Dolors Montserrat: “The images we are seeing in the Canary Islands are inadmissible”

Dolors Montserrat.

The PP Spokesperson in the European Parliament, Dolors Montserrat, has asked this Wednesday, November 25, 2020, that the European Union (EU) adopt a common immigration policy to avoid crises like the one the Canary Islands are facing due to the arrival of thousands of immigrants from the African coasts.

“The images that we are seeing in the Canary Islands are inadmissible; We must give a response from the whole EU with a true common migration policy ”, he assured, according to this political group, during the debate held today in the European Parliament on the next EU Summit scheduled for mid-December.

“The Canary Islands is the southern border of Europe”, recalled the popular spokesperson before pointing out that, therefore, “What happens in Spain, happens in Europe”, also with regard to “the permanent drama of immigration.”

Arrival of migrants to the Canary Islands in the last 24 hours


Arrival of migrants to the Canary Islands in the last 24 hours
The day

Montserrat has also ensured that the meeting of the European Council of December 10 and 11 should serve so that “Europe is more united than ever and a coordinated response to all the challenges that lie ahead”.

Among these challenges, he cited, in addition to the migration crisis, “the ruthless violence of terrorism”, regarding which “we need to continue collaborating together from the firmness and strength of the rule of law to win this battle in which we risk our values ”And also“ the uncertainty caused by the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, which requires greater unity among the member states ”.

“European citizens need us, and we cannot fail them,” he stressed.


HISPANTV: Bigio: US priority in Brexit is not London, but Europe

Biden asks to respect the agreement with Northern Ireland and that the United Kingdom move closer to Europe, as it is unlikely that there will be a hard Brexit, according to an analyst.

During an interview granted this Wednesday to HispanTV, the international affairs analyst Isaac Bigio has addressed the influence of political change in the United States on the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (EU), popularly known as Brexi.

According to the expert, before, with the Administration of the outgoing US President Donald Trump, there were pressures to reach a Brexi Tough, but now President-elect Joe Biden is calling for the Northern Ireland deal to be respected and for the UK to get closer to Europe.

This, in Bigio’s opinion, shows that “the US priority is not the UK, but Europe, well, I don’t see it as quite unlikely that there will be a Brexi whitout deal”.


139 new cases of Covid in the islands with two deaths in Tenerife

The Canary Islands have registered 139 new cases of covid-19 and two deaths as a result of the disease in the last 24 hours, the Ministry of Health has reported.

The deaths have occurred in Tenerife and are a 101-year-old woman and an 84-year-old man.

By islands, Gran Canaria has 9,205 accumulated cases, of which 20 are new, and it has 1,524 active; Tenerife, with 8,185 accumulated cases, has 108 new cases and 2,601 active, and Lanzarote has 1,368 accumulated cases, 6 new cases and 58 active.

Distribution of Covid-19 cases by islands, updated this Saturday, November 21.

Likewise, Fuerteventura has 865 accumulated cases, 4 new and 61 active; La Palma does not add cases, so the accumulated figure remains at 210 and 10 assets, indicated in a statement.

La Gomera remains with 101 accumulated, not registering new cases in the last hours and its assets stand at 6.

El Hierro adds 1 new case, so the accumulated are 68 and the assets, 1.

The archipelago registers 4,019 active cases, of which 45 are admitted to the Intensive Care Units (ICU) and 197 in hospitalization.

The number of accumulated cases in the archipelago since the beginning of the pandemic is 20,002.

The cumulative incidence at 7 days in the Canary Islands stands at 35.71 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, while the cumulative incidence at 14 days is 77.97.

Until this Saturday, a total of 558,809 PCR tests have been registered, of which 3,704 were carried out this Friday.


The Canary Islands will not be ″ a new Lesbos ″, says Spanish government | Europe up to date | DW

The archipelago of the Canary Islands, exposed for months to a massive arrival of migrants, will not be “a new Lesbos”, defended this Monday (11/16/2020) the Spanish government in reference to the Greek island where many migrants from Turkey were stranded .

“We are not going to turn the Canary Islands into a new Lesbos,” Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska told Antena 3 television.

This small Greek island, located a few kilometers off the coast of Turkey, became the main gateway to the European Union during the migration crisis of 2015. Many migrants were blocked there, in overcrowded fields and in poor conditions, according to several international organizations.

