“It would be a dream to coach Milan”

May 10, 2021 at 7:52 pm


Daniel Guillen

The current Ukrainian coach, Andriy Shevchenko, acknowledged that coaching AC Milan, the team he was in as a player, would be one of his biggest dreams for the program What’s the weather like on Rai3: “Coaching Milan is a dream, let’s see. It would be the best.”.

The former striker, who retired in 2012 at Dinamo Kiev, trusts that the Italians, who thrashed Juventus (0-3) on the last day of Calcio, can seal their pass to the Champions League: “Now Milan will do more: the team is growing and improving. We hope that rossoneri qualify for the Champions League “.

Pioli’s team currently marches in third position with 72 points, the same as Atalanta, which is in second position, two more than Naples and three more than Juventus, which marks the Europa League area. Those from Milan face the last three days visiting Torino, receiving Cagliari and culminating in Bergamo. With two victories they would tie their participation in the Champions League 2021/22.

Shevchenko, a historical of AC Milan

The Ukrainian forward spent a total of eight years at AC Milan, in two different stagess. The Italian team signed him from Dinamo Kiev for just over € 20 million and he became one of the club’s most historic players. With 175 goals, the attacker is the club’s second top scorer, behind Gunnar Nordahl, with 221 goals., and ahead of Gianni Rivera (164) and José Altafini (161).

At the national team level, the also former Chelsea striker is the top gunner with 48 targets, ahead of Yarmolenko (36), Konoplyanka (21) or Rebrov (15). Throughout his career, Shevchenko scored a total of 250 official goals, of which 127 were in Serie A with the team rossoneri.


The United States and Britain started talking about countering the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

The heads of the foreign affairs agencies of the United States and Great Britain held talks in London and discussed the aggressive policy of Russia, as well as developed a common position in support of Ukraine against the background of the latest escalation of the Kremlin.

About it Anthony Blinken and Dominic Raab said during a briefing on the results of the talks on Monday, according to the page Twitter Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom.

“We discussed a whole range of security issues – Iran, Afghanistan, constant concerns about Russia, in particular on the border with Ukraine. We stand side by side on these issues, and I welcome the strong commitment of the United States to the NATO Alliance,” the British Foreign Minister said in a statement.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken thanked the United Kingdom for “joining the United States in bringing Russia to justice” for its reckless and aggressive actions.

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He also added that they jointly reaffirmed their unwavering support for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Blinken previously noted that the United States supports joint statement European officials, which condemns sanctions affecting senior officials in Brussels, the secretary of state said on Twitter.

Recall Anthony Blinken May 5 will arrive in Kiev on a two-day visit, State Department Speaker Ned Price said in a statement released Friday.


Federal agents search New York apartment of former Trump attorney

Rudy Giuliani has been at the center of an investigation into his activities in Ukraine. The attorney has not been charged and has denied any wrongdoing

  • Federal agents search New York apartment of former Trump attorney

Federal agents executed a warrant for search at the apartment of Rudy Giuliani, who was Donald Trump’s personal attorney, in Manhattan, as part of a criminal investigation against him that has been going on for months, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Giuliani has been at the center of an investigation into his activities in Ukraine. The attorney has not been charged and has denied any wrongdoing, CNN said.

For its part, the Prensa Latina agency reported that Trump described the federal investigation against Giuliani as unfair and questioned the objectives of the agents who searched the apartment and the office of his former personal lawyer.

The Justice Department has been conducting an investigation into the former Republican mayor of New York for a year and a half, including a 2019 grand jury subpoena on possible money laundering, wire fraud, campaign finance violations, false statements and obstruction of justice. .

Giuliani once ran the Southern District of New York, which is now investigating his business dealings with Ukraine while serving as Trump’s attorney, but has yet to be formally charged with any crime.

“It is very, very unfair, Rudy is a patriot who loves this country and I don’t know what they are looking for, what they are doing, they said it had to do with the presentation of various documents, he loves this country so much,” Trump told Fox Business Network in a telephone interview.

Giuliani’s lawyer, Bob Costello, reported Wednesday that authorities seized cell phones and computers, and the search warrants included an accusation that his client violated lobbying laws by failing to register as a foreign agent, an accusation that according to the lawyer, he denies.

