Trump takes the US nuclear briefcase so as not to give it to Biden

Trump will take the nuclear briefcase with him to Florida, after leaving Washington DC on January 20, and therefore will not hand it over to Biden at his inauguration.

Outgoing US President Donald Trump has no intention of handing over the nuclear briefcase containing the activation codes for the US atomic weapons defense system to his successor in office, Democrat Joe Biden, on Wednesday. his presidential inauguration, according to the British newspaper reported on Saturday The Independent.

The Republican leader, as part of his particular tantrum of not recognizing Biden’s victory in the presidential elections of November 3 for alleging that there was an electoral “fraud” concocted from the Democratic ranks to avoid his reelection, has decided not to participate in the investiture ceremony of the former vice president of the North American country, which will take place next Wednesday.

In this way, Trump breaks a tradition of more than 100 years, according to which the outgoing president attends the investiture of his successor to pass the witness to him on the steps of the Capitol.

The transfer of power in the US implies the handover of command and control of the vast US nuclear arsenal that is inside the aforementioned briefcase, said the British media, to later clarify that inside, in addition to containing the codes of activation, a button is located, which, if pressed, immediately activates the nuclear warheads loaded on ICBMs deployed at US Army military bases, submarines, and strategic bombers.

The Independent reported, however, that the nuclear codes that accompany Trump in his retirement at the residence of Mar-a-Lago, in Florida (southeast), will cease to function as soon as Biden is sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. USA

What’s more, the top military commanders will have a spare nuclear briefcase, which will be, in this case, the one that is given to the Democrat after he becomes the commander-in-chief of the United States, several sources stressed to the chain american television CNN.

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The Peruvian Congress seeks to expand the capabilities of the Army arsenal

Changes in name and directory

The Unified Combat Rifle 7.62mm UWS and FAME. Photo: FAME

16/01/2021 | Lima

Peter Watson

The congresswoman from Fuerza Popular Valeria Valer Collado has presented a bill to modify the name of the arsenal of the Peruvian Army, which operates as a private law company, of FAME S.A.C. a FAME Perú S.A.C. Currently, the full name of the company, structured as a Closed Stock Company, is Army Arms and Ammunition Factory and if the legislative initiative is successful it would change its name to Army Military Factories – Peru, preserving the same corporate organization.

Congresswoman Valer maintains that in this way the range of productive activities that can be undertaken by the military arsenal expands, not restricting it only to arms and ammunition, which in practice translates into an update, since for years the arsenal has been expanding its capabilities through agreements and associations with other companies -national and foreign-, although the lack of support to place its products has played against it.

FAME is engaged in the manufacture, modification, assembly and maintenance of weapons and ammunition systems for war and civil use, as well as technological research and development activities. The bill adds similar processes with explosives for military use, non-lethal weapons, basic and specialized personal equipment, land vehicles for military and police use, updating the definitions to cover a good part of the activities that FAME is already developing, a firm that has suffered some abandonment since mid-2016.

Directory changes

The company’s board of directors is made up of the head of the General Staff of the Army, who presides over it; the commanding general of the Army Logistics Command, the head of a General Office of Army Economy and by four directors representing the National Fund for the Financing of State Business Activity (Fonafe).

The bill also seeks to change the head of the General Office of the Army Economy to the head of the Army Budget Office, and adds two new directors: the head of the Army War Material Service and the director of Army Investments. The alleged objective is to diversify the composition of the Board of Directors.

Regarding the selection of the general manager of FAME, who is appointed by the board, the project adds that he must be a general of War Material in a situation of activity or retirement. Regarding institutional control, the legislative initiative indicates that such activity is subject to the actions of the Comptroller General of the Republic and the supervision of General Command of the Army.

For the drafting of the bill, the legislator has coordinated with the Logistics Command of the Peruvian Army and the Ministry of Defense of Peru. The initiative has received the support of congressmen Carlos Mesía Ramírez, Gilmer Trujillo Zegarra, Rita Elena Ayasta de Díaz and Erwin Tito Ortega.

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Biden celebrates that Trump will not attend his inauguration

The president-elect of the USA, Joe Biden, celebrated this Friday, January 8, 2021 that the outgoing president, Donald Trump, is not going to attend his inauguration on January 20, but did not go so far as to openly ask for his immediate dismissal, assuring that this decision “depends on Congress.”

During a press conference in Wilmington (Delaware), Biden welcomed the announcement of Trump, who on January 8 confirmed in a tweet that he will not go to the inauguration of the president-elect in less than two weeks.

