Hamilton asks for a million to renew and starts 2021 without a contract

Incredibly, the seven-time F-1 world champion starts the year without a contract. This is how ‘Corriere dello Sport’ reveals it, which speaks of a disagreement between Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes, and the British due to the astronomical figure that it asks for to renew and the duration of the years of the contract.

The Italian sports newspaper reveals that “in November, at the Turkish Grand Prix, a four-year contract was ready for a salary of 50 million dollars in each of them”, but Daimler stopped that agreement and only it offers “two years, with the option of a third.”

Hamilton was about to sign a contract with a total salary of 200 million in 4 seasons, a cost that is not at all realistic and that is not adequate with the cuts that the company wants to make in the midst of a global crisis due to the coronavirus.

The age of Hamilton, who turns 36 this month, and the hopes placed on the young George Russell, 22 years old and with a much lower salary, makes Daimler not want to link with Hamilton those four years and 50 million per season that he demands the British. The deadline for reaching an agreement ends on March 1.

In 2023, in addition, the salary ceiling in F1 comes into force. This factor is key to the negotiations, as Mercedes offers you two years (2021 and 2022), plus an optional third, but with a reduction according to the new ceiling.


Leclerc believes that his 2020 has been much better than his 2019


If we look at Charles Leclerc’s numbers in 2019 and compare them to 2020, the reality is that there is no color, although the Monegasque driver does not think the same, since the numbers in Formula 1 often do not go hand in hand with the sensations and the performances of each pilot.

In 2020 he has been a better pilot

Last year, Charles Leclerc achieved two victories, 10 podiums and finished fourth with 264 points, while in 2020 the Monegasque could only get two podiums and did not even score 100 points, finishing eighth in the World Cup. Despite that, he himself considers that his last season has been much better than that of 2019.

These were the words of Charles Leclerc about it in an interview with The newspaper: This year has been much, much better than last year, because this year I have lost far fewer opportunities than I lost last season”.

While it is true that the 2020 results have been much worse, the Monegasque pilot knows the reason why this has happened: It was a very difficult year because the car did not perform as expected, but I was much more consistent and more often I was able to give 100% of myself “.

The aggressiveness that cost me the podium in Turkey and led me to the accident in Sakhir’s race is also what allowed me during the season to obtain results and score many points when we really weren’t expecting it “Charles Leclerc added.

Finally, the Monegasque Ferrari admitted that the way he handles tires has improved a lot in 2020: “This was precisely the big step that I took. I also learned patience. At the beginning of the year I wanted everything right away because I was trying at all costs to imitate the performances of the previous year “.

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The Turkish GP, best F1 race in 2020


Fans of the Formula 1 they chose the Turkish Grand Prix as the best race in the World Cuprecently completed, after a vote in which it beat the Italian Grand Prix and the Sakhir Grand Prix.

In that race in Istanbul, held on November 15, the rain marked a test in which Lewis Hamilton won his seventh World Cup after taking victory ahead of Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez and Sebastian Vettel, while Carlos Sainz finished fifth.

The Ottoman event received a third of the fans’ total fans to prevail ahead of the Italian Grand Prix (25% votes), Sakhir (18%), Austria (5%) and Tuscany (4%).



Turkey voted best GP of 2020 by fans

The vibrant event in Istanbul has taken a third of the votes

Italy and Sakhir complete the ‘podium’ of this vote

The crazy and chaotic GPs of Austria and Tuscany close the top 5 of the season

The Turkish GP has been selected as the best race of the 2020 season according to the fans. The vibrant, exciting and surprising return of Istanbul Park to Formula 1 this season thrilled the public and this event has won the game with a third of the votes to the GP of Italy and the GP of Sakhir, who finished second and third respectively. .

The chaos experienced in Istanbul Park, in which the rain made an appearance on a track that was already slippery in itself, made the public vibrate on a weekend in which Lewis Hamilton made history by winning the race and taking over his seventh World Championship. A third of the fans have chosen this GP as the best of the year.

Turkey’s was an exciting weekend from the first minute. The fact that the drivers found such a new and slippery track thrilled the fans, who rose from their seats again with the arrival of qualifying rain, which brought an unexpected first pole from Lance Stroll.

