U24 News | Crazy weather: How will the conditions be to close November?

Good day! After having a weekend with highs that exceeded 30 ° C, the temperature in the City of Buenos Aires drops again. We have a Monday with cool weather and clear skies. It feels a bit chilly on the last day of November, we actually returned to 12 ° C. How is the weather the rest of the week?

Although the sky is clear, we have a fresh and even cold morning in the City of Buenos Aires, something quite curious after having had a Sunday with 30 ° C. We detail how the weather will be the rest of the week.

Data from the National Meteorological Service 11/30

Now: 12.5 ° C

Minimum: 12 ° C

Maximum: 23 ° C

Chance of Rain: 0%

Humidity: 65%

Next forecast

Tomorrow we start December with very cool weather and partially cloudy skies.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, instability returns to the City of Buenos Aires.

For that day there are chances of rain in the afternoon and we will have a maximum temperature of 30 ° C.

As of Thursday, conditions return to normal until the weekend with mostly clear skies.

Also, the countdown begins to officially begin summer and end the year.


They inspect the Kambuca Production Unit in Trujillo for the revival of agricultural activity

The governor of Trujillo state, G / J Henry Rangel Silva, inspected the Kambuca production unit, in the El Progreso parish, La Ceiba municipality, with the objective of evaluating the work carried out in these spaces for the re-impulse of the alliances that boost agricultural activity.

He stressed that this production unit has an area of ​​500 hectares, all prepared and suitable for planting, so that “fortunately, an important agreement has been reached between the private sector and the National and Regional Government, with businessmen from Turkey for the development of these hectares in areas as important as musaceae (banana or plantain) and fruits such as milky ”.

He also ratified the importance of promoting food production from these spaces within the framework of the Great AgroVenezuela Mission “this production unit is capable of employing all the inhabitants who live here; that represents progress and well-being for the people, higher incomes and above all that we are producing food for the rest of the country ”, says a press release.

He assured that agreements are being developed between the Agricultural Social Production Units (Upsa) of the Candelaria and Carache municipalities, with national producers “we are committed to production in our country and to give impulse to those who from the good intention that they place their capital, their assets and their experiences to make the earth productive. We are also in talks with investors from India who have some perspectives to come to produce here, this would strengthen international relations and even more to the Trujillo countryside. “

For his part, the administrator of the Kambuca Production Unit Roberto Lorenzo, indicated that since last March the reactivation of the company began, which was closed for some years and that they have made significant progress despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our main project is to sow 500 hectares of bananas in this production unit, but while we can import the plants from abroad, we have a 30-hectare milky planting at this time and we hope that by December we will start producing. (…) We continue to bet on Venezuelan agriculture, we remain optimistic that things will improve and we are very confident that we will be able to achieve the banana export project to Turkey, “he said.

Likewise, he recognized the support that the Trujillo State Government has given them with the machinery, which has been used for the preparation of the land “in the cultivation of the 30 hectares of milk we have two workers per hectare. But when we start with the plantation of bananas there we would need one person per hectare. It means that we would have 500 people when the project was closed ”.




U24 News | Weather: Clear sky, although for many it is a dark day

This Thursday 11/26 we will have warm weather, with mostly clear skies and a temperature that will reach 26 ° C. There is no chance of rain, although for many the day is gray and even stormy due to the death of former soccer player Diego Armando Maradona. What is the forecast for the other days? We detail it to you.

According to the SMN we will have a Thursday with little cloudiness and a temperature that will reach 26 ° C in the City of Buenos Aires. The weekend the chances of rain return, although some feel that they are already in the middle of a storm due to the death of Maradona. Photo: NA

Data from the National Meteorological Service 11/25

Now: 18.4 ° C

Low: 18 ° C

Maximum: 26 ° C

Chance of Rain: 0%

Humidity: 34%

Next forecast

By Friday we will have mostly clear skies and a maximum temperature of 27 ° C.

