USA under “post-fascist moment”: Trump leaves, but his seeds remain

Now that Donald Trump has lost the election, it is important to do a forensic analysis of what went wrong with American democracy and, at the same time, acknowledge its “antibodies.”

Because although Trump has been definitively defeated, the caudillo continues to expand his attacks on democracy, denying democratic electoral procedures and promoting a kind of coup attempt, ridiculous and probably failed.

Specifically, Trumpism increases its possibilities for the future through what it has always done, denying reality and promoting the delegitimization of democracy in pursuit of the wishes and mobilizing myth of its leader. Thinking of his triumphant return, Trump presents himself not as the loser that he really is, but as a victim of treason. Propaganda wants to rewrite history through deliberate fiction, but fact-based history continues its course.

In this framework, we must not only ask ourselves what went wrong and what was right in the analysis of the antidemocratic phenomenon that this American leader represented, but also think from the past experiences of authoritarianism about the possible paths of Trumpism. In particular, what are his future chances in power, either through a new candidacy in 2024 or through “neo-Trumpism” in the future.

A losing battle should not be equated with a total victory. This was exactly what Hannah Arendt warned about in June 1945. The German-Jewish philosopher believed that fascism had not ended after her defeat and that the seeds of the fascist international were well planted globally and in South America in particular. . Arendt was able to clearly envision the continuity between classical fascism and the democratic reformulation of fascism that was populism.

From Juan Perón in Argentina to Silvio Berlusconi in Italy, populism left behind the constituent elements of fascism such as xenophobia, absolute repression, propaganda techniques and totalitarian dictatorship. However, the new populisms, led by Trumpism and closely followed by Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, Viktor Orban in Hungary and Matteo Salvini in Italy, have taken up many of these fascist elements, with the exception of course of the dictatorial dimension.

Trumpism, like these new populisms, can be defined as the “post-fascist moment” in which the freedom to think was replaced by a mixture of freedom to shop, racism and xenophobia, fascist-style lies, free pass to ignoring their own health and that of others and being totally obsessed with the leader.

The costs of this conception were many, and often lethal. Trump’s years in office have been a disaster from the point of view of democracy, which has been deeply denigrated but certainly not destroyed in the fascist style.

It is true that democratic institutions are relatively stronger than in the past, and yet we must not assume that they are so formidable as to reject the return of Trump, or future Trumpists on duty, such as his daughter Ivanka Trump, or Mike. Pence or Senators Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton or Ted Cruz. With or without Trump, democracy will again be attacked from within. Despite its failures, Trumpism will remain a feature of American politics.

We must think that leaders like Trump were possible because democracy manifested itself to society as less participatory, contemplative in the face of injustice, and elitist. In other words, against extreme right-wing populism, democracy needs to be more just and representative.

Constitutional democracy must defend itself against fascism and Trumpism, but it must also expand, be supportive and be less unequal. Based on its recent history, it is possible to say that Trumpism proposes for the future a terrible and implacable opposition, neither deliberation nor dialogue: more lies and conspiracy theories, the mobilizing myth of an unjust and “false” defeat and perhaps, more militarization of politics and violence and the insistence on the cult of its leader as a redemptive figure who constantly needs to be redeemed from the electoral failure and future judicial processes against him.

Finally, let’s stop at this point.Will Trump be investigated for gross negligence in the line of duty, and even promotion of diseases in conditions of a national and global health pandemic, and also for the alleged cases of corruption and incitement to repression and violence?

It is too early to predict whether the future Biden Administration will not oppose these options to solidify democracy and provide a warning to future Trumpists.

The opposite case is Gerald Ford’s famous presidential pardon of Richard Nixon for his crimes not to be investigated, which seem tenuous compared to the legal muddles that Trump may face. One thing is clear, past histories of democratic reconstruction teach the need for the defense of legality and legitimate politics to go hand in hand.

Federico Finchelstein is a history teacher at the New School in New York. Doctor of Cornell University and taught at Brown University. He is the author of several books on fascism, populism, the Holocaust, and dictatorships. His new book is A Brief History of Fascist Lies., a plural project that disseminates content produced by experts in Latin America.

The multimillion-dollar inheritance left by Diego Armando Maradona

After the sudden death of the world champion in Mexico 1986, the Argentine press turned their eyes on what Maradona left for his relatives.

Mradona had stated some time ago that: “I tell everyone that I am not going to leave anything for them, that I am going to donate it. I will donate everything that I ran in my life “he said there in 2019.

According La Nación newspaper from Argentina, “The fortune and inheritance that Maradona left is incalculable even by the famous Forbes review, which has never been able to estimate exactly how much the ex-Boca Juniors estate was, so the appraisal of his belongings is a mystery.”

