Possible hack of Trump campaign website – Telemundo Denver

President Donald Trump’s campaign website appears to have been hacked by hackers Tuesday night.

“This site was seized,” read a message that was posted briefly on a page at donaldjtrump.com. “The world has gotten tired of the fake news spread daily” by the president, he continued.

The message said it had information that “discredits” the president and his family, and demanded cryptocurrencies to disclose or withhold the information.

An image from www.donaldjtrump.com

The site soon appeared to go offline and was restored without the hacked message shortly thereafter.

A spokesman for the Trump campaign, Tim Murtaugh, said “the website was defaced and we are working with law enforcement authorities to investigate the source of the attack.” “There was no exposure to sensitive data because none of it is actually stored on the site,” he said. “The website has been restored,” he added.

In July, hackers managed to break into numerous Twitter accounts, including those of Trump’s rival Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama, in a different scam aimed at obtaining cryptocurrencies. Trump’s account was not affected. A Florida teenager was accused of being the mastermind behind the scam.

This story was first written by NBC News.


Management & Stock Market: Wall Street; perfect storm for the next few weeks | VIDEOS

Updated 10/27/2020 at 03:37

The world stock markets have generated a mixed behavior, the American and European stock markets entered negative territory, losing 1.03% and 1.54% respectively. On the other hand, the Asian and Latin American markets have registered positive numbers, mainly due to the rebound in copper, generating 1.44% and 4.28% respectively.

“We have a perfect storm that will threaten the financial markets In the next weeks. On the first front, we are uncertain about who will be the winner in the American elections, since it is very difficult to have that data the next day, ”says specialist.

On the other hand, there is the second phase of COVID-19, that this wave is projected to be higher than the previous one. Finally, a slowdown in economic activity is underway, mainly affected by the lack of fiscal stimulus.

“This perfect storm, we believe that it will generate a correction of more than 10% of the financial markets. Joe Biden it has an advantage in the national polls, but we know that these are a thermometer, but not a confirmation of who is the winner ”, he adds.

It should be remembered that the vote count is not immediate, this means that it may take several weeks until a winner is found, this will ultimately increase the uncertainty and volatility of the markets.


Borat 2: Sacha Baron Cohen’s sudden response to Donald Trump’s criticism

The irreverent and bizarre comedy Borat 2 starring Sacha Baron Cohen and sequel to the 2006 film, premiered last Friday in Amazon Prime Video in a context of pandemic and presidential elections in the United States that aroused criticism of Donald Trump for the parody that the actor makes of the North American president.

As in the Borat original, the mockumentary is full of uncomfortable moments for many, but in this installment the most controversial scene was the one that starred in a hotel room the character of the daughter of Borat (Maria Bakalova) and former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who is now the attorney for Donald Trump.



Who’s who in donlad trump’s family What does each member do?

Everything that surrounds the president of the United States becomes news and, therefore, the members of his family are placed directly in the media spotlight. So, both his wife, his previous wives or Trump’s children are known to a greater or lesser extent.

First, Trump has been married three times. His first wife was Ivana, a model from the Czech Republic with whom he was until 1992, which became an important figure within the Trump family businesses.

A year after ending his marriage to Ivana, Donald Trump married Marla Ann Maples, from Dalton (Georgia), dedicated to the world of acting and television. However, their marriage also ended in 1999.

By last, Melania Trump, the third and current wife of the President of the United States, whom he married in 2005. She has been a model and hails from Slovenia, making her the second foreign-born first lady of the United States.

Along with these three women, Donald Trump has had a total of five children. On the one hand, they are Donald Junior, Ivanka y Eric, who are the three oldest children of Trump, the result of his first marriage. All three played an important role in the media during the elections that made Trump president. They also take care of the family business.

On the other hand, it is Tiffany, fruit of Trump’s second marriage to Marla Maples. It is less well known in the media, since it participated little in the last electoral campaign. However, through social networks he shares numerous publications about his lifestyle, such as on Instagram, where he has more than a million followers.

By last, Barron William Trump He is the youngest of the children, fruit of the marriage with the current first lady. Despite his young age, he has been present at different events related to his father’s presidential race, such as Trump’s inauguration ceremony in 2017. Currently, he lives with his parents in the White House.


