Hillbilly Elegy: social drama from the right (neue-deutschland.de)

Family picture with breaks: in the middle, in a business suit and shirt, the son, on the right, the mother in a checked shirt and blue jeans.

Foto: netflix/Lacey Terrell

Do you know what a hillbilly is? Everyone has heard of the term, but assigning it exactly is not that easy. The “Hügel-Willi”, translated into German, is a derogatory term in the USA, like the “hillbilly” here, and primarily describes the white inhabitants in the rural and mountainous part of Kentucky. Four years ago, when Donald Trump was elected President of the USA, the autobiographical nonfiction book Hillbilly Elegy by JD Vance came out. In it, the current investment banker, born in 1984, describes how he rose from socially marginalized America of the so-called White Trash to military service in the Marine Corps and a scholarship at the elite Yale University to the upper class. Vance’s description of the milieu he comes from was celebrated by the US feature pages in the 2016 election year because it tells of the people who brought Trump to the White House and who had supposedly not been listened to for too long. Now the successful Hollywood director Ron Howard (who is responsible for “Apollo 13”, “A Beautiful Mind” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story”, among others) has filmed the highly controversial book by the avowed Republican JD Vance for Netflix, top-class cast with Amy Adams and Glenn Close.

“Hillbilly Elegy” tells the story of an overweight boy who grows up in a run-down small town full of barricaded shops on Ohio’s main shopping street, the Rust Belt, and whose family he visits every summer with his mother, sister and grandma, originally from the eponymous Hillbilly area of ​​Kentucky is coming. His single mother works as a nurse and is addicted to drugs. The grandmother lives two houses down, separated from the grandfather, who also lives on the same street. Strife and violence are omnipresent in the family. The mother, who freaks out in the argument with the son and sometimes races through town with a hundred things in the car, then beats her offspring until a neighbor calls the police. The grandmother, who emigrated from Kentucky to the then industrialized Ohio decades ago, was beaten by her husband, who was also from the pampas, until she set him on fire in his urine on the sofa. The boy, on the other hand, rioted with friends at the hardware store at night, and as soon as he glanced down the street from the house with the desolate, broken-down wooden houses, he saw neighbors yelling at or beating each other up.

“Hillbilly Elegy” is a dense and disturbing social drama and tells this story in flashbacks from the point of view of the young man who studies at Yale and is about to lose his university place or to land a great job that will save his studies and a ticket to the upper class. Until suddenly his mother ends up in the hospital because of a heroin overdose and he drives to Ohio in the middle of the application marathon, where he has to organize accommodation for his homeless mother within half a day under time pressure. From here the film fans out the past, which piece by piece tells the dilemma of the family and a whole class.

The question of class membership also shapes life at the elite university, because the boy, who has meanwhile matured into a man, finds his way around Yale rather poorly, regardless of whether it is about the right tone when talking to potential employers or about table manners. The fear of taking the wrong fork at a fancy dinner and thus spoiling one’s life’s path has seldom been so vividly staged. His educated middle class friend helps him in this misery.

The film reveals the subject of class affiliation in the USA and shows how it functions as a line of social segregation and as a cultural identity – without the voyeuristic approach that television documentaries always display. This story may remind one or the other of Didier Eribon’s book “Return to Reims”, which is also hotly debated in this country, although the lower classes in Kentucky and Ohio have no communist past. There is no superficial political party support, for example for Trump. Whereby the grandmother’s reprimand when he speaks politically correct of “Native Americans” and it runs over his mouth, they were actually called “Indians”, speaks volumes about the basic political attitude of the characters. This social drama differs significantly from a Ken Loach film in other ways as well. Above all, the book by Vance, but also the film, come up with a very clear, flat neoliberal morality. Anyone can achieve social advancement, it only has something to do with the will – and with a little support, in this case from the grandmother, who ultimately leads her grandson on the path of industry in an authoritarian manner. If you don’t work, it’s your own fault.

