Cavani, PSG’s top scorer, faces his former team with Manchester United

Uruguayan Edinson Cavani will try to help Manchester United to qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League in their reunion with PSG

Regardless of what happens at Old Trafford, this week is one of the most important in Edinson Cavani’s career.

Last Sunday, the Uruguayan only needed 45 minutes on the pitch to achieve a spectacular comeback from Manchester United over Southampton 3-2, after the team went to the intermission losing 2-0 without the Uruguayan in the field.

With an assist and two goals, one of them in extra time, Cavani helped the team defeat one of the sensations of the English championship and increased the confidence of the squad at an important moment of the season. In the coming days, Manchester United will define their future in the Champions League in a difficult group and will face Manchester City and West Ham in the Premier League.

And the Uruguayan striker has an extra reason to make Wednesday’s game even more emotional: the reunion with Paris Saint-Germain, a team in which he is one of the great idols in the club’s history.

The stage could not be, socceristically, more tense. The English guarantee their place in the round of 16 if they beat PSG. A defeat would leave the French in a very delicate position, and if they win, there is a possibility that Paris, United and RB Leipzig will reach the last round tied with nine points.

The situation of Group H is just as striking as Cavani’s career for the team in the French capital. In seven years, the player scored 200 goals in 301 games, being the highest scorer in the club’s history: he beat Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who scored 156 goals.

Cavani was part of six of PSG’s nine Ligue 1 titles. He also lifted four of the 13 French Cups for the French club, as well as five of the nine French League Cups. In total, the Uruguayan won 19 titles.

Top scorer in Ligue 1 in the 2016-17 campaign and 2017-18 season with 35 and 28 goals, respectively, Cavani was included by the UNFP (French players association) in the championship ideal team on three occasions and was distinguished as best player in the competition in 2017.

However, the beautiful story between Cavani and PSG had an unpleasant end. The club did not renew the 33-year-old forward, who did not even want to stay until the end of the season, after the coronavirus pandemic caused the campaign to last until August.

Cavani left PSG on June 30 and did not participate in the final stretch of the Champions League, but it took him a while to find a new team. He was announced as a Manchester United player on October 5, the last day of the transfer window.

“The financial aspect had an influence, and also the young players who asked to play. It was time to promote Marquinhos and Kimpembé. The same happened to Cavani. They were difficult decisions and we may have made a mistake, maybe we made a mistake, but we have We have to make decisions, we have to start renewing the team, “declared PSG sports director Leonardo about the departures of Thiago Silva and Cavani.

The forward was unable to arrive in time to participate in United’s victory over Paris Saint-Germain at Parc des Princes on 20 October. However, this Wednesday, Cavani will have the opportunity to help the Red Devils qualify and give his former team reasons to think they really made a mistake.

Cavani’s title list with PSG:

Ligue 1 (6): 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20

French Cup (4): 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18

French League Cup (5): 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18

French Super Cup (4): 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2019


What each team plays on the last day of the Champions League

With only one day to play in the Champions League, we show you what clubs like Real Madrid, Atlético and Manchester United need to keep dreaming about the ‘Orejona’

The fifth day of the Champions League Group Stage was played and several clubs will define their European future next week when the last date is played.

ESPN Digital presents you the overview of each of the teams Champions and what they need to qualify for the round of 16 or to participate in the Europa League.

Group A

1. Bayern Munich | Points: 13

The Teutonic team and current Champions League champions have their place in the round of 16 as well as advance in first place.

2. Atlético de Madrid | Points: 6

Those led by ‘Cholo’ Simeone will play the qualification against Salzburg and would be in the next round winning or drawing. In case of losing, Atlético would depend on the results between Bayern and Lokomotiv to know if they would play the Europa League.

3. RB Salzburg | Points: 4 points

Salzburg is forced to beat Atlético de Madrid to qualify for the last 16. The draw would only serve to play the Europa League, although it would also depend on the result of Lokomotiv against Munich.

