NEITHER MESSI NOR CRISTIANO NOR PIRLO NOR RONALDINHO NOR BECKHAM: Hakan Calhanoglu chose the footballer who would give the most important free kick in history

Some time ago, in a relaxed dynamic with the official AC Milan media, to Hakan Calhanoglu They asked him to choose a footballer (without considering himself) who would give the most important free kick in the entire history of the planet.

And no, he did not stay with Lionel Messi’s left foot.

Not with the magic of Ronaldinho, the power of Roberto Carlos, the effect of David Beckham, the particular style of Cristiano Ronaldo or the mastery of Andrea Pirlo.

When presented with an exercise in which he had to select his ideal kicker to execute the most crucial free kick in the world, the Turk replied: “JUNINHO”.

How impressive was Juninho Pernambucano taking free throws? Well, 44 of his 100 official goals with the Lyon shirt, the club in which he stood out the most in Europe, were in this way. In addition, in the UEFA Champions League, he served with free-kick annotations to clubs such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

And, well, another piece of information that further confirms the Brazilian’s legacy in this area is that Andrea Pirlo confessed that he was the player he had as a reference to improve in the collection of set pieces.

Undefeated Data. 10 of Juninho’s 18 goals in the UEFA Champions League were from a free kick. First-rate specialist.

Did you know..? Juninho fouled goalkeepers like Oliver Kahn, Iker Casillas and Víctor Valdés in the UEFA Champions League. He also showed his punch in the top club competition in the world.

Undefeated data. Nobody has more assists (8) than Hakan Calhanoglu so far in this Serie A. He is establishing himself as the orchestrator of AC Milan.

Did you know..? Hakan Calhanoglu has scored 11 goals in the 51 games he has played for the Turkish national team. International class midfielder.

Source: AC Milan (Youtube).

Government and City Council analyze street violence in Barcelona

The Generalitat of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council address this Monday at noon in a meeting, headed by Vice President Pere Aragonès and Mayor Ada Colau, to discuss the prevention measures to be adopted in the face of the escalation of violence in the streets of the city after the protests to demand the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasel. Meanwhile, businessmen and hoteliers demand that the Administration respond forcefully to the serious altercations in recent days.

After thirteen days of protests In support of Hasel and the subsequent riots, one of the most serious incidents occurred on Saturday when a group of violent men threw all kinds of objects at the Guardia Urbana police station located on the Rambla, and burned a van of the body parked in front of to their headquarters, with an agent inside, who was able to get out the other side of the vehicle, and they set fire to several bank offices.

The meeting, convened at 1:15 p.m. at the headquarters of the Department of the Interior, will also be attended by Aragonès and Colau, the Minister for the Presidency and spokesperson for the Government, Meritxell Budó, the Minister for the Interior, Miquel Sàmper, and Lieutenant Mayor of City Council Security, Albert Batlle.

Already this Sunday, the Government showed its concern at the escalation of violence “unbridled and unprecedented” that was taking place in Barcelona. The Minister of the Interior, Miquel Sàmper, warned that “now we would be talking about a dead person” if on Saturday the Urban Guard van that set fire to explode.

Entrepreneurs call for an end to public disorder

On the other hand, the pReoccupation due to serious incidents is extreme among Barcelona merchants and businessmen, especially those who have their businesses in the center of the city, repeatedly damaged by destruction and looting during the protests.

For this reason, they call for an end now to the public disorders produced after the demonstrations and consider that the altercations on Saturday suppose a “qualitative leap” that must be cut “before it gets out of hand”.

Speaking to Efe, Luis Sans, president of the Paseo de Gracia Merchants Association, an entity that brings together some 180 establishments on this emblematic road, said that “the assault on a barracks” marks a before and afterIt is an action that has not been seen so far in any of the disturbances registered in other European cities and that represents “a risk that the country will get out of hand”.

“There is a qualitative leap,” Sans remarked. “A police station has never been attacked, neither in the riots in Paris nor in those in Eindhoven a month ago. Nowhere in Europe has a police station been attacked. Here we already have the Vic de los Mossos police station -on February 16- and, last night, the Barcelona police station “, belonging to the Guardia Urbana.

