What’s wrong Durán! They find an arsenal that apparently served the crime

Agents of the Directorate General of Intelligence and the Judicial Police They arrested an older adult inside a house located on Cuenca and Yaguachi streets in the Duran canton. The man was in illegal possession of 15 firearms, ammunition and gunpowder.

Complaints from the community allowed the Police to verify the existence of the arsenal, which was supposedly used to commit various crimes, such as robbery of people, commercial locles, among others.

The chief of the judicial Police of Zone 8, Crnl. Walter Villarroel, explained that on the afternoon of this Wednesday, January 21, the detainee today was seen outside the house carrying a part of a firearm, which he threw to the ground and ran to hide, upon becoming aware of the police presence.

The uniformed men “acted flagrantly, entering the home and neutralizing the citizen, and immediately made a search of the home.”

“Citizen Guillermo Gonzalo BG, is admitted to the Durán Flagrancia Unit, awaiting the hearing to formulate charges and the evidence entered at the Duran Judicial Police Collection Center,” said Villarruel.

The Duran canton has become in recent months a very conflictive area, where even gangs from the micro-trafficking fight for territory for the development of their criminal activities.

Guayaquil: Good ‘harvest’ of detainees, weapons and drugs in the first days of 2021

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They found her handcuffed and with a plastic bag over her head, but for the police it was a suicide

On the one hand, the police affirm that it was a suicide. On the other, the victim’s family flatly denies it and asks further investigation. In the middle, the death of Kristina Novitskaya, a performer and dance instructor, who keeps Turkey on edge.

It all happened in the last hours, when the body of the Ukrainian woman (30 years old) was found dead in a Bodrum complex, on the shores of the Aegean Sea, after her friends did not know anything about her for several days.

The details of the scene the authorities encountered are extremecedores. Novitskaya was handcuffed and had a plastic bag in your head. In addition, his entire apartment was locked from the inside, with no signs that any door or window had been breached.

Kristina Novitskaya was a performer and dance instructor. Photo: Facebook @ christina.novitskaya

The body was found sitting on a chair, in the middle of one of the rooms of the apartment in which it was. In addition, a scarf, charcoal and ropes.

More: his home had security cameras on the door, but they didn’t show anything strange. For now, the body was taken to the Forensic Institute of Medicine for a autopsy that can give some more indication of what happened to him.

Kristina Novitskaya was found dead in Turkey.  Photo: Facebook @ christina.novitskaya

Kristina Novitskaya was found dead in Turkey. Photo: Facebook @ christina.novitskaya

In this context, main hypothesis of the police Turkish is that it was a suicide. But his family and friends think otherwise. “We do not believe that he committed suicide,” people close to the interpreter, whom they defined as “joyful” and “life lover”.

“He was an incredibly kind, open-hearted and sweet person, who never got into conflict and I always helped others“recalled a friend from her student days, according to the Daily Mail.

He added: “She was quite reserved about her private life. All of us who knew Kristina are deeply shocked. We do not believe that he committed suicide“.

Kristina Novitskaya's friends claim that it was not a suicide.  Photo: Facebook @ christina.novitskaya

Kristina Novitskaya’s friends claim that it was not a suicide. Photo: Facebook @ christina.novitskaya

For the authorities, the explanation has to do with the coronavirus: the pandemic returned it “depressed, lonely and suicidal”. “We don’t believe in these versions. I think they try to cover up someone important“They denounced from their inner circle.

In the midst of all this, Novitskaya’s mother traveled to Turkey from Ukraine to recover her daughter’s body and take him back to his country.

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Green light for the Brexit trade pact: consequences for logistics – economy in Bremen: current news

In the port of Dover: Because of the Brexit, problems in delivery traffic between the EU and Great Britain are expected. (Aaron Chown / PA / dpa)

Three more days of transition – then a farewell is complete. Great Britain is also leaving the internal market and the customs union at the end of the year and will become a third country for the EU. Shortly before, the trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the European Union received two green lights: the ambassadors of the 27 member states of the EU tentatively approved the agreement, although the ratification of the agreement by the European Parliament is still pending. The Federal Cabinet, headed by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), also rated the agreement positively: Germany can agree to it and will do so in the European Council.

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Business associations are disappointed: The most important questions and answers about the Brexit trade pact

Business associations are disappointed

The most important questions and answers about the Brexit trade pact

Not a no deal, but also not a soft landing. The trade and cooperation agreement between …

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On the British side, Parliament is due to vote in favor of the trade pact on December 30th. The contract is intended to avoid a severe economic break. The negotiators on both sides had agreed on the 1250-page paper on Christmas Eve. The most important point is to ensure unlimited trade in goods without customs duties. Nevertheless, economic relations will be far less close in the future than before. For example, goods controls are necessary at the borders, among other things because evidence of compliance with EU food safety rules and compliance with product standards has to be provided.