However, the publication reveals data such as the contracts that Maradona had when he died: As a coach of Gymnastics and Fencing in La Plata, his link with the sports brand Puma, as well as with companies Konami Y EA Sports for the use of his figure in soccer video games.

“On the other hand, in Belarus, where he had a brief stint as honorary president of the Dínamo Brest club, he was honored with two luxury goods: a 300,000 euro diamond ring that he used on various occasions during his time as Gymnastics coach; and an amphibious tank, specially designed for the army, called Hunta Overcomer with 2.61 meters high and 4.50 meters long that weighs 2.3 tons, has capacity for seven people and can float in the water “they add.

“The remembered department of Segurola and Havana, in Villa Devoto, plus another in the same neighborhood; an apartment in Puerto Madero; a house in Nordelta where her sisters live; and a house in Bella Vista that he acquired and gave it to his ex-partner Rocío Oliva and her family. On the other hand, Diego would have four of his own cars acquired in the country and two of high value in Dubai that were given to him during his time as coach of Fujairah FC: a Rolls Royce Ghost for 300,000 euros and a BMW i8 for 145,000 euros “, they asserted.

From today to Monday: cold weather and strong local stormy rains

From today to Monday: cold weather and strong local stormy rains – InfoMarruecos

In a special weather report today, the General Directorate of Meteorology (DGM) announces cold weather and locally strong thunderstorms from Saturday to Monday in several provinces of the Kingdom.

Thus, a cold climate that varies between -5 / 0 ° C and 4/10 ° C is expected from Saturday to Monday in the provinces of Al Haouz, Azilal, Beni Mellal, Midelt, Ifrane, Khenifra, Sefrou, Taourirt, Figuig, Tinghir, Boulemane and the reliefs under Ouarzazate and Errachidia, the DGM says in an orange level alert.

Locally strong thunderstorms will affect Safi, Sidi Bennour and El-Jadida provinces on Sunday from 00:00 to 10:00.

According to the bulletin, local moderate thunderstorms will affect the provinces of Essaouira and Agadir-Ida-Outanane on Sunday between 9 am and 3 pm, while tonight moderate rains will also be forecast in the provinces of Larache, Tangier-Asilah and Kenitra. .

These stormy downpours can be accompanied hail in some places, warns the same source.


Photo de Said jedidi

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Merkel’s double crisis | Lost in EUrope

28. November 2020

What remains of last week’s EU policy? A double crisis that has it all. Boris Johnson and Viktor Orban challenge the EU, Chancellor Merkel has to fix it. Can she still do it?

These are the two most important topics of the German Council Presidency: A trade agreement with the UK to bring Brexit to an end – and the new, “historic” financial package, which also includes the Corona development fund.

Now both are on the brink. And Chancellor Merkel is running out of time.

Merkel stayed barely more than four weeks to bring both issues to a good end. Her council presidency ends on December 31st. December 10th is the last EU summit of this year. “The clock is ticking”, once again.

That it is a serious, even existence-threatening double crisis, also admits the “Süddeutsche”.

For editorial writer S. Kornelius “At the end of the German Council Presidency and at the end of Angela Merkel’s chancellorship, the European double crisis turns into a real test of survival.”

Populists and nationalists would have it in their hands “Hard to damage the European idea.”

Cornelius sees the double crisis as a consequence of “Populist nationalism” and fear “A bitter end to the Trump nightmare”. However, the two issues have precious little to do with Trump.

Brexit started several months before the 2016 Trump election, and Orban has been a problem for a long time too. But Merkel never wanted to face these issues. She did not take any initiative during her presidency either.

This is now taking its toll. At the moment, I would not bet that Merkel will manage to defuse the double crisis and save her European legacy …

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Scottish government is confident of achieving independence from the UK

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said this Saturday that “she was never more sure” that the British province would gain independence, a few weeks before Brexit becomes a reality on January 1.

“Scotland is now a nation about to make history. Independence is clearly in sight: With a common goal, humility and hard work, I have never been more sure that we will achieve it, “said Sturgeon at the opening of the congress, virtual due to the coronavirus pandemic, of the Scottish National Party (SNP) that he leads.

Read here: Danish government would unearth slaughtered minks due to contamination risk

Even though “our main objective must continue to be the elimination of covid-19 from our territory, Scotland must be prepared for what comes next, “he added from his home in Glasgow. The independence movement regained strength after London’s criticized handling of the new coronavirus outbreak.

The SNP appears to be in a strong position ahead of the local elections next May and could win many seats in the decentralized parliament of Holyrood, responsible for making their own decisions about education, health and transportation.

Sturgeon promised in September to set the terms and date of a second referendum on independence. of the British province before the elections, despite the refusal of London.

In 2014, a referendum was already held and 55% of Scots voted to stay in the UK.

