UK runs out of beer amid spectacular demand after lockdown

After three months closed, UK bars and restaurants have reopened after 51% of the British population has received at least one dose against the coronavirus. This has meant that the country’s health situation has evolved favorably and has influenced the behavior of the population as a whole. With more immunized, less hospitalized and the open hospitality industry, a festive climate has arisen that has put the stock of beer in the country in check, as reported by the Financial Times.

Bars and restaurants are running out of stock and increasing orders to beer companies, which have accelerated their productivity in order to cope with the growing demand. The beers with the greatest pull on the British market are artisanal and premium lagers, but the truth is that all hoteliers have seen their expectations exceeded. “Vendors can’t move fast enough to keep up,” says Phil Urban, CEO of Mitchells & Butlers, the UK’s largest pub group at FT.

In data, overall pub sales in the first week of reopening were 12% above 2019 levels, according to Oxford Market Watch. Despite the fact that the capacity inside the premises is 40%. But, it seems that the limits of capacity in the interiors have had little influence so that the sales of beer have soared. In fact, despite the fact that temperatures have not started to rise yet, UK terraces have seen more and more customers flock to them.

Jean-David Thumelaire, Sales Director at Budweiser Brewing Group for UK and Ireland, said: “The reality exceeded our expectations in more than three times, nobody expected that… There is a first moment of euphoria that is happening now and we think it could last until the restrictions are completely lifted. “Therefore, craft brewers and larger companies are working 24 hours a day to cope with the elevated demand for beer and thus fulfill the orders that the bars are making. Heineken issued a statement claiming to be “working hard on a solution to meet demand – all of our breweries are working on brewing beer and we are connected with our breweries in other parts of Europe to import additional beer into the UK. “


the UK holds its breath

Second day of suspense in Scotland, which should also be the last. This Saturday, the fourth nation of the United Kingdom should finally know if the Independentists of the Scottish national party (SNP) have fulfilled their promise to obtain an absolute majority (65 seats) in the Scottish Parliament of Holyrood (129 seats). This absolute majority being the condition set by Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon to demand that London call a referendum on independence.

Election for independence in Scotland

The legislative election, which is taking place at the same time in Wales, has turned into an election for independence. The last referendum on this issue took place in September 2014. To the question: “Should Scotland become an independent country?” », 55% of Scots answered no, 44% yes. Seven years later, Nicola Sturgeon, head of the SNP and prime minister this time hopes to ask the question again and obtain a majority of yes. But to call a new referendum, Scotland must be given the green light from the British government. So far, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is against it.

UK rocked by headwinds

But for now, the slow counting of votes, interrupted in the evening due to restrictions due to the pandemic, will continue this Saturday when the results of the last 25 constituencies will be known. The first results show that the SNP after 14 years in power is guaranteed to rule again for 5 years. But the party is not guaranteed to obtain the 65 seats which would ensure it an absolute majority. It will be ” on the razor wire », Estimated the commentators this Saturday, May 8 in the morning when there were still 25 seats not yet allocated.

Labor leaders in Wales

At 9:30 p.m. on Friday evening, the SNP had won 39 of the 48 seats allocated during the day. Conservatives 3, Labor 2, Liberal Democrats 4. The separatists have obviously decided to vote useful and leave divisions behind. The independence party Alba (which means Scotland in Gaelic), founded at the last minute last March by Alex Salmon, former SNP leader and former prime minister, did not allow him to win a seat in parliament.

Scotland: in Kirkcaldy, separatists worried about the future

Wales had a day of suspense yesterday. The other British nation also elected members of the Senedd, the Welsh parliament. On Friday evening, the results were more advanced than in Scotland: of the 52 of the 60 seats allocated, the ruling Labor Party won 30, the Conservatives 12, the Plaid Cymru (independence party) 9, and the Liberal Democrats , 1. For the first time, 16-year-olds voted and if the independence party counted on them to climb the ranks of parliament, hope has been dashed. After 22 years in power, the Labor Party was showing great resistance to the onslaught of the Welsh Conservatives. The only reason to rejoice for Labor which, on the same day, suffered a stinging defeat in the municipal elections in England against the Conservative party of Boris Johnson.


