London believes a Brexit deal can be reached, but not at any price

File photo of the flags of Great Britain and the EU in Berlin. April 9, 2019. REUTERS / Hannibal Hanschke

LONDON, Nov 26 (Reuters) – Britain and the European Union may close a trade deal on Brexit, but London will not sign a deal at any cost, British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak said on Thursday.

With only five weeks before the UK leaves the EU for good, both sides are trying to reach a trade agreement that will avoid a chaotic end to the negotiations.

“With a constructive attitude and the goodwill of all parties, we can achieve this,” Sunak told Sky.

Sunak also told LBC radio station that although it was preferable to reach an agreement, “we should not force a pact at any cost, that is not the right thing to do.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Wednesday that despite progress in recent weeks, the EU is ready for the possibility of Britain finally leaving the bloc without an exit agreement.

An EU representative participating in the negotiations indicated that the agreement is possible but that, if it happens, it will not be before the weekend. An EU diplomat pointed out that the pact would be closed next week.

The European Commission – where Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier is leading the talks with London on behalf of the entire bloc – is scheduled to update state representatives in Brussels on the issue on Friday at 0800 GMT. state of negotiations.

EU sources indicated that Barnier himself could travel to London to continue talking with his British counterpart, David Frost, if there is a possibility of moving forward.

Information from Guy Faulconbridge, Paul Sandle and Gabriela Baczynska; edited by Angus MacSwan; translation by Jorge Martínez


Christmas Eve without a curfew in France and dinners for 10 people in Germany: Europe’s restrictions at Christmas

  • UK proposes bubble groups of up to three different households

  • “We must learn from the summer and not repeat the same mistakes,” warned the president of the European Commission so that countries do not relax restrictions too much

Spain is on the way to becoming one of the European countries with more severe restrictions during Christmas. The Government of Pedro Sánchez proposes that the curfew on 24 and 31 be extended until 1 in the morning, while France has eliminated that restriction on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

The Government also suggests that family reunions be reduced to six people during the holidays in our country, although each autonomous community will decide its own limitations. However, in Germany, Christmas dinners and lunches can bring together 10 people, those under 14 do not enter this calculation.

“We must learn from the summer and not repeat the same mistakes”, Ursula von der Leyen has warned this Wednesday. The president of the European Commission warns of a new wave if measures are relaxed “too quickly” and fears a “third wave” after Christmas. A warning just when most governments are finalizing their own plans for those dates.

France: no curfew on December 24 and 31

France plans to lift home confinement as of next December 15, after a month and a half if the “health objectives” of keeping the daily cases registered in the country below 5,000 are achieved.

  • As of December 15, the French will be able to move freely between regions to spend Christmas with the family.
  • There will be a curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Except on December 24 and 31, there will be no restrictions.
  • Lunches or dinners cannot be held in bars or restaurants because they will be closed until next January 2.
    The Government urges citizens to maintain social distance in meetings and to avoid encounters with many people.
  • Just before Christmas, cinemas, theaters and museums can reopen.

UK: bubble groups of up to three different households

“Christmas can’t be normal”, Boris Johnson has warned. The prime minister has just announced the end of the confinement as of next December 2 after almost a month. From that day on, the British will continue with important restrictive measures.

  • Between December 23 and 27, citizens will be free to meet with other people.
  • Johnson has proposed bubble groups from up to three different households to get together during Christmas. Also outdoors or in places of worship.
  • People over 65 years of age will not be able to leave the residences to meet with family members.
  • The Government recommends reducing voluntary quarantine before and after Christmas to avoid the risk of infection.

Germany: meetings of up to 10 people

German Chancellor Angela Merkel could announce in the next few hours more measures to contain the second wave because the current ones have not been able to contain contagions. In any case, it is planned relax restrictions between December 23 and January 1.

  • Will be allowed meetings of up to 10 people. Children under 14 years of age are excluded from this calculation.
  • The authorities recommend keeping a voluntary quarantine for several days before Christmas.
  • Companies are asked to close between December 21 and January 3, either by giving workers vacations or by promoting teleworking.

Italy: coordinating ski resorts

Italy is still working on the “appropriate” measures which will be implemented for Christmas, as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte assured this Wednesday.
In any case, the Minister of Health recalled this Monday that travel through the country will only be allowed when the incidence drops significantly in all regions, something that does not happen currently.

Until next December 4, in Italy there is a curfew from 10 pm and bars and restaurants close at 6 pm.

  • The Italian Government has set its sights on ski resorts, so important in that country.
    “We can not think about living vacations normally in ski resorts”, Conte has assured that he seeks a coordinated response from Europe to avoid major movements of people in an “uncoordinated way”.