Read also: Director of Ideam, new spokesperson for South America before the World Meteorological Organization

Since then, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson repeatedly ruled out allowing Scotland to hold a new referendum, arguing that it is a vote that occurs “once per generation.”

But Nicola Sturgeon argues that Brexit has changed the context for the Scots. The British province voted overwhelmingly in 2016 against leaving the European Union.

Brexit officially entered into force on January 31, 2020 and will become a reality on January 1, 2021, at the end of the transition period.


Weather alert for La Plata with some gusty storms and probable hail

According to the report issued by the local Directorate of Hydrometeorology, “the Risk Attention Level is raised to ‘Yellow’ due to strong storms with gusts and occasional hail” during the day today.

In this context, the municipality initiated an action plan that includes the articulated work of the different communal areas and includes permanent monitoring and control of streams, as well as the cleaning of drains and storm drains, to prevent and avoid inconveniences.

Together, the Hydrometeorological System devices remain active, allowing data to be obtained in real time on the behavior of streams, the amount of rainfall and the status of the storm drains.


Faced with this prognosis, citizens are recommended to circulate cautiously on public roads, not to touch cables or utility poles, and to remove flowerpots or other objects that may fly off balconies and windows.
At the same time, it is advisable not to remove the waste, taking into account that it can cause the obstruction of the drains and prevent the normal runoff of water, causing flooding in streets and sidewalks.

It is also recommended to be attentive to the official information channels: the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the Municipality of La Plata; the official website of the commune; ‘MLP Civil Defense’ on Twitter and Facebook; and ‘Clima MLP’ on Twitter.

In the same way, it is recalled that in emergencies residents may contact 103 Civil Protection and 911 of the Police; While to make claims or orders, they can do so at the 147 service line.

Climate APP

It should be noted that the residents of the city have at their disposal the APP ‘Climate MLP’, with which they can inform in real time about the forecast and the particularities of the weather that occur in each of the neighborhoods and, in this way , be aware of the meteorological alerts issued by the Commune in each situation; know the recommendations according to it; and know exactly how much it is raining in each neighborhood.

In addition, the ‘Clima MLP’ app is provided with useful numbers to go to emergencies, such as the Fire Department, Civil Protection, Prefecture, Neighbor Service and Ambulance (SAME).


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Opinion: Boris Johnson’s ugly Trump similarities are chilling

When reading It Was All a Lie: How Did the Republican Party Become Donald Trump? by former Republican operative Stuart Stevens , a fierce new critique of what the party has become under Donald Trump , I found myself asking a question: how much could be applied to Boris Johnson and the game Conservative que ha creado?

Yes, yes, I know. The United States and the United Kingdom are not “two countries divided by a common language” and it is ridiculous to pretend that we are. The political and cultural contexts are very different.

But that doesn’t change the fact that there has long been a transatlantic exchange of ideas between the center-right parties of the two nations and there are some disturbing parallels in the rise of Trump and his demotion from the Great Old Party and the rise of Johnson. . and the degradation of conservatives.

Stevens, part of Project Lincoln, that small but noisy group of Republicans who were never Trump, who produced some of the sharpest attacks on the party in the run-up to the US elections, traces the roots of Trumpism and asks if he or anyone as he was not always lurking at the end of the line given the GOP’s direction of travel.

He’s refreshingly honest about his own role. For example, it takes us back to his first campaign in Mississippi, a Democratic stronghold at the time. The ads he created prominently featured an independent African-American candidate with the goal of alerting black voters to his presence and diverting their votes from his man’s Democratic opponent. It worked.

The failure of Republicans to understand the hostility of African Americans toward them (Stevens says they refused to confront the fact that their policies were at the root of their party’s problem) is a theme that runs through the book. It is an issue that I initially put aside when I began to spin the comparison in my mind for context. The drivers of Nixon’s infamous “southern strategy”; segregation, the Jim Crow laws of the old Confederate states, the civil rights struggles of the 1960s, they don’t exist in a British context.

But then I spent some time bathing in the Twitter-verse of the British right wing. Then I had to take a real shower. What was clear from that nasty exercise is that there is some extrapolation.

There are many conservatives willing to fan the flames of Islamophobia, for example, by opening or whistling dogs. Trump has done this, but the conservative version, which his leaders refuse to acknowledge even when they piously criticize Labor issues with anti-Semitism, is arguably more developed and putrid.

There is the same fierce opposition to immigration, including legal immigration, which is used as a (thin) cover for racism. He played an important role in a Brexit campaign that was dominated by Johnson and his allies.

