DIRECTV Sports ™ | Juventus went ahead against Parma and remains in Champions positions

La Vecchia Signora lost from the start in Turin and finally turned it around, with Cuadrado participating in the last two goals, to prevent Napoli from taking his place towards the next Champions League.

Juventus He still has mathematical chances of fighting Inter in the fight for the title of the A league, but first of all you have to confirm your stay in the next Champions League and for that the result in favor obtained before Parma by 3-1 in Turin.

With the victory he went on to have 65 points and in a provisional third place, to scare away any attempt by Napoli (60), which this Thursday receives Lazio (58), for wanting to lower him from the first four privileged places towards the Champions League .

And the meeting did not start in the best way to wake up all the ghosts in Turin, as it happened in the eighth of the Champions League against Parma. At minute 25, the Uruguayan Gastón Brugman executed a free kick and the shot went over a Cristiano Ronaldo who did not jump over the barrier.

La Vecchia Signora was somewhat desperate to achieve equality and found it in a corner from the right that passed everyone, Matthijs de Ligt headed it towards the center and Alex Sandro took a violent left-footed shot for 1-1 at 43 ´.

The complement had the Colombian Juan Guillermo Cuadrado as a key assistant in the objective of completing the comeback. In the first moments, at 47 ‘, the coffee midfielder advanced on the right and waited for the exact moment to put the ball on Alex Sandro’s head, and at 68’ he took the corner on the left and Ligt’s Dutchman won as High to beat goalkeeper Simone Colombi.

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Atlético resigns from the Superliga

Joins Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Inter

Atlético de Madrid announced on Wednesday its resignation from the European Soccer Super League, after the meeting of its board of directors, which “has decided to formally communicate to the Super League and the rest of the founding clubs its decision not to finally formalize its membership of the draft”.

“Atlético de Madrid made the decision last Monday to join this project in response to circumstances that no longer exist today,” said the entity in a statement published at noon on its official website. having closely followed the different events that happened on Tuesday, with the abandonment of the competition of the six English clubs.

Last night, Manchester City -which was the first to reject their accession to the European Super League-, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham announced that they were abandoning the project, and this Wednesday Inter also did. . All of them were among the twelve founding partners, like Atlético, which also did the same this Wednesday.

“For the club, harmony is essential between all the groups that make up the rojiblanca family, especially our fans,” said the Madrid entity on Wednesday, whose decision to enter the European Super League had caused the rejection of an important part of its fans since Last monday.

In turn, Atlético said that “the first team’s squad and its coach (Diego Simeone) have shown their satisfaction with the club’s decision, understanding that sporting merits must prevail over any other criteria,” according to the entity 48 hours after announcing its adhesion to the project.


Barcelona surprises local Santos and beats him 2-0 | sports

SANTOS, Brazil (AP) – Barcelona surprised Santos on Tuesday, claiming a 2-0 victory as the Copa Libertadores group stage got underway.

Forward Carlos Garcés opened the scoring for the Ecuadorian team and full-back Pará scored on his own goal.

Garcés was assisted by Argentine striker Leandro Emmanuel Martínez and fired a strong shot in the area, with which he beat goalkeeper Joao Paulo in the 52nd minute.

The goal against Pará was born from an action by the Argentine nationalized Ecuadorian Michael Hoyos at 68. Hoyos crossed the area to Garcés but the ball ended up deflecting in Pará.

The duel at Vila Belmiro confronted Argentine technicians. Ariel Holan directs Santos and Fabián Bustos to Barcelona.

Santos, three-time champion of the Libertadores, was a finalist in the 2020 edition. However, he had to face two previous stages to qualify for the group stage.

And the men of Barcelona did not take long to show that the Brazilian team is not going through a good time. They dodged the intensity of the match better than their rivals.

The Strongest of Bolivia and Boca Juniors of Argentina will meet on Wednesday in the other Group duel.

Santos will visit Boca Juniors on April 27 and Barcelona will host The Strongest on April 28.


Uruguayan midfielder Giorgian De Arrascaeta scored Flamengo’s 3-2 winning goal from outside the area against local Vélez Sarsfield in a Group G match.

De Arrascaeta converted in the 87th minute at the José Amalfitani stadium in Buenos Aires. The other goals for the Brazilian team were the work of midfielder William Arão at 43 and striker Gabriel Barbosa, from a penalty at 62.

Left winger Lucas Janson achieved a double that had Vélez temporarily up front, at 21 and 54 minutes.

The Argentine club finished with 10 men due to the expulsion of midfielder Federico Mancuello in the 86th minute.

