Apple’s M1 chip comes to the iMac


Its M1 processor has helped reduce its internal components, providing an ultra-thin design.

New range of iMac computers

ComputerHoy.- Apple revealed its new range of iMac by 2021, this during the Apple Event. This new version has the new processor Apple M1 with ARM architecture, leaving behind the processors of Intel Y AMD, the display design is ultra-thin and is available in eye-catching colors.

The design changed radically compared to the first computers, the new iMac comes in seven colors: blue, purple, red, orange, yellow Y verde. Your 24-inch monitor has a new screen retina 4.5K. Apple has placed a new camera on the front FaceTime HD 1080p, specially designed for video calls. It’s the best camera iMac has ever had.

Your processor, the Apple M1 communicates with the world through a connector ThunderBolt / USB 4, and comes with MacOS Big Sur pre-installed. East SoC low consumption has a CPU and one GPU 7/8 cores (depending on model), improving the graphic capacity of the iMac by more than 1,500%.

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The new iMac 2021 adds a new generation power connector, which plugs into the equipment magnetically. Touch ID arrive at iMac thanks to the new Magic Keyboard, que embeds this function in one of its keys. This keyboard is color-matched to the iMac, just like the new one Magic Mouse.

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Spring Loaded: The best purple iPhone of the 2021 Apple event

purple iphone


Apple held its Spring Loaded spring event in Cupertino, California, in which it presented the novelties it has prepared to launch in 2021.

The conference was hosted by Tim Cook, Apple CEO, and the rest of the technology team charged with developing the brand’s products.

Color iMac

In the late 90s, Apple distinguished itself by launching an iMac model in different translucent colors. Two decades later, the company turned to nostalgia with a new model reminiscent of its computers from that era.

The new iMac will be available in green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and silver; however, the most striking element is the 4.5K, 24-inch, 11.5-millimeter-thick retina display.

color imacs 2021
color imacs 2021

The computer will run on Apple’s exclusive M1 processor, which makes devices faster.

In addition, the new iMac will be equipped with the Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard peripherals, which will be the same color as the screen.

imac de colores apple event
imac de colores apple event

Purple iPhone and iPad mini

Computers are not the only Apple device that will have a new color, as the company will launch a new version of the iPhone 12 in purple.

The iPad mini will also be available in the new color and the arrival of both devices will coincide with the iOS 14.5 operating system update.

purple iphone 2021
purple iphone 2021

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro 2021 also monopolized the spotlight, as Apple announced that they incorporated the M1 processor and there will be a 16GB version of RAM.

In addition, the novelty is the 12.9-inch mini-LED screen, whose resolution is compared to the iMac panels.

ipad pro 2021
ipad pro 2021

Apple TV 4K

The company also introduced a new version of Apple TV capable of playing content in 4K and HDR with more frames per second.

The new Apple TV has an A12 Bionic processor that accelerates the execution of games, movies and applications in high quality. In addition, it will have an update on Siri Remote so as not to press the button by accident and improve the commands of artificial intelligence.

apple tv 4k
apple tv 4k

Air day

Air Tag is a location accessory that can be attached to any object and triangulated its location with another Apple device.

The size of the Air Tag is ideal for attaching it to purses, keys, backpacks, suitcases or anything that can be easily lost. Air Tag is a real-time tracker, which makes it an ideal accessory for clueless people.

air tag apple
air tag apple


Apple was the first recognized digital platform to host podcasts and will now revolutionize the service with an individual payment system.

Instead of paying a monthly subscription for the Apple Music service, the public will be able to pay for each podcast they listen to.

apple podcasts 2021
apple podcasts 2021

The system will work in a similar way to the App Store, but in a podcast version, so there will also be some free ones.

Content creators will price their podcasts and, in addition to paying an annuity, Apple will charge a commission for each episode sold on the platform.

What do you think of Apple’s news for 2021?

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La Nación / A new iPad among recent Apple launches

Apple revealed a multi-year programming partnership with Malala Yousafzai, a women’s rights activist and the youngest person to ever receive a Nobel Prize. Your content for the Apple TV + platform will be based on your ability to inspire people around the world.

“I believe that stories have the power to unite families, forge friendships, create movements, and help children dream. And I can’t imagine a better partner than Apple to make all these stories come true. I am very grateful for this opportunity to support women, youth, writers and artists in their journey to portray the world as they perceive it, ”said Malala.

With the creation of its content, which will include children’s dramas, comedies, documentaries, animations and series, Malala and her new production company, Extracurricular, join the company’s roster of creative visionaries, including Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg. , Tom Hanks, Will Smith, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, Idris Elba, Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Octavia Spencer, Kumail Nanjiani and Alfonso Cuarón, among others.

