Fund Manager, UK Stock Buy / Tech Stock Sell = BofA Survey | Reuters

[London, 18th Reuters]–According to a May survey of fund managers released by US financial giant Bank of America (BofA) on the 18th, British stocks are being bought, while tech stocks are rising amid growing concerns about inflation. It was sold.

Allocation to UK equities in May was the highest since March 2014. The uncertainties surrounding Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU) have been dispelled, and the UK economy has resumed after a lockdown (city blockade) following the outbreak of the new coronavirus.

Unprecedented economic stimulus measures against the backdrop of the new corona epidemic are now raising inflation concerns and have been positioned as the biggest tail risk in the market in the BofA survey.

These concerns have led investors to buy more sensitive sectors of the early economic cycle, such as commodities, banking and mining, while lowering their overweight position on tech stocks to their lowest level in three years.

In addition, 75% of the investors surveyed said that crypto assets (virtual currency) Bitcoin is in the “bubble”.

The survey was conducted on 215 fund managers with total assets under management of $ 625 billion.


UK unemployment rate improves to 4.8% in January-March Employees increase in April | Reuters

[London, 18th Reuters]–The unemployment rate for January-March, announced by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on the 18th, improved unexpectedly to 4.8%.

The unemployment rate for January-March, announced by the UK Census Bureau (ONS) on May 18, improved unexpectedly to 4.8%. The photo is a job placement office in London. Taken in August 2020 (2021 Reuters / Toby Melville)

Strict lockdown (city blockade) was introduced in January-March.

Market expectations compiled by Reuters remained unchanged at 4.9%.

According to another statistic, the number of employees in April increased by 97,000 from the previous month. The lifting of the new corona blockade has contributed.

According to ONS, the number of employees is close to 772,000, up to the level of February 2020 before the new corona epidemic in the UK.

The statistics show that the UK labor market is not as bad as initially feared. It seems that the government’s employment measures have contributed.

The number of workers in January-March increased by 84,000, the first increase since the beginning of the new corona crisis. The market forecast was an increase of 50,000. The number of unemployed has decreased by 121,000.

However, the unemployment rate is rising. Men set a record high.

“Many companies have reopened their businesses, and job vacancies continued to increase in April, especially in areas such as customer service and entertainment,” said an ONS executive.

However, many companies have been closed and reopened one after another over the past year, and the number of foreign workers is decreasing due to the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU), and companies may suffer labor shortages in the future. There is sex.

Wages (including bonuses) for January-March rose 4.0% year-on-year, lower than expected. December last year-Growth slowed from a 4.5% rise in February this year.


US Goldman launches roboad for UK users of digital banks | Reuters

On May 18, US financial giant Goldman Sachs launched an app for UK users of digital banking division Marcus within the next few weeks, and by the first quarter of next year, the automatic investment service “Robo-advisor” will be launched in the country. It is a policy to start. The photo is “Marcus”. Taken in New York in January last year (2021 Reuters / Mike Segar)

[London, 17th Reuters]–US financial giant Goldman Sachs will launch an app for UK users of digital banking division Marcus within the next few weeks, and will launch an automated investment service “Robo” in the country by the first quarter of next year. The policy is to start an “advisor”.

Death McDade, head of the UK division of Marcus, told Reuters that since opening a deposit account in 2018, deposits in the UK have reached over $ 30 billion, accounting for 30% of Marcus’ global deposits. It was revealed that it was.

“We are focusing on investment and wealth-related services rather than full-service digital banks,” he said. “We will start with a strong investment base for existing depositors looking for opportunities to utilize their funds,” he said.

On top of that, the company plans to launch an app that can access Marcus accounts for UK consumers within the month for iOS devices and in June for Android devices.

He said the UK retail digital banking market is attractive, with no plans to offer a checking account in the UK at this time.


British government eager to advance talks with EU over Northern Ireland issue | Reuters

The British government hopes to advance talks with the EU over the issue of British Northern Ireland following the withdrawal from the European Union (EU) in the near future. Taken in April 2019 (2021 Reuters / INTS KALNINS)

[London, 17th Reuters]–The British government hopes to advance talks with the EU over the issue of British Northern Ireland following the withdrawal from the European Union (EU) in the near future. EU minister David Frost has called on EU member states to fulfill their obligations.

Following the UK’s departure from the EU at the end of last year, some inspections have been introduced for the movement of goods from the mainland of the EU in Northern Ireland, which borders Ireland on land.

