The most real and the most royal you will see this week are these photos of royalty sheltering from the rain

That someday of rain do not ruin your wedding, the military parade in your honor or the horse races that you love so much. The royalty live adverse weather conditions (when they have public events) as if it were not with them. Especially the British, accustomed to long periods of rain, hold their umbrellas and maintain their activity calmly, while all the curious who come to see them cover themselves as best they can. But beware, some like Isabel II They also have no problem putting on waterproof boots and protecting themselves with a hood if that means they can see their favorite rider compete.

The perennial smile of Kate Middleton it is also not altered by rain, in the same way that Diana of Wales she also had no qualms about her fabulous, voluminous hairdo being ruined under an incessant curtain of water. ¿Letizia ortiz Get along so well when the weather is stormy and you have an official act? In this gallery you will see how the royals they unwrap with umbrellas, hoods and all the rain paraphernalia, in truly memorable scenes.

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If there is something that stands out for Letizia ortiz It is forever being radiant at every event you attend. The monarch hardly goes unnoticed and many are dazed when they see her. The woman of Felipe VI she is attentive to every detail of his appearance: from shoes to the smallest accessories.



Kate Middleton breaks an etiquette rule for this reason

Of all the European royal families, there is one that tops the list for its strict dress code: the British. Transparencies, mini lengths, deep necklines or even the color orange are some of the licenses that are not allowed royals as Kate Middleton or, in his day, Meghan Markle. He dress code is so important to official events that even the Duchess of Cambridge, one of the most elegant women in the world, He had to change some of your habits to adapt to the dynamics of events with audiences. There is no better example than your strategy when it comes to leading Bag. Being right-handed, it would be usual for Prince Harry’s wife to will carry the complement in the right hand. However, to be able to greet with a shake, has changed the accessory side. At least until the year of the health crisis. 2020 has also changed that custom.


The guipure dress that united Kate Middleton and Paris Hilton arrives at Mango for 70 euros

If we review the events prior to 2020 to which the Duchess of Cambridge has carried a bag, the most common thing is to find her accessories (usually bags with a top handle or wallets) always hanging from his left hand. The way to have the other hand free is a trick that would also share with his father-in-law, Prince Charles, since it is also applicable to when a briefcase is part of the style. But as we said, this year the etiquette rule would have been broken several times (as well as some other), but for good reason.

Kate MiddletonVIEW GALLERY

A force majeure reason

On the agenda of Kate Middleton and Prince Harry Most of the meetings and projects in which they have participated have been carried out by video call, an occasion for which the Duchess of Cambridge completely dispensed with the bag. After the confinement, few face-to-face acts required the direct participation of the couple. Even so, when they have attended events, social distance was essential, so handshakes have been replaced by greetings from afar or without physical contact of any kind to prevent the spread of the virus.

Kate MiddletonVIEW GALLERY

Queens who also follow suit

Although it still seems curious to us that Kate Middleton follows the label so strictly, the truth is that signing the looks of others royals we are not surprised to see that for certain acts also Rania of Jordan or Queen Letizia (both right-handed) take note of the trick carrying the bag on the left side. Even Diana of Wales put the strategy into practice during many of her acts, so it would be expected that – once the acts return to normality prior to the health crisis -, the Duchess of Cambridge make, again, the decision to change flank his accessories, as seen on these lines, when he could greet his fans affectionately and needed his right hand free.

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Why does Kate Middleton usually carry her bag on her left arm?


Kate Middleton received gifts from Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on her birthday

Kate Middleton He had his birthday on January 9 and allegedly received a special surprise from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, which caused her astonishment because she did not expect her brother-in-law and his companion to have that gesture with her, because although the relationship between William and Harry has improved, there are still misunderstandings to fix.

According to the US and UK press, The Duchess of Cambridge was shocked when she saw the unexpected gifts and greeting card and good wishes from Meghan and Harry. For Kate it was a pleasant surprise, a source told Us Weekly, as Kate did not expect anything from the couple, since a year ago her birthday was overshadowed by her announcement that they would be leaving the British monarchy.

Kate Middleton had a low-key celebration with her husband, Prince William, who surprised her with a reunion and tea. The guests were her three children: Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2, who celebrated their mother for 39 years.

