Kate Middleton and William will visit Meghan and Harry in USA

Aside from the dress code, tiaras, and extravagant weddings, the royal family is like any other family. To begin with, they also hope that the pandemic will end as soon as possible and, despite this, they already have plans for the future. For example, him Príncipe William y Kate Middleton They are already planning a trip to Los Angeles, California, to visit Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

After a very tense year, apparently William and Harry are trying to repair their relationship. Their fight was reportedly “very, real, very ugly and incredibly tense,” but since the end of the year, the brothers have tried to fix your friendship, looking for an in-person meeting before the end of 2021.

The enmity between the Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex reportedly began in 2018, when Prince William told his brother to “meet” Meghan Markle and not rush into anything, and it only escalated from there, especially after the Sussexes moved away from their royal roles and they moved to California.

The brothers’ relationship improved a lot at the end of last year, and Prince William and his brother are “looking forward to spend time together in person at the time it is safe to travel. “

The Sussexes plan to return to London this summer, provided the travel regulations amidst the covid-19 pandemic allow it, and Prince William and Kate Middleton also hope to make a big trip before the end of 2021. According to Us Weekly, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will travel to Santa Barbara sometime this year and “see the Sussexes in their new territory. “

Prince William and Kate have visited Santa Barbara once before, during their 2011 tour of the United States, but this would definitely be a special trip, if it really happens. If the Cambridge do end up traveling to California before the end of the year, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, so your children can see their cousin, Archie.

For now, however, both the Cambridge and the Sussexes are following the government regulations in their respective countries amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Prince Harry and Meghan have stayed home at their Montecito estate, where they are also reportedly embarking on renovations at their new home, while Prince William and Kate are under a new UK quarantine at Anmer Hall, and have returned to their homeschooling duties.

Which Dukes will travel first?


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex will meet this year

The dukes of Cambridge, William and Kate Middleton, and of Sussex, Harry and Meghan Makle inevitably meet this year, e.g.The latter are expected to attend two important events with great significance for the brothers: the 100th birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh, grandfather of the princes and the unveiling of the statue of Lady Di, mother of Harry and William.

For royal journalists, this meeting could be extremely uncomfortable for brothers William and Harry, as he first does not forgive him for leaving suddenly and will keep his son Archie away from Queen Elizabeth II seeing him grow up as he has given the newspaper Express tells. As for Harry, his annoyance is that he could not stand that the royal family was ignorant in the face of the press attacks on Meghan, according to the monarchy’s biographers.

The events that Harry and Meghan are expected to attend are the centenary of the birth of Philip of Edinburgh, which will be celebrated on June 10However, the husband of Queen Elizabeth II has said that he wants something discreet because he does not want to make a mess for his birthday. According to a Daily Telegraph report, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are eager to attend, if the birthday party is given the go-ahead.

If coronavirus restrictions allow, the Royal Family will certainly gather for a private celebration, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex hope to fly in from California to attend, a statement said. But this encounter could be very uncomfortable, the author of the book ‘Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan in their own words’, Phil Dampier, told The Sun newspaper.

The other date will be July 1 that the statue of Diana of Wales sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, was unveiled, so that people can reflect on the person and legacy of their mother. This project was promoted by William and Harry as part of the commemorations of the 20 years of death.

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This tribute will be to honor one of the women who joined one of the solidarity causes of a woman who broke the mold by giving visibility to AIDS patients, at a time when they were highly stigmatized, and her fight against mines antipersonnel.

Biographers note that since Harry and Meghan Markle moved to Los Angeles, there has been no news that the relationship with Prince William and Kate Middleton has improved, except for perhaps calls and messages, rumors that arose from the coronavirus pandemic. “said the author of the book ‘Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan in their own words

On the other hand, it is curious that after separating, the dynamics of each couple have worked better than ever; Meghan Markle and Harry are closer than ever and Kate Middleton and Prince William look very happy, he added.

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They intend to compete with Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle and the prince harry they tried to outdo Kate Middleton after they released the first episode of their new Spotify podcast series, but it failed according to some British critics, who still recall that the Duchess of Cambrigde made history by becoming the first member of the monarchy to appear on a podcast.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, surprised their fans by launching a festive podcast to end 2020, with special guests, Elton John, Tyler Perry and James Corden. And Archewell Audio listeners were surprised when their son Archie spoke his first public words, wishing everyone a Happy New Year.

The inclusion of Archie, only 18 months old, seems to show Meghan Markle and Prince Harry trying to outdo his sister-in-law Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, who made Royal Family history this year by becoming the first member of the monarchy to appear on a podcast, noted some Britons who still question the departure of the dukes of sussex.

