Baby Yoda dresses in Mexican clothes and becomes ?? Baby Tacos de Canasta ??

The character doll Yoda from the series ?? Tha Mandalorian ??, also known as Baby Yoda, became a trend in the networks social then they dressed him in a typical Mexican costume and painted his face a flesh color, which turned him into “Baby Tacos de Canasta “, according to the post.

After the resounding success of the series ?? The Mandalorian ??, based on the saga of Star Wars, the popular character of Yoda when he was a baby he began to become popular to such a degree that now his doll It is one of the most sought after sales pages online.

So many people took on the task of acquiring it and some even customized it, as was the case with ?? Lady Tacos de Canasta ??, who shared on his account Facebook to its Baby yoda dressed in typical Mexican clothing and even wearing a headdress.

Yoda is once again the sensation in networks

Besides the clothing in bright colors, the doll of Yoda She wears a multicolored headband in the shape of a bow, false eyelashes and even blush on her cheeks. Then what ?? Lady Tacos de Canasta ?? published the photograph of Baby Yoda the character became the sensation in the networks.

?? Always fashion ???, ???????????????????????????????????????????????????, ??? comments that have left the users in the Facebook post.

The image became a success and has already received 6,500 reactions, more than 400 comments and has been shared almost 500 times. Without a doubt the doll of Yoda It will continue to be a trend and more so now with its radical change of look.


Facebook does not plan to lift Trump ban | Voice of America

Facebook Inc’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg said Monday that the world’s largest social network had no plans to lift its ban on US President Donald Trump’s accounts, while the company cracked down on a phrase that it has become a rallying cry for the president’s supporters.

Sandberg, speaking during the conference Reuters Next, said she was glad Facebook had frozen Trump’s accounts, which came as tech giants rushed to crack down on her unfounded claims of fraud in the U.S. presidential election amid riots in Washington last week. pass.

Hours later, the company banned the phrase “stop theft” altogether, citing the use of the term to organize events that challenge the outcome of the US presidential election that have a propensity for violence.

If Trump wanted to appeal the removal of its content, that could happen through the company’s new Oversight Board, he added. Facebook said Trump could not appeal the actual suspension through the board.

“This shows that the president is not above the policies that we have,” Sandberg said, speaking with the columnist for Reuters Breakingviews, Gina Chon.

Twitch joins Instagram and Facebook, and blocks Trump’s account

On Wednesday, Twitter took a similar action after the assault by Trump supporters on the US Capitol. Before, it had censored three tweets for their controversial content and warned that if the president himself did not delete them, “the account will remain blocked.”

Facebook executives have long treated police speech posted by politicians with silk hands, arguing that people have the right to see the statements of their leaders.

The company backtracked a bit from that position and began applying labels to the president’s posts after facing a backlash this summer, including an advertising boycott, when he refused to act against Trump’s incendiary rhetoric surrounding anti-protests. racism across America.

He backtracked and banned Trump indefinitely from the platform following last week’s riots, which culminated in the assault on the United States Capitol.

Violent rhetoric on social media platforms, including Facebook, had intensified in the weeks leading up to the rallies as groups openly planned the meetings, according to researchers and public posts, prompting criticism of companies for not take more aggressive action in advance.

Sandberg acknowledged that Facebook may have overlooked some of those posts, but said he believed the events were largely staged on other platforms.

He said the company was on the lookout for other possible armed protests being planned for Washington, DC and in all 50 US state capitals in the lead up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20, prompting a warning from the FBI.

When asked why Facebook had failed to take comparable action against other leaders such as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and President Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, who have also been accused of inciting violence online, Sandberg said the policies of the company would apply globally.


Turkey opens investigation into new WhatsApp privacy changes

Turkey’s competition authority has opened an investigation into WhatsApp in connection with a new update that requires users to share more data with Facebook, its parent company.

The popular messaging platform has come under fire for asking its users to agree to the new terms. If not, they will lose access to their accounts from February 8.

Facebook hopes to monetize WhatsApp by allowing advertisers to contact customers directly through the application.

