Meghan Markle’s new court victory

(ANSA) – LONDON, 05 MAG – Meghan Markle’s first degree judicial victory is completed in the legal action filed in London against the publishing house that publishes the Mail and Mail on Sunday, British tabloids prosecuted by the prince’s consort Harry for having published without permission in 2018 a letter from him full of bitterness written to his father Thomas, who has long been estranged from her

After the February sentence, with which Judge Mark Warby accepted the request of the Duchess of Sussex’s lawyers to deliver an immediate judgment on the case, without giving rise to a process that would have otherwise given room to a further sensationalism, condemning the accused parties for violation of privacy, the same magistrate agreed today with Meghan also in the accusation of violation of copyright

The tail of the sentence arrived after the testimonies collected in videoconference by Warby, judge of the High Court of London. In particular, that of Jason Knauf, formerly attached to the Sussex Public Relations in court, before the scandal of the royal family and his transfer to the United States, which the Mail had indicated as co-author of the letter to deny that the copyright outside Meghan, but who in front of the judge “flatly denied” having touched the text

The judicial defeat of the tabloid in the case is now total

Warby established in February the amount of compensation, which will go entirely to charity, and ordered the publication of a humiliating statement of excuses in the newspaper, on the front page: a fact that is suspended pending the request presented by the publishing house in order to request an appeal judgment is received or denied. (ANSA)


With a mistake from Entre Ríos Ezequiel Unsain, Arsenal defeated Defense and Justice

Arsenal beat Defense and Justice 1 to 0 at Tito Tomaghello for the interzonal on Date 11 of the Professional League Cup. Both teams came from long trips to Bolivia and Ecuador for their presentations in the Copa Sudamericana and Libertadores, respectively.

The local goalkeeper, Luis Ezequiel Unsain, from Entre Ríos, converted against his own fence after a shot from Emiliano Papa on the left that bounced off his near post, 8 minutes into the first stage.

In a weak first half of the Halcón de Varela, Sarandí’s team had three more opportunities to stretch the lead on the scoreboard: two by Brian Farioli, at 24 and 26 minutes, and one by Miguel Merentiel, at 30.

In the second half, Defensa y Justicia improved their football performance with the changes proposed by coach Sebastián Beccacece to seek equality. So Braian Romero was close to equalizing (they disallowed a goal for advanced position), but Florencio Varela’s team left empty-handed.

This result benefits Independiente (17 points), Talleres (16), Lanús (16) and Unión (15) in Zone 2, since Defense was lower with 12. Arsenal, meanwhile, achieved its third victory in the championship and left the bottom of the standings in Zone 1, where Aldosivi continues, at least until he visits Platense tomorrow.


How a traitor Skripal condemned himself to eternal seclusion in the UK

Skripal was left alone Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS

Abroad, they continue to try to revive the already forgotten story of the Mi-6 employee Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia. Britain claimed that he was allegedly poisoned by two Russian intelligence officers. Three years later, the Czech Republic decided to try to return this topic to the information agenda, stating that the very two men could be involved in the explosions in warehouses in the village of Vrbetitsa back in 2014.

Sergey Skripal’s niece Victoria reacted to these statements with humor. “We have only two people in the country. James Bond is just resting, “a relative of a British spy laughed while talking to KP Petersburg, commenting on the news.


As already reported by “KP”, Sergei Skripal was recruited by the British special services in 1995. Since this year, he has passed on secret information about Russia to Foggy Albion, for which, according to the investigation, he received about 100 thousand dollars. For this, the agent was arrested in Moscow in December 2004, and in 2006 he was sentenced to 13 years in prison for espionage. In 2010, the spy was pardoned and exchanged for Russian agents. Skripal moved to the UK and hoped that he was about to fulfill all his dreams.

Victoria Skripal told about the fate of her uncle Photo: REUTERS

– He was given money to buy a house, he also bought a car, received British citizenship, got a job, – Skripal’s niece Victoria, who until recently kept in touch with her uncle on the phone, shared with KP-Petersburg more than three months ago. – I was glad that I had gathered everyone under one roof, that my children and wife were with him. He invited everyone to visit him from Russia. All his aspirations began to come true. But only at first …

Some of Sergei Skripal’s relatives remained in Russia – his own mother (after whose death he never called his relatives) and his niece Victoria with her children.