According to the media, the approach of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with Kate is because they hope to travel to the United Kingdom in the celebration of the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, grandmother of Harry and William, as well as the celebration of the centenary of their grandfather the Duke Edinburgh and the unveiling of the statue of his mother Princess Diana.

Last summer royal reporters Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie released the book “Finding Freedom”, where numerous experts pointed out that the departure of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as high-ranking members of the British royal family was due to no one standing up for to Meghan Markle.

The Sunday Times reported that Middleton allegedly didn’t instantly roll out the red carpet for the former American actress when she began dating Harry. “Although it was not necessarily her responsibility, Kate did little to bridge the gap,” wrote Scobie and Durand.

The authors insisted that while the duchesses “were not at war with each other,” there were some “awkward moments.” According to the book, Middleton felt that she and the “Suits” star didn’t have much in common “other than the fact that they lived in Kensington Palace.”

Katie Nicholl, a royal correspondent for Vanity Fair, noted that friends of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spoke to the Mail on Sunday and insisted the couple had “done everything possible” to welcome Meghan into the royal family.

They even claimed that Kate personally cooked vegan meals for the actress during a visit to her home in Anmer Hall. Scobie and Durand stated that the women “struggled to overcome distant politeness.”

But Meghan Markle was hoping Kate Middleton will get involved as a member of “The Firm”. But the book claimed that Middleton, who was pregnant with Prince Louis at the time, was distant with her.


Kate Middleton and William will visit Meghan and Harry in USA

Aside from the dress code, tiaras, and extravagant weddings, the royal family is like any other family. To begin with, they also hope that the pandemic will end as soon as possible and, despite this, they already have plans for the future. For example, him Príncipe William y Kate Middleton They are already planning a trip to Los Angeles, California, to visit Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

After a very tense year, apparently William and Harry are trying to repair their relationship. Their fight was reportedly “very, real, very ugly and incredibly tense,” but since the end of the year, the brothers have tried to fix your friendship, looking for an in-person meeting before the end of 2021.

The enmity between the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex reportedly began in 2018, when Prince William told his brother to “meet” Meghan Markle and not rush into anything, and it only escalated from there, especially after the Sussexes moved away from their royal roles and they moved to California.

The brothers’ relationship improved a lot at the end of last year, and Prince William and his brother are “looking forward to spend time together in person at the time it is safe to travel. “

The Sussexes plan to return to London this summer, provided the travel regulations amidst the covid-19 pandemic allow it, and Prince William and Kate Middleton also hope to make a big trip before the end of 2021. According to Us Weekly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will travel to Santa Barbara sometime this year and “see the Sussexes in their new territory. “

Prince William and Kate have visited Santa Barbara once before, during their 2011 tour of the United States, but this would definitely be a special trip, if it really happens. If the Cambridge do end up traveling to California before the end of the year, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, so your children can see their cousin, Archie.

For now, however, both the Cambridge and the Sussexes are following the government regulations in their respective countries amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Prince Harry and Meghan have stayed home at their Montecito estate, where they are also reportedly embarking on renovations at their new home, while Prince William and Kate are under a new UK quarantine at Anmer Hall, and have returned to their homeschooling duties.

Which Dukes will travel first?


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex will meet this year

The dukes of Cambridge, William and Kate Middleton, and of Sussex, Harry and Meghan Makle inevitably meet this year, e.g.The latter are expected to attend two important events with great significance for the brothers: the 100th birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh, grandfather of the princes and the unveiling of the statue of Lady Di, mother of Harry and William.

For royal journalists, this meeting could be extremely uncomfortable for brothers William and Harry, as he first does not forgive him for leaving suddenly and will keep his son Archie away from Queen Elizabeth II seeing him grow up as he has given the newspaper Express tells. As for Harry, his annoyance is that he could not stand that the royal family was ignorant in the face of the press attacks on Meghan, according to the monarchy’s biographers.

The events that Harry and Meghan are expected to attend are the centenary of the birth of Philip of Edinburgh, which will be celebrated on June 10However, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II has said that he wants something discreet because he does not want to make a mess for his birthday. According to a Daily Telegraph report, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are eager to attend, if the birthday party is given the go-ahead.

If coronavirus restrictions allow, the Royal Family will certainly gather for a private celebration, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex hope to fly in from California to attend, a statement said. But this encounter could be very uncomfortable, the author of the book ‘Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan in their own words’, Phil Dampier, told The Sun newspaper.