Meanwhile, on the weekend the chances of rain return.

They are low, there is a 10-40% probability that a downpour will fall in the City of Buenos Aires.

Rain could appear in the afternoon and evening, both on Saturday and Sunday.


Flights from Caracas to Bolivia, Iran, Turkey and Russia will open :: La Prensa de Lara


U24 News | The good weather today is a taste of the weekend

Good day! After a somewhat unstable Wednesday, today 11/19 we will have warm weather, mostly clear and sunny skies in the City of Buenos Aires. There is very good visibility and excellent weather conditions that will last until next Tuesday 11/24. That means, we will have a beautiful long weekend, hot, by the way.

Excellent weather conditions for this Thursday 11/19: Warm, sunny and clear skies. Today there is no chance of rain, nor for the long weekend to come. Photo: NA

Data from the National Meteorological Service 11/19

Now: 17.1 ° C

Low: 17 ° C

Maximum: 25 ° C

Chance of Rain: 0%

Humidity: 75%

Next forecast

Tomorrow 11/20, the good weather conditions will continue in the City of Buenos Aires.

The temperature will oscillate between 16 ° C and 24 ° C.

Meanwhile, the weekend – apart from being long – we will have excellent weather.

The heat is getting closer and closer, on Sunday 11/22 we will have a maximum temperature of 30 ° C, the same as for Monday 11/23 (holiday).

There is no chance of showers until next Tuesday 11/24.


Trump 2024 | El Heraldo

After consecutive defeats at the hands of Obama, the Republican party carried out an electoral autopsy. They came from losing the popular vote in the last five elections. As the Republican voter aged, Reagan’s party did not connect with a more diverse young voter. They had 34 out of 50 governorates, the pragmatism and restraint of the governors seemed the model to follow. A Social Conservatism that gave Bush the victory: seeking the Latino vote, strengthening the female vote, and denouncing inequality. Four years later none of this happened but the opposite. Trump showed up, broke all the rules, and won.

In the first presidential election, George Washington was the sole candidate, despite attempts to make him king of the United States. This revolutionary leader declined, accepted reelection alone, and retired to his estate on Mt. Vernon. Emulating Washington, no president sought more than one re-election until FDR won four in a row. After his death, a constitutional reform prohibited more than two terms. Technically, Trump is still alive by the year 2024.

For the second time the polls failed, Biden won, but it was tight. In the polls, the Democrat won Florida, North Carolina, and Texas: it did not happen. Their national victory that they said was 8% was 3%. If 72 thousand votes, only 0.04%, had voted differently in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, everything would be different. In 2016, 100,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan were. Without the economic impact of Covid, Trump had a chance to win. Trump’s score showed he has votes.

No Trumpist senator in a vulnerable state lost. Lindsey Graham won by 16% despite the $ 100 million that was donated to defeat him. Even Susan Collins won in Maine where Biden was victorious. In the chamber, Republicans have regained six seats. A resounding victory for Biden, not only had electoral consequences but for the future Republican. Republicans who looked like Trump won.

In the United States, former presidents do not participate in day-to-day politics. Beyond attending the convention of their parties and going to some campaign events, the tradition has been not to participate. It is likely that Trump will not give up and be active. Today the Republican party was made in his image. Not only did 93% of Republicans vote for him, but the party turned ideologically towards him. Mitch McConell and Kevin McCarthy back up his retelling claims. The base is with him, most likely he will aspire again.

Biden is a friend of Colombia, he was decisive for Plan Colombia. In Congress, strengthening budget support and the double taxation agreement are within reach. The relationship has to evolve beyond the coca planting data or our usefulness to invade Venezuela. If Biden legalizes cannabis, there is a lot to rethink.

Despite the uproar over our alleged meddling in US politics, we forget that the US president got into Colombian domestic politics. Even attacking Colombian politicians for their electoral benefit. If Trump is going to be rolling and with a chance to return in four years, we have to be more sophisticated than ever.


