A Star Wars video game, based on an open world, is being developed by Ubisoft

It seems that Ubisoft brings good news for fans of the Star Wars universe. And it is that the company, through its Massive Entertainment studio located in Sweden, has announced the development of a video game based on this franchise which has been said to be open world.

In this sense, no details have been offered about the moment in which this game is expected to be launched, nor about the platforms on which it will be released or the part of the Star Wars universe in which its development will focus.

What you do know about it is that it will be built with the help of Ubisoft’s snowdrop engine, which is known to be the architect of the technology involved in the creation of The Division series.

In an event held this week, Disney took the initiative to rename its games division Lucasfilm Games, seeing this as the beginning of a new era.

From there, the company announced that, in addition to being working on the development of Ubisoft’s Star Wars game, they are also launching the creation of a video game about Indiana Jones, a task that would be in charge of the Bethesda MachineGames studio.

In the past, the EA studio became the main developer of the video games that set the standard within the Star Wars franchise and that resulted in games such as the open world Jedi, Battlefront, Fallen Order and Squadrons, a space combat game released last year.

Disney stated that its relationship with Ubisoft will continue even when there are other developers working on creating Star Wars video games.

For his part, the vice president of Lucasfilm Games, Douglas Reilly expressed the following: “We are very proud of the games we have created with EA [..] We will continue to work with them and our relationship has never been stronger. Although we don’t have many details to share at the moment, we have several projects underway with the talented teams at EA.»


Star Wars: Writer Confirms Pod Racing Exists During The High Republic Era

In case you weren’t aware, Star Wars will launch a series of stories focused on the time of The High Republic. These stories can be enjoyed through graphic novels, comics and more, and today a fact was confirmed that fans of the prequels will certainly appreciate.

In accordance with Charles Soule, one of the writers for these novels, pod racing did exist during the times of The High Republic:

Pods existed in The High Republic. They have always existed. And as they have always existed, people found a way to make careers with them. “

This does not necessarily mean that we will see any of these races in these future stories, but as I said before, it is somewhat relevant information for fans of the franchise.


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Rodolfo Leon

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Feldherr MINI PLUS bag for Star Wars Armada: Separatist Alliance Fleet Starter Set + Squadrons | commander

As Count Dooku said: “Fire as soon as you are ready.”

With this Feldherr MINI PLUS bag, filled with individual foam inserts especially for the fleet starter set and the star fighter squadron expansion of the Separatist Alliance, you are ready for it anytime, anywhere.

The set offers space for:

  • 1 munication-class frigate
  • 2 Hardcell class space freighters
  • 4 Vulture-class droid fighter squadrons
  • 8 Separatist star fighter squadrons (2 squadrons of hyena-class droid bombers, 2 squadrons of tri-droid fighter, 2 squadrons of Belbullab-22 star fighter, 2 squadrons of Vulture-class droid fighter)
  • Maps, plastic bases, handrails / fins, ship markers, rulers, relay discs and command wheels

The set includes:

  • 1 Feldherr MINI PLUS bag
  • 1 half-size foam tray for 2 hardcell class space freighters + 1 munificence class frigate including accessories (HSMFAU050BO)
  • 1 half-size foam tray for 12 seasons (HSDT050BO)
  • 1 half-size foam tray for playing cards, dice and other accessories (HSMEQO050BO)
  • 1 foam topper

The big ships in your fleet get their own deposit. The large compartment is tailored precisely to the miniature for the frigate of the munitions class. Surrounded by soft foam, the filigree parts of the miniature are spared from damage. The colors of the painted model are also reliably protected against scratches and abrasion.

Two additional compartments are available for the two space carriers of the Hardcell class. These are tailor-made for one model each including a handrail.

There is also a large compartment for the ship’s bases. The holding fin can also be placed here. The ship cards and markers can also be stored here if necessary. There are still two round and four narrow compartments for storing command and push wheels and other accessories.

To stow the droid fighter squadrons from the starter set and the 8 miniatures from the Armada expansion pack “Separatist star fighter squadrons” you will find the matching compartments on the second foam tray. Each of the 12 series miniatures including bases has its own compartment.

A third foam insert is provided in the package so that the accessories are properly housed. There is enough space here to sort cards, dice, markers and other accessories.

Finally, the supplied foam topper ensures that your fleet is securely packaged all around and survives the transport to the gaming table undamaged.

You can easily carry all of this in the MINI PLUS bag. This consists of particularly hard-wearing material and ensures that the figures are protected from external influences on the way. You have additional space for storing writing materials and other small items in the inside pocket with zipper. A label can be stored in a transparent compartment on the outside of the bag, on which you can write down your name or the contents.

Dimensions of the MINI PLUS bag:

  • Innenmaße: ca. 275 mm x 172 mm x 150 mm
  • Außenmaße: ca. 300 mm x 200 mm x 160 mm

Each of the 3 foam trays has the dimensions: 275 mm x 172 mm x 50 mm total height (40 mm usable height + 10 mm base)

  • high-quality, fine-pored foam – Made in Germany
  • chlorine-free and acid-free


Star Wars Legend: James Earl Jones Celebrates 90th Birthday – Entertainment

James Earl Jones in appearance in New York City Photo: acepixs / ImageCollect

“Star Wars” legend James Earl Jones celebrated his 90th birthday with strawberry cake. There was also a “Happy Birthday, Dad” from Luke Skywalker, among others.

