Eurocup referees will focus on Turkey


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Everything is perfectly organized for the European Championship that kicks off on June 11 and which will be the great event for national teams this summer. And that also includes the refereeing organization, the device and the concentration that will be carried out during the month of the European national team tournament.

As the SPORT newspaper has learned; the initial intention is to carry out a concentration of the entire arbitration establishment. Concentration, which has been a common trend in all previous tournaments, and which this time has been determined to be in Turkey. A country that, even though it will not host any match, does have a VAR center since it has been using this technology in its national competitions for a couple of seasons.

And there is also a confirmed date for this concentration to begin. It is about June 6. On that day, the nineteen elected field referees, their thirty-six assistants, the twenty-two referee who will perform the functions of VAR and AVAR during the matches, in addition to the 12 match officials, are summoned.

In principle, vaccination is ruled out before the Eurocup

The intention happens because the headquarters is installed in this country and from there they move to carry out their corresponding meetings. Let us remember that there are two Spanish referees appointed for the Eurocup. Is about Mateu Lahoz Y From Cerro Grande, who will be accompanied by their respective line judges. Pau Cebrián Y Roberto Diaz next to the Valencian and Juan Carlos Yuste Y Roberto Alonso as companions of From Cerro Grande. In addition, then there are the four chosen to act as VAR and AVAR: It is about the canary Alejandro Hernandez Hernandez, Martinez Munuera, Sánchez Martínez e Iñigo Prieto López de Cerain.

It is not ruled out that, in the event that the situation becomes complicated as a result of the pandemic and measures regarding international flights between the different countries are restricted, this initial scenario would have to be changed. Arrived in this situation, each referee with his team, in addition to those responsible for VAR, would travel from their country to each match where they would return once finished.

In addition, the possibility of vaccinating all of them once they reach the aforementioned concentration is initially ruled out. After a careful analysis, they do not want to expose themselves to the risk that could mean that any of them would have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, and all this with such a short margin from when they could be vaccinated (June 6 or 7) until the beginning of the competition. .


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Ghezzal. The champion with Besiktas whose signing was closed on a motorcycle

Editorial Mediotiempo

Istanbul, Turkey / 17.05.2021 19:32:48

On the hour, on board a motorcycle and with the traffic of Istanbul playing against them. What a story Rachid Ghezzal, the Algerian footballer who signed in the last minute -literally- of the 2020 summer pass market and that the weekend scored the goal that gave Besiktas the title in the Turkish Super League.

Coming from Leicester on loan for this season -and the option of a second-, he was one of the stellar hires of the Turkish Eagles, but as everything was finalized on the final day of transfers, the team sent to two messengers what for, aboard a motorcycle, they will arrive at the Turkish Federation to deliver the official paperwork prior to 6:00 p.m. local time, when the records closed.

That image of the messengers was broadcast on local television. One with the mission of drive between cars stuck in the transit of the capital and the second focused on run into the Federation to leave the official envelope with the signing of the Algerian Ghezzal.

The midfielder’s season was his best as a professional as

Super League leader in assists with 17, as well as 8 touchdowns

, including the title penalty against Göztepe on the last date.

Besiktas was crowned by a goal difference since they tied on points with Galatasaray, but the former with +45 and the latter with +44. This is how the Eagles raised his 16th title in Turkey, behind 19 Fenerbahçe and 22 from Galatasaray.

This is how Ghezzal celebrated the Besiktas title

During the title celebrations, Ghezzal and the two team messengers pretended to ride on the motorcycle that they can keep today in the trophy room of the Besiktas because, without that vehicle, they probably would not have celebrated the crown.


Turkey: Joe Biden has “bloody hands” for his support of Israel

The American President, Joe Biden, has “bloody hands” for his support of Israel in the conflict in the Strip Gaza, the Turkish head of state accused on Monday, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“You are writing history with your bloody hands,” Erdogan said on television. “You have forced us to say this. We cannot take a step back,” he added.

The criticisms of Erdogan, who in recent months tried to rebuild his relationship with Washington, are the harshest against Biden since his arrival at the White House in January.


The Turkish president has won support in the Middle East by defending the Palestinian cause during his 18 years in power. Last week, he accused Israel of “terrorism”.

“Today we have seen Biden’s signature on the arms sale to Israel,” Erdogan said Monday, referring to US media reports on a new arms shipment approved by Washington.

“The Palestinian territories are full of persecution, suffering and blood … And you are supporting that,” added the Turkish president.

