United States, China and Brexit

I am surprised that in the trickle of appointments that Biden, the president-elect of the United States, is announcing, none of those related to international trade has yet appeared, an issue that has been a priority for Trump. It is necessary for the future tenant of the White House to specify what his trade policy will be, a key instrument in the broader framework of foreign relations, on the one hand, and of economic policy, on the other.

The Trump era has been characterized by continuous conflict, either through the blockade in practice of the World Trade Organization (although Washington has already announced a return to multilateralism) or wars, either with the EU or with China, among other blocs or countries. Precisely the arrival of Biden to power will take place a few weeks after China and other Asian and Pacific states, such as Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Thailand (only India is missing among the greats), have signed the trade agreement that affects the largest population on the planet, almost a third or so.

With this instrument, China becomes more power if possible and the axis of the world moves even more to that ocean, leaving the Atlantic and Europe in a second position. And, since we are with trade issues, days go by and the agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom on Brexit is not closed. January 1, 2021 is just around the corner and, in addition to reaching that pact, it will have to be ratified later by the corresponding instances. No time left and everything points to a Brexit by the brave, which would not be bad, but worse.


One year after the emergence of Covid-19, China consolidates its economic recovery and gives a “push” to raw materials

At the beginning of November 2019, a year ago, the world began to talk about the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the origin of Covid-19, later turned into a pandemic, was identified. Now, while other countries face a “second wave” of infections, the Chinese economy continues its recovery.

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U24 News | Weather: Clear sky, although for many it is a dark day

This Thursday 11/26 we will have warm weather, with mostly clear skies and a temperature that will reach 26 ° C. There is no chance of rain, although for many the day is gray and even stormy due to the death of former soccer player Diego Armando Maradona. What is the forecast for the other days? We detail it to you.

According to the SMN we will have a Thursday with little cloudiness and a temperature that will reach 26 ° C in the City of Buenos Aires. The weekend the chances of rain return, although some feel that they are already in the middle of a storm due to the death of Maradona. Photo: NA

Data from the National Meteorological Service 11/25

Now: 18.4 ° C

Low: 18 ° C

Maximum: 26 ° C

Chance of Rain: 0%

Humidity: 34%

Next forecast

By Friday we will have mostly clear skies and a maximum temperature of 27 ° C.

Meanwhile, on the weekend the chances of rain return.

They are low, there is a 10-40% probability that a downpour will fall in the City of Buenos Aires.

Rain could appear in the afternoon and evening, both on Saturday and Sunday.


this is how supercontagating events are

An ascending or descending line in a graph has been the image by which we have been guided since the beginning of the pandemic to establish whether the situation was worsening or the infections were beginning to be controlled.

This illustrative graphic representation has created the false impression that the coronavirus spreads equally linearly, with each infected person transmitting the infection to a similar number of new positive cases.

The perception has been clearly proven wrong. The coronavirus spreads mostly explosively, in what are known as supercontagative events, in which a small percentage of infected transmit the pathogen to a large number of people.

“Our mental image should not be the one that most people transmit [la Covid-19] to two or three people, but a small number of infected dominate transmission while most others do not cause secondary infections”Explains a group of researchers led by Benjamin M. Althouse, from the University of Washington, in Seattle, United States, in a article published in the magazine Plos BiologyOn November 12.

The risk of supercontagators.
Carlos Gamez

Data on super-contagious events remains scarce, although certain patterns have already been defined. Closed and poorly ventilated spaces, crowded places, and continued exposure to aerosols are some of the factors that increase the possibility of these infectious explosions.

An investigation conducted in China determined that 10% of those infected by Covid-19 worldwide have infected 80% of cases and Spanish researchers from the University of Santiago de Compostela concluded that 50% of the positives originate from a supercontagator.

These types of events began to be reported since the beginning of the pandemic, highlighting some that had a great media impact such as the Biogen conference in Boston, which caused 70 infections or the Zumba class in a gym in Cheonan, Korea. South, which caused 112 infected. More recently, the first outbreaks of the second wave in Spain, located among agricultural workers living in closed spaces in Aragon and Catalonia, also had their origin in super-contagious events.

Biological and social supercontagators

What the researchers at the University of Washington have done in this study is to systematize these events to look for common elements that allow classifying both the patients responsible for a high number of infections and the places and situations conducive to these events taking place.

The article differentiates, on the one hand, between biological supercontagators – with a higher viral load – and social ones – those that engage in a greater number of social behaviors of contagion risk. On the other hand, smark certain facilities such as meat processing plants, shared dormitories, prisons or long-term sanitary facilities, as places conducive to super-contagions.

