only Bryan Singer brought Krypton’s son with him in 2006 Superman Returns back, a nostalgic bow to the original films with Christopher Reeve. Almost 20 years after his first attempt at Superman, Abrams may now get the opportunity to bring Superman to the big screen, albeit (for now) only as a producer.

It’s not the only DC project Abrams and Bad Robot are developing for Warner. Over a year ago, the planning of a series and film universe based on the Justice League Dark, an association of unusual, often occult, supernatural heroes from the DC Universe. Abrams is actively involved in creating this universe.

But where is Henry Cavill in the whole thing? Is he out as Superman for good? That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, because Ben Affleck will soon also return as Batman in The Flash back, although Warner parallel The Batman produced with Robert Pattinson in the title role. But it doesn’t look like we’ll ever get another solo Superman with Cavill. He might appear in another film set in the DCEU, but not in the Shazam!-Sequel, as we recently reported.

LEGO® Star Wars ™ 75299 – The Mandalorian, Trouble on Tatooine, kit, buy – toys

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The speeder has a seat for a LEGO® minifigure and a saddlebag for the child. The set also includes a buildable Tusken Hut and the Tusken Raider’s Ballista, which fires missiles.

The speeder is 3 cm high, 13 cm long and 3 cm wide.

Meghan Markle Reconciles With Emilia Wickstead On Her Trip To Dublin

Meghan Markle Reconciles With Emilia Wickstead On Her Trip To Dublin Photo Gallery 13 Of 13

Meghan markle reconciles with emilia wickstead on her trip to dublin this dressmaker accused her of plagiarism for her wedding dress. today he has put on one of his designs again. Meghan markle has left us two very successful looks on her official trip to dublin: a black cocktail dress by emilia wickstead and a perfect ‘working girl’ outfit by givenchy. On the 25th april 2018, meghan markle attended her first anzac day service at westminster abbey in london. she wore a black ensemble from emilia wickstead. details on our blog. Meghan markle dresses as emilia wickstead (and closes the debate) there is no bad blood between the duchess of sussex and the designer (despite the fact that instagram wanted it). by celia cuervo. Back in may, when the duke and duchess wed at windsor castle, new zealand born british designer emilia wickstead kind of went off about meghan markle’s givenchy wedding dress by clare waight keller. the designer reportedly told the daily mail that meghan’s dress was ‘identical’ to one from her own bridal collection. she also made several claims about the dress being ‘too big’ and.

Meghan Markle Reconciled With Emilia Wickstead On Trip To Dublin Photo Gallery 2 Of 13

Meghan Markle Reconciled With Emilia Wickstead On Trip To Dublin Photo Gallery 2 Of 13

The dukes of sussex are traveling in dublin attending different events in what is being their first official trip since they were married. for this, meghan markle has. Meghan Markle changed her look and opted for Emilia Wickstead, one of the favorite designers of her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge. a simple black dress with the right accessories. The dukes of sussex are traveling in dublin attending different events in what is being their first official trip since they were married. For this, Meghan Markle has filled the suitcase with dresses of classic cut and muted colors with which strict British protocol has been skipped. The choice of her look is not casual, as it is a design by emilia wickstead. remember that the designer claimed that the givenchy wedding dress that markle wore was a plagiarism of one of her suits. finally, the issue seems to be settled with this beautiful gesture by meghan, thus showing her intention to make peace with emilia. Meghan markle: 5 looks in just 24 hours. Meghan markle’s first official trip outside of Great Britain, which has been to Ireland, has resulted in a showcase of looks.

Meghan Markle Reconciled With Emilia Wickstead On Her Trip To Dublin Photo Gallery 9 Of 13

Meghan Markle Reconciled With Emilia Wickstead On Her Trip To Dublin Photo Gallery 9 Of 13

Meghan markle wears emilia wickstead dress after designer’s royal wedding gown controversy this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Emilia. original, 5 25: while meghan markle’s givenchy wedding dress by claire waight keller has inspired some criticism, designer emilia wickstead went one step further in her critique of the. With this gesture, Meghan settles any controversy and moves away from the controversy in the most direct way: incorporating wickstead into her closet. On the second day of her trip to Ireland and in less than sixty minutes, Meghan Markle has worn two completely different looks in which she has even modified her hairstyle. Emilia Wickstead, one of Kate Middleton’s favorite designers, has responded in the wake of a daily mail report that claimed she said Meghan Markle’s givenchy wedding gown bore resemblance to. And on the second day of her trip to Ireland, Meghan Markle returned to her origins Meghan Markle reconciles with Emilia Wickstead on her trip to Dublin to share.