Remember that Kate was joined by Giovanna Fletcher, on the Happy Mum, Happy Baby broadcast, which saw the future queen consort detailing the challenges experienced during motherhood. His poignant reflections and outspoken honesty earned him praise, as previously it was rare for such a prominent figure within the Royal Family to speak in such detail.

But days later Meghan y Harry announced an agreement with Spotify to podcast, in its first episode, it included his son in the broadcast. The British criticism of the youngest son of Lady Di and his wife focuses on the couple’s Spotify deal coming amid reports of a dispute between the Sussexes and Cambridge.

Fans point to contradictions of Meghan and Harry

And why Harry chose to forgo high-level real life this year to lead a financially independent life, while seeking to keep Archie out of the spotlight, but in action he has done the opposite.

Reports suggest that Harry y William They fell out after the Duke of Cambridge criticized Meghan. The tensions came to a head last year, after Harry spoke about how he and his brother were “on different paths” during an emotional tour of South Africa.

Supporters of Harry y Meghan they have criticized William y KateThey say they used their children for public relations purposes, including earlier this year when Kensington Palace released a video of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis speaking on camera with naturalist Sir David Attenborough. .

A critic of Sussex wrote: “It’s very interesting though, because Meghan Markle fans always say that the Cambridge They use their children for public relations. But is putting Archie on a podcast okay? “


Megxit, The Crown and coronavirus: is 2020 the new “annus horribilis” of the British royal family? | TV and Show

2020 was a turbulent year for the world and also for the British royal family. The most famous monarchy in the world changed its traditions amid a pandemic that still continues.

At 94 years old, Queen Elizabeth knew what teleworking was, which she had to implement to continue her work as the guide of “the firm”, while her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, who is about to turn 100, continues to accompany her.

Is 2020 the year the queen could re-qualify as “Annus Horribilis”, just as he did in 1992, when his children divorced and he almost lost Windsor Castle in a fire?

While there were no divorces, Yes, there was a painful separation for the “family business” together with the Prince Andrew scandal, which still continues, and a pandemic that, despite having “blue blood”, did not free them from contagion.

Megxit: A retirement plan that came to fruition

The year started with bad news at Buckingham Palace. On January 18 they announced that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex would separate from the British royal family., renouncing their royal obligations to turn to their own solidarity projects, specifying a plan that would have begun when they decided that their son Archie would not carry a noble title, he stressed Infobae.

The decision, which they had discussed last Christmas when the family met in Sandringham, implied an unusual event for the monarchy, since this separation even considered that they will begin to be financially independent.

As highlighted The country, this would have generated a fracture between the heir to the crown, Prince William; and his brother Harry, since the separation would be another factor that added to a series of situations that would have ended up distancing Diana’s children.

Currently the couple maintains their agreement, living in the United States, specifically in Los Angeles, California, from where they actively participate in different solidarity activities, very attached to their profile as philanthropists.

However, that agreement with the royal family was in question. when the couple did not hesitate to call on Americans to register and vote in the last elections that removed Donald Trump from the presidency of the United States.

On the occasion they pointed out that “This is the most important vote of our lives, but this year it really is. When we vote, our values ​​are put into action and our voices are heard ”.

With this, the couple violated one of the most important principles of the British royal family, which is not get involved in politics, considering that they are prohibited from voting, something that Harry remembers in his message, highlighting that he has never voted in his life.

The gesture the couple made infuriated Trump, declaring “I’m not a fan of hers” , regarding Meghan Markle, adding “I would tell you something that she has probably already heard: I wish Harry the best of luck, because he will need her,” he reported. The country.

The coronavirus pandemic will separate them from the family for the first time this Christmas, as they will continue to enjoy the California sun for these holidays at their residence, whose garden is the place where they posed for their traditional Christmas postcard, an illustration with their offspring as protagonist with the couple’s dogs and cats, highlighted Hello.

Andrew’s shaky alibis

In November 2019 Prince Andrew gave an interview to the BBC that confirmed the earthquake that would come for him. Your bond as a friend of the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of maintaining a child sex trafficking ring in the United States, was even more exposed.

In the opportunity, her hesitant demeanor and evident nervousness at Emily Maitlis’s questions turned the interview into one of royalty’s greatest television disasters, who immediately removed him from his public duties.

The prince denied abusing Virginia Roberts Giuffre in 2001 when she was only 17 years old, stating that she had attended a pizzeria with her daughter Beatriz.

However, a year later, the Daily Mail claimed to have had access to Andrés’s agenda where he only pointed out one trip to a theater function in the morning and an appointment with a manicurist, he highlighted The country.

Another point that the British media discovered points to the fact that The prince would have stayed – and for three days – at Epstein’s house when he visited New York in 2001, which he denied in the interview, although he did acknowledge having been there in 2010.

