Strappy and sexy updos: easy to do to be pretty and neat in minutes

If there is an ambassador of the collected suspenders it is Bella Hadid, the American model who wears them in almost all gala events and who knew how to impose them as the new, fast and effective world trend. Although her face combines perfectly with a hairstyle to a clear face, the reality is that she was encouraged to wear them in all their versions: buns, braids, buns and even the long ones horsetails.

The reality is that these hairstyles, so easy and quick to do, can be with dry or wet hairwet effect), and they are ideal to look splendid and younger in summer. his effect “lifting” (or strap) rejuvenate and produce the much desired “foxy eyes” (or rising eyebrows), which give sensuality and femininity to any look.

Ariana Grande, a fan of ponytails.

Many celebrities They opted for these hairstyles for the past few years. Some of them were Ariana Grande and Megan Markle, after considering them practical and efficient. Its benefits are many and only require some products. Not only clear the facebut they keep you fresh, neat and add sophistication to all your outfits. They are ideal for enhance your features and look younger instantly. In addition, they are used for parties, dinners and even to control your hair after a day at the beach.

Meghan Markle, the wife of Prince Harry Duke of Sussex, also joined the trend for hairstyles with a “lift” effect. (Photo: File)

Its benefits

They can be created in five minutes and with few elements. You only need fixing gel or shine spray, a comb and a ponytail to tie the hair. The key is to comb all the hair tightly back and then decide the finish, according to the taste of each one. For hair care experts, these types of hairstyles every time gain more ground in the world, because women have less time to iron it or even make waves with the loop.

Pampita is one of the first Argentine celebrities to join this trend.

In addition, by combing the hair back with so much tension, we are stretching the skin giving the sensation of a instant ‘lifting’ effect. The cheekbones rise and the eyes look more slanted, two points to keep in mind when we want to highlight the features to the maximum. In turn, rejuvenating result is added the stylizer, since the neck lengthens and the lower part of the face narrows.

To the aesthetic part we must add that of skill and time, since it is probably one of the most popular hairstyles easy and quick to do, perfect for days when your hair has no solution.

The finish can be a ponytail, a braid, a bun or this ingenious look that Pampita wore. (Photo: File)

The technique is very simple: wet hair and comb it back as tightly as possible. Tie it with a tail of hair and decide the finish according to the taste of each one. Buns are a classic among Argentine women, while high ponytails with extensions are the favorite looks on the red carpet.


Fashionable skirts that cannot be missing this 2021

Skirts are a garment that causes a bit of fear in some women, because many do not feel confident in wearing such a feminine garment that can look daring. However, it is a basic that every elegant woman must have during this year 2021 has become a sensation among influencers for the spring and summer season.

Fortunately during this year, there are skirts for all tastes and they adapt easily to any style, so it is an excellent opportunity to experiment and especially steal the eyes with a beautiful outfit without difficulties to combine or look very fashion.

Wrap skirts

The Wrap skirts with an A cut will be more top in trend, because they will have a drape at the waist that will help you hide your belly and look much more stylized. These skirts may at first have some respect for women, as they can look a bit daring, however you can wear it in the length you want so that you feel more comfortable.

With tulle

In the style of Carrie Bradshaw wears a tulle or see-through skirt to look extremely elegant but at the same time fashion. Not for nothing is it one of the most iconic skirts of the most daring women in the city, in addition to being one of the fashion trends that will give an interesting touch to your outfit, as well as combine it with several beautiful clothes.

Denim skirts

A basic for this year 2021 is the denim skirt We have seen it in different models over the past year in its mini version, but you can also have it in the length you want and look pretty and elegant. Remember that the essential items for this outfit are a pair of high-heeled ankle boots, lots of accessories, and playing with a printed top or blouse.

Synthetic pencil

In the style of the Kardashian sisters, leather or faux fur skirts are the skirts that will make you look like an irresistible woman, because the texture exudes a natural appeal. So to look elegant in this skirt, choose a midi cut or totally long, to bring out your more elegant side but with a lot of style, as well as adding heels and a checkered or flower print top.


As many fashion experts know, yellow is the color of the year, so we will see it in many clothes, makeup and of course colors. So don’t miss the opportunity to have a garment with the 2021 trend color to give life to your shoes, blouses and other elegant garments that will bring a lot of style to your life, as well as that will brighten your day.

Printed midi

Midi skirts couldn’t be missing from our list as they are one of the most elegant garments and royal favorites such as Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, so look for patterned skirts with flower, animal print or tie-dye faded designs for women who have a romantic style and are looking forward to it. spring.

