One million Chinese have already been vaccinated against Covid-19

The Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm, which develops a vaccine against the coronavirus, has ensured that it has already supplied the product to around one million people in the Asian country, without serious side effects being detected for now.

The president of the company, Liu Jingzhen, has assured that to date “only a few” people have shown “mild symptoms” after receiving the vaccine, according to a statement posted by Sinopharm on Wechat.

Vaccination is framed within a emergency program With which Beijing would have already begun to immunize strategic sectors. The official media have been reporting vaccinations to health workers, military, diplomats and other officials.

Sinopharm vaccine has already completed phase three trials following work carried out in a total of ten countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Peru and Argentina.


The crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic dominates the G20 summit

Dubai, United Arab EmiratesThe Group of 20 The world’s leading economies began a summit dominated by the theme of pandemic of the coronavirus, so much so that instead of being a physical meeting it was virtual.

The pandemic, which has killed more than 1.37 million people around the world, offers the G20 the opportunity to demonstrate how such groups can facilitate international cooperation to face crises of this magnitude., although it also reveals its shortcomings

“We have the duty to meet this challenge together during this summit and offer a strong message of hope and tranquility,” said in his opening speech on rey Salman from Saudi Arabia, the country that is the host of the event and that this year assumed the presidency of the G20.

Together, the G20 member countries represent 85% of world economic production and three-quarters of international trade.

The summit has the participation of the largest and most industrialized countries in the world, such as the United States, China, India, Turkey, France, Great Britain and Brazil. President Donald Trump He is one of the leaders who will participate in the virtual sessions, closed to the public, which will take place between Saturday and Sunday.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented crisis that has affected the world in a short span of time, causing global social and economic losses”Declared the Saudi monarch, who convened an emergency meeting of the G20 in March, at a time when the virus was spreading alarmingly around the world.

At that time, the death toll from the virus reached 22,000 and the G20 promised to share information about the disease, materials needed to combat it and clinical and epidemiological studies, and strengthen their health systems. They also promised to cooperate in the search for a vaccine.

While cooperation on disease study and trial design has been fulfilled, individual G20 countries have preferred to accumulate their own stocks of potential vaccines.

King Salman called on the G20 member countries to support developing countries, clarifying that Saudi Arabia is preparing to inject more than 11 trillion dollars into the global economy this year, in order to help small businesses and populations more needy.


Palestinians and a Democratic President in the White House

On November 17, 2020, the Palestinian Authority announced that it would restore security cooperation with Israel and agreed to receive the tax money that Israel had collected for them.

But for the near future, the prospects for the Palestinian Authority (PA) remain bleak. The Arab Spring changed priorities in the Middle East. Observers must be careful to avoid the common mistake of judging the PA’s perspectives through the dual vision of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while the truest and broader assessment should be regional. Palestinians must make decisions with an eye toward their natural environment – the Sunni Arab world – and not Turkey, Iran, or the Shiite world in general. In this new reality, the Sunni Arabs are on the side of Israel and not the Palestinians.

What makes matters even worse for PA leader Mahmoud Abbas is that the Israeli-Arab Sunni alliance attracts European powers such as France due to Turkish-French tensions in the Mediterranean and its satellite war in Libya. President-elect Biden cannot ignore these real facts on the ground and dismiss them. What he can do is convince the PA and Israel to come back to the negotiating table, not to challenge the Sunni-Israeli Arab alliance, but to join the PA.

The PA’s hesitation in this regard is to lose Turkey and Iran as diplomatic cards to use and to be forced to rely on Qatar to balance the Gulf states and Saudi Arabia. During Trump’s tenure, this was not possible. In the Biden presidency, the PA hopes to be able to keep the Sunni world while keeping Turkey and Qatar aside, but not losing them. This is especially important to Mahmoud Abbas in defiance of political rival Mohammed Dahlan who lives in the United Arab Emirates. Relying only on the Gulf with no other cards to play means strengthening Dahlan loyalists in the West Bank [Cisjordania] and the Palestinian diaspora.

