Barcelona SC defined its eleven to play against Santos in the Cup

Barcelona SC has the line-up ready for its premiere in the 2021 Copa Libertadores against Santos from Brazil. The ‘canary’ team will face a difficult participation in the group stage, where they will also have Boca Juniors and The Strongest as rivals.

The last antecedent for the ‘Idol’ in his duels against the ‘Peixe’ is positive. In the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores 2017, the yellow club eliminated Santos in the quarterfinals with an aggregate score of 2-1, which included a historic victory at Vila Belmiro.

For the game this Tuesday (17:15), the yellow box no will present variants with respect to his last LigaPro duel in front of the Mushuc Runa. The match, which was played at the Bellavista stadium, ended with a score of 2-2.

Fabián Bustos, DT of Barcelona SC, will trust the midfielder again Nixon Molina replacing Sergio López and the nationalized Michael Hoyos earned a place in the eleventh, after standing out with two goals against ‘Ponchito’.

This will be the ’11’ of both clubs:

​Santos FC: João Paulo; Pará, Kaiky, Luan Peres, Felipe Jonatan; Alison, Madson, Gabriel Pirani; Marinho, Yeferson Soteldo y Kaio Jorge.

Barcelona SC:
Javier Burrai; Byron Castillo, Fernando León, Williams Riveros, Mario Pineida; Nixon Molina, Bruno Piñatares; Michael Hoyos, Damián Díaz, Emmanuel Martínez; Carlos Garcés.

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Aucas presented seven players in his line-up to play for Barcelona

Aucas confirmed through a statement that he has his staff of footballers, members of the coaching staff and logistics personnel infected with covid-19 and that is why they arrived at the game against Barcelona with a line-up of seven starting players.

In one of the paragraphs of the communiqué it is reported that the club detailed what happened with the squad to LigaPro and Barcelona “with the intention of rescheduling the game.” However, this did not happen and the team jumped with seven players onto the court.

“Several members of our staff, technical and logistical body are infected with COVID-19. All of them are duly monitored by our medical team and the appropriate precautions are being taken “, you can read in the text.

The championship match was scheduled for 5:00 p.m. on Monday, April 12, 2021. Barcelona, leader in the national championship, will seek victory against the unbalanced team to continue in the first place in the standings.

The LigaPro has not yet issued a statement on what happened. According to the championship regulations, the teams that register massive contagions must present themselves with up to seven footballers, otherwise they can lose 3-0 and the points will be awarded to their rival on duty.

Who did speak out is Miguel Ángel Loor, president of LigaPro. The manager said that the eastern squad signed the regulations and could play with youth soccer players.

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11 from Barcelona to receive Aucas

This Monday, at 5:00 p.m., Barcelona will host Sociedad Deportiva Aucas for the eighth date of Serie A of LigaPro 2021. Coach Fabián Bustos has already defined the star eleven for this commitment.

It is worth remembering that Leonel Quiñónez was injured; therefore, everything indicates that Pineida will return to the left and Byron Castillo will occupy the position of right back.

The team would be: Javier Burrai; Byron Castillo, Fernando León, Williams Riveros and Mario Pineida; Bruno Piñatares, Nixon Molina, Emmanuel Martínez, Damián Díaz and Sergio López; Carlos Garcés.

Note from: Víctor Loor Bonilla


Peru elects president without a clear favorite in a climate of political disaffection

The polls open today in two Latin American countries. The second round of the presidential elections in Ecuador will mark the future of former President Rafael Correa, sentenced to eight years in prison and resident in Belgium since 2017. Peru faces the most even presidential and parliamentary elections in its history. Disaffection has dispersed the vote to six candidates who collect between 6% and 11% of support.