“This is one of the few things that he and I have ever agreed on. It is a good thing, that it does not come,” said the president-elect.

Asked if you would like me to be the outgoing vice president, Mike Pence, Biden opined that it would be fine to keep as close to the tradition in U.S, and the show of unity and respect for the institutions that having the outgoing Administration present at the event implies. “(Pence) is welcome. It would be an honor to have him there.”

Trump will be the first American president who does not go to one investment of his successor in 152 years, since the Democrat Andrew Johnson it did not go to Ulysses S. Grant in 1869.

The Democratic leaders Congress have warned that if Pence does not act immediately to remove a Trump according to the process established in the amendment 25 of the Constitution, something that seems highly unlikely, will initiate a second impeachment process, with a possible vote on it next week.

Asked about the issue, Biden avoided speaking out for or against, stating that he is focused on preparing the actions he will take as soon as he comes to power, which will include presenting a bill on pandemic and the economy and another on immigration reform.

“What Congress decides (about Trump) is something for them to decide, I’m focused on my work,” Biden settled.

The president-elect recalled that it has been clear to him for a long time that Trump “is not suitable” for the Presidency, and said that the important thing is that in 12 days he will leave power because the more than 80 million people who voted for Biden have so decided. the elections of November.

“It is not that I do not think that he should have left power yesterday (…) but the fastest way in which that will happen is our inauguration,” unless he Congress act before, he added.

The elected president asked “research immediately “the assault al Congress committed by “national terrorists” and make those responsible for the death of a policeman of the Capitol be held accountable.

He stressed that those assailants acted “actively encouraged by the president of the United States.”

“This reminded me more of the situations that I have seen in the more than 100 countries that I have been, and in dictatorships,” Biden said, lamenting “the damage he done (Trump) to the reputation” of the United States.

“And the acolytes who follow him, (Senator Ted) Cruz and others, have as much responsibility as he” for the attack on the Capitol, he added.


The US Senate rejects the objection of Trump’s allies to the elections in Pennsylvania

US President Donald Trump reacts while holding a rally to challenge the certification of the results of the 2020 US presidential elections by the US Congress in Washington, the United States, January 6, 2021. REUTERS / Carlos Barria / File Photo

WASHINGTON, Jan 7 (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly rejected a motion by President Donald Trump’s allies Thursday morning to object to Pennsylvania’s certification of the results of its presidential election, which granted the victory for Democrat Joe Biden, in a vote that was delayed by a violent assault on the United States Capitol.

The Senate voted 92-7 against the measure.

After the vote, US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on the Senate floor that he does not expect any more votes that question the electoral college results.

Information from David Morgan; edited by Himani Sarkar; translated by Tomás Cobos


Now the United States knows what it feels like when another country says it is concerned about its democracy

Never in the history of U.S something like the take of the capitol, this January 6, 2021, to prevent the presidential succession. Only in its darkest hours did the south part with the victory of Abraham Lincoln in 1860. Civil War was declared. And in the middle of the secessionist battle, the elections of November 1864 were held, and Lincoln’s inauguration for a second term in March 1865. It was a question, in a then fragile country, of respecting the power of the vote, one of the basics of what your democracy.

That Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he was “deeply shocked” by the “attack on democracy” was a severe blow to their political culture for Americans. The United States is supposed to be the country that says democracy of a country is in danger. Its international policy is mainly focused on the “defense of democracy in the free world.”

Also the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson intervened. And it was tougher than Trudeau. He said they were “embarrassing scenes.” “The US is rightly proud of its democracy, and there can be no justification for these violent attempts to thwart the legitimate and appropriate transfer of power,” he wrote on Twitter.

Now the United States knows what it feels like when another country says it is concerned about its democracy.

Neither in his domestic politics, Americans were encouraged to speak of defending democracy or that it was in danger, as did the president-elect, Joe Biden.

“They tried to destroy democracy and failed,” he said. Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republican majority in the Senate.

Respect for institutions is the other value that American democracy has historically defended. The ex-president George W. Bush He said that this is how “the electoral results are disputed in a Banana Republic – not in our Republic.”

The House of Representatives and of Senators they were gathered to fulfill a mere formality: to recognize the victory of Joe Biden in the Electoral College, on December 14. Some Republican lawmakers, who had joined President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated conviction that there was fraud in the Nov. 3 election, were to present pleadings. After what happened in the Capitol, many anticipated that they will give up doing it.