4. Lokomotiv | Points: 3

The Russian team no longer has a chance to access the next round of the Champions League, however, if they win against Munich they would qualify for the Europa League.

B Group

1. Borussia Mönchengladbach | Puntos: 8

The Bundesliga team would ensure their place in the second round if they win or draw against Madrid. A defeat would leave them out of the competition and they would continue their way in the Europa League.

2. Shakhtar | Points: 7

The Ukrainians would qualify directly for the next Champions League round if they beat Inter on Italian territory. With a draw he could still qualify for the eighth, but it would depend on the result of ‘Gladbach’ and Madrid. If they lose, they would have a chance to play the Europa League, although they would need Borussia to defeat the Merengues.

3. Real Madrid | Points: 7

The Merengues depend on themselves to advance to the second round. Zidane’s team must beat Mönchengladbach so as not to depend in any way on what happens at the San Siro between Inter and Shakhtar. With a draw, they could qualify, but they would depend on Inter and in case they lose to Borussia and Conte’s team wins, they would be left without European competitions this season.

4. Inter Milan | Points: 5

Inter must beat Shakhtar, but also hope that Madrid and Borussia do not draw in order to stay alive in the Champions League. A draw or a loss would leave them out for the rest of the campaign. On the other hand, Milan would qualify for the Europa League with a triumph combined with a Madrid draw.

Group C

1. Manchester City | Points: 13

Pep Guardiola’s team has already qualified for the next stage and is only looking to finish the Group Stage in first place.

2. Porto | Points: 10

Like City, the Dragons are sure of their place in the round of 16 and have a chance of finishing as the leaders of their group.

3. Olympiacos | Points: 3

The Greek side need a win against Porto to secure their place in the Europa League. With a draw, he would need to wait for City to defeat or equalize against Marseille.

4. Marseille | Points: 3

The Ligue 1 squad still aspires to participate in the Europa League, but they need not to lose to City and hope that Olympicos will lose their game against Porto.

Group D

1. Liverpool | Points: 12

Jurgen Klopp’s team secured their place in the next round and the top position of their group against Ajax.

2. Atalanta | Points: 8

The Serie A squad would advance to the knockout phase of the Champions League with a win or draw against Ajax. In the event of a disaster, Atalanta would play the Europa League.

3. Ajax | Points: 7

Mexican Edson Álvarez’s team has its safe place in the Europa League, but if it wants to continue in the Champions League, only the victory against Atalanta is worth it.

4. Midtjylland | Points: 1

With four defeats and a draw, Midtjylland will reach the last day of the Champions League without European chances.

Group E

1. Chelsea | Points: 13

The ‘Blues’ secured their place against Sevilla in the next phase of the Champions League and everything seems to indicate that they will end up as leaders in their sector.

2. Seville | Points: 10

The Andalusian team is completely sure its place in the next round of Champions.

3. Krasnodar | Points: 4

With no chances of staying in the Champions League, Krasnodar secured their place in the Europa League by beating Rennes on matchday five.

4. Rennes | Points: 1

The French team had a disastrous participation in the Champions League and will now have to wait until next year to return to European competitions.

Group F

1. Dortmund | Points: 10

Dortmund is already classified to the eighth of the Champions League. The Teutonic cadre will seek to finish at the top of their group.

2. Lazio | Puntos: 9

The Italian squad depends on itself to qualify for the next round, it only needs to add against Bruges to seal its pass. A defeat would send them to the Europa League.

3. Witches | Points: 7

The Belgian team have to beat Lazio if they want to qualify for the next stage of the Champions League. Any other result would leave Bruges in the Europa League.

4. Zenit | Points: 1

The Russian team had a disappointing performance in the Champions League and their results were not enough to dream of the Europa League.

Group G

1. Barcelona | Points: 15

The culés are already classified to the round of 16 and will surely finish the group stage in first place.

2. Juventus | Points: 12

Cristiano Ronaldo and company also have their place in the next round of the ‘Orejona’ and will try to close the first stage with a victory against Lionel Messi’s Barcelona.

