Apple, BMW, Nike, Huawei and other companies accused of forced labor in China – Asia – International

The UK Conservative Party’s Human Rights Commission singled out some international forced labor companies in their factories located in China, based on a report from the Australian Institute for Strategic Policy (Aspi).

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Tens of thousands of Uighur Muslims (an ethnic group that mainly occupies the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, in China) have been transported to areas throughout the Asian country to work “in factories that are part of the supply chain of the main international corporations”.

The Chinese Government would be collaborating with this violation of human rights, according to the report, to which the British newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ had access.

What does the complaint say?

Chinese President Xi Jinping

Vicky Xiuzhong Xu and Nathan Ruser, authors of the Aspi investigation, shared their testimony at an online hearing before the Commission. One of the most disturbing claims of the investigators was that the departure of the Uighurs from Xinjiang “is a state policy.”

“A notice from the provincial government said that For every rural ‘surplus worker’ transferred out of Xinjiang for more than nine months, the responsible HR company would receive 20 yuan (10,600 Colombian pesos) ”, says the report.

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According to Aspi’s findings, members of the ethnic group have been relocated since 2017 in 27 factories in nine Chinese provinces.

The working conditions were restrictive: “They had to work under heavy surveillance, with few hours of free time, and were forced to attend Mandarin Chinese and political indoctrination classes.”.

The listed companies

The investigation lists more than 83 globally recognized brands, such as Apple, BMW, Gap, Huawei, Nike, Samsung, Sony and Volkswagen, that would be sponsoring the Chinese state-driven slavitus through their suppliers.

Before the serious accusations, all denied their participation in these acts of violation of human rights.


An Apple spokeswoman asserted that the company has zero tolerance for forced labor, which is why audits are conducted around the world to ensure respect for workers.

Further, He pointed out that during the first days of 2021, they confirmed that there are no Uighur workers who are part of the Chinese Government’s programs in their factories..

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A Volkswagen spokesperson explained that the conglomerate’s principles are respect for minorities, employee representation, and social and labor standards: “Our code of conduct for business partners is contractually binding on our direct suppliers”.

Germany reactivates its factories

Volkswagen factories in Germany

BMW said they had no knowledge of the report, so they were not aware of the precise allegation against it. However, he stated that they do not allow their suppliers to exercise policies that violate human rights.

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Both Gap and Nike claimed not to have production factories in the Xinjiang region, nor to be using textiles or cotton from that area..

In the same way, they recalled that they do not allow discriminatory behavior against minorities in their companies and suppliers, so they are investigating whether their production chain incurs any type of forced labor.

Persecution of the Uighur ethnic group

Ilham Tohti Uighur activist

Photo of Ilham Tohti, a Uighur activist, taken in 2010.

This is not the first complaint by activists and human rights organizations at the international level regarding China’s abuse of members of this ethnic group.

The United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination expressed, in 2018, its concern over the creation of ‘vocational training centers’ to which tens of thousands of Uighurs were sent to work.

According to the ‘BBC’ network, large-scale disappearances occurred in these places.

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The Chinese government has repeatedly accused members of this ethnic group of being part of separatist terrorist groups (since they want to be a sovereign state), for which they have imprisoned several recognized members of the community.

But Activist groups around the world point out that it is an exaggeration by China to validate the constraint on this Muslim group.



the wristband smart watch

Related news

Smart watches and bracelets have been become one more technological complement how can he be smartphone. Millions of units distributed on the wrists of users who have found these small devices helpful in their daily lives. In Spain, the Apple Watch in the most expensive field and the Xiaomi Mi Band in the cheapest are the stars, but there is a lot of life between those two poles.

One of the most important brands in this sector is Honor, the company created in the heat of Huawei, has been in the sector of wearables several years with devices so iconic like the Honor Band. One step above is the Honor Watch ES (99 euros), the protagonist of the analysis that has left us a great taste in our mouth.

Because you do not have to leave several hundred euros for a smart watch to be useful on a daily basis and offer interesting extras beyond pure sports for which the first versions were designed.

