reserves soar to Malaga, Alicante and Palma

Several tour operators and airlines have already begun to notice the effects of the British Prime Minister’s announcement, Boris Johnson, in relation to the start of the de-escalation in the United Kingdom on March 8. The British airline easyJet has communicated that the reservations of flights and vacation packages UKSpain and other coastal destinations have exploded after the Government announced a deconfinement planwhich will consist of four phases and which it would be completed in June.

In a statement, the Luton-based company (north of London) specified that the general flight bookings have increased 337% compared to the previous week and 630% for holiday offers, since Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed on Monday the phases of the de-escalation in England.

The most popular destinations are Malaga, Alicante and Palma in Spain; Faro in Portugal and the Greek island of Crete, while August is the preferred month to travel next summer, followed by July and September, the airline said.

The CEO of easyJet, Johan Lundgren, highlighted that, in detailing the exit from the confinement imposed in January, the Conservative Executive has offered a “necessary injection of confidence” to customers, to whom the company offers flexibility if they have to change or cancel their flights.

500% increase in bookings

Other tour operators have also reported increases in activity, including the German Tui, a leader in the United Kingdom, who indicated that their reservations increased by 500% in the last hours, being Spain, Turkey and Greece the favorite destinations.

In the same line, Thomas Cook has registered an increase of 100% of its reserves for the summer, especially to Greece, Cyprus, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

The schools reopening on March 8 begins a gradual process of deconfinement in England that will conclude at the earliest on June 21, although it is expected that, if the pandemic is kept under control, international travel and vacations abroad may resume at the end of May.


Madeira launches a ‘green corridor’ for vaccinated tourists from COVID

Madeira today announced the creation of a ‘green corridor’ for tourists who have been vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19. Thus, travelers from all over the world who carry a document certifying that they have been vaccinated with the virus will be exempt from presenting the negative results of the PCR test, which must be done within 72 hours prior to boarding, or from performing it upon arrival. to the island.

This document must be submitted in English and must be uploaded to the website before traveling.

Similarly, those passengers who travel with a medical document certifying that they are recovered from COVID-19, issued in the last 90 days, do not need to present a PCR test upon arrival, as the destination has announced.

This document must be issued within the last 90 days and presented upon landing in Madeira. In the event that the time exceeds that period, the traveler would need to take the test again to be able to present it upon arrival at the airport.

Tourists in Madeira.

In a statement, they recall that the archipelago is “a pioneer destination in the fight against COVID-19”, being the first region in Portugal to have a Contingency Plan for Emerging Infections, develop a document of good practices and create a platform online for travelers registration.

The EU options

Precisely, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, explained this Monday that they are studying “a palette of recommendations” to travel without restrictions this summer, including a certificate of immunity to coronavirus or a rapid test.

“In order to resume an almost normal life and a social life, two things are necessary: ​​pass this phase and respect the gestures, and give those who want to move guarantees that they are not carriers of the virus, for themselves and for others,” he said Breton on BFM TV

Breton, who acknowledged that tourism officials in several European countries are calling for measures to allow travel, said it can be established some kind of certificate provided that those who want to be vaccinated have been able to do so by then.

The second condition will be that there are rapid tests “reliable and as accurate as possible”, in which they are working and reflecting with scientists, to have evidence “quickly and in abundance”.


240,000 million euros until 2027


Updated:13/02/2021 01:56h


The presidency of Portugal in the Council of the European Union, which takes place throughout the semester that started on January 1 and lasts until June 30, 2021, has concluded one of its most decisive missions: to carry out good harbor negotiations on the European Regional Development Fund and Cohesion Fund.

The talks, initiated by Germany last December, have resulted in the approval of a global amount of 240,000 million euros to make investments within the EU during the period between the current year and 2027.

It is one of the main financial assets that stand out in the promotion of the community cohesion policy because it aims to smooth out the development differences between European regions, that is, to reduce the mismatches between the most developed and the least favored.

Get the most of it

The Cohesion Fund, which has become a reality since 1994, applies to “trans-European relations of member states with a per capita gross national income lower than 90% of the national average.”

The Portuguese presidential semester is marked by the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic in a country that has gone from more to less in its management of the health crisis.

Another of the central aspects lies in opening the doors to hope thanks to the agreement to distribute the vaccine in the 27 member countries of this EU, it lends itself to approaching its relations with the United Kingdom from a different perspective, once Brexit has taken hold. arrived.

The vaccination strategy is distinguished, therefore, as one of the great priorities in the community agenda that Lisbon will promote, on the way to achieve “the true union for health”, according to the statements of the Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva.