Belgium: bubble groups

“I love Christmas too and I wish I could be with more people. But for my part, I’ll do it with the people who live under our roof: my wife and my two children. It is not necessary to be a virologist to know that this is probably the way to do it, “said Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo. With those words Croo has given clues as to where the restrictions will go in the country and seems to be inclined to create” bubble groups “for the holidays.

About a month after the closure of non-essential shops or the curfew in Belgium came into force, the government has made it clear that the restrictions will continue at Christmas. “The police will enforce the measures”, has assured the Minister of the Interior, Annelies Verlinden.


A car crashes into the German Chancellery in Berlin – Europe – International

A man crashed this Wednesday morning a car with slogans painted against the entrance gate of the Chancellery German police in Berlin, said police, who arrested him shortly after.

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A car broke into the security zone of the German Chancellery on Wednesday until it stopped next to the fence that gives access to the building, in what seems like an act of protest, as it had anti-globalization messages painted on the vehicle.

The event occurred around 10:00 am (local time), when a 54-year-old man at the wheel of a family-size car entered the restricted access area and stopped after colliding with the fence at a low speed. main vehicle entrance.

The car was minimally damaged. The driver was “immediately” detained by the Foreign Ministry security forces and taken to the police station for questioning. “We want to know if he deliberately crashed into the fence,” a police spokesman told AFP.

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We want to know if you deliberately crashed into the fence

The Berlin police indicated in their Twitter account that their motivations are currently being investigated, beyond those painted on the vehicle, where it could be read: “Damn murderers of children and the elderly” and “Stop the politics of globalization.”

According to different German media, such as the BZ, it is the same car that already broke into the restricted area of ​​the Chancellery in 2014. By then, the graffiti on the hood said: “End killer climate change” and “Nicole, I love you” .

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The event occurred while a Council of Ministers was being held inside the government headquarters, It will be followed this afternoon by the teleconference between Chancellor Angela Merkel and the leaders of the 16 federal states, in which it is expected that they will agree to extend the restrictions due to the November pandemic until December 20.

According to the first information, the car was deliberately directed against the security fence of the Chancellery, an area closed to road traffic and only accessible to the media and official delegations.


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The Star Wars fanatic scientist who turned his observatory

Star Wars is one of the most successful franchises of Hollywood movies. It’s hard to meet someone who doesn’t know anything about those movies. Even those novices in intergalactic issues we know one or another character from the great saga. Star Wars is one of those movies that doesn’t have an expiration date and that they continue to integrate new generations as a fanatic public.

The franchise grows more every day. They produce new films, create series based on history and there is a huge merchandise industry: toys, cards, backpacks, video games, pencils and everything you can imagine with the iconic characters of the saga embodied in millions of products.

Star Wars is one of those stories that cross borders And even being produced in the United States, the film has captivated millions of people around the world regardless of nation, gender, religion or ideology. So not surprising, but captivating that, in Germany, a fanatic professor has paid tribute to the great saga.

The German Hubert Zitt, professor at the Zweibrucken University of Applied Sciences and famous for his classes on Star Trek and Star Wars, assembled a very special team to redesign the Zweibruck Observatory of the Association for Natural Sciences. Professor Hubert along with his father-in-law Horst Helle, painter Klaus Ruffing and a handful of student volunteers They painted the observatory as the iconic character from Star Wars: R2-D2.

R2-D2 is a droid that throughout the saga steals our hearts even without saying a word. With their faithful companion and friend C-3PO, they help each one of the Star Wars characters. R2-D2 is cylindrical in shape, which makes the observatory building perfect to capture this famous character.


Britain and Canada agree post-Brexit rollover trade deal

LONDON/TORONTO (Reuters) – Britain and Canada struck a rollover trade deal on Saturday to protect the flow of $27 billion-worth (£20.32 billion) of goods and services between them after Brexit, and vowed to start talks on a bespoke agreement next year.

As Britain prepares to end its transition out of the European Union on Dec. 31, it has negotiated multiple rollover bilateral deals to maintain trade, with many simply replacing the terms the bloc had already agreed.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson joined Canada’s Justin Trudeau and their respective trade ministers on an online call to mark the deal, which paves the way for a tailor-made agreement covering more areas such as digital trade, small businesses, the environment and women’s economic empowerment.

“Today’s agreement underpins 20 billion pounds worth of trade and locks in certainty for thousands of jobs,” Liz Truss, the UK’s international trade secretary, said in a statement.

Her Canadian counterpart Mary Ng said the transitional agreement “largely replicates” the EU deal on tariff reductions and provisions for labour and environment.

“We do want an ambitious, high level comprehensive trade agreement with the UK,” Ng said, signalling Canada wanted similar terms to the EU deal.