The good grades in high school are followed by obedience in the Marine Corps, an Iraq mission, a visit to the elite university and then the well-earned permanent position with the PayPal founder and neoliberal hardcore ideologist Peter Thiel as an investment banker – at least that is the biography of the real JD Vance. Critics in the USA see a story in his book that seems to be taken from the construction kit of the “Reaganomics” logic as a prime example of a supposed American fairy tale. Empowerment here means to assert yourself successfully in the market and to take fate into your own hands. So it’s not surprising that JD Vance was talking about an application for a US Senatorial seat for the Republicans two years ago. The subject of racism does not play a role in the book and the film, the focus remains on what has become of the white working class of the Rust Belt in the course of deindustrialization, including a panning to rural Kentucky. However, »Hillbilly Elegy« does not develop an emancipatory perspective. Solidarity only exists within the family, and the downside is that every act of violence remains within the family and is regulated internally according to the applicable hierarchies.

Actually, this well-composed film in its fanned out flashbacks is implemented quite convincingly. Glenn Close curses through the film as a grandmother smoking cigarettes and Amy Adams, who usually plays Superman’s friend Lois Lane or is a linguist with a house on the beach in “Arrival”, embodies the young JD’s aggressive, helpless and deeply frustrated mother credibly. However, the film does not offer any real criticism of gender roles, their social attributions and economic constraints. At the very end, the film JD manages to come to his interview in a suit after a ten-hour drive at night, and leave the misery in Ohio behind while his mother is lying around in a motel room. “I’m glad to be here” is the final sentence of this film, which with its Hollywood-esque self-adulation in terms of family solidarity tells more about how to leave the misery of the white working class behind in elbow-style than really to deal with it.

»Hillbilly Elegy« from November 24th. on Netflix


Quickborn film student campaigns for autism | NDR.de – news

Status: 11/21/2020 6:00 a.m.

Films often use clichés to portray certain things – such as autism. A young director from Quickborn, however, wants to show how autistic people really are, completely free of stigmas.

by Jelto Ringena

When you enter Louis Bennies’ apartment in Quickborn (Pinneberg district), you immediately notice: A film freak lives here. Poster of “The Godfather” on the wall, Star Wars Druid C3PO as an action figure on the shelf and DVDs as far as the eye can see. Bennies even wrapped special editions in protective film. The movie is definitely the 21-year-old’s passion. In addition to classics and special director’s cut editions, he also has many films on the subject of “autism” in his collection – for a good reason: The film student is autistic himself with Asperger’s Syndrome – and is particularly interested in how the developmental disorder is portrayed in films becomes.

Box of clichés

Filmmaker Louis Bennies wants to dispel stereotypes about autistic people.

Most of the time, Bennies isn’t happy with the way people with autism appear in films. “Films have a certain urge for drama,” says the budding film producer. “A lot of things are exaggerated in the film, it doesn’t really matter what it’s about.” Whether love, action, horror – everything is exaggerated in certain situations, says Bennies. “And that also applies to autism: People like to reach into a box of clichés.”

“Autism is not necessarily a disability”

For Bennies himself this is confusing or even hurtful for some films, including what is probably the most famous film about autism: “Rain Man”. Bennies remembered a scene from Barry Levinson’s Hollywood strip as particularly strange – when the two main characters were standing at the airport and wanted to travel. “The way he is clutching his suitcase so very tightly, and then the main actor is rocking up and down the whole time and only staring in one direction,” Bennies describes the scene. In his eyes, the autistic protagonist is portrayed as if he were significantly impaired – much to the irritation of the young filmmaker: “But autism is not necessarily a disability, it is more of a limitation.”

Your own short film – with autism as a topic

Louis Bennies with the camera on the film set in the background, a person is holding a light.  © Louis Bennies

Autism and love are the leitmotifs of the short film “Signals” made by the filmmaker Louis Bennies from Quickborn.

Autism is not always as pronounced as in “Rain Man,” says Bennies. He would like to show this in his own film: The Quickborner is studying digital film production and is currently making a short film with the title “Signals”. It’s about a young autistic person who falls in love with a girl at school – and about the difficulties that come with being in love as an autistic person. “I want to show people that we autistic people have the same needs as everyone else,” says Bennies. “Because I don’t think it’s generally accepted that autistic people want a relationship.”

Actors come through Facebook

Bennies was looking for actors for this on Facebook. This is how the main actor Björn Möller came to the project. He says he has never had any contact with autism before in his life. “I first had to watch a ton of documentaries to get used to the role,” says the actor, shortly before he dubbed a scene with the young director. “And then of course Louis also gave me tips and told me how autistic people behave in society.” Filming was not always easy.