Easy and simple

If there is something that characterizes both Honor and Huawei, it is the simplicity in the synchronization and configuration of the devices. The link, through the Health application developed by Huawei, is really good and it does not take more than a minute to have the watch connected to the mobile phone.

Honor Watch UK

Izan González


Once everything is configured, the stability of the connection is perfect and communication between both devices is not lost at any time. Surely that chosen standard is Bluetooth 5.0 it helps if the smartphone, as has been my case, it also has him.

The lines of the watch are committed to the minimalism that we find in smart bracelets, but transferred to a much more useful and complete clock format in everyday life. The chassis, made of plastic, is of the highest quality and has withstood the challenges of day to day without much novelty.

The exact same thing happens with the screen. He 1.64 inch AMOLED panel and 456 x 280 pixel resolution has outstanding quality even in direct sunlight. This section has been one of the ones that, personally, has surprised me the most considering the price of the device.

Honor Watch UK

Honor Watch UK

Izan González


Special mention also has the straps since uses standard 20 millimeters and pin to be able to put others that are more in line with the user’s tastes. On the Internet there are thousands of compatible models of this type of all kinds of materials at very low prices.

Made for sport

Without a doubt, the rise of smart watches has come hand in hand with sports activity and the Honor Watch ES was not going to be less. Highlights the “personal virtual trainer”, as they call it in the company.

Sports on the Honor Watch ES

Sports on the Honor Watch ES

Izan González


A series of step-by-step guided exercises on the clock screen that range from an energy recharging routine to more complex ones such as leg exercises. The screen shows step by step how to carry out the movements and for how long.

In total, there are 12 animated training courses and 44 standard body movement animations. To which must be added a total of 95 training modes with built-in automatic recognition capable of detecting when the user is running, walking, rowing or on the elliptical.

Guided exercise on the Honor Watch ES

Guided exercise on the Honor Watch ES

Izan González


Out of the 95 training modes, the Honor Watch ES comes with 10 pro modes where we can find running, cycling or swimming (yes, you can swim with the watch). The only ‘but’ we find is the GPS absence, forcing you to carry your smartphone to correctly trace your outdoor exercise.

And for more

The daily ‘operation’ with the watch is carried out through the touch screen and a button located on the right edge of the device. The user experience is smooth When it comes to navigating the interface and the customization options are triggered by choosing the sphere to display.

Health application required for Honor Watch ES

Health application required for Honor Watch ES

Izan González


The Honor Watch ES has some spheres pre-installed We can access them from the smartwatch itself, but within the Health application there are dozens – perhaps hundreds – of them. Some even paid. From the most basic ones with a black background to colorful ones that change every time we unlock the clock. It will be difficult not to find one that we like.

In addition to the classic applications that we have in all watches, such as a flashlight (which turns the screen blank at maximum brightness), the weather, a function to search for the phone (which makes it ring in case we have lost it) or another to do the remote shutter function of the camera, there are some very interesting health extras.

Honor Watch UK

Honor Watch UK

Izan González


Huawei and Honor have been working on various algorithms for sleep detection for a long time. The result of all this effort is reflected in TruSleep, a technology that is able to differentiate the different stages of sleep (deep, light and REM) and to analyze the breath. A very fine monitoring of the quality of sleep.

Along the same path of health functions, the Honor Watch ES includes the heart rate monitor TruSeen 4.0. The latest generation that improves precision through the application of algorithms and is capable of monitoring 24 hours a day.

One of the great novelties of these last generations of wearables is he blood oxygen monitor. Saturation measurement has become one of the most closely watched values ​​in the coronavirus pandemic and Honor has seen fit to include this sensor.

Stress on the Honor Watch ES

Stress on the Honor Watch ES

Izan González


Extra functions are completed with a stress monitor which offers a series of relaxation exercises and a female cycle tracker, to have a detailed follow-up of menstruation.


Finally, it remains to comment that autonomy is somewhat far from the 10 days announced by Honor. In a more or less usual use with activated messaging notifications, it is more common to stay around 5 or 6 days.