Straight mini skirts

Mini skirts are basic garments that every woman should have in her closetIn addition to being combined with the correct garments, they can be elegant, as is the case with straight mini skirts that accommodate curvy women quite well, as well as being inspired by tweed skirts or with color blocks to give that fashion touch.


Johnson Faces Leadership Threat Without UK Blockade Exit Plan

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a threat to his leadership from conservative lawmakers demanding a clear plan to emerge from an economically damaging third pandemic lockdown.

Steve Baker, a senior member of Parliament, said in a letter to his Conservative colleagues that a lockdown that lasted until the spring could be “a disaster.”

He urged them to write to Johnson’s team to warn that the prime minister’s position will be at risk unless he announces a route out of current restrictions.

“The government has adopted a strategy devoid of any commitment to freedom without any clarification as to when our most basic freedoms will be restored and with no guarantee that they will never be taken away again,” Baker wrote. “If we continue with a strategy that hits freedom, hits the private sector, hits small business owners and hits the poor, inevitably the prime minister’s leadership will be on the table.”

The UK entered its third national shutdown last week, with schools, non-essential retail businesses and hotels forced to close. The economy has already suffered its deepest recession in more than 300 years as a result of last year’s first shutdown and is at risk of falling into a double contraction.


Eugenia Osborne and her unexpected style connection with Mxima from Holland and Matilde from Belgium | News

The freezing temperatures of Madrid they have turned the capital into a winter fashion show. Coats have become the new protagonists of looks and we are delighted with the idea. Especially when the most stylish celebrities take off their coats, Brainstorm! Eugenia Osborne She has been one of those in charge of showing us that there is no boring style if we add a model to match as a final touch. For that reason, this season has taught us the virtues of shearling lined jacket, the masculine straight-cut design with a belt (in true Meghan Markle style), the chaquetón furry or, as we have seen in his last publication, the fur-sleeved jacket and on the neck that reminds us so much of the trends of the 2000s. But this creation has not only convinced us to update the return of the aesthetics of 20 years ago, but because it is signed by a designer famous for dressing European queens Maximum and Matilde: Jan Taminiau.


The uncertain future of Barcelona’s Port Vell, with the Imax pending demolition and an almost deserted Maremagnum

35 years ago, Barcelona won the first Olympic Games in the history of Spain, those of 1992. The victory was announced on October 17, 1986, and the Catalan capital had never had so many eyes on it. At that time a great renewal campaign was launched under the slogan “Barcelona, ​​make yourself pretty” that, among other things, made us remember that we had the sea right there, although nobody saw it.

The mythical opening of Barcelona to the sea brought with it the transformation of Port Vell, an area that historically was dedicated to fishing, and that on the occasion of the games was transformed into a space of enjoyment for citizens. There is the Dock of Spain, where facilities such as the Aquàrium, the IMAX, the Maremagnum Shopping Center and some cinemas with the same name.

For several years, the Moll d’Espanya was a regular walking space for tourists, families and school excursions. Now, however, it looks increasingly poorer and cries out for its renewal. In fact, two of its largest equipment have been around for more than six years. abandoned, while the survival of someone else hangs on by a thread.

Abandoned cinemas

The first icon to close was the IMAX Port Vell. A 3D movie theater that, although it had its moment of glory, ended up going out of style. The one in Barcelona was the first room in Spain, built in 1995. It was followed by two more in Madrid, one in Valencia and also in Mallorca. Today there are none left. The IMAX Port Vell closed in 2014.

The property and the Port have been considering different proposals for years to save the facilities. Among them, the construction of another shopping center, expanding the Aquàrium or converting the cinema into a theater. None finished convincing, so that in February 2020 the Port of Barcelona confirmed thatwill tear down the building. However, today there is still no date for the demolition, as reported by the Port to this newspaper.

A year ago it was decided to demolish the IMAX Port Vell building, but there is still no date to carry it out

The Imax cinemas before its closure, in 2011.

The IMAX is not the only abandoned movie theater in Moll d’Espanya. Right in front of the shopping center there is a glass building where you can still read ‘Marines Cinema’ in large letters. These, however, they closed in 2015.

The Maremagnum Cinemas were managed by the company Chinese, that he did not want to renew the contract when it ended. In its day, Cinesa argued that the building required a major reform whose cost it was not willing to bear. Six years later, the facility is still there, and it hasn’t been put to any new use either. For their part, sources from the Port of Barcelona assure that it is not yet known what will happen to him.