“Because Louis is particularly interested in film, he has shown great patience,” says Möller. “We shot an unbelievable number of shots, which was really nerve-racking at times.” But the effort was necessary to make it perfect, says the actor. “And in retrospect, I’m super happy about it.”

Dubbing together with the film team

When it comes to filmmaking, Louis Bennies is in his element. And the dubbing is also very much about the details. After everything has been discussed in detail with the entire team, it goes outside. And while the actors go through the lyrics one more time, the director, armed with headphones and a boom, listens to the scenery. “It doesn’t work here,” says Bennies, “too many birds are chirping in the background, so I have problems with editing afterwards.” That means: everyone in the car and off to a meadow in the forest – and finally there the sound recordings can run without any problems.

“Signals” is supposed to be on the big screen

According to Bennies, there is not much left until “Signals” is finished: The music still has to be stored, the colors adjusted and a few scenes added to music. Then, says the filmmaker, your own short film will finally be ready for the big screen. As soon as possible, the Quickborner wants to submit his film to film festivals. But he waits until the cinemas reopen. An online film festival is simply not the same as being live at one of the festivals: For its premiere, Bennies would like to experience all the trappings – and of course also get the reactions of the audience.

The Quickborner hopes that “Signals” will be shown for the first time in the middle of next year. And then maybe there will also be a DVD that – wrapped in a protective cover – will find a special place on Bennie’s shelf.

Further information

Luca (left) and his mother Alexandra Arnold (right) are sitting in the outside area of ​​a café.  © NDR Photo: Lars Grüning

After half a year of living with Corona, things have become more normal – but there are still many challenges. more

A child is standing by the window © dpa

They are considered eccentric, are often marginalized and usually have extraordinary talents: People with the so-called Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of autism. more

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Schleswig-Holstein Magazine | 11/22/2020 | 19:30 o’clock

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These people got old memes tattooed on them

Christine and an anonymous student show their meme tattoos, some of which they regret again

Christine with her “Trollface” tattoo and a Harambe tattoo that is not on Christine’s skin | All photos courtesy of interviewees

At this very moment, at least 39 people worldwide are walking around with a Baby Yoda tattoo. I know because I an article read about it. There I saw them all: a sad baby Yoda, a dancing baby Yoda and a baby Yoda eating a frog. If you try really hard and think back to an incredibly long time – December 2019, to be precise – it occurs to you that Baby Yoda was the hot shit of memes back then. Well, it isn’t anymore today.

VICE Video: Hate in Your Skin: How Ex-Neo-Nazis Get Rid of Right-Wing Tattoos

You’d think that people would regret their meme tattoos at some point. Tattoos generally age, but if you tattoo yourself a meme, you will notice that the joke looks old faster than the ink with which it was stabbed dries. But if people are spontaneous enough to really get a meme tattooed, do they really care about an outdated meme? To find out, I met a few of these impulsive people.

A troll face tattoo on the inside of an upper arm

Christine’s “Trollface” tattoo | Photo provided by Christine

Christine, 31, “Trollface”

We all still remember the first memes. You will no doubt recognize the tattoo on 31-year-old Christine’s upper arm: a morbid, grinning grimace that was circulating on Reddit and 4Chan in the late 2000s.

“I was a teenager when I got it. And I think alcohol was somehow involved,” says Christine. “I don’t even know why I have so many tattoos.” There is no specific reason why she has exactly this face on her arm. A friend wanted to open a tattoo parlor, so she let him practice on her arm. Her other friends thought the wrinkled face was funny, but few knew what it meant. “Back then, fewer people knew memes than they do now,” says Christine.

She has never regretted the tattoo, she can easily hide it. Even so, she contemplates having it removed because it doesn’t match her other tattoos. “I don’t regret any of my tattoos, they’re all kind of crazy. In general, I don’t take life that seriously, ”says Christine. “Back then it was funny and new, today I should be ashamed of it. But I don’t.”