Trump is more popular than expected among minorities | WORLD

Lt. Karl W Smith

If the president Donald Trump loses re-election in two weeks, which seems increasingly likely, a main reason will be the collapse of his support among white older adults without a college degree. Discrimination is sure to focus on that, but it will also be important not to overlook one of Trump’s surprising strengths: increased support among young minority voters.

The president’s strength among minority voters is counterintuitive. Amid the biggest protests for racial justice and police reform since the 1960s, Trump called for a crackdown on protesters and repeatedly defended the police. Meanwhile, his zero tolerance policy at the border was seen as racist and xenophobic around the world.

However, if the trends are true, Trump could win a higher percentage of African-American votes than any Republican candidate since Bob Dole, who won 12% of black votes in 1996. Support for the president is also increasing among Hispanic Americans, and it seems which could capture roughly the same percentage, 35%, as George W. Bush in 2000. (Bush’s 44% in 2004 has been the highest mark for Republicans in the last 50 years).

These statistics are even more shocking compared to Trump’s performance in 2016, when he received the lowest support in decades among minorities. This historic low point could partly explain what lies behind the growing support for Trump now.

At Trump’s inauguration in 2017, many assumed that the slogan “Make America Great Again” meant that he would prioritize the needs of older white Americans in old cities. manufacturing belt over those of young urban minorities. Their policies have actually done the opposite.

Trump’s first (and only) major legislative achievement was a tax reform bill that lowered rates for businesses. Private investment rebounded and the unemployment rate for black and Hispanic workers hit record lows. Tight labor markets brought average personal income to record levels and opened up new opportunities for workers who had previously been excluded from the labor market.

On trade, Trump vowed to revoke disastrous multilateral deals and bring back manufacturing jobs that were overseas. But before the pandemic, the biggest blemish on Trump’s economic record was the loss of manufacturing jobs in the manufacturing belt as a result of the trade war.

What happened to crime and immigration, two other areas where Trump was supposed to look out for the interests of white Americans at the expense of urban minorities? Well, despite his aggressive rhetoric, Trump signed a sentencing reform bill that sparked the release of thousands of non-violent offenders. Regarding immigration, deportations remain much lower than during several years of the presidency of Barack Obama.

All this to say that while Trump’s rhetoric may have sounded offensive to minority voters, his actions were very different. When minority voters saw samples of Trump’s actual policies, they may have concluded that they weren’t as bad as they feared. That gap may be what drives the surprising strength of the president’s numbers.


Trump and Melania headline Halloween in the White House … without masks

The American President, Donald Trump, and his wife Melania, today headed the event of Halloween at the White House.

Every year, this celebration is held for children outside the White House, but this time, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the celebration was carried out in a different way.

According to a release issued on Saturday White House, the assistants: workers who have been on the front lines against the Covid-19, Military families and school-age children had to arrive with masks (from two years of age) and keep them on during the event.

Also read: “We are not going to control the pandemic,” says Trump’s chief of staff

Steps were taken to ensure the social distancing and the hours of the event were extended because the capacity was limited.

The staff working in the White House I was also obliged to wear a mask, but not the president or his wife, who were not wearing it.

Although it was not seen Trump by a Melania give candy, yes it was programmed to make it personal from the White House, that in this case he had to wear gloves in order to avoid risks of contagion.

Hand sanitizer was placed throughout the attendees’ journey, and staff were asked not to touch guests when distributing candy, model rockets, and paper airplanes to children.

Also read: “In November we will know if there is a safe and effective vaccine against Covid”: Fauci

At the beginning of October, Trump y Melania they got infected with coronavirus and the president spent a weekend hospitalized. Since then, both have tested negative and doctors say he developed immunity.



White House rules out quarantine to mitigate Covid-19 infections – World

Washington. The US government cannot control the pandemic and will not reduce the events of its reelection campaign despite the fact that several advisers to Vice President Mike Pence have tested positive for the coronavirus, a White House adviser said on Sunday.

“We are not going to control the pandemic,” said White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

“What we are going to do is make sure we have the factors to mitigate it, be it therapies or vaccines or treatments to make sure people don’t die from this,” the official added to statements to the CNN news network.

