The Time | World | WHO: “It will be important” vaccination certificate

Nabarro said that it is key that countries are transparent in their data / Photo: AP

The special envoy of the World Health Organization (WHO) for Covid-19, David Nabarro, said on Monday 2/15 that he believes it “will be important” that some type of vaccination certificate be introduced as the tests resume. international travel.

“I am absolutely certain that in the coming months we will have a lot of movement and the conditions in which people can move from one place to another, some kind of vaccination certificate, will certainly be important,” he told Sky News.

According to the one reviewed by EFE, Nabarro said that it is key that countries are transparent in their data and indicated that “bubbles” can only form to travel between territories if they have similar levels of vaccination and restrictions against the virus .

The British Government has indicated that it is studying, together with other countries such as the United States and Singapore, the possibility of promoting a travel document certifying that it is free of the virus.

However, the prime minister, the conservative Boris Johnson, reiterated that he rules out introducing an immunization certificate or “passport” at the national level, amid speculation in the press that some kind of proof might be required to be able to do daily activities.


At the same time, the Executive works with the airlines to agree on the future use of mobile applications that would facilitate the gathering of all the necessary documentation and anticovid tests before boarding, such as the TravelPass developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

For now, it is illegal in the UK to travel for non-essential reasons and the government has tightened restrictions on visitors to prevent the spread of highly contagious foreign variants of the coronavirus.

From Monday 2/15, travelers arriving from countries considered to be of highest risk must comply with quarantine in a designated hotel under supervision, while visitors from any source must isolate themselves at a declared address and undergo various diagnostic tests before and after arriving. the United Kingdom, if not they will be fined, said EFE.



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The sun is back in La Plata !: this is how the weather will be in the coming days

After the strong storms at the beginning of the week, this Tuesday appears in La Plata and the Region with clear skies, winds from the southeast sector rotating to the east and then northwest, and a temperature that will be located between a minimum of 15 degrees and a maximum of 26, reported the National Meteorological Service (SMN).

For tomorrow a day with clear skies is expected, winds from the north sector rotating to the northeast and then variable, with a temperature that will have a minimum of 17 degrees and a maximum of 30.

Meanwhile, on Thursday the good weather is forecast to continue with clear skies, winds from the northwest sector rotating to the northeast and a temperature that will be between a minimum of 19 degrees and a maximum of 30 degrees. On Friday, for its part, some clouds will appear but the high temperatures will continue since they will oscillate between 20 and 31 degrees.


The ‘Brexit’, unexpected ally

T he announcement that the entire adult population of the United Kingdom will be vaccinated before the end of July has been an injection of optimism for Ibiza’s tourism sector. This is the first news that allows us to visualize that there will be a tourist season next summer. The British market is the most important for the island of Ibiza, so much so that by itself it guarantees a minimum of activity that deserves to be celebrated. The own strategy that the UK government has followed both when it comes to reaching agreements with pharmaceutical companies and when it comes to authorizing vaccines is paying off. Exiting the European Union has allowed the United Kingdom to gain a competitive advantage over its former partners. Brexit has thus become an unexpected ally for the tourism industry in Ibiza and, to a lesser extent, in Formentera, an island where the weight of British tourists is less.

Taking advantage of the opportunity.
The Pedro Sánchez government is still not up to the task, although there is insufficient change in position, driven by evidence that other countries, such as Greece, are going faster by negotiating directly with Downing Street. It will be useless if our main clients are vaccinated if we do not facilitate their entry, eliminating the requirements of PCR to enter and to keep quarantine when returning to the country. To do this, an agreement with the British government is urgently needed, preferably within the framework of the European Union, and if this is not possible, in a bilateral negotiation.

Is not sufficient.
That the British cannot be infected and that they greatly reduce the transmission capacity as suggested by the studies that are being carried out as the vaccination processes progress in the most advanced countries, such as Israel, is not enough. It goes without saying that to be reliable we must present very low infection rates, below 50 cases of incidence accumulated at 14 days, and the highest possible rate of vaccinated. There is hope and also a lot of work ahead.


