Ullum and Zonda, two of the departments most affected by the rain | Cuyo’s diary

Last night a strong storm fell over part of the province. According to the survey carried out by the San Juan Police, Zonda and Ullum were the most affected areas.

As the National Meteorological Service had announced, in those departments there was an abundant fall of water with intense electrical activity. In Jáchal, hail also fell.

Route 60, at the height of the wall, is still cut off as before reaching Punta Tabasco, an artery on the north side, with one-hand traffic.

There is also drag material left by the flood at the height of the Wildlife Park.

To get to Ullum, it is recommended to travel with extreme caution along Las Moras street, in Zonda.

There are many ulluneros who did not have a good time last night, however so far there are no evacuees. The police reported that requests for assistance were received from Villa Unión, where many houses were leaked and in the La Higuerita neighborhood. In this last neighborhood, an elderly couple evacuated themselves to the home of a relative due to the large amount of water that had entered their home.

Hail fell in Jáchal, but without complications or evacuations.


Couples | Make way for the storm


Elezkano II-Zabaleta22

Duration 49:04 minutes.

Sacks None.

Service fouls None.

Balls to good 359.

So many at stake 5 from Jaka, 12 from Elezkano II and 3 from Zabaleta.

Mistakes 3 from Jaka, 4 from Martija and 3 from Elezkano II.

Marker 0-1, 0-3, 2-3, 2-5, 4-5, 4-9, 5-11, 7-11, 7-14, 8-14 and 8-22.

Incidents Match of the 9th day of the LEP.M Couples Championship played at the Beotibar fronton in Tolosa. No audience. In the first match, Bakaikoa and Ibai Zabala beat Salaberria and Untoria (18-9). In the third, Alberdi II and Salaverri II defeated Arteaga II and Erasun (11-22).

Donostia – Danel Elezkano looked at himself in the mirror and said that it was time to be himself, that the reflection he was giving back was different, neither worse nor better, but different, in which he did not recognize himself when he saw himself. The Zaratamoztarra embraced a reconversion charged with honesty: that of not transforming himself by anything in the world, nor by circumstances; that is, be yourself. That essence that lived inside him, as he himself admits, was asleep in the first weeks of the Parejas rattling. He needed himself and feel comfortable in his skin, the one that made him champion of the specialty in 2019. It was what he had to do. And he did so as the first round progressed. Yesterday he nailed it again.

The aggressiveness and success of the Zaratamo puntillero, recognized in the Beotibar de Tolosa pediment, brought Erik Jaka and Julen Martija headfirst, whom he looked for on the left wall to get them out of place. It is true that Elezkano II was guarded by a José Javier Zabaleta who is still sweet, who yesterday did not make a single mistake and scored three goals and that is decisive. Etxarren’s is the Leviathan, a totem. In favor of the current, the Basque manista embroidered his role: that of stiletto. His best image in the pond. And the result was a cocktail very close to perfection.

Jaka and Martija, anchored in the last position of the table, do not raise their heads and yesterday they could not do anything. They were swept away by the storm. The blues applied the roller: Danel’s fang choked the Manomanista champion, who sought his life with complicated finishing; while Zabaleta’s muscle and elegance destroyed the always astonishing resistance of Etxeberri’s bodyguard. Danel and José Javier defined their eighth point of the Couples, which assures them, at least, the play off. In a blink of an eye. So are storms. Make way.

The ninth day of the Couples ends today in Zestoa. Altuna III-Mariezkurrena will be tested against Ezkurdia-Ladis Galarza, starting at 10:30 pm (ETB 1).


The political ‘storm’ that ‘Ñoño’ Elías unleashed with his revelations in the Odebrecht case

Former congressman Bernardo ‘El Ñoño’ Elías turned the fan on again about his relationship with the multinational Odebrecht and his intervention in the network of bribes to influential politicians to stay with infrastructure contracts.

His statements about the income from Odebrecht to the 2014 presidential campaign of Juan Manuel Santos and about the alleged intervention of former ministers Gina Parody and Cecilia Álvarez in the concession of the Ocaña-Gamarra section, generated political uproar.

While some sectors attack the former Nobel Peace Prize winner, others maintain an icy silence. The first to speak was the Democratic Center party, which indicated that “Bernardo Elías is in jail for influence peddling and for benefiting others in the Odebrecht scandal; Eleuberto Martorelli, a former director of Odebrecht in Colombia, gives Elías 2,500 million pesos for the first round ”.