In the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago off the coast of northwest Africa, they fear experiencing a process similar to that in Greece, after having received more than 16,000 migrants in 2020, half of them in the last month, according to the regional executive.

The number of disembarked is ten times more than that registered in the same period of 2019 and reaches a figure not seen since 2006, when the islands received some 30,000 migrants.

“It is an urgent situation,” acknowledged the Interior Minister, who recently announced the upcoming closure of the makeshift camp in the port of Arguineguín, where there are around 1,800 migrants in precarious conditions, according to various non-governmental organizations. (afp)


The covid catapults the registration and favors that the vegetative balance is positive

If for many years the region has witnessed the constant exodus of neighbors to other parts of Galicia or the world, the coronavirus health crisis has caused this situation to be reversed. Good proof of this is that the municipal registers have not stopped growing since March, adding more than 2,030 new residents, a percentage that doubles or triples the records of other years and favors that in many municipalities the vegetative balance marks positive values ​​for the first time in a while.

The Outiense municipality is one of those that can boast of having gained new residents in 2020, since the 17 babies who were registered in the padrn were joined by 110 people who established their residence in this council, double the number who left. (56). Although there were 63 deaths to mourn, today we have gained population, something that has been indicated in recent times, highlighted the councilman Manuel Gonzlez.

The situation is also similar in Noia, where in just four months 178 people from other places registered in the municipal registry, while those who left were 135, which implies that the council gained 43 new inhabitants. This situation is also evident in localities with a smaller census, such as Mazaricos, which registered 77 registrations in the register since March 14, which is 22 more than during the same period last year, 36 more than in 2018. and 39 to greater than the average of the last five years.

Telecommuting and back home

Also in Rianxo they have seen how there are more and more neighbors on its streets, and they come from the most disparate places, from the Canary Islands or the Balearic Islands, to Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia or other parts of Galicia. Many people can telecommute and would rather be here than elsewhere with higher levels of contagion. In addition, there are many who have lost their jobs because they have closed their companies or are in ERTE and have decided to return to town., explained from the City Council rianxeiro.

The same ethnic group lives in Muros, which is another of the municipalities that has seen the number of discharges due to transfer grow the most in proportion to its population. Although this is good news, the mayor, Ins Monteagudo, considers that there are things that need to improve so that people settle there. Among them, a good Internet connection, because people have to work with the computer from their homes and in many places in the county it goes wrong.

Francisco Gonzlez: As the situation is now, this is one of the best places to live and work.

He always worked in the world of hospitality, and after a few years working in various places in Santiago, he got the opportunity to fly to Lanzarote and become part of the staff of a well-known hotel chain where he was working as a restaurant waiter. since 2014. When Francisco Gonzlez Pieiro (Lira, 1988) had already taken root and was leading a comfortable life in the Canary Islands, the coronavirus came to disrupt all his plans.

If Spain closed on March 14, they gave us one more week and they sent us to an ERTE. We thought it was going to be for a few months, but things dragged on, explains the young man, who, given the uncertain future that presented himself, decided to come to Barbanza and register in Carnota. At the earliest, everything will start working in March or April 2021, and I cannot spend a year without doing anything. As the situation is now, this is one of the best places to live and work, points out Gonzlez Pieiro.

Few infections

The low incidence of the virus in the region is one of the reasons that led him to come here, and that also in the Canary Islands there are few cases. There are no infections there because there is no one. We live off tourism and foreigners have not come for months and everything is closed. There must be about forty restaurants on the Playa Blanca promenade and now only two are open, explains the young man. In addition, another of the reasons that led him to fly to Galicia was that the cost of living there is still much higher than here. The rental prices are the same as before, they did not drop anything, and few people can afford to pay 700 euros a month without working.

Although he does not rule out returning to the Canary Island of Lanzarote in a while, when the whole situation generated by the coronavirus pandemic returns to normal, Francisco Gonzlez confesses that: I see my future here in Carnota. I have come to stay, because I think I have many more opportunities to find a job.


