Trump came back and got revenge

The appointment of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik to the third-highest Republican seat in the House marked Donald Trump’s formal return to political life. Last Wednesday’s message -through a statement- from the former president, “Congratulations to Elise Stefanik for her great and overwhelming victory. The Republican Party of the House of Representatives is united and the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement is strong ”, and the message of the same legislator when taking office,“ I think that the voters are the ones who say who is the leader of the Republican Party, and President Trump is the leader they look at. I support President Trump. He is an important voice in our Republican Party and I look forward to working with him ”, are the testimony that marks the reintegration into public life of the controversial man who just four months ago left the White House.

Trump’s return to the political arena and Stefanik’s track record on immigration is the worst news ever. The actions of the former president in his administration speak for themselves about what he thinks of immigrants and what treatment they deserve, while Stefanik has shown that the issue is not among his priorities and his position is closely linked to those who ask for lower levels immigration. Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies said in some media that Stefanik “is related to two other Republicans who have the worst record in immigration voting in his career.”

Since last week, when it was officially known that legislator Liz Cheney was about to leave an important position in the Republican leadership in the House, it was known that taking such a step sent a very clear message to the members of the GOP (Grand Old Party) that there will be no tolerance for any disagreement with Trump. And incidentally, it was confirmed that the return of the former White House tenant was accompanied by revenge against those who did not agree with his philosophy.

When Cheney spoke about the possibility of leaving his position within the Republicans in the House, he was very clear and confirmed what he thinks of Trump. “If you want leaders who enable and spread destructive lies, I am not your person, you have many others to choose for that. That will be his legacy ”.

This same week, Dona Brazile – a columnist for the US Today newspaper, an analyst for Fox News and a contributor at Howard and Georgetown universities – said that the impeachment “was not just an attack on Cheney. It was a terrifying attack on our democracy that should alarm Americans. Any Republican who doesn’t worship the false prophet Trump now faces excommunication. The Republican Party could also change its name to the Trumpist Party. “

And precisely, the intention of several Republicans to disassociate themselves from the party and seek the formation of a new political organization – if confirmed – will thin the atmosphere and further divide the country, in addition to once again checking the significance of Trump in the political power struggle and that leaves a trail of pessimism -among other niches- in the migrant community. What do you think?

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Senator Blackburn Introduces Legislation to Reinstate Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” Policy | Donald Trump | Migrant Protection Protocols | Illegal immigrants

La senadora estadounidense Marsha Blackburn (R- Tenn.) presented legislation which seeks to reestablish the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP) policy of former President Donald Trump, to curb the recent influx of illegal immigrants at the border.

The bill called “Make the Migrant Protection Protocols Act” requires that migrants who cross the southern border without proper documentation remain in Mexico until their case is dealt with.

US President Joe Biden is facing criticism from more than a dozen Republican governors, as well as the attorneys general from several states, for reversing the politics of the Trump era by signing an executive order on January 21, hours after his inauguration, which “stopped adding people to the program [MPP].”

“President Biden’s failed immigration policies caused a crisis on our southern border,” Blackburn said in a statement obtained by Fox News.

“More than half a million illegal aliens have fled across our southern border since Biden decided to revoke President Trump’s successful policy, which forced migrants to remain in Mexico while seeking asylum,” the senator said. “My legislation will stop Biden’s decision to capture and release migrants in our communities and will reinstate President Trump’s Remain in Mexico program.”

Migrant families registered under the Migrant Protection Protocols cross into the United States accompanied by staff from the United Nations International Organization for Migration, through the Paso del Norte-Santa Fe international bridge in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua state, Mexico , on February 26, 2021. (Herika Martínez / AFP via Getty Images)

The Blackburn bill, in addition to restoring the MPP program, would also tighten restrictions on asylum seekers and order an end to the “catch and release” policy, a practice in which an illegal immigrant is released while waiting for hearings in an immigration court.

The MPP program was created by the Trump administration in January 2019 to help stem the flow of meritless asylum applications, which were clogging the system with hundreds of thousands of cases.