In the UK and the European Union users must accept the new terms and conditions, but data will not be shared with Facebook, due to EU privacy regulations.

According to WhatsApp, with the new terms, users with a business account (WhatsApp Business) will be able to access new functionalities that include a “bridge” between WhatsApp and Facebook’s online shopping application “Shop”.

But outside of Europe, users must agree to share the information of their mobile phone, Internet service provider, with Facebook affiliates. This data could also be your contact and profile information, with the exception of the message content, which remains encrypted.

A spokesperson for the tech giant stated that privacy policy updates are “industry standard” and that the company is providing users with all necessary information.

Why do the new terms differ for Europe?

Facebook, like other big tech companies, has faced months of criticism from Europe and the United States for its behavior on competition and privacy conditions.

The new version of WhatsApp’s privacy policy for European users establishes that data can be shared with other Facebook companies to display personalized advertising and offers.

However, Facebook has confirmed that it will only be used to develop the new functionalities offered to WhatsApp Business accounts.

Regular users in Europe will not see any change in the privacy conditions of their data, although they will have to accept the conditions to continue using the messaging application.

Facebook claims that it does not use WhatsApp information for direct advertising purposes in Europe due to prior negotiations with European data protection bodies.

The exemption has been welcomed by representatives of the bloc as a victory for EU privacy regulators.

When asked further on the matter, a spokesperson for the European Commission noted that Facebook was fined 110 million euros in 2017 for providing inaccurate information during an investigation into its acquisition of WhatsApp.

Despite the European satisfaction, since the announcement a WhatsApp rout has been taking place and many users are opening accounts in the SIgnal application, to the point that at times the application’s servers were overwhelmed.

Tycoon Elon Musk added fuel to the fire by posting “Use Signal” on his Twitter account.

Turkey calls it “unacceptable”

However, in Turkey, authorities confirmed they were investigating Facebook and WhatsApp on the policy, and have called for the new terms to be “suspended” pending their findings.

Several government ministers have also urged citizens to use other locally developed messaging apps in favor of WhatsApp, such as BiP from mobile operator Turkcell.

The head of Turkey’s Digital Transformation Office, Ali Taha Koc, said that foreign applications pose serious security risks.

“The distinction between EU members and other countries in terms of data privacy is unacceptable,” Koc wrote on Saturday.

“We have to protect our digital data with our local applications.”

On Sunday, BiP said that two million new users had downloaded its app in the last 48 hours since the WhatsApp update became visible to users.

Rival messaging apps Signal and Telegram have also seen a sudden surge in demand.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has recently targeted social media companies with new restrictions and fines, forcing them to establish a presence in the country and to obey court orders to remove “offensive” content.

Critics say the laws have stifled opposition voices online in Turkey, after the government had previously tightened its grip on major social media.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will not return to social media

Since they resigned from their duties with the Royal Family of the United Kingdom, the couple said goodbye to their 10.4 million followers on the social network Instagram

The summary / Shows – According to a publication issued by the newspaper “The Times“, he prince harry and his wife Meghan Markle there will be time disconnected from the social networks and they do not plan to resort to other platforms such as Facebook O Twitter to promote his new foundation “Archewell”.

The medium, which cites sources close to the couple living in the U.S, indicates that “it is also very unlikely that they will return to the networks in a personal capacity, after the attacks suffered since they got married.”

When the dukes of sussex decided to resign from their duties to represent the British crown, the Queen isabel II reminded them that they should stop using the title “Royal”In his next projects and daily life. In addition, they said goodbye to their admirers obtained through the account they managed in Instagram as “@sussexroyal“With a message stating:” We hope to reconnect with you soon. “

From that moment, Meghan and Harry distanced themselves from the British monarchy and began to push their own projects and his Financial Independence.

Before getting married to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle had an active presence in the networks, accumulating the sum of 1.9 million followers an Instagram; 350.000 on Twitter and 800.000 I like it on Facebook. Also, he had a website and lifestyle blog called “Tig“, In which it promoted companies and products that supported and offered food and travel tips.