And he continues, “Elías gives Roberto Prieto, Santos campaign manager, 800 million for the first round.” In this sense, Senator Paloma Valencia assured that “what is said here is that Odebrecht held meetings with former President Santos, who discussed this issue that former ministers Parody and Álvarez knew what it was about and the benefits that the family of one of them and here what we are talking about is that huge state resources were used to influence and change the will of Colombians ”.

“Oscar Iván Zuluaga should have been the president; They stole from us and to do so they stole the money from all Colombians, giving Odebrecht contracts, “he said.

Also read: Supreme Court will continue with the case of former senator Eduardo Pulgar and will not refer it to the Prosecutor’s Office

In turn, Senator Ernesto Macías also indicated that “the criminal and corrupt network of Odebrecht in Colombia must be fully understood. And absolutely all those who participated or benefited from those monies of illicit origin must answer to the Justice, which has enough evidence to rule.

The same parliamentarian recalled that together with several parliamentarians from his bench and on behalf of Jaime Lombana, a complaint was filed in 2017 with the Prosecutor’s Office where we denounced former ministers Gina Parody and Cecilia Álvarez for hiring the Ocaña Gamarra road. A complaint for the same events was filed with the Attorney General’s Office two months later in 2017. We are still waiting for results ”.

The pronouncements also come from other sectors. Today’s dissident from La U, Armando Benedetti said that “how is it possible that in this country justice has not listened to the main partner of Odebrecht in the country, Luis Carlos Sarmiento. There is not a single statement either from the father or the son, nor from the Brazilians, nor from the contacts. How is it possible that there is a proven corruption and the direct implicated are not interviewed. This is a joke. A clown ”.

In that sense, the senator of Human Colombia, Gustavo Bolívar, indicated that “in Colombia those who have to fall must fall,” but here it has to be everyone. Not just the enemies of the Prosecutor on Duty.
I never ate the story that Uribe’s vice minister was paid 6.5 million in bribes, but from then on to no one else. Nobody believes that story ”.

In turn Alexander López, Polo senator, criticized the Democratic Center, assuring that “the Democratic Center is the father of cynicism, showing his chest for the statements of ‘Ñoño’ Elías, selectively forgetting this record that also involves Zuluaga and Iván Duque with Odebrecht . Uribe’s successors are the same because they come from the same school ”.

In that sense, the presidential candidate and senator Jorge Robledo said that “this investigation has been an absolute failure, here what has prevailed is the tapen-tapen”, as he said “the investigation into Odebrecht’s corruption was wrong, an absolute failure. Moreno says that Néstor Humberto Martínez set up a corrupt conspiracy of “judicial hired killers” in the prosecution that has favored the corrupt Odebrecht case, among others. “

He added that “in this case Luis Gustavo Moreno accuses Néstor Humberto Martínez of very serious conduct and that is not a scandal. Nobody calls him to ask for an explanation. The last straw! In addition, the advances of the Prosecutor’s Office in the Odebrecht – Grupo Aval case are purposely confusing. I call on Prosecutor Barbosa not to confuse the country, because confusion is conducive to hiding corruption ”.

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The Ñoño’s statements

Elías is a witness for the Prosecutor’s Office in the process against the former manager of the National Infrastructure Agency, Luis Fernando Andrade, and former ministers Gina Parody and Cecilia Álvarez, for alleged acts of corruption with the Brazilian company Odebrecht.

In the statement, Elías said that Andrade had all the knowledge of the pressure from Odebrecht to stay with the public works tenders in Colombia. He also said that he visited him several times in his apartment to arrange payments.

“I told Martorelli, (president of Odebrecht in Colombia) that I had no participation or input, that it was with the National Government, he told me: yes, I know that yes, I have everything armed but do not abandon me in that , nor in some claims that I am going to present. I told him: Martorelli, if you realize we have just lost the first presidential round with Mr. Óscar Iván Zuluaga, the second round is coming right now and I don’t know if we are going to win. If Mr. Óscar Iván Zuluaga wins and Santos loses, they remove Mr. Andrade and the minister, and I will not have the chance to help you finish the other as little as I can, ”said the former congressman in the statement.

In one of the revelations made by the ex-parliamentarian, the company manager would have told him: “Don’t worry, my friend, I already had a meeting with President Santos himself here, the company had a meeting with him, had a meeting with the campaign managers and with Roberto Prieto himself and we will help reinforce so that we do not lose the second round. This is where I understood that, from the minister through the presidential campaign, Dr. Andrade was helping to get that other in exchange for that. And the government headed by the president was in charge of helping them finish getting the other way with the confis and conpes ”.