The program, commonly known as the “Remain in Mexico” policy, forces asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases are adjudicated. Before its application, thousands of illegal immigrants were released in the United States awaiting treatment, most of whom did not appear in court. Illegal foreigners used to disappear into the country never to be seen again.

On Tuesday, the US Customs and Border Protection Office. published operational statistics in a press release, which indicates that border agents faced more than 178,000 illegal aliens who tried to cross the southern border last month, representing an increase of three percent from the previous month and the highest total number monthly in two decades and an increase of more than 900 percent compared to a year ago.

Group of illegal immigrants with the Border Patrol after crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in La Joya, Texas, on April 10, 2021. (Charlotte Cuthbertson / The Epoch Times)

Blackburn is among other Republican lawmakers who argue that Biden’s move to weaken or reverse Trump-era immigration policies sparked the current crisis on the southern border.

On Tuesday, 20 Republican governors called on Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to “take action” to address the crisis at the US-Mexico border, as crowds of people from Mexico and Central America continue to try to cross into the country illegally. .

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To jail pro-Trump youth leader for pretending he was a lawyer in New York and swindling $ 46,000

Trump supporters, summer 2020.

Photo: Joseph Prezioso / AFP / Getty Images

John Lambert, Co-Founder of “Students for Trump”,a group of young people whose mission was to re-elect Donald Trump for president in 2020, He has been sentenced to 13 months in prison plus 3 years of probation for impersonating a lawyer and defrauding consumers and businesses out of $ 46,000.

According to him Department of Justice (DOJ), Lambert, 25, called himself “Eric Pope” and pretended to be a New York-based attorney at a law firm called “Pope and Dunn.”

Authorities said created a fake portal, where stated that he was a graduate of New York University (NYU) School of Law and had 15 years of work experience in corporate law and patents. This would imply having graduated as a child.

Between 2016 and 2018, Lambert reportedly raised more than $ 46,000 from that scheme, aimed at people seeking legal advice.

“Through this experience, Eric has spread through many states, countries, and different fields of expertise. He is sought after for his experience in financial and corporate matters due to his ability to mitigate legal scenarios while keeping the growth of his clients’ business in a focal point, ”the portal falsely proclaimed, quoted Fox News.

According Daily News, Lambert’s attorney, Gary Peters, asserted in court that It had been inspired by the fictional television program “Suits”, about the judicial world.

In August 2019 Lambert pleaded guilty in federal court in New York of one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. It is unclear when he founded the pro-Trump group.

Lambert’s victims included at least six individuals and corporations who paid him money for alleged services and legal advice. The victims hired Lambert to provide legal advice and services on a wide range of issues, including problems with their credit reports, writing a will, and intellectual property law, and a dispute with a former employee, ”he wrote the DOJ in a press release in 2019.

One of the victims withdrew money from his 401 (k) account to pay Lambert, the DOJ reported. According to court documents filed Tuesday, Lambert will be jailed for 13 months and It must be delivered to a facility in the Pensacola, Florida or Montgomery, Alabama area on June 25. After serving that sentence, he will be on supervised release for three years.

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Trumps like their bodyguards

Updated Saturday, May 15, 2021 –

Tiffany Trump (left) and Vanessa (right), former daughter-in-law of the penultimate US president.

The US secret service is no stranger to scandals. In 2012, 11 of its members starred in one of colossal dimensions to take a group of prostitutes to his hotel, in the Colombian city of Cartagena de Indias, where they were protecting the then president, Barack Obama, at a summit attended by 31 heads of state from all over America.

The fact that the agents protected the most powerful man in the world from day to day be out of whores (sorry for the expression, but there is no other way to say it in Spanish) at night it caused a huge controversy. And even more so when one of them refused to give the 800 dollars (660 euros) agreed with the girl, Diana Surez, 24, with the phrase: “Go away, bitch, I’m not going to pay you.” The incident gave a pelvic touch to a summit that had been marked by the cancellation of the presence of the then president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, and the Nicaraguan, Andrs Ortega, in protest of the US blockade of Cuba.