Applying the appropriate criteria for the process of immunization of European citizens to follow its course becomes a matter of the first order, if Europe wishes to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“If this massive vaccination strategy is satisfactory, and it has all the conditions to make it so, it will be a qualitative leap in the way in which we can respond to the health crisis and the economic and social consequences,” explained the Minister of Foreign Affairs Portuguese, Augusto Santos Silva.

It is also up to Portugal to take the reins that make it possible to make the most of the distribution of European recovery funds, vital for the approval of the different General Budgets to find that necessary plus destined to re-grease the business fabric of Finland to Malta and from Denmark to Greece.

The leading role of Portugal within the Union comes after the recent presidential elections were held, controversial because they were carried out in the current health context, but which allowed us to continue betting on political cohabitation. Because, in effect, the conservative Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was re-elected by a wide margin of advantage and then now this semester of preponderance in Brussels materializes with renewed political stability since the Portuguese have not hesitated to redouble their confidence in him so that compensate for the legislative work of the socialist government.

The keys to the new framework for relations with the United Kingdom also gain prominence, given that commercial ins and outs will gradually experience a surprising regression with respect to the situation that was considered current until December 31.

Precisely, there the disease will return to the foreground, as the covid-19 has crept into the agenda of each and every one of the meetings sheltered from Brussels without warning, the vast majority in virtual format.

Furthermore, it is up to Portugal to accelerate the relocation of EU influence across the globe. «Europe has to look in all directions of the world ”, that is the slogan of the Portuguese presidency. A concept that the neighboring country must strive to avoid stagnating.

Along the same lines, Santos Silva stated: «Precisely, what is intended is that Europe is able to talk to the United States, with the United Kingdom, with Latin America and with Africa, while not neglecting that in Asia it must be able to speak at the same time with China, Japan, India or the Southeast of that continent.

It is, consequently, a sample button of the clearly open-minded prism that Portugal intends to impart under his mandate, leaving behind the differences expressed in relation to the ‘premier’ Boris Johnson, always controversial but who must be recognized as the great architect of the plan Mass vaccination against the coronavirus has spread much earlier than in Germany or France, to name just two examples.

See them


The fine print of the Brexit agreement on transport

Although the agreement signed between the European Union and the United Kingdom has allowed the continuity of trade flows between the different countries of the European Union and the British country, the establishment of new border and customs controls is negatively affecting the provision of road transport services, both export and import of goods.

In fact, although the post-Brexit Agreement provides for access unlimited to international transport without limitations of number of trips, the new bureaucratic procedures and border controls that occur especially in the return of merchandise from the United Kingdom, is discouraging many Spanish carriers and other European countries that carry merchandise to that country to return loaded, so they are choosing to choose more comfortable and more profitable destinations on the European continent, as there are no customs controls or any other type.

Unable to cope on the return trip

However, the post-brexit agreement expressly prohibits European hauliers coming from the United Kingdom empty to do internal transport (cabotage) in any Member State, as it is considered a third country for the purposes of applying European regulations on international and cabotage transport.

This mainly affects Spanish companies that transport goods from our country to the United Kingdom, and that on the return to Spain used to do domestic transport on French territory back to our country. In fact, according to data managed by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, of the total cabotage operations carried out by Spanish carriers in the remaining Member States, practically all of them are practiced in France, specifically, 89.2% of the total, followed very far by Portugal, with 3.1%, Italy with 2.8% and Germany with 2.3%.


The Port of Cartagena increased the export of scrap to Turkey and Portugal by 262% last year

Scrap metal exports through the Port of Cartagena are consolidating as one of the traffics with the highest increase in recent years. Only during January, one of the months with the least traffic of this type of merchandise, 20,000 tons passed through the Escombreras docks, shipped in four ships, bound for various Portuguese and Turkish ports.

Most of the scrap metal exports come from companies in the Region dedicated to the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap. The growth in this type of traffic is due to the rise in the consumption of steel, a material intended for construction.

The president of the Cartagena Port Authority, Yolanda Muñoz, yesterday valued “positively” that scrap has become in the last two years “one of the new traffic with the best prospects for the Port.”

New lines of business

All this, he indicated, “thanks to the confidence of the companies of the Region such as Hermanos Inglés and Desguace París and the commercial drive of the Port, which allows us to attract new lines of business and generate business opportunities in Cartagena and the Region.”

In 2020, the movement of this material increased by 262% compared to 2019. “The geostrategic position of the Port of Cartagena and the competitiveness offered by the Port Authority with its rates and services continue to position us as the most profitable Spanish port”, Muñoz concluded in a statement.