James Earl Jones turned 90 on January 17th. The actor celebrated with a piece of strawberry cake, as he did “USA Today” about the celebrations betrayed at his home in upstate New York. Jones also stated that he will act “while I can,” adding that he feels “fantastic and grateful”: “When I look back on my life and my long career, I am so proud of my work and mine Achievements. I love getting older and wiser, “he said.

The film star will soon be back in a new film. “The Prince of Zamunda 2” will be released on March 5, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. James Earl Jones will be there again as King Jaffe. Jones also appeared in numerous other successful films, such as “Conan the Barbarian”, “Hunt for Red October” or “The Cartel”. In addition, his trademark, his deep, distinctive voice, helped him to great fame, which he lent, among other things, “Star Wars” villain Darth Vader …

Ein “Happy Birthday, Dad” von Luke Skywalker

There were also numerous congratulations from the “Star Wars” community on social media for the “most iconic voice in the universe”. Mark Hamill (69) aka Luke Skywalker shared on Twitter several photos of Jones, adding, “Happy Birthday, Dad. Thank you for a lifetime of excellence!” And “The Wire” star Wendell Pierce (57) added: “Happy 90th birthday to James Earl Jones. One of the greatest artists of our generation. May you be forever blessed.”


the series of the moment starring Pedro Pascal

We talked with the members of Star Wars, Manuel Avendaño and Soledad Fierro, to address in detail the success of the series The Mandalorian, starring the Chilean-American actor, Pedro Pascal.

This production belonging to the saga of The War of the Galaxies, had a good reception from the public, which will allow Disney perform another three new series.


TLOU Co-Creator Launches Criticism Against Games Based On Movie Franchises

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums

Yes, Naughty Dog’s most recognizable name may have been Neil Druckmann for years, but the foundations of the recent era of the star PlayStation studio were built in part by another very prominent creative, Bruce Straley. Both gave rise to The Last of Us, they were part of Uncharted and they saved that franchise when Uncharted 4 got into trouble. As a result, Straley deemed it enough of AAA games and withdrew, but that doesn’t mean he is not aware of video games and recently gave a statement to speak of.


Bruce Straley does not agree that there are so many IP-based games for cinema or TV

A couple of days ago, millions of players were surprised when Lucasfilm Games, a new brand that will encompass video games from Star Wars, announced that an open world title of the franchise was in development by Ubisoft, which meant the opening of the franchise to other companies and the beginning of the end of the exclusivity agreement that was entered into with Electronic Arts. Following this announcement, Geoff Keighley, producer of The Game Awards, highlighted the new games that are in development based on major franchises in the entertainment world, such as 007 IO Interactive, that of Indiana Jones Bethesda and this game of Star Wars from Ubisoft.

Well, unexpectedly, one of the responses to this post came from Bruce Straley, who pointed out to Geoff, in relation to his question about the dream collaboration that the players would like, which is not really any since he thinks that “The video game industry needs the talent and money to go into creating new content and new IP, as well as investing in AAA innovation.”

Straley’s response was recognized by Twitter users, some of whom pointed out that what they want in video games is to live new experiences and learn about new franchises, not to see the content that already exists in the cinema or on TV through series or animation.

What’s your opinion about it? Could the industry indulge in overuse of licenses to try to ensure outreach and sales instead of supporting new projects?

Tell us in the comments and stay with us at LEVEL UP.



OMG! Baby Yoda becomes an LGBTQ + icon

The most lovable character in the galaxy has been embroiled in controversy and now Baby Yoda becomes an icon LGBTQ+, we tell you why the character of ‘Yellow’ is causing a stir on social media.


Actually this adorable fictional character is called ‘Yellow‘and is the protagonist of the new Disney + series called ’The Mandalorian’.
This production by director Jon Favreau (also director of the live action ‘King Leon’) arrived on Disney’s new streaming platform in 2019, and in it we see the story of a ‘bounty hunter’ (played by Chilean actor Pedro Pascal ) who spends endless adventures trying to protect the life of a little ‘jedi’ boy, who is of the same species as the well-known ‘Master Yoda‘from the saga of Star Wars.

Due to the enormous resemblance between the ‘Master Yoda‘ and ‘Yellow‘, the fans decided to name it Baby Yoda, but this little baby’s real name was actually revealed in late 2020.

From the beginning of the series ‘The Mandalorian’, the little alien became everyone’s darling. The obsession for ‘Baby Yoda‘drove millions of people around the world crazy, that despite never having seen the series or being a fan of Star Wars they became admirers of ‘Yellow’.


What is the lightsaber used for?

new uses of lightsabers star wars the high republic alta republica 0

Lucasfilm / IMDB | Star Wars

A lightsaber does not make the Jedi in Star Wars, but it is certainly a great help to have one on hand, due to the multiple uses that the guards gave to these fine weapons.

