Campanil begins to strengthen itself for its international challenge

Against time the University of Concepcion to face the most important sporting challenge in recent years, with what will be their participation in the Basketball Champions League Americas. The auricielo team’s premiere will take place on Sunday, January 31, facing Quimsa from Santiago del Estero, in the first ‘bubble’ that will have the Group ‘B’ in Buenos Aires.

Faced with the imminent challenge, the technical management has seen no rest to be able to secure the three American reinforcements (in addition to one Latin American) that the international contest allows. Management that, in record time, already sees its first fruits with the confirmation of the first two names. This is Brandon Moss, who returns after the excellent image he left last year in the Penquista store, and Durrell Summers, player with experience in the LNB.

Names to fight

At 25 years old and 2.08 meters tall, Moss was the great sensation in the last edition of the LNB with the colors of the UdeC. The power forward shone with his spectacular performance at the rim, dunks included, averaging 21.4 points and 10.3 rebounds in his 15 games played, which were enough to win the affection of the university fans.

“That’s what we bet to bring him, to that showy game with rebounds, dives and running the court, which is what he likes. We spoke with him and he immediately said yes, he was waiting for us to call him to come again ”, explained the technical manager of the Basket UdeC, Sergio Montoya, on the return of the player.
Along with him, Durrell Summers ait seems like the perfect match. 30 years old and 1.96 meters tall, the escort had notable steps through the Chilean circuit, where he was the 2015-2016 LNB champion with Valdivia (being the top scorer of the tournament), in addition to defending Osorno (2017 season) and Puerto Montt, in 2020.

“He is a tremendous scorer, a player who will contribute a lot to our goal of competing in the Champions Americas, not only to introduce ourselves. We will face great teams, but we want to show what we are, we made a big effort because we had no time at all, and despite this I think we got the best we had to be competitive, “said the club’s director, Patricio Bustos.

Thus, it only remains to close the third North American, who will be a pivot to be confirmed shortly, while the Latin American’s quota will be occupied by Carlos Milan.

The big surprise came late on Friday, with the officialization of the return of Evandro Arteaga, a historic player who wore the auricielo for 12 years and left the club in 2015. In the first instance, the point guard would arrive only for the continental tournament.

Chile Cup at Casa del Deporte
At the national level, this afternoon Campanil will make its home debut at the Chile Cup, facing AB Temuco from 4:00 p.m. at the Casa del Deporte, where he will repeat this Sunday against CD Valdivia, at the same time. Both games will be broadcast via streaming.


NBA: Dogs in the Miami Heat to detect covid-19

NBA They will use them as soon as the public returns to the courts

Substitute players for the Heat during an NBA game.
Getty Images.


Kemba Walker scores 9 on his season debut

Boston Celtics star Kemba Walker scored nine points in his season debut when Boston was beaten 105-75 by the New York Knicks on Sunday.

Walker played 20 minutes, the goal of Celtics coach Brad Stevens, before leaving the game for good in the third quarter. He also had four assists, three rebounds and three steals. Walker had been out since the end of last season while undergoing a strengthening program for his diseased left knee.

“He’s obviously excited to play. He’s ready to play,” Stevens said before the game. “They’ve worked hard to get to this point, and we can’t wait to have it there.”

Walker has had knee problems for the past year. He struggled with it before last season was brought to a halt in March due to the coronavirus pandemic and then was limited by it when Boston returned to play in the NBA bubble at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. during the summer.

After Boston lost to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals, Walker received an injection in the knee. He began a 12-week strengthening program in early October that ended earlier this month.

Since then, Walker has been slowly increasing his workload, a process that was inconvenienced due to Boston’s recent problems with COVID-19, as Robert Williams III and Jayson Tatum tested positive and several other players were tracing contacts. .

As a result, Boston had three games postponed last week before returning to the court to beat the Orlando Magic on Friday.

“Very little,” Stevens said when asked how much Walker had practiced with his teammates. “But he’s done a lot with, before our mini-closing last week, he was very involved with the coaches. [Luego] increased their work each day during that period … It’s probably not their typical practice, but they feel really good about where he is, and he feels really good about where he is. “


DIRECTV Sports ™ | Neymar: “I had moments when I wanted to stop playing”

The Brazilian forward referred to the criticism received but made it clear that he is motivated by the love of football.

