Brexit.- Picardo assures that “no Frontex agent may operate in Gibraltar without the approval of its Parliament”

Brexit.- Picardo assures that “no Frontex agent may operate in Gibraltar without the approval of its Parliament”

He emphasizes that the preliminary agreement reaffirms the sovereignty of the Rock and insists that “not a single red line has been crossed”

MADRID, 11 One. 2021 (Europa Press) –

Gibraltar’s chief minister, Fabián Picardo, assured this Monday that although Spain will have the assistance of Frontex for tasks related to the control of the Schengen area from the Rock, “no agent” of the mission may operate on Gibraltarian soil “without the approval of your Parliament “.

In a message on the occasion of the start of 2021, Picardo has emphasized that “regardless of what is stipulated in the agreement or treaty” between the EU and the United Kingdom to be signed, Frontex agents will only be able to operate in Gibraltar “if they have a law passed by your Parliament. ”

Thus, he has cleared up doubts in this regard and has indicated that the law of Gibraltar “will not allow any agent of the law of Spain to have executive jurisdiction or of any other type” in the Rock. “I will never present a law to Parliament that allows it,” he asserted.

That is why he stressed that the preliminary agreement, of which he said he was “very happy”, does not “cross any of the red lines” of Gibraltar in matters of “jurisdiction, sovereignty and control”. “It is an assertion of our sovereignty,” he added.

In this sense, it has clarified that the “sovereign claim of Spain with respect to Gibraltar has been specifically off the table during the negotiations” that culminated in the pre-agreement announced on December 31, which it has described as a “legally non-binding text. “and” reversible.

For Picardo, the pre-agreement reached has made it possible to avoid “the worst effects of Brexit”, something for which the agreed text has been fundamental: “it is safe for the fundamental issues that concern us.”


Regarding visas and the migration issue, the Gibraltarian ‘premier’ has indicated that “all aspects” of this type of activity “will take place only as a result of the reversible permit granted by the United Kingdom and Gibraltar in the final treaty that is signed.”

Thus, he has stressed that the treaty “can be undone”, which he has interpreted as “one more demonstration of sovereignty” for the Rock. In addition, he recalled that said treaty, which will be legally binding, will be signed with the EU, “which does not maintain any claim on the sovereignty of Gibraltar.”

“The member states of the Schengen zone, among which is Spain, will maintain the competence regarding the issuance of visas for the Schengen zone when the entry is made through Gibraltar, as it happens with respect to all other access points to the Schengen area “, he explained before stating that” only Gibraltar will maintain the competence to grant entry visas to the territory. ”

On this point he has detailed that the entrance to Gibraltar will continue to be the “exclusive competence” of the Rock and will be the “priority key to access Gibraltar or access to the Schengen zone through Gibraltar”.

“We will exercise this priority control over access through the Gibraltar Border and Coast Guard Agency, which will become the main control agency over all access via Gibraltar,” he said.


The Spanish Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya, considers that the agreement on December 31 “has to be translated into a treaty between the EU and the United Kingdom on Gibraltar”, which she trusts will be closed within six months – ” it may be before, hopefully not after “-.

Only when that agreement is signed will it be when the fence between Gibraltar and Spain is abolished and when the Schengen Agreement would begin to be applied in the Rock, the minister explained last week, specifying that while this occurs “we are going to make sure that we guarantee maximum fluency “,” complying with the rules of the game.

González Laya has stressed on several occasions that Spain will be responsible, “as a member state of the EU that belongs to the Schengen area”, for the fulfillment of the agreement without borders in the Rock and therefore it will be the one who has “the final decision of who enters” in the Schengen area, for which it will have the assistance of Frontex.

A priori, an “initial period of four years” has been agreed, after which the “general regime” that establishes the future agreement between the United Kingdom and the EU regarding Gibraltar would apply, although it is also possible that the agreement it is reviewed at the request of one of the parties or even annulled.