Problems expected

The customs formalities entail new work. Experts therefore expect delays in the beginning. Robert Völkl, Managing Director of the Bremer Spediteure Association, shares the prognosis: “I suspect that there will be a lot of problems, especially in the initial phase.” However, there is still one unknown in the bill: Whether the customs in Great Britain are ready accordingly?

Markus Fellmann, who is responsible for Great Britain at Hellmann’s logistics company, points out the joint efforts. “All parties such as customs authorities, police, port operators, ferry companies, the Eurotunnel and of course the freight forwarders are doing their best to meet the new requirements,” says Fellmann. The customs formalities meant a considerable amount of additional work for the freight forwarding industry. At the beginning there will certainly be delays because processes have not yet been established: “The big question is how long it will take for the new processes to function smoothly and routinely.”

The main customs office in Bremen is prepared for the day after the exit. Admittedly, they do not take on any new tasks, because the clearance of cross-border goods traffic is one of the core tasks of customs. However, with the Brexit, the scope will increase here and lead to “selective increased handling and control costs”. Especially at the international seaports and airports, the customs have adjusted to an intensification of work. “Of course, that also applies to Bremen and Bremerhaven.” How much is the increase in traffic? From the customs point of view, this is currently not foreseeable because Brexit will lead to adjustments in logistics and transport routes. In order to be able to react well, the main customs offices work together nationwide in regions and can support each other via the electronic clearance procedure.

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Comment on the Brexit trade pact

The EU has achieved its goal

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If export customs declarations are now necessary, according to Völkl, this is “not dramatic” for all companies that are already engaged in foreign trade. But who has been active in the EU alone so far? “This is new for them,” says Völkl. In addition, it can be assumed that the import customs declarations for goods from Great Britain will in future often be the responsibility of the freight forwarders because many companies have no experience with this.

In the opinion of the managing director of the Bremer Spediteure Association, the changes are less important for the Bremerhaven location, because traffic to Great Britain does not play a major role here: “Bremerhaven mainly serves overseas traffic.” The Bremen company BLG expects the terminals in Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven hardly any impact on business. There is little or no volume for Great Britain there. “We do not currently expect any operational effects in the Neustädter Hafen in Bremen,” says spokeswoman Vivien Kretschmann. However, one cannot foresee what specific consequences the set of rules will have on the “complex and closely timed logistics processes in general”.

Relief over agreement

“Cuxhaven is ready for Brexit,” was the motto of Peter Zint before the agreement on the trade pact. The chairman of the Hafenwirtschaftsgemeinschaft Cuxhaven and managing director of Cuxport promised: “We offer traffic-free customs clearance from the first minute of a Brexit – also because the trailers are shipped driverless with us.” Import shipments with incorrect or missing customs documents could be in one area separated and did not hinder anyone. For trucks with the right customs papers, they guarantee “delay-free clearance and punctual departure of the ship”. The port industry, customs and shipping companies have been preparing for Brexit for more than two years. After all, most of the handling here is due to traffic with Great Britain.

In general, the agreement makes things easier – for example at the IHK Nord. “Great Britain is one of the most important international trading partners of the North German economy”, commented Managing Director Alexander Anders. From the point of view of business, the bureaucratic regulations should be “kept as low as possible in order to avoid additional damage”.

By contrast, there is dissatisfaction among British fishermen. “Boris Johnson promised us the rights to all the fish swimming in our exclusive economic zone, but we only received a fraction of them,” said the head of the national association of fisheries organizations. British fishermen would now have to fight hard to keep their livelihoods.

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Many details are still unclear: Great Britain and the EU present Brexit trade pact

Many details are still unclear

Great Britain and EU present Brexit trade pact

British Prime Minister Johnson recommended his compatriots to read around 1250 pages for the festival. The …

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1250 pages and again far too little time

WLess than a week before the end of the Brexit transition phase, Great Britain and the EU published their laboriously negotiated trade pact for the time afterwards. Both sides put the 1250-page document online on their websites on Boxing Day. The contract is intended to regulate issues relating to trade, cooperation between the police and the judiciary, and health insurance protection for travelers in emergencies.