The progressive economist Andrés Arauz, akin to the former president who ruled from 2007 to 2017, and the conservative banker Guillermo Lasso are vying to be the next Ecuadorian president. The latest polls indicate a technical tie. Lasso has cut distances by emphasizing the danger that the return of Correismo will turn Ecuador “into a new Venezuela.” Arauz’s victory in the first round with 32% of the votes marks him as a favorite. Ecuadorians choose between the return of the progressive project or the greater continuity that Lasso represents. The indigenous candidate, Yaku Pérez, has denounced “fraud” in favor of the banker to remove them from this election. The count gave Lasso the second position to the indigenous candidate by just 0.35%.


Deportivo Cuenca defeated Barcelona with another controversial arbitration

Barcelona SC lost his undefeated in the Ecuadorian Championship. Deportivo Cuenca defeated the bullfighting team 1-0 this Thursday, April 8, in a match valid for the seventh date of the tournament. The front Lucas Mancinelli he scored the only goal of the match in the 36th minute.

The match played at the Alejandro Serrano stadium added a new arbitration controversy, after a controversial performance by the referee Guillermo Guerrero, by not sanctioning two penalties favorable to the ‘canary’ team.

With the result, Barcelona SC remains as a leader with 14 points, but could be surpassed by Emelec, if the blues win in their duel on Saturday April 11 against Liga de Quito. The porteños also remained without their undefeated 13 consecutive games, which they had held since December 13 of the previous year, after a defeat against Aucas.

Deportivo Cuenca, with an improvement over its performance in the previous season, is in fifth position with 11 points.

The start of the game was favorable to the Azuayan team, when the referee Guerrero sanctioned a penalty, after a foul by Luis Fernando León on Lucas Mancinelli. The Argentine forward himself executed the shot and Javier Burrai saved the ball.

The ‘canaries’ did not wait to reply and two minutes later Damien Diaz He was able to score the first goal with a free kick that got out of hand for goalkeeper Brian Heras.

The first controversial action occurred at minute 13, when Guerrero did not sanction a foul by Denilson Bolaños, who pulled a ball over the goal line.

On the 29th there was a new controversy. Jesi Godoy kicked Leonel Quiñónez inside the area and despite complaints from the yellow players, a foul was not called either.

The bullfighters seemed to control the game, but Cuenca went ahead after 35 minutes. Mancinelli received a filtered pass from Andrés Chicaiza in a counterattack and defined with a shot over Burrai.

In the second half, the ‘canaries’ kept a Deportivo Cuenca cornered who defended himself effectively and was closer to scoring a second goal, with a shot from Bolaños (65′) that was deflected with difficulty by Burrai.

DT Fabián Bustos tried to empower the visiting squad with the entry of Gonzalo Mastriani, Gabriel Cortez and Nixon Molina, but only came close to drawing at minute 83, with a deflected shot from Michael Hoyos.

The yellow defeat was the first of the season and also left a new questioning for the arbitration triads, after the complaints presented this week by the Barcelona SC management to the Refereeing Commission, after the game with Independiente del Valle.

On the following date, Deportivo Cuenca will visit Olmedo at the Riobamba Olympic stadium and Barcelona SC will host Aucas at the Monumental.

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After the slips of Liga and Independiente, Barcelona continues to be the leader of soccer in Ecuador | What’s Up News

Guayaquil (Ecuador), Apr 4 (EFE) .- Barcelona saved a 2-2 home draw against Independiente del Valle and with 14 points remained the leader, after the slips of the Quito League (10) and Independiente itself (13 ), at the end this Sunday of the sixth date of the first phase of the Ecuadorian soccer championship.

Barcelona lost 0-2 at the end of the first half to Independiente, which instead of sustaining its game proposal in the face of the local despair, locked itself in its own zone from the resumption of the match, which the champion of the year took advantage of. last and, in a titanic task, managed to tie the match.

Paraguayan striker Brian Montenegro took advantage of a quick attack by Independiente and with a low shot and on the left side of the goalkeeper he scored (m.25) and his attacking partner, Argentine Christian Ortiz scored the visitor’s second (m.42).

