Apple ideas how to renew the Touch Bar thanks to 3D Touch

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Except for the revolution of Apple Silicon processors seen in the latest MacBook launched in Spain, Apple is having innovation problems in some products. There are not a few users who want to see a radical design change not only in iPhones, but also in Apple computers.

A new patent registered by Apple gives us to understand that the Cupertino firm has among its plans to solve one of these problems. How? Including tecnología 3D Touch in the Touch Bars of Apple MacBook Pros.

A technology that was present in the iPhone until a couple of generations ago. In fact, the last iPhone to mount it were los iPhone XS, and it was already the 11 range that completely abandoned this feature and could now see a new future in Apple computers.

3D Touch en tu MacBook

Apple patent

Patently Apple


The patent that today has bases to be considered as serious, since in 2019 there was already another previous patent that explained how the inclusion of this technology in the Touch Bar worked internally, something important if we consider what we have to do pressure on a small touch screen in the chassis of a laptop.

This patent, discovered by Patently Apple, some applications for this change are detailed. The idea would be to reproduce exactly the same utility of the 3D Touch of the iPhone in the Touch Bar; drop-down menus, navigation between buttons with better sensitivity, and so on. On the other hand, it would serve to avoid accidental touches in other buttons or menus.

Of course part of the success of this change would depend entirely from the developers who would like to take advantage of 3D Touch, either to display contextual menus or to display specific options within the limited space of the Touch Bar.

It could work?

Apple patent.

Apple patent.

Patently Apple


On the other hand, this patent does not ensure that Apple will decide to ‘revive’ the 3D Touch. This technology needed development and involvement on the part of, worth the redundancy, the developers. Apple replaced the 3D Touch by a haptic response in the system after long presses. A solution that seems to have satisfied users, since it does not seem that in the community the loss of the 3D Touch has been too painful.

At Apple’s Touch Bar, this possible success is even more uncertain. We are talking about a much smaller and limited screen that would depend (even more) on a good job on the part of the developers. In addition, it is not known if this could affect the price of Apple’s MacBook Pros, which has finally become somewhat more competitive thanks to the inclusion of the M1 chip.

As always, we must remember that these kinds of patents do not imply any guarantee. Typically, companies use these records to ensure that, in the event that they can reproduce these patents, no rival company gets ahead of them. However, a design change is urgently needed on Macs and this could be a step in the right direction.


The resurgence of the PC: the pandemic boosts the sales of HP, Lenovo, Dell, Acer and Apple | Opinion

Opinion platform of Jorge Díaz-Cardiel, managing partner of Advice Strategic Consultants

The second wave of COVID-19, hitting many countries along with companies preparing for longer-term remote work environments, has pushed PC shipments to levels not seen since 2011, according to analyst firms.

Global shipments of laptops and mobile workstations in the third quarter of 2020 were 28.3% higher than a year ago, helping drive total PC shipments up 12.7% year-on-year to 79.2 million units.

The PC sector sold 64.6 million laptops (includes Chromebooks, but not tablets or removable ones). However, the shift to remote work reduced desktop shipments by 26% compared to a year ago.

This quarter’s growth in PC shipments outpaced the 9% year-over-year growth in PC shipments in the second quarter of 2020.

The pandemic has brought mixed results for Microsoft, which is experiencing a slowdown in demand from smaller companies but higher spending from large companies in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2020.

Smaller business stagnation and business closures resulted in Windows OEM professional revenue falling 4% year-over-year, while Windows OEM non-professional revenue increased 34% in the quarter.

On the other hand, people spend more time on their computers: more than four trillion minutes are spent on Windows 10 per month, an increase of 75% year over year.

Lenovo sold the majority of its PCs in the third quarter of 2020, with 19.27 million units, an increase of 11.4%, leaving it with a 24.3% market share. HP sales grew 11.9% compared to last year to 18.66 million units, resulting in a 23.6% share of the PC market. Dell sold 11.99 million units and has a 15.1% market share, but its sales are down 0.5% compared to the previous year. Apple’s Mac sales grew 13.2% to 6.37 million units, giving it an 8.1% share of the PC market and fourth place. Acer’s shipments grew 15% to 5.64 million units.