La Jornada – Portugal and France come out victorious and head to Euro 2020

Reykjavik. France overcame Iceland 1-0 with more difficulty than expected in the qualifying phase for Euro 2020, whose ticket virtually caresses the world champion, while Portugal defeated Luxembourg 3-0 and England fell 2-1 against the Czech Republic and delayed your rating.

A penalty goal scored by Olivier Giroud in the 66th minute gave France victory in their visit to Iceland, which had not lost a qualifying match for a European Championship or a World Cup at home since 2013.

France monopolized the ball, but the Icelandic block was solid against Antoine Griezmann, Olivier Giroud and Kingsley Coman, so the team’s squad Blues he missed the absent Paul Pogba and Kylian Mbappé.

With the result, the world champion shares the top of Group H with Turkey, both with 18 points, while Iceland lagged in third place, six points behind the leaders.

“It was not easy, although we had several chances to score the second goal. And the opponent, from set pieces, was very dangerous, ”explained France coach Didier Deschamps at the end of the game.

The world champions will try to offer a better image to the Turkish squad in Saint-Denis on Monday, where they have not lost since March 2018.

In Lisbon, reigning European champions Portugal beat Luxembourg 3-0 with goals from Bernardo Silva (16), Cristiano Ronaldo (65) and Gonçalo Guedes (89). The Juventus forward thus raised his record for goals with the Portuguese team to 94, and reached a record of 699 goals in his career.

The call to succeed Juventus striker in the Portuguese team, João Félix, was about to score his first goal with his team, but the forward transferred from Benfica to Atlético de Madrid a few months ago for 126 million euros crossed his volley (15).

Ukraine 2-0 to Lithuania

With these three points, Portugal settled solidly in second place in Group B, five points behind leader Ukraine, which has one more game, and which defeated Lithuania 2-0. Both teams, in good position to qualify, meet in Kiev on Monday in an unbeaten match.

The biggest surprise of the day was England’s 2-1 disaster against the Czech Republic. Gareth Southgate’s side, which enjoyed the best chances, gave in to local pressure late in the game when Zdenek Ondrasek (85) conceded the goal that defined the scoreboard.

The English went ahead after five minutes with the penalty charged by their captain Harry Kane. But Jakub Brabec leveled for the Czechs four minutes later and substitute Zdenek Ondrasek completed the comeback in the final stage.

England, who would have sealed their pass if they were to win, had won their first four games in Group A and now share the top with the Czechs, both with 12 points, but have one game to go.

“We had a perfect start but we were soft on the ball and they scored shortly after,” agreed captain Kane at the end of the game.

In the rest of the games, Andorra beat Moldova 1-0, thus breaking a series of 56 previous defeats in the qualifying stages for the European Championship, while Montenegro and Bulgaria drew goalless.


The 10 most expensive transfers in this winter market

Unlike other years, this winter transfer market has been greatly conditioned by the serious situation that many of the clubs and federations due to the pandemic of coronavirus. As in summer, the disbursement made by the teams is much lower than in past seasons and this has led us to see much less movements, as well as much lower figures than what we were used to.

However, squads from all over the world have continued to need to strengthen themselves to shore up their squads for the second half of the season and we have seen some interesting transfers.

Here is the TOP-10 of the most expensive

  1. Said Benrahma (23’10 million euros): the Franco-Algerian attacker went from Brentford in the Championship to the Premier League at the hands of West Ham.
  2. Sebastien haller (22.5 million euros): the striker left West Ham to sign for Ajax Amsterdam.
  3. Amad Diallo (21 million euros): At 18, the winger has signed for Manchester United from Atalanta.
  4. Dominik Szoboszlai (20 million euros): wanted by Real Madrid and other greats, the Hungarian chose to remain within the RedBull franchise. Of course, this time changing Austria for Germany and its Bundesliga. It will explode in Leipzig.
  5. Nicolò Rovella (18 million euros): 19-year-old Italian midfielder who will join Juventus when his loan at Genoa ends.
  6. Krepin Diatta (16 million euros): the Senegalese winger has left Bruges for AS Monaco.
  7. Paulinho (16 million euros): from Braga to Sporting de Portugal. The Portuguese striker is 28 years old.
  8. Morgan Sanson (15.8 million euros): 26-year-old French midfielder who has left Olympique de Marseille for Aston Villa.
  9. Pedro (14 million euros): the Brazilian forward returns to Brazil definitively at the hands of Flamengo after an ill-fated journey at Fiorentina and a loan from ‘Fla’ himself. It’s from the Fluminense quarry.
  10. Dennis Man (13 million euros): the Romanian decided to pack his bags for Parma leaving behind Steaua de Bucharest. He is 22 years old and plays as a forward or winger.