Katy Perry Left Shark tattoo

Matty’s “Left Shark” tattoo. Photo: courtesy of subject

Matty, 40, “Left Shark”

Five years ago, a clumsy shark Katy Perry stole the show at the Super Bowl halftime show. The person in the two meter tall shark costume was completely unable to dance even halfway to the beat. Because we all fell in love with the stumbling shark at the Super Bowl, the “Left Shark” meme was one of the first to hit almost everyone. Just six days after the show, Katy Perry’s attorneys obtained injunctive relief against the people selling unauthorized shark merch on the Internet. But 40-year-old Matty was faster: the day after the Super Bowl, he had the shark tattooed on his ankle.

“It was more spontaneous,” says Matty. Because his last name is “Clark”, he is sometimes called “Shark”. A tattoo artist friend sketched the shark on the evening of the show and a day later Matty had it stabbed. “We didn’t want to cannibalize that, it was just a stupid idea.” The prick took only 15 minutes and cost less than $ 100, he says.

“As this shark thing got bigger, my week got messy,” Matty says. His tattoo was in the headlines, on US Late Night Shows, and even Katy Perry posted a picture of it. “Your ego tells you: They’re talking about you! And in the end you understand that they’re actually just making fun of themselves and wondering who the hell can be so stupid as to get a dancing shark,” says Matty. “Well, me. After all, he’s on my skin.”

The “Left Shark” meme didn’t last long, Matty says. But half a decade later, the dancing shark still reminds him of “six damn crazy weeks”. He says that half of the people who see the tattoo will recognize it. For the other half, it’s a cartoon shark. “For a week this shark was the most important thing in the world – and then the world turned on without him.”

RIP Harambe Tattoo and the painted over version with the Star Wars Stormtrooper

The “RIP Harambe” tattoo and cover-up | Photo provided with permission

Anonym, 23, “RIP Harambe”

There are those individuals whose curse it is that they are only celebrated after their death – Van Gogh, Galileo, Harambe. In case the latter doesn’t tell you, Harambe was a 17-year-old gorilla who was shot after a child fell into his enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. Harambe immediately became a meme – and posthumously famous. With its own hashtag (#harambe) and wild rumors that Harambe got 11,000 votes in the presidential election. That was why an anonymous young student had the gorilla tattooed on his thigh.

“My tattoo artist and I smoked pot together,” says the Harambe tattooed man. A week after the death of the gorilla, he had the monkey stung because he was in the tattoo studio for another motif anyway. There the tattoo artist told him that he would like to do a harambe tattoo, the student agreed.

“It was his idea and I thought it was great,” says the 23-year-old. “It was a party game, a joke.” Back then, “shots in Harambe” were drunk at parties and of course his tattoo was a hit. “I don’t mean to say that my tattoo was the topic of conversation – but yes, actually it was.”

After nine months, the Harambe was obsolete. The idea was “stupid” and not as funny as expected. The young student went back to his tattoo artist and turned Harambe into a Stormtrooper from Star Wars. “I’m not that big of a Star Wars fan, but the picture looked cool.”

Despite breaking up with his tattoo, the 23-year-old would recommend anyone getting a meme tattoo. “But it would be good to have one in a hidden place so that you don’t get looked at crookedly.”

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Star Wars: Solo 2 talking again

After Solo: A Star Wars Story fared significantly worse at the box office than other films from the Star War franchise, hopes for a sequel were quickly dashed. As director Ron Howard has now made clear, there is still interest in the characters around Star Wars legend Han Solo.


Marvel’s “WandaVision” Premiere on Disney + Postponed Until January

File photo of a man walking in front of the Disney + logo in New York. Nov 12, 2019. REUTERS / Brendan McDermid

LOS ANGELES, Nov 12 (Reuters) – The Marvel Studios television series “WandaVision” will premiere on the Disney + streaming service on January 15, rather than in December as planned, Walt Disney Co announced on Thursday.

“WandaVision” is one of the upcoming high-profile series Disney is counting on to attract more customers to Disney +, the subscription service it launched a year ago.

The six-hour series is the first created specifically for Disney + by Disney’s Marvel Studios. It stars Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch and Paul Bettany as Vision, two characters who appeared on the big screen in the hit “Avengers” movies.

Disney announced in August that Netflix’s competitor Disney + had amassed more than 60 million subscribers.

Also expected this month is the arrival at Disney + of the Lego “Star Wars” special and the Pixar movie “Soul,” which will premiere on the streaming service on Christmas Day.

