Manchester United luxury watches, Porto gamer chairs and many more sales

The arrival of Thanksgiving and the Black Friday sales mark the start of the holiday season. The different clubs in world football have a surprising range of official products available to give away at these parties.

Here are our picks, compiled after visiting the club’s official stores, specially chosen to help you in the search for gifts for friends or family, or simply to indulge us with a festive detail.

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(Prices converted to US dollars and corrected prior to publication)

Gunners fans around the world were surprised to learn that one of the club’s longest-serving and most recognized figures had been laid off. Fortunately, the club’s official store continues to sell plush versions of the hero in question, to help fans remember better times.

Is there a self-respecting Blues fan who doesn’t want to be greeted every morning by a giant-sized Christian Pulisic peering out of a hole in the wall of his bedroom?

At the moment, Reds fans can’t congregate to sing the famous hymn “You’ll Never Walk Alone” at The Kop. However, the Liverpool faithful can cheer on Jurgen Klopp’s squad in the comfort of home, singing their signature chants with the help of this songbook.

City sells a series of stylish face masks, designed to match the club’s latest range of jerseys, obviously featuring the pattern of their controversial cashmere alternate third jersey.

Currently available at discounts close to $ 1,200, this official Red Devils designer watch could be the perfect gift for the eager fan waiting for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s time to run out on the Old Trafford bench.

This Hotspur Blend coffee is characterized by the sweet details of its beans, complemented by light notes of cashew and brown sugar. It’s basically the barista’s equivalent of seeing Harry Kane send a ball to Son Heung-Min for the Korean to finish off with his sweet definition. In case they end up spilling a few drops, they can clean up the mess with these official Spurs wipes ($ 3.99).

There is no doubt that the main reason why the combative team of Diego “Cholo” Simeone has such good results as a visitor in their Champions League commitments, is that each player has their official Atleti travel pillow, which allows them to enjoy maximum comfort on their journeys to play important matches in the European competition.

The real beauty of this official Lionel Messi action figure (dressed in last season’s uniform) is that they are essentially two figures in one. If we dress him in a miniature Chelsea jersey and call him Olivier Giroud, we guarantee that no one will know the difference.

Now that the Bernabéu is undergoing a radical refurbishment and modernization, it is time to purchase a plastic model with the previous appearance of the historic Real Madrid court in order to express “his uncontrollable passion for his team”, such as This is stated by the official website of the merengue club.

With taekwondo master Zlatan Ibrahimovic on the loose at San Siro, Milan fans could invest in the right safety gear for the moment when they are allowed to return to the stadium.

The ideal gift for the Interista fan who wants to accurately add up the amount of money his club invested in former Premier League players in recent transfer windows. Romelu Lukaku for € 80 million, € 20 million for Christian Eriksen, the hefty weekly salary negotiated by Alexis Sánchez, whatever it is… it all adds up.

If you want to imitate Cristiano Ronaldo, we imagine that a good start would be to have this tight Bianconero swimsuit and an industrial-size bottle of suntan lotion.

You didn’t imagine you needed a small terracotta figurine of the Napoli coach made by hand, right? Our only complaint is that said figure shows “Rino” in his fancy coach outfit, instead of portraying him as the long-haired, wild-eyed former midfield general we all know.

What better way to celebrate Bayern’s sweeping Champions League triumph than to make officially licensed muffins from the club? For fans who want to take care of their health, the Bavarians sell their official granola ($ 12).

Dortmund have a proud history of stocking their official store with a diverse assortment of quirky black and yellow merchandise. A good example of this is this BVB bird feeder.

When the Christmas season rolls around, most football clubs offer a wide variety of allusive embroidered garments. However, only one club is selling a Christmas sweater that can also double as a parlor game where the whole family can compete in a penalty shootout with Velcro balls.

If you have $ 1,000 to spare in your pockets, you can pick up this set with PSG’s official paddle board, which comes with a board, air pump and repair kit. The waterproof suit will have to be purchased with the excess money.

Inter Miami has stocked its official store with a wide variety of products in its first Christmas season as a duly established club. One of their most notable offerings is a ping-pong table in the club’s colors. And if they want to play table tennis on it, they will have to complement their purchase with a pair of official Inter Miami ping-pong rackets ($ 28.99) and a box of official Inter Miami table tennis balls ($ 28.99).