Bottom line: Laptop sales soared in the last quarter, with Lenovo and HP grabbing half the market.

Apple is a world apart. The company reported Mac sales of $ 7.08 billion in its third-quarter update in July, up 22% from a year ago. IPad sales also increased 31% to $ 6.58 billion.

“Vendors, the supply chain and the channel have now had time to stand up and allocate resources for the supply of laptops, which continue to be in massive demand from both businesses and consumers.”

The industry recognizes that remote work will require providers to focus on mobility, connectivity, battery life, and screen and audio quality. Growth is expected in computing for the educational market and mainstream games.

The next quarter also appears to bring positive news, as consumer spending during the holiday season increases computer sales.

The high demand for laptops as people work and learn remotely helped HP Inc. and Dell Technologies Inc. soften the impact of a slowdown in spending on office equipment during the coronavirus pandemic.

HP reported that laptop sales rose 30% in the July quarter from a year earlier, helping the company limit its revenue decline to 2%, as it reported $ 14.29 billion in sales, surpassing Wall Street’s projection of $ 13.34 billion. The drop was driven by the printer business, as well as lower sales of desktops and workstations, and companies invested less in office equipment because employees work from home.

Meanwhile, Dell said consumer revenue was up 18% for the business that includes computer sales, while commercial customer sales fell 11%. Overall revenue, like HP’s, fell 3% to $ 22.7 billion.

“We saw strength in the government and education sectors, with orders increasing 16% and 24%, respectively, as parents, teachers and school districts prepare for a new frontier in virtual learning,” said the director of operations. Dell’s Jeff Clarke in a statement. .

The pandemic has also posed problems for the two tech companies due to lower spending on office equipment. Dell saw sales of servers and data storage equipment drop, the company said, and customers shifted spending to facilitate remote work.

HP says its printing business, smaller in revenue than the computer business but generally more lucrative, saw sales drop to $ 3.93 billion, driven by lower sales of printers and supplies.

The consumer printer market, however, was a bright spot, with people trapped in home buying devices. Chief Executive Enrique Lores said those sales should boost the printing business as people return to buy more ink and other “consumables.”

Earlier this year, HP warned that the last quarter would be more difficult than the previous one for the company’s printing business as corporate customers cut spending on office equipment. Enrique Lores said that the supply chain challenges the company encountered during the pandemic affected printer sales early in the quarter, particularly on the consumer side. But, the CEO said, the consumer printing business, which posted a 7% revenue increase in the quarter, should strengthen. Furthermore, he said, commercial print sales, while still low, were improving and supply chain problems had lessened.

Xerox Holdings Corp., which last year launched an unsuccessful hostile takeover offer for HP, saying the printing industry was decades behind in consolidation, reported that its sales in the most recent quarter fell by more than a third from the previous year.

Laptop and tablet sales drive sales for HP, Dell and Apple

With so many people working, learning, and playing at home, you might think laptop and tablet sales would be strong. And you would be right.

HP and Dell reported quarterly earnings showing strong laptop and gaming system sales.

And market watcher IDC just reported that Western European unit shipments of “detachable tablets” – that is, tablets with dockable keyboards – were up 170% in the third quarter of the year. By supplier, Apple rules the roost.

HP: notebooks on the rise

HP reported its fiscal fourth quarter earnings yesterday, and overall, things are pretty heavy. Total revenue reached $ 15.3 billion, a drop of one percentage point from the prior-year quarter.

Similarly, the company’s personal systems group reported fixed revenue of $ 10.4 billion. That was despite unit shipments rising 7% year-on-year. In other words, the average selling price (APC) has dropped.

In the fourth quarter, laptop revenue increased 18% while laptop unit shipments increased 25%. Desktops, however, declined: unit shipments fell 31% and revenue fell 28%.