“But to say that we have to quarantine the entire country, that we have to shut down our entire economy … that’s what (opposition candidate) Joe Biden says,” he said.

What Biden has said is that he would order a mass confinement only if the scientists of the national government advise him to do so. He has promised that, if elected, and if necessary, he will try to explain to the public the benefits of a national order to wear the mask, and would ask the governors of the country for help to implement that prophylactic measure.

Meadows, when pressured by CNN journalists about why the pandemic has not been controlled, responded: “Because it is a contagious virus, like the flu.” He assured that the government is focused on bringing the appropriate treatments to the market.

Pence, who tested negative for the virus on Sunday, had a rally planned for Sunday in North Carolina, while President Donald Trump will hold events in New Hampshire and Maine. Biden went to church in the morning and was planning to attend a polling place concert in the evening.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris told reporters in Michigan that Pence should abide by the guidelines offered by official health agencies.

“We are doing it, and I think we have served as an example of what to do next, and they should follow our example,” said Harris, who recently suspended his campaign for a few days when relatives tested positive.

The White House said none of Trump’s travelers have been in contact with individuals close to Pence who tested positive.

The United States registered a record of daily cases on Friday, and on Saturday it almost equaled it with 83,178, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Nearly 8.6 million Americans have contracted the disease since the pandemic broke out, and some 235,000 have died; both totals are the highest in the world.


Sending Trump to Hell | To a liter hell …

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of ​​sending Donald Trump to hell for a long time. It is not about something figurative, a way of saying. I fervently wish that he inhabit a literal hell, that tactile and palpable place where those who caused serious harm to their fellow men suffer, yes, send him to that perpetual place that religions have represented for millennia through scenes of sulfur and frightening screams of pain.

The more Trump abused his power in this world and the more he avoided any consequences for his crimes, the more my obsession grew to evoke, even in an imaginary way, an alternate reality in which he paid for his sins.

It was natural that in seeking ways to visualize the treatment this vile man might deserve, he turned to the work of Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), the Italian poet whose Divine Comedy painstakingly plasma with his third rime a detailed overview of the afterlife in three volumes – Hell, Purgatory Y Paradiso they have been rightly considered among the greatest literary achievements of mankind.

There was nothing abstract about the Hell that this medieval author composed. Dante made a highly personal journey to the afterlife to meet men and women, both from his time and from times past, whom he rewarded for their virtue or eternally punished for their offenses. Although his ascent through purgatory fires and paradisiacal wonders, guided by Beatrice, the woman with whom he had fallen in love in his childhood, has a special charm, it was the Florentine writer’s descent into the saturated circles of Hell that has most fascinated to readers throughout the centuries. We are moved by the stories that doomed souls tell, and filled with dread to understand that their remorse comes too late to save them from the merciless torments devised by Dante.

Witnessing the hellish reality that Trump has imposed on the United States and on the planet, I couldn’t help but wonder where Dante would have placed this satanic president in the supernatural order that he claimed awaited humans after death. And it didn’t take me long to realize something hauntingly obvious: Trump accumulates such a diversity of transgressions that it is possible to fit him into almost every category and song that Dante invented for sinners of his own age.

Who better, then, to divine the fate that awaits Trump than that Italian author and his lyrical and prophetic voice?

Dante Alighieri has words for Donald Trump from the other side of death

My name, sir, is Dante Alighieri. Among the countless dead that inhabit these shores of the beyond, I have been chosen to address you because an expert in the afterlife was needed to describe what awaits your soul when it passes, as all souls must pass, to this land of shadows. It was natural, then, that they chose me to imagine his fate, once he was among us.

After accepting this task and when I had tired of recording the incessant registry of his misdeeds, I felt the temptation to make my job easier and simply reiterate for you the circles of Hell that I had already described with my third rime. It was a matter of leading him through my cascade of verses, step by step, into the depths of darkness that I jealously designed for others.

Weren’t you the selfish incarnation of so many sins that I have portrayed in my Comedy? Lust and adultery, yes! Gluttony, yes; greed and avarice, oh yeah; anger and fury, no doubt; violence and fraud, usury and disloyalty, yes again! You are even guilty of heresy, you who do not believe in God and yet take advantage of the Bible that you never read to deceive the Christians of your country.

