Kemba Walker scores 9 on his season debut

Boston Celtics star Kemba Walker scored nine points in his season debut when Boston was beaten 105-75 by the New York Knicks on Sunday.

Walker played 20 minutes, the goal of Celtics coach Brad Stevens, before leaving the game for good in the third quarter. He also had four assists, three rebounds and three steals. Walker had been out since the end of last season while undergoing a strengthening program for his diseased left knee.

“He’s obviously excited to play. He’s ready to play,” Stevens said before the game. “They’ve worked hard to get to this point, and we can’t wait to have it there.”

Walker has had knee problems for the past year. He struggled with it before last season was brought to a halt in March due to the coronavirus pandemic and then was limited by it when Boston returned to play in the NBA bubble at the Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. during the summer.

After Boston lost to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference finals, Walker received an injection in the knee. He began a 12-week strengthening program in early October that ended earlier this month.

Since then, Walker has been slowly increasing his workload, a process that was inconvenienced due to Boston’s recent problems with COVID-19, as Robert Williams III and Jayson Tatum tested positive and several other players were tracing contacts. .

As a result, Boston had three games postponed last week before returning to the court to beat the Orlando Magic on Friday.

“Very little,” Stevens said when asked how much Walker had practiced with his teammates. “But he’s done a lot with, before our mini-closing last week, he was very involved with the coaches. [Luego] increased their work each day during that period … It’s probably not their typical practice, but they feel really good about where he is, and he feels really good about where he is. “


NBA | James Harden and the offer that the Boston Celtics rejected: they didn’t want Big-3 and the Brooklyn Nets formed it

The Houston Rockets encountered a particular situation after Daryl Morey’s departure from the franchise: Its top star, James Harden, had asked for the trade for the first time. With the request of La Barba, the Texas team began offering their greatest talent to different teams, although he placed a high price on it.

Brooklyn Nets ended up being the franchise that definitely bet on Harden with an offer delivering practically the entire future several years from now, despite the fact that the contract expires at the end of 2022. However, not all teams wanted to take such a risk.

One of them was the Boston Celtics. The franchise currently has a team surrounded by a very young core and an environment that seems to be ideal, although having James Harden at his best would have taken Brad Stevens to the next level. However, management scrapped the idea.

Boston Celtics scrapped James Harden offer

In exchange for James Harden, The Houston Rockets asked for Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and several draft picks. That is, the Celtics could have formed a Big-3 between La Barba, Jayson Tatum and Kemba Walker. In addition, Boston would have kept important elements like Daniel Theis or Payton Pritchard, who begins to stand out.

“We had numerous conversations, but the price was not really evolving. The price was really high for us, and it was something we really didn’t want at the moment. We decided that it was not the time for us and that it was not the price.”revealed Danny Ainge, the general manager of the Celtics, who knows something about these issues.


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Danny Ainge on James Harden: “The price was really high”

The general manager of the Boston Celtics, Danny Ainge, has recently said that his franchise discussed a possible deal to transfer for James HardenBut they felt the asking price was too high and they didn’t want to lose any of their main players.

This was said by Ainge on Boston’s 98.5 station this morning about the ex-Houston Rockets superstar who could have ended up playing for his team if he decided to take a chance:

“We had numerous conversations, but the price was not really evolving. The price was really high for us, and it was something we really didn’t want at the moment … We decided that it was not the time for us and that it was not the price.”

While the Celtics may have thought of Harden as a possibility to win a ring, they will now have to worry about him and the Brooklyn Nets in their division and in the Eastern Conference as they have become clear favorites.

This is what the Rockets asked the Celtics

It has been known that the requested pack in Houston was Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and draft picks. An offer that Ainge did not consider making since it would lose key pieces in its project both in the short and long term.


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The Celtics run out of their stars

In Boston things are going to get complicated in the next games starting with the duel this Sunday against the Miami Heat since the Celtics will run out of their stars and lose other players due to league sanitary protocols.

In the latest report, the team reported that at least nine players must comply with isolation measures for having been infected with COVID-19 or have contact with a positive case and unfortunately for Boston, among them are two of its main figures: Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Although they do not confirm them as positive, Players could go through an isolation period of 10-14 days, which means that at least five games will be lost.

In addition to Brown and Tatum, the names of Tristan Thompson and Grant Williams are added, who are doubtful to play against Miami and Robert Williams III who is one of those confirmed as positive.

Although this situation was something that the NBA expected and the teams had prepared to face it, the reality is that it is a hard blow for everyone and there is nothing left to do but wish this ends soon and calm returns not only to basketball, but to everyone.


Bradley Beal reaches historic milestone for Michael Jordan and James Harden in NBA

The Washington Wizards have not had the best start to the season in the NBA, being bottoms in the Eastern Conference with a mark of two wins and seven losses; however, they have managed to have the escort as a consular figure Bradley Beal, which further gets into the great history of the competition.

In the last two defeats of his team, against Philadelphia 76ers y Boston Celtics, the St. Louis, Missouri born has contributed nothing less than 101 points in 76 minutes on the court, scoring 60 in the first of these games, and in the most recent he managed 41.

Thanks to these performances, Beal became the third player in NBA history to have scored the most points in nine games., with 315 annotations, reaching in the records no less than Michael Jordan, who did it twice, and James Harden, in 2019 with Houston Rockets.

Beal catches up with Jordan in NBA history

The incredible thing about all this is that, despite the terrible campaign of the capital team in the current season, the guard manages to get into the records, he already did it with his 60 points against 76ers, where equaled Gilbert Arenas with the most touchdowns in the history of the franchise.

As things are, it seems very difficult for Beal and the Wizards to get into the postseason, considering also that they signed a All-Star as Russell Westbrook, who until now has not put the team on his shoulder, leaving that job to the veteran of nine seasons.

Beal’s historic record in the NBA

– December 23 vs. Philadelphia 76ers: 31 points
December 26 vs. Orlando Magic: 39
– December 27 vs. Orlando Magic: 29
– December 29 vs. Chicago Bulls: 29
– December 31 vs. Chicago Bulls: 28
– 1 de enero vs. Minnesota Timberwolves: 31
– 3 de enero vs. Brooklyn Nets: 27
January 7 vs. Philadelpha 76ers: 60
January 8 vs. Boston Celtics: 41


Jayson Tatum, down from 10 to 14 days by COVID-19 protocols

After 15 days since the 2020/21 NBA season kicked off, the coronavirus he is hitting the different teams in the North American basketball competition hard. To the Philadelphia 76ers cases are now added those of Boston Celtics, who could play today’s game with only eight players available from the squad.

As the journalist and insider of the NBA in The Athletic, Shams Charania, has recently reported, the player who has come off the Celtics worst has been precisely their star, Jayson Tatum. The player will have to undergo a 10-14 day quarantine due to the league’s safety and prevention protocols against COVID-19.

It is not entirely clear if Tatum has caught the coronavirus or has been in very close contact with someone who tested positive. Already in the last Boston Celtics game, where they beat the Washington Wizards, the franchise had to play without Tristan Thompson, Robert Williams III or Grant Williams for the same protocols.

But the matter of the match against the Wizards does not end there. This morning the team decided to leave Bradley Beal without playing in the loss against the Miami Heat. The reason is that in Washington there is concern about how close Beal was to Jayson Tatum last Friday, who had to defend in the match.

NBA suspension lurks

With more and more cases such as the Philadelphia 76ers or Boston Celtics, the possibility of seeing how the NBA begins to consider the idea of ​​suspending the season indefinitely, as was done in the past year, and waiting for the pandemic situation improves throughout the United States.


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