Another way to look at it: HP’s fourth-quarter notebook revenue accounted for nearly half of the company’s total revenue. Desktop computer revenue was just 15%.

Dell: double digit growth

Things were a bit brighter at Dell, which reported earnings for its fiscal third quarter. The company reported total revenue for the quarter of nearly $ 23.5 billion, a 3% year-on-year increase.

Things were even brighter for Dell’s Customer Solutions group, which is Dell’s language for PCs. It reported record shipments, record revenue of $ 12.3 billion and record operating income of $ 1 billion.

Of those $ 12.3 billion in PC revenue, 28% came from consumer sales, while the remaining 72% came from commercial sales. In dollars, consumer sales in the quarter totaled $ 3.5 billion, a year-on-year increase of 14%. And commercial sales totaled $ 8.8 billion, an increase of 5%.

Dell says it enjoyed double-digit growth in most of its consumer and business lines, as well as gaming systems.

More specifically, Dell’s business PC revenue was driven by double-digit growth for Latitude and Precision notebooks, and triple-digit growth for business Chromebooks.

Consumer revenue was driven by double-digit growth in the XPS and Alienware premium gaming systems, both notebooks and desktops.

Apple: tablets

Do all those kids go to school from home now? They (or maybe their parents) are buying a lot of tablets.

New figures from market watcher IDC show that unit shipments of detachable tablets in Western Europe increased 170% in the third quarter of this year, which ended on September 30. These devices now account for 40% of all tablets shipped in the region.

By contrast, third-quarter unit shipments of slate tablets (that is, those without a keyboard) in Western Europe fell 16%, according to IDC.

By verticals, education is now the fastest growing sector in the region for tablet sales. Total tablet shipments to the Western European education market in the third quarter increased 89%, according to IDC.

By vendor, the loot goes to Apple. IDC says the company’s share of the Western European educational market for tablets has risen to a dominant 64%.

Apple also dominates the overall tablet market, with a share of nearly 32% in the third quarter, IDC says. The market watcher says Apple shipped more than 2.6 million tablets in the region during the quarter, a year-on-year increase of nearly 31%.

Jorge Díaz-Cardiel. Managing Director of Advice Strategic Consultants. Economist, Sociologist, Lawyer, Historian, Philosopher and Journalist. He has been Managing Director of Ipsos Public Affairs, Managing Partner of Brodeur Worldwide and Porter Novelli International; Director of Sales and Marketing for Intel Corporation and Director of Investor Relations for Shandwick Consultants. Author of thousands of articles on economics and international relations, he has published around twenty books on economics, innovation, digitization and business success. He is the 1991 Economy Award


iPhone 12: Apple phone camera was analyzed by DxOMark

A few weeks have passed since the new iPhone 12 were presented. Among them, the standard model that, like last year’s phone, has a double camera on the back. In this regard, Apple announced several improvements at the photographic level. Therefore, the famous laboratory DxOMark has put the device to the test.

In this sense, we must remember that the iPhone 12 has a 12-megapixel main sensor, with f / 1.6 aperture and a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor with f / 2.4 aperture. These cameras are accompanied by a dual flash. Supports 4K recording up to 60 fps and FullHD up to 240 fps.

In this sense, in the tests of DxOMark, the iPhone 12 has been in thirteenth place with 122 points, after tying with the Honor V30 Pro and just below the Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G.

iPhone 12: Apple phone camera has been analyzed by DxOMark

The iPhone 12 He has obtained a score of 132 in photography and is right in the top ten. Exposure is generally accurate, although dynamic range is limited as it could be wider. Colors are nice and generally accurate.

Autofocus is a strong point of the iPhone 12, as it is fast and accurate in all lighting conditions. On the downside, noise is more present than usual, the simulated bokeh portrait mode has room for improvement, and the lack of a dedicated telephoto lens hampers zoom performance.


70 job offers with a salary up to € 96,000

Companies this year have been forced to reduce staff spending as a consequence of the crisis derived from the coronavirus. For that reason, people who are actively seeking employment they take longer than usual to get a vacancy that matches their profile. However, some companies continue to offer job opportunities, despite poor economic situation that is traversed globally.