Brexit: European and Italian immigrants stopped at the border and detained

EDINBURGH – About thirty European citizens, and even Italians, stopped and detained in immigration centers for up to seven days for trying to enter the United Kingdom to work without a visa. It is the hard realization of Brexit and of what happens to those who want to cross the British border with a tourist visa and then look for and / or start a job in London or in another city.


The “Brexit” gives environmental “carte blanche” to Gibraltar

They entrusted themselves to the astonishment of a positive answer, after some unsuccessful attempts, but the depth of the surprise has been “great.” Since Verdemar-Ecologists in Action they raised a complaint to the European Commission to warn of possible non-compliance with community regulations in the Spanish Special Conservation Area (ZEC) labeled as «Estrecho Oriental», due to the transfer of “oil tankers, butaneurs and cargo ships” what “They anchor continuously on the ‘east face of Gibraltar'”. The answer has come from the Directorate General for the Environment. In a letter, to which LA RAZÓN has had access, the environmental organization is reminded that they already reported similar events in 2013 and “the Commission services could not find any infringement of Union law “Therefore, “the file was closed.” But there is more. Regarding the substance of the complaint, they indicate to the conservationists that after ‘Brexit’, the exit of UK of the European Union (EU) on January 31, 2020, that country “It is no longer bound by the obligations derived from law” emanated from the sum of states “After the end of the transitional period that expired on December 31, 2020”.


Illegal Spanish “au pairs” have been held for days in England

The voice of Galicia

Iñigo Gurruchaga

Londres / Colpisa

07/05/2021 20:11 h

A dozen Spaniards have been detained since Brexi for several days in immigration detention centers illegal, after arriving at Gatwick airport with contracts to work in the United Kingdom as au pair. reported this Friday of the retention of thirty European citizens in conditions of discomfort and isolation that seem avoidable.

Enter the UK to exercise of au pair it’s illegal since Brexi, Unless a residence and employment visa is obtained. But it will almost certainly be unattainable, for not meeting the minimum wage requirements, for those who travel through that system and live with a family in order to learn the language, in exchange for some household chores and a modest pay.

The retention for several days in these types of centers -which affected a single Spaniard this Friday- would have been limited to Gatwick airport, in south London. It has multiple tourist connections in normal times. Irregular entries have been resolved at other airports with the immediate boarding on a return flight of the person who tried to enter without the necessary visa.

The explanation of the detentions for days in harsh and worrying conditions would be justified by the reduction of flights as a result of the pandemic. But, from Gatwick airport twelve flights departed this Friday to Spanish destinations (three to Alicante, four to Barcelona, ​​four to Bilbao and one to Madrid) between 1:00 p.m., one more on the peninsula, and 6:55 p.m.


These circumstances indicate that the detention and its publicity have a deterrent effect or that there is a peculiar handling by the Sussex Police of those detained by border agents in these circumstances. Sussex is the county that includes Gatwick. The press office did not respond to questions from this newspaper.

The number of Romanian citizens affected would be the highest, but, according to, there are also Germans, Italians or Greeks. The response from the embassies would have been mixed. The British Home Office would be “investigating the case urgently.”

One of his spokespersons told him that “EU citizens are our friends and neighbors and that is why we want them to stay.” He recalled that residents before December 31 have one month to request the status of settled and that “we ask for proof of their right to live and work” from those who did not reside in the country on that date.

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Conservatives would sink Labor locally

First modification: 08/05/2021 – 02:52

The greatest example has been in Hartlepool, a stronghold of Labor tradition where the Conservative Party had not won in decades. Due to Covid-19 the results are delayed, but everything points to a triumphant support for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, while the Scottish nationalists would in turn achieve their own victory. With it, the Scottish National Party could obtain a sufficient majority to seek another independence referendum.

The Conservative Party of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson increased its dominance in the House of Commons on Friday by provisionally winning the municipal elections, despite criticism about the handling of the pandemic – due to the high number of deaths – and the economic recession.