London and Brussels announced a breakthrough in talks on a joint trade pact on Christmas Eve at the best German Christmas presents. At the turn of the year, the United Kingdom finally leaves the structures of the European Union after almost 40 years of membership. The worst consequences of the divorce are thus averted.

In the “sleepy moment after the Christmas meal”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had previously recommended the treaty to his compatriots as a Christmas reading. If you want to read something in this “sleepy moment after the Christmas meal”, he recommends reading the trade pact, he said in a video Christmas message broadcast on Twitter.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Great Britain, cheers after the agreement reached in the Brexit negotiations.

Image: dpa

It is doubtful that Johnson read it himself. Because the prime minister said there would be no non-tariff trade barriers. This is exactly what companies on both sides of the English Channel have to prepare for within a few days. This means, for example, different standards for product safety and food safety. The rules are still the same on both sides, but British companies will still have to prove compliance with European standards in the future.

France has already announced that it will insist on thorough controls right from the turn of the year. “We have to control British products that come to us,” said Secretary of State for Europe Clément Beaune on Friday on the Europe 1 channel. Food or industrial products must comply with all applicable standards. The French state recruited around 1,300 people to ensure these controls.

France is a major hub for British goods. About 70 percent of the trade volume between Great Britain and the EU runs through the northern French ports of Calais and Dunkirk, as well as through the Eurotunnel, as the prefecture for the northern French region of Hauts-de-France reported.

The chaos that arises when traffic no longer flows unhindered through this important axis has been observed since the fourth weekend of Advent in the English border region of Kent: After France temporarily closed the borders because of a possibly highly contagious coronavirus variant discovered in Great Britain Miles of traffic jams with thousands of trucks. The drivers had to stay in their cabins for days.

In fact a new customs border

From January 2021, customs formalities would also have to be complied with, emphasized Germany Trade and Invest (GTAI), a state-owned company that provides information on foreign markets, among other things. Since Great Britain is leaving the internal market and the customs union, a new customs border will actually come into force, said Stefanie Eich, customs expert at GTAI. In the case of goods from the EU destined for the British market, it must in future be proven that they actually come from the EU. “The rules of origin for individual goods are laid down in the agreement. Compliance with these must be demonstrated accordingly, ”says the expert.

On the European side, there is no longer enough time until December 31st to ratify the last-minute deal in time. Therefore, the contract can initially only be applied provisionally. However, this still needs the approval of the 27 EU countries. The EU ambassadors should vote on this in the coming days, a meeting is scheduled for Monday. The EU Parliament then has to examine the agreement retrospectively in January. In London, on the other hand, Parliament is due to wave through a law on December 30th in a fast-track process to make the agreement effective. Since the opposition British Labor Party has announced that it will approve the deal, the vote in London is considered a formality.

Prime Minister Johnson tried over the holidays, however, to bring the arch-conservative Brexiteers in their own ranks, who are threatening rebellion, into line. The contract was “the right deal for Great Britain,” he said according to the PA news agency in WhatsApp messages to his party friends. It will enable the country to keep its Brexit promises and regain control of its own borders, laws and funds. In addition, the agreement is a basis for a long-term, friendly relationship with the EU as a sovereign, equal partner.

British fisheries associations have already criticized the negotiated transition phase, in which EU fishermen initially only have to give up a quarter of their previous fishing quotas in British waters, as a defeat. A senior representative of the UK negotiating team said Saturday that the fishery had to be compromised. However, both sides have done so and the main thing is that the UK return to “full control of our waters” at the end of the five and a half year transition period, the negotiator said. If London later restricts access further, Brussels could respond with tariffs.


Some mysterious posters against the Police appear in the Barcelona metro

During this Saturday, mysterious posters against the police and in favor of squatting have appeared on the marquees in various stations of the Barcelona metro.

The poster that has gone viral the most comes out caricaturing the famous image ‘I Love BCN’, replacing the famous heart of that slogan with a UFO, followed by a phrase that assured the following: “I prefer an alien neighbor than a police neighbor“.

However, there have also been others with phrases such as: “Jesus was born in a squat. The eviction is an insult to the son of God “, seen in the Urquinaona station or in the same position as the one seen in Jaume I changing the anarchist symbol and with the phrase:”Better a squatter neighbor than a police neighbor“.

The authorship of these posters nor the moment in which they put it have been revealed, but the image has been placed inside the marquee. Sources from the Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona (TMB) have explained to NIUS that they do not know who it was and how it was placed, in addition to ensuring that they will open an investigation into it.

The Barcelona Anti-Theft platform has been the one who found these posters. His spokesperson, Eliana, has explained to this medium that they do not know who may have known either “But surely it has a key because they have been able to put it inside the canopies“.

