Barcelona gather hope as Real Madrid sink

Barcelona were together and brilliant as they beat Ferencvaros 3-0 and gave a new does of hope to Cules. With an unexpected attacking trident – Griezmann, Braithwaite and Dembele – they shone, especially in the first half, and each scored in Koeman’s fifth consecutive UCL victory. The team are close to Louis van Gaal’s record in 2002-03, 18 points from 18. They have one game left, against Juventus.

Beyond the stats, the feelings are good. Without Leo Messi, Barcelona put on a show. Koeman’s work, technical, tactical, physical and psychological, is starting to bear fruit.

This contrasts with the drama in the Spanish capital, as Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid struggle. Los Blancos are at risk of elimination if they don’t beat Gladbach in their final group game. This Madrid looks to be in free fall. With Zidane incapable of finding answers and Florentino Perez ready to sack his star man – who brought three consecutive UCLs in his first era. Pochettino, as usual, and Raul, are the candidates to replace him. But as Guardiola said, you can’t never take Madrid for dead… even though they are practically buried.


Turkey passes law to divide and control the legal profession | International

Turkish lawyers protest on June 22 in front of the Çaglayan Palace of Justice (Istanbul) against the law to reform the bar associations and against the repression of the protest of their colleagues in Ankara.MURAD SEZER / Reuters

The judicial system is probably the domain of the State that more reforms have undergone since Recep Tayyip Erdogan came to power in Turkey; until you have managed to convert one of the toughest bastions of opposition to their policies in a greased machinery that, most of the time, acts in line with what the Government intends. However, Turkish lawyers have continued to be annoyed by their constant complaints of abuses and violations of rights, something that the Government now intends to solve through a new law to reform the bar associations whose objective is to dilute the weight of the most critics. The law was approved last weekend with the votes in favor of the Islamist and far-right deputies that make up the government majority.

“It is an attempt to discipline us, to reduce our influence, to destroy us,” laments lawyer Kemal Aytaç. The reform has prompted fierce protests from bar associations across the country and the opposition has filed an appeal for its annulment before the Constitutional Court.

The Magna Carta of Turkey grants bar associations the status of public body, although independent from the rest of the judicial system. They are organized by province and every lawyer is obliged to join one, since they are the ones who issue the licenses to practice. The new law, alleging the need for a more “plural and democratic” representation, will now allow that, in those provinces with more than 5,000 lawyers, new colleges can be created. Something that, according to criticism of the NGO Human Rights Watch, will open the way for schools to be formed “aligned with the ideology of each political party.”

Furthermore, the new law has modified the election system of the Turkish Bar Association (TBB), which is the one that collects the funds and distributes them among the provincial schools. Before, for the election of the TBB leadership, each provincial college sent three delegates plus one for every 300 affiliates, and now it will send four per college plus one for every 5,000 members. In this way, the schools of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, which comprise almost 60% of the 130,000 lawyers in Turkey, will only have 27 of the 400 votes, while previously they had a little more than half.

“By chance it turns out that the schools in the most populated provinces, the ones most affected by the new law, are also the most critical of the Government,” Aytaç says ironically. Erdogan has charged several times against the legal profession calling for its reform, for example when the highest schools boycotted a ceremony in the presidential palace as a complaint given the lack of impartiality of Justice, or when, recently, the Ankara College criticized the homophobic statements of the president of the Directorate of Religious Affairs.

The law has been made by rapid procedure and without consulting lawyers (the Government maintains that they were invited to participate, but they refused). Just before the summer close of Parliament and with enough time for the new system to be operational for October, when elections are held in the provincial schools, and, above all, December, when the new leadership of the Union of Schools must be elected. of Lawyers. Its current president is Metin Feyzioglu, linked to the opposition CHP party and once very critical of the government. In fact, he came to sound like a candidate for president and rival of Erdogan, but in recent years he has approached the positions of the Executive until he has earned the enmity of a good part of his profession.