The test was angry and the pro-British “Unionists” in Northern Ireland consider themselves separated from the British mainland by a withdrawal agreement.

British Prime Minister Johnson, who had promised free movement of goods between Northern Ireland and the British mainland, unilaterally extended the grace period for certain inspections in an attempt to minimize supply disruptions. The EU side claims that this is a violation of the withdrawal agreement.

Frost, at a parliamentary committee meeting on Wednesday, called on the EU to fulfill its obligations on a withdrawal agreement that seeks to minimize the barriers between mainland Britain and Northern Ireland. He called for progress in talks until July 12, when Northern Ireland’s royalists gathered to celebrate the 1690 Battle of the Boyne, when Protestant King William of Orange defeated Catholic King James.


Everton could qualify for the Europa League UEFA Conference | Premier League

After last Sunday’s defeat against Sheffield United (1-0), Everton gave up their chances of qualifying for the Championes League. The return of James Rodríguez was of little use and now it’s time to find solutions.

In the first instance, a move to the Europa League (UEL) was considered as a consolation prize, but as of next season a new European tournament comes into play.

It is the Europa Conference League, the third international tournament that will begin to rule in the ‘Old Continent’. In hierarchical order, the Champions League goes first, then the Europa League and finally this “new” competition comes.

It is said new in quotation marks because it basically copies to a great extent what the Intertoto Cup did at the time: to give the possibility for more (small) clubs to participate internationally and from there to get a champion who has a fixed place in the Europa League.

Thus, this new tournament will have a total of 184 teams, focusing mostly on the federations that have few opportunities at a higher level of demand (even those eliminated in previous phases of the Champions League and UEL).

Obviously the leagues with the lowest coefficient will have to play previous rounds to advance. The most powerful will enter the tournament late.

What does Everton have to do to qualify? Currently Carlo Ancelotti’s team is eighth in the Premier League with 56 units. Taking into account that the champions of the two English cups already have places in international tournaments (Leicester of FA Cup and City of Carabao Cup), the quotas are run in the table.

In other words, the sixth classified has a chance to play the Europa League and the seventh will go to the Europa Conference League. The ‘toffees’ are three points from these places, which partially belong to Tottenham and West Ham respectively. However, for reasons of goal difference, Everton would only fight with the ‘Hammers’. The ‘Spurs’ get 19 goals from him …

Thus, Carlo Ancelotti’s team is more alive than ever when it comes to qualifying for the European leagues.

What would development be like if you move forward? Everton, like the other major league qualifiers, would enter a stage before the group stage. There he would have to play a round trip to advance.

Once classified, they will be in one of the eight groups of the contest. As in the Champions League or UEL, they will play six games against their zone rivals, but the difference is that only the first one qualifies directly for the round of 16. In case of finishing second, they will have another round-trip duel, but this time with one of the teams that finished third in the group in the Europa League.

Afterwards everything progresses without major news: round of 16, quarter-finals, semifinals and final. As mentioned above, the champion qualifies for the UEL of the following season.


The Indian variant endangers the de-escalation in the United Kingdom due to its high contagion and warns the rest of Europe

  • Experts advising the British government believe it may be “up to 50% more contagious” than the British variant

  • It could trigger a third wave of covid in the UK, with a death peak of 1,000 a day by the end of July

  • UK speeds up vaccination and warns that the new variant could “spread like wildfire” among the unvaccinated

On the one hand, the de-escalation. On the other, the Indian variant. The long-awaited relaxation comes accompanied by a good dose of caution. It is not an easy combination, but it is the one they are currently facing the countries of Europe that begin to relax their restrictions. Above all, the UK, which this Monday entered a new de-escalation phase looking askance at the Indian variant, which seems to be gaining ground in a worrying way in that country.

Is its full reopening, scheduled for June 21, in danger? It is in the air. Y what happens there can serve as a “warning to sailors” for the rest. Because this variant has already been detected in 44 countries of the world, and since last week it has entered the category of “variants of concern” for WHO.

“Likely” to become dominant

For now, scientists advising the British government have already warned that la B1617 (that’s what it’s called) it is much more transmissible than the B117 variant, which emerged there in December (the one that we all know as British and they know as the Kentish variant, because it was where it was first detected).