The minister has highlighted how paradoxical it is that the UK’s exit from the EU will result in Schengen being applied in Gibraltar, although she pointed out that this was the way to avoid the only hard Brexit in the entire EU, by It has long recognized that this fact “has brought the interests of Gibraltar and our country closer together.”


Europe laughs at Catalan independence, Brexit and itself

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Its original title is «Parlement», in French, but in our country it has been premiered in Filmin as “Parliament”, in English, instead of translating it directly into Spanish. It’s a preview of the entanglements depicted in this satire set in the corridors of the European Parliament, right after the Brexit referendum.

Their resemblances to reality are no coincidence, except (perhaps) the protagonist’s physical resemblance to Íñigo Errejón. There are ten chapters of 26 minutes, short and light, they are a co-production between Belgium, France and Germany, the heart of a Europe that knows how to laugh at itself.

There is no ill will in the continental response to the old British ‘Yes, Minister’, but no one is spared either. In France it was released at the beginning of the confinement and it was a success, so the second season. It would be a dream if it crossed the path of our Juan Carrasco.


The beholder’s eyes are those of Samy Kantor (Xavier Lacaille), whom we meet on his first day of work in Brussels as an assistant to an unpresentable French MEP. Michel Specklin is a lazy and useless politician who lives by hiding from problems and doing absolutely nothing, but Philippe Duquesne he knows how to fill with humanity a character that even ends up falling down well.

Samy appears with all the illusion and ignorance in the world. He’s a perfect victim to crash into real world bureaucratic wall and get lost, despite his good knowledge of several languages, in this modern European Babel, where the dirty art of hazing is also practiced.

To the mess of official and unofficial languages ​​are added those of modern politics. Apart from the personal preferences of each one, in this polyglot series everything is better understood in the original version, worth the paradox.

The greatest success in history created by Noah Debre, who knows the terrain he is treading, is that he does not feed on anyone. If anything, he does it with Brexit, through a radicalized parliamentarian after reading “weird things on the internet and Boris Johnson’s speeches.” But the key is that shoot in all directions: Catalan independentists, the blonde and brunette extreme right, Brexit instigators, manageable socialists, German controllers, clumsy centrists, overly conservative conservatives, Eurosceptics who live off what they despise … Not even the Cypriots are saved. Nor, of course, lobbies, nor the scale of values ​​of Facebook.

Humor at the expense of the “process”

In the second episode, titled “The Spanish Armada”, the Catalan independence movement enters the fray. In the middle of a session, and without coming to mind, Rafael Carral asks to speak. He gives thanks, gets up and begins to recite, to everyone’s bewilderment: “L’avi Siset em parlava de bon matí al portal mentres el sol espeàvem …”. They do not clarify it, but it is the lyrics of «L’estaca», by Lluís Llach, nothing to do with the proposal on shark fins being debated at that time (the finning as McGuffin).

Scene in which the Catalan independentist Rafael Carral (standing) recites the lyrics of «L'estaca» in the middle of a debate on sharks
Scene in which the Catalan independentist Rafael Carral (standing) recites the lyrics of «L’estaca» in the middle of a debate on sharks

One of the Parliament’s translators explains: «The member of the Catalan independence party You are speaking Catalan again, an unofficial language of the EU.. ». Another translator interrupts him: “What the honorable representative of the oppressed Catalan minority is saying is …”. A fight starts between the two. While they are separated, Carral continues to his: “Si estirem tots ella caurá …”.

The Spanish people, in general, they are the object of jokes because of how easy it is to sow tares among them to deactivate this possible common front. Because when they work together they are (we are) capable of reopening all fishing disputes since the Peace of Versailles in 1783. “Try not to provoke another sardine war,” a character recommends to Samy, who never distinguishes if they are being serious.