Abbas’s shuffling of letters with the bogus reconciliation talks in Turkey led by Qatari proxies, Jibril Rajoub (Fatah) and Salah Aruri (Hamas), was deemed anti-Trump. In the Sunni Arab world, however, the move was seen as dangerous.

Cooperation between Fatah and Hamas lit the Arab warning lights

The first Arab state to be alarmed by the talks between Fatah and Hamas was Jordan. The prospect of Hamas gaining power in the West Bank is a horror for the Hashemite Kingdom. Although the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Hamas is a subsidiary, is a legitimate power in Jordan – as a political party – Hamas is seen as the dangerous armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Palestinian sources, Jordan recently took advantage of the visit of an important American figure, who has the doors open from both Trump and Biden, to convince Mahmoud Abbas to withdraw from the course dictated by Hamas and return to the negotiating table with Israel. . The American promised to work with Biden, once elected, to renew talks with Israel. Apparently, Jordan also applied its diplomacy in Washington in this regard.

During the bogus talks between Rajoub’s Fatah and Aruri’s Hamas in Turkey, Mahmoud Abbas considered giving his approval to the elections with a joint Hamas and Fatah list, but not holding the elections, in order to give new relevance. to the long-forgotten and deviant “Palestinian problem.”

Negotiations on the terms of the PLO

On November 17, 2020, the PA announced that it would restore security cooperation between the PA and Israel, accept $ 100 million per month from taxes collected for them by Israel, and restore the salaries of public workers. With that, Abbas is signaling to the Biden administration his willingness to return to negotiations, but on the terms of the PLO. That includes the restoration of American aid, the repeal of Trump’s policies on Jerusalem and the US Embassy, ​​the 1967 borders, and a solution for Palestinian refugees.

Those maximalist bargaining points do not fit the new mood of Sunni Arab countries that prefer the “deal” approach and compromise on the borders in the West Bank rather than the PLO myth of “people’s struggle” – even as a “political struggle”. These Sunni countries accepted Trump’s measures regarding Jerusalem, but the issue of Jerusalem is very sensitive in the inter-Arab-Muslim struggles and deserves a separate examination.

One issue that worries Sunni Arab powers is the refocusing on human rights issues that Biden, like Obama, will almost certainly adopt. Concerned Saudi and Egyptian voices are already being heard.

The news that President Trump lost the election was greeted in Ramallah with relief, not so much because of the political prospects of resuming the peace talks, but because the Trump plan had overturned the PLO doctrine of the liberation of Palestine through the ” fight, “whether military or political. The path of “struggle” brought the Palestinians to a standstill; the “deal” path led to the normalization of the peace treaties between Israel and the Gulf states. Today, the term “peace” is associated with the Gulf and not with Palestine, and the incentive for Western leaders to invest in the Palestinian problem to win their Nobel prizes is drastically reduced.

Fuente: Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs

Pinhas Inbari is a veteran Arab affairs correspondent who previously reported for Israel Radio and the newspaper Al Hamishmar, and currently works as an analyst for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.


Israeli Arab members of the Knesset: enemies of peace

The recent normalization of Israel’s relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain changed the rules of the game in the region. The winners so far are Israel and the Arab Gulf states. The losers are the Palestinian Authority, Turkey, Qatar and Iran. The historic normalization of relations even has opponents within Israel in the form of Israeli Arab members of the Knesset. [Parlamento], whose unanimous opposition represents the interests of the Palestinian Authority more than the interests of its own constituents.

Outside players like Turkey and Iran are not the only opponents of Israel’s recent normalization of relations with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. There are also opponents of the new peace within Israel. The Israeli Arab members of the Knesset who are supposed to look out for the interests of the Israeli Arab citizens of Israel voted unanimously against the agreements with the UAE and Bahrain.

That vote will not be soon forgotten. Another similar vow brings to mind. In 2016, Israeli Arab members of the Knesset and their leader, Ayman Odeh, refused to attend the funeral of the Israeli president who cared most about the interests of Israeli Arab citizens: Shimon Peres. Even the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, attended. In fact, he wept at the funeral, while the Israeli Arab members of the Knesset didn’t even bother to show up for their own president’s funeral.

