Southern Baptists continue to respond to winter storm in Texas

Southern Baptists are helping victims of an unusual and disastrous winter storm in Texas, where nearly half a million residents still have no power or water due to frozen and broken pipes.

Churches have served as warming and feeding centers, and both state Baptist conventions have begun to respond to needs.

Send Relief, the national and international compassion ministry of Southern Baptists, is partnering with humanitarian organizations Feeding America, Disaster Relief of the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas (SBTC) and Texas Baptist Men to assess the situation and help to meet the needs of those affected by the storm.

After workers at a nursing home in McKinney, Texas, contacted SBTC to obtain emergency food rations, Scottie Stice, director of disaster relief, was able to mobilize a team of food trucks to provide meals to residents and caregivers. Then the city of McKinney asked them to serve emergency services.

“They were so busy helping that they forgot to eat or couldn’t get food,” Stice said. “We appreciate the partnership with Send Relief and all of our fellow state coordinators who have reached out to offer support and prayer; it is an incredibly difficult situation and we could not do this without you. “

As food shortages continued to worsen across the state, Send Relief provided financial assistance to Feeding America’s food banks in Texas so they could avoid a larger food crisis.

“The help that Send Relief has provided through food bank donations is helping people in the hardest hit cities; it’s so much more than a drop in the bucket, ”said David Wells of Texas Baptist Men. “Our three main cities, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, have people who have never seen snow before and are depending on us and these food banks for help.”

Supermarkets are having a hard time stocking shelves due to delayed shipments. The owners have frozen and burst pipes. As the ice melts, many houses are flooding. Drinking water is scarce. Accidents are frequent on snowy roads.

After other natural disasters like tornadoes or floods, residents can often travel to other counties for water, food, or supplies, but because all of Texas is experiencing water and energy shortages, families have no additional resources to share. The state governor has declared a state of emergency.

– Southern Baptists continue to respond to winter storm in Texas


Meghan and Harry help a women’s shelter damaged by the winter storm in the US | News from El Salvador

“With this help, the survivors know that they are not alone,” said the shelter through a statement shared on Twitter.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of England, have joined a good cause through their “Archewell” foundation, which consists of repairing and rehabilitating a women’s shelter located in Dalla, Texas, which has been damaged by the winter storm of recent days.

The place is the Genesis Women’s Shelter & Support, a shelter and care center for women who have been victims of abuse and mistreatment, as well as for their children.

“Through their foundation, they will support us in the replacement of the roof and help us meet our immediate needs. Thanks to your donation, we will be able to get up again and continue to provide our services. It was a very generous gift from you and, moreover, a gesture that offers international visibility to the fight against violence against women and their children. With this help, the survivors know that they are not alone, ”Genesis reported and expressed through a statement shared on Twitter.

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Genesis Women’s Shelter and Support closed for the first time in 35 years after last week’s winter storm, which cut power across much of the state, including the organization’s apartments and emergency shelter.

At the end of this note, the help from Meghan Markle and Harry had already arrived, as well as other donations that have arrived from different parts of the United States.


State of emergency in several countries thanks to the polar vortex

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Austin, Texas snow;  saturated supermarket
People wait in a long line to buy groceries at the HEB supermarket during the “extreme cold snap” in Austin, Texas. Photo: AP

The polar vortex associated with dizzying weather conditions in several countries in the northern hemisphere. This situation has been happening more frequently and scientists are still not completely sure why, but they do suggest that it is a mix of natural random weather and man-made climate change (anthropogenic influence).

The polar vortex rupture as some call it, according to observations this season is huge. Meteorologists NOAA Y NASA they concluded that this is one of the largest and most durable they have seen, and they have monitored it since at least the 1950s. A clear consequence of this is that the atmospheric conditions of this intermediate week of February have a similar pattern as if it were the month of January.

“It has been a major collapse,” said Jennifer Francis, a climate scientist at the Woodwell Climate Research Center on Cape Cod for an interview on PhysOrg. “Very unusual for a few weeks, very, very crazy,” “Totally the other way around,” he added.

“These used to occur once every two years, but research shows they are now close to occurring annually, if not more,” said Judah Cohen, a winter storm expert for Atmospheric Environmental Research.

Consequences on the environment

The record freezing temperatures in Texas and Oklahoma, The United States has kept millions of homes without a power grid. On the other hand, an unusual tornado hit North Carolina, leaving serious damage and people dead.

By this time, which is unusual, snow is falling with great intensity and quantity in several countries, as is the recent case of Greece and Turkey. A record cold also hit Europe this winter, earning it the name of Beast from the East.

In Mexico, The cold has spread to the South, generating frosts on regions that for these dates, morning and night temperatures are usually warmer. On the other hand, the copious snowfalls registered to the north are also causing the deterioration of the electrical infrastructure in that area.

Check the forecast for the Mexican Republic: Weekend below zero in several states of Mexico

But it is not only the cold that is worrying, this past Tuesday records from the Meteorological Services indicate that it was warmer in parts of Greenland, Alaska, Norway and Sweden, compared to the temperatures of Texas and Oklahoma. Therefore, several meteorologists associate it with the large fluctuations of the polar vortex.

Watching the polar vortex

The polar vortex winters in its normal place until a atmospheric wave, hits it. Usually, These waves do not affect the strong vortex much, but occasionally they have enough energy to push it and that is when the icy air runs off.

Sometimes the cold air mass is divided into sections, an event related to large snowstorms in the eastern US, as has been happening a few weeks ago. And other times, you just move to a new place, which often means severe cold in some parts of Europe. The unusual thing is that this time he did both.

Influence of Arctic warming

With the decrease in sea ice, due to warming in the Arctic, it is believed that the atmospheric wave is being pushed in two places, giving it more energy when it hits the polar vortex, according to experts.