Maremagnum cinemas in Barcelona, ​​in a file image.
Maremagnum cinemas in Barcelona, ​​in a file image.

The Maremagnum, increasingly empty

Right in front of the cinemas we find the Maremagnum Shopping Center, whose future is also uncertain. Like the IMAX and the Aquàrium, it was inaugurated in 1995. At first, its offer focused mainly on the nightlife, with bars and discos. But it ended up becoming the scene of multiple fights and even a murder, so he had to change the concept. Thus, the Maremagnum became a daytime facility, more focused on retail stores. fashion and restoration, known for having everything open even on Sundays.

Today, the mall has a less attractive appearance. If we choose to enter, we will see at least a dozen shutters lowered. One of the establishments that decided to leave the center in 2020 was the giant H&M, which assured that its flight from Maremagnum was not precisely due to Covid-19. “These closures are in no way related to the current situation of Covid-19”, They explained from H&M. “It is a natural part of the business to constantly review the store portfolio and follow its evolution, which can result in both closings and openings,” they argued.

Likewise, the top floor of the center is practically abandoned. And that it was renovated and reopened in 2012 under the name of “La Terraza”, with the aim of turning it into a gastronomic space with sea views.

Exterior of the Maremagnum shopping center in Barcelona, ​​in a file image.
Exterior of the Maremagnum shopping center in Barcelona, ​​in a file image.

What future awaits the Maremagnum? For now, it seems that the building will not be abandoned like the previous ones. Today there is news that the company Time Out is negotiating to open a new gastronomy and culture market in the facility that occupies the shopping center.

The Time Out company negotiates to open a gastronomy and culture market in the Maremagnum space

In fact, in December 2020, Time Out sources assured that the talks they were “advanced.” As of today, the group has nine ‘Time Out Markets’ scattered around the world. Specifically in New York, Boston, Miami, Chicago, London, Lisbon, Prague and Dubai. Maybe Barcelona is next.

Fish do stay

But not everything was going to be decadence. In the Moll d’Espanya there is a great icon that will survive, it seems, a few more years. Is about The Barcelona Aquarium. Last year, the Port accepted extend the concession for twelve more years to Aspeo Ocio AS, the company that manages it. Thus, the concession to operate the Aquàrium will end in December 2039, instead of 2027 as planned.

L’Aquàrium de Barcelona is the largest marine center in the world in terms of Mediterranean fauna. In 2020 it celebrated its 25th anniversary and, after its closure by Covid-19, the team ensured that during the State of alarm the activity did not stop. In fact, they reported that the 11,000 species that inhabit it “they have kept their life cycle intact”The work of the biologists and the maintenance team, who were working “with the dedication of always”, did not stop either.

Exterior of L'Àquàrium de Barcelona, ​​in an archive image.
Exterior of L’Aquàrium de Barcelona, ​​in a file image.
The Aquarium – Cedida


Minsalud reports 114,720 active cases of covid-19, today there were 15,537 new positives

Margarita Coneo Rincón –

The Ministry of Health reported 15,537 new cases of covid-19 in the country according to its latest report for a total of 1,786,900; There were 330 deaths and 55,727 tests processed in the last day, of which 42,276 were PCR type and 13,451 antigen type.

Currently the country has 114,720 active cases. Today the highest number of cases was presented in Bogotá with 4,294 positives, Antioquia in 2,837, Cundinamarca with 1,130, Tolima in 757 and Boyacá closes the first five in 613.

The situation in the country continues to worsen as they are confirmed the positives of those infected in the last days of agglomerations such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations and matches in the final of Colombian Professional Soccer, according to the health minister, Fernando Ruiz Gómez.

“These agglomerations and these events generate an impact that is more contagious five or six days after each of these dates have been presented, which has been accumulating and generates an impact on the consumption of intensive care units at the level national ”, he assured.

Meanwhile, ICU occupancy has already reached 70% throughout the country, taking into account that of the total, 11,700 beds, only 5,400 are being occupied by patients suspected or positive for covid-19; the remaining are non-covid patients who require this care.


Marilyn Monroe, just “a few drops of No. 5”

By 1921, Gabriel Chanel, the daughter of a laundress and a grocer, was already the Coco Chanel phenomenon with shops in Paris, Biarritz and Deauville. The scent of soap from her childhood determined her to seek what she had never smelled before: “A woman who smells like a woman”. Before the Inditex revolution came to our lives, Chanel listens to its rich clients to sell them what they demand. The rich and their open mind give you the guidelines for where the world of luxury is going. He hears them complain of the thick patchouli smell of their lovers, like an unpleasant stench clinging to the body. AND if there is something Chanel has, it is a detachment from social rules. He has lovers, drives his Rolls Royce and wears his pants with the same ease that he frees himself from corsets.