The Canadian Parliament must approve legislation that would enable the deal to come into effect.

Britain is Canada’s fifth largest trading partner after the United States, China, Mexico and Japan.

Johnson is trying to shape a new “global Britain” that can strike out alone and negotiate better trade agreements than the EU as part of what he says is the benefits of its historic decision to leave the world’s biggest trading bloc.

In less than two years it has agreed trade deals with 53 countries, accounting for 164 billion pounds ($217.82 billion) of British bilateral trade. Johnson’s critics point out that many are largely the same as the EU deals.

The UK-Canada Trade Continuity Agreement will be subject to final legal checks before it is formally signed. “This is a good moment,” Trudeau said.

Editing by Mark Potter, Mike Harrison and Diane Craft


UK to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel vehicles from 2030

LONDON, Nov 18 (Reuters) – Britain to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars and vans from 2030, five years ahead of schedule, following the so-called “green revolution” that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is considering leading. carried out in order to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050.

FILE PHOTO: An exhaust pipe in the City of London, UK, on ​​December 2, 2016. REUTERS / Peter Nicholls

Johnson, who is grappling with Europe’s deadliest crisis in the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit trade negotiations and the departure of his top adviser, wants to underscore his green credentials as part of what he hopes will be a rethink. of your Government.

“Now is the time to plan for a green recovery with highly skilled jobs that give people the satisfaction of knowing they are helping to make the country cleaner, greener and more beautiful,” Johnson said in a column published Tuesday in the Financial Times.

The United Kingdom last year became the first G7 country to set a net zero emissions target by law by 2050, which will require major changes in the way Britons travel, use energy and source food. .

In total, the plan would mobilize 12 billion pounds ($ 16 billion) of government money, and the amount from the private sector would triple that amount. The project would create 250,000 highly skilled green jobs by 2030, according to Johnson.

The new date for the ban on new gasoline and diesel cars has been set for five years ahead of the one foreseen and promised by Johnson, in February 2035.

An additional 200 million pounds would create industrial clusters that would bring together technology to capture, store and use carbon dioxide emissions by the mid-2020s. Two other centers are also being projected for 2030, leading to total investment in the technology. to 1 billion pounds.

Johnson, who has pledged to increase the UK’s offshore wind power to 40 gigawatts by 2030 – from 10 gigawatts today – pledged to contribute up to £ 500 million for projects testing the use of hydrogen, including heating and cooking. .

The government would also help develop large and small-scale nuclear plants.

Johnson’s plan was applauded by the industry.

“It gives a springboard to the huge investment opportunities across the UK and the green jobs that a true low carbon economy can bring,” Josh Hardie, Acting Director of the Confederation of British Industry, said in a separate statement.

Information from Susanna Twidale; edited by Guy Faulconbridge and Edmund Blair; translated by Andrea Ariet in Gdansk


TROUVER launches POWER 11 cordless vacuum cleaner for Germany and Spain on eBay for Black Friday

BERLIN and MADRID, Nov. 18, 2020 / PRNewswire / – TROUVER, a new youth brand under the Xiaomi eco-chain will officially launch its POWER 11 cordless vacuum cleaner on eBay for the German and Spanish markets on Black Friday. Focused on performance, trend design and quality, the new TROUVER vacuum cleaner will be available in its official store on both platforms. [ ]

“The COVID-19 pandemic has made consumers more diligent and aware of cleaning at home, especially those who live in heavily affected areas such as Germany or Spain. In response to the need in this market, we have launched the POWER 11 – A powerful yet affordable cordless vacuum that supports deep cleaning of the entire house. With its strong suction power and industry-leading filtration system, POWER 11 tackles some of the toughest challenges for vacuum cleaners, like hair. of pets, dust and mites all in one lightweight device, “said Weisheng Zhang, President of TROUVER.

Lightweight and versatile, the POWER 11 is ideal for deep cleaning of the entire house to provide a dust-free stay-at-home experience during lockdowns. Weighing just 1.4 kg, the POWER 11’s sleek and ergonomic design makes cleaning a breeze. Attached flat suction head and brush ensure effective cleaning of corners, crevices, while the cloth cleaning brush allows deep cleaning of bed and sofa to avoid dust or allergy caused by mites. With a single click, the wand vacuum quickly transforms to a handheld vacuum and back to deliver ultra performance in multiple cleaning scenarios.

Powered by TROUVER’s AERO4.0 digital motor, the POWER 11 achieves a rotational speed of up to 100,000 RPM, generating more suction power than most corded vacuums. Additionally, the POWER 11 core technology features up to 60 minutes of fade-free suction, allowing most users to efficiently clean their entire home on a single charge, while the battery can be replaced with a single press of a button. button.