3. Dynamo | Points: 1

Without any triumphs so far in the competition, Dinamo plays its place in the Europa League against Ferencvaros. A win or a draw would be enough for the Ukrainian team to qualify for UEFA’s second most important club competition.

4. Ferencvaros | Points: 1

The Budapest squad needs to beat Dinamo to qualify for the Europa League. Any other result would be negative for your aspirations.

Group H

1. PSG | Points: 9

The Parisian team depends on their result and with a win or a draw against Istanbul they qualify for the eighth of the Champions League. However, a defeat could lead them to the Europa League.

2. Manchester United | Points 9

Manchester United can qualify if they win or draw against Leipzig. However, a loss combined with a PSG win or draw would force the Red Devils to play in the Europa League.

3. Leipzig | Puntos: 9

The Bundesliga team will play their qualifying round against Manchester United. A win would help him qualify without depending on others, but in the event of a draw he would have to wait for what happens between PSG and Istanbul. In case of losing, Leipzig is sure its place in the Europa League.

4. Istanbul | Points: 3

The Turkish team will reach the last day with no possibility of continuing in European competition.


A Barcelona beyond the influence of Lionel Messi

When Lionel Messi sneezes, Barcelona gets constipated. It is a saying, a legend or a reality that has been repeated around the Camp Nou for more than a decade. Guardiola He always said, and maintained, that his team breathed to the rhythm of the Argentine and over the years his significance in the team grew in a capital way. To the point that, to the bad of the club, Leo went from being the icing on the cake to the whole cake … Is this still the case?

When, for whatever reason, the team did not accompany Messi, his absences began to show inevitably. And worrying. There was a moment when Luis Suárez put on the stripes to make his absence more bearable by taking the stripes but the team, the collective, always eagerly awaited his return. Has something changed?

Two games without him this season, two minor games, yes, they have led to think that being the undisputed star of Barcelona, ​​the figure of Messi may not be the beginning and end of the team by obligation. Barça was shown without him in Kiev and Barça was shown without him in Budapest. An excellent work of choral art in which Koeman gave prominence to the secondary of the squad to relaunch the morale of an entire locker room delivered to the command of the coach, who seems determined to show that his team goes far beyond a single player.

The captain’s leadership continues to be indisputable around the Camp Nou … But it is more than likely that the captain himself smiled on Wednesday when he saw that his teammates were, at last, capable of showing a defined image without him on the field. Koeman continues to imply that he has a plan and although it is early, very early, to draw conclusions, it does invite us to think that he has achieved what no one has achieved before.

Give Messi rest without causing an earthquake and, with it, give prominence to his teammates with the confidence that they are capable of responding to him. Beyond Messi, for now, it seems that Barça also exists.


Koeman, optimistic about Barcelona’s demonstration against Ferencvaros

Satisfied with the performance of his players, Ronald Koeman proclaimed that Barcelona had “a very good first half, in which we were even able to score more goals” to congratulate their players for the “performance” they showed on the pitch.

“We have loosened in the second half. There have been more losses of the ball and a drop in intensity but I do not want to talk about players because they have all worked well,” said the Barça coach, who stressed that what he saw makes him feel optimistic “because it shows that there is a lot of competition in attack … I hope everyone is like today in the first half.

“We were able to score more goals in the first half, with good opportunities, very good pressure and a lot of control of the game,” Koeman summed up, making it clear that “we have a good squad because we have been able to rest several players and those who have minutes are showing that in the team, in the squad, there is competition and that is good.

“We have improved things, especially with the ball. We have more effectiveness and competition among the forwards, which has been shown to be many more than just three. And defensively we can still improve, but we are on the right track,” said the coach.

Asked about Griezmann it was simple: “What about Griezmann is always a matter of trust. I have always said that his work has been the maximum. Now occasions come and that is good for his confidence,” he said, joking about the interview that granted to Valdano and that ushered in his awakening. “Let Valdano come talk to him every week,” he smiled.