They were questioning Trump: he is not loyal to those who are loyal to him. Encourage your supporters gathered in front of the White House to “march down Pennsylvania Avenue to Congress,” was a severe blow to two who have been absolutely loyal to him: Vice President Mike Pence y McConnell.

Both were always on the side of the President in these four years. McConnell, for example, hastened the nomination of the conservative Amy Coney Barret as judge of the Supreme Court replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg. He did not recognize Biden’s victory until the Electoral College vote. And Trump did not forgive him. With what happened, the President left both of them in an uncomfortable place before the political violence and the consequences it might treat.

At 8:15 p.m., the legislators reconvened, waiting to ratify Biden’s victory.


The new US Congress takes office

The new United States Congress was installed today. The 435 members of the House of Representatives, which has a Democratic majority, with just 10 seats, were sworn in.

And before Vice President Mike Pence, 98 senators took office, most of them, 53, Republicans.

In accordance with the 20th amendment to the constitution, the 117th Congress of the United States is formalized, with this session in the House of Representatives, ”said Cherley Johnson, a Democratic US congressman.

38 of the congressmen are Latino, among them Chicago Democrat Jesús García, born in Durango, Mexico.

Extraordinary elections will be held in Georgia on Tuesday to define the 2 senators for that state. To back their respective candidates, President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, as well as President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, will visit Georgia on Monday.

Biden won, but we have to make the Senate a Democrat, because if not, Biden won’t be able to do much, “explained Sukari Johnson, spokeswoman for the Democratic Party in Georgia, USA.

In the House of Representatives, with a female majority, the veteran congresswoman from California, Nancy Pelosi, was reelected this Sunday as president of this legislative body.


Trump lawyer: Pence must be shot for treason

A lawyer for Trump says Vice President Mike Pence should be executed for “treason” for not having seconded lawsuits to overturn the election results.

Lin Wood, a lawyer for outgoing US President Donald Trump, suggested on Twitter Saturday that Pence should “face execution by firing squad”For not supporting the allegations of electoral fraud and granting the victory to Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential elections on November 3.

Pence will oversee a joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives on January 6 in the US Congress, during which Biden’s victory over Trump will be formalized. The current president refuses to acknowledge the results, but, so far, he has not presented any evidence to support the above.

The role of the vice president, as president of the Senate, in said ceremony is a formality stipulated in the United States’ Election Counting Act of 1887.

“If Pence is arrested, [el secretario de Estado Mike] Pompeo will save the elections. Pence will be in jail awaiting trial for treason. He will face execution by firing squad. He’s a coward and will sing like a bird and confess EVERYTHING, ”Wood tweeted.

Wood has lost several lawsuits that sought to challenge the Republican magnate’s electoral defeat in the federal courts of the key states, where Biden triumphed.

In the thread of his claims, said lawyer even mentioned that the attention had focused on the Democrats during the effort to reverse the result of the elections, but that one of the main culprits of Trump’s defeat was his own formation, that is say, the Republican Party.

In another message, Wood said that Pence should immediately resign from his post, unless he publicly declares that he will reject the results of the Electoral College of those states where the alleged electoral fraud was concocted.. “A man of God would NEVER certify a false lie,” he stressed.

On December 14, Electoral College delegates awarded Biden’s candidacy victory with 306 votes to Trump’s 232, ending a run of court cases in the New York mogul’s campaign.



Trump: I will never forget that the Republicans have left me alone

The still US president denounced that the Republicans have left him alone in a campaign to change the electoral results, something he will never forget.

At a meeting held today [24 de diciembre] In Florida, everyone was asking why aren’t Republicans fighting over the fact that Democrats stole rigged elections? They said, in particular, why doesn’t this even happen in the Senate, where you helped eight legislators run for office? How soon they forgot!”, Has denounced the real estate mogul Donald Trump through a message on his Twitter account.

Also, the Republican leader has added in another tweet that he had saved at least eight Republican senators in the elections on November 3, including the leader of the Republican majority in the Senate Mitch McConnell, preventing him from losing “the recent rigged elections” .

A day after the Electoral College of the North American country ratified the triumph of Democrat Joe Biden despite Trump’s accusations about a “generalized fraud” in the presidential elections of November 3, the main Republican senator of the United States, recognized by Biden’s election victory for the first time on December 15, something that, however, was rejected by Trump.

In this regard, the New York tycoon added that “now, almost everyone has taken a step back, observing my fight against the evil and deceitful enemy, that is, the extreme left democrats.” “I will never forget it!”, He asserted.