(With information from AFP)

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Zuqui returns from Turkey to Estudiantes

A soccer player always wants to return to the club where he was happy. This is the case of Fernando Zuqui, an old acquaintance in Estudiantes who, before arriving at the La Plata team, took his first steps in Godoy Cruz, then from there he made the leap to Boca Juniors, led by Guillermo Barros Schelotto, in the 2016/2017 season , and from there he went on to put on the Pincha shirt.

Later, he was loaned from La Plata to Colón de Santa Fe with the aim of not paying the La Ribera club a clause for percentage of matches and his last professional participation with the ball was the experience he lived in football in Turkey.

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Now him Yeni Malatyaspor decided not to make use of the purchase option that had been established by Zuqui in August 2020 so that the midfielder can start on loan without charge, so the player must return to Estudiantes.

In this way, the footballer will return to Argentina and on June 7 will have to appear at the City Bell Country Club before Ricardo Zielinski. The DT will evaluate it and begin to get ready with the aim of earning a place in the starting team for the remainder of 2021.

Zielinski will have at his disposal a player of hierarchy who does not arrive in his best footballing moment.

Zielinski will have at his disposal a player of hierarchy who does not arrive in his best footballing moment.

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It was rough in Turkey

His return to Estudiantes is due to the fact that the midfielder, before leaving the club, reached an agreement to extend his contract until June 2022. But other reasons are due to the fact that the player was undergoing adaptation on Turkish soil.

The hardest thing for me is being away from my family. In Mendoza, my wife, my son and my in-laws tested positive. Luckily they recovered and nothing happened to them. As for the language, I don’t understand anything at all. In the club we have a translator who does everything for us. But outside of there, you have no one. I go with the cell phone translator everywhere. For the supermarket you have to go two hours before, you cannot go in a hurry. There is an application that you take a photo of it with your cell phone, it translates it into Spanish, so you know what you are buying. Saves you but if I run out of Internet, I will die. It is all new, from the adaptation in football to the day to day. They have totally different customs“said Zuqui hand in hand with Olé.

Zuqui with Verón, signing his first contract in his first cycle with Estudiantes.

Zuqui with Verón, signing his first contract in his first cycle with Estudiantes.

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In his first cycle at the La Plata institution he played 46 games and had the chance to score three goals. During his time in the Turkish Super League he was a substitute 30 times, but he was fixed to enter from the bench in the last few minutes and only in one game could he go from the start. Will Zielinski have to get it ready?

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Versus / Piris da Motta’s team descends in Turkey: What will their future be?

Paraguayans abroad

17 May 15:40

The Gençlerbirliği SK of the Paraguayan Robert Piris da Motta, lost in his most recent match in the Turkish Super League and the relegation to the Second Division was consummated.

The midfielder was not part of the match and his team fell 2-1 against Trabzonspor on the last date and unfortunately, next season they will play in Serie B.

With just 28 points and ranking in twentieth position (out of 21), the Guaraní club accepts this harsh reality, with the league already concluded. The objective of maintaining the category could not be met.

As for Robert, he played 36 games, accumulated 6 goals, saw the yellow card 12 times and completed 3,188 minutes. In addition, he made an assist.

Piris da Motta will be in Paraguay and the club that owns his pass is Flamengo from Brazil, with whom he has a contract until December 2022. The Turkish club has a purchase option for his token, since the agreement was on loan until now. June 30, 2021.


Latest videos

Paraguayan Soccer

17 May 14:34

The defeat suffered by Rogelio Livieres himself 6-1 against Libertad, left a general malaise in the Aurinegro camp. The one who announced that he wants to run for president of the institution is Darío Felipe Giménez.

The Aurinegro partner is in total disagreement with the present of the management headed by Juan Alberto Acosta. Giménez’s intention is to present himself to the next Assembly for the election of authorities, which will only take place in 2024.

“You have to start from the bottom up, they did not allow people to associate. The inaction of these people … the great Aurinegro people are realizing and deserve the change. It would be a luxury to be able to count on Santiago Sosa for this dream I still haven’t talked to him, “Darío Felipe told Versus Radio.

Giménez went further and made a comparison, referring to the economic and structural part of the club. “With everything that Guaraní sold, a Santiago Bernabéu had to be built“, he assured.

In the end, he reiterated that he wants to be president of the club and that it is time for the aurinegros to stop being fans and become partners for the change to take place, in his own words.


Paraguayan Soccer

17 May 14:10

For some time, there have been several candidates who sound like possible opponents of Juan Alberto Acosta in the Guaraní presidency. The current boss of the Legendary referred to this situation without mincing the tongue in contact with VERSUS radio on 970AM.

“The more candidates there are, it is a good sign. That is a sign that everyone wants to take. When we were in other conditions they saw me in the street and ran from me, when money was needed to save the club. We refounded the club. We have to be there. through thick and thin, “he shot.