Greece is ahead of the health passport

The vague commitment started yesterday by the president of the Government, Francina Armengol, before the head of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, for the Balearic Islands to release the health passport as a tourist destination arrives late and is so full of questions that it seems a mere advertisement to justify a trip with no practical results. The sad reality is that the government of Greece has overtaken the third largest tourist power in the world and has reached an agreement with the United Kingdom to implement the health passport and, with it, divert tourists from Ibiza and Formentera and the rest of the Balearic Islands . The Government’s declaration is a first step which, in any case, is welcome.

May is very late.
Coinciding with a new edition of Fitur, the Spanish tourist fair, scheduled for next May, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, will announce a measure of which the details are currently unknown and that, therefore, does not have ability to launch the tourism sector. The Boris Johnson government is carrying out a massive vaccination campaign that will be completed before the summer, which represents an opportunity for Ibiza, since it is our main market. It is essential that vaccinated British tourists who decide to enjoy their immunity in Ibiza find a safe destination, that is, with a low incidence of infections and with all the facilities to enter and return to their country without the need to go through quarantine.

This is not the time for advertisements, you have to work.
The Balearic Islands benefited last year from the pilot plan of the safe corridor between Germany and Mallorca organized by TUI, although the effect really only lasted a week. News such as the agreement between Greece and the United Kingdom remove the effect of being the first, so the objective is not to be the first community to announce it, but to make it a reality as soon as possible and to generate certainty in the markets. More real work is needed and there are plenty of ads for domestic consumption.


Dollar, an exchange anchor with very high risks and costs


Gabriel Rubinstein

Economist. Holder of GRA Consultora. Number 1 in the REM / BCRA ranking of consultants

Fortunately, the Minister Martín Guzmán, despite having been snubbed several times (the most harmful, when he had sensibly drawn up a Budget with 2% of primary deficit for 2021, which Máximo Kirchner “struck out” olympically …), retains a certain sense, Y has tried to make it clear that inflation is a macroeconomic problem. It does not ignore that if a local product is oligopolized (the “price makers” …), and for example in Chile not, in Argentina such a product will be more expensive than in Chile. But that is not “inflation”. It is not unknown that there are “distributive bids” all over the world, but that such bids can be deployed in an inflation environment of 3% per year or 50% per year. And the difference in those environments is very clear.

The pandemic has led to very high fiscal deficits around the world. Almost all countries have faced them with more public debt, which for some will be quite problematic and for others not, given the prevailing environment of very low interest rates. But Argentina had to finance the deficit with monetary issue. And the bulk of this year’s deficit must continue to be financed, also with monetary issuance. In our Consultant, we estimate that the BCRA should issue pesos for about $ 1,400,000 million for the Treasury, which represents a 60% rise in the Monetary Base during 2021. As the interests of Leliq we estimate will be around $ 1,250,000 million, the BCRA will finally have to place Leliqs for about $ 1,750,000 million, so that the Monetary Base rises “only” 43% (about $ 1,050,000 million), which would be compatible with a 6% increase in GDP (already due to the carry-over effect in 2021 it grows more than 5%), and a inflation just under 40% (keeping “excess money” in the economy).

In this macro situation, it is logical to try to “coordinate” expectations between wage earners and entrepreneurs in pursuit of these objectives. And it is logical that the dollar and rates grow accordingly.

Now, try to make inflation 29% it looks more complicated. There is a problem that cannot be neglected: the free dollar (MEP, CCL, blue), has tended to rise even more than global monetary expansion (M3, money in the hands of the public, in demand deposits and in fixed terms). From February 2020 (pre-pandemic), to January 2021, Total M3 rose 65%, and the free dollar (post-case, MEP) 81%. Even with a lot of volatility, they tend to go quite hand in hand (until the end of March a part of what is paid in wealth tax can help calm down). So if a lot of money is issued, and it is a question of the dollar increasing, for example, 25%, so that the CPI increases by 29%, it is run a high risk that the exchange gap, instead of falling suba.

