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In Turkey, the main means of transport between the provinces are buses or the bus, collective, guagua, micro, omnibus or truck according to Latin countries, in Turkish it is otobüs that are very modern, fast, clean, punctual and frequent. Among all the cities and towns there are multiple


Apple presents a charger whose value is equal to that of a cell phone; see what you can buy

In mid October, Apple introduced the new members of his family in terms of smartphones: Standard, Pro, Pro Max and Mini. Without a doubt, it was an exciting time for those who love technology; however, it was not all honey on flakes; because the brand of the bitten apple decided not to include the charger for electric current or the classic headphones EarPods.

Since then the issue has become somewhat controversial, since the costs of the telephones are not cheap at all so that, in addition, it does not have all the accessories that it corresponds to.

What was the argument?

Apple reported that it made the decision not to include the charger and headphones for sustainability reasons, something that although it makes sense, did not leave its consumers very convinced.

In his shop, the charger The most expensive that people can find is double, the price of which is 3,500 pesos. Although compared to the cost of the cell phone, it looks tiny, people may choose to buy another phone. In this case a Samsung Galaxy A10S whose cost oscillates in the 3 thousand 300 pesos.

Other phones that could be purchased are:

  • Huawei Y7
  • Motorcycle G5s More
  • Xiaomi Redmi 9

We know, they may not be the models that offer the highest performance compared to the latest generation smartphones, but there will always be an audience for each one.


Cell phone sales in Peru: Xiaomi is about to catch up with Huawei and move to second place in the market

This Thursday, the statistical firm Canalys has presented a global report on the sale of cell phones around the world and, of course, this includes our region. Just as the data is obtained in a continental way, you can also know how it goes Peru in the sale of mobile phones and a Chinese surprise sneaks into the list.

According to the study, during the third quarter of this year, Samsung has been in charge of selling 41% of the total cell phones in the Peruvian market, preserving its leading position in the country, although with a decrease of 7% compared to the same period in 2019.

For second place, Huawei is preserved in it with a market share of 18% of the total. However, just two percentage points behind, his compatriot looks out.

Xiaomi has reached 16% of units sold in Peru with a growth of 4,024% compared to last year, an impressive number if we compare it with the rest of the market that rises or falls by an average of 10%.

Another surprise in the study is the increase in sales in Lenovo, who with his sub-brand Motorola has increased by 21% growth compared to 2019, achieving 8% market share.

The list closes it LG, who falls to fifth place with 5%.

At the regional level, Samsung also remains the leader, but the presence of other brands is at odds.

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Smartphone: the best-selling 5G phone of 2020 does not come from China | Photos | Android

While manufacturers like Xiaomi, Realme Y Vivo During this 2020 they have presented several models of 5G phones, these have not managed to position themselves among the best sellers. According to consultancy Strategy Analytics, this year’s best-selling 5G smartphone does not come from China.

In this sense, he refers that Samsung has been the brand capable of selling the largest number of units of one of its models with 5G, the Samsung Galaxy S20+, which was released in the first quarter of 2020.

According to the data, the Galaxy S20+ it’s the smartphone 5G best-selling worldwide, followed by Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and the standard Galaxy S20, which occupy the second and third position respectively.

Strategy Analytics also points out that Huawei P40 Pro Y Mate 30 Pro they managed to take fourth and fifth position, respectively. They also hope that the new iPhone 12 manage to position themselves among the best-selling 5G mobiles, especially the mini and standard models.

However, this may change in the coming months as the Samsung with mobiles 5G cheap like the Galaxy A42 5G or the Galaxy A51 5G. Furthermore, Chinese companies like Xiaomi, Realme and OPPO they keep launching cheap phones compatible with this new connectivity technology.


Xiaomi Mi 11: Dates, prices and rumors in specifications

At this point, no one doubts that the Mi 11 will have improvements in the sections of performance, design and set of cameras, key aspects to help the new Xiaomi phone be competitive for much of 2021.