Lodi knocks on Cholo’s door hand in hand with Brazil

What does Lodi have to do to win the job with Cholo Simeone? Act as you did in the meeting between Brazil and Venezuela. The winger was one of the best in the field and many media in his country issued positive reviews about his performance.

This could serve you to win integers against your coach at Atlético de Madrid. At the end of the day, being one of the most prominent in a national team implies, therefore, being among the fittest in an entire country, and it is not just any team, but the ‘Canarinha’.

As rojiblanco, the defender he was not in the win against Cádiz nor in the away victory against Osasuna. He did have opportunities in the Champions League: he faced Lokomotiv Moscow and RB Leipzig.

To also be vital at Atlético, will have to pass in front of Mario Hermoso, which has been taking minutes away from him lately. If he manages to be at the level he boasted with the Brazilian National Team, what is certain is that Cholo will think about it.


South American qualifiers: why doesn’t Neymar play against Venezuela?

The forward arrived with muscular discomfort; finally Tite decided to remove him from the call.

They did not give him the times. Although he tried, Neymar was dropped from the Brazilian squad for the matches against Venezuela and Uruguay, for the third and fourth dates of the South American Qualifiers.

The Brazilian suffered a discomfort in the adductors in PSG’s match against Basaksehir of Turkey, in a 2-0 victory in the Champions League. Although the French team had warned that the forward would not be ready until the first days of December, the Brazilian National Team decided to make the attempt. Finally, the player was released due to the evidence that the times did not give (the meeting with Uruguay is next Tuesday).

Initially, the plan was to rule him out for the first match and see if he could make it to the second. Brazil’s problem at this time is in injuries: Philippe Coutinho (Barcelona), Fabinho (Liverpool), Rodrigo Caio (Flamengo) and Éder Militao (Real Madrid) were left out due to different physical complaints.

Brazil has six points in the Qualifiers, after beating Boliva and Peru in the first two rounds. Initially, Tite would put Firmino, Gabriel Jesús and Richarlison on the court in attack.


U24 News | The princes AMD, Nvidia, Apple and ARM invade the Kingdom of Intel

AMD, Nvidia + ARM and Apple are shaking the Intel realm, taking advantage of its stumbles – Specter and Meltdown – and big developments of its own: the new AMD Ryzen 5000 are superior on desktops, and Apple with its architecture-based M1 chips ARM is a battering ram against the x86-64 architecture in the laptop world.

Intel’s stagnation in the 14 nm chips and the delay in the jump to 10 nm is striking. Not to mention the 7 nm that they also have programmed, a lithography that they are already using at AMD, and it bases their success.

Intel was founded in 1968 by Gordon Moore (chemist and physicist) and Robert Noyce (physicist and co-inventor of the integrated circuit) when they left Fairchild Semiconductor. The other key character was Andy Grove, another chemical engineer, who ran the company for most of the 1980s and the high growth period of the 1990s.

Their success began modestly when they got Japan’s Busicom to order microprocessors for their programmable calculators. Engineer Ted Hoff designed a revolutionary chip that could be used in many other devices without the need for redesign.

It had potential and Intel decided to buy back the rights from Busim for $ 60,000.

In 1971 the first microprocessor was born: Intel 4004, a set of 2,300 transistors that executed 60,000 operations per second at US $ 200.

Then came the Intel 8008, Intel 8086 and 8088, selected by IBM for its IBM PC and in 1982 the Intel 80286 appeared, equipped with 134,000 transistors and the first to offer software compatibility with its predecessors.

In the meantime, “Moore’s Law” appeared, which states that every 2 years the number of transistors in a microprocessor doubles.

And William Gates built the “Wintel”, personal computers based on the Windows operating system, from Microsoft, and a microprocessor from Intel, with x86 architecture: computing grew rapidly.