When she learned of the existence of a daring perfumer like her, who used aldehydes, extremely volatile synthetic bodies that, used sparingly, give air to floral notes, to create perfumes, Gabrielle knows that he is her man. She and the Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux immediately agree, she only asks him to use a lot of Grasse jasmine, the most luxurious material of the moment.. Taking inspiration from the freshness of the Arctic Circle, Beaux creates various fragrances that she numbers, from 1 to 5 and from 20 to 25. When Gabrielle smells sample 5, she does not doubt it: «It smells good, it looks like me, it is immodest, light , carnal and enduring ». In 1921 the Nº5 was born. In the history of perfumery there is a before and after him. Everyone was taken by surprise, but she had already announced that she wanted to give the woman an “artificial, manufactured fragrance.” A woman’s perfume with a woman’s scent ».

In the summer of 1921 she arrived in Monte Carlo accompanied by the cousin of the Tsar of Russia, the Grand Duke Dimitri, to participate in one of those exquisite social gatherings on the Côte d’Azur, where the Spanish painter José María Sert and his wife Misia also met. Coco tells you what he will launch a colony different from all. She, who is a milliner and designer, enters the world of perfumes to revolutionize it. When it is in his hands, he is very clear about his method of promotion and, as always, it is different from the guidelines of the time.

Wherever she goes, Chanel sprinkles the rooms, fashion shows and restaurants she attends with her perfume. The question is the expected one: “What does it smell like?” Perhaps, her biggest shuttle arrives in 1954, when Marylin Monroe is asked what she wears to sleep, the actress, mischievous, answers that “just a drop of Chanel No. 5”.

The packaging has also been an artistic icon. Warhol does not hesitate to make a series of nine serigraphs and the bottle rests in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. That first No. 5 has more than 80 components, without a dominant note, but with a great floral richness, reinforced by volatile aldehydes. Dominate the Comoros ylang-ylang, Neroli, Grasse jasmine and May rose, with woody notes of sandalwood, vanilla or vetiver. From the first creation in 1921, the perfumer Jacques Polge, who was hired in 1979 by the Maison Chanel as the exclusive nose of the House’s perfumes, made a reinterpretation of No. 5 in 1986 creating the Eau de Parfum.


Ministry of Health reports 15,795 new cases of covid-19 for a total of 1.7 million

Margarita Coneo Rincón –

The health ministry has already published its latest report of covid-19 in the country, in which 15,795 new confirmed cases were evidenced in the country for a total of 1,771,363 confirmed positive cases; although the assets are 111,004.

The deaths registered were 335 of which 318 corresponded to previous days and add up to a total of 45,784 in the course of the pandemic. On the other hand, those recovered are already 1,609,564. Regarding the tests, 70,263, 42,169 PCR type and 28,094 antigen were processed.

Bogotá is once again the sector of the country with the highest number of confirmed cases with 6,198 cases, followed by Antioquia with 3,117, Valle in 1,000, Cundinamarca with 708 and Caldas closes the top five with 574.

According to the latest Minsalud report, the cities with the highest UCIS occupancy rate are: Ibagué 92%, Cúcuta 11.3% and Cali 87%; although Bogotá is also on a red alert as announced by Mayor Claudia López.

It is expected that with the measures taken for the bridge of kings the numbers of the number of infections will be reduced due to the fact that the capacity of the health system in the country is increasingly reduced.


the amount of money you spent on clothes in 2020

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During 2020, Letizia (48 years old) was very thrifty when it came to her outfits. In the year marked by the coronavirus pandemic, austerity was a constant in the Queen, who in many of her acts opted for looks recycled. However, in the last 12 months, the consort he spent part of his money on fashion. Of course, it was a lower budget than 2019.

According to the British portal UFO No More, the Queen spent approximately 15.892 euros, having an average per piece of 283 euros. As they explain, the quantity has been calculated after having considered three categories: pieces that have not been identified, personalized garments or in which their price is unknown and styles in which their brand and cost can be identified.

Four premiere ‘looks’ that Letizia wore in summer.


UFO No More points out that its calculation is extracted from the division of the cost of the parts for which the price is known, by their value. Following these metrics they have concluded that, in the year of austerity, Letizia’s investment in terms of style was 34,573 euros less than in 2019. Thus, it has positioned itself in the tenth position on a list that analyzes the expenses of 14 royals as far as fashion is concerned.