Mercadona, Leroy Merlin, Sprinter … there are many companies that need an increase in their workforce to face the massive purchases caused by the Christmas season. Salespeople, cashiers, replenishers are needed … Although there are also opportunities for those who have a most qualified profile. Apple is one of the companies looking for 47 qualified people to be incorporate to their staff within Spain.

This is undoubtedly a great opportunity for tech lovers who want to start their professional career in a technological multinational that is at the forefront of innovation. The tech giant is looking for people employed in Spain in all its areas: machine learning and artificial intelligence, hardware, software and services, design, marketing, business development and sales … It even offers the option to work from home to more than 90 people, so you can work for another of its world offices from Spain.

Salary at Apple

Within the information for each job position, the company explains the necessary and additional requirements you need to meet the candidates. However, the company does not detail the salary to be received in the company. To do this, you have to go to online portals where you can find out the average salaries charged by company workers. According to him portal Glassdoor, the person responsible for the area is the one with a higher salary in Spain, which ranges between 155,000 euros a year and 166,000 euros and, currently, Apple has a vacant offer to fill in that position In our country.

The Business Development Managers they are the ones that occupy the second position. They receive a salary between 96,000 euros and 105,000 euros. And neither are the sales department workers, with a salary greater than 95,000 euros. On the lower side of the table we find the store clerks, who receive an average of 11,000 euros per year.


Unmissable promotions in Mac Center so you can have the best of Apple

Black Friday is one of the most important days of the year in the world economy. People take advantage of this day to buy their end-of-the-year gifts and, why not, buy those products that they waited for all of 2020.

Can’t buy this Friday, what do I do? If you think your chance to get discounts has passed you are wrong. You might even be surprised.

For example, In Mac Center you can find the Watch Series 6 with up to 150 thousand pesos discount. You can take it for 79,958 to 24 installments for ease of payment.

Likewise, if you are one of those who was waiting to buy an iPhone, Apple’s flagship product, you are in time to have it and be able to release a phone that offers you the best tools of the brand’s digital ecosystem.

This smartphone has up to 150,000 discounts and you can take it home in 24 installments from 84,591 pesos. With this powerful machine that comes with a retina HD display from 4.7 inches with 326dpi, a 12 megapixel camera with f / 1.8 aperture on the side from behind; with the possibility of storage of 64GB, 128GB and 256GB, in addition to its night mode and its iOS 13 operating system make it a unique product to dazzle everyone at the holidays.

As if that were not enough, we also find unmissable promotions in audio devices such as Airpods, JBL Speaker, Go2 speakers, among other products that will help you listen to the world in a better way. Enter here and look at the portfolio that the brand offers you if you are a lover of sound.

Then you know, do not wait any longer to acquire the best technology articles. You will be able to find the best gifts for yourself and for those you love the most. For more information, do not forget to enter the Mac Center page.


part of Apple’s production will move to Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) – Foxconn, the world’s largest computer and electronic components maker, is moving an iPad and MacBook production complex to Vietnam from China at the request of Apple Inc., Reuters said, citing a person with knowledge of the plan.

Photo: AFP

The production lines are expected to come online in Vietnam in 2021, he added.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s partners have increased iPhone production capacity in India, and companies that assemble AirPods have added some assembly lines in Vietnam.

Foxconn announced a $ 270 million investment earlier this week in Vietnam.

Some AirPods are already made in the Indochinese country and next year, third-generation ones are also expected to be produced here and released during the first half of the year, according to the source.


Apple wants to move its iPad and Mac manufacturing plants from China to Vietnam

Apple has asked Foxconn, the multinational that assembles the iPad Y Mac, move your manufacturing plant from China a Vietnam to minimize any impact of the already growing trade war between China Y United States.

According to a report by Reuters, Taiwanese manufacturers do not want to commit to this tense situation either, so they are considering moving part of the production they maintain in China to other countries such as Vietnam, Mexico and India.