These revelations shake the alibis maintained by Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son, who must testify before the FBI in the United States and could go to jail if it is proven that he committed sexual abuse.

At the moment, he is still in exile from the royal family and his appearances are reduced to the maximum, so much so that he was not even seen in the official photos of his daughter Beatriz’s marriage.

The Crown, an attack on Prince Charles?

Season 4 of the popular Netflix series focusing on the life of the British crown premiered on November 15. unleashing strong criticism of his freedom with the script.

The series reviewed Princess Diana’s relationship, characterized by Emma Corrin, with Prince Charles, played by Josh O’Connor, from the moment he entered the royal family and how was his relationship during the first years, when he had to deal with an heir in love with another woman, Camilla Parker Bowles.

The scripting freedoms that Netflix took raised sensitivity in the British, who criticized that it would be “Totally partial”, “slander” or a “attack”. The same was said by chroniclers of royalty and those close to the royal family, who this time went too far.

According to AFP, Penny Junor, specialist of royalty, declared that the fourth season “It makes Diana the victim and Carlos the evil one, when they were both victims”, reproaching the series for blaming the relationship with Carlos for Diana’s bulimia, or claiming that he continued to have a relationship with Camila right after the wedding.

The Serie, which also addresses the relationship of Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher, presented Carlos and Camilla as the great antagonists of history, which even led them to disable the comments of their official accounts on social networks.

The action responded to the series of messages that fans left Camilla, recalling that she was the lover of her current husband when he was still married to Princess Diana, who died 23 years ago.

The drawbacks also led to the fact that even the British Minister of Culture, Oliver Dowden, will make a request to Netflix, requesting that the platform detail in its catalog that The Crown, the series focused on the history of the crown, was a fiction about the events that actually occurred.

“Is a wonderful work of fiction, but like other television productions, Netflix should be very clear from the beginning that it is just that and nothing more, “he told the English morning Mail on Sunday.

However, did not find a positive answer by the platform streaming, who referred to the issue through The Hollywood Reporter, pointing out that “We have always presented The Crown like a drama and we have every confidence that our users understand that it is a work of fiction that is based largely on historical events “, adding that “We have no plans (to introduce the clarification Dowden requests), and we don’t see the need to add an alert”.

Blue blood does not free you from covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect the world and the British royal family was not spared: Prince William was infected in April this year, shortly after his father, Prince Charles, tested positive in March, being isolated for 7 days in Scotland.

The second in line of succession kept his illness a secret in order to avoid alarming the UK which, at the time, was in lockdown as cases were increasing rapidly globally, he said. The vanguard.

Another reason for not alerting to this situation was that the 38-year-old prince would have considered that “There were important things and I did not want to worry anyone”, for which he was treated by palace doctors and kept in isolation in his country residence at Anmer Hall, keeping your official commitments over the phone or video conference.

For its part, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Philip of Edinburgh, 94 and 99 years old respectively, decided to remain on the outskirts of London spending a season confined to their residence in Windsor and another in Balmoral, for the summer.

Although she resumed her official activities, with extreme precautionary measures that included testing everyone who was with her, she returned to confinement amid the new wave of infections that affects England.

As highlighted Infobae, the sovereign will interrupt its tradition of more than 30 years and it will not spend the end of the year festivities at Sandringham, but will remain at Windsor Castle.

“After reviewing all the advice received, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh have decided to spend Christmas quietly in Windsor,” said a spokesman for Buckingham Palace.

Despite the queen’s decision, her family is being questioned, since the British media Mail Online photographed the heir to the throne, Prince William with his wife, Kate Middleton, their children and the Duke and Duchess of Wessex visiting Luminate Sandringham.

The visit, which they made near their residence in Norfolk, would not comply with the measures announced by the government, which limit outdoor meetings to 6 people, considering children.

A source in Sandringham said that families were given space to walk the trail with their groups, however it was difficult to keep them apart, especially at bottlenecks, he said. CNN.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry send gifts to William and Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle and the prince harry They sent gifts to Prince William and Kate Middleton and her children, after shopping at an exclusive boutique near Santa Barbara, The Sun reported. Meghan Markle put a personal touch by using her calligraphy skills to write messages to Harry’s niece and nephews: Prince George, seven , Princess Charlotte, five and Prince Louis, two, according to this newspaper.

Recently dukes of sussex, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry appeared in a Christmas card shared by The Mayhew social media organization, dedicated to rescuing abandoned cats and dogs, in which they appear with their son Archie and two of his dogs.

According to royal biographer Andrew Morton, who wrote Diana: Her True Story, stated: “Harry has sent gifts to William and Kate. Meghan has done the calligraphy. “He added that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also sent a gift to the prince harry, Meghan and her 17-month-old son, Archie. According to The Sun, Kensington Palace declined to comment.