The sign that was located at the Drassanes station, on Line 3, has already been removed, but the one on Jaume I is still present. Some have already asked the mayor, Ada Colau, for the immediate removal of those posters.


In San Lorenzo, acts of domestic violence are recorded

A young girl was beaten by her partner and, in another incident, a subject hit her brother and caused damage to their house.

At least two incidents of intra-family violence were registered in the city of San Lorenzo on the day of the Christmas celebration.

In the first one, at 7.30 in the morning the police went to an address on Calle Mario Rodríguez at 1800 in the Miter neighborhood.

There, a 23-year-old girl denounced that she had been beaten by her partner and that members of her family who interceded to defend her had also been injured by the same attacker and by a teenager, the brother of the violent person.

The members of the Central Command detained the aggressors: 22-year-old SCO and 16-year-old SCM, who were transferred to the police headquarters and later referred to the local delegation of the Investigation Agency on Gender, Sexual and Family Violence (AIVGSF ) with the intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office in turn by “malicious injuries (gender violence)

Violent fight between brothers

On the same day, around 12:30 p.m., the police were summoned to an address on 800 Lavalle Street, Villa Felisa neighborhood, for another act of family violence.

A 72-year-old man reported that his 36-year-old son – GC – hit his 31-year-old brother and caused damage to the house.

The police officers apprehended the accused man and transferred him to the police headquarters and then to the office of the Investigation Agency on Gender, Sexual and Family Violence (AIVGSF) for the crime of “malicious injuries and damages (family violence)


Burglary: he had an arsenal and said it was a ‘gift’ from his grandfather

In the afternoon of this Thursday, the San Juan Police seized firearms and ammunition in a raid. The operation was carried out in a house located on Calle 6 between Ramn Franco and Vicente Lpez y Planes, Mdano de Oro, Rawson.

During the search, the uniformed officers found a plastic bag inside a pantry that contained several ammunition and two magazines. There was also a zippered holster that had inside two 38 and 22 caliber revolvers.

The owner of the home, identified as Sergio Andrs Gimnez Balmaceda, he said the guns were a gift from his grandfather and he had no authorization to carry them.

Faced with this situation, the man He was detained at the disposal of Flagrancia for the crime of possession of a firearm for war use (Art. 189 bis, paragraph 5, Penal Code).

At the scene, the police seized the following weapons:

  • 38 caliber revolver.
  • 22 gauge revolver.
  • Magazine without ammunition.
  • Magazine with 9 ammunition. 9 caliber.
  • 4 ammunition 44w.
  • 1 Fal 60 projectile.
  • 1 projectile 22mm
  • 1 pod served.


Many British people in Mallorca now have to go to the police quickly

The queues in front of the immigration office in Palma are already long in normal times. But in these months there are also the many British who want to secure their further stay in Mallorca in view of the imminent end of the Brexit transition period on December 31st. After the kingdom left the European Union, the so-called green Residencia card is no longer sufficient. The British need the “Tarjeta de Identificación de Extranjero” (TIE), which is intended for foreigners from third countries. At the end of last year, the agency set up a separate area in which three colleagues deal exclusively with the concerns of those affected by Brexit British care.

They have been able to apply for the TIEs since July 6, and the offer has been accepted since day one. According to the responsible inspector of the national police, Ester Ribas, the immigration office issues around 60 of the cards every day. More than 5,000 appointments had been made by the end of the year, and around 3,500 Brits had already applied for their foreigner card at the end of November. “The immigration office is doing a great job here,” Kate Mentink praised the Spanish authorities on the phone.

The founder and long-time chairwoman of Ciudadanos Europeos has lived on the island for almost 40 years and headed the Europe office of the Balearic state government under the PP government. For years, she says, the immigration authorities and the British consulate have appealed to their compatriots on the islands to register regularly. For years, all appeals fell silent. Suddenly things have to happen very quickly.

In addition to the TIEs, in the middle of the corona pandemic, the immigration office issued another 800 appointments in the summer for Britons who previously did not have the green Residencia card but still want to stay on the island and therefore need a TIE. And despite the race against the clock, a large number of Britons will still be without a residence permit at the beginning of the new year. According to the Spanish government, as of June 30th there were 29,532 British residents in the Balearic Islands. Kate Mentink estimates the actual number at around 60,000.