The source notes that Foxconn is currently building assembly lines for iPads and Macs at its plant in Vietnam’s northeastern Bac Giang province, to be operational in the first half of 2021.

“The measure was requested by Apple”, the person said. “Wants diversify production after the trade war“.

Foxconn said in a statement: “As a matter of company policy, and for reasons of business sensitivity, We do not comment on any aspect of our work for any client or their products“.

The report of Reuters It does not indicate which iPad or Mac models will be assembled in Vietnam, or what proportion of Apple’s total production will move outside of China. But these would not be the first Apple products to be assembled in Vietnam: Apple began producing units AirPods Pro there earlier this year. Apple has also used India for the production of certain models of iPhone for some time.

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Financing Apple products: Black Friday in K-tuin

Apple interest-free financing

And K-garden, during Black Friday we have a special financing in up to 24 months with a 0% TAE

How to finance Apple products on Black Friday? Now you can finance Apple products interest-free: iPhone, iPad, Mac, AirPods, Apple Watch, HomePod and HomePod mini. If you have any questions, in this post we clarify them all.

How to finance Apple products on Black Friday?

You can finance Apple products on Black Friday in convenient installments and without interest In a super simple way, you can get fast financing both online and in our stores.

  1. On our website, add the Apple devices on Black Friday that you want to the cart.
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  • If you are already a Cetelem customer, you will only need accept Apple product financing by entering a PIN code that you will receive by SMS on your iPhone.
  • If you are not a Cetelem customer, you can finance Apple devices just as fast presenting the documents that we explain in the next section.

Financing Apple Black Friday products: What do I need?

Make a financing Apple products in K-tuin is very easyIf you are not a Cetelem client, don’t worry, you will only need these documents:

  1. Photocopy of DNI on both sides (or original DNI if you want to finance in Apple physical store) In case of being a resident foreigner, you will need the residence card along with the signed official identity document of your country or the valid passport).
  2. Proof of your income (If you are an employee: last payroll, if you work as a self-employed person: last income statement or, if you are a pensioner: pension revaluation letter).
  3. First page of your Bankbook or a direct debit receipt showing the IBAN code and the account holder (It will have to be the same person who applies for the financing of Apple products on Black Friday).

Financing Apple products on Black Friday has never been easier!

Financing Apple Black Friday products How to calculate the fee?

If what you need is calculate Apple product financing fees on Black FridayIt is very simple, you can even calculate it before adding your purchase to the cart.

When you are inside the Apple product on our website, under the “buy” button there is a section with Apple product financing options, click “+ info” and a quota calculator will appear on your screen.

Now you can Calculate Apple Product Financing with Cetelem quickly and easily.

Financing Apple Black Friday products: Frequently asked questions.

Next, we will solve the most frequent doubts regarding the finterest-free financing Apple on Black Friday.

¿What amount can I choose in Apple interest-free financing?

The minimum amount to be financed is ≥ € 90 and the minimum monthly payment is ≥ € 12 with a TIN AND APR AT 0%.

This means that you will pay only what your Apple device costs on Black Friday, in addition, in comfortable terms. You will not pay a euro more!

¿When will i start paying Apple interest-free financing?

We will process the first receipt to your bank account on the 5th of the month following the financing. If the financing has been made between the 25th and 31st, the first receipt will be sent on the 5th of the 2nd month in which the financing has been made in Apple interest.

If you have any doubt with Apple interest-free financing on Black Friday, you can contact through the chat that appears during the financing process, by calling the phone number 917 90 97 38 or through the following email:

You have all the information about Apple product financing terms with Cetelem at this link.