Below this list there are also many others known, such as that of Jeremie Frimpong (from Celtic to Leverkusen), that of Carlos Fernandez (from Sevilla to Real Sociedad), that of Juanfer Quintero (from River to Chinese Shenzhen) or that of Tonny Sanabria (from Betis to Turin).


EU countries receive the first doses of AstraZeneca vaccine

Nothing to do with the extremely complicated transfers of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. With all the normality in the world and in conventional transport: this is how the first shipments of AstraZeneca vaccines are arriving in different European countries. You don’t need sophisticated refrigerated trucks or adventures to keep the cold chain intact at tens of degrees below zero.

However, the preparation prepared by the British pharmaceutical company and the University of Oxford has left a trail of controversy on its way to the EU. In the first place, because the company will not deliver the committed doses in the established time. Second, because there are doubts about its effectiveness in older people, doubts that are mainly due to the lack of information on the tests carried out. And although the European Medicines Agency approved the use of the vaccine for those over 18 without age limitation, most European governments will not apply it to those over 55 or 65, depending on the case.

Hungary, the only EU country that has procured vaccines on its own, breaking the policy of unified purchases of the Twenty-seven, has welcomed them: “We will receive 6 million of the 300 million reserved by Brussels,” explained the director general of Hungaropharma, in Budapest.

In France, whose main pharmaceutical company failed to create a vaccine against COVID-19, they are also satisfied with the arrival of the British preparation:

“This vaccine has an advantage over the previous ones and that is that it is normally kept in a cold chamber and not in a freezer, like the others. So we can keep them for a while, without needing to release them immediately. They can remain in the refrigerator at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius “, explained Dr. Brigitte Bonana, chief pharmacist at Hospital Foch de Suresnes.

The UK is the leading learner in Europe and has already supplied over 10 million vaccines. However, new variants of the coronavirus have emerged and it is still early to raise the bells:

“I want to emphasize that it is still early days and infection rates in our country are still very, very high. So remember how difficult it is still, how high the infection rate is, and that we must work together to achieve it.” , said the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, in a message spread through social networks.

In Portugal, doctors from the German Army have come as reinforcements to help hospitals fight COVID-19. On Friday this country reached the highest income since the start of the pandemic. This Saturday the number of new infections and deaths has been slightly reduced, although the situation is still very worrying.


LAST MINUTE on the transfer market: Odegaard is from Arsenal


08:05 – Barcelona is considering the renewal of Dembélé

The azulgrana team is very satisfied with this Dembele, and they hope that the French player not only maintains this regularity, but also continues to increase his football performance, without ruling out at the same time the possibility of taking advantage of that good moment that the French player is going through to try a transfer with which to recover the investment in his day, and reinforce the squad with another class of players for the next season.

7:00 AM – GOOD GODDIES! Welcome to a new week and a new day in the winter transfer market, today we open with a news flash: Martin Odegaard is already in London to undergo a medical examination with Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal. We will tell you all the last hour of Odegaard and the rest of the news about rumors and signings that occur today. We started!


Lingard will leave Manchester United for Porto

Jesse Lingard continues to give something to talk about in this transfer market. The absolute discard of Ole Gunner Solskjaer at Manchester United “brides” do not stop leaving him all over the European continent and, now, a new offer has arrived from Portugal, the FC Porto.

The team that leads Sergio Concert joins the bid for the English footballer, whom the Red Devil club strategically renewed to make money with his departure. Porto joins the interest that West Ham, Licester City, Everton, Tottenha, Inter Milan and Olympique Marseille, among others, have previously shown.

At 28 years old, Lingard He does not have in his mind leaving the British country, in principle, since so far Leicester City seemed to be the best positioned to take over his services, but the talks seem to have cooled down in recent weeks, something that the club has wanted to take advantage of Portuguese.

Do Dragao’s team would be willing to offer 8 million euros for its transfer and 2 million in variables. A figure that corresponds to the achievement of various objectives such as the conquest of the Liga NOS and the participation in at least 15 official matches.

An exit that does not finish

The rumors about the departure of Jesse Lingard from Manchester United happen week after week but it is not very clear if it is the English club that is not making it easy or if it is the player himself, the truth is that after 3 weeks of market, the footballer is still in the same situation as at the beginning of the season.