Above the queen of Spain stands Charlene from Monaco (42), first, followed by Kate Middleton (38), Meghan Markle (39), Maxima from Holland (49), Mary of Denmark (48), Sofia from Sweden (36), Sophia from Wessex (55) and Victoria from Sweden (43). Below the Asturian journalist are Mette Marit from Norway (47), the princess Eugenie of York (30), Magdalena from Sweden (38) and Beatrice of York (32).

Letizia wore most of his premiere pieces in the summer months, when he carried out an intense tour of the 17 autonomous communities, in the company of king philip (52) and after several weeks of confinement, due to the health crisis. In the summer season, the Queen opted for a kind of uniform, made up of floral print dresses and a high ponytail, which drew attention to a type of footwear that became her obsession: the espadrilles.

Felipe, along with Letizia, who debuted this Massimo Dutti sweater in July.

Felipe, along with Letizia, who debuted this Massimo Dutti sweater in July.


On her tour of Spain, the mother of Leonor (15) and Sofia (13) trusted five brands with which he showed his pride in Spanish clothing and homeland crafts. Thus, he chose Macarena Shoes (Arnedo, La Rioja), Castañer (Girona, Catalonia), Picón footwear (Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia), Mint&Rose (Elda, Alicante) and Uterqüe (Inditex) to wear shoes. Much of his outfits summer premiere, were also signed by local stores. Vintage Ibiza, Adolfo Domínguez, Mango, Uterqüe or Zara were some of the firms that accompanied her on her tour of Spain.

But after these months of release, the maximum austerity arrived. During the fall Letizia did not innovate with her looks. He attended all his events with recycled garments that he had already worn on past occasions. Some even at the beginning of the year. In this period, he only added to his wardrobe some gray leather salons, which he wore on November 30 at the Rey Jaime I Awards, while Felipe VI was in quarantine in the Zarzuela. So she combined them with a two-piece Carolina Herrera outfit, which has become one of her fetish garments.

Letizia, wearing a Hugo Boss trouser suit and jacket, which debuted in February.

Letizia, wearing a Hugo Boss trouser suit and jacket, which debuted in February.


From the aforementioned firm, one of his favorites, he also released a piece in 2020. And, although a large part of his stylistic innovations were from local brands low cost, calls by UFO No More “street markings”, Letizia he continued to trust his head designers: Carolina Herrera and Hugo Boss.

Regarding their accessories, the Queen did not have important innovation either. At least, in almost all his public events. Most of their looks He combined them with pieces that were already known, such as his inseparable Karen Hallam ring and some others that he rescued from the royal jeweler. The only highlights are some irregular hoop earrings that she wore on July 2, during her tour of Cuenca.

[Más información: El sobrio estreno de Letizia en una Pascua Militar marcada por la pandemia del coronavirus]


FC Barcelona seeks investors due to the increase in losses registered by covid-19

FC Barcelona is reaching out to investors to buy a portion of the business off the field in an effort to stop the losses caused by covid-19.

In an investment dossier sent to potential investors and to which Bloomberg had access, the club proposes to divide its digital assets, world soccer academies, sports knowledge groups and marketing businesses into a new affiliate. The team would sell between 30% and 49% of the stake in the new entity to outside investors, where the priority would be for a club that is owned by its members and that would have to approve said agreement.

The new entity’s annual revenue is expected to reach 386.1 million euros (US $ 471.4 million) with benefits of 210.7 million euros in 2024-2025, according to the document. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. is advising on the potential deal, according to people familiar with the matter.

Barcelona declined to comment on the matter.

The finances of FC Barcelona, ​​home of Lionel Messi, have been particularly affected by the covid-19 pandemic. Debt doubled to € 488 million and the club reported a decrease in revenue of more than € 200 million in 2020, as fans have not been able to attend games for almost a year.

In recent years, Barcelona have spent large sums on players such as Philippe Coutinho, Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembele, but the success in the area of ​​transfers has not carried over to the field. Last season, Barcelona finished second to Real Madrid in the Spanish league and suffered an embarrassing 8-2 loss to Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

The proposed restructuring comes at a turbulent time for the world-famous club.

Messi spent much of the offseason negotiating to be released from his contract before resigning to play what will likely be his last season at the Camp Nou. At the executive offices, the team will hold an election on January 24 to elect a new team president after Josep Maria Bartomeu resigned in October after his conflict with Messi disrupted his relationship with fans.