Did you not practice all these iniquities, slave to heartless appetites? Doesn’t he deserve to suffer the punishments I envisioned? To be whipped by unbreathable winds, to drown in storms of putrefaction, to suffocate under bubbling waters of belligerence, to be immersed in tides of blood seething with rage, to cross a fiery plain thirsty, to be impregnated with the excrement of flattery and seduction? Isn’t it fair that the nocturnal demons of corruption tear it apart, that that throat and tongue of his that destroyed so many citizens be mutilated, that it swell with diseases like other traffickers and impostors? Wouldn’t it make sense for me to leave him trapped in ice and fire, chewed incessantly by the jaws of eternity, the future that I evoked in my own century for those who betrayed their friends and their homeland?

I finally rejected such a comfortable solution. After all, I was selected not to repeat myself, but because it was trusted from above that I would be creative enough to find an appropriate lesson for you – something, said the authorities in charge of this less wild and fierce place, more educational, even therapeutic. This is how times have changed since I composed that poem of mine!

My mission, it seems, was not to insert you, sir, into the rings of a vengeful and terrifying hell previously conceived by me, but to seek inspiration from the companions who populate this universe beyond the grave. And indeed, there were your victims, those who yearn to heal, whose pain you never shared, and who are now preparing to confront it. They have been waiting, patiently, in a long line, from the moment they arrived. I have you here, by my side, counting the days until it is your turn to die as well and you can face it, one by one, through all eternity.

They have earned that sad right thanks to what you did to them. Here they are: that father who died of a pandemic whose effects you worsened; a child killed with a weapon that you did not prohibit; a worker drowned by toxic fumes that your government did not limit; protesters assassinated by white supremacists inflamed by Trumpian rhetoric; a black man who expired thanks to the police violence that you refuse to condemn; a migrant who succumbed to the desert heat on the other side of the wall that his champions wanted to build with money stolen from his fellow citizens.

One case and another and another, could go on naming so many unjustified deaths, undue deaths, avoidable deaths, specters animated by the tenacious determination that justice is done. Forgotten and despised by the gale of history, with the only consolation that one day they will be able to demand an accountability from you. They will, of course, have to arm themselves with patience, since according to my plan, each of their victims must be offered how much time they need to relate their earthly trajectory, their last moments. You will be forced, sir, to listen to their stories over and over again until you finally learn to make that pain your own, until the tragedies of these people slowly lodge in the bowels of your mind.

His first reaction will undoubtedly be to reassure himself, ensuring that this new emergency will magically disappear, the same kind of fantasy that he displayed in the face of the pandemic, proclaiming that it would be dispatched without problems, miraculously. Then he will try to fall back on his old supreme scammer tricks. You will believe that, just as you have bribed and lied to escape scandals and bankruptcies, in the same way you can also get rid of this settling of accounts. There you will throw to the wind a string of macho bravado, warning that you are invincible and invulnerable, presenting yourself as a Savior or Superman, boasting of having invented a vaccine against judicial sentences, a remedy for the terrors of Hell.

And when those tricks do not work and you open your eyes, sir, and you are still here among us, then you are going to tear your clothes, announcing that you have repented, believing that you can slip away from this confinement, these endless rooms. But that exasperated ploy won’t do him any good here, in the transparent abode of death. And when he realizes that this encounter with his immediate victims is only the beginning of the process, he will try to hasten the matter, because the longer it takes to unload the men, women and children whom he sentenced to early mortality, the longer. there will be so that new victims appear, those who are going to perish in the future due to their negligence and malignancy, thanks to the brutality and hatred that you unleashed with your militias and your ruthless policemen, all the inhabitants of the earth who are going to become extinct when the revenge of a violated planet is manifested in heat waves, hurricanes and droughts, famines and floods, legions of the dead that will add to the endless list of those already affected with every minute that slides.

That is the moral abyss into which my imagination will plunge him now that I am no longer the man who lived a bitter exile from his beloved Florence. The centuries that I spent on the other side of death have evidently softened me, made me more charitable. Beatriz, the love of my life, would have admired my transformation, which opens the eventuality that a man like you may receive the semblance of an absolution, provided, by the way, that his repentance is truly sincere.