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Black Friday 2020 | Buy iPhone 12 for less than 100 dollars | Trick | Smartphone | Cell phones | Apple | Tutorial | United States | Spain | Mexico | Peru | NNDA | NNNI | DATA

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Black Friday 2020 arrived and many offers have been launched around the world. One of them is those that have various operators in the United States around the iPhone 12-Did you know that you can get it totally free? Without a doubt, it is one of the things you should know right now in order to release the Cupertino cell phone. How to do it? Here we will explain it to you. (Photo: Apple) “class =” story-content__gallery-img w-full “importance =” high “/>
Apple 12

The Black Friday 2020 arrived and many offers have been launched around the world. One of them is those that have various operators in the United States around the iPhone 12-Did you know that you can get it totally free? Without a doubt, it is one of the things you should know right now in order to release the Cupertino cell phone. How to do it? Here we will explain it to you. (Photo: Apple)

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<img src="×0/smart/filters:format(jpeg):quality(75)/" alt="La empresa de telefonía AT&T has signed an agreement with Apple so they can get a iPhone 12 totally free. How? Well, for leaving your old cell phone from Cupertino you can receive up to US $ 800 in voucher, which would allow you to access the iPhone 12 Mini or the iPhone 12 in its standard version. To access this offer, you must be an AT&T customer in the United States and you must have an unlimited data plan and continue with the operator for 30 months with an installment payment plan. (Photo: Apple) “class =” lazy story-content__gallery-img w-full “importance =” low “/>
iPhone 12

The telephone company AT&T has signed an agreement with Apple so they can get a iPhone 12 totally free. How? Well, for leaving your old cell phone from Cupertino you can receive up to US $ 800 in voucher, which would allow you to access the iPhone 12 Mini or the iPhone 12 in its standard version. To access this offer, you must be an AT&T customer in the United States and you must have an unlimited data plan and continue with the operator for 30 months with an installment payment plan. (Photo: Apple)

3 of 4

<img src="×0/smart/filters:format(jpeg):quality(75)/" alt="Otra oferta por Black Friday 2020 sobre el iPhone 12 is the one with the company T-Mobile. The company offers its owners that if they have an iPhone 11 Pro or 10 XS they can get an exchange of US $ 850 and a credit of US $ 680 to the owners of older iPhone models in the case of new customers. Of course, to have the expected device, you must have an unlimited data plan, which is the most expensive in the company. You dare? (Photo: Apple) “class =” lazy story-content__gallery-img w-full “importance =” low “/>
iPhone 12 Mini

Another offer for Black Friday 2020 on the iPhone 12 is the one with the company T-Mobile. The company offers its owners that if they have an iPhone 11 Pro or 10 XS they can get an exchange of US $ 850 and a credit of US $ 680 to the owners of older iPhone models in the case of new customers. Of course, to have the expected device, you must have an unlimited data plan, which is the most expensive in the company. You dare? (Photo: Apple)

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<img src="–Z7X8zobJ_32k=/980×0/smart/filters:format(jpeg):quality(75)/" alt="La empresa Verizon also has an offer on the iPhone 12. The company gives you a voucher for $ 800 as long as you leave your iPhone X or a newer one as collateral. But not only that, you must also be a new customer or add a new line. The device has a Retina OLED screen, A14 processor, 64 GB of storage, 12 megapixel dual cameras, among other details. (Photo: Apple) “class =” lazy story-content__gallery-img w-full “importance =” low “/>
iPhone 12

The company Verizon also has an offer on the iPhone 12. The company gives you a voucher for $ 800 as long as you leave your iPhone X or a newer one as collateral. But not only that, you must also be a new customer or add a new line. The device has a Retina OLED screen, A14 processor, 64 GB of storage, 12 megapixel dual cameras, among other details. (Photo: Apple)


Discover Apple’s offers on Amazon Black Friday

Apple has created a whole universe of electronic equipment, software and services online and it has become one of the most desired firms in the market thanks to its attractive designs and the performance of its products.

During the next few days, Amazon’s Black Friday offers us a large number of discounts anddeals at Apple. Get a keyboard, mouse or pencil at a good price is an opportunity that you can not miss.

In many cases, indecision and doubt arise and we do not know which item to buy. The fact that an item is on sale does not mean that it meets our needs. Check out some of the coolest Apple items you can get on Amazon these days to see if they fit what you’re looking for.