Anyone who has tried to hit the streets of Amsterdam knows well that an official Ajax bicycle horn is the most important accessory that can be purchased for a fan of the local club.

Benfica is a rarity among football clubs, offering an impressive range of gastronomic items. In the past, we have seen the Portuguese team sell sardines and hams. This year Benfica would like to see their fans hone their baking skills with this official SLB rectangular baking pan. You can bake a “Red Velvet” cake adorned with the club’s crest. In addition, they can use your official pastry mix (€ 3.30).

Porto are selling a fully equipped gamer chair for those fans eager to evade their club’s mediocre start in the current Primeira Liga campaign. It has a headrest and lower back padding for complete ergonomic support.

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The return of Neymar sneaks into the presidential election of Barcelona

BARCELONA – Neymar and Barcelona are related again, on the one hand in the courts and, on the other, in the first days of an electoral campaign that has not yet started and in which some candidate for the presidential elections to be held on 24 January has spoken with his close circle, hinting at his interest in signing the Brazilian for next season.

ESPN contacted various candidates to learn first-hand their opinion regarding the possible return of Neymar to Barcelona revealed by the Sport newspaper and if they would have contacted him or his environment about it. There were a majority of negative responses … But it was not a generalized response.

Between Víctor Font’s resounding no and the memory of the yes without doubts that Joan Laporta expressed in April, up to seven candidates for the presidency of the Barça club considered that return …

And despite the rejection caused by many of the Brazilian forward’s figure for his departure and all the legal disputes that have followed since then, there are those who believe, no matter how weakened Barça’s economic situation is, that it is not a utopia to imagine Ney back.

The Paris Saint-Germain footballer has filed an appeal against the ruling that in June dismissed his lawsuit against the Barça club in which he claimed the payment of 43.6 million euros as a signing bonus for his last renewal in 2016. In said ruling the Social Court 15 of the Catalan city upheld the contrary claim presented by Barça and ordered the player to pay 6-7 million euros.

At the Camp Nou there is evidence of the step taken by Neymar’s lawyers, which must be resolved by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia, and there is, a source from the Barça club told ESPN, “tranquility” because they understand that the sentence handed down in June was clear enough about it …

In fact, Barça filed another lawsuit against the player this last week in which he claims that he paid more than 12 million dollars for a tax regularization of the payments that were made between 2013 and 2017 in a new chapter that the two live parties in court.

But, in parallel and surprisingly, even more so considering the current financial situation that Barcelona is going through, Neymar reappeared in a sporting context related to the club. According to information from the journalist Joaquim Piera, some pre-candidates for Barça’s elections have probed the player to find out his future intentions and the options that, if necessary, they would have to study his signing.

Neymar ends his contract with PSG in 2022 and if his renewal is not agreed, the French club could, always conditionally, study his transfer. That is where the figure of Barcelona would enter, a destiny that Ney has always kept on stage … And in which the new president, who emerged from the elections of next January, would play a transcendental role.

ESPN contacted several of the candidates. And the reactions were diverse.

Víctor Font, today the favorite in the polls while waiting for all the pre-candidacies to be made official, is openly against the return of the Brazilian player. “It is past water, I would not sign him,” said the candidate in May in an interview whose opinion was confirmed this past Friday from his own team, a source from which he ruled that Neymar is not in his plans.

“I would defend him not to come”, Toni Freixa resolved in the first person, who considering that it is “implantable” from an economic point of view taking into account the current situation of the club, recalled that Ney “has behaved badly and has pending accounts with Barça “.

“As president, and even though it is interesting from a sporting point of view and perhaps economically feasible, I would argue that no,” summed up Freixa, who was already at the club in the first stage of Laporta and until 2015 was part of Bartomeu’s team.

Neither Agustí Benedito nor Xavi Vilajoana wanted to refer to this possible return of Neymar. The first hid behind “not talking about names”, referring more to the global project of his candidacy, while a source from the Vilajoana team preferred not to make any mention of the issue.