Even so, the worm of a doubt consumes me. This strategy of redemption, I am told, has been tried before. The mists of time are full of men who, as in his case, thought they were gods and who, after their death, were carried howling into rooms overflowing with the lives that they broke. And these criminals – Mussolini, Mao, Pinochet, Napoleon, Franco, Andrew Jackson, Saddam Hussein, Stalin, Idi Amin (oh, the list is endless!) Never managed to leave the twisted mirror of their own penitential rooms.

They remain there, stagnant, irremediable. That’s what some demons are whispering in my ear, telling me that Dante Alighieri’s redemptive prophecy will never come true for someone like Donald Trump. Perhaps, echoing those other cursed criminals, he will also reject all responsibility. Maybe he’s just as incorrigible and flawed and stubbornly blind as the scoundrels of old. Perhaps there is an evil in you and in the universe that can never be finished. Perhaps when the pain is infinite, it is impossible to erase it.

I fear, then, that it may be cruel to promise an uplifting denouement to those who hope for justice in the afterlife. Why, I wonder, encourage the dead if it is only to thwart their illusions?

And yet what else can I do but complete the task that I have been given? Of all the poets, I was chosen in the wake of Divine Comedy that allowed me to descend to Hell and climb the Mount of Purgatory and witness how the sun and the stars of Paradise looked like. I was drawn from the fields of the dead to arrange these words for you as a warning or a plea or a tempestuous accusation, a mission that I accepted and which I cannot now renounce.

It only remains for me to conclude these words of mine by responding to the only objection with which I could legitimately contest what I prophesy about your destiny after death. I imagine you are going to yell at me– but Dante AlighieriI hear his voice you have painted a future, Dante, in which I will have to spend an eternity doing penance. And I’m going to answer: Yes, Donald Trump, in fact it will take forever, but that is what awaits you, that is what, badly or badly, all of us have before us, an infinite patient time.

Ariel Dorfman is the author of Death and the maiden. His most recent books are the novel Allegro and the essay, Chile: Rebel Youth. He lives with his wife Angelica in Chile and in Durham, North Carolina, where he is Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Literature at Duke University.


What’s behind Donald Trump’s comment on QAnon | WORLD

“Ask for Q” has been a battle cry of the faithful of QAnon since that theory was born conspiratorial three years ago.

They have long claimed that if the President of the United States were asked, Donald Trump, the answer would confirm his baseless belief that the president is waging a secret war against enemies in the inner circles of the state and a clique of Satan-worshiping cannibals running a child prostitution plot.

So the followers of QAnon they received a response from Trump with celebrations during a televised citizens’ assembly on Thursday night. When asked if he would completely disown QAnon And would reject the baseless belief of his followers that he is the “savior” against Democrats running a “satanic pedophile plot,” the president avoided a direct answer.

Trump claimed he knew nothing about the theory QAnon. But later he praised his work against pedophilia and refused to say that the conspiracy theory was false. “I don’t know, and neither do you,” he said.

Alex Kaplan, a senior researcher with the progressive monitoring group Media Matters for America, noted that an advocate account of QAnon with nearly 50,000 followers he had celebrated the president’s comments as “full and complete confirmation,” and thanked NBC News for broadcasting them.

While Trump praising the strange group, some social media platforms were trying to curb their false claims.

Here’s a look at how the president, other Republicans, and big tech companies have responded to the growth of QAnon from the fringes of the internet to conventional politics.

What is QAnon?

QAnon is a convoluted and apocalyptic conspiracy theory spread largely through the internet and championed by some conservative extremists.

It is based on the cryptic messages of “Q”, an anonymous user and supposedly with inside information of the government. The first post appeared on the 4chan forum in October 2017.

Many QAnon supporters believe that thousands of agents from inside state circles and prominent Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, will be arrested and sent to prison at Guantanamo Bay during an event called “The Storm.”

In May 2019, an FBI bulletin mentioning QAnon warned that extremists driven by the conspiracy theory had become a threat of domestic terrorism and were “highly likely” to commit violent crimes inspired by their extremist beliefs. QAnon has already been linked to violent incidents in the real world, including the murder of the alleged boss of the Gambino crime family.