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Ruben Vasquez

With information from social networks and international media


Salah saves a point for Liverpool, maintains lead with Tottenham

With a penalty goal from the egyptian Mohamed Salah in the final stretch of the match (79), the Liverpool took a point (1-1) on his visit to Fulham (17th), which allows the ‘Reds’ to maintain their coliderato with the Tottenham, which also drew against Crystal Palace (11th).

Liverpool have not won away from Anfield in the English championship since they beat Chelsea 2-0 at Stamford Bridge on 20 September. Since then a defeat (7-2 against Aston Villa) and four consecutive draws (Everton, Manchester City, Brighton and Fulham).

This Sunday he suffered to achieve the point in the field of Fulham, which took the lead in the first half with a cross shot from Bobby Reid (25).

Salah tied at 11 for the final when he transformed a controversial penalty, called after Wijnaldum’s direct free-kick hit the hand of a member of the barrier, but his arm was close to the body.

Before, Tottenham did not go beyond the tie (1-1) in their visit to Crystal Palace (11th).

Captain Harry Kane put the Spurs ahead with a shot from outside the area that didn’t seem too difficult for Vicente Guaita to save, but the ball made a stranger and fooled the Spanish goalkeeper (23).

After the goal, the locals stretched lines and began to arrive in danger before the goal of Frenchman Hugo Lloris, who was saved by wood from conceding the first goal before the break (43).

After missing a clear chance in 69, the German Jeffrey Schlupp would end up scoring the tie with 10 minutes to go, taking advantage of a short rebound from Lloris (81).

In the final stretch, the Spurs went for the victory, but first the crossbar (86) and then Guaita (90 + 2) prevented the victory of the team coached by José Mourinho.

With these results, Tottenham and Liverpool add 25 points, two more than the surprising Southampton, who placed third after clearly defeating the bottom of the Premier League, Sheffield United, 3-0.

Although they did not go ahead soon, the ‘Saints’ were not disturbed at any time by the bottom of the league, a mirage of the team that surprised last season. Che Adams scored the first of the locals in the 34th minute and it was necessary to wait until the second half for the rojiblancos to ensure the victory with the targets of Stuart Armstrong (62) and Nathan Redmond (83).

Leicester (5th), on their side, could overtake Chelsea (4th) and Southampton if they beat Brighton (16th) in their coliseum, also this Sunday.

– Results of the matches of the 12th day of the English Premier League, and classification table:

– Friday:

Leeds – West Ham 1 – 2

– Saturday:

Wolverhampton – Aston Villa 0 – 1

Newcastle – West Bromwich 2 – 1

Manchester United – Manchester City 0 – 0

Everton – Chelsea 1 – 0

– Sunday:

Southampton – Sheffield United 3 – 0

Crystal Palace – Tottenham 1 – 1

Fulham – Liverpool 1 – 1

(19h15 GMT) Arsenal – Burnley

Leicester – Brighton

Classification: Pts JGEP GF GC Diff

1. Tottenham 25 12 7 4 1 24 10 14

2. Liverpool 25 12 7 4 1 27 18 9

3. Southampton 23 12 7 2 3 24 17 7

4. Chelsea 22 12 6 4 2 25 12 13

5. Leicester 21 11 7 0 4 21 15 6

6. West Ham 20 12 6 2 4 20 15 5

7. Everton 20 12 6 2 4 21 18 3

8. Manchester United 20 11 6 2 3 19 17 2

9. Manchester City 19 11 5 4 2 17 11 6

10. Aston Villa 18 10 6 0 4 21 13 8

11. Crystal Palace 17 12 5 2 5 18 17 1

12. Newcastle 17 11 5 2 4 14 16 -2

13. Wolverhampton 17 12 5 2 5 11 16 -5

14. Leeds 14 12 4 2 6 17 22 -5

15. Arsenal 13 11 4 1 6 10 14 -4

16. Brighton 10 11 2 4 5 15 18 -3

17. Fulham 8 12 2 2 8 12 22 -10

18. Burnley 6 10 1 3 6 5 18 -13

19. West Bromwich 6 12 1 3 8 9 25 -16

20. Sheffield United 1 12 0 1 11 5 21 -16


Turkey fined Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for breaching a social media control law

Turkey fined Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for violating a social media control law. (Photo: Adobe Stock).