That scandal was followed by others, with the same degree of curiosity. In 2015, two agents, drunk as vats, crashed their vehicle into nothing less than one of the White House protective barriers. And in 2017, one of the Secret Service members protecting the then vice president, Mike Pence, was fired after she was caught in a brothel in Baltimore, near Washington. It is an even more speculative case than that of Cartagena, because in the US, unlike in Colombia, paying for sex is a crime that can be punished with jail.

But none of the scandals of these ‘mortadello and filemn’ with uncontrollable testosterone levels reaches what the triple Pulitzer Prize winner Carol Leonnig states in his forthcoming book ‘Zero Fail. The Rise and Fall of the Secret Service ‘(‘ Zero failures. Rise and fall of the Secret Service ‘): that the daughter of the former president Donald Trump, Tiffany, and his ex-daughter-in-law, Vanessa Trump (who still maintains her ex-husband’s last name, possibly because it is a more established brand than his, Pergolizzi) dated the agents of that security body when Trump was in the White House.

Leonnig’s book doesn’t go on sale until Tuesday. So the details of the alleged relationship between the Trumps – biological and political – are sparse. On top of that, the American press has a Victorian mentality when talking about sex, especially if it involves the president or his family. Since this is not the case of the British media, where a champion in bed, Boris Johnson, ruled, it has been media such as ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Independent’ who have had the audacity to say that both Tiffany and Vanessa consoled themselves in the arms of the agents of her breakups with her respective boyfriend and husband. Or, to put it in Leonnig’s puritanical prose, “became inappropriately – and perhaps dangerously – close “to the agents protecting them. In the case of Vanessa – former wife of Donald Trump junior, the family member with the most popular pull and most like his father – Leonnig does not deny that he “was dating” an agent. In that of Trump’s daughter, the journalist is more vague, but suggests that, as would be said in Spain, “there was something”, given that those responsible for the security of the First Family – which is how the relatives of the president – expressed concern “for Tiffany’s closeness to the tall, dark, attractive agent.” James Bond but in Latin.

If that were the case, it would be a complete breakdown of Secret Service rules, that he is absolutely prohibited from socializing with the people he protects, who are the president, vice president, members of the cabinet and their families, as well as foreign diplomats accredited in Washington and foreign leaders on official visit. Some mandatories who, after this, can travel with their families to Washington with peace of mind. Above all, if they have daughters with the heart ‘I give birth’ by some love break. The Secret Service will know how to protect them.

Cruel solidarity or subtle revenge

It was Vanessa Trump herself who uncovered her husband’s infidelity. He did it with a tweet on the website ‘Mediaite’, specialized in media gossip. In it, Vanessa defends Guifoyle with a protector: “It’s amazing how far people go to attack a woman just because she’s dating Don.” For many, it was not an act of solidarity but, on the contrary, a subtle revenge.

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Is there a political climate for dialogue in Venezuela?

April again breaks the records of crossings on the southern border of the United States … 178,000 people. This is the highest figure in two decades. Did the situation get out of control?

The White House would be reviewing sanctions policies towards Venezuela. At the same time, Nicolás Maduro questions Juan Guaidó’s approach to dialogue.

Less than a month before the second electoral round in Peru, the Spanish leftist politician Pablo Iglesias travels to support the candidacy of Pedro Castillo. How to read that endorsement?

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Chinese company is no longer on Trump’s blacklist

The Department of Defense of USA agreed to recall the smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi from his blacklist of companies linked to the Chinese Communist Party, according to a court filing published late yesterday.

After knowing the news, Xiaomi’s shares rose by 11,3 % up to 3.45 dollars in the US extraburstil market, reported the AFP news agency.

Xiaomi demand to the Pentagon and the US Treasury by the order of January 14 of the former president Donald Trump, which listed it with eight other Chinese companies in whose values ​​the Americans had forbidden to invest.

The measure was part of the growing expect exerted on China in relation to the strategic and commercial tensions between both nations.

In March, a Washington federal judge critical to the inclusion of Xiaomi in the ban, doubting the national security justifications of the US Government, and temporarily suspended it.

Yesterday, the US Executive’s lawyers said that they will not appeal the judge’s ruling and that they had agreed to issue an order to remove Xiaomi’s designation as a “communist Chinese military company.”