Costello suggested the investigation is politically motivated, a charge rejected by the administration of incumbent President Joe Biden.

The former mayor faces separate legal actions regarding his actions surrounding last year’s election and the deadly attack by Trump supporters on January 6 on the United States Capitol, which resulted in five deaths.

That unprecedented violent action in the history of the northern nation took place while a joint session of Congress was being held to certify Biden’s victory in the presidential elections in November last year.


Military expert revealed NATO plans

The British NATO military are building tracking systems in Ochakovo, Ukraine. “Britain with the hands of Ukraine can arrange a provocation. This is part of a systemic process, a new creation of the Cold War,” military expert Boris Rozhin comments on the situation.

In Ukraine, British military specialists are creating a hydroacoustic tracking system in Ochakovo, according to public figure Aleksey Selivanov. Boris Rozhin, editor-in-chief of the information-analytical center “Kassad”, explained what is happening.

According to him, the British are deploying a real NATO intelligence base in Ukrainian Ochakovo. And they need a sonar tracking system to keep track of all movements of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

We can say that the NATO forces are gradually being transported, which hope to stay in Ukraine for a long time and will pursue a course towards the gradual deployment of their infrastructure.

– said Boris Rozhin in an interview with Nation News.

He added that what NATO is doing in Ukraine cannot be called conventional military exercises. In fact, this is only a formal cover to ensure the permanent presence of the alliance forces on Ukrainian territory.

Britain with the hands of Ukraine can arrange a provocation. This is part of the systemic process, the new creation of the Cold War, we are seeing this now on the territory of Ukraine,

– said Boris Rozhin.


Britain and the US warn Putin about Ukraine

London and Washington some time ago warned Russian President Vladimir Putin that Moscow would “pay a high price” if Russian troops launched an invasion of Ukraine. This was stated in interview with the Sunday Times the director of the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, known as the Mi-6, Richard Moore.

Western countries have repeatedly expressed concern about the build-up of Russian military forces near the border with Ukraine and in the annexed Crimea. Last week, Moscow announced the end of military exercises and the withdrawal of some of its troops.

Moore said Russia’s “irresponsible” actions are deeply troubling, but in the long term, Russia is a weakening power “in terms of economics and demographics.” According to the head of Mi-6, Russia is facing many difficulties, and the latest protests over the arrest of Alexei Navalny have shown that part of its population is unhappy with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The head of Mi-6, who recently headed the service (previously he was a diplomat, in particular, holding the post of ambassador to Turkey), also said that he still feels anger over the use of chemical weapons in Salisbury – we are talking about the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, in whom Russian military intelligence officers are believed to be involved. According to him, the number of victims could have been large (one British citizen died from poisoning by Novichok). He also mentioned that the Czech special services suspect the same Russian agents of organizing the explosion in the Czech Republic in 2014.

All of these, like Russia’s actions in Ukraine, according to Moore, are signs of Russia’s irresponsible behavior. According to the head of the Mi-6, the communication channels between London, Washington and Moscow are open and the Russian authorities know how the Western allies assess Russia’s actions. Moore stressed that Britain would like to have a different, better relationship with Russia, but “this choice was not made by us.”

The leaders of the Mi-6, which is engaged in foreign intelligence, give interviews extremely rarely, and the director of the service is still the only person officially recognized as belonging to it, reminds The Times. Until 1994, the very existence of the service was not officially confirmed at the government level.


Ukraine will participate in the Dogu Akdeniz exercises of the Turkish Naval Forces

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KIEV (Sputnik) – Ukrainian sailors will participate in the Dogu Akdeniz exercises of the Turkish Naval Forces, reported the ArmyInform news agency of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

It is said that representatives of the Ukrainian Naval Forces attended the preparatory conference for the Dogu Akdeniz 2021 maneuvers, which are due to take place at the end of 2021 in the western Mediterranean Sea.

“The conference participants developed the general concept of the maneuvers and agreed on the composition of the forces that would be attracted to the drill … They also defined the format of Ukraine’s participation in the maneuvers and discussed the training of Ukrainian officers on board the corvettes of the ADA class (MILGEM) of the Turkish Naval Forces “, detailed the note.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the preparatory conference for the Dogu Akdeniz maneuvers was held in virtual format.