Barcelona reacted and with goals from the Argentine-Ecuadorian midfielder Damián Díaz (m.60) and the Argentine midfielder Emmanuel Martínez (m.73) managed to equalize and stay in first place.

Although Barcelona tied their second game, in the two matches they stopped two of the three most careful rivals, Liga de Quito and Independiente, who, for their part, have yielded points to teams that are half way down the table. of positions.

Along with Independiente del Valle, with 13 points, was also Emelec, who won 2-3 on their visit to bottom, Olmedo.

Emelec’s victory served to mask the football limitations shown by the team under the command of Spanish coach Ismael Rescalvo.

Olmedo scored the first goal of the match and the first of the current tournament through former Emelec striker Jaime Ayoví (m.20).

Then came the three goals from Emelec, from Argentine defender Aníbal Leguizamón (m.26), Uruguayan striker Facundo Barceló (m.50), Argentine defender Luca Sosa (m.85) and Danner García scored the second for Olmedo (m .93).

Liga drew 0-0 at home against Mushuc Runa, who was even able to win at the end of the match, after a shot from attacker Miguel Murillo that crashed into the left vertical.

Universidad Católica and Macará drew 1-1 with goals from Argentine Juan Manuel Tevez and John Santacruz, respectively, and shared fifth place, with 9 points each.

Goalkeeper Hamilton Piedra, from Manta, changed his image as a villain on the first two rounds, in which five of the six goals he received against Barcelona and Universidad Católica were his responsibility, but today he saved at least five clear chances to score and saved the 1-0 win against Orense.

Along with Piedra, Manta had in the attacker José Angulo another of the figures, as he scored the best goal of the sixth date, with a volley shot from outside the Orense area, which filtered through the upper left corner (m.15 ).

Manta accumulated 8 points, Orense was second to last with 5.

Aucas once again savored victory, this time 1-3 away from the newly promoted to the first division, October 9.

The local went ahead with a score from midfielder Danny Luna (m.8), Aucas reacted, attacked persistently, several shots crashed in the local goal, until the Argentine attacker Francisco Fydriszewski tied (m.53), Roberto Ordóñez increased (m.84) and midfielder Johnny Quiñónez scored the third (m.88).

Aucas adds 9 points and October 9 was left with 7.

Argentine defender Eric Tovo, from Deportivo Cuenca, became the best substitute of the date, as he entered at minute 65 and scored the 1-1 tie, at 81 minutes, in his visit to Delfín, who was winning with both goalscorer John Jairo Cifuente (m.21).

Cuenca accumulates 8 points and Delfín 7.

The team of Colombian José ‘Cheché’ Hernández, University Technician, won the first game of the current season 3-0 over Guayaquil City, with goals from Colombian Juan Jiménez (19), Henry Patta (59) and attacker Marco Mejía (m.62).

Technician added 6 points and Guayaquil City has 7.


Barcelona-Independiente draw in a match with a taste for the final and the League deflates | What’s Up News

Guayaquil (Ecuador), Apr 3 (EFE) .- Barcelona and Independiente del Valle drew 2-2 this Saturday the game with a taste for the final in the Ecuadorian championship, while Liga de Quito again deflated from home when they tied, without goals , before Mushuc Runa for the sixth date of the first phase.

Although, the tie held Barcelona as the leader in Ecuador, with 14 points, it was one of Emelec and also of Independiente del Valle, who returned to the town of Sangolquí savoring the good result, which can pave the way in search of the first Finalist ticket for the current season’s title.

The Paraguayan Brian Montenegro (m.25) and the Argentine Christian Ortiz (m.42), converted the goals of Independiente; Argentine-Ecuadorian Damián Díaz (m.60) and his compatriot Emmanuel Martínez (m.73) scored for the final tie.

Barcelona came out to the meeting in a whirlwind and until four minutes he created two chances to score, in a special way, in a corner kick by Leonel Quiñónez, which could end in an Olympic goal, but goalkeeper Moisés Ramírez rejected the ball in a great action .