Origin of Parliament

The creator of the series tells that grew up in Strasbourg with permanent views of the B headquarters of the united Europe and that behind its glass walls always imagined that there were stories worth telling. Noah Debre ensures that after seeing “Parliament”, “we will have more tools to understand the functioning of this body.”

‘I always had the intuition that interesting things had to happen within Parliament. I did my research, I talked to people who work there, I did a lot of research and corroborated the idea that it could be a great fictional setting “, explains the author, who has worked on the scripts with Maxime calligaro Y Pierre Dorac, who had the experience of having written a thriller set in the same place, «Les compromis».

The first thing Debré wanted to tell about Parliament is his complexity. “Its operation and workflows are almost unintelligible when you are not inside. This can be approached from different genres: the thriller is one and the comedy another. The dark operation of the European machinery is, in itself, a comic argument, “he adds.

That the viewer gets lost a little “is great, because the protagonist is too,” says the screenwriter. “These things are very confusing, and placing Samy in this maze leads to very hilarious situations,” concludes Debré. It should be added that, in compassion, the innocent protagonist also lives an original romantic plot.

See them


‘Parliament’, the series to understand European politics or put your hands on your head

To the creators of ‘Parliament’ they don’t like the British. Those of the ‘brexit’. Neither do the Catalans. Those of the ‘procés’. “You’re unlucky, the Spanish MEP can’t stand them!” Is heard in a dialogue between the protagonists. Let no one put their hands to their head, the series does not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. To correct us if we are wrong. They set a much more ambitious goal: to explain the ins and outs of European politics in a humorous way. And grace does, the truth. Now that someone unknown in the matter ends up exceeding a basic level of parliamentarism, allow us to quarantine him. And not even as a review. Let’s remember the lauded ‘Borgen’. Do we already know how the Danish political system works? No. Is the essence a different way of understanding politics, alliances and coalitions? Yes.

In ‘Parliament’ they want the viewer to see that what is happening in Brussels is a mess with three pairs of noses. That for taking an amendment forward, votes are being sought under the stones, by countries, by delegations, by political sensibilities. With tricks, tricks, and whatever it takes. For this, the point of view of Samy Kantor is used (Xavier Lacaille, Look out for his physical and gestural resemblance to Íñigo Errejón!) again in Brussels to serve as assistant to French MEP Michel Specklin (Philippe Duquesne), a surreal character, giddy and apparently goofy. The arrival, and that is why it is one of the leitmotifs of the series, occurs one day after the ‘Brexit’ vote.

Samy has a major challenge ahead of him, read with irony and without offending anyone: drafting a bill against the cutting of shark fins. It really is kind of hazing. In the first episode, after your arrival, you are invited to participate in the Fisheries Commission and write an amendment report. With his legislative inexperience and innocence in social relations, he sees how they lie to him and betray him – there is the German parliamentarian Ingeborg (Christiane Paul) -, as a minor issue, used as blackmail for larger causes, it ends up becoming the topic that everyone talks about in Brussels. All with humor, irony and a trace of concern because how much of all this is inspired by real events?

Although the production of ‘Parliament’ is Belgian-French-German, there are clubs for everyone. He does not marry anyone. “It is the base of the Union, the Germans bribe everyone to be their friends,” they say already in the first episode, a declaration of intent on what is to come. Irony, humor, and a lot of hallways. Without probably keeping the entire complex legislative process of the European Parliament (they do not abuse but they do use political jargon, easy to follow in any case), and how officials and lobbies have tremendous power over everything that is decided there.

The series is short: ten episodes of just under half an hour. It is seen in an afternoon. Catch, have fun and educate? The big ‘but’, which conveys a feeling that MEPs are stupid (Samy’s boss), evil (the German deputy), misappropriators of diets without political criteria (the British who celebrates ‘Brexit’), and where If you don’t have a clue as to what context you’re in, lobbyists will be willing to drag you into the quicksand.