The Ukrainian military (archive) - Sputnik World, 1920, 14.04.2021

Ukraine conducts military exercises on the border with Crimea


UK to expand Magnitsky Act to combat money laundering from Russia

Meeting broadcast was conducted on the website of the parliament.

Raab’s comment followed criticism from parliamentarians.

In particular, Labor MP Lisa Nandy said that “half of all money laundered from Russia” passes through the UK, and accused the government of inaction during the Russian buildup of military presence near the border with Ukraine and in the occupied Crimea.

Another Labor MP – ex-Labor Minister Chris Bryant – asked why it took “so many years” to find out that the Czech police were looking for Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, two Russian citizens whose passport details coincide with the names of Russian citizens suspected of poisoning of ex-Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

“What are we going to do to make sure that the killers on the payroll [президента РФ Владимира] Putin, do not go to all the capitals of Europe? “- asked Bryant.

Raab responded that the UK could use the Magnitsky Act “as a means to combat human rights abuses,” and that these sanctions could be “equally” applied to “dirty money.”

“I have already made it clear that we will soon expand the Magnitsky sanctions to cover this,” he added.

In addition, Raab said the UK Foreign Office has “significant concerns about the recent build-up of Russian military forces on the Ukrainian border” and that the UK is working with its allies “to de-escalate the situation.”


The ‘going backwards’ undertaken by several countries with women’s rights despite the global advance of feminism

“Not all men have willpower. If vulgarity continues to increase, it will have consequences.” This phrase directed at women was uttered by Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, when asked what his Government is doing to curb the increase in cases of sexual violence against women and girls. Pakistan is just one example of the countries that, far from implementing policies aimed at the protection and eradication of sexist violence, continue with a discourse of criminalization and lack of protection of women.

However, it is not necessary to go to the Asian continent to observe this type of measures from the institutions. Turkey has made two decisions in this regard in recent weeks. The first was its departure from the Council of Europe Convention for the prevention of Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, also known as the Istanbul Convention, because it was signed in the Turkish city in 2011. The second was just ago one week, when The decree that established violence by the husband towards his wife as a crime was annulled, allowing it again and thus satisfying the most conservative Islamist wing of Turkey.

The Convention, drawn up by the Council of Europe, states that “violence against women and domestic violence represent in Europe one of the most serious violations of the rights of the person grounded in gender, and remains buried in a blanket of silence. It aims for states to implement policies to eradicate this type of violence, but there are still nine other countries – in addition to Turkey – that have not ratified it. These are Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Hungary, the latter, together with Poland, are considered internationally aligned states in many respects with the Turks.

While most countries are advancing at different speeds in the fight against sexist violence, others are moving backwards on the path they have achieved. In addition, they do it at a delicate moment, as he explains to 20Minutos Maribel Tellado, Campaign Manager at Amnesty International: “There are states that are denying their obligation to protect women and are trying to undermine rights that have been hard to achieve. They are also doing so at a time when the pandemic has multiplied gender violence worldwide. The case of Turkey is flagrant, because it was the first to ratify the Convention and sends a dangerous message to Europe, after having registered 266 women killed as a result of gender violence in the past 2020. ”

“The institutions of many countries do not fight against sexist violence and also violently repress civil society that does”

Turkey tops a list with countries from around the world

The country led by Erdogan is not the only one that practices a policy that ignores or promotes sexist violence. Within Europe, Hungary and Poland follow the Turkish trail. The Poles have even raised with the Constitutional Court whether membership of the Istanbul Convention is within the legal framework or what is proposed violates current norms. “This same Court was the one that vetoed the possibility of abortion in cases of serious malformation, which is the majority in the country,” Tellado clarifies. For its part, Hungary, which doubled the number of complaints of gender violence during the months of confinement, has a statement prepared by the congress to not ratify the Convention and described as “political whining” the protests that took place calling for annexation to the international agreement.