Unión La Calera de Chile and Liga Deportiva de Quito, the other teams in the group, will play on Wednesday.

Flamengo will wait for Unión La Calera and Vélez Sarsfield will visit Liga Deportiva de Quito on April 27.


Hernán Crespo’s Sao Paulo beat local Sporting Cristal 3-0 in a Group E match. Only in February did the Argentine strategist join the three-time Copa Libertadores champion.

Midfielder Vinicius opened the account at 17 minutes, Argentine striker Martín Benítez increased to 60 and attacker Eder closed at 81.

Léo Péle, from the Brazilian club, was sent off shortly before the end of the match at the National Stadium in Lima.

Atlético Rentista from Uruguay and Racing Club from Argentina will meet on Wednesday.

Racing Club will await Sporting Cristal and Sao Paulo for Atlético Rentista on April 29.


Argentinos Juniors reappeared in the Copa Libertadores after a 10-year absence, and beat Nacional de Montevideo 2-0.

Gabriel Ávalos got the first goal at 25 minutes and Emmanuel Herrera sentenced the match at 88, when the Bug was struggling due to the expulsion of Carlos Quintana at 81.

In other matches on Tuesday, Always Ready of Bolivia beat Internacional of Brazil 2-0, and Deportivo Táchira of Venezuela beat Olimpia of Paraguay 3-2.

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fixed payment, prizes for results, ranking of coefficients and ‘market pool’

The most important tournament in the world at club level, the Champions LeagueFor more than 60 years, he has seen how the different teams in Europe fight to proclaim themselves champions of the most reputable competition on the continent, or at least to be able to participate. Not only because of the prestige it grants, but because it is also the competition where the teams they can get more economic profit for the more than 2,000 million euros distributed by UEFA among the participants.

Specifically, they are 2,040 million that end up being distributed among the 32 teams that manage to access the Champions League, ensuring a minimum of 15.25 million as a fixed amount for each club. Both this and the rest of the figures increased since last season in which UEFA established its new profit system.

Regarding the awards for results, the competition increases the amount awarded to the teams as the phase progresses. In fact, not only for going through the knockout stages, but also for winning a game and even drawing in the group stage, the teams receive a good economic sum.

  • Group stage win: € 2.7M
  • Group stage tie: € 0.9M
  • Round of 16: € 9.5M
  • Quarter-finals: € 10.5M
  • Semifinals: € 12M
  • Runner-up: € 15M
  • Champion: € 19M

Another large part of the income of the teams in the Champions League comes directly from the so-called ‘market pool‘, the system by which each country is awarded or linked a value, based on its importance for television rights. A specific amount of the total 292 million willing, that each country receives and that distributes among their teams representatives in the competition.

This amount will be distributed in a 50% for teams based on the number of games played in the Champions League, Meanwhile he The remaining 50% will depend on the team’s classification in its domestic league. In the case of LaLiga, which has four different teams, the first classified takes 40%, the second 30%, the third 20% and the fourth the remaining 10%.

Champions trophy.

The last variable that conditions the income of the teams is the coefficient ranking, the last source of income that UEFA established, based on performance over the last ten years. A total of 585 million euros is distributed and divided thanks to the so-called ‘coefficient quotas‘worth 1.1 million each.

The last team in this ranking will receive a quota, and each position above will receive one more quota. That way, the team with the worst coefficient will receive a quota of 1.1 million, while the one with the best will receive 32, adding a 35.46 million maximum euros in this section.


LaLiga joins the UEFA campaign to put the finishing touches on the Superliga: “Win it on the pitch”

The Matchday 31 of the First Division arrives in the midst of the Superliga, with the three Spanish founding teams still involved (at the time of publication of this news) and a meeting this Wednesday that, if there were an audience in the stands, would be a perfect thermometer to measure the fans.

The Cádiz-Real Madrid at 10:00 p.m. It will be one where LaLiga shows the campaign that was already seen in the Premier League and that joins the cry launched by order of UEFA to support the Champions League in front of the breakthrough project of the Super League. “Earn it on the field!” is the slogan of the campaign.

This is the institutional message, and it is expected that the 17 teams will do the same as the English and also take the field with shirts with that phrase.

“From everyone and for everyone,” LaLiga says in the campaign presentation video on the day that matchday 31 starts (matchday 33 was played the previous weekend for the Cup final and matchday 32 will be next) .

“Effort, dedication, passion of teams and fans. For a football for everyone and for everyone. Win it on the field! Football belongs to the fans”, reads the impression on the video, with the logo of the Champions League at the end, in which it surprises among other things a shot of fans in the stands when it has been more than a year that it has been inaccessible.