Previous complaints

It should be noted that former presidents Álvaro Uribe and Andrés Pastrana had reported to the CNE, the Indictment Commission, the Supreme Court of Justice and the Prosecutor’s Office the alleged entry of illegal money into the Santos campaign.

In an extensive letter, the ex-presidents asked if Roberto Prieto, manager of the Santos Presidente campaign, was given $ 3 million ($ 6,000 million at the change of the time) for the first round.

They also asked if a million had been distributed through the Paddington firm in Panama, with the intermediation of Mr. Luis Alberto Peña, vice president of Sancho Bbdo. The other million, according to the former presidents, was given to Peña in order to improve the image of the Brazilian firm Odebrecht, and then they were monetized and delivered to the campaign.

The ex-presidents also asked if Prieto requested two transfers, one for 350,000 dollars and 650,000 through the modality of payment orders to the Odebrecht Structured Operations Department. The investigation is still being carried out by the corresponding authorities.


Metropolitan area wakes up full of snow, new storm leaves large accumulations – News Now

This storm left accumulated mainly in the metropolitan area and not in the mountains that saw only 2 to 3 inches of snow.

#Denver #Snow #Winter Storm

Man cleans the front of his house after storm

” data-medium-file=”https://noticiasya.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/02/WhatsApp-Image-2021-02-25-at-7.12.41-AM.jpeg?w=327″ data-large-file=”https://noticiasya.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/02/WhatsApp-Image-2021-02-25-at-7.12.41-AM.jpeg?w=1024″/>

(NOTICIAS YA) .- The Denver metropolitan area woke up with accumulated not seen for 5 years. The new storm left more than a foot of snow in cities like Littleton, Thornton, Federal Heights, Highlands Ranch and in Denver.

<img data-attachment-id="1308314" data-permalink="https://noticiasya.com/colorado/2021/02/25/zona-metropolitana-se-despierta-llena-de-nieve-nueva-tormenta-deja-grandes-acumulados/whatsapp-image-2021-02-25-at-7-12-40-am/" data-orig-file="https://noticiasya.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/02/WhatsApp-Image-2021-02-25-at-7.12.40-AM.jpeg" data-orig-size="1600,1200" data-comments-opened="0" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"0","credit":"","camera":"","caption":"","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"","orientation":"0"}" data-image-title="Tormenta Denver Febrero 25" data-image-description="

Table full of snow

” data-medium-file=”https://noticiasya.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/02/WhatsApp-Image-2021-02-25-at-7.12.40-AM.jpeg?w=327″ data-large-file=”https://noticiasya.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/02/WhatsApp-Image-2021-02-25-at-7.12.40-AM.jpeg?w=1024″ loading=”lazy” class=”alignnone wp-image-1308314 size-full” src=”https://noticiasya.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/02/WhatsApp-Image-2021-02-25-at-7.12.40-AM.jpeg” alt=”Mesa llena de nieve” width=”1600″ height=”1200″ srcset=”https://noticiasya.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/02/WhatsApp-Image-2021-02-25-at-7.12.40-AM.jpeg 1600w, https://noticiasya.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/02/WhatsApp-Image-2021-02-25-at-7.12.40-AM.jpeg?resize=1536,1152 1536w” sizes=”(max-width: 1600px) 100vw, 1600px”/>

The National Weather Service (NWS) reported that overnight, several cities received about two inches of snow per hour.

Balcony full of snow

Denver received more than 9 inches from the storm, an accumulation that had not been registered since April 2016. The roads were covered by a white blanket that created delays and dangerous conditions for drivers.

Federal Boulevard at 6th avenue in Denver. Photo courtesy C-DOT

The city of Aurora through its Twitter account, announced the deployment of 33 snow removal trucks, after the storm left more snow than expected.

Temperatures on Thursday will remain around 32 degrees Fahrenheit, the freezing point of water, so ice is expected on most roads in the city. On Friday the thermometer will rise to 40 degrees but for the weekend a new front is expected that could again leave accumulation

Ice will be present on the streets of Denver. Courtesy C-DOT

This storm left accumulated mainly in the metropolitan area and not in the mountains that saw only 2 to 3 inches of snow.

I-70 at the height of Georgetown. Courtesy C-DOT


Southern Baptists continue to respond to winter storm in Texas

Southern Baptists are helping victims of an unusual and disastrous winter storm in Texas, where nearly half a million residents still have no power or water due to frozen and broken pipes.