The The Barcelona Hotels Guild has also condemned the serious damage in the NH hotel located on the Rambla de Catalunya, where flammable liquid was also thrown, and has considered “inadmissible that the competent administrations do not show a firm and unequivocal position and attitude against these events”, thus allowing “that they happen “.

The Catalan police found that the incidents were developed Violent organized groups of 15-20 hooded people, which used pyrotechnic material and gasoline to burn banks, establishments, containers and the Urbana vehicle. Despite the violence of the actions, the Mossos never used foam balls or carried out charges against the rioters.


Erdogan will announce the Plan of Action on Human Rights

The Plan of Action on Human Rights prepared by the Ministry of Justice will be released by the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, this Tuesday, March 2.

The event, which will begin at 1:30 pm Turkish time at the Presidency’s Beştepe Nation Culture and Convention Center, will be attended by the leaders of the political parties.

The president of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM), Mustafa Şentop, presidents of the Supreme Judicial Power, members of the Presidential Cabinet, representatives of the non-Muslim community, ambassadors, representatives of the United Nations, European Union, Council of Europe, will attend. European Court of Human Rights, NGO directors, rectors, deans, academics, lawyers and journalists.

The ultimate goal of the plan is “to draw up a new and civil Constitution.”

The Plan of Action on Human Rights (PADH) will be the act of Turkey’s basic policy.

It will contemplate the legislation and administrative activities on the basis of legal predictability, transparency and legal responsibility.

Various transformations are planned in property rights, rights granted, the principle of personal responsibility for the criminal and criminal act itself, and the presumption of innocence, areas that the same plan strongly emphasizes.

Barcelona goals and adds his second victory in LigaPro 2021

The day of this Sunday, February 28, ended with a 3-0 victory for Barcelona against Técnico Universitario, at the Monumental.

The Guayaquil team dominated in the first minutes of the match. In the scheme of Fabián Bustos stood out in the game by the bands with great actions from Byron Castillo, on the right, and Leonel Quiñónez, on the left.

Damián Díaz’s goal came precisely from the left side. After a band change by Carlos Garcés, Quiñónez enabled ‘Kitu’ by means of a header and the Ecuadorian nationalized Argentine opened the scoring.

In the complement the actions of danger decreased, but Técnico tried to tie and left spaces between the lines. A) Yes, Byron Castillo increased the difference receiving a long ball from José ‘loco’ Cortez and defining as a forward.

The final 3-0 was made by Sergio López at 91 ′. A great shot from the ‘yellow’ striker leaves Barcelona with six points and second in the local tournament, below Emelec by goal difference (seven for the blues and six for the current champion).

League could not against Olmedo

Despite the possession and dominance of the ball, the ‘university’ team could not beat Olmedo at the Riobamba Olympic Stadium.

Those led by Pablo Repetto advanced their lines in the last 15 ‘of the complement to beat the local goalkeeper, Gabriel Cevallos. Nevertheless, the young goalkeeper covered all the shots and danger actions of the ‘albos’. Thus, the Riobamba team rescued a 0-0 draw at home.

Mushuc Runa surprises in the Model

October 9, who played their first home match at the Alberto Spencer Model Stadium after his return to Serie A, he lost 1-2 to Mushuc Runa.

The box of the ‘ponchinto’ practically had the game in their favor, after the two goals converted by Jonathan Bauman (26 ′) and Jacobo Kouffati (40 ′), of criminal.

The ‘Super 9’ could also discount via the penalty at the end of the first half, but Joao Paredes missed with a deflected shot. Anyway, in discount minutes José Fajardo scored 1-2 final.

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Turkey marks six years since the death of renowned writer Yaşar Kemal


Six years have passed since Turkey lost the legendary author Yasar Kemal, a prolific and outspoken intellectual, the first Turkish candidate for Nobel Prize in Literature.

Ayse Semiha Baban Gokceli, president of the Istanbul-based Yaşar Kemal Foundation, tells Anadolu Agency that several events will be held this year to honor the memory of the renowned writer who died on February 28, 2015 at the age of 92.

The group that pays tribute to the intellectual was established in 2016, a year after Kemal’s death. According to its director, the foundation promotes the points of view, values ​​and positions of the writer on freedom, equality, their love for humanity and nature, as well as respect for cultural differences.