Regarding the attacks that he usually receives from the possible candidates for president of the “Cacique”, “Toti” assured that they had to go through many storms and that currently Guaraní is in good health thanks to his good management.

“At this moment the Guaraní club is not threatening. I celebrate that many people want to take the club, because if it was bad no one was going to dare to take hold. I am already used to this, when the team is bad they all appear. It took us six years in cleaning up the judicial issue, it cost us a lot. It is not easy to hand over just anyone and then come and finish everything, “he mentioned.

Finally, the Aurinegro president explained that he will leave when the time comes, but within what the statutes of the institution say. His mandate extends for a few more years in principle.

“If I have to go, I will. I think I have already contributed my grain of sand to the club, but that will be decided by the assembly. The statutes must be respected. I love my club, my fanaticism is very strong and if I am abroad I will continue to support from there, “he concluded.



US applies terrorism-related sanctions to citizens of Syria, Iraq and Turkey

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WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The United States applied sanctions linked to terrorism to three citizens and an entity located in Turkey, Syria and Iraq, the Treasury Department reported.

The sanctions were imposed against Ibrahim Al Fay, from Turkey, Idris Al Fay, from Iraq, Alaa Khanfurah, from Syria, and the Al Fay company, located in Turkey, for their alleged involvement to facilitate funds to the terrorist group ISIS (self-proclaimed Islamic State). , outlawed in Russia).


Women around the world demand that the government of Turkey not withdraw from the Istanbul Convention | – Internet Radio

As reported by Amnesty International, women from all over the world have come together to protest against the trick president’s decision to withdraw the country from the Istanbul Convention. A historic international treaty on preventing and combating violence against women.

It was last March when President Erdogan announced the country’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention. A decision that comes into force on July 1 and that from different parts of the world demand that the authorities reconsider.

“In the weeks since President Erdogan announced his decision to withdraw from the Istanbul Convention, women have been coming together in Turkey and around the world. Instead of being intimidated, they have taken to the streets, “said Amnesty International Secretary General Agnes Callamard.

The organization is concerned that Turkey’s withdrawal “is just the tip of a dangerous populist iceberg.” Noting that “using a backward and distorted framework of ‘family values’, various governments are attempting to roll back the rights of women and LGBTI people across Europe.”

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Pope talks by phone with Turkish President Erdogan

The Vatican Press Room confirmed that Pope Francis spoke by phone this Monday, May 17 at 9:00, Rome time, with the President of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Through a brief message sent to journalists accredited to the Holy See, the director of the Press Room, Matteo Bruni, confirmed the existence of the call announced by the government of Turkey, however he did not release details of the content of the conversation. .

According to the information published by the Turkish government, which was echoed by the Italian agency ANSA, the conversation between the Pontiff and the Turkish president would have revolved around the current Palestinian-Israeli crisis, unleashed last Friday, May 7, the last Friday of Ramadan, when thousands of Palestinian Muslims clashed with Israeli police at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

The crisis was aggravated by the intervention of the Hamas terrorist group, which, from the Gaza Strip under its control, launched rockets at Israeli border cities. Israel responded with bombardments on Hamas targets in Gaza. The exchange of fire has caused, so far, 120 deaths and numerous injuries.

According to the communiqué of the Turkish government collected by ANSA, Erdoğan would have asked the Pontiff for a common commitment between “Muslims, Christians and the whole of humanity” to end the “massacre” against Palestinians.

This diplomatic move by the Turkish president in favor of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip comes at a time when relations between the Holy See and Turkey are not going through their best moment.

On July 24, 2020, the Turkish government converted the old Basilica of Hagia Sophia into a mosque. The temple, built in the 6th century, had already been converted into an Islamic place of worship after the Ottoman conquest of Christian Constantinople in 1453, but in 1935 it was transformed into a museum.

The conversion of the Basilica of Hagia Sophia into a mosque caused great pain to Pope Francis who, during the prayer of the Angelus on July 12, 2020 from the Vatican, affirmed: “I think of Hagia Sophia, and I am in great pain.”


Enzo Roco said goodbye to the Karagümrük in Turkey

Enzo Roco confirmed this Sunday his departure from Fatih Karagümrük of Turkey, after finishing in the eighth position of the Super League after a win by 5-1 Saturday before him Denizlispor.

Through a message on Instagram, Roco expressed his feelings and confirmed the fact: “The season is over. Despite many obstacles, we always remained competitive and respectful towards the shield we defended. Thankful for everything, Karagümrük, my best wishes forever”.

Roco played 31 games this season, where he scored three goals and received seven cautions.