In the race, the track was wet from start to finish. No driver dared to put on dry tires at any time, and all completed 58 laps on intermediate and extreme rain tires. Hamilton shone and despite coming sixth, he took the victory, and with him two old acquaintances like Sergio Pérez and Sebastian Vettel returned to the podium. The two had not been on one for more than a year.

The second best GP has been that of Italy with a quarter of the votes, who was the best of the first part of the season for the fans. Pierre Gasly’s surprising victory in a completely crazy race allowed the public to see something different, something that many asked for after seven races of undeniable dominance by Mercedes and Max Verstappen’s Red Bull.

The podium was completed by the Sakhir GP with 18% of the votes. The outdoor circuit brought with it a new surprise result after a real chaos in the last 30 laps, as Sergio Pérez claimed his first victory in Formula 1. Accompanied by Esteban Ocon and Lance Stroll on the podium. The Mercedes pit road disaster doomed a George Russell who cherished his first Grand Circus triumph.

Fourth place was taken by the Austrian GP, ​​which opened the season with a really chaotic race full of abandonments from start to finish. The inaugural race got 5% of the votes while the fifth-placed, the Tuscany GP, got 4%. Mugello’s wild debut has also been to the liking of fans.

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Sport defeated the coronavirus and brought historic moments in 2020

The arrival of the coronavirus severely disrupted this year’s sports calendar. But, the commitment of the organizers and the athletes allowed the fans to experience some unforgettable moments in the middle of the pandemic.

The confinement made Formula 1 go from going at breakneck speeds to coming to a complete standstill. The start of the season, originally scheduled for March, was delayed until July. Some races were removed from the calendar. Others were introduced as the FIA ​​adjusted to the crisis. Fans of the motor world were able to witness a historical moment starring Lewis Hamilton. The Briton equaled German Schumacher’s seven world champion titles. He did it after winning the Turkish Grand Prix. It was the 94th win for a driver committed to society.

In July, Lewis Hamilton encouraged his teammates and opponents to kneel before races to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Named the UK’s Most Influential Person of Color in 2020; an extraordinary year for him as he has set new sports records.

The year 2020 has also been marked by an extraordinary feat in cycling. Slovenian Tadej Pogacar became the youngest Tour de France winner since 1904, after completing a sensational time trial performance on the penultimate stage of the race. His compatriot Primoz Roglic was leading the fight against the stopwatch. But he got a monumental surprise with Pogacar. The ‘little Pogi’, neutralized the 57 seconds of delay that he accumulated in what is already one of the most outstanding comebacks in the history of cycling. The final stage, traditionally a mere formality, allowed the young Balkan sensation to taste a taste of glory in the French capital, much to the delight of the Slovenian fans. The Tour started two months late due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, its outcome was tremendous.

In football, the change in format in the Champions League has led many to consider the idea of ​​redesigning the competition for the future. From the traditional two-match system for the quarter-finals and semi-finals, UEFA moved to an ‘8-final’, in which teams that made it through the Group stage played duels in a single match in Lisbon. After a tournament full of twists and turns, Bayern Munich fans were able to celebrate the success of their team after beating PSG in the final. It is his sixth title of champion of the maximum continental competition of clubs.

For this new year, sports fans hope that UEFA and the organizers of the Tokyo Games will have no problems with their long-awaited events. Both the Olympics and the Euro were postponed and despite the uncertainty, the sporting world has shown that it can cope with adversity.

Until then, we leave you with images of someone the sport will miss so much. After the loss of the great Kobe Bryant and other greats, it was time for Diego Armando Maradona. The mythical ‘number 10’ is gone and leaves a legacy full of magic and controversy. The passionate Argentine footballer treasured a level higher than the rest on the ‘field’. Although his reputation was tarnished by drugs, he will always be remembered as one of the greatest, if not the greatest, in the history of the ‘beautiful game’.


a Champions League and a side of the car

The last of the 17 races of the 2020 Formula 1 season, the Abu Dhabi GP, not only left a (nondescript) victory for Max Verstappen, but also many goodbyes. Some definitive of the competition, such as Kevin Magnussen de Haas, and others of his teams, such as those of Sebastian Vettel Ferrari the Carlos Sainz from McLaren.