The second point, and as with all Huawei smart watches, applications cannot be installed nor answer messages or emails. In this aspect, it is a ‘mere viewer’ of notifications, very useful on the other hand if we do not want to remove the smartphone out of your pocket every time something arrives.

Honor Watch UK

Honor Watch UK

Izan González


Sometimes is easy to find the Honor Watch ES for about 79 euros. This places it in a very interesting field somewhat above the typical smart bracelets for less than 50 euros and the large watches for which you must necessarily pay more than 120 or 130 euros. If the absence of GPS is not a problem, it may be a candidate to take into account.

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Technological predictions for 2021 – PCWorld

2020 was a strange year for most people, but despite the pandemic situation and the sudden stop in activity, we were involved in the launch of some great products.

It is the case of the new computers Macs de Apple Based on M1 technology, 5G smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S20, or the steady growth in sales of monitoring devices and fitness focused on health.

So, what can we expect as big trends for this new year 2021?

The following predictions and technological trends are the result of opinions of expert journalists from our IDG editorial group, who daily analyze current events and write about reviews of products in our publications.

Drop-down or expandable phones

The Inno Day 2020 that Oppo celebrated at the end of last year already gave us a glimpse of interesting news that could arrive in 2021.

The conceptual device Oppo X 2021 shown with a roll-up display that extends from 6.7 inches to 7.4 inches in just a few moments, thanks to the fact that it can be opened and closed like parchment.

This could be one of the most anticipated technologies of 2021. In essence, it has a patented technology called powertrain Roll Motor, so that it superimposes two plates in one to get the mobile to extend the size of the screen.

With companies like Samsung and Huawei focusing on foldable phones over the past few years, see the models Galaxy Z Fold2 5G and the Mate Xs, it is possible that these modalities receive a boost towards what could define the future of smartphones.

ProMotion in iPhone

The 120 Hz display has become a regular feature of flagship Android phones such as models. OnePlus 8 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S20, Oppo Find X2 Pro and many others of lower price.

However, Apple iPhones are still in the 60Hz display era, even when it comes to talking about the higher priced iPhone 12 Pro Max.

In this way, ProMotion is the name that Apple has given to the high refresh rates and that we can already find in the iPad Pro models, which provides greater agility in the smooth scrolling of the interface and the device screen.

We think that 2021 will be the year in which Apple extends this feature to the iPhone 13, although it remains to be seen if it will extend it to the entire range or it will be something specific to the top-of-the-range iPhone 13 Pro models.

Disinfection devices

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many tragedies and disruption in 2020, so we have become accustomed to fighting the threat using disinfection devices and other associated household items, steam, and UV rays.

These products have been around for a long time, but it is now that they have become much more popular, thinking about ensuring well-being at home, on public transport and in any restaurant, school classroom or closed place.

We will have to be attentive to what will be announced now at the beginning of the year in the new edition of CES 2021, where the main technology brands will show their innovations for this year, with companies such as Beko and its range HygieneShield.

Other brands have similar launches in household appliances such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwaves and refrigerators. It will undoubtedly be the year of disinfection in the most science fiction style.

Video streaming services

Video streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Disney Plus O The movie, among many others, have become popular in homes in this time of the pandemic, to the point of having become the alternative to being able to attend movie premieres.

Streaming services

It seems that in 2021 this trend of increasing subscribers will continue, with great movie premieres hitting the platforms at the same time as they do in the big cinemas.

In this way, as the states of alarm continue in the countries, it seems very possible that other giants of the industry will sign agreements that will allow the public to watch new films from their own homes.

One service in dire need of quality content is Apple’s TV + platform, so we wouldn’t be surprised if one of the world’s richest companies decides that movies are the way to go.

Laptops with 5G

Mobility may not have been a priority in 2020, since most of us have stayed at home for much of the year, either telecommuting or the little ones attending virtual classes through technology.

At the end of last year we already saw the appearance of the first laptops with 5G capabilities, in the form of the Lenovo Yoga 5G. It is expected that in 2021, all brands will join this trend to expand their offer of equipment with LTE connectivity.

If 2020 will go down in history as the year in which 5G smartphones became a reality, with frankly competitive prices, 2021 could be a copy for this technology but transferred to laptops with such super-fast connectivity.