The other date will be July 1 that the statue of Diana of Wales sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, was unveiled, so that people can reflect on the person and legacy of their mother. This project was promoted by William and Harry as part of the commemorations of the 20 years of death.

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This tribute will be to honor one of the women who joined one of the solidarity causes of a woman who broke the mold by giving visibility to AIDS patients, at a time when they were highly stigmatized, and her fight against mines antipersonnel.

Biographers note that since Harry and Meghan Markle moved to Los Angeles, there has been no news that the relationship with Prince William and Kate Middleton has improved, except for perhaps calls and messages, rumors that arose from the coronavirus pandemic. “said the author of the book ‘Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan in their own words

On the other hand, it is curious that after separating, the dynamics of each couple have worked better than ever; Meghan Markle and Harry are closer than ever and Kate Middleton and Prince William look very happy, he added.

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Kate Middleton is the best dressed woman of 2020 and you can copy many of her outfits

The Duchess of Cambridge, better known as Kate Middleton has been named as the influencer or fashion reference of 2020. Her outfits being the most sought after in all fashion sites, in addition to the great sale of clothes and items that many of her followers wanted to have, in order to imitate the great style of one of the most elegant royal women.

According to data collected on, 38-year-old Kate Middleton stood out in 2020 with her Faithfull The Brand floral dress, causing shoppers to search for the garment 112 percent more, compared to other famous figures from England as is the case with Holly Willoughby the presenter of the program This Morning, and of course Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, ranking third in searches.

As if that were not enough, all the clothes that the wife of the Prince William During the videoconferences throughout the quarantine, they were sought by all the sites, because the Duchess of Cambridge knows style, but above all she places importance on comfort and wearing practical garments that do not stop looking elegant, due to to the dress codes of British royalty.

Well after the departure of Megan Markle and Prince Harry, the duchess of cambridge He returned to the fashion arena again, due to the appearance of the famous actress Megan Markle, in a matter of style, much of the time was overshadowed. Due to all the scandals on the part of the press and without a doubt, everything that the new member of the royalty had to talk about.

According to stylist Jessie Stein, the style of Kate Middleton shone throughout 2020, because she had a little more freedom to choose her clothes, compared to the formal and obligatory events that the British royal family has to attend, wearing more personal summer outfits from home, that were considered totally attractive, as well as comfortable.

“Kate has certainly shown a more premium look at the running of the bulls, she’s really leading from the front with her ongoing charity work online. The public has seen a different side of her, during the confinement and has adopted summer styles in their choices of attire ”.

Flowery dress

And as we all know, the dress that stole all eyes for how beautiful and simple it was, was the floral print dress that she wore in late June during The Nook’s visit to Framlingham Earl, Norfolk. Being a dress that sold out in less than 24 hours in the store where said garment came from, and being the most iconic moment of 2020 fashion in royalty.

Check coat

Followed by the unattainable search for scalloped cardigans which increased by 67 percent, after the appearances of the duchess of cambridge by zoom. Followed by his visit to the University of Derby in the fall, where he wore a gorgeous plaid coat, dictating the beginning of fall and winter fashion trends in 2020, and still lingers in 2021.

Polka dot dress

And if that was not enough, Kate Middleton It reminds us of the importance of always having timeless garments, such as a polka dot dress, which has been used by several elegant women over several decades and which undoubtedly combines with practically any accessory. In addition to being totally favorable for any female figure, while remaining fashionable.


These are the nicknames of members of the British Royal Family

Like any family, those close to the Queen of England also have a habit of giving each other nicknames. Even Elizabeth II herself has the odd nickname.

Her closest friends call her ‘Lilibet‘, like his grandfather, King George V. Prince Guillemo, when he was just a child, also changed his name to’Gary‘. The grandson of Isabel II was not yet able to call him “grandmother” because he did not speak the word.

The Duchess of Cambridge came to reveal in a documentary that Prince George called the queen “Gan Gan”, the nickname of the royal great-grandmothers for several generations in the family.

Prince Charles and Camilla Parker call each other in private ‘Gladys and Fred’. Some nicknames given to them by Diana of Wales herself when she found a bracelet that the prince had given to Camille before they were married.

The nicknames of Prince William

Diana of Wales also thought of a nickname for her son, in this case, more affectionate. Lady Di called her son, Prince William, ‘Wombat‘, a word that comes from the native marsupial that is used to describe an animal that is only in Australia and has the appearance of a small bear.

