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Super League: quick knockout through “Brexit”

21. April 2021 – 6:35 Clock

Brexit in the billion league

In the end, that went almost faster than you can say “money rules the world”. The Super League is falling apart spectacularly less than 48 hours after the great football revolution was proclaimed.

English teams back down

Total implosion of the billion-dollar league: The new hyper-commercial event, the Super League, collapsed in an extremely spectacular manner two days after the great football revolution was proclaimed. All six English giants buckled in the storm of protest on Tuesday or Wednesday night and withdrew: Liverpool FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal FC and Chelsea FC. Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan should no longer be interested either.

The super league is effectively dead before it was brought to life, and meekly distance itself from its grandiose plans. “We will consider the appropriate steps to transform the project,” announced the organizers. However, it was unclear who was still behind the project.

Video: Haunted lasted 48 hours

The dominoes fall

Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Paris St. Germain had previously given clear and painful rejections. It was “absolutely the right decision” by the English clubs, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had already said on Twitter before the fall of the first domino, Manchester City: “I hope that others will follow.”

The project of the “Big 12”, twelve world clubs of the super-rich, pushed by JPMorgan, will become a misfire mocked around the world – with the clear winners FIFA, UEFA and the newly reformed Champions League, whose commercial changes the fans will now probably swallow with joy. At Stamford Bridge, around 1,000 Chelsea fans who had actually wanted to protest cheered.

Manchester City “can confirm that the club is withdrawing from the group developing plans for a Super League,” said the Premier League leaders in a one-liner a little later. The five other clubs followed suit. Manchester United chief executive Ed Woodward, a driving force behind the league, announced his departure.

Video: Pros and Cons of the Super League

Bayern and BVB refused to participate

The former renegades are unlikely to expect any harsher punishments. UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin extended his hand. “I am very happy to welcome City back to the European football family. You have shown great cleverness,” said the Slovenian. Until the turn of the century, it looked as if Real Madrid, Liverpool and the like wanted to do their thing against all odds – for that they were seen as a “dirty dozen”.

The fans of the German grandees don’t have to worry. Record champions FC Bayern Munich and, according to SID information, also Borussia Dortmund definitely excluded participation. “On behalf of the board I can expressly state that FC Bayern does not take part in the Super League,” said club boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and emphasized: “FC Bayern is in solidarity with the Bundesliga. For FC Bayern, the Champions League is the worldwide best club competition. “

BVB will definitely not play along in the construct. Internally, according to SID information, it is “set in stone” that the club will not join the plans. In any case, the club had neither an inquiry nor a concrete offer nor a deadline from the league. However, clear communication is difficult due to stock exchange law obligations.

The major football associations and their three newly elected top German officials had committed themselves to the common fight against the renegades. Legally, however, the rebels’ chances were assessed as good: “In my opinion, this should not be possible for UEFA,” said lawyer for sports law Christian Solmecke from the Cologne law firm “Wilde Beuger Solmecke”.

Nevertheless, the world association FIFA (with the new council member Peter Peters), the European Football Union (UEFA) with the re-elected Rainer Koch and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the executive and the German Football Association (DFB) sought the confrontation. At the end of their congress, the 55 members of UEFA unanimously passed a resolution against the Super League.

That was in the DFB sense. “The clubs and their junior teams should be excluded from all competitions until they think again of the many supporters who made them into the largest clubs in the world – and not just of their wallets,” said President Fritz Keller.

Real President Florentino Perez did not want to be threatened. “Madrid will not be thrown out of the Champions League, definitely not,” said the Spaniard, who was to be the ESL boss: “Not anyone else either. That is impossible. The players can also stay calm.”


SónarCCCB – Visit Barcelona

A new edition of SónarCCCB, the festival that connects creativity, technology and music. On this occasion, the stages where live music will be played will be expanded and the programming will be complemented with artistic video capsules, conferences, workshops, DJ sessions and installations. Some activities will be face-to-face and can also be followed online.


Intermodellbau – no boredom until November

The Intermodellbau trade fair in Dortmund was postponed from April to November. Then there: Tobias Wallbaum from the Plastic Model Club Dortmund

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“Plastic model making is much more colorful than olive green and NATO black”

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Auszeichnungen auf der „Euro Model Expo“

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Ein Troll für die Intermodellbau in Dortmund

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Fantasy aus dem 3D-Drucker

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X-Fighter aus „Star Wars“

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Mindestens zwei Stunden am Tag basteln

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Die Messe – der Verein – die Infos

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Sebastian Vettel wants to explore Great Britain after a career>sport>

17. April 2021 – 14:33 Clock

Professionally again in England more often

Sebastian Vettel has only been with a team based in Great Britain (again) for a few months, but his love for the island has already been rekindled. Because of his stressful job as an Aston Martin driver, there is no time for the four-time Formula 1 world champion to grapple with the country. Nature lover Vettel wants to change that after his career.