Neymar is comfortable in PSG as one of the team figures in the long-awaited desire of the Champions League, although he confessed that at some point in his career I thought about a premature retirement.

“I will never lose my passion for football, but I have had moments when I wanted to stop playing. Once I wondered why I should keep playing if people don’t like it, “the Brazilian told Gaffer magazine.

However, he considered that “then I remembered everything I had done to get here. The love I have for football and all those things calmed me down and brought me back to reality.”

In addition, he referred to criticism of his life off the court: “It is very easy for people to talk about their personal life without really knowing it. But the real me, the real Neymar, is well known to my family, the people who work with me and my friends. They know me. These are the opinions that interest me “,

Neymar is going through his fourth season in Ligue 1, after winning the last three championships in a row and currently has three goals in seven games played in 2020/21.

Foto: Getty Images.


NBA: The Celtics return through the big door: fifth victory in a row and kings of the East

NBA After the stop to which they have been forced by the coronavirus

Jaylen Brown prepares to smash the Magic rim


Lakers, Jazz and Clippers, unstoppable in the West; Celtics and Bucks, in the East | What’s up people

Houston (USA), Jan 16 (EFE) .- The power of the teams with the greatest potential of players begins to manifest within the NBA: Los Angeles Lakers, Utah Jazz and Angeles Clippers march unstoppable in the Western Conference, while that in the East, the Boston Celtics and the Milwaukee Bucks are leading.

The Lakers, current league champions, had no problem beating the New Orleans Pelicans 112-95 at the Staples Center for their fifth consecutive victory, the longest current winning streak in the NBA with the Celtics, who also win them It also allows to have the best mark in the league (11-3).

The Jazz once again had guard Donovan Mitchell as their leading scorer -26 points- and defeated the undervalued Atlanta Hawks without problems (116-92), in what was their fourth consecutive victory.

The Utah team went to a winning record of 8-4 and are already the leaders in the Northwest Division and third in the Western Conference, only surpassed by the Lakers and Clippers, who also beat at home by beating 100-138 to Sacramento Kings.

Forwards Kawhi Leonard and Paul George contributed 27 and 26 points, respectively, and led the Clippers’ winning attack that destroyed the Sacramento Kings 100-138, in what was the third consecutive victory for the Los Angeles team that has a 9- record. 4, the second best in the Pacific Division and the Western Conference.

The Clippers have won 15 straight road games against the Kings and haven’t lost in Sacramento since March 19, 2013.

While in the East, the Celtics, despite following significant casualties due to Covid-19 health and safety protocols, had guard Jaylen Brown with 21 points and eight assists that helped them win 124-97, in what which was the team’s first game after having had three cancellations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Boston, which posted its fifth straight win, had three games canceled because some players tested positive for the coronavirus and others were ruled out because contact tracing showed they may have been exposed.

Power forward Jayson Tatum and center Robert Williams remained in the NBA’s health and safety protocols along with Carsen Edwards.

The Celtics improved their record to 8-3 and continue to lead the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference.

The Bucks once again had Greek power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo as their leading scorer who contributed 31 points, despite missing 9 of 10 personnel shots, and nine rebounds with which they defeated the Dallas Mavericks 112-109 and got the fourth consecutive victory.

The Milwaukee team (9-4) is already an outstanding leader in the Central Division and second in the Eastern Conference standings, second only to the Celtics.

Canadian guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander had a double-double of 33 points – the best professional record – and 10 assists with the Oklahoma City Thunder, who beat the Chicago Bulls 127-125, in overtime.

The Thunder achieved their first home win in six they have contested since the new season began.

Center Andre Drummond achieved a double-double of 33 points – he tied for the best professional record – and 23 rebounds with the Cleveland Cavaliers, who beat the New York Knicks 106-103, which they left with the fifth consecutive loss.