On November 14, the electoral body confirmed Biden’s victory, surpassing Trump by just over 7,000,000 votes. Meanwhile, the Republican has not yet recognized the triumph of his rival, insisting that he has a chance to challenge the election results based on an alleged massive fraud of which he has not provided any evidence.

The still tenant of the White House resorts to his theory of a conspiracy and arguments, such as electoral fraud, or that he will take the issue of the elections to court, to reverse the results in his favor.

However, so far, all legal actions by the Republican and his team have failed in their attempts to stay in power.



US lawmakers block Trump’s proposed changes to coronavirus relief bill

File image of workers cleaning the steps of the Capitol in Washington, USA. December 16, 2020. REUTERS / Erin Scott

WASHINGTON, Dec 24 (Reuters) – Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday blocked attempts to amend a $ 2.3 trillion government spending and coronavirus aid bill that Congress passed on Thursday. Monday.

This cast doubt on the status of the project after President Donald Trump demanded major changes to the legislation.

Democrats tried to increase direct payments to Americans included in the bill from $ 600 to $ 2,000 per person, as part of a coronavirus financial aid initiative, in response to one of Trump’s requests. Republicans, who oppose the larger number, blocked that request.

Then Republicans tried to change the amount of foreign aid included in the package, another of Trump’s complaints. Democrats blocked that effort.

The high activity in the House did nothing to break up a standoff that threatens desperately needed assistance for millions of Americans and raises the possibility of a partial government shutdown at a time when authorities are trying to distribute two coronavirus vaccines.

Embittered by his loss to Democrat Joe Biden in the November election, Trump is pushing Congress to drastically alter the package, which was approved bipartisanly on Monday. Biden will take office on January 20.

The 5,500-page bill took months to negotiate and was supported by the Trump administration. In the absence of changes, it is unclear whether Trump will sign the package into law or wait for further measures.

Without his signature, unemployment benefits for those made jobless by the pandemic will expire on Saturday and the government would be forced into a partial shutdown from Tuesday.

Edited in Spanish by Janisse Huambachano and Carlos Serrano


United States: Why does Trump want changes to the aid plan? – USA and Canada – International

The US Congress approved a $ 900 billion home and business support plan on Monday night, considered essential to set the course for the world’s leading economy, heavily hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the outgoing US president, Donald Trump, refused on Tuesday night to sign the economic relief law, stating that the legislation is a “disgrace” and demanded “amendments.”

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“It is a disgrace,” said Trump, who criticized the fact that families with undocumented immigrants are helped, that a budget for museums is included and that there are provisions for aid to other countries and asked that the aid for the neediest people stipulated in 600 dollars be increased.

Trump asked that amount be increased to $ 2,000 or $ 4,000 for a couple. “I am going to ask Congress to immediately get rid of the unnecessary items and waste of this legislation,” he said.

The relief plan was approved in Congress after months of arduous negotiations and within days of many unemployed exhausting all their benefits, at a time when Covid-19 is progressing uncontrollably, threatening the recovery of the economy.

The project is part of a larger package that includes budgets for next year, so it includes items for culture or foreign aid. But Trump urged lawmakers to send him a law that is adequate or warned that the next government, which takes office on January 20, will then be in charge of delivering an aid package.

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Following the passage of the stimulus bill, US President-elect Joe Biden said Tuesday that will ask Congress to approve another economic aid plan for covid-19 after taking office in January. “Congress did its job this week. And I can and should ask you to do it again next year, ”Biden said in a speech before the Christmas break.

Congress did its job this week. And I can and should ask you to do it again next year

The aid package garnered overwhelming support in both the Senate and the House of Representatives. The agreement is expected to be an oxygen balloon for millions of unemployed. Small businesses will benefit from more government grants, while the package also includes rental assistance and for families facing eviction.

“It’s a good bipartisan deal,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat. For his part, Biden congratulated Congress. “This bill is just the first step, a down payment. There is much more work to be done early next year. I am going to present my plans to Congress for what comes next, ”he added.

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Biden cited the need for more resources for vaccine distribution, tests to reopen schools and support for everyone from firefighters and police officers to nurses. By addressing the “millions of affected families who cannot put food on the table, pay the rent or the mortgage, ”he said they would continue to need help in 2021.

US President-elect Joe Biden.

“One thing I promise you about my leadership during this crisis: I’m going to speak to you directly. I’m going to tell you the truth, ”he said. “Our darkest days in the battle against covid are ahead of us, not behind us.”


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