Windows 10X and Chromebooks

Windows 10S may not have made it big in the world due to its restrictive nature, but Microsoft has another version of the popular desktop operating system that could be the surprise hit of 2021.

Windows 10X is a simplified version of Windows 10 that was primarily designed for dual-screen devices like Microsoft Duo. However, things have changed as it looks like the software will debut on single screen devices in 2021.

With ChromeOS gaining in popularity, especially in the education market, could Windows 10X be the answer Microsoft needs to make sure the next generation of users stick with their? software?

We’re certainly looking forward to seeing what a slim Windows laptop can do in terms of user interface, security, and performance. It looks like 2021 will be the year we find out.

Electric bicycles and scooters

We have started the new year 2021 and the new traffic regulations imposed by the DGT oblige us to comply with a series of requirements by the habitual users of electric scooters, for which until now there was a legal vacuum.

Electric scooters and scooters

Electric scooters and scooters

In this way, the changes approved in terms of traffic for 2021 indicate that vehicles with one or more wheels with a single seat will only be able to circulate in the city and on the road, complying with the same traffic regulations as other vehicles.

These vehicles must use the road and not the sidewalk to move, with speeds between 6 and 25 km / h. Its circulation on sidewalks and pedestrian areas, as well as on interurban roads, crossings or highways is totally prohibited.

No type of driving license is necessary, but electric scooters must have a circulation certificate that certifies that they meet the technical requirements contemplated in the manual.

The best technology of 2021

In order to renew your devices or equipment, we have compiled in the following articles and specials all the products that are part of our selection of the best products of the year. Check out.


China: Huawei withdraws Tencent games from its app store amid disputes | PUBG | LoL | Clash of Clans

We have already had shocks in 2020 within the application markup, but now a bigger one is coming. Due to changes established by the Chinese mega company Tencent in their cooperation plans, Huawei has decided to withdraw from its app store all the games in the house in China. It doesn’t look like a stage the size of conflict between Apple and EPIC, but the size of the rivals is evident.

In accordance with Bloomberg, the last day of 2020 Tencent decided to make “big changes” to the conditions of cooperation with Huawei, arguing that the expiration date of the agreements came before a new deal to resume them. In statements to that medium, Huawei notes that Tencent took a “unilateral position to cease operations.”

Tencent, one of the biggest brands in the tech world, has a number of successful developments in the gaming arena. Titles like PUBG, League of Legends, Clash of Clans, Monster Hunter: World and many others are part of the extensive catalog of the mother brand of WeChat. Huawei, on the other hand, is a ubiquitous brand in China, with a 43% market share and with great control in the sale of applications within the Asian giant.

The gaming market in China is very strong, and has already had several worrying impacts. In 2020, Apple removed 39,000 games from the App Store due to the lack of an ISBN identifying number provided by the Government of China, impacting titles such as NBA 2K20 y Assasin´s Creed Identity. From 1500, the list of paid games was reduced to 74 after this move.

In a statement, Tencent noted that they are fixing the impasse: “We are communicating and negotiating with Huawei’s mobile gaming platform to find a solution and we hope to resume our services as soon as possible.”


The phones with the most powerful batteries presented in 2020

In these almost 9 months of confinement, many have chosen to acquire a new smartphone that has greater autonomy to perform different activities from the palm of the hand. Do you know which ones they are phones with the most powerful batteries presented in 2020?

The smartphone has become this year a great ally for friends, distant relatives, and couples because they could not meet physically. For this reason, they opted to organize video calls on Meet, Zoom, Skype and other platforms, as well as play online titles such as Ludo, Pokémon GO and Among Us.

To carry out all these types of activities, it is essential that the telephone have a drums that allows it to work for several hours without having to charge it at all times. Surely you think that this type of cell phone is quite expensive, but we have good news for you, and it is that during 2020 brands such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, among other brands, launched theirs and here we show you the best.

OPPO Find X2 Neo

The Chinese company OPPO, which competes with Xiaomi and Huawei, put on sale in March the OPPO Find X2 Neo, a mobile device with five cameras that stands out for its long duration.