Churches have served as warming and feeding centers, and both state Baptist conventions have begun to respond to needs.

Send Relief, the national and international compassion ministry of Southern Baptists, is partnering with humanitarian organizations Feeding America, Disaster Relief of the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas (SBTC) and Texas Baptist Men to assess the situation and help to meet the needs of those affected by the storm.

After workers at a nursing home in McKinney, Texas, contacted SBTC to obtain emergency food rations, Scottie Stice, director of disaster relief, was able to mobilize a team of food trucks to provide meals to residents and caregivers. Then the city of McKinney asked them to serve emergency services.

“They were so busy helping that they forgot to eat or couldn’t get food,” Stice said. “We appreciate the partnership with Send Relief and all of our fellow state coordinators who have reached out to offer support and prayer; it is an incredibly difficult situation and we could not do this without you. “

As food shortages continued to worsen across the state, Send Relief provided financial assistance to Feeding America’s food banks in Texas so they could avoid a larger food crisis.

“The help that Send Relief has provided through food bank donations is helping people in the hardest hit cities; it’s so much more than a drop in the bucket, ”said David Wells of Texas Baptist Men. “Our three main cities, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, have people who have never seen snow before and are depending on us and these food banks for help.”

Supermarkets are having a hard time stocking shelves due to delayed shipments. The owners have frozen and burst pipes. As the ice melts, many houses are flooding. Drinking water is scarce. Accidents are frequent on snowy roads.

After other natural disasters like tornadoes or floods, residents can often travel to other counties for water, food, or supplies, but because all of Texas is experiencing water and energy shortages, families have no additional resources to share. The state governor has declared a state of emergency.

– Southern Baptists continue to respond to winter storm in Texas


Storms in Alaska May Triple with Climate Change

Francisco Martin Leon 6 hours ago 9 min
Image for illustration only: somewhere in Alaska. PXHERE

Warming temperatures will potentially alter the climate in Alaska so profoundly by the end of this century that the number of (electrical) storms will triple, increasing the risks of widespread flash floods, landslides and lightning-induced wildfires, according to new research.

In a couple of new papers, a research team led by scientists from the Paris University of Sciences and Letters and the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) shows that sea ​​ice around Alaska could give way to open water in warmer months, creating a wide source of moisture for the atmosphere. This moisture, combined with warmer temperatures that can hold more water vapor, would accelerate the summer storms over Alaska by the end of the century in a scenario of high greenhouse gas emissions.

“Alaska can expect three times as many storms, and those storms will be more intense,” said NCAR scientist Andreas Prein, a co-author of the new papers. “It will be a very different rain regime.”

Thunderstorms would spread throughout Alaska, even in the northernmost regions where such storms are virtually unheard of. In the southernmost regions of the state that currently experience occasional storms, storms would become much more frequent and peak rainfall rates would increase by more than a third.

The scientists used a suite of advanced computer models and a specialized algorithm to simulate future weather conditions and track sources of moisture in the atmosphere. They noted that the impacts in Alaska could be significantly reduced if society curbed emissions.

The findings have far-reaching implications for the 49th state. Floods are already the costliest type of natural disaster in central Alaska, and wildfires caused by lightning are a major hazard.

“We suspect that the increasing number of thunderstorms could have significant impacts, such as amplifying spring floods or causing more forest fires,” said Basile Poujol, a scientist at the Paris University of Sciences and Letters and lead author of both studies. necessary to determine whether these impacts are likely to occur and, if so, their potential effects on ecosystems and society. “

The studies, published in Climate Dynamics, were financed by the National Science Foundation, sponsor of NCAR, and by the European Research Council.

A major climate change

Alaska is expected to warm to 6 to 9 ° C (around 11-16ºF) by the end of the century if society pumps out large amounts of greenhouse gases. The vast state is already experiencing damaging impacts from warmer temperatures, including longer wildfire seasons, record-breaking heat waves, and landslides and sinkholes caused by melting permafrost.

If thunderstorms become more common in Alaska, it would represent a major change in the state’s climate.

Organized convective storms, including powerful thunderstorm systems, are prevalent in the tropics and mid-latitudes, where the atmosphere is humid and solar warming creates instability and rapidly increasing patches of air. In contrast, the colder Arctic provides an inhospitable environment for high-impact thunderstorms.