And in LaLiga? Can you take advantage of Real Madrid’s downturn? he was asked, to be forceful in his speech not to look beyond his own team and, clearly, to escape comparisons: “Our spirit does not have to depend on Real Madrid, Atlético or Sevilla or whoever. Nine points behind Atlético and now we have six games that we must win before the end of the year if we want to have options in LaLiga. That Madrid is better or worse is not our problem. “


Prelude to a crazy final day

From Borussia Mönchengladbach and even Inter, with Real Madrid shaking, the four teams in Group B can still qualify, with three being in H after the PSG exhibition in Manchester, to freeze some Red Devils who will be there. They will play in Germany against Leipzig.

The fifth day of the group stage showed that Barcelona can dream of good times with or without Messi, that Bayern is at another level, that Chelsea’s explosiveness is surprising and doubts never leave Atlético, always in the middle I walk between glory and disappointment.

Nine teams: Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Porto, Liverpool, Chelsea, Sevilla, Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona and Juventus, have already closed their participation in the round of 16, subtracting seven places for which there are up to ten applicants in what is anticipated a final crazy day.

Atlético, Salzburg, Borussia Mönchengladbach, Shakhtar, Real Madrid, Inter, Atalanta, Ajax, Lazio and Brugge will look for those still open positions. For Atalanta, Bruges, Shakhtar or even Borussia Mönchengladbach to be left out would not be a tragedy … Seeing a whole Real Madrid on the ropes is the great news … Without forgetting what is expected in Germany, where Leipzig could leave out a Manchester United that after a solvent start to the tournament will reach the last day on the ropes, after PSG was able to be reborn at the most delicate moment of the season.

GROUP A: Disappointment. Conquered the pass to eighth as group champion, Bayern Munich went to the Metropolitan with a team of circumstances and without any pressure. The best news so that Atlético could sentence their classification … And the most disappointing result, with a draw that leaves Simeone’s men without their homework done, and forced to score in Austria if they do not want to be displaced to the Europa League . And is that Salzburg, called to be a mere companion, struck in Moscow and a victory over Atlético on the last day would give them an unthinkable pass.

GROUP B: Alarm. Lukaku’s double in Germany, which pushed Inter to an indispensable victory, was the best, and only, positive news for Real Madrid, collapsed in Ukraine at the hands of Shakhtar and that thanks to Inter’s triumph still depends on itself to get in in the eighths. Zidane’s team can be first … and fourth in a totally open group that does not hide the crisis that is lived around the merengue dressing room, which with a single victory in its last five games is halfway to disaster. He was never eliminated in a group stage. And he was never this close to suffering it.

GROUP C: Logic. Porto and Manchester City, who were already classified, did not hurt themselves in Portugal, in a white glove match, closed as it began, to finalize the first two places of a group that left Olympiacos’ defeat in Marseille sentenced. Guardiola’s team lost the opportunity to aspire to the full points when Gabriel Jesús missed a penalty, which did not overshadow the great group stage of the citizens.

GROUP D: Blackout. Atalanta, who started the group stage by crushing Midtjylland in Denmark (0-4) and had just hit Anfield (0-1 at Liverpool), gave up an unthinkable draw in Bergamo against the Danes who left their pass to eighths in the air. Ajax fell by the minimum in Liverpool (it was worth Jones’s goal) and will play face to face with the Italians in Amsterdam for second place in a duel in which Gasperini’s men would be worth a draw.

GROUP E: Victory. Sevilla and Chelsea were playing the first place in the group in the Pizjuán and Giroud’s poker made clear the superiority of the English team, on the happiest night of their forward and before which Lopetegui’s men crashed again and again, unable to never impose the rhythm of a party that Lampard’s men dominated with total solvency to show that they have a lot to say in Europe.

GROUP F: Survival. Lazio and Brugge will go head-to-head in Rome after the Italian team, thanks to a penalty transformed by Ciro Immobile, stopped Borussia Dortmund, while the Belgian team dismantled a dedicated Zenit. Bruges, who do not remember the last time they played a round of 16 in the Champions League, should win at home to Lazio to get what would be a real surprise.