Beyond European borders, where anti-feminist currents are already present in all countries, there are other states where machismo and the culture of violence against women are fully established. Iran or Saudi Arabia are two countries where there is a male guardianship system, “which treats women as second-class people. They need the permission of a male legal guardian for many issues such as guardianship of daughters or to circulate alone and freely, “explains Tellado. In addition, from the institutions, far from implementing measures for equality are dedicated to persecuting activists who promote women’s rights, to silence dissenting voices and ensure that the the status quo.

On the other side of the Atlantic, in Latin America, the situation is not much better. The most striking case is that of Mexico, where in 2020 there were nearly 1,000 deaths certified as gender violence and the demonstrations – mostly peaceful – are violently repressed by the authorities. “Most of the institutions in many of these countries do not fight against sexist violence and also violently repress civil society that does,” they say from Amnesty International. On the other hand, Brazil is another of the Latin countries where The number of femicides continues to grow since 2019, when it increased by 7.2%. His government, led by Bolsonaro, modified the law to facilitate access to the possession of weapons and included a provision to reduce criminal penalties when homicides are committed “under stress,” despite the fact that this last point was not approved. The measure was made to stop drug trafficking, but several women’s associations denounce that it encourages femicide.

Why is this current of thought growing against fighting to eradicate gender violence?

The reasons behind these types of policies that propose setbacks in the fight against sexist violence are diverse. “Many excuses are used, which are ultimately false accusations. Many argue that they are trying to overturn traditional values ​​or that they are trying to normalize homosexuality. In reality, what they hide behind is misogynistic logic and in many cases homophobic. In the background what there is is an absolute disregard for the rights of women and girls. They seek to keep women in inferior conditions, “says Tellado. This occurs mainly in countries where religion has a great political influence and they see women’s rights as an attack on their perception of values, using all its mechanisms to that they do not succeed.

On the other hand, the educational aspect is one of the keys to maintaining the superiority of men over women. Many of the countries mentioned are aware of this and educate with that orientation. They are inculcated from the time they are girls to normalize violence by men, internalizing that they are inferior. In this way, they ensure that dissenting voices -which are very often persecuted- have little strength, because in their mentality this discourse is contrary to their customs and what they are used to, so they reject it and maintain the current order.

The Amnesty International expert exemplifies this situation in a concise way: “While we were working on a report on the situation of women in sub-Saharan Africa, an activist explained to us that in Mozambique girls are taught that the husband beats his wife if he really loves him. It links love with gender violence, which translates into the total perversion of the story, so that it is internalized and perceived as something natural and even good. “

In this way, in the middle of the year 2021 it can be seen how until relatively recently most states fought in one way or another against gender-based violence. Now, Instead of advancing at different speeds, there are countries that have decided to turn around and move in the opposite direction, also trying to convince others that this is the right path. However, while avoiding the countries that are on the right path, thousands of women pay the consequences of this type of policy every day and with their lives.


Turkish drones to conquer the world

  • Turkish military drones have been decisive in the victory of the allies of Turkey in the wars of Syria, Libya Y Azerbaijan,

  • Ukraine is the last country interested in acquiring this military material owned by a company of Erdogan’s son-in-law

On February 27, 2020, 36 Turkish soldiers were killed in northern Syria by a bombardment carried out by forces loyal to Bashar al Asad. Syria, at that time, was in full offensive against the opposition region of Idleb, where the air and land attacks of Assad and his allies, Russia and Iran, then augured a victory for the forces of Damascus and a humanitarian catastrophe. The death of the Turkish military made the president Recep Tayyip Erdogan will react and decide to involve your country fully in the conflict in the neighboring country.

“Is awesome. The people here are very happy, and now we are celebrating in the street. Never before in this war have we felt anything like this, that who they bomb is not us but the others”, Then explained a Syrian civilian of Idleb province.

In just a few days, the Turkish forces completely stopped the Syrian regime’s offensive. Tens of Russian anti-aircraft systems were destroyed, in addition to many others tanks Y artillery pieces of Assad’s forces. A ceasefire was signed in early March and, since then, partly thanks to Turkish intervention and partly because of the covid Yet the Syrian economic crisis- weapons have been silent in the region for an entire year, the longest period of time since the start of the war.