Municipality By transfer

Ribeira 449

Boiro 346

Girl 278

Porto do Son 248

Rianxo 157

Walls 134

Outes 110

Carnota 94

Mazaricos 77

A Pobra 69

Lousame 68

TOTAL 2.030

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The last blows of tropical storm Theta

Francisco Martin Leon 3 hours ago 4 min
Theta-centric image sequence for November 15, 2020. TropicalTidbits

The tropical storm Theta will go to post tropical Throughout today, Sunday, November 15, it is subjected to a hostile environment of strong vertical wind shear and fresh waters flying overhead. The core convection is disorganized to make the system a tropical storm.

Located a few hundred kilometers north of La Palma, Canary Islands, the system has been disorganized in the last few hours. The NHC estimated sustained winds of 55 km / h near its center and slowly moving east at 7 km / h. The system is being refilled and its minimum central pressure is 1003 hPa.

Enhanced infrared image of Theta and its predicted trajectory for the next hours of November 15 05:30 UTC.

A gradual shift to the northeast is expected on Sunday, and Theta is forecast to accelerate to the north or north-northeast on Monday, November 16.

In a hostile environment, a gradual weakening is very likely over the next few days, and Theta is forecast to turn into a depressing low carryover Sunday night and dissipate early next week.

Tropical storm-force winds have subsided and extend only 150 km south of the center.

A persistent band of deep convection to the southeast of Theta appears on satellite images and remains approximately 110 km from the center of the storm, despite a hostile environment characterized by dry mid-level air and 40-50 kt shear from the storm. north flow.

The latest NHC intensity forecast keeps Theta a 35 kt tropical storm.

Theta remnants are predicted to develop in a non-tropical depression, without undergoing an extratropical deepening process and dissipate in 60 hours in front of an approaching cold front over the northeast Atlantic.

According Sam Lillo, Tropical Storm Theta is now the easternmost on record in the Atlantic after October.

AEMET notices for today in the Canary Islands

AEMET maintains yellow wind and rain warnings (La Palma) for today until approximately noon, and then they will be deactivated. The special notice in maritime waters will also be deactivated.

AEMET notices for today November 15, 2020
Some data recorded of maximum streaks during the 14th, above, and 15, below, November 2020 until 07:00 a.m. Spanish official, via AEMET

Theta’s name is the first time which is used to name a tropical storm with this letter of the Greek alphabet. Until now, and in 2020, 9 Greek letters have been used, the last one Iota In the Caribbean. With Iota, they are already 30 tropical storms named in 2020, surpassing the 28 of 2005.

This entry was published in News on 15 Nov 2020 by Francisco Martín León


Tropical storm ‘Theta’ puts the Canary Islands on alert this weekend

Maximum level warning yellow. This is how the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) of the arrival of the tropical storm ‘Theta‘to the Canary Islands that will stay throughout the weekend.

The General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies of the Ministry of the Interior has warned of the arrival of strong winds by gusts exceeding 80 kilometers per hour in the midlands and high areas of the western islands, according to the predictions of the AEMET. In addition, there is a warning of rainfall in The Palm Sunday and can be persistent on the west slope, without ruling out that locally they become strong.

Civil Protection recommends secure doors, windows and those objects that may fall onto public roads and in the same way, get away from cornices, trees, walls or buildings under construction or cranes that may come off. He also advises refraining from climbing scaffolding without adequate protective measures.

They also recommend avoiding taking the car but if necessary, it is recommended extreme the precautions, especially when exiting tunnels, overtaking and crossing with heavy vehicles on two-way roads and pay special attention to the possible presence of obstacles on the road and ask avoid parking vehicles in areas that may be affected by waves.

These strong gusts will also affect the coast, and in case of coastal winds, they advise moving away from the beach and other places that may be affected by tides and waves. From Civil Protection they remember and recommend not risk your life to achieve spectacular images of the waves since the sea in these situations can drag people.

The weekend will give days marked by cloudy skies in the Atlantic slope and northeastern peninsular interior, and with rainfall throughout the day. Without ruling out a storm that may cause heavy showers.

The rainfall may also extend, although it will be weak and scattered, to the Atlantic slope, Mediterranean Andalusia and the interior northeast of the peninsula, except in the Cantabrian area. The rains may also form in the north of the Balearic Islands and the eastern end of Catalonia, during the morning.

The Saturday will be marked by fogs Extensive morning breaks in the Ebro valley, north of the Duero basin, inland in the extreme southeast of the peninsula, Huelva and Mallorca, with possible harsh temperatures in the Canary Islands throughout the day.


weakens as it approaches the Canary Islands

Francisco Martin Leon 9 hours ago 8 min
Image of tropical storm Theta as of November 13, 2020 at 06:00 a.m.