Reporting by Lisa Richwine. Edited in Spanish by Lucila Sigal


Star Wars Mandalorian Funko Pop! Vinylfigur Mandalorian & Child on Bantha 416 | Actionfiguren24

Your favorites from film, TV, comics, music and games as you’ve never seen them before:
Star Wars Mandalorian Funko Pop! Vinylfigur Mandalorian & Child on Bantha 416

The series ‘The Mandalorian’ from the great Star Wars universe follows a lone fighter who fights his way through the outer reaches of the galaxy after the fall of the galactic empire, far from the influence of the new republic!

The series Pop! from Funko brings your favorites from film, TV, comics and games … mega cool and super trendy!
The almost 17 cm tall Pop Art figure is presented in a stylish window box.
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Politserie «The Comey Rule» bei Sky

Streaming compact

MATCHING THE US ELECTION: In a few days, the next president will be elected in the USA – there are several exciting offers on Sky: “The Comey Rule” is based on the book “Greater than the Office” by former FBI director James Comey . Jeff Daniels plays Comey, Brendan Gleeson plays US President Donald Trump. The four-part series will be available from Monday (November 2nd) on Sky Atlantic, Sky Ticket and Sky Q.

During election week, Sky will also be showing some suitable documentaries: “Agents of Chaos” by Oscar winner Alex Gibney examines the events told in “The Comedy Rule” from a documentary perspective. “Kill Chain: The Cyber ​​War on America’s Elections”, on the other hand, focuses on the vulnerability of the electronic voting systems used to manipulation, while “After Truth: Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News” examines disinformation campaigns in social media and conspiracy theories such as “Pizzagate”.

FAMILY-APPROPRIATE FUN: Disney + relies on ghost stories for Halloween. Since Friday (October 30th) “Das kleine Gespenst” based on the book by Otfried Preußler has been running there. Child-friendly and funny, the film tells of the ghost that no longer has the desire to only haunt at night. It really wants to see the world by day. But this is not that easy. “Hui Buh, the castle ghost” is turbulent and funny, also at Disney +. A wedding is to take place at Schloss Burgeck, much to the annoyance of Hui Buh, spoken by Michael Bully Herbig. The ghost just wants peace and quiet and tries to drive away the bride and groom and the guests with its ghost. Unfortunately, Hui Buh is anything but scary.

GALACTIC: Anyone who shared the excitement for “The Mandalorian” can now look forward to the sequel. On Friday (October 30th) new episodes started on Disney +. The Mandalorian strikes his way across the galaxy with the child who has been with him since season one. It’s a dangerous path, with wizards, fantastic animals, powerful beings and great adventures in the Star Wars universe. Their hope: that they will find allies.

PERSONALIZED: The “Truth Seekers” are on the trail of paranormal phenomena. All over Britain they are trying to clear up apparitions, in churches, bunkers, abandoned hospitals and many other places. But what they find are not just isolated horror creatures. They discover a conspiracy that could threaten all humanity. “Truth Seekers, a horror comedy-style series, has been running on Amazon Prime since Friday (October 30th). Among others, Susan Wokoma (“Crazyhead”), Nick Frost (“The Huntsman & The Ice Queen”) and Simon Pegg (“Shaun of the Dead”) will be there.

DATING HELL: Arabella is gifted, self-confident and enjoys the party life in London. After a hard night, she wakes up one morning with injuries. Where she got this from – I have no idea. Your memory of the past hours is gone. She tries with great effort to reconstruct the events of the night. Michaela Coel (“Chewing Gum”) plays the leading role in “I May Destroy You”, an exciting, startling and often comical series that has recently been available on Sky Ticket and Sky Q. Coel also wrote the script and directed some episodes. Weruche Opia (“Bad Education”) and Paapa Essiedu (“Gangs of London”) also take part in other roles.

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Disney + test: for whom is the Disney subscription worthwhile? Program overview

ISomewhere in the deep shallows of Twitter it emerged at some point, this rumor. Corona, that was spread by Disney! So that everyone stays at home, without employment and greedy for entertainment, when the new Disney + streaming offer starts. Hashtag: conspiracy theory, the most absurd kind.