Turkish military success had its secret. A weapon that he had never used before and that proved to be key to battle: one state-of-the-art drones. “Turkey’s effective use of these combat drones is helping to change what a war is. Although the issue is not just about drones. These systems are effective because they use guided missile systems, in addition to systems electronic warfare along with drones. Of course there are measures against this, but not all countries can afford such sophisticated anti-aircraft systems nor do they have sufficiently qualified personnel to operate them ”, he explains. Michael Tanchum, professor at the University of Navarra.

The company that makes these drones – the most famous of which is the Bayraktar TB2– is named Baykar and one of its main directors is Selcuk, the husband of President Erdogan’s daughter. Everything is in the family.

Change wars

In April 2020, with confidence skyrocketing for the new jewel in the Army’s crown, Turkey decided to send its sophisticated unmanned artillery aircraft to Libya, where the Turkish ally in the war, the government recognized by the UN from Tripoli, was about to lose the capital to an offensive by the rebel commander Khalifa hafter.

The arrival of the new weapon – along with some Turkish soldiers and Syrian mercenaries– changed everything, as in Syria. The attack on Tripoli turned into a counteroffensive against Hafter’s forces, who was forced to sign an armistice that still lasts.

“The Bayraktar give Erdogan an important tool to project the military might of Turkey quickly and cheaply, ”he says Nicholas Heras, analista del ‘think tank’ American Newlines Institute. Heras recognizes the power of the Turkish drones, but with nuances: “Erdogan has meticulously chosen where the Bayraktar are sent. To date they have only been used in conflicts in which the Turkish Army was quite convinced that its devices would not be challenged and where, furthermore, their effectiveness could have a detrimental effect. maximum propaganda”.

Let them do the work

Turkish drones also served to tip the balance in favor of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh war last fall. “Their trust in them was so great that many soldiers they complained that they were sent to fight. They thought that their work in the war would consist only of wait for drones to attack and then go and collect the corpses, ”explained an Azeri with contacts within the Army of his country.

Obviously this was not the case, and thousands of Azeri soldiers – including Armenians – died in the war. But Azerbaijan is just as grateful for Turkish drones as it was two weeks ago Selcuk I travel to Baku to meet the Azeri president, Ilham Aliyev. Aliyev decorated Erdogan’s son-in-law with the Karabakh medal of honor, one of the greatest decorations in the Caucasian country.

The Bayraktar will now be able to experience the one that may represent their greatest challenge to date, if the interest of Ukraine for acquiring them. Faced with the deployment of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border, the President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, visited Erdogan last week.

It may interest you

The objective was none other than the purchase of the drones. “The Bayraktar could give the Ukrainian Army a tactical defense tool that could weaken an offensive by Russian-backed separatist forces. However, the Russians learned much from the Bayraktar during the recent conflict in the Upper Karabakh, and towards the end of the war, they had led Armenia anti-aircraft defense systems that were already a threat against Turkish drones ”, Heras explains.

Two days after Zelensky’s visit to Ankara, Russia prohibited its tourists go this spring to Turkey on vacation, although they claimed that the reason was the coronavirus. Meanwhile, Russia demanded that Turkey not arm Ukraine.


Britain sends destroyers to the Black Sea

Great Britain wants to send two warships into the Black Sea. The newspaper “Sunday Times” reports. It is a question of support for NATO partner Ukraine.

The British government will launch warships through the Bosphorus Strait in May amid mounting tensions between Ukraine and Russia. This is reported by the British newspaper “Sunday Times”, citing high-ranking naval officials.

The country wanted to demonstrate its solidarity with Ukraine and its NATO allies. A Type 45 destroyer armed with anti-aircraft missiles and a Type 23 frigate for anti-submarine defense would leave the Royal Navy carrier group in the Mediterranean and travel through the Bosphorus into the Black Sea. The USA canceled a similar project after Russian protests.

The background to this is the tension between Russia and Ukraine. There have been movements of troops on the Russian side in the border area. Ukraine is a member of NATO.

Ukraine is now calling for more commitment from the German government. “On the one hand, we expect the German government to issue a blatant public warning to President Putin and vividly describe all the painful consequences of a new military invasion,” said the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Andrij Melnyk, according to a preliminary report by “Welt am Sonntag” “before the video meeting of EU foreign ministers on Monday.