At age 16, Malala posted I Am Malala, his successful memoir. Since then, he has written two more books; she starred in a documentary about her early life and created Assembly, a digital publication for girls and young women available on Apple News. Since its launch in 2018, Assembly has published stories of young women from more than 100 countries and in more than 20 languages.

Malala also founded the Malala Fund with the goal of supporting every girl’s right to 12 years of safe, free and quality education. In 2018, Apple became the Malala Fund’s first honorary member and began supporting the organization’s work with teachers and local advocates in eight countries where girls face major challenges during their education.

Photography: John Russo

Fountain: Apple.


Finally Apple announced its AirTag object tracker

Apple’s Spring 2021 event not only gave us surprises about the renovated iMac or the now more powerful iPad Pro, it was also the opportunity to officially launch the AirTag, those little devices that allow us to find objects that we have lost and of those that were rumored with its release on the market for a couple of years.

But finally it was this 2021 when Apple decided to present them to the world showing their qualities: Part for its U1 chip belonging to the company and that it uses ultra-wide technology, sound and haptic feedback to deliver search results with near-perfect precision.

It might well be thought that these devices would end up being unsafe, but Apple was quick to explain that AirTags do not store any location data or history physically and also uses end-to-end encryption technology between the communication established by the device and the Find My network.

If we use one of these as a keychain, for example, it will appear in the application Find My de Apple, which will play a sound on the device when trying to locate what has been lost. And we should not fear running out of battery and thus forgetting about what we cannot find forever, since Apple ensures that the battery that has enough for a year of use and later it will be able to be replaced by the own users.

AirTags will reach a value of $ 29.99 (just over twenty thousand Chilean pesos) from the first days of May and on a date to be defined they will be available in our country, coming to compete directly with Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTags, which it is already possible to see in Chile for almost a month but in all this time we have not had the possibility to test.


This is what the new Apple iPhone will look like (and the name) for this year | Smartphones

We all know that Apple works with very defined plans, which are marking their times month by month until the moment of launch arrives. And in the case of the iPhone range, it is known by all that we find ourselves at those times of the year when Certain data that comes in can be practically considered good.

And since news about the smartphones from 2021, the name that has always been used to refer to them is iPhone 13 although, according to what they publish Some media such as CNet, this year we could return to the name “s”, after skipping the 11s version (for obvious reasons), those from Cupertino want their new models to end up being called iPhone 12s this year, despite the changes in the design more than obvious like that notch smaller.

Why no iPhone 13?

According to the sources, Apple wants to avoid that number 13 of the numbering of its iPhone because of the negative connotations that it has in much of the world, skipping that natural order until next year, in 2022, when we would have an iPhone 14 in our hands, directly. The way to sell this strategy would be that next year’s models are going to be a major leap in terms of terminal design, which would explain the continuity of the 12 range to its “s” version and that direct jump to another generation that does not have such “bad optics”.

Design of the iPhone 12s? of 2021. EverythingApplePro

But leaving aside the name, which is surely nothing more than an anecdote (although it is the only point where Apple’s strategy does not seem to have a clear criterion), we have other characteristics that will make apple fans happy. . One of them is the battery life. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, iPhones from 2021 will be 20% more energy efficient than iPhone 12s from 2020 So, finally, autonomy can be stretched a little more and we cannot blame 5G connectivity.

New camera layout of the iPhone 12s?
New camera layout of the iPhone 12s? EverythingApplePro

In parallel, Jon Prosser he’s back to counterattack with a new prediction: we will have foldable iPhone with smartphones from 2022, so in Cupertino they seem to have taken that leap seriously. Finally, to say that this modification in the design of the two lenses of what will be the future iPhone 12s is also confirmed, since they will not have a vertical but oblique arrangement.


Apple makes its new iPhone 12 and 12 Mini in purple official

The digital event of Apple, Spring Loaded, brought many surprises for lovers of these technological equipment. The firm presented the new iPad Pro, iMac and its accessories and also the new color in which the iPhone 12 will be sold and iPhone 12 Mini.


Apple launches new products including podcast subscription service – Telemundo Utah

Many of us may be suffering from virtual event fatigue after a year of video calling, but not Apple, which is announcing new products on Tuesday in what appears to be an online event without iPhones.

Tim Cook kicked off the first such event for the company in 2021 by announcing that Apple will launch a podcast subscription service next month for premium content, putting the company even further ahead of Spotify and other competitors in the wars of audio streaming. Apple also introduced a new purple color for its iPhone 12.

The company showed off the long-awaited AirTags, which appear to be coin-sized tracking devices that you can stick on things you don’t want to lose: your turtle, your phone, your cup of coffee, or perhaps small children. Priced at $ 29 for one or $ 99 for four, AirTags will be on store shelves on April 30.

Analysts are expecting new iPads and probably new color versions of the iMac. Apple may also use the event to announce a software update that would allow users to block Snoopy apps from collecting personal information. Often times, this data is collected from all smartphone users to help sell digital advertisements, without obtaining their explicit permission to track their online activities and whereabouts.