“I couldn’t go to Britain because I looked after his mother,” Victoria shares. – Soon, his daughter Julia decided to return to live in Russia: here she had her own apartment, a loved one. His wife, Lyudmila Aleksandrovna, had been ill with cancer for a long time and knew that she would not live long. She already underwent chemotherapy in Great Britain, was in the same hospital in Salisbury. She died soon after. After her, Skripal’s son also left – he had cirrhosis of the liver. And Sergey was left alone in this house …


According to Skripal’s niece, the spy also had no friends in Great Britain, so he turned into a real recluse.

– He practically did not go anywhere, – Victoria sighs. – Well, he will go once every two or three weeks for groceries or go to the nearest store for milk, come out into the yard to breathe – that’s all. I missed, of course, Russia too. After all, he had relatives, friends, memories here.

Yulia Skripal lives separately from her father


One of the British journalists who visited Skripal before the Salisbury incident wrote about him: “sitting in his house and watching Russian Channel 1 …

“At first he called Russia, but then he stopped,” says Viktoria Skripal. – In public places, as well as in the information space, he now does not appear. I think even if he wanted to give an interview, as far as I understand, he is forbidden to do it, just like Yulia. In fact, both he and she were doomed to seclusion in Britain after the incident. If we assume that he is still alive (although there are doubts, due to the fact that he used to call every week, and now he has stopped altogether), then, as his daughter Yulia told me, he lives under the supervision of a medical worker.


“Skripal is hidden and under constant control”

“I believe that it is hidden, I have no doubt about it,” explained to KP a veteran of the GRU special forces, retired Major General Alexander Chubarov. – His freedom of movement is only under control. I think that he hardly exists there without the chefs. They probably take care of him, or maybe he is already buried somewhere under different initials.


“Yulia Skripal received British citizenship and is waiting for money from the government”: The fate of the Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury has become known

The Skripals’ house will be sold, the new housing for the former intelligence officer and his daughter should be bought by the British government (details)


“This is a victory for the fans”

The British Government, through the mouth of its Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and its Minister of Culture, Oliver Dowden, on Wednesday expressed its joy at the withdrawal of the six English clubs from the Super League project. Dowden, in particular, said that “This is a victory for the fans.”

“The country has been united in condemning these proposals. The government stood firm behind the soccer authorities by saying that we would do whatever it takes to stop this proposal,” the minister told Sky News.

“I am very satisfied that the fans, with the support of the Government and others, gave their opinion.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also welcomed the announcement and called for “continuing to protect” football in the country. “I appreciate last night’s announcement. This is the right result for soccer fans, clubs and communities across the country. We must continue to protect our precious national game,” Johnson wrote on his official Twitter profile.

The leader had been quite critical of the position of Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal of aligning itself in the founding of this Super League, warning that it would be “very damaging to football” and showing its support “for the football authorities to take action.” All English clubs abandon the Super League project, announced at the last minute Sunday.

Manchester City were the first to make it official yesterday afternoon, after it was leaked that Chelsea would abandon the project. Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur will not continue with the Super League either.


Van Aert takes a ‘photo finish’ victory El Telco, m On Clima opens in 2021

madrid – After several minutes of intrigue and excitement due to the tightness of the final outcome, the Belgian Wout Van Aert (Jumbo Visma) was awarded the sprint and against the British Thomas Pidcock (Ineos) the 55th edition of the Amstel Gold Race. Decided the foto finish, returning to Pidcock the defeat that the young Briton inflicted on him, by a small margin also, last Wednesday in the Brabanzona Arrow.

In his second participation in the Amstel, Van Aert (Herentals, 26 years old), achieved an important triumph that this season can unite the Ghent Wevelgem and the 2 stages of the Tirreno Adriatico. The chasing group entered within 2 seconds led by Michael Matthews, Alejandro Valverde and Julian Alaphilippe. Primoz Roglic, victim of a puncture, did not contest the victory.

amstel gold race


1. Wout Van Aert (Bel / Jumbo-Visma)5h03: 27

Thomas Pidcock (GBr / Ineos)m.t.