What has the White House said about QAnon?

The attendance of QAnon supporters has been a constant at Trump rallies for years. When asked about the issue in 2018, then-White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump “condemns and denounces any group that incites violence against another person.”

However, Trump praised QAnon supporters in August during a press conference at the White House. “I have heard that these are people who love our country,” he said in his first public statements on the matter. Trump insisted that he did not know much about the movement, “other than that I understand that they liked it very much” and “it is gaining popularity.”

His praise Wednesday was more specific. “I know they are very much against pedophilia. They fight it a lot. But I don’t know anything about that. “

How did QAnon’s followers respond?

Amarnath Amarasingam, a professor at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada, who investigates terrorism and political violence, noted that by refusing to condemn QAnon and often re-tweeting accounts defending that belief, Trump sends the message to supporters of the movement that is “on their side” and they “have found something.”

“It would have been the perfect set of beliefs to completely ignore and let die on the margins because he is completely present and deranged. But since the president talks about it now, he is having social influence in a disproportionate way, “said Amarasingam.

During his debate with Democratic candidate Joe Biden, Trump refused to directly condemn a neo-fascist group called the Proud Boys. Members of the group, who are Trump supporters, responded with collective enthusiasm on social media when the president told them they should “stand back and wait.”

American University professor Kurt Braddock, who investigates extremist groups, noted that Trump’s remarks at the assembly will give impetus and possibly encourage QAnon advocates.

“Being legitimized on that stage is going to be a huge boost for them,” Braddock said. “Any kind of legitimation of that kind is a danger by increasing the popularity of the group and making the group feel that what it does is justified and valid.”

What have other Republicans said on the subject?

Vice President Mike Pence and other Republican leaders have downplayed the movement, but the conspiracy theory has entered the political imaginary of the Republican Party.

Pence and other senior members of the Trump campaign were scheduled to attend a fundraiser in Montana hosted by a couple who have voiced support for QAnon, though Pence later canceled those plans.

At least 86 current or former congressional candidates have endorsed or credited the conspiracy theory, according to a count by Media Matters.

It’s almost certain that next year there will be at least one QAnon congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Green, who has voiced her support for the theory and already seemed headed for a victory in a largely Republican-majority district in Georgia, even before that. his Democratic rival retired.

The Associated Press and Media Matters have also identified more than two dozen candidates for state legislatures who have expressed some interest or support for QAnon, including a Tennessee state legislator who has received campaign donations from Amazon, Walmart, and other large corporations. .

How have the tech giants responded to QAnon’s expansion on their platforms?

Facebook and Twitter have vowed to stop encouraging QAnon’s growth, but a recent Associated Press analysis of both platforms showed that they are still not enforcing even the limited restrictions they had introduced.

Twitter announced in July that it would close 7,000 QAnon accounts and promised to stop promoting or recommending QAnon. Facebook introduced new rules in August designed to stop encouraging users to join groups associated with conspiracy theory. It also banned QAnon labels and shut down thousands of groups linked to the movement that fomented violence.

Facebook announced a stricter policy last Tuesday, stating that it would remove all pages, Facebook groups and Instagram accounts that represented QAnon even if they did not encourage violence.

On Thursday the 15th, YouTube announced that it would take further steps to limit QAnon and other baseless conspiracy theories. YouTube said it had already removed tens of thousands of QAnon videos and removed hundreds of channels under its existing rules.


Trump may be wearing down voters

The voice of Galicia

Teli Stokols

Noah Bierman Los Angeles Times

25/10/2020 05:00 h

In the final throes of an increasingly discouraging campaign, President Donald Trump has sped up his remarks program and incited his supporters with a frenzy of relentless outrage., the same one who helped him become the most polarizing political figure of his time. He suggested that the governor of Michigan, the target of an alleged kidnapping plot, should be jailed. Express indifference to the shooting of a former Arizona congresswoman. He called the country’s top epidemiologist, Anthony Fauci, a disaster. Without foundation, he called former Vice President Joe Biden a criminal and urged his attorney general to investigate him.