Remember the “full” poster by Nigel Farage. Yes, I know it was not a conservative creation. Farage is not a conservative. But he helped steer the party in a direction similar to that of the Republicans and often served as a convenient escort for Johnson and his friends on Vote Leave through their willingness to say the things they didn’t want to say for fear of scaring. to the most moderate. voters.

Let’s not fool ourselves. Conservatives have some of the “white grievances” that Stevens criticizes in the Republican Party, and they have armed it very effectively under Johnson, whose previous columns have featured starkly racist language.

Britain, thankfully, lacks anything like the American religious right, with its hypocritical embrace of tragically flawed leaders who preach do what I say, not what I do and have even the most grotesque sins forgiven by their devoted followers, in a process that has reached its zenith with Triumph.

But conservatives have certainly sacrificed so-called principles in the cloak of convenience and victory, Stevens lashing out at Trump’s Republicans for doing the same.

They have attacked many of the institutional strongholds that make Britain what it is; the civil service, the BBC, the nation’s international agreements, the judicial system. Trump sought to co-opt the latter with his appointment of conservative justices. Johnson has plans to simply sideline the judiciary in order to protect ministers from judicial review. The rule of law is for the little people.

With Brexit, a party supposedly committed to free trade abandoned the largest free trade zone the world has ever seen. The union is hanging by a thread. Voter suppression is on the menu with plans to reflect the Republican voter identification laws that were detailed in Queen’s speech last year.

I must continue? Rare moderate Republicans rise or, when popular like northern governors, are ignored. Johnson ruthlessly purged moderate / sensitive conservatives in the last Parliament.

He is not as dominant as Trump. Do you want to be a Conservative MP? You’d better sign up for Brexit, but there is more debate on other issues. Johnson has struggled with his backbenchers, even with a majority of over 80. At times this has come from his right flank, such as the opposition to Covid restrictions that some have shown. Unlike Trump, who hardly has a flank to the right, Johnson is not a denier of the virus.

His chancellor, Rishi Sunak, went into deep debt during the pandemic and enacted measures like the Job Retention Plan that a Republican would never imagine tolerating. He’s been showing signs lately that he’s worried about his debt and is even contemplating tax increases. Trump’s Republican Party has abandoned its alleged fondness for fiscal responsibility, although it may suddenly return with Joe Biden in the White House. Tax increases are anathema. Your elected representatives routinely subscribe to the Grover Norquist “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”.

Some of Johnson’s problems with his party stem from a more liberal background. You wouldn’t expect to see one of today’s Republicans resign over international aid budget cuts like Baroness Sugg did this week, nor would you expect to see an outbreak in the party over the refusal to provide free school meals during the holidays as happened here. .

Johnson is often said to have emptied the Conservatives. However, these incidents would indicate that his church is even larger than that of its transatlantic peer.

But that doesn’t make reading Stevens’s book in the context of where Britain stands any less worrisome.

The similarities that exist are unpleasant to behold.

The most disturbing passage in the book is when Stevens compares Trump’s behavior to the four warning signs of authoritarian behavior proposed by the authors of How Democracies Die .

They are a rejection, in words or actions, of the rules of the democratic game, the denial of the legitimacy of opponents, tolerance or the encouragement of violence, the will to restrict the civil liberties of opponents, including the media .

Trump, he says, ticks all the boxes. The evidence for what you propose is compelling. American commentators have expressed fear that a more competent successor could easily have strangled the nation’s democracy. It could still happen.

I cannot unequivocally argue the same case against Johnson, although he has certainly had his moments and some of his behavior, his actions, his plans, his parallels with Trump, are chilling enough.

Trump pays 3 million for another recount in Milwaukee … and Biden gets even more votes

Present The percentage of error found was 0.0008%

Trump pays 3 million for another recount in Miwaukee … and Biden gets even more votes


Coronavirus: Uruguay registers a new record of cases and suspends the Carnival parades

The country exceeds its worst record that had been last Sunday Source: LA NACION

Uruguay has registered this Friday 186 new infections of coronavirus, which represents a daily record of cases that is registered on the same day that it has been decided suspend the 2021 Carnival parades due to the health risks involved.

With these figures, the country exceeds its worst record that had been last Sunday, according to the local newspaper ‘El País’.

Nowadays, there are 1122 active cases in the country, a record in the pandemic so far, taking into account that, since the first case arrived, the country has detected 5,303 infections of which 4,107 have recovered and 74 died.


Also, this Friday they announced that there will be no carnival parades, one of the most deeply rooted traditions in the country, especially in Montevideo, site of one of the most culturally recognized carnivals in America and the world.

For now, the Carnival contest is still on. In it, different types of groups sing and perform stage numbers in which, using the background of their costumes, they tell a story or parody reality.

The organizing committee of the event is working on a security protocol which, for now, will include trials without an audience.

DPA Agency

According to the criteria of

More information