The reader will be able to say: “but Guzmán and team have done a good job, and when it seemed that everything was going to hell, intervening in the market and they managed to lower the blue gaps from 130% and those of the MEP from 90% to 70% . They could do it again. ” Correct. But…. lowering the gaps has not been free. The BCRA does not report it, but we estimate that, until the end of January, closing the gap has cost the BCRA about US $ 700 million.

The ANSES does not report either (where will the transparent public accounts have been?), How many bonds it has had to place on the market (perhaps about US $ 1,500 million), at the exorbitant rates of 17% (and at 7% it seemed to Guzmán “unsustainable ”…). The mechanism is known: ANSES and / or BCRA sell bonds against pesos; Those who receive these bonds tend to sell them later against dollars (CCL or MEP). Until now, the decline in the CCL or MEP would be almost nil. For the withdrawal to materialize, the BCRA must buy back bonds using reserves. But in order not to lose too many reserves, it would not be (in principle) buying back everything that BCRA plus ANSES originally sold. The result then is: net placement of bonds at very high rates, and sale of dollars that the BCRA does not have. Where do you get the dollars from? SEDESA and the reserve requirements in dollars (isn’t this illegal?).

And if the creation of money is going at a rate much higher than the official devaluation, it will cost more dollars and more bond prices to fall to try to contain the gaps.

For this reason, Guzmán will have to be very careful so that the de-inflationary strategy does not “go off the hook”. It would seem a lot more sensible, let the dollar slide at a rate closer to 35% per year, so that inflation tends to, say, 39%. And be happy that it has not shot up to 50% or 60%, which would tend to happen if there were no repression on the dollar, rates, wages and business margins, and the stock of Leliq was not incessantly increased, which will surely return in a short time, to the maximums of the Macri era (in terms of GDP).

So it is one thing to try to coordinate expectations, which is logical, according to the underlying macroeconomic inflationary pressures, and another thing to try via repression, which inflation is accommodated to an “unsustainable” value. Our history is rich in anti-inflationary experiments. And since La Cámpora has the influence that it has gained (for me, very exaggerated, due to the defection of Alberto Fernández, Sergio Massa and the non-Kirchner governors), it is worth remembering the price and frozen wage scheme that Cámpora (and Perón) imposed in 1973, under conditions of high fiscal deficit financed with monetary issue. Finally, the exchange rate gaps reached 200% and the product shortage was anthological. Later the correction of all this was super traumatic (Rodrigazo).

Let’s hope then that Guzmán, who has had to “eat the toad” of a much higher fiscal deficit than he had planned, have the flexibility to accept higher inflation than 29%, closer to 40%. So that the exchange rate gaps do not rise, and not to lose dollars that the BCRA does not have. Consequently, do not try to “abuse” the exchange rate anchor. If you balance all these things well, the chances of multi-year gradualism (lower inflation by 5 points per year in 2022 and 2023, based on a reduction in monetary issuance due to a reduction in the fiscal deficit) will have a better chance of success. If he clings to the exchange rate anchor, if he insists that companies sell products at a loss, if they delay rates a lot … well, it will only be “bread for today and hunger for tomorrow.”

Beyond these questions, there are unknowns that the entire poor current economic scheme cannot answer: How will the BCRA increase its reserves appreciably, with these high exchange gaps? How will the State think about rolling the debts that mature from 2024/2025 (bondholders plus IMF) if the country risk cannot fall to half its current values? As with so much “fight against capital”, anti-employment laws, increases in gross income and profits for companies, will private investment and job creation be promoted? For now, the Government “does not know, does not answer.”

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The basic basket rose 4.2% in January and a family needed almost $ 56,500 to avoid being poor

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Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9: a cyclonic vacuum cleaner for all pockets, now 10% reduced | Showcase

Our expert has thoroughly analyzed the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 As the latest model cyclonic vacuum cleaner of the Chinese brand. Affordable for all pockets, it stands out for its suction power suitable for many homes and its very simple operation.