Israel Today has reported on the ways in which Israeli Arab members of the Knesset are not working in the interests of the Arab citizens of Israel who elected them and whom they are supposed to represent. Rather, they are working in the interests of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Arab members of the Knesset are taking advantage of their position to advance the Palestinian question, an issue in which most Arab countries have lost interest, at the expense of their own constituents.

Only naive Europeans continue to donate to the Palestinians. The Arab states have stopped donating as they know their money is being diverted to senior officials in the Palestinian Authority.

It should be noted that the Oslo Accords were approved with the support of the Arab members of the Knesset. However, the Arab members of the Knesset today are more radical and less pragmatic. This type of approach can have negative consequences. For example, when Yasser Arafat supported Saddam Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait in 1990, once liberated Kuwait retaliated by deporting the 400,000 Palestinians who lived there.

Today, the Gulf states could logically assume that Israeli Arabs support the behavior of their elected representatives and treat them accordingly, a consequence that could prove costly.

Arab members of the Knesset are angry that the Abraham Accords do not address the issue of the Palestinian state and do not contain real concessions for the Palestinians. One member, Sami Abu Shehadeh, was quick to be interviewed by Aljazeera on the day of the vote. In his interview, he repeatedly stated that he considers himself a Palestinian and that he opposes the entire agreement, which he considers nothing more than an “arms pact”.

Israeli Arab citizens are an integral part of Israeli society with equal rights. Most of them have successfully integrated into Israeli society. But Arab members of the Knesset hurt rather than help Israeli Arabs when they oppose peace. By condemning the Abraham Accords, the Arab members of the Knesset demonstrated to all Israeli citizens, Jews and Arabs, that they are not only against peace, but are tools of the intransigent Palestinian Authority.

Source: BESA Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies

Dr. Edy Cohen (Ph.D. Bar-Ilan University) is fluent in Arabic and specializes in Arab relations, the Arab-Israeli conflict, terrorism, Jewish communities in the Arab world. He is a researcher at the BESA Center and author of the book The Holocaust in the eyes of Mahmoud Abbas (in Hebrew).


Johnson and Von der Leyen agree to “redouble efforts” toward a post-Brexit deal

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the president of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, they agreed ‘Redouble efforts’ towards a post-Brexit deal in a telephone conversation held this Saturday, a British government spokesman said.

The source noted that during the call, planned to Taking stock of the negotiationsJohnson noted that, while progress has been made, “significant differences persist in several areas” of common concern, including competition and fisheries.

The two leaders agreed that their respective teams will continue negotiations next Monday in London in order to “Redouble efforts to reach an agreement”, which would enter into force at the end, on December 31, of the post-Brexit transition period, which was formally executed on January 31.

For their part, Johnson and Von der Leyen “will remain in contact,” the spokesman said. If they fail to negotiate a bilateral pact, as of January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) will start trading based on the generic, less beneficial regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO).


▷ Meghan Markle’s vote in the US elections

Meghan Markle’s vote in the US elections.


In these last American electionss  Meghan Markle has been encouraged to vote in its public comments. ‘Page Six’ has been confirmed by sources close to the Sussex that the Duchess voted days before by post, and they go further by adding that she would also have exercised her right as an American citizen if she continued to live in the United Kingdom.


▷ The new virtual BlizzCon will be free for everyone: Blizzard says goodbye to the classic ticket in this edition

BlizzConline will be the event to learn more about Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, and other games.

Blizzard It has been holding a face-to-face event for 15 years where it announces news for its video games, and where fans can meet to participate in all kinds of activities related to their favorite titles. As we already knew, the 2020 pandemic has caused this BlizzCon to become “BlizzConline“an exclusively digital edition destined to maintain tradition from a safer perspective. And with this new format, they also arrive monetization changes.