The vacuum cleaner also features three different power modes, so users can select the proper cleaning mode by the large LED color panel for the correct task, with the proper balance of power and runtime. Once cleaning is done, users simply press a button to release the dust bag for a hygienic no-touch emptying process.

As a core brand in the Xiaomi eco-chain, TROUVER meets Xiaomi’s supply chain matrix needs with powerful technology products designed for a new generation of customers. TROUVER’s products are created using aviation-grade technology created by a 300-person R&D team of aerospace engineers and incorporate proprietary technology in numerous fields, including high-end engines, robotics, aerodynamics, noise reduction, and more. . The brand also has a product-driven design philosophy to create stylish, bold designs that are tailor-made for trendsetters. Combining cutting-edge innovation and trendy design, TROUVER is also backed by the British Butler’s Guild, an industry leader in high-class cleaning services.

The POWER 11 will be available for purchase on eBay on November 27, 2020. The POWER 11 will sell for € 179.99, but Black Friday shoppers will enjoy an exclusive introductory price of € 152.99. For more information, click: []

Acerca to FIND

Video of the day

Sánchez accuses Casado of resorting to the “old book of the PP”

TROUVER belongs to an important leading company in the Xiaomi ecological chain – Dreame Technology. A pioneer in technology, industrial design, art and fashion crossover, as well as a supply chain matrix, TROUVER is committed to creating next-level products that combine powerful core technology for youth. [ ]

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Sami Khedira gets fed up and wants to leave Juventus

Editorial Mediotiempo

Mexico City / 18.11.2020 05:30:19

Sami khedira live hell in the Juventus after refusing to terminate contract this summer, but already had enough of the situation in which it is, therefore he hopes to leave the Italian team in January when the passes window opens.

The information was published by Bild, who assure that the German midfielder wait for January to change teams, since he is tired of not being taken into account by Andrea Pirlo.

Khedira ends contract with the Old Lady in June 2021 Y the club wanted to release him this summer, but he did not want to terminate their relationship for six million euros a year, a decision that ended up costing him.

Sami was not registered by the club for Serie A or for the Champions League, thus being left out of the Juve project when his destiny pointed to PSG once he terminated contract.


BÖRSEN-TICKER-Cloudy outlook affects British Land

Frankfurt, Nov 18 (Reuters) – The following is the stock exchange ticker for important price movements on the international financial markets and their causes:

9.44 a.m. – The warning about the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit for business sends British Land downhill. The shares of the real estate company were at the bottom of the FTSE selection index in London with a price loss of 4.5 percent. In the first half of the 2020/2021 financial year, the after-tax loss almost doubled to the equivalent of 816 million euros.

9:32 a.m. – The hope of an extension of the current production restrictions by Opec + is causing the oil price to rise. The Brent variety from the North Sea rose 0.5 percent to $ 43.97 per barrel. In order to get the weaker energy demand under control against the background of a new corona wave, Saudi Arabia called on the other members of the Opec + group to react flexibly to the needs of the oil market.

9.24 a.m. – A takeover offer worth the equivalent of eight billion euros from competitors Intact Financial and Tryg gives RSA a boost. The property and auto insurer’s shares rise four percent in London to a nine-month high of 673 pence. Tryg titles, on the other hand, fall 2.5 percent in Copenhagen.

9:21 am – Speculations on another billion dollar capital increase are affecting Air France. The airline’s shares fall five percent in Paris. According to a newspaper report, a volume of two billion euros is under discussion. Another four billion should be injected into France and the Netherlands.

9:17 am – The success of “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” encourages investors to join Ubisoft. The shares of the video game developer rise 3.5 percent in Paris. According to the company, no other product from the company has sold as well at launch. That is good for profit margins, comments analyst Ken Rumph of the investment bank Jefferies.

8:23 am – Sustained high demand from China has pushed the price of aluminum to its highest level in two years. On the London LME stock exchange, the price of the metal used in automobile and aircraft construction rose by 0.4 percent to $ 1984.50 per ton. Some stockbrokers describe the rally of the past few months as excessive and warn against profit-taking.

7:51 a.m. – Bitcoin rushes towards a new record high in seven-mile boots. The oldest and most important cyber currency increased by almost five percent on Wednesday to $ 18,491.57. The price has almost doubled within six weeks and is only about 1500 dollars below the record high of the end of 2017. The entry of PayPal into the crypto business, the flirtation of central banks with digital national currencies and the increasing interest of institutional addresses gave Bitcoin & Co . Tailwind, says analyst Timo Emden from Emden Research. (Compiled by the Reuters market team. If you have any questions, please contact the editorial team on 030 2201 33702)