Apple remains unstoppable: iPhone, iPad and Mac sales skyrocket

Apple has presented its business results corresponding to the first quarter of 2021 and has done so by breaking records and forecasts. In just three months, the company led by Tim Cook has entered 90,000 million dollars (74,500 million euros). This is 54% more than in the same period of 2021, something to take into account given that in this period the effect was not yet so present. Covid-19. With these data, it has achieved its second best quarter in history and has remained only 1,000 million from exceeding what was entered in the last quarter of 2019, where Christmas shopping triggers the turnover of the Palo Alto company.

But not only has it signed its second best quarter, it has also exceeded, by far, the market forecasts that placed the income obtained at 77,000 million dollars (63,700 million euros). The growth of Apple It is such that in just six months – from October 2020 to March 2021 – it has entered 200,000 million (165,500 million euros). As for the net profit, it has been situated at 23,600 million dollars (19,500 million euros), 110% more. This last piece of information is quite important because it reflects the great profitability of the Californian company.

IPhone shoots up

Last October the iPhone 12 with all its variants – 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 mini and 12 – whose main attraction was that it already had 5G, this being the first phone of the firm with this feature. Between January and March, the US company sold mobile terminals worth 48,000 million dollars (39,700 million euros), which represents 53.3% of the company’s total turnover. But, the most relevant thing is that the growth in turnover in this segment has increased by 65.5% compared to the same period in 2020. This makes it clear that iPhone continues to be the company’s main claim and that the incorporation of 5G has given a big boost.

However, where sales have increased the most is in the iPad, which have grown by 78.7% compared to the previous quarter and already report an income of 7,807 million (6,460 million euros). In second place, the sale of Macs shot up 70% achieving a turnover of 9,102 million (7,532 million euros). While the sales of accessories and services such as Apple Music, Apple TV and other subscriptions, rose 25% and 27% respectively.


These are all the new features that Apple’s iOS 14.5 update brings

The latest iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 updates from Apple bring a great list with new improved changes. These features are in addition to the latest update released by the company in September last month. If you want to know the outstanding features that have been incorporated, you just have to keep reading the news.

Face recognition with mask on via Face ID

Previously you could not unlock your iPhone with the mask on, however, thanks to the Apple Watch that will be connected to your mobile, it is now possible to access the device thanks to Face ID without having to lower the mask.

Siri can be female or male

For the first time, Siri has stopped having a female voice by default. Apple has incorporated four totally new voices that can be selected through the device settings.

New privacy feature to prevent companies from tracking you

One of the salient features of iOS 14.5 is the requirement that apps request permission to track you on your Apple devices. However, if the application is rejected, the app He must respect your opinion because if he could not be expelled from the ‘App Store’.

The new function can be observed through ‘Settings’ → ‘Privacy’ → ‘Tracking on iPhone or iPad’.

Currently, the US version is the only one with four voice options.

New Home Screen Features

iPhone now has a drawer-like function apps called ‘Application Library’ that serves to store all the applications that are not used frequently. The library can be accessed by sliding your finger from right to left on the screen. In addition, another novelty is the ability to place widgets (like those of Android) on the home screen.

Application icon customization

For example, instead of the ‘Apple Mail’ app icon, you can download an alternate icon such as a cat image or the Gmail icon to use when launching into the app.

You can use apps without installing them

‘App Clips’ contains thumbnail applications that only show a part of what the app complete. In this way, a previous use is made to know if you are really going to proceed to download it.

Usually the content that we have searched for on the internet appears in the applications.

iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max can take raw photos

This is definitely a feature for photography buffs. The iOS 14.3 release adds Apple’s ‘ProRaw’ photo format that allows you to take photos using the ‘raw’ photo format and make changes without any image degradation.

You can exercise at home with Fitness Plus

Apple’s ‘Fitness Plus’ service is built into iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, and uses Apple Watch to track workouts. These can be guided through videos published weekly, adapted to different levels of physical condition.

Entrenamiento ‘Time to Walk’

iOS 14.4 and WatchOS 7.3 added a new workout called ‘Time to Walk’. Apple has gathered several celebrities who go on virtual walks with you to tell you anecdotes. To access the service, you must install the updates on the watch and mobile before using it.

‘Picture-in-Picture’ llega a iPhone

The new iMac is available in seven colors: green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and silver.

You will no longer be forced to decide whether to watch a Twitch video or navigate Twitter. Thanks to iOS 14 you can do both at the same time, since Apple has added the ‘Picture in Picture’ mode on mobiles. When you start watching a video, you just need to exit the app and go back to the home screen to activate ‘PiP’.

You can see a list of all the applications installed on the phone that allow it through ‘Settings’ → ‘General’ → ‘Picture in picture’.

You can remove Apple Mail and Safari

Apple added the ability to remove your own apps from your iPhone a few years ago, but you still couldn’t set apps like Gmail or Outlook as the default email app. However, Apple has limited this new feature to email and web browsers only.

The new feature of AirPods Pro

You can adjust the color of your television in a very simple way with your iPhone.