Gokceli, who is also the widow of the writer, quotes Zulfu Livaneli, writer, musician and one of the founders of the group, who assured that this organization was created “so that the literature and character of Yasar Kemal could be seen more deeply and passed on to future generations. “

“The Yaşar Kemal Foundation is also a tribute to both the memory and the work of the great master,” says the author’s widow.

Yasar Kemal was born in 1923 in Osmaniye province, in southern Turkey, he is of Kurdish origin and was known for his fight against oppression and his defense of minority rights. He earned international recognition for his 1955 novel ‘Memed my hawk‘. The book has been translated into some 40 languages ​​around the world and also earned him a nomination for the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1973.

Various corners of Istanbul will remember the famous writer with various events. For example, Istanbul’s Sariyer Municipality will host an event with writer and musician Zulfu Livaneli, author Selim Ileri, pianist Idil Biret, and actress Turkan Soray, who will share their memories with Kemal. Furthermore, the Buyukcekmece City Council will hold a panel discussion on the late author and the city seen through his eyes. There will also be panel discussions and readings of Kemal’s works in other Turkish cities.

The voice of those who are not heard

According to Gokceli, Kemal, who was born at the dawn of the Turkish Republic, lived through the main landmarks of Turkey and was a keen observer and narrator of this momentous time. “Yasar Kemal did not have much private archive, probably due to some effects of the circumstances of his life”. “I did not keep things like letters, notes and diaries. However, the study of various national and international publications and press provides rich material.”

“We have received support and contributions from many private archives in this regard,” added the director of the Foundation, who cited the memories of many other people who lived through these periods. He adds: “We have been able to record some of them using the oral narration method.”

Yasar Kemal was dubbed the “voice of those who cannot make their voice heard,” Gokceli explained, adding that the records would also serve as an archive of those who crossed paths with Kemal, but could not make their voice heard.

Gokceli also highlights the promotion that the famous author made of education as a way to encourage creativity, as well as the importance of including literature in the lives of young people. In fact, he quoted the author: “knowing people is based on recognizing creativity, which is one of the greatest characteristics of human beings. Understanding nature and human relationships, living nature makes more sense today than ever.”

The group also supports and organizes many activities to help foster young people’s love of reading and the development of creativity, as well as free, independent and autonomous thinking, he added.

Literary heritage

Feridun Andac, a Turkish essayist, tells Anadolu Agency that he considers Kemal a narrator of the language of the world. Andac, author of Yaşar Kemal’in Sozlerinde Yasamak (Living in the words of Yasar Kemal, 2003), describes the famous writer as a “storyteller of the earth” who tells the story of humanity’s existence from the point of view of geography, culture, places, its people, traditions, customs and stories that happen in everyday life. “In other words, when Yasar Kemal is translated into another language and read, it actually conveys feelings that are not alien,” he says.

Kemal left a legacy of 26 novels, 11 essays, nine interviews, various short stories, and poetry.

Andac says that when you read Kemal’s “Little Nobody” trilogy (1980-1991), you read “both the story of his family and the 200-year tragic history of Turkey and its drift, its migrations, wars and the drama of humanity in war, fear, how people feel affected by fear, and how they face the mountains. “

Noted Turkish writer and translator Azra Erhat once called Kemal a ‘son of Homer’, the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey.

According to Andac. “One end of Yasar Kemal’s narrative goes back to the Homer epics, another to the Epic [de la antigua Mesopotamia] from Gilgamesh, and another to Don Quixote, from Cervantes’s narrative “.

According to the Turkish essayist, those who want to understand Kemal’s work should start with his “Little Nobody” trilogy, a triptych of works difficult to find in languages ​​other than Turkish. “It’s his own story, and in a way, it’s the story of his life.”

“Everybody starts with ‘Memed, my hawk’ [una novela en cuatro partes publicada en 1955, 1969, 1984 y 1987], but his tetralogy ‘The story of an island’ is also important, an epic of a narrator who defends peace against war, “he adds, referring to a series of novels completed in 2012, a few years before Kemal died.

* José Ricardo Báez G. contributed to the writing of this news.