“There is evidence that climate change may weaken the polar vortex, making the icy Arctic air more likely to leak further south,” said Marshall Shepherd, professor of meteorology at the University of Georgia.

As soon as To those who think that this cold outbreak refutes global warming, scientists say that it is definitely not.. Even with climate change, “we will still have winter,” said North Carolina state climatologist Kathie Dello.


USA: water and energy crisis triggered by winter storm in Texas

First modification: 20/02/2021 – 17:51

A winter storm continues to sweep across the southern United States, with Texas primarily affected. Millions of people lived without electricity for days in the midst of freezing temperatures, and although the electricity grid returns little by little, the interruption of water service was constant.


The crisis cools the winter market

Carlos Tristan González


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Without an audience in the stands, not only passion is lost, but also money. In just one year the world economy has contracted violently due to the coronavirus, and football, of course, is not alien to this situation. According to a study by the consultancy Deloitte, the twenty highest-earning clubs will lose around 2 billion at the end of this season, having already suffered a 12% drop in earnings in 2019-20. With the stadiums empty since March, and all that this implies, there is no other choice but to minimize the investment in transfers and adjust the salary mass as much as possible. The winter market, closed yesterday, is evidence of the crisis it is going through


Dua Lipa – Visit Barcelona

Another of the great artists of the international scene who visits us after the cancellation of her concerts in 2020 due to the Coronavirus crisis is the British of Albanian origin Dua Lipa. The singer, songwriter, model, and fashion designer rose to fame in 2017 with her self-titled debut album. In 2020 he released his second album, “Future Nostalgia“And with this tour she now arrives in our country. Dua Lipa has already received several awards such as the Brit Award 2018 for the best female singer and the 2019 Grammy for best new artist.


Climate in Guadalajara: The ZMG registers a temperature of 5.6 degrees

This morning the Guadalara Metropolitan Area (ZMG) recorded a minimum temperature of 5.6 degrees centigrade, reported the National Meteorological Service.

The minimum recorded today in Jalisco was -4 degrees, in the municipality of Lagos de Moreno.

For this Wednesday, temperatures are expected in the ZMG highs of 25 and 27 degrees, as well as lows of between 6 and 8 degrees at dawn on Thursday.

Climate in Jalisco

The SMN forecasts minima between –5 and 0 degrees in the North and Altos de Jalisco regions, as well as maximums above 35 degrees in some areas of the state.

In the state the warm environment prevails in the day, cold at night and at dawn.



Xiaomi presents an air conditioner that will protect you from the cold in winter | Gadgets

We are living a unprecedented cold wave in Spain. Low temperatures and snow make things a bit difficult for us. Although now Xiaomi arrives with a vertical air conditioning tower that Xiaomi presented, which could help you right now.

The Asian manufacturer offers a range of products that will not leave anyone indifferent. We can find everything from phones to a variety of wearable devices and smart connected products like smart lamps or air conditioners that you control from your smartphone.

A product with surprising energy efficiency

Xiaomi presents an air conditioner Xiaomi

One of the big problems with any product like this is with a heat pump is its energy consumption. Mainly because it has the higher energy efficiency So your inverter compressor offers three levels of consumption. According to the company’s calculations, you would save 11.3% per month in the electricity consumption of your account compared to air conditioning with heat pump and similar power.

Inside has a large format fan so that the hot or cold air is distributed in the room where you have installed this impressive air tower that, although it is very powerful, stands out for its silence, because it does not exceed 33 decibels when it is at full power.

With self-cleaning and app to control it

Continuing with the positives of this product, to say that this air tower features with an automatic cleaning system, in addition to blades finished in hydrophilic aluminum to avoid possible drips. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, this three-level vertical air conditioner is compatible with Mi Home, the interface for smart products of the brand.

In this way, can use both voice assistant Xiao Ai like Mijia app to control this device. You can turn the tower on or off, adjust the temperature, or program this air to turn on when you get home. Suppose this product has a cylindrical design, plus touch controls to customize the tower and remote control if you don’t want to use the compatible program.

Price and availability

Finally, if we talk about its price and launch date of this new Xiaomi aerial tower, it should be remembered that the company has just put this product on sale at a price of 5,299 yuan, which is around the 675 euros at the exchange rate. A very interesting product without a doubt, but due to its size it is quite difficult to see outside the Chinese borders. Although we can always try our luck through a retailer that ships Xiaomi products to Spain.


Weather in Guadalajara: They forecast a minimum of 8 degrees in the ZMG

In the Guadalara Metropolitan Area (ZMG) temperatures are expected minimum between 8 and 10 degrees Celsius between today and dawn on Monday, the National Weather Service said.

No rains are expected in the ZMG and for Jalisco a clear sky with scattered clouds is forecast.

The prevailing atmosphere in the state is warm in the day, cold at night and at dawn. Minimum temperatures are expected between –5 and 0 degrees in the North and High regions, while maximums between 30 to 35 degrees are expected in some areas.



The winter transfer market live: news, transfers, transfers …

He West Ham wants to strengthen his lead in this month of January and for this he has between eyebrows one of the ‘pearls’ of Arsenal, the English Eddie Nketiah, 21 years old. Arteta is not giving the young attacker minutes so he could go out to gain experience and not cut his progression.

Juninho Pernambucano, sports director of Olympique Lyon, has admitted that they are in full negotiations with Atlético de Madrid for Moussa Dembele. “It’s a possibility, Moussa came to see me, he thinks it’s time to change teams, he has lost motivation a bit. Keeping someone who doesn’t want to be in the team for the next five months is not ideal. We are negotiating with Atlético and I think Moussa already has an agreement with them. “

Atlético is very serious about Moussa Dembélé |