Lots of travel destinations in mind

“I’m looking forward to one day when I have more time to really explore a bit of Great Britain with my family, just to see all the places you’ve heard of over the years,” the 33-year-old told the British magazine “Radio Times”. The British kingdom is no longer completely new for Vettel, because the headquarters of the former Red Bull team are also located there.

Seb already has a number of specific destinations in mind for his exploration: “I haven’t been to Cornwall yet, I would like to get to know this part. I know the south a little, which is beautiful. I haven’t really been further north and into the Midlands Then there’s Scotland and Ireland. There’s a lot to see there, but that takes more than just an afternoon off. “

The German also sees many interesting aspects culturally. The British are “just funny” and there is a “broad sense of humor”.


Tennis-Nadal loses quarterfinals, Masters Monte-Carlo Tournament | Reuters

Men’s tennis, Masters Monte-Carlo tournament singles quarterfinals, third-seeded Rafael Nadal defeated third-seeded in the world (2021 Reuters / Eric Gaillard)

[Reuters]–The Men’s Tennis Masters Monte-Carlo Tournament held the singles quarterfinals on the 16th, and there was a turbulence in which Rafael Nadal (Spain), the third seed in the world ranking, was eliminated.

Nadal, who has won the tournament 11 times, succumbed to No. 6 seed Andrey Rublev (Russia) in 8th place 2-6, 6-4, 2-6. Rublev’s first victory against Nadal.

Daniel Evans (UK), who defeated world No. 1 Novak Djokovic (Serbia) the day before, beat 11th seed David Goffin (Belgium) 5-7, 6-3, 6-4. I put it in.

In addition, fourth-seeded Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece) and Kaspar Ludo (Norway) won.


F1 = Emilia Romagna GP free run, Kakuta is 7th | Reuters

Yuki Tsunoda of Alpha Tauri Honda, the second round of the F1 car race this season, was in 7th place with a time of 1’16.419 (2021 Reuters / Jennifer Lorenzini).

[Reuters]–The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (GP), the second round of the F1 car race this season, made two free runs in Imola, Italy on the 16th, and Yuki Tsunoda of Alpha Tauri Honda was the second. He marked 1’16.419 and was in 7th place.

Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas (Finland) marked the fastest time of the day at 1: 15.551 for the second time. Lewis Hamilton (UK), who is a teammate and boasts seven individual overall wins, came in second with a close margin of 0.010 seconds.

Kakuda’s teammate Pierre Guthrie (France) is third. Red Bull Honda’s Sergio Perez (Mexico) was 6th and Max Verstappen (Netherlands) was 14th.

Alpine (formerly Renault) Fernando Alonso (Spain) was 13th, and former champion Michael Schumacher’s son Mick Schumacher (Haas, Germany) was 19th.


Sports events in doubt due to the covid 19 coronavirus | Outside of Soccer

A year and a month ago the world collapsed. The pandemic forced organizations to postpone, postpone and in many cases cancel sporting events. The Olympic Games were not saved, the America’s Cup was not saved, some cycling races were postponed and in the case of Formula 1 a new calendar was needed. This year the situation may be similar, the vaccine has not set the stage for sporting events to evade the reality of the countries.

Now, being the middle of April, the calendars are about to undergo further changes, the Olympic Games were ratified and the Olympic flame has already begun its journey, however a senior official from Japan assured that the cancellation could be a reality, before the high infection rates.

The president of Argentina called for good sense, since the organization of the Cup is just around the corner and the South American country maintains its alert for the health emergency. Formula 1 canceled one of its great prizes and the Roland Garros calendar was run with the intention of being able to compete, France is no stranger to world news.

Olympic Games

The general secretary of the ruling party of Japan, Toshiro Nikai, said that the cancellation of the Olympic Games scheduled for this summer in Tokyo is “one of the options” in case the situation of the pandemic in his country continues to worsen.

27 sports are still pending qualification or scoring pre-Olympic tournaments for the ranking that will distribute the Olympic places, after the suspension by the IOC of the boxing pre-Olympic in America.
The qualifications will last until the end of June, which prevents the draw for pairings for Tokyo 2020 in disciplines such as rugby or beach volleyball.


The postponement of the Copa América 2020 was already a reality, this Thursday the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, announced the closure of shops and schools due to a record number of infections of more than 25,000 cases, and on the tournament he asked for a cool head: ” I do not want to frustrate the spectacle of the Copa América, but I want us to be very sensible, very careful. We have some time ahead to analyze and see how things evolve, to see how we can master the problem. “

The president added,: “The sports authorities have to act with great attention. What is happening in the Argentine soccer teams is a sample of what can happen when we leave Argentina to play in countries where the problem is more acute. still”.


The Roland Garros tournament will be delayed in the hope that an improvement in the epidemic situation in France will allow it to develop under more normal conditions, it will be held between May 30 and June 13.