And now that? From the Super League to the UEFA reform

A “Bring us back to our Arsenal” sign posted outside the club’s Emirates Stadium in London.

Less than 48 hours. It is the time that the Super League project has lasted as its 12 founders signed it on the fine line between a hectic Sunday of rumors and a Monday of reactions in a statement released at 00:08.

Of those 12 apostles of the great promise of football, the Premier League, the most powerful on the continental level, fell last night. And he did it en bloc, seamless, in one unparalleled waterfall of resignations. Thus, there are only 6 teams left in the project.

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The harsh words of Arsenal after leaving the Super League: “We were wrong and we apologize”

The decision was made two days after the team, along with 11 other European clubs from Italy, Spain and England, signed a statement in which they proposed the creation of a Super League, a project that collapsed shortly after.

For Agencies – J. Mejía | Apr 20, 2021- 20:15

The world of football has been in an earthquake in the last 48 hours, since last Sunday 12 teams from the leagues of England, Spain and Italy signed a statement announcing the birth of the Super League, a header to the current format of the Champions League , organized and carried out by the Union of European Football Federations (UEFA).

The promising league, which would initially be made up of Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham, Liverpool and Arsenal, by England; Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid, by Spain; and AC Milan, Juventus and Internazionale from Italy.

You can read: The Super League goes back a little more than 48 hours after its foundation: “We are going to redesign the project”

However, less than two days after its announcement, all English teams withdrew from the project, presumably for political reasons and under pressure from their own fans, who demanded and leaving the remaining six practically “abandoned”.

One of the teams that most echoed the request of its fans is Arsenal, which by means of a letter explained that they had been wrong and that, therefore, they apologized after having signed the statement on Sunday.

“As a result of listening to you (the fans) and the football community in general during the last days, we withdraw from the Super League proposal”, it can be read in one of the paragraphs of the letter.

In addition, in the same letter, the team assured that its initial willingness to belong to the Super League project was solely due to the desire to protect Arsenal as such, to achieve greater financial stability.

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The project, headed by the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, “would save football” as Pérez himself said during the Spanish program of El Chiringuito, however, neither the Spanish League, nor FIFA nor UEFA itself consider it appropriate. establishment of the competition and, even, they threatened to expel the teams and footballers from all official tournaments.

Earlier today, the six remaining teams (three from Italy and three from Spain) published a statement expressing that they would continue with the project that, if they saw the green light, would start with the six remaining founders and, apparently, 14 more teams. , in August or September.


English teams disengage from the project

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Not 48 hours have passed since the announcement of the creation of the European Super League and the twelve founding clubs have already had to meet urgently, electronically, to talk about what happened since the statement. The pressures exerted by UEFA, FIFA, Governments, Federations and even by other teams or players have led to this decision.

However, before the telematics summit one of the twelve decided to back down. This was none other than the Manchester City, which has already officially announced that it was abandoning the European Super League project. But this announcement has been followed by those of the rest of the English teams after the meeting. As for the Spanish, both Real Madrid What Barcelona O Athletic go ahead.

“Manchester City Football Club can confirm that it has formally initiated the procedures to withdraw from the group developing plans for a European Super League,” published the club. Etihad Stadium before the aforementioned telematic meeting of the founding partners.

Etihad Stadium Pennant


After the pressures exerted by the English Federation, Boris Johnson, the British Culture Minister and the fans, the almighty Manchester City has decided to be the first to step back. Something that the Prime Minister has subsequently celebrated.

UEFA has also issued a statement: “Ei am delighted to welcome the City back to the European football family. They have shown great intelligence listening to many voices – most of their fans – who have explained the vital benefits of the current system for European football. “

“City are a true asset for the game and I am delighted to be working with them for a better future for European football,” said a Ceferin who threatened Super League clubs on Monday with leaving them out of all competitions and with also leaving their footballers without playing with their national teams.


Manchester City was only the first, since England The pressure has continued for the rest of the teams in the Premier League follow in his footsteps. The staff of the Liverpool He already took part in the controversy by rejecting the Super League outright, while Chelsea fans protested in the vicinity of Stamford Bridge.

Petr Cech talks to Chelsea fans protesting the European Super League

Petr Cech talks to Chelsea fans protesting the European Super League


Even Petr Cech He had to leave the offices to try to tame the spirits of the followers blues. And it is that in the giant of the British Isles where they have most strongly positioned themselves against the European Super League. Meanwhile in Spain and in ItalyThe clubs are really committed.