GROUP G: Festival. Koeman gave Messi rest again and the second unit of a Barcelona full of substitutes enjoyed a happy and blissful night in Hungary, sentencing Ferencvaros in a superb first half in which it was shown that the coach has a choice when he deems necessary. However, his full points (15 of 15) does not yet guarantee him the first final place, which will be played at the Camp Nou against a Juventus that won without fuss but with Solvency at the Dynamo in Turin, with special prominence from Cristiano Ronaldo.

GROUP H: Terror. From nothing to everything, PSG struck at Old Trafford with an excellent victory and went from being almost eliminated to having their qualification for the round of 16 practically assured, collapsing a Manchester United who was badly damaged by the victory of the Leipzig in Turkey, a victory that he did not conquer until the last breath in a crazy match. PSG should have no problem beating Basaksehir on the last date … but the duel between Leipzig and ManUnited will sparkle. Three equal teams … Two places at stake and bearing in mind that the tie would favor the Red Devils who beat the Germans 5-0 in the first leg.


What Real Madrid need to stay alive in the Champions League

Here are the combinations that Real needs to advance to the UCL 8th finals

Real Madrid suffered a 2-0 defeat to Shakhtar in the Champions League and put their place in the Round of 16 at risk. However, the Merengues will reach the last day of the Group Phase depending on themselves.

With its setback against the Ukrainian team, the ‘White House’ was located in the third position of Group B with seven points, the same units as the Shakhtar.

To advance to the next round of the tournament, the Madrid, thanks to the triumph of Inter de Milan on Borussia Monchengladbach, you need to beat the team from the Bundesliga on the last date. With a victory, the ‘Whites’ could even classify as first place in their group and the most important thing for the fans of the Real is that it would not matter what happens in the clash between Ukrainians and Italians. But if the Merengues cannot win and draw against ‘Gladbach’, they would need the Inter Milan and Shakhtar equal on the last day.

According to FiveThirtyEight de ESPN, Real Madrid currently has a 56% chance of defeating the Borussia in the sixth day, while the Teutonic team has a 22% chance of taking all three points. It should be noted that there is a 21% chance that the match ends in a draw.

In the first clash between Borussia and Merengues, the Bavarian team let slip the victory against a Madrid who managed to rescue the tie in the last moments of the game with a score of Casemiro.

For his part, in the party of Inter de Milan and Shakhtar Donetsk, the Serie A team would come out as favorites, according to FiveThirtyEight de ESPN. Those of Conte have a 57% chance of beating the Shaktar, a team that would only have a 22% win.


For the last game of Champions, Zidane could have back Sergio Ramos, who has missed the last two games of the Madrid in the contest of the UEFA.

The captain of the Madrid He is one of the most important figures in the squad due to his leadership in the defensive zone as well as his contribution to the team’s offensive game. However, it is still unknown whether Ramos It will be ready for next week and if it is not, it would be a factor against the club from the Spanish capital.

According to the journalist ‘MisterChip’, Madrid has lost without Ramos seven of their last nine games in Champions Leaguand. However, it is interesting to remember that the last victory of the Merengues without Sergio was last week against Inter.


The Meringues will return to Champions League next Wednesday, December 9 at 2:00 p.m. Central Mexico. For its part, the meeting of Inter vs. Shakhtar it will take place on the same day and at the same time.

In their respective leagues, Real Madrid will be measured this weekend at Sevilla, the ‘Gladbach’ to Freiburg, Inter Milan will collide with Bologna and Shakhtar against FC Mynai.


Juventus vs Dinamo Kiev: Date, time and channels to watch the Champions League live and online | ESPN 3

Juventus Y Dynamo Kiev will have a special match for the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Date five of the tournament begins to define the qualifiers for the next round, however, in group G those who advance to the round of 16 already have a name: Barcelona Y Juventus they made substantial differences that have them fully assured among the top 16.