In June 2005, Intel reached an agreement with Apple Computer to provide processors for Apple computers, with dual-core Intel Core Duo processors.

The brake

But one day Intel ceased to be the once innovative company.

The firm that dominated the world of PCs with a firm hand missed the opportunity to get into the iPhone and dismissed the relevance of the mobile world.

In recent times it is said that the Kingdom of Intel is in trouble, reeling. And there are very firm competitors, with the voracity that the market hunger grants.

For starters, AMD, which has achieved the new AMD Ryzen 4000 in laptops and AMD Ryzen 5000 in desktop PCs, which have grown a lot in gaming.

Intel’s stagnation in the 14 nm chips and the delay in the jump to 10 nm is striking. Not to mention the 7 nm that they also have programmed, a lithography that they are already using at AMD, and it bases their success.

Then, graphics card maker Nvidia, in 2020 has invested $ 40 billion to acquire ARM, a threat to Intel (and AMD). It is a potential bet for PCs and laptops, just as Apple does with its M1.

Meanwhile, ARM has just presented the Cortex-A78C for laptops also thinking about the leap from mobile phones or tablets to more traditional equipment when it comes to working and producing.

A no-minor question is whether the Apple M1s are all that Apple promises because they could challenge ARM in gaming equipment, and Qualcomm and Mediatek.

Apple broke the deal with its traditional partner, Intel, and went its own way. Will their promises be true?

Apple M1

“(…) Apple is making claims about batteries that I would characterize as “bombastic at best” if applied to a laptop with an Intel chip inside. With this M1 chip, I don’t have any frame of reference except Apple’s claims, which are substantial.

Apple claims 18 hours of video playback on the MacBook Air and 20 hours on the MacBook Pro. Video playback is a bad metric (especially since modern chips are optimized for it), so what to keep in mind is that those claims are significantly higher than what Apple claimed about its Intel-based predecessors: 6 more on Air and almost double on Pro.

But to be frank, I was expecting big announcements from Apple on battery. We already knew that it could extract more performance per watt than Intel and that translates directly to battery life. What I didn’t expect is how optimistic the company would be about performance.

Since the M1 is based on the ARM architecture, Apple needs an additional layer of software to run applications designed for Intel chips – it’s called Rosetta 2. The very idea of ​​x86 applications emulated on an ARM processor gives me hives. The experience of Intel applications emulated within ARM on Windows is not great. But Apple says that for certain graphically intensive applications you can get better performance on an application running through Rosetta 2 than on an equivalent Intel chip. (…)”.

We will see. As read, there are many processes to verify.

Now, if Apple’s expectation is true, the microprocessor market will be worse than Game of Thrones, and no one is assured of ruling the 7 kingdoms.


U24 News | Forecast: Weekend promises to end dry weather

Good day! Today we will not have major changes in the climate compared to days gone by: the drought continues, although the humidity in the City of Buenos Aires is already beginning to rise. In fact, by the weekend it is anticipated that there will be a brake on the dry weather. According to the SMN, instability will return and some isolated showers are expected, the probabilities are low but we hope it will cool down.

This is how we will see the sky tonight, announcing that isolated rains are coming for Saturday and Sunday at dawn. We detail the weather conditions for this weekend. Photo: Télam

Data from the National Meteorological Service 11/13

Now: 19.9 ° C

Low: 18 ° C

Maximum: 26 ° C

Chance of Rain: 0%

Humidity: 80%

Next forecast

After several weeks of intense drought, instability will return this weekend in the City of Buenos Aires.

According to data from the SMN there are probabilities of rain for Saturday afternoon and night (10-40%) and Sunday at dawn (10-40%)

It only remains to know if the forecast will be fulfilled, because the drought is already worrying.

Now, as for the temperatures, they will be the following:

Saturday 11/14

-Minimum: 19 ° C

-Maximum: 25 ° C

Sunday 11/15

-Minimum: 17 ° C

-Maximum: 24 ° C