The smartphone’s specifications describe how powerful it is. We have a team with a 6.5-inch AMOLED screen with Full HD resolution, Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor, 256 GB of storage and 12 GB of RAM.

The phone works with Android 10 operating system, is compatible with 5G connectivity, has a fingerprint reader under the screen and a drums of 4,025 mAh with fast charging of 30W.

Xioami Mi 10T Pro

It was September 2020 and Xiaomi surprised us with its new telephone called Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, a terminal that, in addition to being elegant, had quite important characteristics that allowed it to compete against smartphones from brands such as Samsung, iPhone y Huawei.

He Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro It came in three colors and one of its main advantages is its performance. He telephone It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor compatible with 5G connectivity, 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB / 256 GB of internal storage.

As if that were not enough, the cell phone works with the MIUI 12 operating system that is based on Android 10 and offers the user a powerful drums of 5,000 mAh with a fast charging support via the 33W Mi Fast Charge cable.

In addition, the Xiaomi terminal has the ability to charge 100% its drums in just 59 minutes. This cell phone is already for sale in Peru in the different mobile operator stores and its price ranges between 2,099 and 2,600 soles, depending on the model.

Lazy loaded component

Motorola Moto G8 Power

Mid-range cell phones no longer have anything to envy to high-end ones, especially when it comes to autonomy. Motorola, one of the most important brands in phones mobile phones launched the Moto G8 Power in Peru and other parts of the world.

This team offers us a 6.4-inch Full HD screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of RAM. In addition, the smartphone works with the Android 10 operating system.

Its main characteristic is the powerful drums that offers up to 2 days of continuous use without having to charge it, since the user who acquires this terminal will have in the palm of his hand a device with 5,000 mAh with 15W TurboPower fast charging option.

Lazy loaded component

Ulefone Armor 7

The Ulefone phone brand is also present in this 2020 special with its great Ulefone Armor 7 cell phone. The device went on sale in different parts of Europe on January 27 and stands out for different qualities.

The Ulefone Armor 7 has a 6.3-inch screen and uses Android 9 Pie operating system. It has a triple rear camera with a 48MP sensor as the main one, while the front one is 16 MP.

This is a computer with 128 GB of storage and 8 GB of RAM, as well as a drums of 5,5000 mAh that give it great autonomy when enjoying video games or some streaming application for series or movies.

Lazy loaded component

Samsung Galaxy M21

It was almost impossible not to mention the Korean smartphone brand, Samsung. The company is also part of this ranking of phones with powerful batteries that were unveiled in 2020. The device was officially unveiled in March 2020 and this is all it brings.

Equipped with a 6.4-inch infinity-U display with Super AMOLED Full HD + technology, the Samsung Galaxy M21 Not only does it offer a superb viewing experience while we watch our favorite beings, but it also gives us that peace of mind that it won’t turn off when we need it most.

Samsung Galaxy M21 It is a smartphone that has a triple rear camera, the main one being the 48MP sensor. To this is added an Octa-Core processor, 64 GB / 128 GB of storage and 4GB / 6 GB of RAM, depending on the model you prefer.

If you are one of those who enjoys watching series or movies from your cell phone, this device is a great option for you. The Korean brand offers you a device with drums of 6,000 mAh with fast charging capacity of up to 15W.

Lazy loaded component

OPPO A9 2020

The value for money is no longer a characteristic of Xiaomi. This is demonstrated by the OPPO A9 2020, cell phone that was put on sale in the first days of 2020 and stands out for its powerful drums.

He OPPO A9 2020 works thanks to its Snapdragon 665 and Adreno 610 processor. The device is manufactured with 4 GB / 8 GB of RAM, depending on the model and 128 GB of storage that will allow you to save all your photos, videos and install the apps you want without fear of that the memory of the cell phone is filled.

Although its operating system is Android 9 Pie, the smartphone that competes with other Huawei and Xiaomi terminals offers the user a powerful drums of 5,000 mAh that allows a long autonomy time.