Yes, yes, all with irony, humor and fun. What grace! But anyway, we don’t believe that US presidents murder people in the subway and ‘House of Cards’ tells it, right? So the best thing is not to get philosophical and try to extract ethical lessons but to immerse ourselves in an exciting European labyrinth, counting with grace, entertainment and fun. And then if that, we put on the news and we return to real life. And that they take away the dance!

The first full season of ‘Parliament’ is available on Filmin from November 24, 2020.


Parliament, the Filmin series that laughs at Brexit, Procés and all of Europe



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Filmin premieres this Tuesday, November 24, Parliament, a French, Belgian and German production that answers what many have wondered: “What is the European Parliament for?” He does it through characters from different countries, with accents of all kinds and a humor that manages to relativize even the most capital themes.


Many points of contention open: Von der Leyen: Brexit trade pact still not certain – politics

Von der Leyen reiterated the main points of contention that had been discussed for months: level playing field, fishing rights and instruments to punish violations of the planned agreement. There are still very serious differences. “With very little time left to go, we’ll do everything in our power to reach an agreement,” said von der Leyen. “But we are not ready to question the existence of our internal market.” The large groups in the European Parliament warned that Parliament should be given enough time to examine a deal in detail.


Many points of contention: Von der Leyen: Brexit trade pact still not secure – politics

EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen is looking for a creative solution to the Brexit dispute. Photo: Etienne Ansotte / European Commission / dpa Photo: dpa

A Brexit agreement between the EU and Great Britain on future relations must be signed and sealed by the end of the year. Given the time frame, it’s getting tight.

Brussels – Five weeks before the UK leaves the European single market, a Brexit trade pact is still not certain from the point of view of EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen.

“I still cannot tell you today whether there will be an agreement in the end,” said von der Leyen in the European Parliament. The next few days would be decisive.

Von der Leyen reiterated the main points of contention that had been discussed for months: level playing field, fishing rights and instruments to punish violations of the planned agreement. There are still very serious differences.

“With very little time left to go, we’ll do everything in our power to reach an agreement,” said von der Leyen. “We are ready to be creative. But we are not ready to question the existence of our internal market.”

The major groups in the European Parliament, however, warned that Parliament must also be given sufficient time to thoroughly examine an agreement. One could therefore not wait until the very last minute, said CDU MP David McAllister. The leader of the Greens, Ska Keller, said: “We are not just going to sign any deal.” Martin Schirdewan, chairman of the left-wing faction in the EU Parliament, also said that a provisional entry into force of an agreement without scrutiny by the parliament is strongly opposed.

Great Britain left the EU in January. However, the economic break will not occur until the end of the year with the exit from the internal market and the customs union. The trade pact aims to prevent tariffs and trade barriers. After months of negotiations, there are only a few days left to reach an agreement because an agreement would also have to be ratified.

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Protest against budget: Protesters set fire to Congress


Guatemala City (AP) – During protests against the 2021 budget, protesters in Guatemala City set parts of the Congress on fire.

A group broke into the building in the historic center of the city on Saturday and set fire to it. The television showed how flames came out of a window of the parliament. The fire brigade later brought the fire under control, the police said. On the fringes of the largely peaceful demonstration, demonstrators hurled stones at the police, and officials fired tear gas into the crowd.

“There is a right to demonstrate,” wrote President Alejandro Giammattei on Twitter. “But we cannot allow public or private property to be destroyed. Anyone who takes part in these criminal acts will face the full severity of the law. “

The demonstrators called on the head of state to veto the budget. The budget for the coming year was last approved by the MPs in a fast-track procedure without public debate. The draft met with rejection from numerous social groups from entrepreneurs to social movements and the education sector to the Catholic Church. The high new debts, cuts in the social and educational sector and lack of transparency were criticized.

Critics accused the Congress of having passed the budget quickly, while the people in the Central American country had to struggle with the consequences of the devastating tropical storms “Eta” and “Iota”.