For the first articleThe, which focused on how Alaska thunderstorms can change by the end of this century, the authors compared computer simulations of Alaska’s current weather with conditions expected by the end of the century. They fed data from global climate models into the higher resolution NCAR-based Weather Research and Forecast (WRF) model, which allowed them to generate detailed simulations of Alaska’s weather and climate. They then applied a specialized storm tracking algorithm, targeting large groups of thunderstorms in the simulations that spanned tens to hundreds of miles and unleashed more than an inch of rain per hour, the type of event that could lead to flash floods. powerful. and landslides.

To confirm that the models were realistic, the authors compared simulations of recent atmospheric conditions with observations of real conditions from radars, satellites, lightning sensors, and other sources.

The results showed that the frequency of storms south of the Yukon River increased from about once a year to every month during the warm season.. Hourly rainfall rates increased markedly, reaching up to 37% more in the core of the storms. In addition, thunderstorms began to appear in regions that had not previously experienced them, such as the North Slope and the West Coast.

The second document focused on the reasons for the increase in thunderstorms. After using the WRF model and other models to develop a detailed representation of the atmosphere over Alaska, including temperature, water vapor, and seasonal sea ice cover, the research team applied a specialized model to track the air parcels. to its sources.

“Our goal was to determine the sources of moisture and associated changes that would drive such a significant increase in thunderstorms in Alaska,” said NCAR scientist Maria Molina, co-author of the second study.

The results showed that moist air masses from the ice-free regions of the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean will provide abundant fuel for storms.. The warmer atmosphere will experience increasingly powerful thunderstorms that are more likely to organize and form large-scale clusters, increasing the possibility of heavy rain and lightning.

Prein said the effects of increased storms in Alaska could be particularly severe as the landscape will be reshaped by melting permafrost and northward migration of boreal forests.

“The potential for flash floods and landslides is definitely increasing, and the Arctic is becoming much more flammable,” he said. “It is difficult to understand what the ecological changes will be in the future.”

The results of these models from the two studies are in agreement with the observed increases in thunderstorm activity in Arctic regions. The authors urged that more research be conducted in other high-latitude regions to understand whether they will experience similar changes.

“It is extremely valuable to do simulations of specific regional climate models that can capture smaller-scale events such as thunderstorms and open the door for us to begin to understand more of the complex ways in which climate change will affect many aspects of life around the world. “Said NCAR scientist Andrew Newman, co-author of the first paper. “These two studies show the potential for the Arctic to experience never-before-seen weather events, in addition to traditionally prominent changes such as loss of sea ice.”

February 23, 2021

David Hosansky


Kilometer-scale modeling projects a tripling of Alaskan convective storms in future climate
Authors: Basile Poujol, Andreas F. Prein, and Andrew J. Newman
Journal: Climate Dynamics

Dynamic and Thermodynamic Impacts of Climate Change on Organized Convection in Alaska
Authors: Basile Poujol, Andreas F. Prein, Maria J. Molina, and Caroline Muller
Journal: Climate Dynamics


This entry was published in Reports on Feb 24, 2021 by Francisco Martín León


IAG Faces Another Third Wave Storm After Massive Loss 2020

International Airlines Group (IAG), owner of British Airways or Iberia, among other airlines, fails to take off in the new year and it keeps the bad prospects for your business. After a 2020 with massive losses, operating losses only of the fourth quarter would amount to 1,300 million euros, according to estimate Bank of America (BofA), the third wave of coronavirus infections prevents you from seeing any light. The airline holding company is once again facing minimal travel figures due to the restrictions imposed.

In 2019, the company earned 1,715 million euros, an already lower profit to previous years, but now the figure turns negative. This Friday it presents annual results, with bad expectations and with a special focus on the evolution of the business in the last quarter. BofA foresees that in the last months of the year, the airline holding company will entered 1,100 million euros and that operating losses are 1,300 million. IAG plans to present its accounts next Friday, February 26.

The data will worsen in the annual calculation, according to the analysts of the US bank. As of September, IAG had already lost 5.567 million. The result after tax before exceptional items was also negative at 3,176 million euros, compared to a profit of 1,814 million euros. The evolution of the business in recent months has not been better and according to the estimation of analysts, the losses in the total calculation of the year would rise to 6,216 million euros.

These historical ‘red numbers’ for IAG are due to the collapse of the revenue after falling demand due to restrictions on mobility to contain contagions, a trend that equally weighs on other companies in the sector. But, what is more worrying is that the low activity continues and decrease recovery in the first trimester. Visits to European airlines have not changed, with a year-on-year drop of 69% and only Air France, Luſthansa and Turkish airlines show slight improvement.

