Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be excited for their Christmas party away from royalty

After having celebrated Thanksgiving as a family, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ready to organize the upcoming festivities.

The Duchess of Sussex She will be very excited to decorate Christmas in its first season of celebrations at her home in Montecito, California.


The aftermath of a spontaneous abortion; Megan Markle recounted her bitter experience | Healthy world

Between 8 and 10 miscarriages occur during the first trimester and it can be emotionally difficult because the woman or the couple themselves go through a feeling of grief and loss.

It is important to clarify that the miscarriage is not caused by something the woman has done, that is, normal activities such as working, exercising, taking her medications.

Some of the things that can cause miscarriage initially is due to the fertilized egg having an abnormal number of chromosomes, some diseases, a very serious infection, or a major injury.

If miscarriages are not treated in time they can be very dangerous. It is best to consult a specialist if you have symptoms that may cause you to be alert. Some may be:

  • Vaginal bleeding or spotting
  • Severe pain in the abdomen
  • Strong colic

Although not all abortions can be painful, most women go through severe cramping and vaginal bleeding is also common. There is no single way to feel after going through this. You may feel a mixture of emotions including disappointment, despair, shock, guilt, grief, and relief, and sometimes all at the same time.

If miscarriages are not treated in time they can be very dangerous. Pixabay

Some of the tips for coping with this include taking care of yourself physically and emotionally. Also try to surround yourself with caring and caring people who will give you comfort.

The time it takes to heal emotionally after a miscarriage is different for everyone. There are many support groups online where you can connect with others who are going through the same thing as you.

Meghan Markle’s hard moment

The Duchess of Sussex recently wrote a letter in ‘The New York Times’ where she revealed that she recently lost her second child.

He said that while he was with his son, Archive, changing his diapers, fell to the ground with him in his arms after he felt severe pain. The strongest part of this was when she said that she knew while holding her first child she was losing the second.

This column was called “The Losses We Share” and expressed that when she was in the hospital going through this bitter moment she held on to the hand of her husband Harry. “I kissed her knuckles, wet from both of their tears. (…) I tried to imagine how to recover ”

With information from Planned Parenthood.

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It was a tragedy: the unexpected bond between Infanta Elena and Meghan Markle

When the name of the Infanta Elena With that of Meghan Markle, many could imagine their respective decisions to try to lead a life away from all the attention generated by the monarchies they represent, however there is a tragic link that unites them, something they do not want to have in common.

Luck has not been on the side of the Duchess of Lugo in much of his life, either because of the scandals that surround his family environment or his so-called divorce from Jaime de Marichalar, with whom he had Froiln and Victoria Federica.


The harsh consequences royals would face following Meghan of Sussex’s show

Recently, the duchess of sussex, prince harry’s wife, had revealed that, long ago, she had lost a pregnancy.

Given this, the royal family replied that the case of Meghan it was a deeply personal matter on which they would not comment.


He could change his life: the tragic lament that Infanta Elena does not forget

A few days ago the world was shocked with the confession that Meghan Markle made in a letter she wrote to the New York Times, from which she confirmed that she suffered a loss that changed her life and for which the Infanta Elena You could identify with it, as it represented a difficult situation to overcome.

The Duchess of Lugo He has not had the best luck and it is not about his divorce or the complex situation his father is dealing with, but on a personal level something happened that saddened his entire family.


He has no peace: Meghan Markle and the new comparisons with the life of Lady Di

Millions of fans say that if Lady Di were alive, her favorite daughter-in-law would be Meghan Markle, not only because of the affection for his son but because of the qualities in common.

According to one of The Crown’s creators, Peter Morgan, the Princess of Wales and the duchess of sussex they could be considered the greatest influences within the crown.


All a host: Meghan Markle shone after celebrating the most anticipated moment in her new home

Meghan Markle becomes hostess from her mother at the Thanksgiving celebration, according to ET Weekly.

The american together with Harry and welcomed little Archie’s grandmother to her new home away from the royal family.

Although it is not the first time Markle and her husband walk away from the British crown on this particular day, this time it had even more impact.


A flood of misunderstanding: Meghan Markle is cruelly criticized and downplayed

On November 25, Meghan Markle revealed the greatest sadness he has ever suffered in his life. He lost his second heir in July 2020.

The aristocrat He told it in an opinion piece, called The Losses We Share, for the diary New York Times. And the responses have been very scathing.


Meghan Markle tells us one of the most difficult moments of her life; the abortion she suffered a few months ago

After the sad news that was released about the abortion that suffered Meghan Markle. The first relative to speak was Charles Spencer, brother of the now remembered Lady Di. This Wednesday the sad news of the spontaneous abortion was released, of which she was going to be the second child of the Duchess of Sussex.

The first to speak out about this loss was Charles Spencer, maternal uncle of Prince Harry and brother of Princess Diana, showing his full support and approving the decision that Meghan Markle share your painful experience in a column, to encourage others in your situation to do the same as part of the recovery process.

In the article that was published by The New York Times newspaper, Meghan Markle He talked about how good it is to naturally show negative emotions. Situation that he had to live a few months ago, confessing that his first year as a “royal” had not been easy at all.

The important thing in all this would be in her words, that someone was interested in knowing how she really was and listened to what she had to say without judging her. So the dramatic story that the “royal” He shook the whole world: “As I hugged my first son, I knew I was losing the second.”