3. Max Schachmann (Ger / Bora)m.t.

4. Michael Matthews (Aus/Exchange)a 0:02

5. Alejandro Valverde (Movistar)m.t.

Pamplona – The Dutch Timo de Jong yesterday gave the first victory of the season to the Navarrese team Telco, m On Clima, by winning alone in the Clásica Ciudad de Torredonjimeno, scoring for the Spanish Cup. Curiously, last season Telco, m On Clima also won this race.

Timo de Jong – who will soon make the leap to professionalism in a team from his country – attacked in the final part of the test and managed his advantage well to cross the finish line with 55 seconds ahead of Marc Brusnemos (Caja Rural) and Sergio Trueba (Gomur), who completed the podium. Marc Brusnemos is in charge of the general of the Spanish Cup.

El Telco, m On Clima Osés also won by teams and climbed positions in the classification of the Spanish Cup.

The fourth scoring round of the Spanish Cup will be the Ángel Lozano Memorial in Valladolid, which will be held next weekend.


The only victory was against Diego Maradona

Barcelona and Boca Juniors, two names that in their countries move masses like no other. That in the history of both there are emblematic protagonists who not only managed to transcend in the club. The Libertadores Cup reconnects to the most popular club in Ecuador with the more than Argentina in a group stage clash.

Paredes came back to leave a mark

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It’s true, Barcelona will not only measure Boca Juniors in the Group D Cup, must also be measured at The Strongest of Bolivia and the winner of the key between Saints and San Lorenzo, which for now has the Brazilian team on track.

But history unites these two clubs with long-remembered moments, such as the only victory they record. Barcelona in duels against Boca Juniors, what happened the December 20, 1981 3-2.

Barcelona was coming to be crowned two-time national champion and featured figures such as Pepe Páez, Flavio Perlaza, Galo ‘Mafalda’ Vásquez, Carlos Torres Garcés, Wilson Nieves and Juan Madruñero. While in the corner xeneixe appeared a certain Diego Armando Maradona with 21 years; Oscar Ruggeri, Hugo Gatti, Migue Ángel Brindisi, Ricardo Gareca, among others.

Barcelona would win that match with so many of Mafalda Vásquez, Perlaza and an own goal by Jorge Ramoa at minute 90. Hugo Perotti and Cabezón Ruggeri scored for Boca. All this within the framework of a friendly played at the Alberto Spencer Model Stadium.


The cupbearer’s path is marked for the Ecuadorian teams

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Mafalda Vasquez chatted with EXPRESS about that meeting 40 years ago and remember what it was like to score Gatti.

“It was a very nice moment to have faced them. There was Maradona who was very talented and other great players, but it brings me satisfaction to remember him, especially because in that game I was able to score. We were able to beat him with that goal I did to Cats, who was a great goalkeeper of tall stature. They got stung, as always (laughs), nobody likes to lose, “he said.

Additional believes that this Barcelona 2021 “He’s doing quite well, he has a good team and he has tools to damage” to this new Boca.

A little more contemporary, it is inevitable to bring to the discussion the first official duel for the Copa Libertadores, which left us with an unforgettable goal scored by Ariel Graziani, which was the 9,000th of the tournament and the best of that 2003 edition.

“It was a ball that Ayoví threw at me from the middle of the court, I stopped it from the chest and I thought about crossing. But since no one shocked me, they didn’t mark me, I outlined myself and hit him. It caught my attention because nowhere in the world do they give you so much time to control the area. I did not take the magnitude of the goal until I saw it the next day, there I just fell the token for the goal I made ”, Graziani comments on that memory.


Emelec measures Liga de Quito between a negative data in Capwell and the leadership of LigaPro

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Although Barcelona fell 2-1 that night of March 5, 2003 in the Bombonera, that goal was saved forever in the retina of the yellow supporter.

Then there are other aspects that connect the story of these two South American titans. Damián Díaz, bullfighter idol, He spent a long time at Boca Juniors and shared the pitch with Juan Román Riquelme, today vice president of the club who will see him at Kitu from the audience.

Brindisi is another name that connects both corners: A footballer loved by the Boca fan, he also led Barcelona to its first Copa Libertadores final, as DT.