The Valle team came out of the rush, advanced their lines, treated the ball well, with an offensive trident that disrupted the opposing defensive system commanded by the Argentine midfielder Christian Ortiz, complemented by his compatriot Lorenzo Faravelli and the Paraguayan scorer Brian Montenegro.

Montenegro received a good pass into the Barcelona area from Ortiz and with a cross shot to the left vertical and flush he pierced the opposite goal.

Simple, practical football once again gave fruits to Independiente, who embraced with the goal of Argentine Ortiz, mocked the goalkeeper’s exit and from the left, with a low shot, deposited the ball in the opposite goal.

The insistence of Barcelona allowed him to discount through a penalty, which was charged with precision by midfielder Damián Díaz.

Independiente locked himself in his zone to defend the advantage, from which Barcelona took advantage, which, with a precise center from the right winger Byron Castillo, enabled the Argentine midfielder Martínez, who anticipated the dense and the goalkeeper, and with a header scored the tying goal.

Liga de Quito gave its fans a great disappointment, as it drew a 0-0 draw at home against Mushuc Runa, which even took the victory at the end of the game, but the shot of attacker Miguel Murillo crashed in the vertical left.

The “King of Cups”, as they say to the League, showed a discreet level of play, the characteristic brightness of other matches did not appear, especially those of Jhojan Julio, Billy Arce and the tournament’s top scorer, the Colombian Cristian Martínez Borja.

Nor did the extreme defenders, Pedro Pablo Perlaza, José Quinteros and Christian Cruz stand out.

Mushuc Runa worked with order from the bottom of his defense, where Luis Romero and the Haitian selected Ricardo Adé complemented each other in a very good way.

In midfield, Marco Mosquera and Carlos Feraud also complemented each other at a high level, and in attack the Argentine Jonathan Bauman and the Venezuelan Jacobo Koufatti, for which Mushuc Runa reached 8 points.

Although the League remained undefeated in the tournament, with 10 points, it drew its fourth game against rivals that are located in the middle of the table, with the exception of the game against the leader, Barcelona, ​​by 2-2 also in Quito.

Deportivo Cuenca drew 1-1 on their visit to Delfín, who took the lead with a goal from attacker John Jairo Cifuentes (m.21) and Cuenca drew through Argentine defender Eric Tovo (81).

Delfín was left with 7 points and Deportivo Cuenca with 8.

The sixth date will conclude tomorrow, Sunday, with the matches: Technical University-Guayaquil; October 9-Aucas and Orense-Manta FC.


Barcelona SC and Independiente del Valle collide in a key match

The fight to win the first stage, qualify for the final and access one of the quotas for the Libertadores Cup 2022 has clearly defined its candidates. Barcelona, Emelec, Independent, League and University Catholic were quickly placed in the top positions of the tournament and will be the teams that fight to stay with the first place.

In this context, the duel of April 3, 2021 between Barcelona and Independent of the Valley it’s key. The bullfighters are leaders with 13 points, while the ‘striped’, with their four consecutive victories, have climbed to third position with 12 units. Between both teams is Emelec, who on Friday night won a tight victory against Olmedo at the Olympic stadium in Riobamba, by 3-2, and has 13 points but a lower goal difference than
the yellow box.

Barcelona faces the duel against the Sangolquileño box without Pedro Pablo Velasco, his right back, who broke the Achilles tendon in his left leg and will be paralyzed for eight months.

Velasco, who appeared in professional soccer as a Deportivo Quito player, has already undergone surgery and will have to undergo a long recovery process. Who will take your place? Coach Fabián Bustos considered the option of delaying Byron Castillo from his right winger position to winger position. However, with such a move, the team would deprive itself of the footballer’s explosion and mischief, which last year was essential for obtaining the national crown.

By discarding Castillo from that position, Busts placed Mario Pineida, a regular left-back, as a replacement for Velasco. The footballer has played some games in that position. On the left-handed side, the ex-Macará, Leonel Quiñónez, will continue to run.