Apart from the early qualification, this match will have a special event: Stéphanie Frappart, the French judge who also whistled in the final of the European Super Cup between Chelsea and Liverpool in 2019, will referee the match between Juventus and Dinamo Kiev. It is the first time that a female is the center of a Champions League match.

Within the framework of A league, Juventus is in fourth position with 17 points, in a very irregular start of the team of Andrea Pirlo. La Vecchia Signora has struggled to find its game in this tournament, and especially against Benevento on the last date, where they barely drew 1-1.

Refering to Champions League, those from Turin only lost one game (against Barcelona) and then added two victories in a row to ensure their passage to the round of 16. In total they accumulate nine units and occupy the second place in group G.

Date and Time: When do Juventus and Dinamo Kiev play for the Champions League?

Juventus and Dinamo Kiev play the Tuesday, December 1 at 17:00 in the afternoon, Chile time.

Television: Where to watch Juventus vs Dynamo Kiev live?

The game can be seen through ESPN 3, check your cable operator here:


VTR: 153 (SD) – 842 (HD)

DTV: 626 (SD) – 1626 (HD)

ENTEL: 216 (HD)

CLARO: 176 (SD) – 476 (HD)

GTD/TELSUR: 86 (SD) – 854 (HD)

MOVISTAR: 495 (SD) – 887 (HD)

TU VES: 108 (HD) – 512 (HD)

Online: Where to watch live streaming Juventus vs Dinamo Kiev?

You can watch the game via streaming ESPN Play.


Alexis Sánchez: “Against Real Madrid we were a bit shy”

Openly, the former Udinese player explained why the Italian giant was not able to compete with the most European champion of all.

Alexis Sánchez did not hesitate to self-criticize Inter Milan for their fatal defeat at the hands of Merengue in the Champions League. In the Sky Sport Italia microphones he pointed out that “against Real Madrid we were a bit shy in my opinion, but I am confident because we have great players and regardless of the rival we must always seek victory.”

Dilla beat Zamorano in Serie A

“I love football and the longer I play, the better I feel. I’m in a great team and I want to continue like this, making my plays useful for the group,” he warned after serving 80 minutes against Sassuolo, a matchday in which he scored a goal and was once again essential for Nerazzurri.

The 159 cries with the Sánchez Sánchez seal in Europe

Goal 50 Revealed: The best 50 players in the world

In the line of improvement, the former River Plate explained that “many times we play great games, but we lack the details. We have to fix some things, but we are doing what the coach asks and for me we are on the right track.”


Borussia vs. Inter: formations, day, time and how to watch on TV and online

The Mönchengladbach Colts, by classification; the giant Nerazzurri, for the last chance for more glory in the Champions League.

The Borussia de Marco Rose wants at once to certify his passage to the final phase of the Champions League when he receives this Tuesday Inter de Milan by Antonio Conte, Alexis Sánchez and Lautaro Martínez, who comes with the loss of Arturo Vidal for disrespecting the VAR against Real Madrid.

The Colts, who beat Shakhtar Donetsk 10-0 on aggregate, arrive with full confidence also in the Bundesliga because with a mixture of starters and reserves and despite suffering in the first period they knew how to beat Schalke this weekend (4-1), but the injured colossus Nerazzurri will play all his cards in North Rhine-Westphalia, so his coach is expected to include Sánchez along with his Lukaku-Lautaro binomial to get more offensive weight. The last interista precedent dates from this Saturday, when they prevailed strongly – and with a Latin rhythm – against Sassuolo in Reggio Emilia.

In Italy the first leg ended tied 2-2. Vidal participated in the 4 goals. If Inter does not win, they risk even being fourth and missing the chance of transfer to the Europa League.

This is how the UCL group goes:

Goal 50 Revealed: The best 50 players in the world




Yann Sommer; Stefan Lainer, Matthi Ginter, Nico Elvedi, Oscar Wendt; Christof Kramer, Flo Neuhaus; Valentino Lazaro, Lars Stindl, Marcus Thuram; Breel Embolo.