Barcelona beat the University Technician 3-0; ‘Kitu’ Díaz scored a great goal














He made a ‘hat’ to a rival and then he took a volley shot. With that play, Damián Díaz scored his great score in Barcelona SC’s 3-0 victory over the University Technician, this February 28, 2021. as many were from Byron Castillo (75 ‘) and Sergio López (90 + 1).
The match was played for the second date of Serie A of the Ecuadorian Soccer Championship, in the Monumental stadium of Guayaquil.
Barcelona started with the initiative and kept the greatest possession of the ball in their control. In the game, he had 63% of the ball against an opponent who remained in block to stop the attacks of the Canaries and waiting for a counterattack.
Barcelona advanced with its attacks, until, at minute 3, The ‘Kitu’ Díaz received the ball, made the ‘hat’ and scored with a great shot in the area. It seemed that the Canaries would reach more goals, but the team of coach José ‘Cheché’ Hernández resisted and looked for an offensive action.
Williams Rivero headed wide in another offensive action by the locals, who insisted for the victory.

The visitors’ goalkeeper, Walter Chávez, appeared as the protagonist when avoiding Canarian shots. Nevertheless, Barcelona found tranquility with a goal from Byron Castillo (75 ‘) and another from Sergio López, in another great goal, and added six points in the table of championship placements.

The ‘Red Roller’ added two defeats and marches in position 14.

On the next day, Barcelona will be a visitor to Guayaquil City. While Technician will be local before October 9.


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Fabián Bustos spoke of the ‘complex’ Guayaquil City vs. Barcelona SC and why Gabriel Cortez is not the owner | National Championship | sports

The blue and white squad has always been a dangerous rival for the Canaries.

February 28, 2021 – 11:05 p.m.

“I imagine a very even game” which will be held next Sunday by Barcelona Sporting Club against Guayaquil City, at the Christian Benítez de Samanes stadium, north of the Buenos Aires city, commented Fabián Bustos, bullfighting coach.

The blue and white squad has always been a dangerous rival for the Canaries. In the history of these meetings, wins have been registered by the slightest difference; in last season’s games, the city dwellers won 2-1 on their own court and in the rematch 1-0 in favor of the Barcelona players.

The following weekend, the yellows seek to be leaders of the tournament and, for this, they must wait for Emelec to lose on Saturday against Delfín at Capwell Stadium and defeat the city dwellers.

On the next rival, Fabián Busto, technical champion with the bullfighters, after the victory (3-0) this Sunday against Technical University commented: “City is a very good team, they have a coach (Pool Gavilánez) who has been doing things very well, which has grown a lot, due to the merits made by its players, managers and he (Gavilánez) with his coaching staff ”.

“They managed to qualify for the Copa Sudamericana (2021) with many senior players, I think it is a nice challenge for us tactically and for them I imagine that too. I have a very good relationship with Pool and I feel identified with many things that he does (tactically) ”, he remarked.

On the substitution of ‘Loco’ Cortez

Gabriel Cortez has been a catalyst in the Barcelona game entering the second half. His contribution was essential for the Canaries to turn the scoreboard (from 2-0 to 2-3) against Manta FC and today he repeated a brilliant presentation for him to achieve the win (3-0) over Technical University.

“The possibilities for Cortez to start in Barcelona are great, the details are small for him to be in the starting eleven. He can play in any position in the midfield and then he is very confident when he came in, ”said Bustos.

“What matters most to me is having everyone motivated, if Cortes continues to show that level in a short time he will have the opportunity to start (…) we know that we have a competitive team and we will use those who are the best they are, ”he added.

To conclude on this issue, Bustos said: “You have three children and you love them all, but you always give one more chance”. (D)

We raffle a relaxing stay in Barcelona

Who can say no to the possibility of relaxing in a city as attractive as Barcelona? Now subscribers to The vanguard They have the possibility of getting a stay for two with a thermal experience included in the very heart of the Catalan capital.

Vanguard Club raffle 2 packs for two, consisting of dinner, hotel night, breakfast and 30 minutes of thermal circuit in the Yurbban Passage Hotel & SPA, located at number 26 Trafalgar street, in the emblematic Passatge de les Manufactures.

The raffle is aimed at the holders of the Club Vanguardia card, who can opt for a stay for two with breakfast, dinner and 30 minutes of thermal circuit included in a new concept of urban hotels for lovers of the personalized, with a unique interior design , exclusive elements to enjoy the local and an excellent location in the city center.