The French Tennis Federation (FFT) made the postponement of the tournament official, that is, without changes to the scheduled dates, the objective of the organizers would be to be able to welcome more public in the stands if the restrictions due to the coronavirus were progressively lifted. Faced with the epidemic rebound that France has been suffering for more than a month, the Government established a regime of recommendations and restrictions planned until the end of the month.

The president, Emmanuel Macron, wanted to give the population perspectives by pointing out that all these restrictions would be gradually lifted from mid-May, in a scenario yet to be determined. Last year, Roland Garros moved from its traditional dates, between the end of May and the beginning of June, to September, also because of the covid.


The Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix, one of the classics of the championship and which was to be held this year on June 13, has been canceled for the second consecutive year as a result of covid-19.

The decision has been made by the Montreal health authorities after determining that even without the presence of the public in the stands, the celebration of the race poses a serious danger of spreading the disease because the team members would be in contact with hundreds of volunteers who make the Grand Prix possible.



Barcelona won with visitor authority

Barcelona has won with authority the victory of the always complicated visit to Gran Canaria Arena 92-74. Those of Jasikevicius dominated from the initial jump and managed to defeat Herbalife Gran Canaria in a resounding way, which, despite reaching the game with a streak of four consecutive victories, had no option against a superior rival.

The game was almost sentenced almost already in the first quarter. Mirotic (26 points in 22 minutes) quickly got into triplet mode and four of his six triples (a new personal best in ACB) came in the first quarter, which closed Barcelona with a resounding 17-31.

It did not take long for Montenegrin Adam Hanga to join the party (25 valuation), both being the best men of the clear Barça triumph who was able to dedicate the second half to continue putting Pau Gasol in the automatisms of Barcelona: 6 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists for Sant Boi in his scoring re-release in the acb.

Although the improvement over the first quarter has been remarkable, it has not been enough for Herbalife. Slaughter, Kilpatrick and Okoye put the points (38 among the three) and Diop the energy, but the distance was already too important to put fear in the body of Barcelona, ​​so the first defeat in five games was inevitable.

. Leandro Bolmaro (Barcelona): 0 points (0/1 in doubles), 1 loss and 1 foul in 7:55 minutes.

Official boxscore of the match


Anfield, a concert without music | What’s Up News

Liverpool, Apr 14 (EFE) .- The names of the groups that have played at the Liverpool Cavern Club appear embedded in the bricks around it, just as those who have led the great comebacks in the history of Anfield are etched in fire in the memory of the fans.

Oasis, Queen, Los Kinks, Arctic Monkeys … There are many bands and artists that crowd in the red of Mathew Street, a street that starts with a statue, like a ‘gargoyle’, of the Beatles, and that absorbs with the sound of its cobblestones, as each step gives off a note of the ‘Fab Four’.

It is an environment that for four months has remained silent. Four months in which the confinement of the United Kingdom turned off the bars and restaurants of the country, until this Monday it created a small thread of hope with the opening of the terraces. This will heat things up on the banks of the Cavern, located in the heart of Mathew Street.

The fights on its facade will be assured. Not by entering the mythical first stage -in the United Kingdom- of the Beatles, but because both Real Madrid and Liverpool fans will fight to see who can make the statue of John Lennon, quietly leaning on the brick, look for more time your scarf.

Although Lennon, now dressed in the colors of any team that passes through Liverpool, never identified with a particular jersey, as did his groupmates Paul McCartney, equally politically correct between Everton and Liverpool, and George Harrison. “If there was a third football team in Liverpool it would be that one,” Harrison said. Only Arsenal fan Ringo Starr broke the tonic.

The club of its takeoff, yes, will remain silent. There will be no visits to a temple that knows better than anyone what it is to be closed. Inspired by the jazz clubs of Paris and first opened in 1957, the Cavern disappeared from the map twice. One in 1973, ten years after the last Beatles concert, and another in 1989.

The first, motivated because the British ‘Renfe’ took over the buildings for the construction of the city’s metro and which ended with the reopening of the club in a new location; the second, because they lost their license after a client was attacked, putting their owners in jail.

To silence Anfield it has taken more than a fight or the wishes of expansion of the British railway. It took a global pandemic.

The throats that sang the ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ before and after Liverpool lifted a 3-0 to Barcelona in 2019 will have to stay at home. Or on the terraces of the bars adjacent to Anfield, but they will not be able to make a pilgrimage to one of the side doors of the stadium to receive their loved ones between flares.

Nobody’s hair will stand on end when the most epic anthem in the world of football stops playing on the stadium’s public address system and people pick up on the issue with their voices.

La caldera, the continuous concert that a meeting of the ‘Reds’ becomes, will give way to silence. It will be a concert without music. A match ‘a cappella. An instrumental version of one of the best songs ever.

A guitar solo played with the same coldness with which Mark David Chapman in 1980 curtailed the chances that the Beatles would ever return to the Cavern, the place they left in 1963 and to which Brian Epstein promised they would one day return.

Fortunately, Anfield will roar again.

Manuel Sanchez Gomez