Lazy loaded component

Samsung Galaxy M31

Samsung has presented phones quite interesting in the course of 2020 and one of them is the Galaxy M31, a team that comes in the colors blue, black and red that are divided into two models with a different storage capacity, but share a powerful drums.

The smartphone is manufactured with a 6.4-inch Infinity-U Display with Super AMOLED Full HD + technology. This panel is accompanied by a 32 MP front camera and four sensors on the back, where the main one is 64 MP.

It is a device dedicated to those users who enjoy social networks, streaming content and video games from the palm of their hand. Therefore, the Samsung cell phone works with an Octa-Core processor, 6 Gb / 8 GB of RAM and 64 GB / 128 GB of storage, depending on the model.

As we mentioned, if what you want is a device to communicate with your friends through video calls or play titles like Ludo or Among Us with them without worrying about its autonomy, we tell you that the smartphone has a drums of 6,000 mAh with fast charging capacity of up to 15W.

Lazy loaded component

ASUS Zenfone 7 Pro

In September 2020 the well-known Taiwanese brand of laptops launched its new ASUS Zenfone 7 phone, a team that has been talked about due to its impressive characteristics.

He ASUS Zenfone 7 It’s armed with a 6.67-inch AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. In addition, it works with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor that makes it compatible with 4G and 5G connectivity.

The device has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. To this is added its powerful drums of 5,000 mAh with 30W fast charging capacity, as well as Android 10 operating system.

Lazy loaded component

ROG Phone 3

If what you want is to have a gamer smartphone in your possession, we present the ASUS ROG Phone 3, a fairly powerful terminal with a lot of storage memory and a drums resistant.

Taiwanese brand made this telephone with a 6.59-inch AMOLED screen with a 144 Hz refresh rate. In addition, it runs with Android operating system and ROG UI and its processor is a Snapdragon 865+.

On the other hand, we have 12 GB / 16 GB of RAM, depending on the model and 512 GB of storage. To this is added a cooling system so that when you are playing the mobile it does not get hot.

Forget playing games while your phone is connected, as the ROG Phone 3 has an impressive drums of 6,000 mAh with 30 W fast charging, making it one of the smartphones with the longest autonomy launched in 2020.

Lazy loaded component

Oukitel WP10

The Oukitel brand is among smartphones with more powerful batteries introduced in 2020. In November this year, it launched the Oukitel WP10, a terminal compatible with 5G connectivity that stands out for its great autonomy.

The device is armed with a 6.6-inch screen, it is splash and dust proof and the Mediatek Dimensity 800 processor makes it a very fast device.

To this is added its great drums of 8,000 mAh, being the first smartphone in the world with 5G connectivity that has such autonomy.

Lazy loaded component

Oukitel WP6

If you thought that having a telephone with 4,000, 5,000 and 6,000 mAh of drums It was more than enough to use your cell phone for more than a day without having to charge it, we have a big surprise for you.

It is the Oukitel WP6, a powerful cell phone with a 6.3-inch LCD screen that runs on Android 9 Pie operating system, a 6 GB RAM processor and 128 GB storage. So far, we can say that it has similar characteristics to the previous equipment.

However, what stands out most about this telephone is that it has a stratospheric drums of 10,000 mAh; that is, it can be turned on for more than 3 days without having to be charged and, in addition, it is compatible with 18W fast charging.

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DxOMark | Ranking | List of cell phones with the best cameras 2020 | Smartphones | Mobile devices | Huawei | Samsung | Xiaomi | Apple | iPhone | United States | Spain | Mexico | NNDA | NNNI | SPORTS-PLAY

Updated on 12/23/2020 11:04 pm

2020 is over, but we start a new year with more cell phones. As the various offers appear, various users seek to get a cell phone with a good camera and performance. Like 2019, DxOMark, the website specialized in mobile devices, has launched a ranking that will catch your attention.

This is an exhaustive evaluation of the rear sensors of smartphones, a feature that is sought by various buyers when they want to buy a cell phone. How good is it? How many megapixels does it have? ”Some wonder.

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It is because of that DxOMark It has already fully evaluated all the high-end devices released this 2020 and finally has a complete evaluation, in addition to the score, of each of the devices.