The Madrid native will replace the German in the Scuderia, thus closing six years of the German’s not so successful in the team of Maranello. The poor 14th position With which Vettel closed his stage at Ferrari did not prevent it from being a special Sunday, full of dedications and details.

One of the most special was the one he dedicated himself to who has been one of his executioners in the Italian team. In the helmet exchange he did with Charles Leclerc, who during the weekend took a ‘Thanks Seb’ (Thanks Seb) Vettel wrote: “To Charles, you are the most talented driver I have come across in 15 years of F1. Don’t waste it.”

Sebastian Vettel, at the press conference prior to the Abu Dhabi GP

In addition to this detail, at the Scuderia they had another with Vettel that will surely make you as excited or more excited. After the race, they gave him a trophy where they remembered the 14 victories they have achieved together. The German did not expect this surprise, much less the shape of that gift that, in view, is practically the same as that of the Champions League.

The gift to Sainz, a problem for the airport

Carlos Sainz, in the McLaren MCL35

Carlos Sainz will head to Maranello at the beginning of the year. After two seasons living between London and Woking, McLaren headquarters, he will move to Italy to live his time as a Ferrari driver.

In that move, he will have to take the gift that has been given him in which his team has been these last two years, although it will not be easy to transport: they have given him a pontoon, the side of the car, the MCL35 signed by all McLaren components, both those who go to the races and those who stay at the factory.

“I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it. He says Andreas (Seidl, his boss at McLaren) which is from the chassis of my accident in Russia, but I prefer to think that it is from my podium at Monza “, joked the Madrilenian.


Max Verstappen knocks Mercedes down despite having one hand stuck on the wheel

Only 25 thousandths of Max Verstappen to defeat Mercedes in the last qualifying of the season. Only 86 thousandths separated the first three drivers, with those of Mercedes in their wake, also breaking a streak of six poles and consecutive doubles for the Germans at Yas Marina, the entire hybrid era. And despite his long experience in Formula 1, for Verstappen it was only the third pole of his career, the first since Brazil 19.

Along the way, Verstappen had a unique moment. “It had never happened to me before. He was literally on his way to the wall. ” His left hand was caught between the steering wheel and his knee, But it not only prevented the accident. The Dutchman also beat the German cars for the first time this season in the dry (only Stroll in the particular circumstances of Turkey, and in the wet). Christian Horner celebrated with the euphoria of a grand prix victory. “Congratulations! It’s the first ‘no Mercedes’ pole of the year! ” the ‘boss’ shouted at him on the radio. All right. Now it is about finishing the play.

“Everyone is already tired”

Verstappen took advantage of the magnificent performance on this track of his car, and the slump of Lewis Hamilton after overcoming the Covid. “Before qualifying I said it would be the last ‘push’ of the season and we did it. I am very happy with that. It was quite a difficult qualifying at the beginning when it came to completing my laps. Especially in the last sector there are so many corners where you can make a mistake. But luckily everything went well on that last lap ”. In fact, on the penultimate attempt of Q3, in the third sector, he was losing the good previous work done during the lap by not getting the performance out of his tires. He corrected the shot for the final and went to the open grave with the Mercedes entering the finish line earlier .. Now he is aiming for his second win of the course after the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix at Silverstone.

“It was a beautiful lap but it was difficult. Really no I hoped I could fight for pole, but it has been very rewarding. At least we have achieved a pole this year within the domain of Mercedes, and for that, we can be very happy. At the end of such a tough season, everyone is already somewhat tired. I think that for the mechanics and for the rest of the team this has been a good boost. It was not the easiest qualifying, since at the beginning I had a hand trapped under the wheel and I did a bad lap. After that it was not easy on the medium tire either, however in the second run we made some changes that seemed to work. Then in Q3 we had a pretty good lap and everything went well ”.