The new acquisitions of the Cavaliers, center Jarrett Allen, and forward Taurean Prince, acquired from the Brooklyn Nets, were not available because all the players (seven), in the four-team deal, which involved guard James Harden, of the Houston Rockets, had not completed medical exams.

Drummond posted his first 30-20 game with the Cavaliers since ex-center Carlos Boozer scored 32 points and 20 rebounds against the Seattle SupersSonics on January 20, 2004.

Meanwhile, infections within the NBA are increasing and the league was forced to cancel another three games, which should have played Detroit against Washington, Minnesota against Memphis and Phoenix against Golden State.

In addition, the American-Dominican center Karl-Anthony Towns, of the Timberwolves, confirmed through social networks that he had tested positive for covid-19.

The Spaniards, point guard Ricky Rubio and power forward Juancho Hernangomez, were included in Thursday’s injury report under the NBA’s Covid-19 health and safety protocols.

Diagnosis is especially difficult for Towns, whose mother, Jacqueline Cruz-Towns, died at age 59 on April 13 from complications from covid-19. She had struggled with the virus for a month.

Towns said before the season that six other family members also died of complications from the virus.

“Before tonight’s game, I got another terrible call and tested positive for COVID,” Towns stated in a statement shared on social media. “I will do everything necessary to fight and win this battle.”


“Trump is God’s chosen”

Among the many images that impacted the protests that ended with the assault on the Capitol on January 6, the one of the former basketball player surprised David Wood (Spokane, Washington, 1964), who developed an extensive professional career of more than 20 years, especially in the ACB League and also in the NBA. During his time in Spain he stood out in the Barça, where he came to replace injured Norris and won a League and was runner-up in Europe and earned the nickname of ‘Gladiator‘for his dedication on the court, although he also went through the ranks of Taugrés, Unicaja and Fuenlabrada. After Barça he played for several NBA teams (Rockets, Spurs, Pistons, Warriors). In an interview with El Periódico, he explains the reasons that led him to the door of the Capitol and his admiration for Trump.

What memories do you have of your time at Barcelona? Are you still in contact with former teammates? Barcelona will always have a special place for me in my heart. I love Barcelona and also Spain, the people and the food. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn the wonderful Spanish way of life. In the NBA, everything is a business. The Spanish League was more like a family, a lot of time together on the road and meals together. I still have a relationship with some colleagues through Facebook, although someone like Joe Arlauckas, with whom I met in Vitoria, said horrible things about me and attacked me on Facebook when he saw that I was at the Capitol protest without even asking me.

Are you still linked to basketball in any way or is your life now dedicated to religion and politics? I have four children, one of whom plays at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV). Another in high school. I coach my young son’s team in Reno, at Galena High School, which competes in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). I am a part time coach.

We were surprised by his images in the demonstration in front of the Capitol. Can you explain to us what led you to be there? Are you a Trump supporter? He was there to fast and to pray. Not to protest. I have been fasting and praying without eating solid food for 21 days. I started in December and I have been fasting since January 1st and until President Trump swears, I will not eat or drink before 6.30pm. I wasn’t a Trump follower until recently, when I started praying for him and for the election. Now I am a fan because God has told me that he has a good heart. I like your policies. Save children from sex trafficking. He is a great admirer of Israel and helps God’s people of Israel. Follow the Bible, pray, have stopped government regulations and help people earn money and business. He is a fighter and will face any enemy who wants to control the American people.

Is that what led you to join the protests? He was there to pray and praise God. But he was also furious at the false votes that have been counted and the corrupt judges who do not want to hear that Donald Trump got the majority and the ballots were filled out and changed. The fact that there is no justice in America infuriates and saddens me as well. There are more than 1,000 people who want to testify in court about illegal votes, but the judges do not want to, because they fear for their lives. The Supreme Court does not want to hear our cry for justice, so I appeal to the supreme court in heaven, which is the highest court in the universe.

“I am furious at the false votes that have been counted and the corrupt judges who do not want to hear that Trump achieved the majority.”