“He was wrong when he left and we do not consider a possible return as a priority,” explained Pere Riera, who clarifying that the Brazilian “is a great player” understands that possible return “very difficult. It would depend on many factors, including the economic situation and your own environment. “

On the other side of the scale, favorable to a return of Neymar, there are two candidates. Joan Laporta, who has not yet formalized a presentation that is expected to be effective before the end of this month of November, proclaimed in April that Ney would “be safely recovered” and in the last hours various journalistic information, not confirmed but not denied to ESPN by people close to the former president, affirmed that he has discussed such a possibility with the Brazilian player’s environment.

Jordi Farré, for his part, assured in the first person that the signing of Ney “would depend on several factors”, showing himself open to that possibility. “We always open the door to top-level players and he is,” explained the promoter of the vote of no confidence, noting that Neymar “should publicly apologize for everything that happened and withdraw all the lawsuits filed against the club. .. From there, if it were economically possible and had the support of the sports commission, it could be studied. “


Barcelona starts a new legal conflict with Neymar, from whom he claims 12 million dollars

BARCELONA – Barcelona has started another legal conflict with Neymar, from whom it claims the payment of 12 million dollars for a tax regularization of the payments made between 2013 and 2017, an authorized source from the Barça club explained to ESPN Deportes. specifying information from the newspaper El Mundo, according to which he had been paid that extra amount by mistake.

The transactions, according to Barça, were carried out following “the criteria of the state and which were in accordance with a labor and non-commercial relationship (48 percent and not 24 percent). When the last inspection was finished, with the regularizations, confirmed the difference and from there they claim those 10.2 million euros “, refers from the entity.

According to the Tax Agency, Neymar benefited from an ‘unfair enrichment’ since Barcelona paid him a much higher gross amount than he was entitled to based on the net contract negotiated between the two parties, the surplus entering the player.

Five months after the court sentenced Neymar to pay $ 7.5 million to Barcelona as a result of the lawsuits filed by the two parties on account of the renewal premium that had been agreed in 2016, the club claims these $ 12 million from him. dollars when understanding that he withheld less taxes when obtaining the reason by the Treasury, through a claim, “which is already in progress” was specified from the Camp Nou, due to excess payment and to avoid being considered a donation to the soccer player.

In this way Neymar, who maintains a debt with the Spanish treasury close to 41 million dollars and faces a new judicial conflict with Barcelona, ​​whose ranks it was speculated during the last years would have wanted to return and that, today , a possibility ruled out is understood, every time he negotiates the renewal of his contract with PSG.


Luis Fernández explodes against Leonardo

Luis Fernandez, former coach and former player of the PSG, exploded against the statements of the current sports director, Leonardo Nascimento de Araújo, in which he assured that Marsella it is more football city than Paris.

11/11/2020 at 19:05


It disgusts me that he says that Marseille is the city of football and not Paris“, denounced on Radio Monte Carlo (RMC) the former technician of the Spanish before adding forcefully that “It disgusts me and I’m not happy at all“.

The brazilian Leonardo he had stated about the maximum objective of the Parisian club to win the Champions League that “there is a culture in the city yet to be built: Paris has never exactly been the city of football, which is still Marseille. In Paris, there are still many things we have to do. “

When I see that he makes these statements, it drives me out of my mind, because it is the last straw and he does not respect the 50 years of Paris Saint-Germain history“he cried Luis Fernandez, very upset and directly faced with Leonardo.

He says that in Paris there is no football culture, but there are fans who have filled our stadium“, he explained before concluding his defense of the PSG: “I am very attached to this club, because I grew up there and we try to keep up“.


PSG debuted their Michael Jordan-inspired uniform in the Champions League

Paris Saint-Germain at last he debuted his new uniform, whose peculiarity is that it is inspired by the classic Air Jordan VII “Bordeaux” tennis shoe, footwear that Michael Jordan wore in 1992.

The apparel is burgundy, with white stripes on the shoulders, black on the sleeves and gold details, including the ex-basketball player’s classic brand logo on the right chest.

This collaboration is part of a clothing line called Jordan Brand x Paris Saint-Germain, which was launched to commemorate 50 years of the Ligue 1 monarchs.

And if we talk about cabal, we can say that the new clothing gave him luck, since The Parisian team defeated Istanbul of Turkey 0-2 away from home on the second day of the Champions League.

Both the uniform and the rest of the garments that are part of the collection, already can be purchased through the team’s online store.