Although many of us still refer to them as broom vacuum cleaners, there are already enough manufacturers that are coining a new term to refer to these devices with which to clean lint, dust and other dirt on the floors, without cable and in a very comfortable way: cyclonic vacuum cleaners, a concept that refers to its suction capacity.

Xiaomi is one of these firms and it already has several models in its catalog that follow the same premises as the rest of the products in its ecosystem: eye-catching designs, sufficient performance for the average user and, the most attractive, adjusted prices.

The next to join them will be the Xiaomi broom vacuum cleaner Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9, a reference that is not yet on sale officially in Spain, but that is already can be purchased exclusively from this Thursday, February 18 on eBay. In fact, if you buy it now with a 10% discount couponnamed PQ12021– the price is lowered up to 170.99 euros. An opportunity that you cannot miss, since this promotion ends on February 28. In addition, the Xiaomi cordless vacuum cleaner G9 has free shipping. Do you want to know more about him? We tell you everything:

Buy for € 170.99 with the discount coupon PQ12021 on eBay

Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 upright vacuum cleaner: recognizable design

El aspirador Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 It has a design very similar to that of the other cyclonic vacuum cleaners of the firm, in which pthe color white with orange details stands out. Its main element is the vacuum cleaner module itself, characterized by a rubbery plastic finish with optimal construction (It does not seem that it is such an inexpensive product). We see the sacrifices, for example, in the maximum simplicity of its controls and the absence of a screen, something that at first glance is not essential, but which can be very useful to see, for example, the remaining autonomy in minutes; in this case, we can only have one estimate by looking at the three LED lights on its base.


• Drums: 2500m AH 25,2 V, desmontable.

• Motor: 100,000 revolutions per minute; suction power of 120 watts of air.

• Others: 3 operating modes, 0.6 liter removable tank.

• Package content: vacuum cleaner, high-torque brush bar, mini electric brush, charger, extension rod, user manual, crevice nozzle, 2-in-1 brush nozzle, 2-in-1 storage.

Regarding its controls, we meet a switch what slides between three positions different to choose the suction power (High power, standard Y eco) Y a trigger to start it that, in this case, you have to press whenever you want it to work; It does not have a system so that it is fixed and therefore it must be continuously tightened.

The deposit this Xiaomi G9 wireless vacuum cleaner built into this unit, on the other hand, has a 0.6 liter capacity and is usually enough for a home about 90 to 100 meters with a medium degree of dirt: hair, dust or lint that is vacuumed at least once a week. Later, empties at the push of a button and disassembles just as easily, which allows us to clean it until it is like new without any effort. In this way, all its components (except the electronic ones) are washable.

Within this deposit is the filter responsible for creating the cyclonic effect of the aspiration and that retains the particles so that they do not return to the home. Specifically, it has five different stages (two cyclonic filters to which they are added three high-density filters), of which the essential is the HEPA filter, capable of capturing up to 99.97% of particles, including microscopic ones.

Buy for € 170.99 with the discount coupon PQ12021 on eBay

The many accessories of the Xiaomi G9 wireless vacuum cleaner

This main unit is accompanied by various accessories for different uses or types of flooring. There are two that we consider essential: extension rod, with a perfect length for people up to 180 cm tall approximately (higher we think it would be very tight) and the Specific brush for wooden, marble, tile and carpet floors. From the last batch, his roller draws attention, rigid and with angled protrusions in which bristles are incorporated that trap hair very well that may be on the ground.

The best: At a very reasonable price, it offers sufficient suction power for most homes and is extremely simple to operate and design.

Worst: to adjust its price makes some concessions regarding its functions. The main ones: it does not have automatic power adjustment depending on the surface to be vacuumed and its autonomy is adjusted.

Conclution: the cyclonic vacuum cleaner from the Chinese firm offers a great value for money, standing out for its design and ease of use.

In case what we want is to vacuum other types of surfaces, the manufacturer’s recommendation is to do it without the extension rod. Thus, we can choose a two-in-one nozzle for curtains, sofas, cars or crumbs on the table, for example; a electric mini brush for textiles (especially useful for pet hair on sofas); or one classic nozzle for narrow crevices.