They warn that it can even displace it and become dominant, with what this would entail in the face of vaccines and the spread of the virus. The British Minister for Health, Matt Hancock, confirmed it this Sunday. Say what India is “quite likely” to become the dominant variant in the UK.

For now, it is located mainly in the north of the country, with an outbreak in the city of Bolton, which has one of the highest infection rates in the UK and where there is already talk of “widespread community transmission of B1617.2”. But, according to the British newspaper The Guardian, New locations are being detected every day. The latter, in Essex, Cambridge and London.

If until now the race was between the virus and vaccines, now, along with the virus, there is also the Indian variant and the relaxation of restrictions. So that all efforts are focused on speeding up vaccines. The United Kingdom has just modified its vaccination plan in this regard.

50% more transmissible than B117?

The variant india it is more transmissible than the British, that has already been made clear by the committee of experts that advises Boris Johnson, SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies). On May 5, the committee warned that “a highly transmissible variant… /… could lead to a very significant wave infections, potentially larger than that seen in January 2021 if no intervention is carried out in this regard”. Boris Johnson himself announced last Friday: “We believe that this variant is more transmissible than the previous ones.”

But the question on the table is: How much more transmissible? From what we know so far, the answer is not entirely clear. Epidemiologists consider ranges of between 40% to 60% of greater transmissibility with respect to the British one. In its meeting last week, the SAGE assured that there is “A realistic chance that it is up to 50% more transmissible”, which would be a lot.

The model of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine calculates that a variant 50% more transmissible could trigger a third wave of covid with a peak of deaths of 1,000 a day by the end of July. These are figures that, in the United Kingdom, have not been seen since February.

The unvaccinated worry: it could spread “like wildfire”

The uncertainty regarding the situation is reminiscent of last year, when the British variant was detected and all the alarms went off. But now, luckily, the situation is not even close: in the UK there are 20 million people with the two doses of the vaccine. And 70% of its population has received a dose. There are barely a thousand hospitalized with covid throughout the country at the moment. Contagions, serious illness and deaths from covid have plummeted.

But facing this new variant, above all, that other part of the population that has not yet received the vaccine is of concern. Because if the Indian variant continues to grow strong and its high contagiousness, hospitalizations could grow in a very short time. The British Health Minister has warned that the new variant it could “spread like wildfire” among the unvaccinated.

In a recent interview with Sky News, Matt Hancock has assured that there is a “high degree of confidence” that existing vaccines work well against the new variant, alluding to “new and very preliminary data” from the University of Oxford. And a few days ago, the EMA claimed the same.

But Hancock also explained that the vast majority of those hospitalized at Bolton are people who had refused the vaccine. They worry – those who have not yet been vaccinated and those who do not want to be vaccinated – because among them, this new variant can spread “like a forest fire”, according to his words.

Objective: second doses of the vaccine to the most vulnerable

So, The United Kingdom has just modified its vaccination plans, to try to fully immunize all the most vulnerable people. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last Friday that vaccination protocols were being modified – until now focused on inoculating the first dose of the vaccine to as many people as possible – to be able to quickly administer second doses people over 50, and vaccinate all the “vulnerable” who have not wanted to do so until now.

Is about increase complete vaccination. Y It is already starting with the areas most hit by the variant, like Bolton. Considering that the protection of a vaccine comes two to three weeks after receiving the second dose, some experts have doubts about this strategy. Because, then, the variant may have already spread to other areas in which it currently has little effect.

Closely watched in the UK, and outside?

At the moment, the UK is following closely in his footsteps. But it seems that the variant runs more. Last week 1,313 cases were detected there, more than double the previous one, which was 520. “The speed of growth is worrying”, says the British government, which is redoubling efforts in areas where its incidence is greater.

Yet it is not clear to what extent this new variant has spread globally, because most countries lack the sequencing capacity that the British have. Although we do know, for example, that is spreading across South Asia So what countries like Singapore have closed schools and institutes until the end of May, given the increase in cases of this variant, because health authorities also believe that it affects children more.

In Spain, for the moment, isolated cases have been detected. And all of them, imported. The first was detected three weeks ago and there are currently about 30 cases. The vast majority, in Galicia. Because 21 of the positives are crew members of two ships that were detected upon arrival at port, and They are confined to the ship itself or admitted to hospitals in Vigo. The last case of this variant was detected this Monday, in Cáceres, and like the rest, it has been quickly isolated.