However, the first rumors suggest that this could also be the first flagship of the company that comes to implement a 2K screen, with the incentive that it would integrate the Snapdragon 875 processor still pending announcement by Qualcomm.

Xiaomi has steered clear of Quad HD displays in order to keep prices low and promote longer battery life. This makes sense, because the value of the Xiaomi brand has always been quality at the best price.

However, with Mi 10 we could already see how the company moved away from a more traditional price range, below € 500, to enter the premium or higher range with the Mi 10 that came to cost € 899 at the time of his presentation.

Even the most expensive phones can come to offer great value, when price is combined with a formidable feature set.

With the fact of 5G connectivity, UFS 3.0 storage, and LPDDR5 RAM, we believe that Xiaomi has realized that its customers do not necessarily want the cheap, but rather the best.

And it is that rumors such as the 2K screen continue to gain more and more force coming from forums and sources of a certain reputation, such as the concept of the Mi 11 shared by igeekphone (source: new.qq ), photos that have served to illustrate this article.

Xiaomi Mi 11 specification rumors

Igeekphone is among those using image renders to back up claims that this 2K display will be a 6.9-inch Samsung Super AMOLED curved panel with a 144Hz refresh rate and HDR10.

They also confirm that the Mi 11 will have a screen-to-body ratio of 96-97%, eliminating the edges as much as possible. The new Snapdragon 875 processor would also come with a generous 16GB of RAM.

In addition, Igeekphone also claims that the main camera will be upgraded to a quad system with 192 MP (from 108 MP), 40 MP zoom, 21 MP wide-angle and 8 MP macro lenses, with support for PDAF and optical image stabilization. .

Meanwhile, the battery could reach 5500mAh with 100W super fast charging, 40W wireless charging, as well as 10W reverse wireless charging. A surprising leap.

The processor rumor makes a lot of common sense, and we expect Xiaomi to specify what the latest generation of Qualcomm’s high-end chip is by the time the phone is announced (this processor won’t be announced by Qualcomm until December).

Tipster Digital Chat Station is the latest to speculate on the choice of processor, saying that Xiaomi could even be the first phone maker to include the processor in China with an exclusivity period, while Samsung would be the first globally with its Galaxy S21 / S30.

The SD875 with the 5nm manufacturing process will almost certainly be more powerful and efficient than the rest, which can pave the way for higher resolution displays that consume less battery power.

For now, the rest of the specifications could be mere musings. Concept representations, at least until we get closer to the announcement date, rarely have solid foundations.

Don’t get us wrong: we’d love to see a 2K display on the Mi 11, but we’d also like to be able to set Full-HD as the default (as you can on Samsung’s Galaxy phones) to preserve battery life.

With Xiaomi increasing the price and specifications of what will be its flagship in early 2021, it could happen, although we have no confirmation.

There has also been speculation about the possibility that the Mi 11 has a 32 MP under-screen camera. This information comes from Xiaomi, which recently demonstrated third-generation under-display camera technology.

It is reportedly in the mass production stage, but it won’t be commercially available until 2021.

Xiaomi Mi 11 or Mi 20?

The fact of what the next Xiaomi phone will be called is a pertinent question: it is not unusual for phone manufacturers to go from 10 to 20 in their model names, so we might as well see a Mi 20 from Xiaomi instead of a Wed 11.

This is a practice that Samsung and an even closer competitor Huawei have followed, so it is certainly not out of the ordinary. So far, there is nothing official to suggest that one name is more likely than the other, but we will be vigilant.

How many models of Mi 11 will there be?

This is difficult to guess, because Xiaomi’s strategy for Mi 10 has been completely different from that of the previous Mi 9. In fact, with Mi 9 we also saw the Mi 9 Lite, Mi 9 SE, Mi 9T and Mi 9T Pro, while that in China there was also a Mi 9 Pro and Mi 9 Explorer Edition.