The ranking is headed by Huawei Mate 40 Pro+, a device which is only sold in some parts of the world, but has a score of 139. It is followed by its brother, the Mate 40 Pro, the standard version that would arrive in Latin America in 2021.

Also on this list is the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra which, in third place, has a score of 133. In fourth place we find Huawei again, this time with its P40 Pro with a score of 132.

Already below these finally a device of the apple brand, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro, with points of 130 and 128 respectively.

But not everything is there, there is also the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, the Vivo X50 Pro +, the Oppo Find X2 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (Exynos). Here we leave you the ranking with the ratings of the 10 devices with the best cameras of 2020.

  • Huawei Mate 40 Pro+: 139 points
  • Huawei Mate 40 Pro: 136 points
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: 133 points
  • Huawei P40 Pro: 132 points
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: 130 points
  • iPhone 12 Pro: 128 points
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro: 128 points
  • Vivo X50 Pro +: 127 points
  • Oppo Find X2 Pro: 126 points
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: 126 points

Here you can see the complete list of DxOMark.


DxOMark | Ranking | List of cell phones with the best cameras 2020 | Smartphones | Mobile devices | Huawei | Samsung | Xiaomi | Apple | iPhone | United States | Spain | Mexico | NNDA | NNNI | DATA

Many are thinking of acquiring a new cell phone either at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2021. As the various offers appear, various users seek to get a cell phone with a good camera and performance. Like 2019, DxOMark, the website specialized in mobile devices, has launched a ranking that will catch your attention.

This is an exhaustive evaluation of the rear sensors of smartphones, a feature that is sought by various buyers when they want to buy a cell phone. How good is it? How many megapixels does it have? ”Some wonder.

It is because of that DxOMark has already fully evaluated all cell phones high-end launched this 2020 and finally has a complete evaluation, in addition to the score, of each of the devices.

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The ranking is headed by Huawei Mate 40 Pro+, a device that is only sold in some parts of the world, but that has a score of 139. It is followed by its brother the Mate 40 Pro, the standard version that would arrive in Latin America in 2021.

Also in this list is the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra which, in third place, has a score of 133. In fourth place we find Huawei again, this time with its P40 Pro with a rating of 132.

Already below these finally a device of the apple brand, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro, with points of 130 and 128 respectively.

But not everything is there, there is also the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, the Vivo X50 Pro +, the Oppo Find X2 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (Exynos). Here we leave you the ranking with the ratings of the 10 devices with the best cameras of 2020.

  • Huawei Mate 40 Pro+: 139 points
  • Huawei Mate 40 Pro: 136 points
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra: 133 points
  • Huawei P40 Pro: 132 points
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: 130 points
  • iPhone 12 Pro: 128 points
  • Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro: 128 points
  • Vivo X50 Pro +: 127 points
  • Oppo Find X2 Pro: 126 points
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: 126 points

Here you can see the complete list of DxOMark.


Cell phones without charger: the brands that join Apple’s initiative

It should be remembered that very recently it was announced that the new iPhone 12 will come without a charger or headphones and users of Apple they put “the cry in the sky” to look for other alternatives.

The company immediately on its official website claimed that this measure seeks reduce electronic waste. So also decided LG and now it seems that also Huawei wants remove your charger in the box.


Vivo arrives in Latin America: how are their cell phones

Vivo, the fifth global manufacturer of smartphones, expands its operations around the world and now reaches two countries in the region

The Chinese company Vivo, in full growth since its arrival on the market, decided to install bases first in Colombia in mid-2020 and then recently expanded to Chile with the objective of expand throughout the rest of Latin America for compete with other powerful smartphone brands.

Vivo achieved a share in the global smartphone market of 9,1% in the third quarter of this year, from 8.5% in the same period of 2019, according to figures from the consulting firm Canalys. That is, the signature reached 31.8 million equipment sales between July and September of this year.

With this expansion to the West, mainly in Europe, which it reached several years ago, the Chinese multinational already has 370 million active users in 38 different countries.