“It has been a long season for all of us, especially since we have had many races in a row. Achieving pole position here is a great motivation so that all of us in the team try to finish tomorrow (at the top of the podium). I hope we can set a new world pit record tomorrow, that would be very good. But with this result today we are very happy. Today was a great day”. On the prospects for the race, the Dutchman was cautious: “I don’t think anyone has done many laps, so we have to see what will happen. Starting on pole doesn’t automatically mean we’re going to win, but I’ll give it my all and we’ll see. It will not be easy tomorrow since behind I will have the two Mercedes, who can establish different strategies and pressure mebut I’m going to give it my all and have fun. Also it seems our top speed is fine. Hope that helps tomorrow. “.

A limping Hamilton

Hamilton represented the cross of the coin in Yas Marina, diminished after overcoming the coronavirus: “It is definitely being a difficult weekend to recover the rhythm (prior to his convalescence from COVID-19). I am very grateful to be able to return, and we will try to close in the best possible way. Today I suffered with the balance of the car, so getting a perfect lap was more difficult than other Saturdays. I have given everything, but this time it was not possible, although it was very even between the three of us. Although it is a disappointment to finish third, Max is to be congratulated, because he has driven incredibly all year.

Finally, Lewis Hamilton launched a message for the Dutchman, who he hopes to make things difficult for him this Sunday: “We hope he suffers to win the race, since Valtteri and I will start right behind him. All this makes tomorrow an exciting day, where we will also have many unknowns with the long runs. It is a circuit where overtaking is difficult, but strategy will also be important, just like the first few laps. We will have opportunities and I want to see if we are able to take advantage of them or not ”.


Lewis Hamilton returns to the slopes after negative by covid

Lewis Hamilton will be back on the slopes and will contest the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after testing negative for covid

Lewis Hamilton He will be able to celebrate the title of world champion on the track and will run the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, after testing negative in the last covid test.

The seven-time world champion, who missed the last race in Bahrain due to being infected, will close the year on the asphalt and after having spent ten days in quarantine.

This implies that George Russell, who replaced him in the last race, returns to his usual seat at Williams.

As confirmed by Mercedes in a statement, Hamilton has complied with all the protocols required by the FIA ​​and will be able to rejoin the team tomorrow, in order to participate in the last weekend of the year.

Hamilton He will compete with the Drivers ‘World Championship under his arm and also with the Constructors’ Championship tied up, looking for what would be his twelfth victory of the year.


The networks exploded in celebrations for the victory of Checo Pérez

The Mexican driver achieved his first F1 victory; his 10th podium in the category

The Mexican pilot Sergio Checo Pérez won his first Grand Prix of Formula 1. Did it in Sakhir, Bahrain, penultimate date of the 2020 season of the category.

Czech PérezAfter a bumpy start to the race that left him last in the peloton, he progressed little by little on the track, either passing or with an impeccable pace for the strategy to work.

It was the second podium of Czech Pérez in this campaign – the first one he did in Turkey, where he finished second – his 10th in F1. It is also the third victory for a Mexican driver in the highest category of motorsport – two for Pedro Rodríguez, one in 1967 and one in 1970.

Let’s review the congratulations to Czech Pérez in social networks.


AMLO praises the victory of ‘Checo’ Pérez in Formula 1

The president of Mexico sent his congratulations to Sergio Pérez after the victory achieved in Turkey

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President of Mexico, congratulated the pilot from Jalisco Sergio Perez for his victory in the Sakhir Grand Prize from Formula One, which was historic for the nation.

“Congratulations to Czech Pérez for obtaining first place in the Sakhir Grand Prize from Formula 1. Whenever a Mexican triumphs in a competition, he exalts our country “, the president published through his social networks.

Sergio Perez finished in the place of honor of the penultimate race of the 2020 season of the maximum motor racing circuit, which meant that after 50 years a Mexican achieved it.

The most recent occasion was in 1970 when Pedro Rodriguez was carried in triumph in Spa, but now Sergio Perez had an outstanding performance in the competition to finish in the place of honor.

For the driver from Jalisco, this result meant finishing for the tenth time on the podium in his career in Formula One and now he only needs to play the last test of the 2020 season, which will be in Abu Dhabi.