Facebook has fiercely resisted the privacy tool and has framed the upcoming restrictions as a threat to small businesses that rely on advertising to fund their digital services.

So far, Apple has only said that the new protection, known as App Tracking Transparency, will come out in early spring as part of a free software update for the iPhone.

We tell you the details of what could come.

And while you may be tired of seeing the sleepy heads of your co-workers in Brady Bunch-like rectangles on your monitor, Apple’s product launches, even virtual ones, are of a different breed, says Wedbush analyst Daniel. Ives.

“In this virtual environment, Apple’s product launches have been very successful in attracting developers and consumers around its new product line,” said Ives. “Apple is a unique brand and product launches, even virtually, are the lynchpin.”

In addition to iPads, including updates to the low-cost iPad Pro, iPad mini, and iPad, Ives also predicts a new Apple Pencil, a stylus for art and freehand writing with select iPad models, and some suggestions. about the new AirPods 3 wireless earbuds that he expects to launch at a separate virtual event in early summer.

We tell you the details reported by the company of the bitten apple.

Then in the fall, Apple will likely hold its long-awaited iPhone event, unveiling the iPhone 13. It has yet to say whether it will be in person or not, but to the millions of Apple fans, developers, and others who tune in on its Online events anyway, it probably won’t matter.

“The audience for Apple product launches is in the tens of millions, which speaks to the excitement these virtual events have brought, although it cannot match the Broadway feel of a Cupertino live performance,” said Ives.


With the AirTag you will not lose anything, they are the highlight of the Apple Event


The AirTags will help you find your keys easily with the help of your iPhone.

Apple Event

Applesfera.- The AirTag debuted in the Apple Event, It is a small device that you can place on any object to find it easily.

The AirTags are constructed of certified stainless steel IP67 and are based on the bluetooth technology Low consumption, with more efficiency and more coverage in order to be located. As the MacBook, the AirTag take advantage of emissions Bluetooth of others Apple devices, even if they are not yours.

Completely anonymously, the AirTags are able to triangulate their position thanks to other iPhone, iPad O Mac that they have nearby and communicate it to their owner in case of loss. Something very interesting is that they support Siri and they have speakers so that we can find the elements to which they are anchored. They are battery powered, but thankfully, it is user replaceable.

The AirTag are customizable with emojis, so that we can differentiate between different units that we have without getting involved. In addition, they have accessories to carry them, for example, anchored to a bag, so that they fit aesthetically wherever they are.

The location of AirTags It is done through the Search application: the accessory will appear as one more device in the list of locatable terminals. The only thing you will need is to haver iOS 14.5 installed on your iPhone. Like the AirPods, are very easily configured in a iPhone.

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Steve Wozniak, founder of Apple, give a lecture for Mexico, discover how to watch it

Steve Wozniak is considered the father of personal computers thanks to his work within the foundation of Apple. He is currently 71 years old and visiting again Mxico.

According to the organization of the Talent Land Digital, the engineer will go to Jalisco to give a conference that will be broadcast to at least two million attendees interested in technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The participation of the expert in computacin will be carried out remotely and in it narrate their experiences creating the first personal computer, which led the apple company to become a Referrer technological through the years.

There will be more guests

The event will also have Seth Godin, expert entrepreneur and marketing guru; Adam Savage, the constructor of the series Myth Busters; Hugo Blendl, the artist and illustrator of the acclaimed series Rick & Morty, as well as the youtuber and creator of travel and tourism content Luisito Communicate.

July Teacher be part of the 50 edutubers who will meet at this celebration to talk about their positions on online education and the content aimed at instruction of people.

Talent Network and the government from the state of Jalisco They will give some scholarships for young people who want to participate in the event and can do so in a free.

Due to the pandemic, all activities will be completely online. People who bought a ticket for the 2020 edition, they will also be able to access this platform in a free.



Apple launches family credit card | International

Among the launches made by Apple is the family credit card for people to share their Apple Card, track purchases, manage spending and build joint credit.

The card will initially be available in the United States next May and the idea is that two people are co-owners of an Apple Card, and thus they can share and merge their credit lines, it also allows the monitoring of spending through the iPhone and with a single monthly bill.

Thus, parents can teach product management with their children, while imposing spending limits and optional controls to have smart and safe financial habits.

The Apple Card also offers Daily Cash, which gives up to 3% of each purchase as cash on the card and “With no credit card number, CVV security code, expiration date or signature on the card, the Titanium Apple Card is more secure than any other physical credit card”, said Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vice president of Apple Pay.

In the other news, The company introduced the air tag for intelligent object tracking, a new generation of Apple TV 4K, an iPad pro with an M1 chip and a complete family of iMac.

It also featured an iphone 12 in purple.