Edmilson, former Barcelona player, criticizes Neymar and turns to Mexico with his new project

In an interview with ESPN, former footballer Edmilson spoke about the behavior of the Brazilian soccer leader, Neymar, and his new team to train players to target other emerging markets.

World Champion with the Selection of Brazil in 2002 and with a successful stage in Barcelona,Edmílson es presidente del Futebol Clube Will Brazil, team that competes in the B series (fourth division) of the Paulista Championship.

The idea of ​​the former defender and defensive midfielder of the XV of Jaú, Sao Paulo, Lyon, Villarreal, Palm Trees, Zaragoza Y Ceara is to train players for the main Brazilian and international clubs. But the concern goes beyond the courts. The negative example that the former athlete is currently seeing is precisely a Brazilian reference: Neymar.

“Our greatest idol, who is more the root of Brazilian soccer, is Neymar. He is a crack on the field, but he performs actions off the field that damage the image of the player and of Brazilian football. He is an outstanding guy, there is no player on the world market today with such a repertoire of dribbling, improvisation and confrontation as he. It’s just not complete. He could play 10 years as the best in the world with his foot on his back. In repertoire of dribbles it is even superior to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but he doesn’t have that balance as a professional soccer player, “he told

Edmílson He says that the idea is to rescue the essence of footballers.

“We have a vision of making players to Brazil and the world. Brazil is only thinking of selling the € 10 million player to Europe, but has other markets, such as Mexico and Asia. We have been training bad players in Brazil. We want to help them have respect on the world stage on and off the field. “

Will Brazil It has a training center in Santana de Parnaíba, but plays the games at the José Liberatti stadium, in Osasco, also in the state of Sâo Paulo.

“We made an alliance with the old Osasco FC and hired a school to put everything we had in mind. It is like entering a university and knowing what will be applied in the coming years. The boy who joins a club in Brazil does not know what it will do until it reaches the U-20 team. If it works, it will work; if it doesn’t, it’s out. “

The name of the club is derived from a Jamaican musical rhythm.

“We have partners and a partnership with a Japanese group called Skylight. We wanted to put Sky Brasil, but we would have problems with the name. Ska It is a Jamaican rhythm that combines with the three axes of our team: improvisation, creativity and confrontation. This helps to show that the Brazilian player has always been different because he has a very strong ‘one on one’ and is capable of improvising in a difficult game situation “.

The team coach is Leandro Mehlich, who went through Santos and Corinthians.

“We have our game model that is implemented from U-7 to U-23. I have the entire educational curriculum and what the boy will do from the first day until the end of the year. I see that many current coaches only want to promote and not train Players. Playing football in Brazil is expensive and you have to plan expenses to get results. “

“Our working method is unique. There is no club without planning. We study management and hire people who have the identity and profile of what we are looking for. I don’t want to invent anything, but you can do something different within our culture.”

The team of Edmílson is in Group 7, next to Barcelona-SP, Mauá, Jabaquara and Mauaense. After two defeats in the first dates, the team won the first game in its history, beating the Barcelona 7-0.

“The idea is to have that patience to grow. Our goal is to train the athletes before the result. We did not have the idea of ​​going to professional football this year, but due to the pandemic, as we will not have the base, we started working on the Serie B del Paulista, “he explained.


They calm the tension: ‘PSG is a friendly club’

Istanbul, Turkey.

“PSG and Mr. Nasser (Al-Khelaïfi) are friends”: with those words the president Basaksehir Turkish tried on Tuesday to calm the waters before the Champions duel on Wednesday against PSG in a context of tension between Ankara and Paris.

The current champions of Turkey host the current Champions runners-up in Istanbul on Wednesday, amid escalating tensions between Turkey and France after the defense of the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad conducted by French President Emmanuel Macron.

In an interview with the Turkish state press agency Anadolu, the president of Basaksehir, Heavenly Gumusdag, linked to the Turkish head of state Recep Tayyip Erdogan, tried to prevent this diplomatic crisis from spreading onto the pitch.

Paris Saint-Germain is a friendly club. The entire board, starting with Mr. Nasser (Al-Khelaïfi, president of PSG), are our friends, “insisted Gümüsdag, before adding:”We will be very happy to welcome this world-class club“.