Finally, they point out the existence of suitable scenarios that can be exceptionally generated when a high number of people gather in a closed and unventilated place or when circumstances lead them to speak loudly or shout without a mask, as in a bar or a disco. or to sing, as in a choir.

“It is crucial to understand the types of foci and patterns of transmission, since interventions must focus on all bulbs with a high risk of super contagion event and in limiting social gatherings in these places “, conclude the researchers, who warn, in their conclusions, about the risk of lifting restrictive measures” until the transmission routes in different types of focus are well understood. “


Trump plans more action against China in his final weeks | WORLD

The American President, Donald Trump, plans to implement several new hard-line measures against China In the remaining weeks of their term, according to a senior administration official, who may tie the president-elect’s hands, Joe Biden.

Actions being considered include protecting American technology from exploitation by the Chinese military, countering illegal fishing and more sanctions against Communist Party officials or institutions causing damage in Hong Kong or the western Xinjiang region, he said. the official, without providing details.

“Unless Beijing changes course and becomes a responsible actor on the world stage, future US presidents will find it politically suicidal to reverse President Trump’s historic actions,” said John Ullyot, spokesman for the National Security Council. , it’s a statement.

Axios previously reported that Trump may announce sanctions or trade restrictions against more Chinese companies, government entities or officials alleging human rights violations or threats to US national security. The transition team from Biden he said he had no comment on the report for now.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at his daily briefing in Beijing on Monday that “cooperation is the only right way forward.”

“It serves the fundamental interests of the two peoples to ensure the healthy and stable development of China-US relations. It is also what the international community hopes to see, ”Zhao said. “China maintains that both sides will benefit from cooperation, but will lose from confrontation.”

Tougher moves against China were expected in the last weeks of the Trump administration.

Ed Mills, an analyst at Raymond James Financial Inc. wrote in a note published Friday that the financial services firm was preparing for additional executive orders on hardline positions, done in a way that could be difficult to reverse. That assessment followed Trump’s executive order on Thursday banning US investments in Chinese companies owned or controlled by the military.

The order prohibits investment firms and pension funds from buying and selling shares of 20 Chinese companies that the Pentagon determined in June to have ties to the Chinese military, as well as 11 other companies added in August, Axios reported. He said Administration officials were discussing expanding that list.

The Trump Administration also faces a mid-December deadline to name and sanction any bank that does business with officials identified as undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy.


One million Chinese have already been vaccinated against Covid-19

The Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm, which develops a vaccine against the coronavirus, has ensured that it has already supplied the product to around one million people in the Asian country, without serious side effects being detected for now.

The president of the company, Liu Jingzhen, has assured that to date “only a few” people have shown “mild symptoms” after receiving the vaccine, according to a statement posted by Sinopharm on Wechat.

Vaccination is framed within a emergency program With which Beijing would have already begun to immunize strategic sectors. The official media have been reporting vaccinations to health workers, military, diplomats and other officials.

Sinopharm vaccine has already completed phase three trials following work carried out in a total of ten countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Peru and Argentina.


Xiaomi reveals new smartphone

The Xiaomi company is working on a new 5G smartphone that will be based on the serie Note 9 and that have become the best-selling smartphones of the brand.

The Chinese company announced new 5G models for the Redmi Note 9 series, the statement was made through a publication in the social networks Chinese “Weibo”, where they showed a first image of the new smart device.

It may interest you: Huawei Nova 8 SE: New mid-range cell phone with a design similar to the iPhone 12

It may interest you: Xiaomi Mi 10: Design, characteristics and price of the new high-end cell phone


Xiaomi’s new cell phone could be a new series of Note 10, although the company has not revealed more information about its name. The image shows a different design to the latest version of the smartphone, it has a round chamber which could resemble the Redmi K30 Ultra or the Poco X3, and a 6.7-inch screen, the battery is expected to be 4,720 mAh, as has already been handled.

5G is here for middle-class cell phones

The new cell phone will be middle class and will have the advantage that at least one of the next three new devices will integrate the fifth generation of mobile phone technologies to connect to the network anywhere.

Surprises from Xiaomi

The name of the new cell phone of the Chinese company is still a mystery, it is speculated that it could bear the name of Redmi Note 9, due to its similarity to the series: Note 9, Note 9S and Note 9 Pro. They are also expected to count. with a processor Mediatek to save cost.

The official presentation of the new Xiaomi smartphone is expected to be in the coming weeks in China, but its export worldwide will be announced later.