New COVID Strain Will Prevent Brits From Exiting Prolonged Quarantine

Bad news in Britain: A strain of the so-called “Indian” coronavirus has arrived in Albion. He chose the most inappropriate time for this: the British, inspired by the almost already won victory over Covid-19, wasted no time, gathered to rest in the warm regions marked by the “green traffic light”. The liberalization of vacations meant that upon returning home, apart from a negative test for coronavirus, nothing was required from the rested. However, as soon as the Prime Minister of Great Britain Boris Johnson proclaimed something like “free, all free!”

The “Indian” mutant, unknown to this day on Albion, causes particular concern, since there is currently no antidote for it. Meanwhile, Elizabeth II identified the fight against the covid epidemic as one of the top priorities of the government. Premier Johnson urged the country’s citizens to take further steps with considerable caution. Health Secretary Matt Hancock spoke out against the rapid exit from quarantine, warning the country that the Indian variant could quickly become dominant in Britain.

The swiftness of its spread surprised the experts. Recently, the number of infected Covid-19 has been steadily decreasing. Over 60 percent of the country’s inhabitants now live in areas with zero covid presence. More than 53 percent of the population has already received the first vaccination, which is why Britain has begun to cautiously return to sports and cultural activities. There is anxiety today that none of the vaccines will be effective against the Indian strain of coronavirus.

A further vaccination strategy should proceed from the need to make up to a million vaccinations daily. Meanwhile, a large number of fake covid tests and fake vaccination certificates have appeared on the British black market.

They decided not to wait for government decrees, fearing a new quarantine closure, and even 17-year-olds were vaccinated. Over the past Saturday and Sunday in Bolton managed to vaccinate nine thousand residents of the city. The alarming situation today is observed in the north in the city of Bolton, in Blackburn, in the south-west of England and in north-west London. No concrete decisions “from above” on the fight against the new deadly virus have yet been reported.


OnePlus will launch its televisions in Europe

Related news

OnePlus is one of the Android brands that already have several televisions on the market, some presented last year, but which have not yet reached Spain. So far, the manufacturer’s range of smart TVs has only been launched in India, but this is something that is going to change.

In an interview with WinFuture, the CEO of OnePlus has confirmed that the brand televisions will also be launched in Europe. A news that many were waiting for and that puts an end to many rumors about it these years.

OnePlus Smart TVs will arrive in Europe

OnePlus launches new TVs: OnePlus U Series and OnePlus Y Series

There has been speculation about the launch of these brand televisions in Europe for some time, with many leaks in this regard. Competition in this segment has been increasing, mainly due to the presence of firms such as Xiaomi, which has a wide range of cheap Android TVs.

OnePlus will have to compete now with brands like Xiaomi with their televisions. In addition, the launch of their televisions in Europe would significantly increase the selection of Smart TVs with Android TV as the operating system, which is currently limited to a few brands. The manufacturer’s range of televisions would be presented as a good option for those looking for inexpensive models.

Although it has been confirmed that OnePlus will launch its smart TVs in Europe, no dates have been given at the moment. Since the first television was introduced two years ago there have been many rumors about its launch in Europe. At least it is official that they are going to be launched.

We hope there will be more news soon about OnePlus’ plans to launch its TV range in Europe. It may be that this year new models will be presented and these are the ones that we will be able to buy in the European market.