At the last hour of the law’s processing, the Islamist deputies introduced an amendment that will allow the state’s lawyers – the only ones who do not have the obligation to be collegiate – participate in the elections to the directors of the schools. “No matter what they do and how they try to divide us, we are not going to choose Feyzioglu or any other lawyer close to the Government,” Aytaç says: “Because, for the first time in the history of Turkey, the bar associations across the country we agree on one thing, to reject this law ”.


” I was in shape, it will be the color of the white shirt that makes you fat ”

Julien Faubert had a very brief stint at Real Madrid, however, the footballer left countless anecdotes to remember. The Frenchman, who currently plays for Borneo FC of the Indonesian League, has explained in the program ‘Los otros’ de Movistar the history of his signing and his time with the white team.


Act. a las 18:30


Carlos Lopez

The French winger, who at that time was active in English West Ham, The call from Real Madrid was not quite believed. ” A French person contacted me and said that he worked for Real Madrid. Not that he thought it was a joke, but someone who was posing as an agent, but was not very credible either”, it states. Faubert, who only played two games with the Whites’ jersey, against Athletic de Bilbao and Racing de Santander, considers that he could not demonstrate his level due to lack of opportunities. In addition, he has defended himself from critics who considered that he was not in shape: ” I have never been a fine or lean player. I was in shape, it will be the color of the white t-shirt that makes you fat. But i had no problem“.

Many will remember Faubert for his episode with Juande Ramos. The Frenchman did not attend a training session and the then-Madrid coach explained to the media that the Frenchman had a day off as usual on Sundays after the game. However, this version differs completely from Faubert’s: ”I always asked a player who spoke English or Lass Diarra what hours we had and that time I left without asking. And that turned against me”.

Juande Ramos, who also attends ‘The Others’, has explained his signing for Madrid. “I asked Valencia, from Wigan, he could not sign and Portugal, who was in England, decided to give us Faubert, the French international, and since there was no other possibility, he came on loan,” says the Spanish coach. Furthermore, he adds that to Faubert ”he lacked a bit of level for what Real Madrid demanded”.

But without a doubt The most prominent image of the French footballer is the one in which he is seen on the bench at the Bernabéu, almost lying down and practically asleep. Faubert, taking advantage of the occasion, wanted to defend himself. ” He was angry because he was not going to play again. You can’t see it in the picture, but my eyes were open. It gives the feeling that I have them closed, but no. The past is past. Sometimes you have to make up stories to make it talk. That it affects my children is what bothers me the most. Let them know that this image is false. I was watching the game”, it states. Despite everything, Faubert does not regret having signed for Madrid: ”If Madrid calls you, don’t say no. If they call me when I’m 80 I’ll say yes”.


Apple reopens its stores in Madrid more than three months after closing them

Apple has reopened this week three of the four stores that the company has in the Community of Madrid, including the one located in Puerta del Sol. The premises were opened on November 17, almost three months after the closure that occurred on August 21 due to the expansion of the coronavirus in the region. The establishments in Zaragoza, Murcia and Valladolid continue to be completely closed due to the health crisis.

The only one that remains closed in the Community of Madrid is the one in the store in the Xanadú shopping center, in Arroyomolinos. The reopening will not be complete, since it will only be possible to go to the establishments by appointment in some ‘stans’ placed at the entrance of the stores.

The company has reported that it is not possible to access the premises to look at products, or to go to technical service. “The store is open to collect products purchased online and to receive technical support by appointment, but we cannot serve clients who come without an appointment. We hope to return to operating normally as soon as possible “, you can read on the company’s website.

Closed premises

Other cities, such as Zaragoza, Murcia and Valladolid, still have their stores closed. The one that has been without activity for the longest is Puerto Venecia, in Zaragoza, which closed on August 7. Those of Valladolid and Murcia closed on September 23. Other stores of the brand that have never been closed are those in Barcelona or Valencia. The one in the La Cañada commercial park, in Marbella, is also open again.


The Socimi de los Polanco finalizes the purchase of land in Barcelona for five million

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The socimi Home Capital Rentals, under the shareholder control of the Polanco and Pérez Arauna families, finalizes the purchase of a land in Barcelona, ​​in the Les Corts area, which would entail a total investment of close to five million euros.