Mentink does not believe that there can be an agreement on an orderly Brexit with the EU in the remaining four weeks until the end of the year. “Too many important questions are still unanswered,” she says. At the moment there is “restlessness, fear and a great deal of insecurity” among the British living in Spain, reports the Scottish woman, who has high hopes for Spain. “I have full confidence that Spain will not put any obstacles in the way of the British who live here. At least the treatment so far in the Brexit process has been exemplary. “

Nevertheless: Especially among the British, who were already retired and wanted to spend the last phase of their lives on the islands, a return to their former homeland has started. “There are many people there who came to the island 20 years ago and often spend up to ten months of the year here, but have never officially registered,” says Mentink. Especially in view of the corona pandemic, they are now afraid, to drop out of health care in the Balearic Islands.

At the same time, Mentink has noticed a constant influx of British people to Mallorca. It is mainly people between the ages of 35 and 45, many with children, who have been pitching their tents on the island since this summer, she says. “There is a real generation exchange taking place in Mallorca right now,” says Mentink. For the younger British, the epidemological situation in the Balearic Islands compared to Great Britain was an important factor in moving. Many of those who now decide to have their primary residence on the islands already owned a property here.

“Another aspect, also favored by the pandemic, is the new possibilities of working from home,” says Mentink. This makes it possible for many to travel to Great Britain only eight to ten times a year to maintain contacts and do the rest of the work The latter are mainly British from the middle and upper classes who can afford British private schools for their children or private health insurance. And for these people a disorderly Brexit is not a hurdle because they are doing well would register as residents in Spain, so Mentink. “The younger people have a different awareness.”

A hard Brexit will not change much for holidaymakers, however. Because the British do not need a visa for holiday trips to the European Union that are shorter than 90 days even after the end of the year, experts expect little impact on the travel activities of the British. Whether the numbers of British holidaymakers in the future will level off on those of the previous year depends more on how the corona pandemic continues, how strong the purchasing power of the British population remains in the crisis and how the British pound compared to the euro in general behave, so the résumé of a conference at the Chamber of Commerce in Palma.


Turkish police prevent march against sexist violence in Istanbul

Numerous feminist groups have done this Wednesday, November 25, 2020, International Day of Violence Against Women, protest marches in various cities of Turkey, although in the center of Istanbul the police blocked a demonstration for several hours and detained 10 activists.

The marches took place without incident in several cities of Turkey, such as Izmir, Manisa, Denizli or Gaziantep, as well as in the Kadik neighborhood and in the Asian part of Istanbul, where speeches Y shouts of protest they lasted into the night, reports the Turkish daily Evrensel.

However, the police prevented a rally before the mayor’s office in Ankara Y blocking a March in the central Istiklal Street in Istanbul, where feminists were trying to reach the iconic plaza at Taksim, once a typical place for political meetings but for years banned from any demonstration critical of the Government.

“We have been surrounded by the police for an hour and a half, who will not let us continue. They have arrested, or taken hostage, ten women,” denounced one activist in an anonymous video posted on social networks.

The feminists of Turkey have long been raising awareness in society against violence macho that is charged every year between 300 and 400 lives in this country of 80 million inhabitants, with 353 deaths so far this year, according to a platform dedicated to counting cases.

Senior officials of government proposed this summer that Turkey withdraw from the Istanbul Convention which obliges member states to establish laws and measures to tackle sexist violence, arguing that these norms are “contrary to family values.”

But the wide protests of feminist groups under the slogan “The Istanbul Convention saves lives” managed to get the Government to rectify and abandon the idea, promoted by Islamist sectors Y conservatives.

Various women’s platforms and the press have been working for the past ten years for the documentation e investigation from sexist violence, conducting complaints Y bells from awareness.

In Turkey, at assaults of boyfriends, ex-boyfriends, husbands, ex-husbands or suitors, those committed by parents or brothers are added to punish a girl considered “indecent” and wash away the family honor, tradition which causes between 12 and 15% of murders from women in the country.


Luque News | Digital newspaper of Luque and Paraguay | Storm: Family lived moments of terror and appeals to solidarity •

The tree fell on the humble house and caused material damage.

The young woman related that minutes of terror passed during the storm registered on Saturday night. The strong wind blew a tree over the house, causing significant material damage to the construction, mainly to the roof.

“I recently lost my job and now I pass these on to us. Thank God it was only material damage ”, explained the distraught woman.

It should be noted that the storm caused significant damage in Asunción and Central.

According to this Monday’s report from Public Relations of the National Police, the storm left three dead, two of them due to electrocution and one due to a falling tree.

In addition, thousands of people suffered damage to their homes, hospitals, sheds, service stations and even hangars in the airport area.