Other accessories, although not specifically for cleaning, are the essential charger and a bracket for mounting on the wall.

Buy for € 170.99 with the discount coupon PQ12021 on eBay

And the power of this Xiaomi broom vacuum cleaner?

In the datasheet of the Xiaomi aspiradora Mi Vacuum Cleaner G9 data is collected as offering a 120 watts maximum suction power and that his digital motor rotates at 100,000 revolutions per minute.

Roborock H6: Includes a good selection of accessories: a hard floor brush; one special for carpets (the vacuum cleaner also detects when it passes over one, even if it has another installed); one motorized, another with long bristles, for corners, From reaming tubes (one rigid and one flexible) …

Conga RockStar 900 Ultimate ErgoWet: His automatic mode with dirt sensor Y carpet detection automatically adapts power. Offers up to 90 minutes of autonomy and has a water tank for scrubbing the floor.

Rowenta Air Force Flex 760: Its design is very peculiar, with the articulated tube: can be bent to easier access under the bed The under the sofa without having to bend over.

Dyson V11: The market reference, its Torque Nickel brush with DLS technology automatically adapts the suction power to different types of soil. Provides up to 60 minutes of autonomy in Eco way.

What does this translate to? In that your power results enough for the daily cleaningAlthough its performance is not perfect and it is somewhat below the reference models on the market, which are also more expensive. It is something that is noticeable, for example, when you have to vacuum heavy debris (dirt or stones from the car mats) or in complicated elements such as the entrance mats, and not so much with the normal vacuuming of dust or lint.

The autonomy is also adjusted. At standard mode (the one we recommend for its balance between battery life and power) offers, according to the firm, 27 minutes of autonomy. It is very difficult to verify this figure considering that all we have to guide us are some LED indicative and that sometimes it is necessary to vary the suction power – an always manual setting – but in our tests we have noticed that it is quite close to reality. If we use the eco way it expands up to 60 minutes and, in that of High power, se reduce substantially up to 8 minutes.

Recharging takes 3.5 hours and, an interesting detail, is that the battery is interchangeable, so we can have a replacement to put in case the installed one runs out halfway through cleaning.

Buy for € 170.99 with coupon PQ12021 on eBay

* The recommendations so that deliveries of online orders can be carried out with total security for distributors and customers indicate that direct contact between the two should be avoided, maintain a safe distance and wash hands after opening the package. All delivery men are instructed to exercise extreme caution.

* All purchase prices included in this article are current as of February 19, 2021.

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Covid delays early detection of cancer | Companies

Concern in oncology services. One in five cancer patients has not been diagnosed due to the health crisis caused by Covid-19, calculates a study carried out during the first wave of the pandemic. The problem is that, according to Álvaro Rodríguez-Lescure, president of the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), this delay or slowness in care persists at present due to difficulties in accessing the system and latent fear of the virus. Specialists fear that this “limbo” implies greater detection of tumors in advanced stages – as is already being seen in hospitals – which reduces therapeutic options and compromises survival and quality of life.

“Screening programs were affected to a greater or lesser degree, so in all likelihood, the number of colorectal, breast and cervical cancers diagnosed in 2020 was lower than expected. The entire health system was stressed and this also had a negative influence on its diagnostic capacity ”, reveals the Spanish Network of Cancer Registries (Redecan) in a recent report.

Colon, breast and cervix screening, among the most affected

That is why Jaume Galcerán, president of this organization, believes that there will be an overestimation in the incidence (estimated at 277,394) as fewer cases are detected in 2020 than expected by the confinement. However, for 2021 and 2022 he foresees an increase in both incidence and mortality.

Lescure warns that if measures are not taken, the situation will perpetuate. “We denounce that wall in attention. The system is very at the limit, very punished; it needs a redefinition of schemes, resources and personnel. It is a drama when they call and receive no answer, but we must insist, that fear is not what paralyzes, “he suggests on the eve of World Cancer Day, celebrated last day 4, and after claiming the assistance of all the pathology not Covid. “The delay is not only in cancer,” he reiterates.