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Turkey’s parliament approves sending troops to Azerbaijan – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

The Turkish parliament approved tonight to send military forces to Azerbaijan to work in the joint Turkish-Russian center to monitor the ceasefire in the Karabakh region.

Turkey tried to circumvent a ceasefire agreement, which stipulates the entry of Russian peacekeepers into Karabakh, and Turkey promoted its forces to participate in this mission, and this was denied by Russia.

Today, France and the United States asked Russia for clarification on Turkey’s role in the Karabakh Agreement.



House of Lords rebuffed Brexit law

Criticism of Premier Johnson

London (dpa) – The British House of Lords has once again given a clear rebuff to the controversial internal market law, with which the government wants to nullify the already valid Brexit agreement.

The House of Lords voted late Monday evening in London with a large majority against the decisive clauses, with 433 votes to 165. The government immediately announced that it would continue to do so.

The law could destroy special rules for the British part of Northern Ireland in the Brexit agreement, which should prevent a hard border with the EU state Ireland and new hostilities there. The British government speaks of a “safety net”. The opposition and the EU Commission, however, are of the opinion that this will break the contract. Therefore, proceedings are underway for violation of the EU Withdrawal Agreement.

Ireland’s Foreign Minister Simon Coveney accused British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in an interview with the BBC of using his tactics to empower the government to “do what it wants to do anyway”.

A first vote on the law in October in the House of Lords was similarly clear. Several MPs argued that the law was jeopardizing peace in Northern Ireland and damaging Britain’s international standing in the world.

Many of Johnson’s critics sit in the House of Lords. The MPs in the lower house, however, had voted for the law with a clear majority. Now there is a kind of political ping-pong game between the lower and upper houses. From the government it was said that the law would be changed again after changes in the upper house.

Opposition leader Keir Starmer urged Johnson to defuse the law after Democrat Joe Biden’s victory in the US election. “We will soon have a President in the Oval Office who is a passionate advocate of the Good Friday Agreement,” wrote the Labor Party leader in the Guardian newspaper. In 1998, the Good Friday Agreement ended the decades-long and bloody Northern Ireland conflict. “Like governments around the world, he will disapprove if our prime minister continues to undermine this agreement.” Biden has Irish roots.

At the turn of the year the Brexit transition phase ends, during which everything has largely remained the same. London and Brussels are still wrestling with a trade pact. Without a contract, there will be tariffs and other trade hurdles from next year. In view of the Corona crisis, however, the economic burdens are already enormous.

The time for the negotiations is extremely short, as a treaty would also have to be ratified. Johnson had recently indicated that a decision could be made around the coming weekend – but at the same time emphasized that his country was also very well prepared for a no-deal Brexit.

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The green proposal of the Council and the even greener of the Parliament

In just one week, the Agricultural Council of the EU and the Europarliament have given the go-ahead to their proposals to reform the CAP. The governments of the member states did so, through the ministers of Agriculture, last Wednesday, when after 42 hours of intense negotiation, an agreement with large green lines saw the light. In fact, the Council proposes that an amount of the direct aid be allocated 60% to income-based aid Y 20% to eco-schemes, incentives for measures that protect the environment and the climate. Since access to these aids is voluntary for farmers, This proposal includes that in 2023 and 2024 this fund can be used as a basic payment so that it is not lost if it has not been used.

If green is the Council’s proposal, the greater ecological tint is the one approved this Friday by the European Parliament, which includes, among other aspects, that the percentage of budget allocated to eco-schemes is raised to 30%. In addition, and proof of their greater commitment to the environment, MEPs have agreed to dedicate 35% of the rural development budget to environmental and climate-related measures as well as to allocate 10% of the land to landscape elements (hedges, areas of non-productive grove, ponds …) that are beneficial to biodiversity.

With all the proposals on the table in a few weeks the trilogues could begin, in which the negotiation is expected to be long, due to the notable differences, from which the definitive reform of the CAP will emerge.