“I was two years old at the time and the nickname has nothing to do with physical resemblanceThe prince laughed in a 2007 interview on NBC.

Prince William, following in his mother’s footsteps, also thought of a nickname, but this time, for himself. To go unnoticed around the university campus, he asked his friends to call him ‘Steve’.

But, for his wife, he also has some nicknames: ‘babyskin’, ‘poppet’ and ‘dear’. However, there is a nickname that Kate Middleton brought from home: ‘squeak’, like her guinea pig. This was told by the Duchess of Cambridge herself during a visit to her old primary school.

Harry y Meghan

The very name of ‘Harry‘ya is a diminutive of’Henry‘. However, Lady Di had another, more special nickname for her son. I used to call it ‘ginger‘ O ‘Red‘by the color of her hair.

And, like his brother, Prince Harry also nicknamed himself. In this case, the son of Diana of Wales chose the pseudonym ‘Spike Wells’, referring to a drummer. His wife, Meghan Markle, prefers to call him ‘love’.

Markle herself has some nicknames too. The Duchess of Sussex’s parents call her ‘flower’ O ‘bean’, in addition to ‘Tungsten’ for being as solid and inflexible as metal.


They intend to compete with Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle and the prince harry they tried to outdo Kate Middleton after they released the first episode of their new Spotify podcast series, but it failed according to some British critics, who still recall that the Duchess of Cambrigde made history by becoming the first member of the monarchy to appear on a podcast.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, surprised their fans by launching a festive podcast to end 2020, with special guests, Elton John, Tyler Perry and James Corden. And Archewell Audio listeners were surprised when their son Archie spoke his first public words, wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

The inclusion of Archie, only 18 months old, seems to show Meghan Markle and Prince Harry trying to outdo his sister-in-law Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, who made Royal Family history this year by becoming the first member of the monarchy to appear on a podcast, noted some Britons who still question the departure of the dukes of sussex.

Remember that Kate was joined by Giovanna Fletcher, on the Happy Mum, Happy Baby broadcast, which saw the future queen consort detailing the challenges experienced during motherhood. His poignant reflections and outspoken honesty earned him praise, as previously it was rare for such a prominent figure within the Royal Family to speak in such detail.

But days later Meghan y Harry announced an agreement with Spotify to podcast, in its first episode, it included his son in the broadcast. The British criticism of the youngest son of Lady Di and his wife focuses on the couple’s Spotify deal coming amid reports of a dispute between the Sussexes and Cambridge.

Fans point to contradictions of Meghan and Harry

And why Harry chose to forgo high-level real life this year to lead a financially independent life, while seeking to keep Archie out of the spotlight, but in action he has done the opposite.

Reports suggest that Harry y William They fell out after the Duke of Cambridge criticized Meghan. The tensions came to a head last year, after Harry spoke about how he and his brother were “on different paths” during an emotional tour of South Africa.

Supporters of Harry y Meghan they have criticized William y KateThey say they used their children for public relations purposes, including earlier this year when Kensington Palace released a video of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis speaking on camera with naturalist Sir David Attenborough. .

A critic of Sussex wrote: “It’s very interesting though, because Meghan Markle fans always say that the Cambridge They use their children for public relations. But is putting Archie on a podcast okay? “


Meet Kako, the Japanese princess who can displace Kate Middleton

The Princesa Kako de Akishimo became one of the heiresses of the East with the same popularity as Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Amalia from Holland.

The young turns 26 today and The Imperial Household Agency shared unpublished images of the monarch. The young woman is the daughter of is the second daughter of the prince fumihito the princess Kiko and niece of of the emperor Naruhito.

Kako gained popularity in Japan for his various altruistic activities, as well as his active involvement in helping health workers fighting the Coronavirus.

According to the agency of the Imperial House, the princess participated in various trainings and explanations about the virus and was in charge of providing a video message to the annual national sign language contest for high school students.

In addition to her various charity activities, the Princess is also recognized as an icon of Japanese fashion and her outfits revered by experts. The monarch studied performing arts and psychology in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Leeds, in England, but decided to abandon his careers in order to fulfill his duties in the Imperial House. “It is not about what I want to do, but about fulfilling the public commitments that are expected of me. I have dreams, but I will keep them to myself, “he said in a statement.

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