▷ WoW Shadowlands: Syvanas and Blizzard’s intentions

With the launch of WoW: Shadowlands just around the corner, in this video David Caballero, editor-in-chief of Gamereactor Spain, interviews Patrick Dawson, Production Manager, and Sarah Verrall, Senior Level Designer, about the many new features of the MMORPG eternal. Here is the full transcript of the conversation.

★ Gamereactor: Today we will talk about one of the most important launches of the Christmas campaign for PC that is already around the corner, and I am referring to Shadowlands, obviously, the new Blizzard expansion for World of Warcraft that comes to the market on November 24, after having suffered a slight delay. Many thanks to both Patrick and Sara for being here today; our first question is for you, Patrick: Since you’ve had a little more time due to the delay, what can players expect? Have you been finishing it up or fixing some last minute bugs?

Patrick: Yeah sure, let’s talk about it. You already know that delaying a title is not an easy decision to make, we always like that players can enjoy new content as soon as possible. However, when we tested the final version and after having listened to the opinions of the community we realized that there were a few things that were not exactly as we wanted, and it is very important that we solve this issue, because in the case of the Pacts , for example, these are very important decisions and we want to make sure that the four options are well balanced and that they end up rewarding you and putting you fully into the game so that nobody will think that we have not made an effort to they. We have been working very hard in these Pacts and also in the Maw area so that it is dangerous but also attracts attention so that the players jump to conquer it. We have also been working hard on the new areas for the final version of the title, and I think that when you can enjoy the new stories from November 24, you will have no doubt that the wait will be worth it.

★ You mentioned a couple of things that we also wanted to ask you about, the Pacts and the feedback you have received from the community to date. With Patch 9.0 you completely redesigned the level system of the title, how did players take this change?

Patrick: The level system issue is something that we already had in mind, especially so that new players would not be overwhelmed by seeing that there are 120 levels added to the 16 years that the title has been on the market, so we wanted to give them For these players, a different and new experience, the End of Exile, where you learn the basic mechanics of World of Warcraft and, at the end of it, instead of having to play small pieces of all the expansions, we wanted them to only focus on one, in Battle for Azeroth, in which they will go up to level 50. Also, having fewer levels to play makes them more marked, and so they can also discover more about the classes and how they work in order to be prepared for launch from Shadowlands on the 24th.

★ And what can you tell us about the Pacts? Maybe Sarah can tell us more in depth about how they will work.

Sarah: The Pacts are basically a representation of the four cultures of the Shadowlands, so we have the Kyrian, who are the citizens of Bastion, then the Venthyr of Revendreth, the Pact of Maldraxxus and finally the Pact of Ardenweald. Each of them is part of the plot and you learn more about them as you visit their areas, you also discover what is cooked in these places and who are the members of each of the Pacts, and in the process you are shown the skills that you offer each of the four by choosing one to join. So, finally, you will have to choose which Pact you join, and it is a choice that we want players to think well, since it is something that you are a part of and that identifies your character, and this choice will be based on what that you learn about the area and its culture, the skills that you have been testing, the modifications of pieces of each Pact, also the plots for the maximum level players who want to know more about the Pacts or the individuals with whom you come across by the path that will help you improve your character. There are also very cool events in each of the four elections, for example, if you choose Ardenweald you can work at the Queen’s Conservatory and grow your own plants, they are little things of this style. On the other hand, if you choose the one in Venthyr, you can throw a party and immerse yourself in that gothic and romantic world so typical of vampires and invite other characters from this culture to the party. I think players are going to really enjoy the experience as it is very broad and allows them to make a lot of important decisions that are different from anyone else.

★ It seems something very broad, yes. Since you have talked about the plot and the universe of the saga, let’s talk a little about Sylvanas. Are we at the end of his narrative arc? Who are your allies?

Sarah: Sylvanas is a character that some people like more and others less, she has that gray tone that divides people’s opinions, and everyone is impatient to see what happens to her. What do you expect? Why have you made some decisions and not others? Who are your allies? Finding out what plot in Shadowlands and how their decisions influence the title is an adventure in which we are looking forward to embarking with the players, and the truth is that I am biting my nails to see what the reaction of the community will be when they discover everything.

★ If it turns bad it would be a terrible thing, go. Do you think we can see the Alliance being the bad guys in the story not long from now?

Patrick: Are you sure it gets bad? Or is it that it has been from the beginning? What motivates you or what are your reasons for doing what you do? It’s hard to answer all of this without knowing what’s on your mind, but we’ll find out in Shadowlands. What Sylvanas has done is bring us to this area that, although it is a sinister place that we do not know, also gives us the opportunity to explore it and meet other characters and their stories to discover what it is that it intends and who are the good guys and the bad. But things do not have to be so polarized, maybe there is a space in the middle of both ends, that gray hue that we talk about, and we may see more on this topic throughout history.