Jedi In Attack Of The Clones Star Wars
Jedi In Attack Of The Clones Star Wars

In several movies and series, we saw that lightsabers are their main weapons for the Jedi, and we even witnessed how Obi-Wan scolded Anakin on a couple of occasions for playing with such a precious artifact.

“A noble weapon, for more civilized times”

The main use of lightsabers is obviously attack, but they are also very useful to protect their user from blaster shots, to open impenetrable doors or even, as we saw with the Inquisitors in Rebels, they work like an improvised helicopter.

In Light of the jedi, the first book of the High Republic era, they revealed an ancient use for the Jedi saber that surely no fan expected.

The High Republic is the period in the galaxy that occurred 200 years before the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo (The Phantom Menace), and is characterized as the period of greatest prosperity for the Republic, mainly due to the heyday of the Jedi Order.

avar kriss light of the jedi the high republic star wars
avar kriss light of the jedi the high republic star wars
Disney Books

At that time, Jedi truly felt like the protectors of peace, as they had full control of the Force, were noble, and always put the safety and well-being of others before their own.

The new use of lightsabers (old, in this case), comes from Avar Kriss, one of the most powerful and respected Jedi masters in the High Republic.

avar kriss star wars high republic 2
avar kriss star wars high republic 2
Star Wars

For Avar, his emerald-colored lightsaber with a cross-hilt is not just a weapon, it is an instrument he uses to connect with the Force.

Avar is a Jedi expert in natural ties to the Force, as she has the ability to hear the Force as if it were a song.

avar kriss star wars high republic
avar kriss star wars high republic
Star Wars

The Jedi Master uses the Force to spin her lightsaber in the air, and the faster she does so, the sooner a noise is created that becomes a Force song, described as Light of the Jedi.

“The weapon began to turn, slowly, like a mill blade. It made a sound as it moved through the air, a low, monotonous hum. Avar breathed in, inhaled, exhaled, and the blade sped up slowly. “

ahsoka and the jedi padawans laser lightsaber
ahsoka and the jedi padawans laser lightsaber
Lucasfilm / Star Wars

«The tone of its passage through the air changed, it was no longer a low hum but a higher tone, a lovely round note. The lightsaber moved faster, its blade now too fast to see; a circle of green light with a shiny metallic center.

It was beautiful, but Avar closed his eyes. She didn’t need to see. He needed to listen. His lightsaber wasn’t just a weapon. Here, now … it was an instrument »

From the beginning, it was made clear in Star Wars that Jedi have a very special connection to their lightsaber, thanks to the kyber crystal inside, but the song of the Force makes that connection even deeper.

Ava Kriss, her lightsaber and the Force unite in perfect harmony, and they fight to protect a cause they deem just.

New Jedi Revealed In Star Wars The High Republic
New Jedi Revealed In Star Wars The High Republic
Star Wars

In the High Republic the Jedi had spaceships that only they could pilot, since a lightsaber is needed for them to work.

These small data, and others that will be discovered as the other stories of the High Republic become known, are the evidence that shows that the Jedi in the time of Anakin Skywalker were very disconnected with the Force, and that they were far from being the true ones projectors of the peace of the Republic.

Take a look at this:


Director Patty Jenkins’ timing – news

15.01.2021 02:26Up

Basically, from all relevant points of view it is against any logic to let the film play according to TROS – we already had the topic here in “XL” * wink * !

But now something fell on my feet … What if Dennis Lawson gets his big Harrison-Ford-TFA moment here (… just without death, please * rolls her eyes * !)?

What if he let himself be persuaded by Ewan while he was drunk, his former “SW annoyance” – or whatever that was * Dry version * – Throwing it overboard, having Disney / Lucasfilm pay you princely!

Pure speculation: Was that why he was seen as Wedge in TROS? Could only ER fly a T-65 X-wing in Jenkins’ film? With which the logo would then have its “authorization”, no matter what the flight students prefer under their bum.

If you now add its enormous importance for the entire rogue squadron topic of the past … You can’t get around Wedge in terms of fan service – and you still have the original actor available in a fit condition.

As I said – I don’t really believe in it, but THAT would be the ONLY acceptable reason for me to put this “SW x Top Gun” event on the timeline after TROS!


Bethesda is developing an Indiana Jones game! – News

Well, this is no doubt a surprise, but a pleasant one: As has just been announced, Bethesda Softworks (in cooperation with MachineGames) is officially working on a new video game from our favorite adventure franchise, which is all archologically fantastic Indiana Jones.
The game is produced by games industry icon Todd Howard, otherwise there is still no tangible information, neither on content, platform, or any involvement of Harrison Ford, but a neat little teaser that audibly appeals to our sense of nostalgia.

A new Indiana Jones game with an original story is under development at our studio @MachineGames and is being produced by Todd Howard in collaboration with @LucasfilmGames. It will be some time before we can reveal more, but we’re very excited to share today’s news!

So you can see that yesterday’s announcement of the new Lucasfilm Games label was not a day too early and that the big words were followed by deeds, now the only thing missing is the same kind of surprise announcement for a corresponding one Star-Wars-Title.

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