The expected overwhelming victory of the ruling party over Labor leader Keir Starmer, who tried unsuccessfully to revive his party after the 2019 national elections, shows what polls predicted: a wide right-wing advantage in municipalities. From United Kingdom.

In the vote, the conservative Jill Mortimer beat the Labor candidate by 15,529 votes to 8,589 to occupy the parliamentary seat of Hartlepool, a port city and Labor stronghold where a victory like this was once unthinkable due to the historic support of voters for the main party of opposition.

Johnson, who called the results “historic” and “very encouraging”, immediately mobilized to Hartlepool to celebrate and attribute his party’s triumph to his Brexit delivery policies and to have invested money in areas where many voters are they had felt neglected by governments for the past 50 years.

“I think what has happened now is that they can see that we comply with Brexit and, to a certain extent, they can see that we comply with that. And I think that what people want us to do now is that we continue to comply with everything else.” declared the British Prime Minister.

The fall of the British ‘red wall’

For his part, Labor leader Keir Starmer, who has been in charge of the party for a year, was disappointed by the results that were key to demonstrating whether the Conservatives’ victory in 2019 had been circumstantial or would mark a trend. “I am bitterly disappointed with the results and I take full responsibility and take full responsibility for fixing things,” he stated.

Hartlepool’s vote has struck right at the heart of Labor, in areas known as the “red wall” of the north and center of the UK, to serve a dominant majority in Parliament, with the message of “getting Brexit”. .

Labor tried to manage expectations by saying that the elections on Thursday, May 6, would always be difficult due to the coronavirus pandemic, which, as these results show, increased support for the Government due to the rapid introduction of vaccines.

As a result of the restrictions due to the disease, the total results are expected to be known in a staggered manner between Friday and Monday, although it is likely that by Saturday the outcome will be known in much of the country, including London, and Scotland. More than 48 million UK citizens were called to vote in local and regional by-elections.

This has been the largest vote change for the ruling party in a by-election since World War II, analysts have said. They are also the first local elections after Brexit, for which they voted in June 2016, and which has radically mutated national suffrage, giving the Conservatives the conquest of new territories until now Labor. They are now debating their future between resignations due to this new defeat or the total renewal of the party.

The Scottish nationalists have so far more hopeful, also pointing to a victory for the Scottish National Party (SNP) in the Edinburgh regional parliament, with 129 seats. If so, his aspiration is to achieve a sufficient majority to seek another independence referendum.

With EFE and Reuters


UK and US pledge to ensure freedom of navigation

(VOVWORLD) – The UK and US have pledged to ensure freedom of navigation before coordinating the deployment of the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, Britain’s largest warship in the Indo-Pacific region on the 24th next May.

The HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier (Photo: AFP / TTXVN)

This deployment testifies to the close collaboration between the United Kingdom and the United States, affirmed Admiral Tony Radakin, commander of the British navy, who also specified that London thus intends to work for a free, open Indo-Pacific region. and favorable to trade and prosperity.


British government pushes for the Champions League final to be in England

British media warn that the United Kingdom is pressing for the Champions League final to be in England and no longer in Turkey

The Government of the United Kingdom announced this Friday a “green list” of 12 countries and territories to which travel will be facilitated as of May 17, which includes Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel, but leaves Spain out for now. France or Greece.

British Transport Minister Grant Shapps explained that travelers returning to England from those destinations will not have to comply with a ten-day quarantine and will have to undergo a PCR test for coronavirus once they have returned, instead of two, requirements that they must comply with those who come from territories classified as “amber”.

In a press conference, Shapps explained that the classification will be reviewed three weeks after May 17, the date on which the ban on traveling abroad from the United Kingdom will be lifted.

The government of that country said on Friday that it was prepared to host the final of the Champions League in England, scheduled in Istanbul between two English clubs, after imposing severe restrictions on travel to Turkey due to the coronavirus.

“We have to put Turkey on the red list and that will have consequences. (…) I can tell you that the English football federation is in talks with UEFA about this, we are ready to host the final ”between Chelsea and Manchester City, scheduled in Istanbul on May 29, declared Transport Minister Grant Shapps.