★ What kinds of objects will players be able to find while exploring this new world? Will there be new legendary items just like in the other expansions?

Sarah: Yes, of course. One of the most important novelties is Torghast, the new experience that maximum level players can enjoy as many times as they want alone or in a group of five, and, while they are inside the tower, they will find materials that will allow them to make their own own legendary items. This is where the mysterious figure of the Rune Engraver appears, to which if you bring pieces created by the players themselves, such as armor or jewelry, it gives you the option to choose the kind of legendary object you want to make through what it discovers about your shares in Torghast. I think the players will love this, because it will be something very personal to each one, plus they will be able to enjoy Torghast as they explore it from top to bottom and find these materials that will make the experience of each one different from each other. In the end, they will leave the area with items that will improve their gaming experience in raids, in pvp, etc.

  Shadowlands  Shadowlands

★ You mentioned the raids, so I have to ask you about Nathria Castle. What kinds of challenges will players face in it?

Patrick: Nathria Castle is an incursion that, personally, makes me very excited, since I really like the Gothic world, its art and that atmosphere typical of castles, in addition to the fact that the history of the incursion will allow us to discover what Sire Denathrius intends and why we have to fight him and the minions that protect him. There are many more things about the raid that we have been testing in the Public Test Realm, such as destroyed areas or battles that start in one area and end in another, we have tried to add very new things so that players feel that when it comes to raiding These are very varied and different from each other. The truth is that we are hoping that everyone can see it once the season begins.

★ Many thanks to both of you for the interview, we can’t wait to enjoy Shadowlands from November 24th. All good!

Patrick & Sarah: anyway! Thanks to you too!


What will be the position of Joe Biden in the trade and technology war with China? | Deal

The arrival of Joe Biden to the presidency of the United States opens a new diplomatic chapter in the commercial and technological war between the North American country itself and China. During the four years of the Trump administration restrictions have been tightened on companies such as Huawei, which so far cannot receive supplies from US organizations and that has been limited in its penetration in the public administrations of the geography. This veto also affects other firms such as the semiconductor manufacturer ZTE, and, in addition, to social platforms such as TikTok o WeChat, under the argument that they may be collecting data from companies and users for the Government of Beijing.

From Huawei they estimate that the change of political course can improve not only their relations with the United States, but with all of Europe. In fact, the vice president of the company, Victor Zhang has already asked Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, to reconsider his position on the ban on involving Huawei in the construction of the 5G network in the United Kingdom.

However, there are several experts who believe that Biden will continue Trump’s policies, recalling that it was the Democrat Barack Obama who started this hard line against Chinese tech. In a debate organized by US Telecom and Inside Cybersecurity, the privacy and cybersecurity expert, Norma Krayem, has assured that “Biden is aware of what countries like Russia and China can commit in terms of interference and cybersecurity”.

Likewise, Robert Mayer, senior vice president of cybersecurity and innovation at US Telecom, spoke of concerns about the deployment of 5G infrastructures in the world. “Obviously, China plays with different laws and with other values”. In addition, he said, the Chinese government subsidizes Huawei and the law requires its companies to provide information to the country’s intelligence agencies. “All this constitutes a risky proposition for the deployment of 5G. We will have to think about the seriousness of the threat posed by the country in more generic terms such as artificial intelligence, telecommunications, quantum computing or bioengineering ”.


U24 News | The good weather today is a taste of the weekend

Good day! After a somewhat unstable Wednesday, today 11/19 we will have warm weather, mostly clear and sunny skies in the City of Buenos Aires. There is very good visibility and excellent weather conditions that will last until next Tuesday 11/24. That means, we will have a beautiful long weekend, hot, by the way.

Excellent weather conditions for this Thursday 11/19: Warm, sunny and clear skies. Today there is no chance of rain, nor for the long weekend to come. Photo: NA

Data from the National Meteorological Service 11/19

Now: 17.1 ° C

Low: 17 ° C

Maximum: 25 ° C

Chance of Rain: 0%

Humidity: 75%

Next forecast

Tomorrow 11/20, the good weather conditions will continue in the City of Buenos Aires.

The temperature will oscillate between 16 ° C and 24 ° C.

Meanwhile, the weekend – apart from being long – we will have excellent weather.

The heat is getting closer and closer, on Sunday 11/22 we will have a maximum temperature of 30 ° C, the same as for Monday 11/23 (holiday).

There is no chance of showers until next Tuesday 11/24.