En concrete, it is in the phase of due diligence, also known as a purchase audit Y step prior to closing the operation to ensure its economic and legal viability, as sent to BME Growth (formerly MAB) in its report for the third quarter of the year.

Home Capital Rentals also notes in the report that continues to analyze investment operations in residential buildings in Madrid and Barcelona according to your strategy. It currently has six assets, five in the capital and one in Barcelona, ​​in which it has invested 33.2 million euros.


Of the current portfolio of the Socimi, buildings of Blasco de Garay (Chamberí) and Gignàs (the only one in Barcelona) are operational. The first, with 17 apartments and an average occupancy of 44% in the third quarter of 2020. The second, with nine operational apartments and an average occupancy of 54% in the same period.

Image of one of the apartments that Home Capital Rentals rents on Blasco de Garay street (Madrid).

Home Capital Rentals

Two other assets are undergoing remodeling works at the end of September. On the one hand, General Margallo, 33 (Tetouan), where the Socimi plans to conclude works in November 2020 and the start-up of 18 of the 20 apartments in January 2021. On the other hand, the building of Colomer, 9 (Ventas neighborhood). Home Capital It expects to complete the works in March 2021 and the entry into operation of the 22 apartments in the second quarter of 2021.

The last two assets in the portfolio are in the licensing phase, according to the quarterly report. The Socimi hopes to start work on the other three buildings it owns in the Colomer street (8, 10 and 12) once all licenses have been obtained and the takedown completed.

As for the building located in the Calle Farmacia 12 (Tribunal), the demolition began in the third quarter and Home Capital plans to complete it in November 2020. It expects to obtain the building license in the first quarter of 2021.

With only two assets generating income, the Socimi’s income exceeded 200,000 euros between January and September 2020. By quarters they were distributed almost equally in 67,800 euros, 63,900 euros and 68,500 euros, respectively.

The arm of the Polanco

Home Capital Rentals is a company founded in 2009 and dedicated to the acquisition and rehabilitation of residential real estate assets for rental in the corporate market. In its target, complete buildings that allow a comprehensive management of the offer, located in the center of cities and in the best locations.

The Socimi made the leap to the Continuous Alternative Market (now BME Growth) on March 20 at a price of 8.36 euros per share and a capitalization of 50.2 million euros. Since then, the value has barely changed with a current price of 8.15 euros.

Behind the Socimi there are three relevant shareholders: Timon SA (26.61%), Inmuebles Gil Gomes SLU (19.93%) and Corporación Borson SL (0.45%). The first of them is the best known, since it is the patrimonial signature of the Polanco and Pérez Arauna families. Its president is Ignacio Polanco Moreno, honorary president of Grupo Prisa and son of its founder, Jesús de Polanco. In addition, up to five members of this family hold positions on the board of directors.


According to study, FC Barcelona is the best Spanish club in the 21st century

FC Barcelona is the best Spanish football team of the 21st century due to its results in all competitions, although Real Madrid has surpassed it in titles in Europe, according to a study by the Spanish Football Research, History and Statistics Center (CIHEFE).

The work, prepared by the soccer researcher, José del Olmo, analyzes the evolution of the performance of Spanish teams between the 2000-2001 and 2019-2020 seasons after establishing some scales that affect the results of the matches and that place behind of the Catalan club in second position to Real Madrid.

To determine the merits, Del Olmo shares the criteria of the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), which is responsible for annually delivering the award for the best club in the world per calendar year.

Among other qualifying variables, in the Champions League, the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup, teams can achieve, according to this scale, up to nine points for victory and three for a draw. The results in European competitions, the League or the King’s Cup are also valued, so that to achieve a good position the number of games played and won largely influences the number of games won, more than the titles obtained.

Barcelona leads the standings with 3,465 points, followed by Real Madrid (3,347) and Atlético de Madrid (2,149), which is third despite the fact that this Madrid team has played more than one campaign this period in the Second Division.