Samir Handanovic; Milan Skriniar, Stefan De Vrij, Alessandro Bastoni; Achraf, Roberto Gagliardini, Nicolò Barellà, Ashley Young; Alexis; Romelu Lukaku y Lautaro.


The game to be played this Tuesday, December 1, at 5:00 p.m. in Chile and Argentina, 2:00 p.m. in Mexico, 3:00 p.m. in Colombia and 9:00 p.m. in Spain, will go on ESPN for all of South America and Mexico. By streaming it can be followed through the ESPN app (Play on computers) and DirecTV GO.

All the news from Serie A

South America and Mexico



Movistar: 480 ESPN, 884 ESPN HD

Claro: 474 ESPN HD

Entel: 212 ESPN HD

DirecTV: 621 ESPN, 1620 ESPN HD

GTD Manquehue: 84 ESPN

In Spain, it can be seen on Movistar Liga de Campeones 1 (M51 O 116), Movistar Liga de Campeones 2 (M52 O127) and LaLiga TV M5 (Bar), while online streaming corresponds to Movistar + and Orange TV.


Marseille vs Porto, a Champions League match with Americanist overtones

The Port of the Mexican Jesus ‘Tecatito’ Corona is measured at Marseille of Ligue 1 for the fourth day of the Champions League and the meeting will be special for the fans of America because of the players with a azulcrema past who will be on the pitch.


Dario Benedetto arrived at the ‘Nest’ in early 2015 from the Just from Tijuana and scored 26 goals in 61 matches with the America jersey. Despite signing good performances, the ‘Pipa’ lost prominence in his last tournament with the Eagles and in the summer of 2016 he left the institution to join the ranks of Boca Juniors, a club that sold him to Marseille in the summer of 2019.

Agustín Marchesín, who came to Aztec football in 2015 after being signed by Santos, signed with the Eagles in 2017 despite having declared that he would never play for América. The goalkeeper quickly established himself as an important figure in the squad and was a key player in the Liga MX, Copa and Campeón de Campeones titles that he won with Azulcremas. In the summer of 2019, he tearfully said goodbye to América, a team with which he played more than 130 commitments, and joined Porto.

Mateus Uribe He arrived in Coapa in the summer of 2017, six months after Marchesín’s arrival, and the Colombian quickly showed his quality in Aztec football. Like Agustín, the coffee grower won three titles with the Águilas, a team with which he played 80 games and scored 18 goals. In the 2019 transfer window, Uribe left together with Marchesín to Los Dragones de Portugal.


Since your arrival at Porto, Marchesin He has not released the title and this season he remains one of the immovable players in Sérgio Conceição’s scheme. In the current Champions League campaign, Agustín has participated in the three games that the Dragons have played, so against Marseille it is certain that he will be part of the starting eleven.

For his part, Uribe has played every minute for Porto in the European tournament, but unfortunately the Colombian was not called up for the match against the club. League 1 for an injury. In this way, the followers of the former player of the America will not enjoy their talent on this day of Champions League and at the moment it is unknown when he would return to the courts.

The ‘Pipe’ Benedetto He has started the 2020-21 campaign as a starter, although the Argentine attacker has not yet scored and has only provided one assist. However, despite his scoring crisis, Darío is shaping up to be a starter against him Porto in Champions, a competition in which he accumulates 166 minutes this season.


Marseille is bound to beat the Porto if you want to keep your chances of qualifying for the Round of 16. The French club is last in Group C with zero points, but Olympiacos’ win and loss to Manchester City would put them in contention for a place in the next round. On the other hand, if the Benedetto and company team loses or draws, in the next two days of the Champions League they would have to concentrate on looking for the ticket to the Europa League.

Porto is in second place in the sector with six points and with a win against Marseille it would be very close to sealing its ticket to the Round of 16. In the event of a loss or draw combined with an Olympiacos win against City, the Porto he would be obliged to achieve good results in the last days of the Group Stage.