London leaves Menorca off its green list along with the rest of Spain

Jug of cold water for the expectations of tourist recovery. The expected appearance of the UK Transport Minister, Grant Shapps, to establish the destination traffic light that will mark the restrictions to which British tourists are subjected ended yesterday with a great disappointment. As already pointed out in recent weeks, Spain is currently out of the green destinations and the UK authorities have not finally agreed to make distinctions for the Balearic Islands and much less for Menorca, by far the island most dependent on British tourism.

The consequence of Menorca being one of the amber destinations are important restrictions that in practice represent a huge halt to the possibility that as of May 17 – when the United Kingdom will already allow its subjects to travel abroad without justification -, tourists begin to arrive on the island. Those who wish to do so will be obliged by their authorities to undergo a ten-day quarantine upon their return from vacation and perform up to three PCR tests, one before returning, one two days after they return. and another on the eighth day of home confinement, which significantly increases the cost of vacation packages.

It should be remembered that some tour operators such as Tui United Kingdom and Easyjet maintain – at least yesterday until the closing of the edition -, their schedule of flights from the United Kingdom as of May 17. The British Government has assured that it will carry out a review of the covid traffic light of destinations three weeks after that date, on June 7. The hope is that advances in the vaccination campaign and control of the incidence will allow Spain to leave the amber list – which it shares with other preferred destinations for the British such as France and Greece -, and thus boost tourist flows from the United Kingdom .


COVID traffic light: Spain in amber, Portugal in green, Turkey in red

At the moment, all Spain It has been included in the amber list of the COVID traffic light of travel that the United Kingdom government has released this Friday, May 7, to regulate international travel from May 17. Portugal it is on the green list. Instead, Turkey it has been marked in red. The list of countries will be reviewed every three weeks.

The list of countries has been released this Friday by the Minister of Transport, Grant Sharps.

Total, 12 countries and territories have been added to the green list. Some of these include: Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira; Australia; New Zealand; Singapore; Brunei; Iceland; Faroe Islands; Gibraltar; Falkland Islands; and Israel (including Jerusalem).

On the amber list are Spain, France and Greeceamong other popular destinations for UK travelers.

Turkey will be redlisted from May 12. The same will happen with Maldives and Nepal. Another popular destination in red is Seychelles.

The list of countries has been released this Friday by the Minister of Transport, Grant Sharps.

Spanish government assessments

According to sources from the Secretary of State for Tourism have pointed out to HOSTELTUR, “the inclusion of Spain in the ‘amber’ category of the traffic light system announced by the United Kingdom does not have an immediate impact on the arrival of British tourists to our country, since, to this day, Restrictions on non-essential travel from the United Kingdom remain in force in our country, as a consequence of recommendation 2020/912 of the Council of the EU “.

“That is to say, regardless of the category in which Spain is today at the British traffic light, tourists from the United Kingdom are not authorized to enter Spain at the moment,” add the same sources.

“However, Spain is playing a very active role within the EU, advocating that the criteria for lifting these restrictions be made more flexible, in the open discussions after the European Commission’s revision proposal of the aforementioned Recommendation 912”, they indicate from the Secretary of State for Tourism.

“We reaffirm our forecast that in June we will have started the reactivation of international mobility”

“Spain is optimistic with the development of the negotiations and reiterates its conviction that this summer it will be possible for British citizens to spend their holidays, if they so wish, in our country. We reaffirm our forecast that in June we will have started the reactivation of international mobility “, indicate the aforementioned official sources.

In addition, they recall that “in June Spain will implement the Digital Certificate, a tool that, together with the relaxation of restrictions on non-essential travel from third countries, will help facilitate this international mobility.”

“Taking into account the progress of the vaccination plan in Spain and that the Accumulated Incidence is already decreasing, we trust that we will soon enter the green category”

Finally, the Secretary of State for Tourism notes that “the British traffic light system will be periodically updated to adjust to the epidemiological situation of each country. Taking into account the progress of the vaccination plan in Spain, according to the planned calendar, and that the Accumulated Incidence in this fourth wave is already decreasing, we hope to soon enter the green category of the British traffic light system “.