After the meeting and through brief messages in TwitterOne by one the English teams have confirmed that they were abandoning the Super League project. The Arsenal wrote: “As a result of listening to you and the wider soccer community over the past few days, we are withdrawing from the proposed Super League. We made a mistake and we apologize for it. “

The Tottenham, for its part, published the following message: “We can confirm that we have formally initiated the procedures to withdraw from the group that develops proposals for a European Super League.” “Liverpool Football Club can confirm that our participation in the proposed plans to form a European Super League has been discontinued,” was the message from Liverpool.

Support in Italy

From Italy they have been impeccable with the first provision of the creation of the Super League. From the Juventus of Turin had talked Pirlo to confirm that Agnelli he had explained the entire project to players and coaching staff this Tuesday morning.

While the CEO of Milan, Ivan Gazidis, has sent a letter supporting the new league: “We are confident that this new competition will capture the attention of billions of soccer fans around the world and open an exciting new chapter for the sport. The Super League will add value and support to the entire football pyramid, with greater financial resources. “

Spaniards, go ahead

Like Milan, Juventus and Inter de Milan, the three Spanish clubs also go ahead. Pressure has also been exerted from different organizations in Spain, although the Government reached out to dialogue to achieve the best result for all.

During the day of this Tuesday it has been speculated that Atlético would have decided to disengage, but this was just another fake news that has surrounded the founding clubs of the Superliga. As for Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez He already supported the idea of ​​the new league as a savior of football.

[Más información: La entrada del Barça en la Superliga Europea depende de la aprobación de sus socios]


Chelsea draws and is among the top 4 of the Premier | sports

LONDON (AP) – Off the pitch, Chelsea have backed out of plans to form a Super League, spun off from traditional European tournaments. On the pitch, the London club moved into the top four in the Premier League, drawing scoreless against Brighton on Tuesday.

Those led by Tomas Tuchel looked harmless at Stamford Bridge, where they barely generated a clear opportunity against a visiting team that is threatened by relegation and that almost took the victory in the last 15 minutes, with a shot from Danny Welbeck that hit a stick .

The defender Ben White was expelled in the discounts by Brighton, after receiving his second yellow card.

With this point, the Blues were placed above West Ham on goal difference, in fourth place, the last to grant a ticket to the Champions League.

There were more reasons to celebrate outside the stadium for Chelsea supporters, who had gathered before the match to protest against the decision to join the new Super League, reserved mainly for elite clubs.

The kickoff was delayed 15 minutes as the Chelsea bus was delayed to reach Stamford Bridge amid protests. Petr Cech, Chelsea’s sporting director, got out of the vehicle to speak to outraged fans.

In a video disseminated through social networks, it is heard that some fans call the exporter a “traitor”.

Later, when reports emerged that the English club was withdrawing from the Super League, it was possible to see several fans jumping and celebrating. During the match, Manchester City became the first club to confirm that it was withdrawing from plans around the new tournament.

And after the match, it was practically a fact that all the English clubs covered by the original initiative have abandoned it.

Chelsea was preparing the documents to formally disengage from the Super League, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press. That source requested to remain anonymous because the club has not yet sent the announcement of its decision to the organizers of the new competition.

Brighton moved seven points out of the relegation zone. They have also played one game less than Fulham, the team in the third to last place.

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Hours and where to see Leicester City

Next Thursday at 9:00 p.m. the match of the thirty-second day of the Premier League will be played, which will measure at Leicester and to West Brom in the King Power Stadium.

The Leicester City faces wanting to recover points in the match that corresponds to the thirty-second day after suffering a defeat against him West Ham in the previous match by a score of 3-2.

Regarding the visiting squad, the West Bromwich Albion won against Southampton at home 3-0 and previously had also done it at home against the Chelsea by 2-5.

Focusing on performance as a home team, the Leicester City He has a record of seven wins, seven losses and one draw in 15 home games, which shows that he is losing points in his fiefdom, giving the visitors hope of achieving positive results. In the role of visitor, the West Bromwich Albion he has won twice and been defeated nine times in his 15 games so far.

Previously, there have been other clashes in the fiefdom of the Leicester City and the results are two defeats and two draws for the locals. Likewise, the visiting team accumulates four games in a row without losing away against the Leicester. The last match that both teams played in this competition was in September 2020 and ended with a 0-3 result in favor of the Leicester.

To this day, the Leicester City it is ahead in the standings with a difference of 32 points compared to its rival. The team of Brendan Rodgers He comes into the game in third position and with 56 points before the game. For their part, the visitors are in nineteenth position with 24 points.