The prize includes breakfast at the Yurbban Passage Hotel & SPA.

Club Vanguardia / Yurbban Passage Hotel & SPA

The hotel is located very close to the Palau de la Música Catalana, the Arc de Triomf, Plaza Catalunya, Passeig de Gràcia or the entire Gothic Quarter and Born area.

The winners of the draw will be able to enjoy modern and chic accommodation, with leisure areas (terrace, gym, restaurant) and various types of rooms. The intention is that they live an authentic local experience, that is, Live as a native.

Any natural person, of legal age, residing in Spanish territory and holding a Club Vanguardia card can participate in the draw.

The deadline for participation is March 30, 2021, while the draw will take place the following day, March 31. There is only one way to participate and that is to fill out a form, the link of which is provided below:



Yurbban Passage Hotel & SPA.

One of the rooms at the Yurbban Passage Hotel & SPA.

Club Vanguardia / Yurbban Passage Hotel & SPA


Koeman’s response to Monchi’s provocation

The overwhelming victory of Barça at Sánchez Pizjuán of last Saturday in LaLiga still colea. The adrenaline rush that was for the Barça team ahead of the duel this Wednesday, in the second leg of the semifinals of Cup, contrasts with the suit it represented for the players of Julen Lopetegui, although they will be presented at the Camp Nou with a 2-0 in his favor.

Cameras Movistar Soccer yesterday showed some images of the duel between the Sevilla and the Barça of LaLiga Santander, where the sports director of the Seville, Monchi, was outraged with the referee and, incidentally, released a provocation towards Ronald Koeman, technician of the Barça.

Monchi claimed the second yellow angrily to Leo messi in the 44th minute of the match after an action in which the Barça captain fought with the Sevilla defender Koundé. When he saw that the referee did not show it to him, he said: “The cryer’s statements have had an effect,” a full-blown provocation towards Ronald Koeman, who heard the statements of the sports director, turned and, ironically, made the gesture of OK.

The play that Monchi referred to

Next Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. Koeman will have the option of answering Monchi on the field, trying to overcome the tie to look for the pass to the end of the Copa del Rey.

We will stop being a safe third country

A safe third country is an international figure created to deal with the large movements of people who emigrate from their place of origin, in which two nations, one of them being the main destination of the migrants, decide that the situation of the other Nation allows it to guarantee the safety of asylum seekers, so before requesting protection in the main destination country, migrants must do so in the first safe country they visit.

One of the most significant contemporary cases of application of this mechanism, which was established in the 1952 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol, is the agreement reached by the European countries with Turkey so that the millions of migrants Syrians fleeing the civil war and seeking to reach western European countries could remain in Turkey under the premise that they would be safe there. The Turkish government would guarantee them minimum conditions that would be financed with international support, thereby limiting the number of potential migrants who would reach their final ideal destination. The big problem is that the situation in Turkey was not exactly safe for international asylum seekers, so there were strong questions about the use of the figure as an escape valve in which migrants would really continue to be in danger.

Due to these criticisms, in addition to the responsibility that hangs over the nation that declares itself a safe third country, the Mexican government has been very insistent in repeating that it is not and would never agree to be a safe third country for the United States. However, since Donald Trump threatened the establishment of tariffs in 2019, the Mexican government accepted that for the application of the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP), asylum seekers could start their asylum application process in the United States, but that they would be returned to Mexico, where they would have to wait for the resolution of their request. This implied that thousands of migrants, mostly Central Americans, were returned to Mexico, where they had to settle in camps with precarious conditions. In addition, it was clear that the Mexican Government could not really guarantee the minimum security conditions for these refugees, who had already suffered the savage brutality with which they had been hunted by the Mexican authorities from the southern border and the dangerous stalking of drug traffickers throughout the throughout its entire journey.

The Biden government has ended this policy, so the refugee camps have begun to empty these days, thus ending the suffering of thousands of people who, as they passed through Mexico, received treatment almost equivalent to what they have historically received. our compatriots in the United States and about whom we have complained so much. And so one more of the most shameful moments of our foreign policy progresses, because without declaring ourselves a safe third country, we become that and we betray one of our ideals of twinning with our southern neighbors. Today that terrible policy ends, but it is not thanks to us.