Meanwhile, the tropical Atlantic is still active in the middle of November, the last official month of the 2020 hurricane season. In fact, the National Hurricane Center, NHC, is issuing warnings about the tropical storm Eta, located off the coast of the southeastern US., and continues to monitor a tropical wave, Invest 98L, on the Caribbean Sea that could become tropical storm Iota, the 30th this year, and that could generate a damaging hurricane in Central America in a few hours.

Diagnosis at 03 UTC on November 13

According to the NHC, Theta is located 705 km south of the Azores, and about 1000 km northwest of the Canary Islands, with maximum sustained winds of 95 km / h and more intense gusts. The current movement is towards the east at about 19 km / h. The minimum central pressure is 993 hPa.

Theta travels over fresh waters, if we compare it to the 27-28ºC of warm Caribbean waters or the Gulf of Mexico that support major hurricanes. The deep convection of the tropical storm is supported by the help of a drop in height that has cold air at medium levels (approximately 5,500 m), which maintains and supports the convection of the tropical storm in an environment of low wind shear.

Currently the tropical storm is over open water.

Infrared image of Theta with surface pressure, in black, and geopotential at 500 in celestial at 03 UTC 13 November 2020. Eumetrain

Since yesterday, November 12, the tropical storm will gradually turn towards the east-southeast and it is expected that there will be movement until the end of the week in that direction, with an approach of its center towards the northwest of the Canary Islands, but This center will be far from the Islands.

The maximum sustained winds have decreased to about 95 km / h with stronger gusts. Little change in strength is forecast over the next 24 h, but weakening is expected over the weekend and Theta can become a post tropical on Sunday, November 15.

Tropical storm force winds extend outward up to 315 km from the center.

As the tropical storm weakens, the maximum winds and gusts will also do so, little by little, but its radius of action will increase, and may affect more areas.


Theta continues with its trajectory towards the east at 19 km / h but in 24-36 hours it will take and recure towards the east-southeast. After 36 h, Theta is expected to slow down significantly as it becomes a shallow cyclone. Finally, a mid-latitude storm, coming from the north, will redirect as the environmental shear on Theta and the system will increase. will carry out an extratropicalization process without deepening, the post-tropical Theta remnants to the northeast at the end of the forecast.

The prediction guides made by different models of the displacement and intensity of Theta are shown above: displacement towards the east of its center, slight approach to the Canary Islands and reorientation towards the northeast for Sunday and next week, while the system progressively weakens.

Theta 2020 vs. Delta 2005

This meteorological situation is completely different from that of Delta of 2005, where this tropical system underwent an intense process of extratropicalization in its trajectory over the Canaries, generating strong gusts of wind and significant damage in large areas of the Islands. Theta will have much smaller effects than 2005’s Delta, both in intensity, extent, and duration.

Trajectory, cone of uncertainty and Probability that the wind speed reaches tropical storm force. NHC

Predicted positions and maximum winds by NHC

Viernes INIT 13 / 0300Z 31.7N 26.0W 50 KT 93 km/h
Viernes 12H 13 / 1200Z 31.7N 24.2W 50 KT 93 km/h
Sábado 24 H 14 / 0000Z 31.4N 22.1W 50 KT 93 km / h
Sábado 36H 14 / 1200Z 31.0N 20.4W 45 KT 83 km/h
Domingo 48H 15 / 0000Z 30.8N 19.2W 40 KT 74 km/h
Domingo 60H 15 / 1200Z 30.8N 18.6W 30 KT 56 km/h

Lunes 72H 16 / 0000Z 31.2N 18.5W 30 KT 56 km/h POST-TROP / Baja reman.
Martes 96H 17 / 0000Z 34.3N 18.2W 25 KT 46 km/h POST-TROP / Baja reman.
Wednesday 120H 18 / 0000Z … Dissipated

AEMET notices for the Canary Islands and neighboring areas

AEMET has issued a special notice yesterday Thursday, November 12, for the Atlantic sea areas near the Canary Islands due to the arrival of Tropical Storm Theta on November 13-15:

It is expected to begin to affect the west of the Madeira maritime zone and the northwest of the Canary Islands maritime zone during the afternoon of Saturday the 14th, with winds of force 7 to 8 and heavy to very heavy seas. It will probably transition to a post-tropical storm starting at noon on Sunday 15, the wind calming down and the sea improving at the same time as its trajectory rolls to the NE. Regarding the Canary archipelago, it is expected that the effect on the islands will be limited to strong gusts of up to 80 km / h in high areas of La Palma and Tenerife, although there is a small probability (less than 20%) that the winds over the north of La Palma reach tropical storm force (approximately 60 km / h)

Accumulated precipitation over the Canary Islands for the period 13-16 November 2020 according to the ECMWF model.

AEMET has issued warnings for wind and strong gusts for La Palma and Tenerife, as shown in this tweet:

This entry was published in News on 13 Nov 2020 by Francisco Martín León


Xiaomi and its advance to conquer the Spanish market

This Chinese company, founded by businessman Lei Jun in 2010, stands out in Spain for its dedication to the design, development and sale of smartphones, but Xiaomi not only manufactures smartphones. Its production is diversified into multiple sectors such as computer applications, televisions, appliances, speakers, suitcases or headphones., among other articles. It is true that in the European market, these products are not yet so well known to consumers.

The vision of the company has always been focused on ‘innovation for all’. Therefore, from 2013 they began to take another series of strategies to expand outside mainland China and entering other countries in the Asian market such as Singapore and Malaysia, reaping great sales success and customer loyalty.

In September 2017, the journey of Xiaomi Spain and opened its first two official stores in Madrid. It also decided to distribute its devices in other companies specialized in electronic products, rely on official points of sale and one of the largest ecommerce companies in the world such as Aliexpress.

In Spain, the sales volume of the first smartphone presented was 63% and managed to occupy the 5th best-selling mobile phone brands in its first year in Europe. A great success for the Chinese brand in such a short time in the technology market of the European continent.

The arrival of Xiaomi meant a whole change of model in the smartphone sector, mainly due to its strategy of offering terminals with a very succulent value for money, at a time when smartphone prices were starting to skyrocket.

What are the keys to your success?

The smartphone market encompasses a huge number of brands, models and manufacturers that are found in continuous renewal, improving its specifications and adapting to consumer demand and the technology sector.

In the first quarter of 2020, the Chinese multinational was positioned as the number one brand at the distribution level in Spain compared to the rest of its powerful competitors. Its rise has been enormous, when until very recently this company had no presence in our country, only three years ago he landed in Spain.

Founder Lei Jun and Lin Bin’s vision, co-founder and vice president, was that low-cost technology could exist with great reliability. This approach has penetrated very well in the mind of the consumer of our country, becoming a extraordinary alternative when buying a smartphone. The device catalog of Xiaomi Spain includes a wide range of mobiles that adapt to the needs of any pocket and with a two-year warranty.

In the case of smartphones, the multinational has no problem in acknowledging that its profit percentage is 5%, its objective is to generate profits from from other services linked to its ecosystem of connected devices. The good value for money of its products, policies that they define as ‘honest pricing’ devices, and not investing much money in traditional marketing have catapulted the Chinese brand.

Another key to its success is the loyalty of his followers, a point of which they are especially proud. Many of his employees were brand Mifans before joining the team.

Xiaomi’s strategy is clear: continue with its policy of the best price and performance ratio, and keep bringing the most innovative technologies in multiple electronic products. With a presence in more than 30 countries and its idea is to become a global brand.


The first cruise ship that was going to pick up travelers to the Canary Islands had to turn around

photo_cameraCosta Cruises.

The tourism does not finish flying, given the restrictions on travelers imposed across Europe by the coronavirus. An unsustainable situation in some sectors such as cruise ships, which has also caused the occasional last minute change.

This is the case of the Naviera Cruise bound for Las Palmas, the first to return to the islands after the confinement in March, and which had to turn around on the high seas and suspend his voyage with more than 1,000 tickets sold when he barely had a few leagues left to moor in Canarian land.

The reason was Boris Johnson UK’s sudden announcement to confine the population to try to ‘contain the increase’ of the daily cases of Covid-19 that are registered in England and Scotland.

Video of the day

PSOE is studying a complaint about the status of Largo Caballero’s license plate.

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