Turkey imposed fines of 30 million lira, equivalent to three million euros, on a dozen websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, for breaching a social media control law.

The Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) announced that the measure applies to social media platforms that receive more than a million visits daily in Turkey.

The affected platforms were Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Periscope, Linkedin, Dailymotion and TikTok, reported the semi-public agency Anatolia.

This is the second fine imposed on these companies for failing to appoint an official representative in Turkey or comply with other measures required by a new law, such as delete content within 24 hours after a court order.

Portals must also ensure that Turkish user data is stored on a server located in Turkey, an aspect that provoked controversy due to the fear that this could facilitate the access of the Turkish police to confidential data.

According to the new regulations, if companies do not meet these requirements in the next three months se will ban them from advertising and subsequently their bandwidth will be reduced 50% and finally 90%.

All the aforementioned social networks are very popular in Turkey, especially Twitter, used by the highest public officials including the president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as well as by famous journalists, analysts and socialists close to the Government.

Delete content in an hour

In line with what was implemented in Turkey, this week the European Parliament reached a political agreement to impose on digital platforms such as Facebook, Youtube or Twitter the obligation to remove terrorist content in a maximum of one hour that are being disseminated through their networks on the Internet.

The new rule will allow the authorities of a member state to issue content removal orders so that the terrorist files are removed from the platforms or access to them from any of the countries is disabled of the European Union.

With this, online providers will have a maximum period of one hour to comply with this order and it is up to the member states to establish the framework of sanctions in cases of non-compliance.

“Terrorists use videos and live broadcasts of the attacks as a recruiting weapon. This agreement will help national authorities and online platforms to limit the damage of this toxic content ”, declared the Interior Commissioner, Ylva Johanson, after the agreement was known.

The new norm was proposed by the European Commission two years ago but it remained blocked by the differences between governments and MEPs on how to apply it and protect fundamental rights, although the negotiation came out of the ‘impasse’ after the recent attacks in France and Austria. The agreement still needs the approval of the Twenty-seven and of the European Parliament to be formally adopted.

The new rules will apply to all companies on the Internet that offer their services in the European Union, regardless of where the platform is based, and await a detailed definition of what is to be understood by “terrorist content”.

In addition, certain specific measures need to be implemented to prevent abuse, including a complaints mechanism so that content that has been blocked or removed by mistake can be reinstalled as soon as possible.


More than 400 shelters open in Chihuahua due to winter storm

Each of the points will have health measures to prevent COVID-19 infections. Photo: Carlos Coria


Ante la second winter season that left snowfall and temperatures up to 11 degrees below zero in Chihuahua, the State Government announced the opening of 409 shelters to protect the homeless and citizens who sleep on the streets or that they don’t have heaters in their homes.

It may interest you: Snow storms fall in Chihuahua

The State Coordination of Civil Protection (CEPC), announced that before the start of the winter season and with the purpose of serving the population in case of contingencies generated by any Meteorological phenomenon, in collaboration with the 67 municipalities, have 409 temporary shelters to house Chihuahuas who need them.

These spaces have a total capacity to serve 72,882 people, which translates to 14,935 Chihuahuan families.

Its operation will be determined according to the needs and requirements of the different regions of the entity, before the weather conditions to register.

In addition, each of the points will have sanitary measures to prevent COVID-19 infections, through filters in accordance with the protocols provided by the Health sectorIn the event that any person presents symptoms, they will be referred to the nearest health center for their attention.

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Interview with the ambassador of the European Union Patricia Llompart in EL TIEMPO – Europe – International

Patricia Llombart, ambassador of the European Union (EU) in Colombiaa, spoke live with TIME on key issues such as the coronavirus pandemic, ‘Brexit’, the situation in Venezuela, the implementation of the Peace Accords and the EU’s initiatives in Colombia to prevent violence against women.