Apple AirPods Pro incorporated a new function called ‘Spatial Audio’ that allows the sound to follow the movements of the head made by the user. To use the function you will need an iPhone or iPad with iOS 14.

Learn about hidden features

There are thirteen hidden features in iOS 14 that do really amazing things. For example, a new backspace feature allows you to tap the back of your phone two or three times, which triggers a task like taking a screenshot or launching an app.

New privacy features

Ensuring user privacy is one of Apple’s main strengths. However, there is now a setting that allows you to see the exact location, there is a new notification point that indicates when an application is using the camera or microphone, and more precise controls over the photos that an application has access to.

New tricks on camera

When taking a photo at night, a new guide will remind you to stay put. There is a new exposure adjustment dial that can take multiple photos quickly. And in addition, the new ‘mirror mode’ of the front camera will guarantee you framed and aligned photographs.

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In May we will have the new Apple TV 4K and iPad Pro 2021 on the market

Both devices will go on sale on May 21

Despite the fact that Apple has already introduced a new version of the Apple TV with a Siri Remote completely revamped, new rumors suggest its release is closer than ever. According to Jon Prosser, one of the most trusted sources in the industry, the company will put its set-top box up for sale in May.

Prosser ensures that the new Apple TV 4K, as well as the iPad Pro 2021, will be released on May 21, indicating that it will be the exact same day that the redesigned 24-inch M1 chip iMac goes on sale.

Pre-orders for both products open from today April 30, and their sale will begin in mid-May as indicated by the source. Apple TV 4K comes with an A12 Bionic chip, high frame rate HDR support, and a newly designed remote control.

Despite the fact that the information comes from a very reliable source, we must take the note with moderation, since it is still a rumor.

With information from Jon Prosser


How to use your iPhone or iPad as an Apple TV remote


Something that every person has experienced is losing or decomposing a remote control. Going to buy one is usually somewhat annoying and we believe that it only wastes our time, in addition to money.

If for some reason your remote control of the Apple TV you should know that with your iPhone or iPad you can control it without any problem.

Before you had to download the Apple TV Remote application to be able to use your devices as controls, but since the iOS 12 and iPadOS 13 updates Apple included a tool that you can add to the control center.

The first thing you should do, be it the iPad or iPhone, is go to ‘Setting’.

Look for the option that says’Control center’.

Once in there, go down until you find ‘More controls’. Now click on the ‘+’ button next to ‘Apple TV Control’.

The controls will now be included in the control center list.

Now skip the settings and turn on your Apple TV. You must make sure that your iPhone or iPad is connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Once done, on your device swipe to the top right to go to the control center. If you have an iPhone with a button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen.

Select the option Apple TV remote (which is like a traditional television control).

There click on ‘Select a Television ‘ and choose the one you want to control with your device.

Take into account that if it is the first time you configure it, it will ask you to enter a Verification code. Look at the one that appears on Apple TV and put it on your iPhone or iPad. Once the devices are paired you can use it.

The design is very similar to physical control, so you should not have major problems navigating the menu and choosing what you want to see.

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Apple warns that component shortages may impact iPad and Mac production in Q2

by David Posted on 29 Apr 2021, 02:10:00

This news is one of those that can worry, because the shortage of components is already going to seriously affect a company characterized by its foresight such as Apple. Tim Cook has indicated after the presentation of Q1 2021 results that the strong demand for electronics that has produced a shortage of components to cover the demand will impact some of the company’s products in this second quarter of the year. It has influenced the fact that in this first quarter there have been no supply problems to maintain production.

“We have not had a shortage in this first quarter. You end up using all your buffers and offsets. It occurs throughout the supply chain. That has allowed us to reach a little higher than we expected when we were already in the quarter. However, in this second quarter “we will be constrained by supply and not by demand.”

In fact, what he has indicated is that they have more problems to ensure the supply of chips from the old lithographic nodes than from the modern ones such as the 5 nm one. Since it uses a multitude of chips each manufactured in different nodes, it can be referring to any component and not necessarily to processors, memory or graphics chips. He has not been specific with which models he can have production problems, but the financial director, Luca Maestri, has indicated that this can prevent him from entering between 3000 and 4000 million dollars in the second quarter.



They detect vulnerability in Apple AirDrop that affects 1,500 million devices

Apple hasn’t fixed this security bug

Researchers from the Technical University of Darmstadt published a report revealing the manipulation of AirDrop. It is a vulnerability in Apple’s wireless system that uses a mutual authentication mechanism to compare the user’s phone number and email with the entries in the address book of the device with which it is exchanging data.

The researchers found that attackers can obtain this data by having a Wi-Fi-enabled device and being close to the target, which initiates the detection process by opening a file-sharing panel on an iOS or macOS device.

The vulnerability is due to the way the phone number and email address are synchronized during authentication. The researchers note that they discovered this problem as early as 2019 and immediately reported to Apple about this issue, but the tech giant has yet to take any action to address this vulnerability.

Users are advised to turn off AirDrop completely so as not to be a part of and not be affected by this vulnerability, which affects more than 1.5 billion devices.