Independiente yesterday made his last practice before the game with the yellows. The coach Renato Paiva maintains a soccer player rotation scheme, for the double competition: Championship and Copa Libertadores.

“You have to understand a concept: players are people, they are not machines. Before the pandemic there was a recovery time between competition and competition, but now it is not. So, we have to evaluate the situation of the football players, see their physical condition and, based on that, decide who plays ”.

The ‘striped’ have four victories in their last four games. Last Wednesday, Independiente played a game in advance of the eighth date (today the sixth day is played) and beat Técnico Universitario 2-0 at the Bellavista stadium.

It was a close match, but the responses to the tactical lock proposed by the coach José ‘Cheché’ Hernández they arrived in the second half. Brian Montenegro scored the first goal -the seventh of the season between Championship and Cup- and Lorenzo Faravelli marked the second.

On Wednesday, Independiente will host Gremio in the first leg of the third phase of the Liberators cup. The second leg will be played in Porto Alegre, on Wednesday April 14.


(VIDEO) “The schedules are not set by BSC … It is like that with Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Boca, River”

Fabián Bustos, coach of Barcelona SC, gave his opinion about the comments that are sometimes mentioned against BSC on the subject of the schedules of their LigaPro matches.

In a question regarding this issue in the last virtual press conference, this was the response of the yellow DT:

“The reality is that the schedules are not set by us. Many people say why BSC always plays at that time (‘primetime’ time), BSC plays at that time because that is the time that he calls the most and where people want to see him the most. And that’s how Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Boca, River, all the so-called great institutions are the ones that people want to see the most. In this case, with the difficult situation that we are all experiencing, we have to accommodate ourselves. It’s not that we choose, it’s the schedule set by LigaPro and the operator (Gol TV) is behind it, which is what really keeps this football going ”.

“At the time they put us to play, at that time we will play, always thinking of keeping football in the best possible way because it is an industry and people invest to make a profit. It is not as they say out there that schedules are chosen, the schedules are what they are because the demand marks them ”.



Ecuador decrees a state of exception in eight provinces

In the midst of the religious festivities of Holy Week and in the face of the increase in infections, the Ecuadorian authorities have decreed a state of exception in eight provinces of the country, to avoid hospital collapse. France is preparing for the new national confinement and England extends the “red list” of countries whose travelers who are not allowed to enter the United Kingdom.

With the World Health Organization (WHO) criticizing the vaccination rate of European countries and the arrival of a third peak of infections in the old continent, many countries are rushing to impose new restrictions to prevent the spread of the disease and make against new variants of the virus.

In France, financial authorities say the new measures will affect economic growth in 2021, as the country heads for its third lockdown. While England prepares to veto the entries of passengers from four new nations and advances in the vaccination of its citizens.

During the entire pandemic, 129.7 million people have been infected in the world, of which 73.5 million have recovered and another 2.8 million lost their lives due to the disease.

Next, the most relevant news about Covid-19 this Friday, April 2:

  • The spike in infections alarms the Ecuadorian authorities

Shortly before midnight on Thursday, Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno declared a state of exception for “public calamity” in eight Ecuadorian provinces. The reason? The high number of new coronavirus infections in recent days, adding more than 1,600 cases in the last 24 hours for a total of 330,388 infections and almost 17,000 deaths since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

The new restrictions imposed by the authorities through a decree are intended to prevent the spread of the virus and its new variants, as well as to avoid a health collapse in the face of the new peak of infections by the pathogen.

The measures will be in force from this Friday, April 2, for a period of 30 days and include a night curfew during the Holy Week festivities until April 9, so that Ecuadorians will not be able to circulate on roads and public spaces between the eight at night and five in the morning.

The provinces affected by the targeted state of emergency are: Azuay, El Oro, Esmeraldas, Guayas, Loja, Manabí, Pichincha and Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas. The decree of the Government of Ecuador also prohibits large-capacity meetings and events in these locations.