Vivo is the world’s fifth largest phone maker

According to executives of the Vivo bases recently installed in Chile, they chose in the first instance Colombia and Chile for the attractiveness of their markets, being countries with a great interest in technology and whose characteristics make them competitive for smartphones, in a frame of strong economies in the region. The particular case of Chile converges with one of its great bets, the 5G development.

Vivo currently has nine research and development centers among which are central cities such as Such and San Diego, in addition to several Chinese cities. Fifth generation technology is one of the reference aspects for innovation; that’s why they come to trans-Andean country as one of the territories in which to invest in Latin America, for being one of the pioneers in this network.

The Chinese firm is positioned as the first company in market share in Indonesia and second in China and India, after Huawei, being three of the most renowned smartphone markets in the world. While it is still more behind in the European continent, being the fifth most commercialized.

Giant competitors

In recent years, mobile phone companies have had a more than considerable growth, mainly those of the Asian giant, among which They lead Huawei, followed by Xiaomi, which are also joined by companies such as Vivo, Realme and Oppo.

“He smartphone market and other technologies today is extremely competitive and tough, especially when these phases of expansion to new territories occur. However, those achievements and goals that we are achieving, we are seeking to be through our own strengths, regardless of what may happen with the competition. We seek to become strong and generate both knowledge and trust in users through what Vivo can offer“, coemnta Li Zhongkang, Chief Officer de Vivo Chile regarding the impact that the obstacles that have been imposed on Huawei, mainly in the United States, may have on its emergence.

The smartphone model chosen to conquer the Chilean market, V20, which is around a reference price of US$ 520. It bases its appeal on its 44MP selfie camera with autofocus and triple camera. It also has a fast charging battery, Snapdragon 720G processor, FHD + screen and 8GB / 128GB of RAM and ROM.


Huawei’s rival launches new mid-range phones with 5G

OPPO has become the fifth largest mobile manufacturer in the world and, therefore, is one of Huawei’s rivals and Xiaomi in the Asian and European markets. In this context, the Chinese company has officially presented its new line of network-compatible mid-range phones in its country of origin. 5G.

It’s about the OPPO Reno 5 y Reno 5 Pro They are part of the same family, but with differences in processor, screen size, and battery capacity. However, they share design, both front and rear.

OPPO Reno 5 5G

Huawei’s rival’s new mobile arrives with a 6.43-inch OLED screen. FullHD + resolution, 90Hz refresh rate, and 180Hz touch sample rate. The front camera is subtly housed in a hole in the upper left corner of the screen.

The processor of the OPPO Reno 5 5G It is the Snapdragon 765G, which will be accompanied by 8/12 GB of RAM and 128/256 GB of storage. Its 4300mAh battery supports fast charging at 65W.

Regarding the photographic section, the Reno 5 5G it has four rear cameras and one front. A 64 MP main, an 8 MP wide angle, a 2MP macro sensor and another sensor to capture 2 MP depth details. While the front camera is 32 MP.

OPPO Reno 5 Pro 5G

The Reno 5 Pro 5G with a 6.55-inch AMOLED screen and FullHD + resolution achieves a refresh rate of 90 Hz and a touch sampling rate of 120 Hz. The 4350mAh battery supports fast charging at 65W.

As for the chipset, there will be a change with respect to its younger brother, since this model will integrate the Dimensity 1000+ de MediaTek with 8/12 GB of RAM and 128/256 GB of storage.

This device has a quad rear camera with a 64 MP main sensor, 8 MP ultra wide angle, 2 MP macro sensor and 2 MP depth.

Prices of the new OPPO Reno 5

The OPPO Reno 5 y Reno 5 Pro They will be on sale in three colors and these will be their prices:

El OPPO Reno 5

The 8/128 GB model is priced at 30,400 yuan (about $ 340 at the exchange rate).

The 12/256 GB version is priced at 33,800 yuan (about $ 380 at the exchange rate).

El OPPO Reno 5 Pro

The 8/128 GB model is priced at 38,300 yuan (about $ 430 at the exchange rate).

The model with 12/256 GB costs 42,800 yuan (about 480 dollars to change).