Meghan Markle Dons Black Emilia Wickstead Dress For Dublin Drinks Reception

Meghan markle in dublin: look of more than € 5,000 and love for animals for this meeting with the president, the wife of prince harry has opted for a bow and a sleeve model. Laura chains; updated 11 07 2018 02:02 yesterday meghan markle made full. The Duchess of Sussex surprised with three looks in the same day, each more applauded, while in the morning. With a floral print in shades of blue, this Oscar de la Renta dress was the first wedding guest look we’ve seen on Meghan Markle. although his choice did not please everyone. Meghan, 38, took her first solo trip with her son on a commercial flight to cheer on Serena, 37, as she took on Canadian star Bianca Andreescu in LA. Meghan markle wore dior for 100 years of royal air force. (Photo: Getty Images) The smiling Harry was the first to get off the plane, followed by Meghan, who wore a pencil skirt in bottle green, from Givenchy, the same designer behind her wedding dress, combined with a top of matching elbow sleeve. full.

Meghan and Prince Harry speak to the queen by very peculiar means

Meghan y prince harry From the end of 2019 they decided not to continue being part of the British crown and resigned from their royal ranks.

But not like that, and far from the UK, both Harry as his wife they continue to be in contact with Queen Elizabeth II by means, although well known, little expected.


Star Wars Weekly Preview KW 9/2021 (March 1st – March 7th, 2021) – Jedi Library

If you take a look at the publication calendar, the number of works to be published next week looks quite confusing and large. However, this is because two new ones next week The High Republic– Comics appear – once by Marvel and once as part of the Adventures from IDW. As usual, these are accompanied by some new variants. Also now appears with Victory’s Price the third volume of Alphabet Squadron-Line. For younger readers there is also an English-language graphic novel adaptation by The rise of Skywalker.


Cover © 2021 Lucasfilm & Del Rey

The New Republic flying aces have only one last chance to defeat the sinister Shadow Wing in this nerve-wracking conclusion of the Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron-Trilogy!

Following Yrica Quelle’s shocking decision – and one of the bitterest battles of her life – the quest for final answers takes the remnants of the Alphabet Season across a galaxy whose old war scars are threatening to reopen.

Soran Keize is back at the spearhead of the Shadow Wing. Operation Ashes, the terrifying planetary extinction protocol that began at the end of the Imperial era, is burning a swath across the galaxy. The Shadow Wing is no longer wounded prey fleeing the captors of the New Republic. With his leader, his strength has also returned and now his Star Destroyers and TIE squadrons lurk in the darkness between the stars to carry out the last order of destruction of the fallen Emperor – as well as another, stranger mission that Keize does not want to carry out because of the dying Empire, but for its loyal soldiers.

The ships of the Alphabet Squadron are as ramshackle and damaged as their ghosts, but they could always rely on one another. Now, when you face the strength of Keize’s resurrected behemoth, you are not even sure of that. How do you catch a shadow? How do you kill him? And when you finally win, who pays the price?

With Victory’s Price The third volume will be published next week about the rather unorthodox AlphabetSquadron from the pen of Alexander Freed. The novel is also available as an e-book, an audio book (audio download) and an export edition for the international market. On Sunday we will also have a review for you.

The High Republic #3 (03.03.2021)

Cover © 2021 Lucasfilm & Marvel


  • A mysterious plague strikes a planet. One JEDI is missing and another has been driven insane.
  • What horror lurks in the dark under the rotting grain?
  • Death is averted, but a terrible alliance is formed. Can KEEVE TRENNIS protect an innocent life while facing treason from her own order?

The High Republic is now continuing again in the comic sector, because next week the third issue of There is no Fear. This is accompanied by a large number of variants: a variant by Jan Duursema (known as a draftsman and co-author by many Legends-Comics), a variant by Kev Walker, a variant by Luke Ross, the same as a Virgin Variant, a variant by Mike Mayhew, the same as a Shadow cover and as a Virgin Variant, a variant by Minkyu Jung, the same as a Virgin Variant Variant by Paolo Villanelli, also the same as Virgin Variant, a variant by Will Sliney, this also as Virgin Variant and last but not least another variant by Kev Walker.

Apple vs. Android ¿Es Apple el Imperio de Star Wars?

Is Apple the empire of Star Wars?
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In today’s episode, I dress up with the myth of the Apple empire from Star Wars. Yes I know it’s Geek, but I already warned you in the pilot episode. I also tell you how and why I chose and choose the apple products.

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The Spencer sisters and their enormous potential in fashion

The Spencer sisters and their enormous potential in fashion

Maria Luisa Funes the

27 feb, 2021

The beautiful twins of Count Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana of Wales, have starred on the March cover of Tatler magazine, thus launching themselves fully into the world of communication and fashion. Lady Amelia and Lady Eliza could be the next stars of fashion campaigns and the world of influencers, since they have all the ingredients to be a blazing success. Your sister Kitty has already started.