The protests ended the assault on the Capitol, acts that the entire world has condemned. I also condemn the assault. I was at the Trump rally that January 6 and it looked like a church service or a country concert. There was a very good atmosphere. It was a beautiful act. Then I went to my hotel to rest because I got up very early and walked all morning. So for me it was a ‘shock’ when I heard on television what was happening. I could not believe it. However, the fact is that the police let the protesters in, even removed the barriers. It was a great setup. The antifa group was there with about 250 people who started the assault and then pushed Trump supporters forward. Many of them went ahead and entered the Capitol, which is very bad. Some evil Democrats set it up so they could do it. And they fixed it to be able to enter. And the police let them in.

You appeared at the protest with a trumpet. What meaning did it have? It is an instrument of praise to Almighty God. The Lord asked me to prophetically promulgate the launching of the tables that have illegal ballots and votes hidden above and below … It is the ram’s horn, the Shofar. When you breathe in praise of God, you bring down the walls of corruption and the walls of electoral fraud.

Trump has stated that he will not be attending Joe Biden’s inauguration. It is not a good way to support the electoral process of the country. He will attend the inauguration but it will not be for Joe Biden, it will be for the second term of President Trump. I repeat, President Trump got the most votes, the most legal votes, and will be serving four more years. God will help him and he will serve another four years. President Trump is not the Lord. He’s just a man. But he is a chosen one of God and will transition power from his first term to his second term and peacefully transfer power to himself.

“I also condemn the assault (on the Capitol). But it was a great set-up. The antifa group prepared the assault and some evil Democrats prepared everything.”

It may interest you

Among the many criticisms Trump has received are those of many NBA teams and players. What do you think about it? I love the NBA, but they get a lot of money from the Chinese Communist Party and, to some extent, they control all the money that comes from China. The Black Lives Matter is a wonderful statement. I was in a prayer march in Washington DC when the mobilizations took place. But a large part of the movement, not all, has been hijacked by evil people who want to promote racism.

There are many people in the United States who fear that there may be a new civil war, does not this situation scare you? I am willing to die for freedom. Give me freedom or give me death. This is not a fight between the Democrats and the Republicans. It is a fight between light and darkness, it is a fight between God and Satan. there are a lot of good people in the Democratic party and a lot of bad people in the Republican party. We are in a cyber information war and the forces of darkness use twisted words and lies. It is a difficult time and we must pray for America. Jesus Christ loves America and Spain and is the answer. President Donald Trump has joined the Jesus Christ team. Jesus is the boss and President Trump is my teammate in the kingdom of light, so I will support all of my teammates.


NBA: Blocks, dunks and triples at 2.26 in height: the Tacko Fall show that drives the Celtics crazy

NBA The reaction of the Boston bench to each action of the Senegals pvot

The Tacko Fall show and his 2.26 that makes the entire NBA go crazy


Zion Williamson won’t play Clippers due to COVID-19 protocols

Zion Williamson will miss Wednesday night’s game against the LA Clippers under league health and safety protocols, the New Orleans Pelicans announced Wednesday afternoon.

The Pelicans traveled to Los Angeles on Tuesday after they were supposed to begin a seven-game, 13-day road trip in Dallas on Monday. However, that game was postponed due to positive COVID-19 cases and follow-up contracts with the Mavericks.

It was unclear if Williamson will miss more than Wednesday night’s game.

New Orleans did not add any other players to its injury report. The Pelicans were ready to go without Lonzo Ball (knee), while Eric Bledsoe was listed as questionable (right eye) and JJ Redick as probable (right hamstring).

Williamson is averaging 21.9 points on 55.7% shooting and 8.1 rebounds in nine games this season. This is the first game he will miss this season.


NBA postpones Wednesday’s Hawks-Suns game over COVID protocol

Wednesday’s game between the Atlanta Hawks and Phoenix Suns has been postponed, the NBA announced.

Tracing contacts with Phoenix players is a factor because the Suns played the Washington Wizards on Monday, the league said. The Wizards have had positive COVID-19 tests on their roster, sources told ESPN, and their game was also postponed to Wednesday.

That has left the Suns without the eight available players required by the league to continue Wednesday’s game against Atlanta.

It is the seventh NBA game this season that has been postponed due to health and safety protocols.