The reference to the Qatari owner of PSG is not accidental: Erdogan maintains excellent relations with the Emir of Qatar, Tamim ben Hamad Al-Thani, to whom Al-Khelaïfi is very close, which could lead the Turkish authorities to avoid at all costs eventual altercations on Wednesday night.

The match will be played behind closed doors at the Fatih-Terim Stadium in Istanbul.

Basaksehir, a club that was refounded six years ago, has undergone a resounding rise to become Turkish champions a few months ago.

Reputed for his budgetary rigor and offensive game, the club is under suspicion of a link with President Erdogan, who would distrust the agitated fans of the three ‘Istanbul Giants’: Galatasaray, Fenerbahçe and Besiktas.



James Rodríguez, one of the players who receives the most fouls in the Premier

A study carried out by CIES let see that the steering wheel –sensation– of the England Everton, is the seventh player of the whole Premier League that more fouls receives, since in the first five days he has received eleven infractions. It should be noted that James suffers a fault every 31.11 minutes; in short, three per game.

And it is that the magic that prints James on the courts of the Premier League let see what is one of the players most referenced by rivals and that is why he is part of the list of footballers who receives the most kicks. However, he is not the only one led by Carlo Ancelotti, since his partner Richarlison is the second of the entire English league with 12 fouls in 310 minutes. It should be noted that the list is led by the forward of the West Ham United, Michail Antonio, which has received 15 infractions in the 369 minutes it has played.

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However, Steven Get up player of Brighton & Hove Albion F. C. It is also part of the list, but of the players who more fouls cause, since carried out 14 infractions, one every 26.09 minutes. In sum, he is the third player who commits the most infractions in the leagues of England, Spain, France, Germany and Italy.

On the other hand, Fabien Lemoine, player of the Lorient of the French league, is the one who leads the table with 21 fouls and an average of 21.29. Later, there is the left side Javi galán, who commits 20 infractions every 24.03 minutes.

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Finally, the study carried out by the Weekly Football Observatory also showed that Neymar, player of the PSG, is the one who receives the most fouls in 289 minutes played, since has received 14 infractions in the three disputed commitments.


Keylor Navas stops prevented PSG’s bulky defeat at the start of the Champions League

The Costa Rican goalkeeper was a fundamental piece so that PSG did not start the Champions League with a resounding win

The Costa Rican goalkeeper, Keylor Navas He had a very remarkable encounter in the 1 – 2 defeat of Paris Saint Germain against Manchester United, in what was the start of the seventh Champions League for the Central American.

Despite the defeat, Keylor Navas made three fundamental stops so that the Parisian team did not fall more resoundingly in the Princes Park.

In addition, he saved Bruno Fernandes ‘penalty at 21’ which was eventually repeated because the Spanish whistler Mateu Lahoz pointed out that the Tico had gone ahead.

In the annotations of the English box, the Costa Rican goalkeeper could not do more, after the repetition, Bruno Fernándes on that occasion if he resolved in a great way and put the momentary victory for Manchester United when 22 minutes of comparison were played.

While in both Marcus Rashford, the Costa Rican could not deflect the whiplash of the Englishman who at 86 ‘sentenced the match in favor of the Manchester United.

The defense of the Parisian team let him think and the young man placed the shot so that it was unreachable at the hands of the Costa Rican.

The match subsequently came to an end and Keylor Navas came out remarkably crestfallen because his brilliant performance was not enough for the PSG You will start the path to your first ‘Orejona’ in the desired way.

They do not score points in Group H and in the next match they will face off against Başakşehir, a match that will be held on October 28 in Turkey.


Champions League 2020-21 team guide infographic

October 20, 2020 – May 29, 2021 – The new season of the European UEFA Champions League kicks off on October 20 and culminates with the final at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Turkey on May 29, 2021.

The 2020-21 UEFA Champions League is the 29th season of Europe’s primary club football tournament.

Bayern Munich are aiming for seventh title to equal AC Milan as joint-second most successful club in European Cup history, behind Spanish giants Real Madrid, with 13 titles.

The UEFA Champions League is contested by the highest ranked teams of the strongest UEFA national associations. It is the top club competition in European football and one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world. The Champions League final is the most watched annual sporting event worldwide.