They are followed by Valencia (2,139), Sevilla (1,992), Villarreal (1,648), Athletic Club (1,405), Deportivo de La Coruña (1,395), Celta (1,164), Espanyol (1,144), Betis (1,137), Real Sociedad (1,108 ), Málaga (1,035), Getafe (1,028) and Mallorca (1,009), which complete the list of the fifteen clubs that exceed one thousand points in this scale established by CIHEFE.

In this sense, Del Olmo, told EFE that the most remarkable thing is the great trajectory of Villarreal, a club that at the beginning of the century was an upstart in the First Division and that has managed to position itself, despite having played a year in the Second Division, ahead of clubs with more historical tradition.

The work also specifies the classification by competitions and in the League the three best are Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Valencia and in the Copa del Rey, Barcelona, ​​Seville and Real Madrid.

In the Champions League the best is Real Madrid, ahead of Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid, while Barcelona leads the ranking in terms of the global number of titles obtained with 34, ahead of Real Madrid, with 29.

They are followed by Atlético de Madrid and Sevilla with ten, ahead of Valencia (6), Deportivo (4), Zaragoza (3), Villarreal (2) and with one Athletic Club, Espanyol, Celta, Betis, Mallorca or Malaga, although in This section adds as a title from a Champions League to an Intertoto Cup, a competition that has now disappeared and has a better rank.


When does Atlético de Madrid play vs. Barcelona: Suárez against his friend Messi – Ovation – 11/14/2020

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The Atlético de Madrid Y Luis Suarez receive the Barcelona next Saturday at the Wanda Metropolitano on a new date of The League. It is a long-awaited crossing since it will be the first time that the “Pistolero” faces the team of which he is the third highest historical scorer and of which he left in the last transfer market surrounded by the crisis of the culé club.

When do Atlético de Madrid vs. Barcelona?

The game will be on Saturday, November 21 at 5:00 p.m.

Barcelona will reach the team in need of adding three, after having lost two of the seven games they have been in La Liga. The AthleticFor his part, he is the only undefeated left in the tournament after seven games. And it is third only three points below Real Sociedad, which leads La Liga with two more games than the mattress.

After the turbulent departure of the Catalan team, Luis Suárez will have the opportunity to show the Catalans leaders that he is still there to compete at the first level. His start to the season confirms this, as he has scored five goals in six games in Spain, while Barcelona has a hard time finding a scorer among its players. Antoine Griezmann does not affirm himself and, to make matters worse, the Catalans lost Ansu Fati, injured and out for several months.


“I love low sounds to get a lot of groove”

Ibiza regular musician, dj and producer Rich Nxt is part of that generation of house and techno artists who achieved a genuine scene in London

– How is your artistic evolution?
– I come from London and have been playing music most of my life, be it keyboards, drums or wind instruments. I got into electronic music when I was in school using some of the original sequencers like Pro24 and Notator. Since then it has been a learning experience. Much of the production skills came in around the same time Fuse London started, so I was able to start releasing regularly alongside DJing at parties.

– How are you doing now? Are you DJing a lot online?
– I am doing it right. Like everyone, I am frustrated by the second wave of lockdowns and wish the industry was back to normal now, but I know I can’t change this so I will continue to get the most out of production, sample making and teaching as long as I have time. I have also played some online sets for Paradise, Beatport X or The Arch and will soon have a good broadcast with Fuse and DJ Mag for the album.

– Your tasty sets have a personal touch that perfectly mixes wonderful rhythms, warm pads and musical emotions that many of your fans say are addictive. What is the secret sound of your style?
– The bass I suppose, or rather the many bass! I like to work with sub-bass along with mid-bass to get a lot of groove on the tracks without going too high end, so the tracks work without percussion or hats. If they can do this then I know it will work!
– Are you producing new products at the moment in your studio?
– Yes, I have been working on remixes for the next releases of What NxT, by Agus García, Nicola Brusegan and Matthew, as well as a remix for Viva Music. I have a collaborative EP with Christian Burkhardt on Kaluki at the end of the month and with Quenum on INFUSE early next year!