Apple Pencil: the second generation meets all expectations

With Apple Pencil (2nd generation) you can write, draw and switch tools with just two taps. For reduced price of 119.99 euros (before 135 euros) you can have at your fingertips a very intuitive, precise and ideal pencil for taking notes, writing and drawing. Plus, it is magnetically attached and wirelessly charged so you can use it as often as you need it.

This comprehensive tool is compatible with the latest 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

To buy

Apple Magic keyboard – the most stylish and comfortable keyboard

By less than 85 euros, you can get Magic Keyboard with a new very elegant design and a rechargeable battery. Its scissor mechanism is optimized and improves its stability and operation.

The slim profile of the Apple Magic Keyboard lets you type faster and with greater precision. In addition, it is automatically linked to the Mac so that the battery lasts much longer and does not have to be continuously charged.

This keyboard is the perfect companion for the iPad Pro or iPad Air. It is very comfortable to write and incorporates a trackpad That opens up the new possibilities in iPadOS. In addition, thanks to its design with floating support, it connects magnetically and allows you to adjust the screen to your liking.


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Apple Magic keyboard with numeric keypad: not to give up the classics

An interesting offer in Apple Smart Keyboard with numeric keyboard offers us an expanded design with navigation controls that help us to move quickly through any type of document. In addition, the standard-sized arrow keys allow us to play very comfortably.

This Apple proposal incorporates a scissor mechanism under each key that improves stability and allows precision writing. Without a doubt, this number pad is perfect for spreadsheets or financial applications.

By less than 125 euros You can get this keyboard from Apple that has a rechargeable battery and offers us autonomy for a month or much longer.

Numeric keyboard

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Apple Magic Mouse 2: the magic in your hands

By 69,90 euros you can now have an incredible Apple mouse. Don’t think about batteries because the Apple Magic Mouse 2 is fully rechargeable. In addition, it is much lighter and has fewer parts, allowing you to move more fluidly around the table.

This offer from Apple is ideal to use from minute one: its minimalist design, as is typical in all the brand’s devices, allows you to do multitude of gestures on its surface to perform different actions on the computer interface. It has Bluetooth and is compatible with MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, iMac Pro and Mac mini.


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Apple Watch Series 5: el smartwatch most wanted

During Black Friday, you can get the Apple Watch Series 5 for 458 euros. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy this model that allows you to receive notifications, interact with different applications, and even track your physical activity.

Apple has managed to take over the absolute leadership of smart watches. Among everything this Apple Watch offers, we love the always-on Retina display and that it can measure heart rate. It is perfect for techies and sports lovers looking for a smartwatch with all the benefits. In addition, you can choose from several designs; all of them with the elegance of Apple devices.


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Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro: the convenience to type on a tablet professional

By less than 200 euros, Amazon proposes that you turn your iPad into a mini laptop with the Apple Smart Keyboard. It comes in a very strong and lightweight case that helps protect our 12.9-inch iPad Pro on both sides. In addition, we can easily dock it and let the words flow by themselves.

This keyboard lets you adjust the viewing angle to make typing more comfortable for you, and there’s no need to charge or pair it – just dock it to the iPad to start typing. We think that it has an excellent value for money that you should take advantage of these days of sale.


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Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad: increase the functionalities of your tablet with the most comfortable keyboard

Little more than 150 euros is what you need to invest in this Apple Smart Keyboard with a unique keyboard that combines the most advanced technologies. It is a very complete and portable keyboard that connects with the Smart Connector to the new iPad and iPad Air.

This proposal is compatible with different generations and greatly facilitates our tasks. In addition, when we do not need it, we can fold it and turn it into a very thin and super light cover that will help us transport our tablet Very easily.

Opinions and reviews highlight that it is very pleasant to the touch and that it is a pleasure to type with this Apple model.


To buy

Amazon’s Black Friday is a unique opportunity to get the coveted Apple brand items that we want so much at an unbeatable price. In addition, Christmas is very near and you can get incredible technological gifts at the best price.