Oncologists fear an increase in cases in an advanced stage and therefore compromising survival

Luis Paz-Ares, head of the oncology service at the 12 de Octubre University Hospital, indicates that his unit has seen between 10% and 15% fewer patients than in other years. “There have been months in which the number of biopsies, compared to 2019, has dropped by half. We still do not have data on the effect that this will have, but we have seen fewer patients, we have also diagnosed fewer, therefore, with all certainty, some will suffer the impact of this delay “, reflects the also president of the Spanish Association for Cancer Research (Aseica), who joins the claim for “corrective measures.” For this reason, 14 scientific societies and health organizations have come together to create the RED-C, in order to improve the care of this group.

Among the most vulnerable

And the fact is that these patients suffer a triple impact: they are more vulnerable to the SARS-CoV-2 virus, they have had to adapt their therapies to the circumstances (with fewer face-to-face sessions, more telematic control – whenever possible – or their suspension) and delay, in many cases, the first consultation before a discomfort or symptom, detailed Paz-Ares. The Beata María Ana Hospital and the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Polyclinic insist on focusing on this group, one of the most vulnerable along with the chronic ones, and reinforcing the diagnosis. Carmen González, president of the Merck Salud Foundation, adds the need to continue promoting and supporting biomedical research.

By 2021, 276,239 new cases of cancer are calculated in Spain, 1,155 less than in 2020, according to a report by SEOM, but the statistics will be altered by Covid. The most frequent: colorectal, prostate, breast, lung and urinary bladder. Oncologists highlight the upward trend maintained in the lung in women (it is already the third with the highest incidence and the second in mortality) and, in general, the rise in those of the oral cavity and pharynx and urinary bladder due to tobacco. And they warn about alcohol, associated with the development of seven tumors. “There is no safe level of consumption; its impact is not negligible ”, warns Lescure.


Flood Watch for North Georgia; winter weather advisory issued in mountainous areas | News


(TELEMUNDO ATLANTA) .- After finally receiving some sun, the clouds and rain will return to Georgia starting tonight.

The icy patches in the Atlanta metro area have mostly thawed, but according to the National Weather Service, more black ice is expected tomorrow, but in the mountainous areas of northern Georgia.

A winter weather advisory goes into effect at 7:00 pm this Wednesday and through Thursday at 7:00 am for the mountainous areas of northern Georgia.

Meanwhile, a flash flood watch was issued for all of northern Georgia through Friday morning.

Bridges and flyovers in North Georgia could see ice accumulations. High temperatures will rise to 40 and 50 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday.

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Alert for cold front 36 and winter storm, temperatures below zero

This they indicated will be because of the interaction of the Cold Front number 36 and the ninth Winter Storm.

The meteorologist of the State Coordination of Civil Protection, Idelfonso Díaz, explained that there will be the presence of snow in mountain areas.

Díaz, indicated “We have rains in the northwest zone in Janos, Juárez and the north zone, we will begin to see rain, and in the morning in the northeast and snow fall in the mountainous zone, and even also in Juárez from noon. In the evening there will be a marked drop in temperatures, towards Monday. The temperature on Monday for Juárez could reach -9 and -10 degrees Celsius and a thermal sensation of -14. In Chihuahua -1 and -3 degrees as a thermal sensation ” . Concluded.

For his part Efrén Matamoros of Civil Protection of Ciudad Juárez, said “We are in an orange alert situation, in coordination to make tours in the city, pending to address cases of street situation and avoid deaths due to hypothermia.”

He explained that the coldest temperatures will occur in Juárez. They will have 90% rain during the early hours of Sunday, which will remain until 3:00 pm.

From here on, he noted, “there is an 80 percent chance of snow, accumulation of one and two centimeters.” Agegó that the temperature will be 7 degrees Celsius and dropping to -8 at night thermal sensation of -13 -14 degrees for Sunday.

It issued recommendations for pavement crystallization. He also indicated there will be shelters in Fire Station 8, as well as in the gym of Fire Station 10, to serve people on the streets.