Amelia and Eliza are Lady Kitty’s little sisters and Viscount Spencer’s older sisters. As a result of Charles Spencer’s marriage to model Victoria Lockwood, they lived most of their lives in South Africa, their mother’s native country.

Among its great advantages is that of being beautiful, a refined and slimmer version of the young women who attended the wedding of her cousin William of England with Kate Middleton in 2011, or that of Meghan Markle with Harry years later, when they still looked resounding. and with less careful styles.

In addition to being members of the Spencer family, they have the enormous advantage of being carnal nieces of one of the most photographed women in the world of all time, Princess Diana, while due to their mother’s structure and physique, they have a more balanced.

To their light aesthetic touches, very well achieved, they add that nature of old British nobility, while they do not have any “Royal” obligation, something that puts them on the podium of the greats, without limiting any of their capabilities. contracting with beauty, fashion or lifestyle brands.

Her older sister, Lady Kitty Spencer, has already become famous for some altruistic initiative linked to her future husband. In 2018, Kitty Spencer became Image of the Italian jewelery brand Bulgari, after its social start at the 2009 Bal des débutantes in Paris.

The 3 Spencer sisters have a contract with Storm Model Management and Lady Kitty walked in 2017 at a Dolce & Gabbana show in which numerous European princesses and socialites participated. A year ago, Lady Kitty announced her engagement to Michael Lewis, a divorced South African businessman 30 years older than her and has converted to her future husband’s Jewish religion.

Now Lady Kitty has become an official Dolce & Gabbana ambassador starring in their advertising campaigns.

Both Amelia and Eliza have posted numerous photos on Instagram with their respective boyfriends. The theme of the twins works very well in advertising, but what distinguishes the Spencers is that they are almost royals, without in turn having any limitation that may restrict their possibilities in the world of communication of fashion and perfumery.



Maria Luisa Funes the

27 feb, 2021

# 98: Too Much STAR WARS? | Podcast – Cinema Strikes Back

Cinema Strikes Back

# 98: Too Much STAR WARS? | Podcast

In the new Cinema Strikes Back podcast, Marius and Jonas talk about various reports on STAR WARS and THE MANDALORIAN. There is also more news, film & series starts, our film review “Cinema Flashback”, the new category “The audience question” and another edition of “Films badly explained”. Have fun with Cinema Talks Back! Podcast to listen to: Spotify: https://go.funk.net/csb_spotify iTunes: https://go.funk.net/csb_itunes RSS feed: https://go.funk.net/csb_rss Timestamps 00:00: 00 – For podcast professionals 00:03:23 – Main topic (Star Wars) 00:12:24 – Short news 00:25:04 – Film starts 00:29:38 – Series starts 00:32:49 – The audience question 00:45: 50 – Cinema Flashback 01:22:58 – Films poorly explained

These celebrities are related to Queen Elizabeth – Eme – 02/27/2021

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Now that the Queen isabel II stayed with two fewer relatives, with the definitive resignation of Harry y Meghan to participate as members of the Royal family, and since it is said that in our days hollywood celebrities they are the true royalty, since the public interest is centered, above all, on the comings and goings of the former, could it be that the reina get closer to your relatives across the pond?

Yes, although it sounds incredible, Isabel is related to more than one celebrity hollywoodense! And surely you will be more surprised to know who is part of this list. Here, just a few (there are many) of those who have had a “Mia Thermopolis” moment, in their famous lives:

Hilary Duff

The site “findmypast.com” awarded Hilary Duff the title of “the most royal celebrity” because it is the famous one with the closest ties to the Queen Elizabeth II of England. Duff She is 18th cousin. of the monarch, through Alexander Spotswood, an English army officer and the 10th great-grandson of King Edward III. But how? She has never been invited to a Royal wedding!

Hilary Duff in the series
Hilary Duff in the series “Lizzie McGuire”. Photo: Archive

Brooke Shields

The beautiful Brooke Shields She has always behaved like a princess, so it is not so surprising to find out that she has ties to the English monarchy. Brooke He is nothing less than the second most royally connected American celebrity. The actress is 18th. second cousin of the Queen Isabel through Henry II of France. Other royals in his family tree are Catherine de Medici, Lucrezia Borgia, Charlemagne, El Cid, William the Conqueror, and King Harold II.


Beyoncé she does have every right to be known as Queen B, as she is a 25th cousin. second of Isabel II. It would be epic for Bey to visit her royal relatives at a gala dinner or something, right?