“The pandemic does not end, we must take care of ourselves!” The Ecuadorian president wrote on Twitter while announcing the new measures to deal with the disease, a recommendation from the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE). Last December, during the Christmas holidays, Moreno also imposed a similar measure.

  • France alarms about its economic growth due to new restrictions

On the eve of the entry into force of the third national lockdown in France since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Finance Minister Brune Le Maire said that the restrictions will affect “the economic growth of the year”, but it is still too early to “say to what extent.”

France reported more than 50,000 infections on Thursday and is mired in the third wave of the disease, which especially affects the capital, Paris, and its metropolitan area, where a hospital collapse is taking place.

For this reason, President Emmanuel Macron announced last Wednesday the entry into force of a criticized national closure starting at 7 p.m. on Saturday, which includes the cessation of school activities for three weeks, and restrictions on mobility, with the purpose of alleviating the saturation of the health system.

“These measures will have an impact on economic growth in 2021. We are in the evaluation process. There will be a new evaluation in the next few days, ”Le Maire said in an interview on CNews television.

The Finance Minister announced that they plan to grow 6% by 2021, but reiterated that the new blockades will force the temporary closure of some 150,000, at a cost of 11,000 million euros per month. Faced with this panorama, which affects several European countries, mired in the so-called third wave of the pandemic, Le Maire called on the European bloc to accelerate the economic stimulus in order to alleviate the economic and social effects of the disease.

In a more hopeful tone, Le Maire pointed out that the monthly cost of the new closure “costs less than a wave of bankruptcies, than a tsunami of layoffs, than the need to rebuild companies and businesses later, to train and have qualified employees who they would have lost their training and qualifications ”, adding a message of confidence to the French:“ this is what will allow us to recover strongly as soon as the sanitary restrictions are lifted ”.

Interior of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Cambrai hospital, France, April 1, 2021.

Interior of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Cambrai hospital, France, April 1, 2021. REUTERS – PASCAL ROSSIGNOL

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, France has reported more than 4.7 million coronavirus infections and more than 96,000 deaths, being the country in Europe hardest hit by the disease at this time.

An alarming situation that is reflected in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) under pressure, with almost 29,000 patients related to Covid-19 admitted to French hospitals, more than 5,000 in serious condition. To which is added the physical and psychological exhaustion of health personnel in the areas most affected by the pathogen.

“We are always taking care of others, we do not manage to de-stress between shifts, we are always worried about the health situation, we are always worried about the patients and again worried about what will come, because it does not calm down,” said the head of the ICU of the Cambrai hospital, Mustapha Hajjar.

  • England vetoes the entry of passengers from four new countries due to Covid-19

The English authorities added four new countries to the “red list” on Friday: Kenya, Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Philippines will not be able to travel to England from Friday, April 9.

Entry will not be allowed to people who have passed through these destinations in the 10 days prior to the restriction, except for British and Irish citizens or those who have a residence permit in the United Kingdom, having to remain in quarantine in hotels at his arrival.

The Ministry of Transport announced the measure imposed due to fear of new variants of the virus such as the Brazilian and the South African that are already circulating around the world.

“The Government has consistently made it clear that it will take decisive action if necessary to contain the virus and has added these destinations to the red list to protect public health,” reads the institutional statement.

With the new additions, there are now 39 countries that make up the “red list”, including many South American nations, as well as the United Arab Emirates or South Africa.

Despite the fact that various sectors of society ask the Government of Boris Johnson to extend the restrictions to the nations of the European bloc most affected by the new outbreaks, such as France or Germany, this measure does not affect any European country.

The United Kingdom has reduced infections within its territory with the imposition of strong measures and blockades, but it is still the European nation with the highest number of deaths from Covid-19, more than 127,000. The country has already vaccinated with the first dose more than 31 million people, 46% of its population.

With Reuters, EFE and local media