With the Wed 10 we have seen the standard model and Mi 10 Lite, Besides Mi 10 Pro and Mi 10 Ultra. The most recent that has extended the family has been the Mi 10T. Xiaomi, of course, has separately updated the Mi Note line with Mi Note 10, Mi Note 10 Pro and Mi Note 10 Lite.

We believe this latter strategy is more likely to stick, as announcements for the Mi 11, Mi 11 Lite, and Mi 11 Pro will be held together in early 2021, and a Mi Note 11 family will be announced separately.

When will the Xiaomi Mi 11 be on sale?

Traditionally, all the big phone updates have tended to coincide with the Mobile World Congress, which usually takes place at the end of February in Barcelona. However, in 2021, the MWC has been delayed until the end of June.

So what will this mean for the usual release date schedule? It should be noted that in recent years, companies such as Samsung, Huawei and LG have held their own separate MWC events.

Thus, the fact that Xiaomi delays its launch until this mid-year date is discarded, in favor of buying time against its competitors.

It is also notable that while Xiaomi tends to hold the European launch of its flagship phone at MWC, it generally announces that same phone in China up to a week before.

Subsequently, those launches are transferred to Europe and Spain. With this in mind, it is very possible that we will see a launch in the first quarter of the year 2021 for the Mi 11 in China, but a European launch could be much later.

Digital Chat Station suggests that the launch could be even earlier, with the first Xiaomi phone with Snapdragon 875 launched in January 2021.

How much will the Xiaomi Mi 11 cost?

Xiaomi is not willing to back down on any of the new features that drove the price of the Mi 10. Presumably Xiaomi, rather than lowering the price, seeks to add value at the same price, with the Mi 11 at a price. base price of € 899.

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three ‘smartwatches’ from Garmin, Samsung and Xiaomi lowered up to 47%

Although they do not hold the title of wearables most popular (which falls on wireless headphones), the smartwatches have managed to conquer, above all, the most sporty, who have seen in them a very simple way to control the evolution in training … if there are some that even incorporate a personal trainer! But smart watches not only cover those who exercise, since they also record other very interesting data for our day to day and for our health, such as heart rate and even warnings if we spend a lot of time sitting.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many wear one of these devices on their wrist, since some of them they also incorporate very practical functions for our routine, such as synchronization with our mobile phone to receive notifications of messages, calls and even social networks or reminders of our agenda. So these gadgets are very recurrent in whist list Christmas, birthdays or days of big sales, in which many take the opportunity to acquire the model that most convinces them.

If you are looking for a model that suits your needs (sporty!) And you can’t wait for the Black Friday sales to get a good model, we have good news for you: we have found three discounted models in the Mi Electro catalog. To get ahead of the technology discounts on the last Friday in November, this ecommerce has applied discounts of up to 47% in some well-known models, such as Garmin, Samsung or Xiaomi. Do you want to discover them … and fall in love !?

With which ‘smartwatch’ discounted do you stay?

The Garmin Fenix ​​5 Plus sports watch. With a reduction of 47%, this ‘smartwatch’ is ideal for the most athletes, as it captures all the metrics you need to improve athletic performance and monitor progress day after day.

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus.
Garmin Fenix 5 Plus.
My Electro

El Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Reduced 34% from its initial price, this watch is suitable for off-road people who like to have control of every last detail: it tracks your sleep and heart rate, links to your phone and adapts to your look.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.
My Electro

La Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4. With a touch screen and color (and a discount of 40%!), This activity tracker is compatible with six types of training and, in addition, and allows you to set goals so that we do not stop meeting sports goals.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4.
Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4.
My Electro

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Top 10 Most Powerful Global Android Phones

Chinese hegemony continues to surprise

As usual in the AnTuTu benchmarking tool, it has published the list with the ten Android smartphones most powerful worldwide, corresponding to the month of October of this 2020.