Possible dates for their confrontations They are on May 5 in the Monumental and 19, of that same month, in the Bombonera. Barcelona and Boca, a duel that will attract all the lights.


Bands from La Victoria, San Juan de la Rambla and Güímar sound at the Auditorium

The Tenerife Auditorium will host on Sunday, starting at 11:30 am, the fourth concert of the Primavera Musical cycle, which will feature the participation of three groups from the Island. The concert will start with the XIX de Marzo music band, from San Juan de la Rambla, which, under the direction of Damián González, will perform the pasodoble España Cañí, by Pascual Marquina, will continue with the Moorish march Kapytan, by Saúl Gómez, and will end with Moment for Morricone, where they mix songs by the Italian composer Ennio Morricone .

The formation of La Victoria, directed by Juan Antonio Domenech, will start its intervention interpreting with the pasodoble Carnations and castanets, by Ricardo Dorado, it will continue with Rise of the firebird, by Sterver Reineko, and will conclude with Virginia, by Jacob de Haan. The first concert of the month of April of Primavera Musical ends with the presence of Amigos del Arte, from Güímar. Benigno González directs this group in the interpretation of the overture of The Avengers, by Alan Silvestri; the overture to Majestia, by James Swearingen; Bon Jovi-Rock Mix and The Mandalorian, from the Star Wars series, by Ludwig Göranson.


What happened to Yulia Skripal’s dog after the Salisbury incident

Yulia Skripal left her dog in Moscow

A photo: REUTERS

The incident with the alleged poisoning of the British spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia turned the lives of not only the participants in this story, who by the will of fate were involved in it, but also their pets. It is known that in Salisbury, the family of the former intelligence officer had a cat that Julia brought from Russia, as well as two guinea pigs. At one time, a woman spent 600 euros on the transportation of a fluffy. She chipped him, castrated him and collected all the necessary documents. However, after the events of March 3, 2018, when Britain announced the poisoning, the local police forgot about the pets. As the niece of Sergei Skripal Viktoria told “KP-Petersburg”, two pigs died of dehydration. The cat was later found alive, but they said that he was under severe stress, so it was decided to euthanize and cremate.

The fate of only one pet, left by Yulia in a Moscow apartment, remained in question. Skripal took mongrel Noir from the shelter and after what happened in England she returned there.

Skripals’ cat cremated


– Julia asked the owner of the shelter Antoine, so that Noir in no case was transferred to me or other relatives, – Viktoria Skripal told KP-Petersburg. “If she wanted to take Noir to England, she would. She could ask her friend Gulnara to transport the dog, she could ask the British embassy to do it. But, apparently, she didn’t want to. The owner of the orphanage ended up telling me that Noir had been placed in good hands.

Apparently, Julia was not worried about Noir for long. Now in England she has two new pets.

– During the last conversation on the phone, Yulia told me that she had two dogs. From the shelter or not – she did not specify, – continues Viktoria Skripal. “Why she didn’t want to hand Noir over to us is hard to say. We were planning to keep the dog for her. But Yulia was told that we were claiming her property or inheritance. I drew this conclusion when I asked her permission to take photographs from her apartment. She replied that she had already taken them to her father in Britain long ago. Then I asked to allow me to take part of the library, which was collected by Sergei Skripal’s parents. But she said nothing. Julia only said that her friend Gulnara and the boyfriend of this friend Valery can sell whatever they want from her apartment.

Dog Noir stayed in Moscow


The Moscow apartment of Yulia Skripal, according to Victoria, has now ended up being rewritten to Valery’s mother.

– The apartment is decorated without money just under a purchase and sale agreement, – Victoria clarified. – Julia explained this decision by the fact that with her last name (Skripal) the apartment could be sold only at half price. She did not receive money for the apartment. Julia said: “But you don’t have to pay taxes and think about rent.” Now a young man lives there, to whom the property is being leased. And Yulia Valery’s things are already posted on Avito.

Earlier, “KP-Petersburg” said that Yulia Skripal completely settled in England. She received citizenship and is waiting for money from the authorities of Foggy Albion for new real estate.