– Who are your artists of reference?
– I have many references in music, such as Konrad Black, Steve Bug, Art Department, Tiga, Roni Size, Kruder and Dorfmeister. I love all genres of music and many of my early favorites were Rock and Metal like Soundgarden and Metallica. Hardcore and Jungle also played an important role in my music education. Some of my all-time favorites are white labels from this era.

– How do you produce your music in the studio? What software platforms do you use? Do you play any musical instrument?
– Yes, I use Ableton live as my main workstation, with many virtual instruments from Native Instruments and Rob Papen. Out of the box, I have many Grooveboxes such as the Roland MC303 and the Yamaha RM1X. I also like to use instruments like guitar and drums in my work, you get a lot of variety by trying different things in the studio.

– Ibiza-London, a strong musical bond that has lasted a long time. Do you remember your first time in Ibiza and how you started to connect musically with the island?
– Yes, it was in 2001, we were on vacation in Mallorca and we saw a ferry to Ibiza. We packed a small suitcase and spent two nights. It was great because we went to Amnesia and Space and we got hooked right then. The atmosphere of the clubs, the appearance of the island. We didn’t know anyone there; Before we found the clubs we found a bar with some bright lights and I remember asking someone if that was Manumission. That’s how little I knew!

– Among the hundreds of clubs you have played in, is there a particular disco or festival that made you dream?
– Last year I had some highlights playing Fabric and Tobacco Dock in London, Warehouse Project in Manchester, SASH in Sydney and DC-10 in Ibiza. These are all larger rooms, but because they are so well done that they can still feel intimate when you play games, this is my dream!

– What relationship do you have with social networks, do you use them a lot to promote yourself?
– I love him and I hate him. I have found that a DJ of my level will find it difficult to compete for gigs if I don’t take the time to tackle social media properly as it is a place people look to when planning parties and festivals. So it’s almost as important as posting good music to improve your artist profile.

– How is the London music scene now?
– In London, I produce music in my home studio and often collaborate with my good friends Enzo Siragusa, Seb Zito and East End Dubs. The scene is exciting in London and we have some great venues. We have suffered from the closure of many small and medium-sized stores in recent years, which does not help the scene at all.

– What song or artist did you like the most to play in 2020?
– I loved playing all the tracks on my album this year and also the music from the collaborations that are coming out with Christian Burkhardt and Quenum.

– You are a food lover. What is your favorite dish when you come to Ibiza?
– Yes, I am a great food lover and eating in Ibiza is one of life’s true pleasures! The seafood is probably my favorite, calamari, octopus, lobster and baked fish. I love the Padrón peppers and tapas too. Paella is a real treat too!

– Do you have a secret place when you come to Ibiza?
– I love swimming in Punta de Galera, visiting Formentera and Cala Comte at sunset. Boutique Hostal Salinas is one of my favorite places to eat.


Johnson and Von der Leyen agree to “redouble efforts” toward a post-Brexit deal

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and the president of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von der Leyen, they agreed ‘Redouble efforts’ towards a post-Brexit deal in a telephone conversation held this Saturday, a British government spokesman said.

The source noted that during the call, planned to Taking stock of the negotiationsJohnson noted that, while progress has been made, “significant differences persist in several areas” of common concern, including competition and fisheries.

The two leaders agreed that their respective teams will continue negotiations next Monday in London in order to “Redouble efforts to reach an agreement”, which would enter into force at the end, on December 31, of the post-Brexit transition period, which was formally executed on January 31.

For their part, Johnson and Von der Leyen “will remain in contact,” the spokesman said. If they fail to negotiate a bilateral pact, as of January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) will start trading based on the generic, less beneficial regulations of the World Trade Organization (WTO).


▷ Meghan Markle’s vote in the US elections

Meghan Markle’s vote in the US elections.


In these last American electionss  Meghan Markle has been encouraged to vote in its public comments. ‘Page Six’ has been confirmed by sources close to the Sussex that the Duchess voted days before by post, and they go further by adding that she would also have exercised her right as an American citizen if she continued to live in the United Kingdom.