Despite the fact that the situation has not improved in the first months of the year and it is expected that this quarter the closing of the business will also be negative, vaccines bring some hope to the sector and, specifically to IAG. BofA highlights “a realistic path to complete inoculation of the entire population aged 65 years and over in June, which supports recovery in summerIn addition, they also point out as “encouraging” the possibility of having a Covid passport.

Meanwhile, IAG is looking for debt opportunities to improve its finances, although the group’s net debt had already risen from 7,571 million euros at the end of September 2019 to 11,096 million in September 2020. In September of last year, the company already carried out a capital increase amounting to 2,741 million (which represented a 60% dilution for shareholders who did not attend it). Despite the bad year, IAG kept the idea of ​​buying Air Europa, which it eventually acquired for 500 million, not 1,000.

The IAG situation does not go unnoticed by the market and since last March, when the pandemic began, its price has fallen by about 38%. Furthermore, the uncertainty has attracted bearish hedge funds. At present, according to the CNMV records, only Citadel it is short and holds 0.81% of its capital. However, the figure has increased in recent weeks, it debuted its positions on February 4 with 0.57% of the capital.


Texas storm leaves more than 29 million people without drinking water

The authorities of the state of Texas, which is facing a cold wave that has caused numerous power outages, have warned that more than 29 million people are still without drinking water in the area. While the electricity bills they have become 70 percent more expensive, the local government has warned that the heavy snowfalls have caused the rupture of numerous pipes, which has resulted in water contamination. In this sense, they have once again asked the population to boil the water before using it.

“We urge customers to limit water service to essentials and follow the mandatory restrictions so that we can quickly restore the service as soon as possible, “the state’s water service stated on its Twitter account. Faced with this situation, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has held an emergency meeting with state authorities to talk about a bill to protect customers from this type of abusive prices, according to Europa Press.

This week’s electricity demand has caused prices multiply in an unprecedented way with invoices that come to touch the 17,000 dollars (14,000 euros) in some establishments. “It is unacceptable that Texans who suffered for days in the freezing cold without electricity or heating are now affected by the increased cost of energy “, the governor has maintained in a statement.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki stressed that the president, Joe Biden, is “looking forward” to going to Texas “and show your support”, but he has assured that He “does not want to take resources or attention” from the emergency. The president declared Texas a “major disaster” area in the wake of the snowstorm, which has left thousands of homes without power and water.


Storm will bring rain for some and snow for others in the region – NBC New England

After a beautiful sunny weekend, we are following a fast moving storm that will bring a round of rain and snow today.

Some may start out as snow, but the lows are warming up quickly and we’ll switch to rain as the afternoon progresses.

There could still be enough cold to produce mild accumulations from Worcester to southern New Hampshire. The storm will disappear tonight as temperatures slowly approach freezing.

A fast-moving low-pressure area is expected to head into western Connecticut today, bringing in smoother air. A flurry of snow is likely Monday afternoon with a quick change to rain south of Hartford. There will be mostly rain along the coast.

From then on, it becomes springtime in the middle of the week. However, we are not making any promises about the sun. Clouds of a weak disturbance will plague Tuesday’s forecast, and on Wednesday we will see another strong front approaching. This will change the mild period and send us into the cold to end the week.

Winter is not over, but the countdown to the meteorological spring is underway. Next Monday, March 1 is the big day.


Storm and rain in Granada with hail in towns in the Metropolitan Area

After a stretch of good weather, this Sunday in February has turned gray with a storm that has raged in Granada after 3:00 p.m. and that in addition to the Coast is also affecting the capital and the Metropolitan Area. The fortune with respect to the Granada coastline is that in the coastal municipalities the flood also mixes with the wind. A Sunday day spent by water in the province of Granada.

With an absolutely leaden sky, Granada is now experiencing a downpour that also in towns such as Cúllar Vega, Otura or Alhendín is falling in the form of hail.

The sky continues to thunder in the capital and the rest of the province and according to forecasts, it seems that it will continue to rain for much of the day.

In this way, it will be necessary to be aware of possible floods and emergencies due to the storm that is disrupting the opening of the perimeter closure in many municipalities of Granada. Precisely, this Saturday the Coast registered a full house due to the good weather and the desire to escape from the people of Granada.

In short, the front that the meteorologists had foreseen has burst in force on this Sunday of heavy rain, thunder and a minimum temperature of 6 degrees.

Things will get worse in the next few days, Granada reaching lower the thermometers to 2 degrees Celsius, according to the forecasts of the State Meteorological Agency.

However, the rainiest day will be this Sunday, since light showers will predominate in the following days.