“Yulia Skripal received British citizenship and is waiting for money from the government”: The fate of the Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury has become known

The Skripals’ house will be sold, the new housing for the former intelligence officer and his daughter should be bought by the British government (details)

“Sergei Skripal is no longer alive. But it is not profitable for Britain to admit it “: the spy’s niece made a statement

On the third anniversary of the events in Salisbury, a spy’s relative told why Britain is in no hurry to prove the guilt of “Russian agents” and why it is beneficial for her to keep silent about the Skripals (details)


The fate of the Russian spy and his daughter in Salisbury has become known

Sergei Skripal should get a new home


The Skripal House will be sold in Salisbury three years after the alleged poisoning of the former GRU spy and his daughter Yulia. The house of Sergei Skripal, according to the British press, was bought by the Wiltshire County Council, after which it was cleaned for a year and a half. Now the authorities intend to sell the house, which has four bedrooms.

As the niece of the former GRU spy Viktoria Skripal told KP-Petersburg, such a decision was made a long time ago. Sergei Skripal stated that he no longer wants to live in this house.

“They are adults, they manage their property themselves,” Viktoria Skripal explained to KP-Petersburg. – Sergei officially announced that they do not want to live in that house, it is painful. Yulia in her last call last year told me that she had received British citizenship. And with housing they will have exactly the same situation as before.

Yulia Skripal received a new citizenship

A photo: REUTERS

The house was bought by Sergei Skripal and Yulia with the money of the British government. The housing was purchased for 260 thousand pounds (almost 27 million rubles).

– Repair and re-equipment of the house Sergey and Yulia did at their own expense, – explains Victoria. – Now Julia said that after the sale of this house, the government will again allocate money for the purchase of housing in Britain. They must live with Sergei separately. However, they have had problems with the sale of this house for three years now. At first it was announced that it would be demolished and disposed of. Then the roof and the front door were changed there, after which the municipality was supposed to buy it out. They have been putting it up for sale for two years now. However, the owner of the property was also Sergei Skripal. Now I again requested an extract from the register to find out who is now the owner.

According to Victoria Skripal, her uncle Sergei has recently stopped communicating with her. There was no call or news from him even after the death of his own mother in Russia.


“Sergei Skripal is no longer alive. But it is not profitable for Britain to admit it “: the spy’s niece made a statement

On the third anniversary of the events in Salisbury, a relative of an ex-GRU officer told why Britain is in no hurry to prove the guilt of “Russian agents” and why it is beneficial for her to keep silent about the Skripals (details)


A British victory | The Provinces

The United Kingdom has become the most successful European country in vaccinating its citizens against covid-19. More than 20 million Britons have received the first dose and the vaccination rate has already reached 400,000 people a day. The forecast is that before summer the goal of immunizing the majority of the population will be achieved. Hospital ICUs are already beginning to notice the effects of the massive campaign and the light is beginning to show at the end of the tunnel. It is true that one of the two vaccines administered is of British production, but the success of the Government of Boris Johnson has also been based on other factors.

They were the first to go out to buy on the international market, negotiating prices and quantities well, as well as delivery obligations. The contrast is stark with the terrible role of the European Commission and the passivity of the 27 continental governments when it comes to participating in the strategic provisioning operation. What is striking about the British case is that the success of vaccines has occurred despite the lack of control since March 2020 in the fight against the virus, with an overwhelmed Government, which improvised contradictory measures to protect lives and save the economy as much as possible .

It could be said that in the case of vaccination, Anglo-Saxon pragmatism has returned, disappeared during the emotional and chaotic ‘Brexit’ negotiation during the last four and a half years. Not only the Government, but the entire society has accepted that the only way out of the labyrinth is to access the virals as soon as possible. This single priority has been set and the national health system, the mythical NHS, has given the best of itself. Does this turn assume that Johnson is going to decide to govern based on proven facts and policies? It seems that the success of the vaccines will not serve to dismantle the nationalist propaganda and will be one more element of nostalgic exaltation of a ‘Global Britain’, free from ties and restored to its former glory.

The most obvious sign that there is no learning are the tensions with Brussels over the lack of full compliance with the agreements that culminate the ‘Brexit’. London does not want to fully activate the measures that create an intra-British border, as required by the Protocol on Northern Ireland in order to guarantee free movement on the island of Eire. The success of vaccination for now is not enough to end the populist virus.