Xiaomi, whose shares are listed on the Hong Kong and others, and in the extraburst market of the United States, had insisted that “it is not proprietary nor is it controlled by the Chinese government or military, nor is it affiliated with them. “

“Neither the Chinese government or military, nor any entity affiliated with the defense industrial base, has the ability to exercise control over the management or affairs of the company,” he argued.




The decline of Trump on the internet? New platform does not lift


It seems that Donald Trump no longer shows its quality of influence on internet, as in old timeswell your new platform not going well.

A four months what it was exiled of the main social networks, Trump seems to have problems with ‘From the Desk of Donald J. Trump’, essentially a blog for their reflections.

The data suggests that things are not going well within a week of its launch, reports NBC News.

According to an analysis of the specialized firm BuzzSumoThe former president’s blog has attracted a considerably smaller audience than his once powerful Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What’s going on?

According to the data, users cannot comment on or interact with actual posts beyond sharing them with other platforms, an action that few do.

Trump’s new blog has attracted just over 212,000 interactions, defined as backlinks and social interactions, including likes, shares, and comments, received on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.

Before the veto, a single message from Trump used to receive thousands of likes and was retweeted hundreds of thousands of times.

Blog posts come in the form of statements that are also sent to supporters via email.

In multiple daily interventions, Trump has targeted his political enemies and backed loyal supporters, continued to push false claims and conspiracy theories, and weighed in on the news of the day.

Lower audience

Due to the suspension of his traditional networks, Trump no longer has the ability to communicate with millions of people: 88 million followers on Twitter, 32 million on Facebook and 24 million on Instagram.

A CNBC analysis of Trump’s tweets in January found that the messages I liked the most spread misinformation.

But the conspiracy theories and insults that the former president has spread through his blog do not seem to move as in the time of his presidency.

The most popular shares of Trump’s new content came from conservative media and activists.

The main blog post, in which Trump criticized Facebook’s Oversight Board’s decision to uphold its ban, garnered just 16,000 interactions.

Trump’s blog posts racked up just a few thousand shares on average, according to an image text search using CrowdTangle, Facebook’s social media analytics tool.

The most recent blow came last week when Twitter terminated an account with more than 2,100 followers who mainly shared Trump’s blog posts.

We will take enforcement action on accounts whose apparent intent is to replace or promote content affiliated with a suspended account, “said a Twitter spokesperson.

‘Primitive platform’

Trump was temporarily or permanently banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube following what social media companies said was his glorification of the rioters on Capitol Hill on January 6.

Trump’s ban on Twitter is permanent, and his temporary suspension from YouTube will be lifted when the company decides that the threat of violence is no longer imminent.

On Facebook, his suspension is currently ‘indefinite’ for the next six months, as ordered by the Oversight Board last week.

The low engagement figures for Trump’s blog seem to suggest that the practice of de-platformsing a user, or isolating a user from their followers and thus cutting off common follower networks, is widely effective and can be used to reduce hate speech and glorification of violence on major platforms.

It also apparently restricts a public figure’s ability to attract a similar audience on an alternative platform.

In the case of Trump’s new platform, it is technologically so primitive that his followers cannot even migrate, ”said Jeremy Blackburn, assistant professor of computer science at Binghamton University in New York.

Yet Trump’s team is not giving up on getting their messages out in front of a large and engaged audience.



Trump leaves Florida … now Melania and Barron

The former president is already in New Jersey.

Sarah Silbiger / Getty Images

The ex-president Donald Trump was photographed on Sunday boarding the plane that would take him from Florida to New Jersey, where the summer is expected to pass. The Republican left his residence in Mar-a-Lago after celebrating Mother’s Day with a brunch with his son Barron and his wife Melania.

The Daily Mail reported that the former president transferred his political and fundraising base to his Bedminster golf club, sources cited by the portal indicated.

Previous reports revealed that the former president planned to leave his Florida home to avoid the heat and humidity, but above all to prepare the ground for the season of tax collection events.

Trump is expected to lead several lavish events in the Hamptons to obtain resources for his “Save America” movement and the possibility of running for the 2024 election.