Andrew Morton also claimed that Harry “He plans to speak with his father and brother during Christmas,” however, he has not released further information, as it has not yet been made known if they will meet via virtual.

The original plan was that the Duke and Duchess of Cambrigde, was that her sons George, Charlotte and Louis, are on this date at the Middletons’ home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, which is on the Grade II list, for the holidays, Emily Andrews wrote for the Mail on Sunday.

Kate’s sister, Pippa, her husband James and their son Arthur were also due to join the family in Bucklebury for Christmas. Then Berkshire and London plunged into level 3, so Kate offered to host at Anmer Hall.

But after the announcement last night that Berkshire was moving to level 4 with a ban on traveling and mixing at home, the Middleton They canceled their plans, but following the announcement by the British government after the announcement of the travel and home mixing ban, the Middletons canceled their plans.

It will be a blow to Mike, 71, and Carole, 65, who had been planning their first day of Christmas with their four grandchildren: George, seven, Charlotte, five and Louis, Kate and William and Arthur’s two-year-old children, the Daily Mail said.


Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s wedding dress embroiderer reveals she has nothing to eat

The economic crisis derived from the pandemic affects the world transversally, especially those who dedicate themselves to the arts, music and entertainment.

And at Buckingham Palace it has not been the exception, since Embroiderer Chloe Savage, 43, who helped create Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s wedding dresses, revealed that she is practically broke after the cancellation of this year’s ties as a result of the health crisis.

According to the Revista People, the professional began to see in early 2020 how many of her international contracts began to disappear. “Our work has stopped, it is literally nil”, he expressed.

Chloe studied at the prestigious École Lesage de Paris, and She has excelled at important jobs, including making all the lace for the dress and shoes for Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen gown for her wedding in 2011. “Kate came several times and she was lovely; I was excited about the dress, nervous about the day, asking what we were doing… all that kind of stuff, ”she recalled.

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He has nothing to eat

Savage’s situation would be so dramatic that he wouldn’t even have enough money to feed his family, her 14-year-old daughter having to skip meals “to save on the food budget.”

The professional indicated that she gets about 337 dollars a month to survive, but the situation has reached such a point that her daughter has resorted to self-harm. “Now she goes to Child Mental Health Services (CAMHS) for support,” she explained.

All this adds to the fact that you will soon have to leave your home in Warmley Village, in the outskirts of Bristol (England), since he does not have the means to finish paying it.


Gifts from Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Prince William – Celebrity Land


Gifts from Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton and Prince William | PEOPLE.com

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The privilege that Kate Middleton enjoys for the first time and that Meghan Markle had already enjoyed | Celebrities and Royalty

It was in 2018, after marrying Prince Harry, that Queen Elizabeth invited Meghan Markle to travel with her on the legendary and luxurious Royal Train.

Such decision was taken with surprise by experts in matters of British royalty, since it is a privilege that had never been granted to Kate Middleton, even considering that it is she who will be the next queen consort.

But that difference was eliminated a few days ago, after the weekend was announced that – after nine years in the royal family, the Duchess of Cambridge will board the train in the company of William to travel – for three days – more than two thousand kilometers between Scotland, England and Wales.

At the different stops along the route, the dukes have been able to meet teachers, children, families, and other representatives of different NGOs. The trip aims to learn about the different realities of people in the context of the health crisis that has hit the UK hard.

The reason why Kate did not travel with the Queen as Meghan Markle did, is due to the restrictions due to the pandemic, considering that the current monarch is 94 years old.

Additionally, Kate and William are the youngest active members left in the royal family after Meghan and Harry moved to America.

It should be noted that the Royal Train is made up of 9 wagons furnished with beds, rest rooms, meeting rooms and a restaurant. This was first used by Queen Consort Adelaide, wife of King William IV, in 1840. And in 1842 Queen Victoria was the first monarch to board the train.


Rare collection of royal Christmas cards to go up for auction – Celebrity Land


Rare collection of royal Christmas cards to be auctioned | PEOPLE.com

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Kate’s strategy to get William, from changing schools …

“Kate was very strategic”Lacey says. “He resigned his place at one of Britain’s best universities, Edinburgh, and chose another [St. Andrews] who probably did not have the same academic level. She had already been to Edinburgh to choose her accommodation, but he changed his university and changed his courses to art history because that was what William was going to study. She delayed his own education a year and even he risked not entering St. Andrews“The now Duchess of Cambridge made the exact same sabbatical trip that Prince William did, only she did it months later. It was no coincidence that Kate met WilliamLacey states in her book.

According to Lacey’s post, after it was announced that William would be attending college in Scotland, requests skyrocketed 44 percent. The two met in their first semester at school, but William saw Kate only as a friend until she modeled a see-through dress at a fashion show on March 26, 2002.