(Also read: The European Union extends sanctions to Venezuela for one year)

During his dialogue with this newspaper, Llombart made a call to reject violence against women in the country and the world. The ambassador explained that they recently launched in Colombia, together with the National Government, a school for the unlearning of machismo.

“We want to create a public debate to talk about machismo and stereotypes, something that is fundamental in education not only for women, but also for men. We must ask ourselves how we educate all men in non-violence, “he stressed.

On the other hand, Llombart also spoke of the coronavirus pandemic, which currently poses a great challenge for Europe. The diplomat explained what the bloc’s strategy is in its fight against the virus.

In the first place, he said that they increased the tests to identify more cases of covid-19 in the different countries that make up the EU. Second, and as a derivative of this first strategy, iThey invested greater efforts in the traceability of the cases and the isolations of those who were in contact with positives.

Llombart also revealed that currently hopes are pinned on a future vaccine. “Agreements have been made with six companies for vaccines. The president of the European Commission mentioned that by Christmas they could start with the first vaccination days.”

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Orange Day: Why was Susan Kare so important to Apple?

MEXICO CITY.- In February 2008, the Secretary General of the United Nations launched the UNITE Campaign, with the aim of generating greater awareness to prevent, respond to, and punish violence against women.

The UNITE campaign has proclaimed the 25th of each month as “Orange Day”: a day to act, raise awareness and prevent violence against women and girls.

This day calls on activists, governments and United Nations partners to mobilize the population and highlight issues related to preventing and ending violence against women and girls, not just once a year, on 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women), but every month.

How can I join and participate?

You can wear a garment, or wear an orange ribbon and invite other people to wear orange every 25th of the month. Spread the hashtag # DíaNaranja #YomepintodeNaranja on your social networks with messages in favor of the prevention of violence against women and girls.

Who is Susan Kare?

In 1983 Andy Hertzfeld called Susan Kare to invite her to participate in the design of the first Macintosh system and its graphical interface. This is how Kare began creating graphics and fonts for the new personal computer that Apple planned to launch in 1984.

She had studied graphic design at New York University, so she became the person behind some of Apple’s fonts and some of its icons.

He also assisted in creating icons and graphics for Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft. Most of them are registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, for these works he received the Cooper Hewitt Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Huge mistake in the last chapter of The Mandalorian

It is an error that can only be appreciated by staring at the sequence, as it happens very quickly. Photo: LucasFilm


The fourth episode of the second season of ‘The Mandalorian’ has been marked by one of the most notorious errors of the series.

A garrafal that has not gone unnoticed by fans, who have not hesitated to comment on social networks.


In his assault on the imperial base, in which there is also a laboratory, Mando (Pedro Pascal), along with Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) and Cara Dune (Gina Carano), ends up participating in a shootout against several stormtroopers. It is a scene full of action, in which, at first glance, it seems that nothing out of the expected happens.

But, looking beyond the lights of the blaster shots, you can see a mistake worthy of those seen in ‘Gladiator’ or the famous catering cafe from ‘Game of Thrones’. It lasts only a few seconds, but if the scene is put in slow motion, in the image a member of the film crew appears, with jeans, a short-sleeved T-shirt and a wristwatch.

Photo: Twitter LBeskar

It is an error that can only be appreciated by staring at the sequence, as it happens very quickly. But nevertheless, has not gone unnoticed. Moreover, some fans have already rushed to comment on social networks, even thinking that this error had been “intentional.”

With four episodes already broadcast, something that has attracted attention is that the fifth chapter will be directed and written by Dave Filoni, creator of the animated series ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ and ‘Star Wars: Rebels’. Despite the unknown title of said episode, some information suggests that it will be titled ‘The Jedi’.It will be Ahsoka Tano’s debut in a live-action production?

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Belinda effect; Matador Hernández makes fun of his boyfriends’ tattoos

Chris Evans accidentally publishes his ‘pack’ on Instagram

Karla Panini recreates video of cake girls and is criticized for ruining it

The trick to keep lemons fresh and in good condition for 3 months!

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