Paris Hilton

Well now you know why Paris Hilton she behaves like a carpich princess, maybe it has something to do with her royal ancestors. The heiress, socialite and ex it girl is a cousin of Isabel in 20th. degree through Henry II, on the side of his father, Richard Hilton # That´sHot.

Johnny depp

We all have the odd unpresentable relative and Queen Elizabeth is not saved, because Johnny depp he is also his cousin. The kinship comes from the side of King Edward III in 20th. grade.

Johnny Depp.  Photo: Reuters
Johnny Depp. Photo: Reuters

Jake y Maggie Gyllenhaal

The pair of actor brothers, Jake y Maggie Gylllenhaal, are the third celebrities most closely related to the reigning English monarch. They are also descendants of Edward III, King of England between 1327 and 1377, making them cousins ​​of Elizabeth II in the 19th degree.

Hugh Grant

Well yes, the actor’s royal blood Hugh Grant It is also noticeable, no doubt, in his good looks, elegance, but also in his suddenly very unorthodox demeanor. Hugh He is a descendant of King Henry VII of England and King James IV of Scotland, making him a second cousin in 9th degree of the Queen Isabel.

Angelina Jolie

The beautiful actress, former of Brad Pitt and mother of six children, Angelina Jolie, is a descendant of the royalty French by her mother, Marcheline Bertrand. His lineage can be traced back to the 12th century and to King Philip II of France, son of Louis VII. This means that Angie is related to Marie de France, a prominent member of the royalty of the time. On the other hand, it is also a cousin of the Queen Isabel on 26th. degree, that in addition to knowing the Windsor personally.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie at the London Premiere of “Maleficent Mistress of Evil”

Brad Pitt

Not only Angelinabut your ex, Brad Pitt, has family ties to Isabel II. Its roots also go to the 12th century, on the part of King Henry II of England, making him the queen’s second cousin in the 25th. grade. Henry II was the husband of Eleanor of Aquitaine, the first wife of Louis VII, father of Philip II, and Angelina Jolie He is a descendant of Felipe II. Brangelina Was it a thing of fate?

And last but not least:

Meghan Markle

When it was co-invested in the Duchess of Sussex, after marrying him prince harry in 2018, Meghan Markle he strengthened the ties he already had with the royal family. The former actress is a direct descendant of King Edward III – who apparently has many descendants in the United States – which makes her a cousin in the 17th. her husband’s degree, Harry.

According to “The Sun”, Meghan He is also related to Jane Seymour, Henry VIII’s third wife – who is not one of those who died with their throats slit – the great-great-great-great-grandmother of MarkleIsabel Hildyard was Seymour’s second cousin.

Meghan Markle
Photo: AFP


Disney + announces “Stargirl 2” with Judy Greer on board

Grace VanderWaal in Stargirl © 2020 Walt Disney Pictures

Swell: The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline

Even if Netflix and Amazon prime still dominate the streaming market Disney+ currently the fastest growing streaming service in the world with almost 95 million subscribers worldwide since the start in November 2019. As the exclusive home of new Star-Wars– and Marvel series has made the streamer indispensable for the countless fans of both universes, and “The Mandalorian” and “WandaVision” are among the platform’s largest draft horses. For many families it was Disney+ again the savior in times of the pandemic, in which the children sat at home all day.

But not only well-known brands and the large own film and series catalog inspire the viewers of Disney+. Last year, the musical coming-of-age film turned out to be a small surprise success Stargirl (not to be confused with The CW’s eponymous superhero series!), in which the young singer and songwriter Grace VanderWaal made her acting debut in the title role. In the film, she played an unconventional, cheerful, music-loving girl who befriends her classmate Leo and falls in love with him.

The lovable film, which didn’t have a classic happy ending, was received very positively by the critics and viewers, so Disney+ is now officially working on a sequel. The first film was based on the novel of the same name by Jerry Spinelli, which has also received a sequel under the title “Lieber Leo – Dein Stargirl” (OT: “Love, Stargirl”). The second film, however, is said to be very loosely based on the second novel and to follow Stargirl as she moves to Los Angeles and the big world of music. In the novel, after her experiences at Mica High School, she moved to Phoenixville, Pennsylvania instead.

Stargirl 2 Judy Greer

Grace VanderWaal is of course playing the lead role as the star girl again, but currently seems to be the only cast returnee from the first film. Judy Greer (Picture above from Jurassic World) was cast as Stargirl’s mother Ana, who is working on a movie in Los Angeles. Elijah Richardson (“New Amsterdam”) plays Stargirl’s new love interest in the film, a neighborhood boy and aspiring writer. Julia Hart returns to direct the sequel and is again responsible for the script together with her husband Jordan Horowitz. Michael Penn (Sean Penn’s older brother) will write the music for the second film.