The data was collected from September 1 to 30, and for each model, at least more than 1,000 scores have been analyzed. It should be noted that the Chinese hegemony is present in this new ranking, occupying the majority of positions, if not almost all of them except for a couple of phones of South Korean origin.

First of all we have the ASUS ROG Phone 3 who obtained 642,671 points. In second position is the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra with 640,296 points and that is too close to the first place. The place of honor is occupied by the Oppo Find X2 Pro who got a total of 610,961 points.

In the fourth position of the ranking the OnePlus 8 Pro, followed by the iQOO Neo 3 with 598,891 and 595,329 points, respectively. The sixth place is occupied by the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G with 594,890 points, in seventh Galaxy Z Fold 2 which has a score of 593,546.

The top of the 10 most powerful Android smartphones of October this year is closed in eighth place by the Redmi K30 Pro, he Wed 10 and the OnePlus 8.


Cell Phones: Which One Has the Best Screen? | Samsung, Apple, OnePlus, Asus, Xioami and TCL on the DXOMARK list

DXOMARK It is no longer limited to just evaluating cell phone cameras and has incorporated screens into its testing system.

Nine panels have already been evaluated and these are the best screens on the market.

Samsung manages to position its Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Y S20 Ultra among the top positions. It is worth noting that the screen of the OnePlus 8 Pro is also produced by Samsung Display, like that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

TCL, another screen producer, scored well on its TCL 10 Pro. Xiaomi, according to the DXOMARK evaluation, it still leaves something to be desired in its high ranges.

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Samsung would debut its new Galaxy S30 phones earlier than expected

Although it has not been long since Samsung launched its new premium phones Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, the South Korean firm is already working on its next high-end smartphones, the Galaxy S30, which unlike previous generations they would arrive before the usual date.

As is known, every year Samsung presents its Galaxy S in the first trimester, sometimes in February, sometimes in March. However, a recent leak indicates that the launch would be advanced for the month of January.

Asian media like Sammobile indicate that the company would have opted for the aforementioned date because the presentation event will be virtual and it will no longer be necessary to organize a physical keynote, with the time savings that this implies.

Another of the great reasons for the South Korean firm to launch its new phones ahead of schedule is that it seeks to respond as soon as possible to the recent movements of Apple with the premiere of the iPhone 12, as well as the growing competition with other Asian manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Vivo.

The company also wants to give the necessary time and promotion to Galaxy S30, since now it has more series of mobile phones in the high range with the arrival of folding smartphones Galaxy Fold y Galaxy Z Flip, which from 2021 would have their own presentation event.

Samsung, latest news:


Xiaomi and Samsung mock Apple after launching the iPhone 12

Last Tuesday the new Apple smartphones (the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone Pro y iPhone Pro Max) and there the open secret that had been heard months ago was confirmed: the new Iphone come without a charger in the box.

This despite the high prices of each version, which in Colombia will be between 4’273,999 and $ 7.493.999 pesos.

The detail that the new Apple smartphones do not have the charger included in the box caught the attention of users all over the world and that is why Xiaomi and Samsung took advantage of this opportunity to troll their American rival.

The Chinese company Xiaomi has published various sarcastic messages on Twitter, mainly on their profiles in Spain and England.

“Good morning #MiFans, today we dreamed that our smartphones came without a charger in the box … Fortunately it was just a nightmare,” wrote Xiaomi Spain, repeating the same text from the British account.

The main account of the Chinese company posted a more direct tweet: “Don’t worry, we didn’t leave anything out of the Mi 10T Pro box”, It is read next to a video in which they were the box of that model and the first thing that is seen is the charger.

Samsung, from South Korea and Apple’s direct rival, He joined these taunts to further criticize those on the block.

“Your Galaxy gives you what you want. From a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even a 120 Hz screen on a smartphone, ”wrote the official Samsung account for Latin America.

In addition to the mockery of the lack of charger in the new iPhone 12, he also took the opportunity to remember that his ‘smartphones’ They have screens with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and that its rival left it for a next generation.