In the first four paragraphs of the text it relates Meghan Markle how he realized what was happening:

“It was a morning in July that began as ordinarily as any other day: making breakfast. Feeding the dogs. Taking vitamins. Finding that lost sock. Picking up the unruly crayon that rolled under the table. Tie my hair into a ponytail. horse before taking my son out of his cradle. After changing his diaper, I felt a strong cramp. I dropped to the ground with him in my arms, humming a lullaby to keep us both calm, the happy melody contrasted with my feeling that something is not right. “

Reflecting after what happened the Duchess of Sussex commented we are well in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. This year has brought many of us to our most critical points. The loss and the pain they have affected us all in 2020. We are adapting to a new normal in which faces are hidden by masks.

Situation that forces us to look into each other’s eyes, sometimes full of warmth, other times tears. For the first time, the whole world is submerged in a wave of uncertainty, no matter how much we disagree, no matter how physically distanced we are, the truth is that we are more connected than ever.


Chrissy Teigen defended Meghan Markle after receiving criticism for revealing that she suffered an abortion | TV and Show

This Wednesday Meghan Markle revealed that she lost a baby in July this year. The Duchess of Sussex told his story in a powerful essay published in the New York Times.

“I knew, while holding my first child in my arms, that I was losing the second,” wrote the ex-actress in the article entitled “The losses we share.”

And although thousands of people valued her bravery, there were some who harshly criticized the American. In fact, one user even accused her of writing the essay for selfish purposes, sparking outrage from model and entertainer Chrissy Teigen, who recently also lost a child.

“Is anyone really questioning the pain and sheer horror of having a miscarriage, or perhaps they are criticizing Meghan’s decision to write a 1,000-word opinion piece about herself? What does it add to the resources already available to those experiencing a tragedy like this? ”Wrote Marco Giannangeli, editor of Sunday Express.

After reading these words, the model replied: “The award for being absolute shit today goes to Marco Giannangeli. Congratulations, you piece of shit. ”

However, he later deleted the tweet claiming he was trying to be nice.

From a fairy tale to a personal drama

Her May 2018 wedding to Prince Harry seemed like something out of a fairy tale. The union of a mixed-race American actress and fervent feminist with the grandson of Elizabeth II, sixth in line to the British throne, seemed destined to modernize the image of royalty.

In the months after, Meghan surprised with gestures as simple as closing the car door herself or committed actions such as her participation in a cookbook prepared by survivors of the fire in 2017 of a skyscraper of social housing in which 71 people died, mostly migrants.

Meghan rolled up her sleeves, donned an apron and got down to business in the kitchen of a Muslim center to help prepare recipes from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

With their image of modernity, carefree and social commitment, the couple achieved great popularity: their Instagram account, opened in April 2019, reached one million followers in less than six hours, a world record.

But they soon began to show their discomfort with the strict lifestyle imposed on members of British royalty, scrutinized by a ruthless tabloid press against those who broke traditional molds. Like when they decided not to present their first child, Archie, born in May 2019, after maternity leave as custom dictated.

“Sexism and racism”

Accustomed to the lifestyle of a rich American actress, Meghan was also criticized for a luxurious trip to New York to receive gifts from her friends, including lawyer Amal Clooney and tennis player Serena Williams.

Harry also denounced “Sexism and racism” against his wife on social media, such as the tweet by a BBC presenter that after Archie’s birth wrote “the real baby leaves the hospital” next to a photo of a couple holding hands with a chimpanzee. He was immediately fired.

The tension mounted and in January the couple caused an earthquake by announcing that they were leaving their place in the forefront of the British royal family.

They lost their titles of royal highnesses, their public subsidy, Enrique’s honorary military positions and the respect of many who accused them of wanting to continue to profit financially from their condition.

After a brief stint in Canada, they moved to California, where Meghan grew up and has professional connections: the 39-year-old actress and the 36-year-old prince signed a multi-million dollar contract with Netflix to produce feature films and series.

But it was also there that, in July, the Duchess of Sussex suffered a miscarriage that, against the usual reluctance to expose her private life, she herself recounted in the pages of the New York Times.

Losing a pregnancy is “excruciating pain” and a subject that remains “taboo,” “steeped in (unnecessary) shame, perpetuating a cycle of lonely grief,” she wrote.

– Slaves and a king –

Daughter of Thomas Markle, a lighting director who won an Emmy for his work on the series “General Hospital,” and for Doria Ragland, Social worker and yoga teacher, Meghan was born on August 4, 1981 in Los Angeles.

On her mother’s side, she is descended from black slaves from the cotton plantations of Georgia, in the southern United States. On the father’s side, King Robert I of Scotland, who reigned between 1306 and 1329.

Her parents separated when she was two and divorced five years later.

Markle graduated in theater and international relations at the Northwestern University, near Chicago, after which he did a six-week internship at the US embassy in Argentina.

The actress rose to fame working on the series “Suits” about a New York law firm.

Before marrying Enrique, she was married to producer Trevor Engelson, from whom she divorced after two years.

Old friends have accused her of neglecting them as she progressed in life, and her two stepbrothers, who were not invited to the wedding, hurled fierce criticism at her, suggesting that she was ashamed of them. The difficult relationship with his father has also caused a lot of ink to flow.