“(The move) places the former president close to New York’s financial center and a helicopter ride away from glitzy parties where billionaires rub shoulders during the Hamptons summer season,” the report said.

Starting this week, the golf course in Bedminster becomes the headquarters of former President Trump, who last week launched his new blog, in order to face the blocking of social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

The former president has not officially said that he will compete in 2024, but everything will depend on how his movement progresses in 2022, when there are midterm elections and he is expected to support several candidates.

“His advisers say that it is unlikely that a decision will be made before evaluating political currents in the 2022 House and Senate campaigns,” the report said.

The former president left Florida in his private jet, a Cessna registered in the name of a company he owns.

For now, Melania and Barron have stayed in Florida and it is not clear if they will catch up with the former president, something that will also depend on the school hours of Trump’s youngest son.

However, the report itself cites a source that the former president’s wife and son are supposed to follow him soon.

“The main house will close until the fall and the Trumps will leave to spend the summer at their club in Bedminster,” the source said.

Several guests, advisers to the former president and some possible donors attended the celebration of Mother’s Day in Mar-a-Lago, it was added.


Biden teams up to review Trump decisions – NBC Utah

WASHINGTON DC – Eager to turn the page on Donald Trump, President Joe Biden on Monday launched an effort to prevent the politicization of science within the federal government and tighten the rules of scientific integrity for the future.

Biden announced the creation of a 46-person team from more than 20 government agencies that will meet for the first time on Friday.


His mission is to review through 2009 for areas where partisanship interfered with what were supposed to be evidence-based decisions and research and find ways to keep politics out of government science.

The effort stemmed from concerns that the Trump administration politicized science to the point of putting lives at risk, eroding public trust and worsening climate change.

“We want people to be able to trust what the federal government tells them, whether it’s a weather forecast, about vaccines or whatever,” said Jane Lubchenco, deputy director of climate and environment for the Office of Science and Policy Policy. White House Technology.

Scientists and others have accused the Trump administration of neglecting scientific evidence and injecting politics into issues like the coronavirus or climate change.

Randy Serrano has the information.

A notorious case was when in 2019, Trump told reporters that Hurricane Dorian threatened Alabama and showed a graphic that someone in the White House altered with down and showed a different trajectory of the storm than the one indicated by the National Hurricane Center.


The Trump administration halted money laundering investigations

From 2012 to 2017, the United States (US) authorities unraveled a money laundering network that involved Mexican businessmen and authorities, who through a well-thought-out strategy transferred money obtained from this country’s taxpayers to US accounts.

Reporter Jason Butch conducted a review of court records in Texas, a state where at least $ 100 million was invested in condominiums, houses, land, cars, airplanes, and other real estate. However, since the administration of Donald Trump, the inquiries stopped.

The research is part of Reporting the Border, a project of the International Center for Journalists in association with the Border Center for Journalists and Bloggers, and was produced in association with Type Investigations.

It reveals names such as Luis Carlos Castillo Cervantes, alias “El Dragón” or “El Rey de los Dragones”, nicknames that he owes to his exclusive license to lease road paving equipment, and that emit dark clouds of smoke when they start walking.

The strategy in which this businessman is pointed out involves bribes to high-level politicians in Entities such as Aguascalientes, Coahuila, Veracruz and Tamaulipas. He gave them money to work with governments, in such a way that the value of their contracts was inflated.

The money laundering route also involves businessman Guillermo Flores Cordero and Banco Inter National, from South Texas, and it worked more or less like this: if the entrepreneurs received 10 million pesos in bribes in Mexico, they would be deposited into bank accounts. of your legal business.

However, from there that money would be transferred to other accounts in the US, and then redeposited, minus a 10 percent “cut”. Already with the money in the other country, it was used to buy houses or land that were later sold and the profit returned, completely legal, to the banking system.

The designated

“Following the money route” points to names such as the former treasurer of Coahuila, Héctor Javier Villarreal; the son of the former governor of Aguascalientes, Luis Armando Reynoso, the former governor of Tamaulipas Eugenio Hernández, and Humberto Moreira.