In a video reviewing Blizzard-related news, products and services, President J. Allen Brack announces that BlizzConline, dated to February 19 and 20, will be free for all viewers. This is, in part, a first for the event: although the opening ceremony has always been free to watch, the rest of the tournaments, contests and collectibles were part of a virtual ticket of 40 dollars / euros.

In spite of everything, a good part of the activities which WoW parents are accustomed to, including competitions, cosplay contests or the fun march of the murlocs, where fans interpret these tribal fish with greater or lesser visual fidelity. Of course, we will also have ads.

In this edition, we will have to closely track Overwatch 2 Y Diablo IV, among other novelties. The former will add campaign heroes and PvE content to Blizzard’s cooperative shooter, while the latter will take a more sinister and traditional approach to the loot progression-based RPG series. Neither has a release date for now.

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Flanders wields a 1666 treaty to fish in British waters even if Brexit fails

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Charles II of England had a hectic life. A woman he married in two separate ceremonies, no legitimate children, but a minimum of 12 with his lovers, a beheaded father, and himself spending nine years in exile before taking the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland after the Cromwell’s death. He spent three of his years in exile in the Flemish city of Bruges and, grateful for their hospitality, in 1666 he awarded them the Privilegie der Visscherie, the privilege of fishermen who gave 50 boats from that city rights …

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▷ Pregnant? Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have a secret kept for “confidential reason”


October 30 2020, 11:28 am

Royal families do not usually have few members, so Meghan Markle and the prince harry They could be gearing up for the announcement of the arrival of a new royal baby.

According to British media reports, the Duchess of Sussex; who won a motion to delay the court battle with the British tabloid for a “confidential” reason, is pregnant and will confirm soon.

According to the report, the judge Mark Warby granted the delay after Meghan’s team gave a “confidential reason” for doing so.

With information from El Farandi

Shortly after the judge’s comments, royal fans began speculating about Meghan Markle’s pregnancy; as he won the bid for a confidential reason that was shared by his legal team in court.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry became parents to their first child Archie Harrison in May 2019. It has never been confirmed whether the couple will attempt to have children again. But nevertheless; The former ‘Suits’ star is speculated to be pregnant and will confirm soon.

The tabloid, citing a source, stated: “It seems certain that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will join your family.”

Meghan would surely be delighted when she emerged victorious in her bid to have a privacy action against a tabloid newspaper postponed for about nine months until next fall.

The trial was to begin in London in January 2021.

Prince Harry’s wife is suing Associated Newspapers by articles in the Mail on Sunday which included parts of a handwritten letter he had sent to his father, Thomas Markle, in August 2018. “My conclusion is that the correct decision in all circumstances is to grant the request”, said the judge. “That means that the test date of January 11, 2021 will become vacant and the test will be rescheduled for a new date in the fall.”


Why is it getting harder and harder for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to spend Christmas in England?


October 29 2020, 2:02 pm

Photo: Archive

It will soon be a year since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle left for the United States never to return. They announced it on January 18 after spending more than a month on vacation in Los Angeles, where they spent Christmas with Meghan’s mother instead of with the Royal Family, as had been tradition.

By Vanity Fair

Of course, before formally abandoning their life as royals, the Sussexes returned to the UK in March to say goodbye and finalize the deals for their long-awaited freedom, which was finally granted by Queen Elizabeth II in April. And since then, they have never seen each other again in person.

That is why all the British people were anxious to know how the next Christmas would go when Harry and Meghan had to return yes or yes to England. Although not for pleasure, but because on January 11 the trial that the dukes are holding against Associated Newspaper, which owns several tabloids, is scheduled to be held in London, which they accuse of publishing false information about them.

A legal battle that demands that the couple be present in the courtroom, something that in order to comply with it forces them to travel to England two weeks before the date of the trial to keep the corresponding quarantine that the British government requires of those who enter the country from United States.

But according to what has just been learned, finally that Christmas return could not take place. Well, the judge in charge of the case accepted the formal request that Harry and Meghan’s lawyers have sent to delay this meeting in court for several months.

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