Tension mounts between US and Turkey: Erdogan confirms Russian missile tests | The World | DW

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed this Friday (10.23.2020) that he has been carrying out tests of the Russian S-400 defense system and rejected US criticism in this regard.

“The tests have been done and will continue to be done,” the president revealed to journalists in Istanbul. “The position of the United States on this does not concern us at all,” he added. According to the media, the test took place in the province of Sinop (north).

Washington maintains that Ankara’s purchase of the Russian systems compromises the defenses of NATO, of which Turkey is a member, and has threatened sanctions.

Turkish media claimed that on October 16, Turkey carried out the first test of the S-400s, which provoked the rejection of the US State Department and the Pentagon. The test had not been officially confirmed until now.

The Russian S-400 missile system on display in Moscow’s Red Square (05/07/2017)

Russian missiles are incompatible with NATO, Washington threatens sanctions

“If confirmed, we would condemn in the strongest terms the test of the S-400, incompatible with Turkey’s responsibilities as an ally within NATO and a strategic partner of the United States,” US diplomatic spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus had reacted.

The acquisition by Ankara of the S-400, in a context of rapprochement between Turkey and Russia, caused disagreements with several Western countries that highlight the incompatibility of these Russian systems with NATO devices.

The United States has already threatened Ankara with sanctions if it activated the S-400s. But despite repeated warnings from Washington, Erdogan reiterated that the system would be deployed.

Ankara justifies the purchase of the Russian missiles by stating that the United States refused to sell it its Patriot anti-area and anti-missile defense system.

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NATO Warns Turkey: Operating S-400 Will Affect Relations Between NATO Members – ANHA | HAWARNEWS

A spokeswoman for the Alliance said in statements to the German news agency (dpa) on Saturday: “This system may represent a danger to the aircraft of the allies and affect relations between the Alliance partners.”

He expressed NATO concern over those reports and called on Ankara to seek alternative solutions with the other allies.

He confirmed the inability to integrate the “S-400” system with the air defense and anti-missile system of the military alliance, while stressing that testing the system through Turkey will be regrettable.

Earlier, Turkish media reports have stated that the Ankara government had for the first time tested Russian surface-to-air missiles in operating conditions near the Black Sea city of Sinop.

In addition, the United States excluded Turkey from the F-35 program, due to Turkey’s purchase of the Russian missile defense system, and threatened to impose sanctions on Ankara.