European Market Summary (17th) | Reuters

    [17日 ロイター] -   <ロンドン株式市場> 反落して取引を終えた。銀行と

は0.8%から1.3%下落した。 FTSE350種航空宇宙・防衛株指数は1.60%下落した。 一方、中型株では専門的な技術製品とサービスを提供するディプロマが7. 0%上昇した。通期の業績見通しが市場予想を上回ったことが好感された。 英国の大半でこの日からハグが解禁され、パブや屋内での飲食ができるようになり、 映画館が営業を再開した。ただジョンソン英首相は、インドで見つかった新型コロナウイ ルスの変異株の感染拡大を受け、経済活動再開で6月に予定している最終段階への移行を 遅らせる可能性があると指摘した。 ロンドン株式市場: <欧州株式市場> ほぼ横ばいで取引を終えた。中国の軟調な経済指標と新型コロナ ウイルスの変異株の感染拡大に対する懸念が、英経済再開への楽観的な見方を相殺した。 STOXX欧州600種旅行・娯楽関連株指数は2.39%下落し、部門別 で最も大幅に落ち込んだ。 中国の4月の鉱工業生産は前月から伸びが鈍化。4月の小売売上高は市場予想を大幅 に下回った。当局者は経済回復に妨げとなり得る新たな問題が浮上していると警告した。 アジア圏では、新型コロナ感染の新たな波や、インドで見つかった変異株への不安を 受け封鎖措置が改めて導入されており、英国の経済活動再開による期待感を打ち消した。 一方、通信株指数は1.38%上昇した。個別銘柄ではスペインの通信大手 テレフォニカが3.5%高だった。傘下の物流・配送サービス企業ゼレリスの買 い手を探しているとする関係筋の話が材料視された。新型コロナ危機により買い物がオン ラインに移行する中で、物流事業は好調だ。 スウェーデンの投資会社キネビックは8.5%上昇し、STOXX欧州6 00種で最も好調だった。ドイツの衣料ネット通販大手ザランド の保有株を株 主に譲渡したことが好感された。 製薬大手のサノフィとグラクソ・スミスクライン(GSK)は1. 1%と0.7%それぞれ上昇した。共同開発した新型コロナワクチン候補の早期臨床試験 (治験)で強力な免疫反応が示され、後期の治験に移行することが可能となった。 欧州株式市場: <ユーロ圏債券> イタリア国債利回りが約8カ月ぶりの水準に上昇した。イタリア の改革路線を巡る懸念のほか、欧州中央銀行(ECB)が向こう数カ月で債券買い入れペ ースを鈍化させるとの観測が出ていることが背景で、売りは他のユーロ圏国債にも広がっ た。 市場では、新型コロナウイルスワクチン接種の進展で景気回復が進み、ECBが近く パンデミック緊急購入プログラム(PEPP)の買い入れペースを鈍化させるとの見方が 出ている。 こうした中、ECBの買い入れで大きな恩恵を受けているイタリア国債が売られ、1 0年債利回りは一時6ベーシスポイント(bp)上昇した。終盤の取引では 4bp上昇の1.113%。先週の16bpに続く上昇となった。 独伊10年債利回り格差は122.27bp。一時2020年終盤以来の大きさに拡 大した。 イタリアの右派「同盟」のマテオ・サルビーニ党首が週末の間に、政権内の分断によ りドラギ首相は欧州連合(EU)が要請する主要な改革を実施できないと発言したことも イタリア国債に対する売りが加速する要因となった。 売りは他のユーロ圏国債にも拡大し、仏10年債利回りが20年3月以 来初めて0.3%を上回ったほか、独10年債利回りは約1bp上昇のマイ ナス0.114%と、先週付けた2年ぶりの高水準に迫った。 周辺国国債では、ポルトガル10年債利回りとスペイン10年債利回り ES10YT=RRが約1年ぶり高水準を付けた コメルツバンクの金利ストラテジスト、クリストフ・レーガー氏は「ユーロ圏国債市 場は全般的にあまり良くない状態にある」と指摘。サクソバンクのストラテジスト、アル テア・スピノッツィ氏は、ハンガリー中央銀行が近く利上げを検討し始めると伝わったこ とも影響したと述べた。 ECBが14日に公表した4月の理事会議事要旨で、資金調達環境や物価見通しの評 価に向け6月10日の理事会に照準を定めているとが判明。 ピクテット・ウエルス・マネジメントのストラテジスト、フレデリック・デュクロゼ 氏は、PEPPの買い入れペースを巡り理事会内で見解が分かれているため、「6月の理 事会で買い入れペースを大きく鈍化させるのは難しい」との見方を示した。 ユーロ圏金融・債券市場: <為替> 欧州終盤 アジア市場 コード 終盤 ユーロ/ドル    1.2154 1.2135 ドル/円 109.16 109.25 ユーロ/円 132.68 132.58 <株式指数> 終値 前日比 % 前営業日終値 コード STOXX欧州600種 442.29 -0.24 -0.05 442.53 FTSEユーロファースト 1704.70 +0.41 +0.02 1704.29 300種 ユーロSTOXX50種 4006.84 -10.60 -0.26 4017.44 FTSE100種 7032.85 -10.76 -0.15 7043.61 クセトラDAX 15396.62 -20.02 -0.13 15416.64 CAC40種 6367.35 -17.79 -0.28 6385.14 <金現物> 午後 コード 値決め 1853.7 <金利・債券> 米東部時間14時34分 *先物 清算値 前日比 前営業日 コード 終盤 3カ月物ユーロ 100.55 0.00 100.55 独連邦債2年物 112.03 0.00 112.03 独連邦債5年物 134.38 -0.01 134.39 独連邦債10年物 168.86 -0.12 168.98 独連邦債30年物 198.44 -0.44 198.88 *現物利回り 現在値 前日比 前営業日 コード 終盤 独連邦債2年物 -0.653 0.000 -0.654 独連邦債5年物 -0.509 +0.004 -0.513 独連邦債10年物 -0.112 +0.008 -0.122 独連邦債30年物 0.448 +0.009 0.439


Relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions in Britain despite concerns about the Indian mutant

Posted in: 17/05/2021 – 18:03

On Monday, May 17, 2021, most regions of Britain witnessed a significant easing of Corona’s containment restrictions, as it became possible to eat indoors, go to cinemas and embrace their loved ones, despite fears associated with the outbreak of a mutated version of the virus that is more contagious.

The Sun newspaper described the lifting of many restrictions on indoor mixing across England, Wales and most parts of Scotland as “two freedom”.

In a bar in Liverpool, a waiter put beer muzzle to customers at tables and laid out the traditional English breakfast consisting of eggs, sausages and beans.

Customers sat in a coffee shop near Waterloo Station in central London, where they ate sandwiches.

Cinemas, galleries, museums and theaters have also come to life, while gyms and fitness centers reopen for the first time in months.

Meanwhile, British tourists have begun arriving in Portugal with the lifting of travel restrictions for certain countries after months of undergoing home isolation measures, which also constitutes a boost to the aviation and travel sectors severely affected by the epidemic.

But perhaps the most awaited step is to end social distancing within homes, which will allow family members to hug each other again.

“I really have a bit of emotion and I’m saying that … you can hug your loved ones again,” said Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Sunday, “We have together reached a new threshold in the roadmap that we have laid out to exit the lockdown, but we have to accompany this next step with a heavy dose of caution.”

And he stated, “Remember that close contact, like hugging, is a direct way to transmit infection.”

But Britain’s next step of completely lifting COVID-19 containment restrictions on June 21 may face difficulties due to the spread of the mutated version of the virus, the most contagious one detected for the first time in India.

“We are closely monitoring the outbreak of the mutant, which was first identified in India, and is moving rapidly in areas where infection rates are high,” Johnson said Sunday.

More than 36.5 million people received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccines and 20 million received both doses, but ministers are seeking to convince more people to receive vaccines in order to prevent any delay that may arise in reopening the economy completely.

“Don’t screw it up, British,” wrote the “Daily Mail,” while “The Sun” titled “Take the potion!”

Speed ​​up vaccinations

With the lifting of restrictions and concern about the new, mutated version, the date for giving second doses of vaccines will be brought forward to protect people over 50 and those who are vulnerable to health.

Business Minister Kwasi Quarting told Sky News Monday, “There is nothing in the evidence that we have seen now that indicates that the vaccine is ineffective against the Indian mutant.”

According to government data, the Indian mutant is spreading on British soil, as its injuries increased from 520 to 1313 last week, most of them in the cities of Bolton and Blackburn in northern England, where many of the descendants of Asian origin reside.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock reported that the “vast majority” of people hospitalized in Bolton with the new mutated infection were supposed to be vaccinated but did not.

The injury rate in Bolton is ten times higher than the UK average.

“What we’re trying to do in Bolton is encourage people who haven’t received the vaccine to do so,” Quarting told the BBC.

“Spread like wildfire”

Hancock warned that the new mutated version could “spread like wildfire among unvaccinated groups” and did not rule out the imposition of limited local restrictions.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan called on Sky News for “flexibility to allow younger age groups to be given the vaccine in areas of London where we are concerned about this version” of the virus.

The Scottish city of Glasgow and the Murray region (northeast) decided to maintain the restrictions currently imposed due to the high number of cases associated with the Indian metamorphosis.

Last week, Johnson pledged a full and independent investigation early next year into his government’s handling of the virus crisis.

It is reported that he was accused of reluctance to impose a third national lockdown in early January and delay in restricting travel from India, where the number of injuries is high.

But the Conservative government’s popularity received a huge boost thanks to the vaccination campaign, which was reflected in the local elections in England.