In fact, in the weeks leading up to its streaming service in Germany, Disney gradually closed all of its amusement parks worldwide. The Disney Cruise Line stopped their cruises. The hotels, the shops worldwide, everything closed. That has, of course, never happened before, after September 11, 2001, after the assassination attempt on John F. Kennedy, Disneyland was once closed for a day, not even remotely comparable to the dimensions in March 2020. It would be a pretty big price, to promote a streaming platform – for which you can’t even produce more content because filming for Disney projects has been interrupted.

But yes, the timing for the launch of Disney + at least seemed kind of happy. A little happy coincidence in the rather unhappy times – which should at least comfort many Disney fans a little. About the fact that for several weeks there was not a single Disney refuge in the world, not a single “happy place”, as the company itself likes to call its parks.

Disney Plus: Disney magic against corona frustration

Then it has to be your own laptop or TV that should provide a little distraction and Disney magic. But that doesn’t work entirely without Corona problems either, the bandwidth of the streams was reduced right at the start on March 24th in order not to overload the network. The price is moderate, the annual subscription costs 69.99 euros, and those who want to subscribe flexibly on a monthly basis pay 6.99 euros. Theoretically, four people can currently share the password with four devices; the first seven days can be tested free of charge. More than 500 films and 350 series, the offer is slightly different depending on the country.

Is the Disney + program worth it?

And the question about the offer is certainly the most important one in the end: Is Disney Plus worth it? Is it just for Disney fans? What are the highlights and insider tips?

Classic on Disney +

They are of course all gathered: “The Lion King”, “Cinderella”, “Aladdin”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Jungle Book” – the cartoon and, where available, the real version. Small point of criticism from many German fans: “Arielle” is only included in the newly dubbed version from 1998, here the voice actors, song texts and some dialogues have been changed compared to the 1989 version.

also read

Screenshot-2019-7-9Halle Berry

The very first appearance of Mickey Mouse in “Steamboat Willie” is also available and super classics like “Pinocchio” (which, strangely enough, runs under the title “The Living Doll”), “Lady and the Tramp”, “Bambi”, “Alice in Wonderland” or “101 Dalmatians”. Some of these older titles have been restored so that they can be viewed in good quality in high resolution. And when one speaks of classics, one should also mention that series such as “Hannah Montana”, but also more than 600 episodes of the “Simpsons” are available.

Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar

Disney is not just cartoons – it has long been ensured that all target groups can be captured somewhere, (almost) the entire Marvel and Star Wars universe as well as the spin-off series “The Mandalorian” is available on Disney + . A few films are currently being held back, the tension (and new customer acquisition) has to last a little longer. Of course, the Pixar films are also at the start, from “Finding Nemo” to “Above”.

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Finger on the trigger: Western with sheet metal instead of leather

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AVENGERS: ENDGAME, (aka AVENGERS 4), British poster, from left: Mark Ruffalo...

News and originals on the Disney stream

Because the inclined fan already knows all of this, you have to offer exclusive content. Disney is mainly concentrating on Marvel and Star Wars fanatics, three Marvel series will start this year: “Loki”, “WandaVision” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”. An as yet unnamed Obi Wan Kenobi show is slated to start in 2021.

In addition, some films have been produced especially for Disney +, including “Togo” with Willem Dafoe, the film adaptation of the novel “Stargirl” and “Timmy Flop”.


Some films and series are available with bonus content – that is, slip of the tongue, cut-out scenes or director’s comments.

Insider tips: These films and series will surprise you

What you might not have expected: Because Disney has now taken over Fox, films like “Mrs. Doubtfire ”,“ Ice Age ”,“ Sister Act ”or“ Avatar ”included. Then you can also find small, almost forgotten series like “Darkwing Duck” – and for wedding lovers: “Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings”! The show accompanies couples at their really spectacular and fascinating Disney weddings in Disneyland or on one of the Disney ships – since all of this is currently out of reach, maybe an alternative.

And: “The Imagineering Story”. This little documentary series explains how and by whom the theme parks and rides are developed and offers a look behind the scenes – naturally controlled by Disney – that has never been seen before. What one would then wish for in 2021: Documentation about the standstill.

This article was first published on March 25, 2020.


Jessica Chastain und Oscar Isaac in Ingmar-Bergman-Remake – Kultur

Ingmar Bergman’s “Scenes from a Marriage” is a classic film. Now it is to be reissued – with two American actors.