For Trump, turning the volume up to 11 is instinctive and almost a guarantee that he will be the center of attention. But for the rest of the country, particularly voters you need to close the ten percentage point gap that separates you from Biden in the polls, there is mounting evidence of burnout that can cost you crucial votes. It stopped being funny a year or two ago, said Josh Peterson, a 24-year-old surfboard maker from North Carolina who abstained in the last election and now plans to vote for Biden, in an undecided state that could determine the presidency. The initial amusement over Trump’s election four years ago, he claimed, faded after the wave of chaos, controversy and cartoonish behavior. The grace faded when it became more real, and you think, ‘This is who we are to the outside world,’ he says.

Retired Clayton social worker Judy Jones volunteered for Biden’s campaign through the local Democratic Party, fueled in part by her fatigue with Trump. You wake up in the morning thinking, ‘What did he do today?’ We just want to wake up and say, ‘Okay, there’s someone decent and with integrity running this country’.

According to a Pew Research poll released Monday, general interest in the election has risen, with 75% of Americans following them very closely. But 61% say they are exhausted by all coverage. People are just exhausted, said Cornell Belcher, a Democratic pollster. They are tired of being bombarded by politics and always having to talk about the same thing, he explained. Voter fatigue with Trump began to show itself in the discussion groups only one year after he became president.said Joe Trippi, a Democratic consultant. Suburban women at the time were wondering, ‘How can I make this chaos disappear?’ Said Trippi, who works on the reelection campaign for Alabama Senator Doug Jones. Hoping to take advantage of Trump’s burnout factor, a Biden ad in August began by simply asking: Do you remember when you didn’t have to think about the president every day?

Antdote to theatricalism

In a year that has seen the country convulsed by a pandemic, by recession, by racial strife and weather disasters, Biden has presented his candidacy largely as an antidote to Trump’s endless theatricalism and partisanship.. He has also pledged to seek consensus and bipartisan solutions, featuring several prominent Republicans at his nominating convention, and continues to do so in his fall television spots, including Cindy McCain, widow of former Arizona Senator John McCain, presidential candidate. Republican in 2008.

Polls suggest that Trump’s preferred insult to Biden is Sleepy Joe, an expression that could backfire given the dismay of many voters at the last four years of chaos in the White House.

He sees his presidency as a television show

After Trump and Biden held their respective voter meetings, which were broadcast on different networks, a Trump campaign aide made fun of Biden’s reassuring performance, which he even compared to an episode of the American children’s series The Neighborhood. Mr. Rogers. But there were more viewers who saw Biden respond calmly on ABC than who tuned in to Trump’s most hyperactive and combative performance, even though it was broadcast live on two channels. Unlike in 2016, when news networks used to broadcast Trump’s meetings live and in their entirety, those he has done during this fall they have often been ignored by the three main television networks. Fox News still rebroadcasts them at times, leaving the more subservient and lesser-known OAN network, along with a handful of YouTube channels, as the only stations that regularly cover the president’s near-night performances.

Undoubtedly the most conscientious president of the cameras in history has used all the paraphernalia of the presidency, including the Oval Office and Air Force One, as the background of his monologues, constantly stirring up current affairs and reacting to television coverage in a cyclone of controversy, as ephemeral as it is consequential, that perpetuates itself. He sees his presidency like a television show. He is the number one fan of his presidencysaid Miranda Banks, an associate professor at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television.

The question now is whether the Trump show has worn out. As real crises have gripped the country, the president seems, more and more, as if he has lost the plot. Trump’s outrage made him a potentially compelling candidate in 2016 and the voters didn’t know exactly what would happenLike any good TV show, Banks noted. Now we know And we’ve seen the stakes and the American people no longer agree, he added.

For now, the noisy crowds at Trump’s rallies seem eager to play a role they are already familiar with, yelling Arrstala! and CNN sucks !, something that serves to reaffirm that his performance is still a success. I like him because he is not a politician. I know he’s a little crazy sometimes, with the things he says. I like thatsaid David Davenport, owner of a pool business in Southern Shores. Similarly, Pam Strickland, a Lowe hardware employee, watches Trump rallies whenever she can. I like your message. I like your style. I like the things that he has achievedhe asserted, not to mention his comedy.

2020 Los Angeles Times. Distributed by Tribune Content Agency. Translation, Lorena Maya.

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