With information from HotHardware


Case for Apple iPad Pro 12.9 “(5th Gen.) White Smart Folio | K-tuin

Technical characteristics

With the Smart Folio case in a single piece of polyurethane, your iPad, so your iPad is protected in front and behind. And not only does it protect it, but it also wakes up the iPad when you open it and locks it when you close it.

The polyurethane Smart Folio is compatible with the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd, 4th and 5th gen.) In white and is made from a single piece of polyurethane. It becomes a magnificent support, because you can place it in different positions, so that whatever you do you can use your iPad Pro.

Protect your iPad with the White Smart Folio Case


Apple plans a ‘revolution’ for your iPhone … and this is what we know – El Financiero

Apple is preparing major modifications to its mobile software that will include an update to the way users handle notifications, a redesign of the iPad home screen, a lock screen update, and additional privacy protections for its flagship devices. , according to people with knowledge of the matter.

It is planned to include the changes in development in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, the next major software updates for iPhone and iPad. The Cupertino, California-based tech giant will announce the software updates, codenamed Sky, at its upcoming global developer conference on June 7, said the people, who asked not to be named discussing internal issues.

An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.

The company is planning a new feature that will allow users to set different notification preferences, such as whether the phone beeps or not, depending on its state at the time.

The enhancement will include a new menu that allows users to select whether they are driving, working, sleeping, or the custom categories of their choice.

For quick access to settings, the menu will be displayed on the updated lock screen, in the control center, and in the iPhone and iPad menu.

There will also be an option to configure automatic replies to messages depending on their status. That will be an improvement over the current auto-answer feature, which is only available while driving. Apple has added some unique notification features, but this will be the first time the company offers a system-wide feature to change notifications based on user status.

The company is also working on iMessage updates with the goal of making it function as a social network and better compete with Facebook’s WhatsApp. Those changes are still in an early stage of development and could come later, the people said.

The iPad line, which added new iPad Pro models earlier this week, will also undergo software changes. The company is planning the biggest update to the device’s home screen since the first product launch in 2010. After introducing a similar feature for the iPhone last year, Apple plans to allow users to place widgets, or small applications that they can display weather, appointments, stock quotes, and other data, anywhere on the home screen. Users will also be able to replace the entire app grid with just widgets.

They will also include more privacy protections. A new feature in the works is a new menu that will show users which apps collect data about them. While Apple has increased the privacy of its devices in recent years, thousands of applications have been identified that use special trackers that can collect and share data such as phone numbers and location. The new feature is designed to reduce that.

Apple is also planning a minor update for macOS after its redesign last year, and updates for the Apple Watch and Apple TV software.


Spring Loaded: The best purple iPhone of the 2021 Apple event

purple iphone


Apple held its Spring Loaded spring event in Cupertino, California, in which it presented the novelties it has prepared to launch in 2021.

The conference was hosted by Tim Cook, Apple CEO, and the rest of the technology team charged with developing the brand’s products.

Color iMac

In the late 90s, Apple distinguished itself by launching an iMac model in different translucent colors. Two decades later, the company turned to nostalgia with a new model reminiscent of its computers from that era.

The new iMac will be available in green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and silver; however, the most striking element is the 4.5K, 24-inch, 11.5-millimeter-thick retina display.

color imacs 2021
color imacs 2021

The computer will run on Apple’s exclusive M1 processor, which makes devices faster.

In addition, the new iMac will be equipped with the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard peripherals, which will be the same color as the screen.

imac de colores apple event
imac de colores apple event

Purple iPhone and iPad mini

Computers are not the only Apple device that will have a new color, as the company will launch a new version of the iPhone 12 in purple.

The iPad mini will also be available in the new color and the arrival of both devices will coincide with the iOS 14.5 operating system update.

purple iphone 2021
purple iphone 2021

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro 2021 also monopolized the spotlight, as Apple announced that they incorporated the M1 processor and there will be a 16GB version of RAM.

In addition, the novelty is the 12.9-inch mini-LED screen, whose resolution is compared to the iMac panels.

ipad pro 2021
ipad pro 2021

Apple TV 4K

The company also introduced a new version of Apple TV capable of playing content in 4K and HDR with more frames per second.

The new Apple TV has an A12 Bionic processor that accelerates the execution of games, movies and applications in high quality. In addition, it will have an update on Siri Remote so as not to press the button by accident and improve the commands of artificial intelligence.

apple tv 4k
apple tv 4k

Air day

Air Tag is a location accessory that can be attached to any object and triangulated its location with another Apple device.

The size of the Air Tag is ideal for attaching it to purses, keys, backpacks, suitcases or anything that can be easily lost. Air Tag is a real-time tracker, which makes it an ideal accessory for clueless people.

air tag apple
air tag apple


Apple was the first recognized digital platform to host podcasts and will now revolutionize the service with an individual payment system.

Instead of paying a monthly subscription for the Apple Music service, the public will be able to pay for each podcast they listen to.

apple podcasts 2021
apple podcasts 2021

The system will work in a similar way to the App Store, but in a podcast version, so there will also be some free ones.

Content creators will price their podcasts and, in addition to paying an annuity, Apple will charge a commission for each episode sold on the platform.

What do you think of Apple’s news for 2021?

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